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Editor’s Notes: Hi ho there folks, it’s that time of the month again when SL Vibe brings you the latest about our virtual world as well as how there are connections between our first and second life. We’ve added a new section that we call “From Our Readers.” This will be your avenue to let us know what you think of Second Life and our magazine. We will be featuring your notecards, letters, and e-mails to us. If you have any question at all, it would be a good way to have them answered. Please write a short notecard, no longer than 150 words. We’ve also featured in this issue some important facts you need to know about the well-talked about contest in SL right now. The 2009 Mr. and Ms. International Pageant. Folks, may I remind you that 250,000L is at stake here. Not only is the prize fabulous, but you earn money just for being in the contest. If this isn’t the contest you’d get excited about, i dont know what else would.Well, of course i would understand if its RL Lotto... ha ha ha ha. And we would like to take this opportunity right now to thank you, for helping us grow. Our readership has been continuously increasing— and this is all because of you. :) Cheers, Ariel Lingiuan Editor-in-Chief

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Spring has finally arrived and we at SL Vibe would like to celebrate this with you.

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Many who live in a cold climate eagerly anticipate the end of winter each year and many find the spring season full of hope, life and new beginnings. Spring is a time when grass turns vibrant green, flowers blossom with a multitude of colors, the fragrant smell of the different flowers waft through the garden, birds sing, butterflies fly, and when we feel so refreshed, alive and reborn. Iole, dressed in her spingtime clothes, is enjoying the sun and newness that spring offers. Our SL and our first life needs to get refreshed. This spring, let’s do what is needed to make this happen. Free our mind, our soul and our body with the past and welcome what’s new.

Model : IoleJanana Chajit Photo by : Nellie Choche Location : Sunshine Therapy Garden Clothes : Pin Up Dolls ( Day Lillie ) Hair : Analog Dog ( Milli ) Skin : Redgraves ( Sakura Tan ) Shoes : Periquita ( SueshooSandal )

: s r e d a e rR

u O From SL Drama

It’s how we deal with SL drama that is the real issue. So what is SL drama and how can we deal with it in the best way possible or even try to avoid it? It depends on what your definition of drama is, but I am sure we have all experienced some form of SL drama during our time on Second life. There are many different types of situations which cause SL drama to occur. Conflict or disagreements in relationships, friendships, partnerships, disputes with vendors or issues with individuals and some people thrive on drama - bit like one long soap opera. Drama is a part of life in SL whether we like it or not and we may be confronted by it occasionally or constantly. I am sure all of us have seen or experienced some form of SL drama, It may be impossible to avoid, so you will have to try and deal with it in the best way possible. I think we can learn through drama. It may teach us about ourselves and other individuals and how we deal with certain situations that we are faced with it. It may demonstrate our strengths or weaknesses through our conflict resolution skills. Drama is a part of the SL community whether we like it or not. We are surrounded by vaired view points, diverse opinions as we connect and interact and share life experiences with such a varied group of people from all over the world. If you want to avoid drama, then sometimes it may just help to hit the mute button or if all else fails there is SL support. How to avoid or cope with SL drama: • Accept people for who they are; • Do not try and change people; Give everyone their own space and freedom; • Be more open minded to other peoples view points and opinions; • Be true to yourself

Drama in SL exists because you are in a place where over 1.6 million residents reside and you will come across different view points, diverse opinions and life experiences. Through my own personal experience I try to avoid SL drama by respecting myself and respecting others, being non judgemental, but most of all being true to myself. There are many different types of situations which cause SL drama to occur. Conflict or disagreements in relationships, friendships, partnerships, disputes with vendors or issues with individuals, just to name a few. Approaching the situation in a positive and open minded way is the best way to resolve any drama. Holding prejudices or being disrespectful may escalate any drama. Look at the issue and see if you can see the best way to solve it. Integrity and consideration go a long way in solving any drama. Look at the problem from both view points and try to understand what is going on and how will you deal with it and how can it be solved. Second life is world to discover, learn and experience things that we may not be able to experience in our real world. Therefore if drama does occur, so deal with it in the best way you can, don’t let it stress you and think the best way you as an individual would handle it. Enjoy second life and let’s try and make it a nice environment to live in. Gemma Sparkle Beaumont Reader

SL is an awesome and wondrous medium for bringing people all over the world together for friendship, fun, fantasy, adventure, creativity, business, and education. However, it can be said its value is most appreciated for the level of altruism that abounds here. This can be seen significantly in the area of fundraising opportunities for nonprofits and providing a source of information and support for scores of SL residents worldwide. This support runs the gamut from disability support groups, relationship counseling, early intervention for substance abuse, and a multitude of other issues pressing on the hearts and minds of SL residents. A glowing example of this is the London Oncology Clinic in Second Life, found at London Oncology Clinic (LOC) Island, Cancer Innovation (135, 62, 28). An exact replication of the RL London Oncology Clinic (LOC) located at 95 Harley Street, London W1G 6AF (http://www.londononcology. com/), the SL clinic was the brainchild of Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist Maurice Slevin, aka Maurizio Silvansky), MD, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (of England). Dr. Slevin is a specialist

Oncology Clinic in SL Prepares Patient for RL Experiences By: Sherrie Shepherd

in the treatment of breast, gastrointestinal, prostate, ovarian, and lung cancers. One of the four founding partners of the RL clinic, Dr. Slevin played a leading role in the development of the systems and software at LOC, which underpin the state-of-the-art treatments offered by the clinic. The clinic has 24 oncologists who can handle all types of cancers. At the heart of how the RL clinic operates is a belief in treating people in a very personal way. Each treatment for each patient is individually considered and organized. The oncologists try to take into account the individual circumstances of their patients’ lives. The goal of the SL clinic is to provide an additional source for the patients of their RL clinic or for any SL residents to experience exactly what they can expect in the RL environment. The hope is to reduce the stress of the unknown, at least in terms of what they will encounter during the process at the clinic.

and sparked his interest. He discusses his concept, saying: “I thought it was ideal for a cancer clinic where people are very anxious before they come. I thought that if I created a replica of the clinic in SL, that people could walk around, it would help them feel relaxed when they came to the clinic in RL.” Dr. Slevin found an SL builder/architect, Ted Mikulski (aka The Tracer) who following the original RL architect’s plans, took the project on and authentically recreated an exact replica of the RL building. Buying an island and having 15,000 prims did not ensure a smooth project. What Dr. Slevin encountered is something all SLers struggle with, and something that put his project in jeopardy—the dreaded prim maximum. With much more work and many more prims needed to furnish, equip and accessorize the clinic, Dr. Slevin set out to find someone to resolve his dilemma. Doing an Internet search of XStreet, Dr. Slevin found his answer in the person of Brenda Hoisin and her Prim Reclaim Service.

Dr. Slevin was inspired to create this exact representation of the clinic after reading a book called “The Hoisin, who owns Brenda’s House of Last Testament” by Sam Bourne Low Prims, specializes in domestic where Second Life was mentioned items such as furniture, and other

accessories. Of her designs she says, “I pride myself on getting the prim count as low as possible without sacrificing quality or realism.“ As a result, she offers a Prim Reclaim Service, where she helps people who have maxed out on their prim quotas and have nowhere else to turn. She saves them many prims by swapping out items and replacing them with her own custom-made items that are identical, yet, of a much lower prim count.

and dedication, she quickly assessed the situation, designed lower prim yet identical furniture, equipment, and accessories, employing a judicious use of textures, swapped out what was there with her own designs and got the project back on course to the relief and delight of Dr. Slevin. Literally, thousands of prims were saved, an astounding accomplishment. Hoisin even constructed the street scene around the clinic based on an RL photograph provided by Dr. Slevin. Hoisin came to the rescue of Dr. Slevin An interesting addition that Hoisin contributed to the project was and his SL clinic. Due to her skill

the creation of artificial animated avatars to represent the clinic staff and patients, which is something they felt had not been done before. This was done because Dr. Slevin wanted the SL clinic to look populated and alive when visitors came to tour. Of Hoisin, Dr. Slevin says, “She has amazing talent and does things that everyone else says is impossible.“ As Dr. Slevin personally conducts a tour of the SL clinic, one can’t help but be in awe of the authenticity of this remarkable undertaking. He sits behind the desk of his office with

the realistic street scene in clear view through the windows behind him. An adjacent table has his favorite family photographs displayed just as in his RL office. His laptop computer screen displays graphs of diagnostic results while he explains how he handles the initial visit of a new patient. Escorting the patient through the clinic, he stops at the pharmacy where the virtual staff is dispensing medication. From there, a few steps are taken to enter the Clean room where a germfree atmosphere is required and syringes and dispensing bags stand

ready for the preparation of solutions for the intravenous chemotherapy. In RL, a patient would not be permitted into this room, however, the virtual environment allows for the patient to see and understand the process of preparation. Walking past a refreshment area, we make our way to the elevator for the most realistic elevator ride ever in SL up to the Diagnostic Testing Rooms. Each room has a sign on the wall explaining what the diagnostic equipment is and for what purpose it’s used. The patient sits on the equipment and is put through the animation of the actual test complete with RL recorded sound effects. Dr. Slevin describes the MRI as very noisy and claustrophobic “and that is the exact noise the patient will here. I have recorded it. I’ve done this to try to reduce any anxiety by letting people know what to expect.” While demonstrating the ultrasound equipment, Dr. Slevin observes that the animation representation is too fast and should be one quarter of the speed. Hoisin responds that she will fix it, giving evidence to the commitment of both these individuals to provide the most realistic experience to the visitors.

A machinima was made of the completed SL clinic that walks the viewer through the process of consulting with and being examined by the doctor, going through various types of diagnostic tests, and the various treatment techniques. The machinima can be viewed at http:// While only a minority of the RL clinic’s patients has actually joined SL to take the virtual tour, most have watched the machinima and Dr. Slevin says, “they have been amazed. Many have watched the machinima before they came to the clinic. They say they find it very helpful before they come.”

Entering the Treatment Suite, an automated greeting says: “Welcome to the LOC treatment suite. It is designed to provide the calmest and most reassuring environment possible for you whilst you undergo your treatment.” Here you see an array of treatment chairs nestled into their own private space. Custom made in RL to allow for the ultimate comfort

of the patient while meeting the requirements of the appropriate treatment, they are exactly and meticulously replicated. Artificial animated avatars sit in the chairs one using a laptop, another getting a foot massage, still another in conversation with a doctor, similar to the activities experienced in the RL treatment suite.

With the permission of the organizers, we are posting the Rules and Regulations of the Mr. and Ms. International Pageant here in SL Vibe for everyone to have a peak of what to expect in this contest. Furthermore, if anyone out there interested to join feel free to contact the organizers, ( IoleJanana Chajit, Nadia Felwitch and Ariel Lingiuan ) Mr & Ms International 2009 Rules and Regulations Please be sure that you meet the following criteria: Truly possess the desire to participate in a pageant and look forward to the event with enthusiasm, rather than with interpidation or ambivalence Registration Fee - 1000 L obtained from voting sponsorship 1. Avatar must be 2 months or older as of March 1st 2009 (so you must have rezzday of Jan 1 2009 or before) 2. Contestant must have an updated avatar which includes: skin, hair, clothes, and ao’s 3. Enter the picture contest to obtain fee from voting sponsorship.

4. Contestant must have knowledge of their country for interview questions. (Prefer contestant to live in rl country that they represent but not required)

to their choice of evening wear.

Casual Wear-Should reflect your personality and style. Attention is focused on overall appearance, selfconfidence, sense of style and the 5. Be available for the time and beauty they bring to their choice of dates (TBA ) of preliminaries and casual wear. final pageant Swimwear - Applicants are allowed 6. Contestants may compete more to wear whatever style of swimwear than once in the preliminaries. they wish but judges to reserve the To enter the pageant your entry form right to rule as to whether the style is due at posting your picture and is inappropriate or not. Attention is the qualifying fee of 1000L must focused on beauty of face, figure be raised by: Saturday April 18th and the confidence with which each contestant carries themselves. 2009 Any entry received without the fee Interview-5 min private interview will be discarded with entry fee with our panel of judges. Judges will ask questions based on the answers being non refundable. you submit on your entry form. Your Competition will include: interview will conclude with a 30 Photogenic- Your photogenic scores second opportunity for you to tell will be added to your other scores- the judges why you feel you should we will not have separate photogenic win the title. winners. Photos will be judged On-Stage Interview- question on for Quality/Clarity, Personality, stage- Attention is focused on poise, Originality and Overall Appeal charm, self-confidence and his/her Evening Wear-Dress Should be appropriate and in good taste. No bare Midriffs. Attention is focused on each contestant’s overall appearance, self-confidence, sense of style and the beauty they bring

ability to communicate as well as the substance of contestant’s answers. *** Contact the organizers for full information.

Club Cleopatras & Luxury Suites The majesty of ancient Egypt is perfectly infused with state of the art club tech to take your clubbing experience to a new level. ROCK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN!!

The music stops and the soft and honey coated voice of the DJ floats around the room. It’s Antton Bonetto with words that could melt your heart. We’re at Frank’s the premier dance club in all of Second Life, owned by Gymmmy and Nanceee Sinatra. Frank’s is the place for the movers and shakers of Second Life meet and greet. A place where east meets west and north meets south. What more could an AV want? Beautiful music and the heartfelt dissertations of Anttone, who has made it his SL life’s work to dedicate wonderful music to the many couples in love or just meeting. There is an air of expectation as he announces his next dedication. Will it be someone’s rez day or someone celebrating a special anniversary? Once it was a couple where were celebrating their 52nd anniversary. Quite an accomplishment!

The Voice and Music That is.... Anttone Bonetto By: KathleenK Spitteler

Anttone has been in Second Life for almost two years. He came here, introduced by a friend, as many of us did. He thought of it as a place of games but soon discovered it was so much more. That life, at first, goes on in Second Life, just as in real life, with pain and laughter, joys and sorrows. For there is no difference, all human interaction goes on here. And as

Anttone says, “They call it Second Life for a reason, it truly is life in so many aspects. Anyone who still believes it’s not is just kidding themselves.” Anttone started his career almost by accident. He was listening to a DJ at Frank’s one night, who was falling asleep. He said in jest to friends “ Hey I can do a better job than that”, and a whole new career was born when they took him up on his words. He had always been a jester and this job suited him well. His wit and innate sense of caring endeared him to the crowd. He cares a great deal about the feelings and mood of his crowd. Everybody loves Anttone. He themes the music to the mood of the room. Working like a master, he plays the songs, adding a bit of humor and sense of tuning into the feelings of the people that request the songs. He says he had met some amazing people at Frank’s and says “ “God, I cannot tell you how many people have proposed through me,had anniversary’s...etc.” But having done his magic, it has become who he is .He has also done some work at Dino’s, Frank’s newest club. It allows for some cutting loose and having some fun with some great party and dance music.

I asked Mr Bonetto what he likes about being DJ at Frank’s. I was surprised at how deeply he feels about the people he entertains. “ I get on the air and try my best to create a special moment for someone or a couple wanting to enjoy a special moment together. If through sharing a sentimental thought and meaningful song, I am able to touch a person, or create a shared moment in time for a couple, heal a broken heart, if just for a moment, then I did my job. And it feels incredible to me,” he said. “There are a lot of lonely people out there that truly desire to be touched in some way. I truly try to do with my music and personality on the air and provide a wonderful time for those I am lucky to have tune in. People vote with their attendance. If they like what I do, they’ll come back and hang out and be part of your show. It’s a great feeling.” On the lighter side, I asked him if he ate over his computer like the rest of us SL addicts. He answered, “I drink coffee with french vanilla creamer during every show. I’m not sure if its tradition or I’m just addicted to the buzz. But it seems to be a staple of the Anttone show.” The day I

interviewed him, he was well into a bag of Doritos. So, Mr Anttone is well nourished and ready for the next show. He is back by popular demand. They got so many IM’s asking about him that he was talked into returning. One of Anttone’s many fans said, “ How nice it is to have Anttone, take our cares away, help us share our feelings and ease our way through our sometimes confusing, sometimes enlightening and always wonderful world of Second Life.

on April 29

fOCUS oN yOUR sTRENGTH I have searched for some answers on what’s the best way to sell yourself to a possible job interview and found this article written by a contributing writer of Monster, her name is Carole Martin.. I hope we can pick up some good tips in here.... What do you have to offer an employer? Why should that employer choose you over someone else? What will make interviewers remember you after they’re done with their first round of meeting potential candidates? It’s about matching their problems

and needs with your qualifications, skills and traits. Your mission is to convince interviewers that you are the solution they’ve been seeking. Make Your Case Concentrating on your five best strengths will help you focus during the interview and will make it easier for them to remember you. You can begin before the interview by identifying your five key strengths and matching them up with the job requirements. Once you’ve done that, determine ways to bring up these matches during the interview.

Susan Croce Kelly of Kirkpatrick International Inc. in Houston, Texas, is a communication specialist who writes speeches for executives. She advises telling their audiences what they are going to say early in their presentation and then repeating their points throughout. “It is not unusual for people to say ‘What a wonderful speech,’ and then five minutes later can’t remember what it was about,” says Kelly. “If they remember two ideas from a speech, that is scoring high. Repetition is really important because they might miss it the first time. Keep going back to the main point.” You can actually use the speech model to prepare your presentation. Think of ways to present your key qualities throughout the interview. For example, let’s say you’re interviewing for a position that requires strong organizational skills. The interview begins: “Tell me about yourself,” says the interviewer. Part of your answer should include a statement about your organizational

for tracking and scheduling.” The interviewer asks, ““Why should we hire you?” Your answer should repeat information about being organized. “From what I have heard throughout the interview, it sounds like you’re looking for someone to come in and bring order to projects here. Since I am known for my organizational skills, I know I would be a real asset.” By the time you leave the interview, the interviewer should have a strong sense that you’re a very organized person. Since this is important for the job, you will probably receive serious consideration as the solution to the company’s problem. What are your strong points? skills. “One of my key strengths is being organized. If you were to ask my co-workers, they would tell you I am the ultimate planner.” Later in the interview, you could repeat your strength in a story format: “One project I worked on was very complex and detailed. It required a lot of forethought and planning on my part. I was able to do this using Microsoft Project software

Identifying your five strengths and matching them to the job is an important step in preparing for your interview. Read through the description and identify the key factors needed to do the job. Be sure to read between the lines. For example: * Will interact with accounting, engineering and manufacturing departments. What will it take to perform this

task? What kind of person is this more focused and succinct about company looking for? telling what you have to offer. More It will require good communication importantly, the folks you meet are and interpersonal skills, and the more likely to remember you for your ability to interface with a diverse strengths. group of people and levels. If these are your areas of strength, focus on letting the interviewer know that you have the ability and experience to interface well with many different groups. Like the speechwriter, you want your audience to remember the important points you have made. By concentrating on a handful of strengths, you will find that you are

improve, you will leave him at home or take one of your friends. Try to tell him in a gentle manner, however. Men don’t appreciate being told what to do. If you try to guide him instead of bossing him around, I think he will take it much better..But, do enjoy his merrymaking. A good laugh is sometimes overlooked as a stress Dear Ms. SLanders, My bf is such a clown. I’m almost reliever. I think we all need that from embarrassed to take him anyplace time to time. with me. He dresses up but still Ms. SLanders acts like a clown. People say that Second Life is a game but when we go someplace where there are civilized people he wears funny hats or costumes. He can even turn himself into a dragon or a frog and stands around croaking. How can I convince him that there are some places that this kind of behavior isn’t appropriate?

Your’s Turly, Ann SLanders By: KathleenK Spitteler

Ms. Civilized Dear Ms. Civilized, Yes, he is right, Second Life is a place to play around and have fun. He’s right in that respect but at a formal occasion or at one of the nice clubs, in formal attire, it is considered rude to cut up. I’m surprised he hasn’t been tossed out on his clown behind. Try to convince him that if his actions don’t

Dear Ms. SLanders, My bf and I have been going together for several months. The other night I received a not card, telling me that he didn’t wish to continue the relationship. Am I wrong to think this wasn’t a good way of treating me? Treated Poorly

He will meet someone, someday and fall in love. Karma will step in and knock him on the head. Please all of you in SL Land. Please consider that there is a real person at the other end of your computer,a real person with feelings, hopes and dreams, like you. Please treat them accordingly.

Dear Miss Poorly, I agree. That was a pretty cold way Ms. SLanders to break up.I’ll never understand why some people don’t consider others feelings. However, that being said I’m sure this person will get what he deserves. Karmic justice can be the great leveler.

Dear Ms. SLanders, How would I know if the guy I’m with is into me? I’ve been dumped several times by guys and do not know how to determine if I can go for a guy or just consider him as a friend. Ms. Dumpie

thing that will give you this answer is time. Time is the great Soothsayer. If it was meant to be, time will give you the answer. We are all in a hurry to know what life will bring us but sometimes we have to wait for the answer. So, talk, get to know the person and see where it goes from there.

Dear Ms. Dumpie, Ahhhh! One of the great mysteries of Ms. SLanders interpersonal relationships. The only

Is the Mr. and Ms. Internatinal Just Another Contest?

If there is one thing that’s everywhere in Second Life, it’s contests or pageants. There is no shortage of notices or IM’s about where to sign up for some new chance to win something or other. So what makes the Mr. & Ms. International different than all the other pageants? I decided a closer look at the International Pageant was where we would find our answer.

By : Cobra Momiji

The first thing that stood out about the MMIP (Mr. & Ms. International Pageant) was the alteration of the popular photography contest to qualify for entry. Typically photo contests in Second Life are popularity contests where how many people you know and how early you enter determine the winner. However with the MMIP this concept has been modified to take out the need for a slew of friends or an early entry to benefit. The photo board in the MMIP is a qualifying entry board in the pageant were having 50 or 500 votes is exactly the same in terms of the goal of getting your photo on the board which is entry in the pageant. Also your entry fee is paid for by the votes from the board not out of the participants pockets. Finally as an added bonus every one that enters (and qualifies) get’s paid a 15%

commission on votes cast for them minus their entry fee. So the ability to enter at any stage of the qualifying process, not have popularity be necessary to win and getting paid to enter (win the pageant or not) really stood out as something unique about the 2009 MMIP. Next we noticed the scale that the MMIP was being conducted on. When this pageant is over it will have taken construction projects on 8 full sims to build all the staging and sets to accommodate all the contestants, judges, sponsors and the audience in attendance and watching from outside the event. Seven continents will be represented and all the people that are representing those continents. There are also the events designed to fit those cultures and contestants from all over the globe that contributes to the MMIP being a massive undertaking. However being a huge chain of people, props and events spread all over Second Life is not all that makes this Pageant stand out. Additionally, the MMIP is a potenial idol maker for the contestants that know how to use the high profile event to promote themselves. Just like

on American Idol, the savvy contestants in the MMIP can launch a career by using all this visibility to create a fan base or expand any existing one they may have. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that fans can mean money as well as notoriety and that having those two things puts anyone seeking success well on their way. This pageant’s ability to make that a possibility makes it stand out among other contests before it or going at the same time.

A quarter of a million linden dollars is an impressive prize for any contest or pageant to put out there. The impact on the quality of life inworld would be nothing short of amazing with that type of money. Now keep in mind this is in addition to the cash one can make just for entering. So when you look at it (I mean really look at it) the MMIP could arguably be the chance of a lifetime for some that may not otherwise get a shot at this type of money, notoriety or Now last but certainly not least is prizes. Just even this mere fact alone the 250,000 in Lindens that are up makes this pageant unique not to for grabs and the prizes along with mention all the other factors we have already covered in this article. that.

Well everyone there you have it. The answer to our initial question regarding the 2009 Mr. and Ms. International Pageant. I suppose I should mention that there were even more aspects of the MMIP than our allotted space would allow us to

cover but I guess to discover what those are you will have to watch or enter to find them. Either way the MMIP looks like an amazing time to be had by all and in the end, unique or not a good time with good friends is never a bad bottom line.

The Gay Clubber : An Interview with Jordyn “JC” Carnell By: Eddi Haskell

Every month, SL Vibe will be covering Second Life’s vibrant clubs and event scene. This month, we are interviewing Jordyn “JC” Carnell. JC has been in Second Life since May 2007 and has become a key player in the gay

club scene. On any given weekend, over 15 different gay clubs and other establishments will compete for attendees by providing themed events and top DJ’s and other entertainers. JC’s popular Midcourt blog ( keeps track of these events. JC also throws monthly Rez Day / Birthday Parties. On March 27, a party was thrown for March celebrants at the popular Club Thunder on Thunder Island, owned by Jonathan Schenkel and Vanyel Gazov. I caught up with JC just before the party.

Eddi: JC, let’s begin by having you tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

EH: Tell us about your monthly parties. What gave you the idea to have them?

JC: Eddi, at the core I am a social animal. The time I have to spend in Second Life is related to people in one way or another.

JC: Wow, that was forever ago., The first club was Zeus and Gregster Kidd was the first DJ, He supplied 8 hours of nonstop music! The thinking was that by mixing things up in terms of introducing new DJ’s and new patrons to different clubs, people would begin to see SL as a “bigger place” than just one club, one DJ, and one crowd.

Many of my friends like to build, or do other creative endeavors. I like to bounce around to lots of different clubs, and like to explore places. Most of all I like to make friends and visit with them every chance I get. And, of course, I blog about that quite a bit.

EH: Is everyone invited or just people who have rez days and birthdays that month? JC: Everyone is invited! And my parties are not just open to gay people although they are held in gay oriented clubs. It happens to be that most of my friends are gay. Men and woman, tinies and furries, and people of stripes, and orientations are welcome! EH: Can you tell our readers how you select clubs?

Photo 8: Photographer and writer Eddi Haskell in the foreground dances while shooting photographs at the party.

JC: This is tricky. I talk to a lot of club owners and try to get a sense of how open they to the idea of the “bigger Second Life” concept. If my gut says they are good for it, I negotiate and get them onto the schedule. I feel positive about everyone that’s

participated so far and everyone on the schedule at the moment. EH: Where will next month’s event be? JC: You will need to check my blog around April 16 for that information. I am finalizing it now. EH: You are an attractive guy. Any hope for any men or ladies out there?

Party boys Jared Coleman, Horatio Dykes, and Kane Maruti celebrate at Club Thunder.

Jordyn JC Carnell, Posterboy Jago Constantine, and Club Thunder Owner Vanyel Gazov can be seen before a poster for a club fashion show to raise money for homeless shelter

JC: Well, I dated one lady at first. And then I partnered with a guy. And I have had new partners and so on. At this point, I am a bit gun shy about partnering again. But I’m always interested in meeting new people. So yes there’s hope. I have had my eye on some people for a while, but I am going to leave it at that for now! EH: Anything else you like to tell us?

JC: You never asked about the EMOTE Jordyn (JC) Carnells Midcourt Blog ONLY Kissing Contest! That’s one of can be found at http://midcourt. my favorite things, and not for the obvious reasons! I wanted to figure out a contest that did not involve people buying things and was fun and sexy at the same time! Some people are quite imaginative with their emotes! EH: Thank you JC! We look forward to your next event at the end of April!

Photo 3. DJ and club owner Rickie Zabaleta, club owner Quagmire Juran, and dancer Markus Czak from Club Tiger’s Claw are dancing in formation!

Premier Second Life Builders, Nieuport General Contracting (NGC), is a full service building firm in SL, offering custom building services for everything from exquisite custom homes to multi-sim commercial and entertainment enterprises. They may be best known as the builders of the famous Frank’s Place Jazz Club and the latest build of the multi-sim Sphynx Jazz Club and Shopping

Mall. A hallmark of their architecture is the level of quality found in every build, their ability to create truly immersive environments, and their custom graphic designs creating exclusive texturing available nowhere else in SL. Hunter Nieuport, founder and lead architect, has pulled together a talented, creative and technically skilled team in the persons of

The Gold Standard in SL Home and Venue Design By: Sherrie Shepherd

Roman Columns grace a public build at the Roman style residential sim, Sphynx Alexandria

Unique ceiling textures catch the eye at a Castle build in progress

Gubatah Tigerpaw, Architect and of texturing for their builds, Nieuport, Interior Designer, and Gimli Garzo, who has done digital graphic art for Programmer and Scripting Guru. approximately ten years, explains Nieuport, along with his SL partner, “My textures come from a variety NikkiLee Andel, are at the site of a of sources; some from my own majestic sim-sized castle being built digital camera but most from source for client William Zeta, awaiting the photography. I then construct seamless arrival of the rest of the NGC team textures in Photoshop, compressed as the interview begins. Shortly, for web viewing so they load quickly Tigerpaw and Garzo arrive and after with high quality. I don’t use off-theintroductions it’s easy to recognize shelf textures and nothing available the dynamics of camaraderie in SL, so our work looks unique”. between this cohesive team of skilled professionals. Nieuport offers that the castle will eventually house a dance club and eight residential rental units.

Tigerpaw talked about the process of working with a client to elicit their requirements for a build, “we normally get a lot of leeway with the client, going for an overall feel, When speaking of the methodology and share ideas.” She described a

“What we normally do is have a couple of conversations with the client to get a feel for what is wanted, then put together a concept model.”

Castle build seen through unquely designed lead glass window pane

recent situation where the client wanted a home based on The Notebook film while other clients basically are looking for a theme and let the team be creative and go with it. Nieuport interjects “it really depends on the client. Some are very specific while others give us free reign to use our creativity.” In order to effectively plan a build Tigerpaw says “we budget our prims and often make 1/10 scale models of our builds then we know exactly how it will go.” Nieuport offers,

Reflecting on how the team met, Tigerpaw said, “I was shopping for a house and met up with Hunter (Nieuport) who was a new builder then as he was swearing while building a complicated roof”. Nieuport jokingly says

“it’s usually good for a sim to be empty when I’m building a roof.” Garzo continues the joke saying “He (Nieuport) reinvents the English language when he builds roofs.” Continuing the story, Tigerpaw recalls, “We found out that he did custom work and I wanted an Italian villa. We talked about ideas for it and we hired him for the job. I camped out and watched him build. I knew nothing of building then. I asked him everything. I assumed nothing. He then started to invite me to

see his other builds and I started putting things together. Our first project was Frank’s (Jazz Club).” As an apprentice, Tigerpaw built the furniture at Frank’s while Nieuport constructed the building. Garzo, a close friend of Tigerpaw, soon became involved as well as scripter for the team. Nieuport says of Garzo, “He makes things work for us. He’s the brains of our operation. He does all our scripting, packaging and keeps the cooler filled with beer.” Garzo emphasizes, “We genuinely like one another, that’s for sure.” Nieuport Majestic Castle build currently under construction

agrees, “We have a lot of fun with what we do. These big builds can be incredibly draining”. Tigerpaw muses, “Even when we’re working hard…and we do work hard…I don’t think Gimli (Garzo) has missed dancing on any of the roofs we’ve built. We tell each other when it’s time to quit and have fun.” Continuing the interview at the breathtaking build of the magnificent NGC office building, the team is asked if there is any project they wouldn’t take on. Nieuport responds, “That really depends on the client.

Nieuport General Contracting office build

When we meet for an interview, we’re interviewing the client as much as he/she is interviewing us. If the communication isn’t there, then it’s probably not wise to proceed. Otherwise, the sky is the limit. We’ll try anything.” The NGC office building, Sphynx Luxury Homes (30, 128, 27), is surrounded by a multitude of their incredible prefab homes with a build to suit all tastes and budgets.

accomplishment”, was the two-sim Sphynx River project. Nieuport who describes himself as an armchair archeologist, reading about ancient civilizations all the time, saw a remarkable opportunity to make the Sphynx River project a celebration of Egyptian art and culture. Each team member had a role with Tigerpaw building the mall complex and Nieuport building the Sphynx They all agreed that their most Jazz Club. Garzo developed the enjoyable project thus far and boat system and the entire team participated in the terraforming. Nieuport adds, “our greatest

Hunter Nieuport pictured beside a concept model ready for presentation to a client

Nieuport General Contracting team gathered at castle build in progress. L to R : Hunter Nieuport, NGC Founder and Lead Architect, Nieuport’s SL partner, NikkiLee Andel, NGC Architect and Interior Decorator, Gubatah Tigerpaw, NGC Programmer and Scripting Guru, Gimli Garzo.

opportunity for marketing and branding, and I want for corporations to contact us to develop sims for them. First and foremost, we love what we The vision of NGC is best described do. For me, this is my art.” by Nieuport, who says “We want to To find out more about NGC, go to be the best. Offer the best building their blog, www.nieuport-contracting. services. Create work we’re proud or contact one of the of and enjoy doing, and develop NGC team members. our company into a full-fledged consultant firm for companies wanting a presence in SL. SL is a HUGE

Sphynx Jazz Club and Shopping Mall

Nieuport says of the adjoining sim, “(it) was almost pure improvisation; making an area that would be fun to explore.”

Eqyptian Art textures add beauty and interest to builds at the Sphynx River project

It’s everywhere. On the television, the radio and even in the major print media, the general public has just now discovered Twitter. However in true mainstream fashion something no longer a craze among the computer hip crowd, is the current rage to the fair weather fans out there of better late than never coolness. So what is this so yesterday phenomena that has even people’s grandmothers asking if they twitter, well to quote the iconic Tootsie Roll owl in the “how many licks” commercial, “let’s find out.” According to Wikipedia: Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 bytes in length. Updates are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends (delivery to everyone being the default).

to twitter or not to twitter?

By Scorpinosis Nightfire

Users can send and receive updates via the Twitter website, SMS,RSS (receive only), or through applications such as Tweetie, Twitterriffic, Twitterfon, TweetDeck and Feedalizr. The service is free to use over the web, but using SMS may incur phone services provider fees. Estimates of the number of daily users vary as the company does not release the number of active accounts. In November 2008, Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research estimated that Twitter had 4-5 million users. A February 2009 blog entry ranks Twitter as the third largest social network (Facebook being the largest, followed by MySpace), and puts the number of unique monthly visitors at roughly 6 million and the number of monthly visits at 55 million.

Twitter has been sold for the rich rewards of popular over exposure and mediocrity. However is selling out or becoming mainstream a bad thing and what does that mean for those that enjoyed being apart of One would think that Twitter would something everyone was not using? have been noticed in the social The question of whether going mainstream quite a while ago with mainstream is good or bad for user numbers like these however it anything formally underground has was not until March 2009 that the been a topic of debate forever. It over saturation of sit-coms, variety seems there are pros and cons to shows, news programing etc became seeing even Big Bird being down with Twitterized. As with Myspace, the Twittering. According to who you Facebook and the other trendsetters, ask, you get the good and bad when the unique and exclusiveness of it comes what’s happening with

before. So it’s not uncommon when you ask a veteran user if tweeting is still cool to hear, “it use to be.” However to the owners and mainstream newbies, getting your twit on is like learning to fly. I guess whether it’s worth further study or not depends on what type of person you are. I have friends that hate when something makes the Today Show as an in thing to do or trend. For example, I remember when you could hear the united moans of displeasure when doing the Vogue was no longer a shared experience exclusively among the underground circles that supported it. However can some good come from Twitter and if you should jump on the mass assimilation, adaptation and band wagon now if you are not on extraction of originality for the sake it already. of easier mass marketing to get big For those that were users before bucks? Well of course it can. the media blitz, they enjoyed not When things are no longer kept within having all the outages caused by savvy clicks, the benefits once enjoyed too many users and all that comes by a select few are available to all. with growing pains in any situation. Even if the new found popularity takes From this perspective much of what away from some of the exclusive cool made Twitter was it is today is no points something had, being able to longer available because popularity experience things with a bigger base usually impacts quality control. Due of diverse users has it’s own rewards to no longer having a smaller number that are worth the growing pains. So to twitter or not to is still up to each of of users, customer service can take a us but for what it’s worth I think even hit due to being stretched thin from now it’s worth a tweet. handling more issues than ever

SL’s Premier Live Music Promtions Company

d l r o W ! o ell

e s r e v e R

H . . . n e v a e H rice d B

P y s s i r P : y

Here I stand on Shengri-La Island taking in the opulent views with a tranquil feeling thinking they are close to creating a visual representation of Heaven, if you are the religious type. Standing next to me is the CEO of the Fashion Research Institute and the owner of this island and four more, some in development to look just like this one. Come meet Shenlei Flasheart a Designer with a mission to make the SL world safe and beautiful. As Shenlei begins to tell me how she came to SL.. I enjoy the scenery of peacocks, waterfalls and the vast array of trees and flowers that set the tone for this ethereal journey. Shenlei Flashheart: I came in 2005 at the urging of a close friend. She told me I would, and I quote ‘Love the fashion’. I put her off from 2004 to late 2005, till I finally said, fine. I came in and was immediately enamored of the possibilities for fashion. I am a RL fashion designer, with multiple degrees. I have three design degrees and couple of science degrees. And I specialize in mass market fashion. Just to name a few, I have BS in Biology, an AA in millinery, an AAS in accessories design and a master’s in floristry (Master Floral Designer) .

Prissy Price: Wow! With so many degrees what could possibly intrigue and draw you into this world of ours and allow you to be further challenged? SF: I immediately understand there were ‘possibilities’. I loved the low cost development aspects. And I was able to capitalize upon my skills as a RL community builder. RL fashion designers use Illustrator, Excel and Photoshop. Illustrator has a very similar interface tool, Illustrator is critical to a designer. Because the building tools in SL are remarkably similar, Just substitute Control G in AI and Control L in SL., you are able to move from 3D to 2D pretty easily. I actually found as I was designing that I had to remember that I was grouping in AI and Linking in SL. Well, there are differences, of course, but most usurers won’t notice them. I am a technical fashion designer can‘t you tell, so I tend to pay much deeper attention to these things. PP: Whew! Thank goodness, I had my coffee. Did I just get schooled….. so when did you develop the FRI presence in SL or build Shengri La Island? SF: Shengri-La actually emerged on

on March 31, 2007 and FRI was but in teaching people to use the formed in May of 2007. interface in SL, and the viewer, it moves We’re preparing an interesting us closer to being able to train on celebration of our emergence, actually. our actual product in OS. We teach We use SL as a training platform and a specifically how to use SL the tool research lab for the Fashion Research and then, how to use our design and Insitute. We teach people to use the development systems. What comes first is the learning how to immerse in

Shenlei Flasheart standing in front of artist representations of Shengri La Island.

interface. Our actual product is in OpenSim, which uses a common interface. But SL provides a rich user experience, and it is ideal for training people who are just coming in to use virtual worlds. We can’t actually discuss our specific product in OS,

in SL. Immersed workers are more productive. Shangri-La and FRI are officially recognized as a Linden Lab Community Gateway. We spent a year in development for our orientation, and we passed all of the requirements for Linden Lab. Ultimately, as businesses

virtualized, they will increasingly need immersed workers. Now, what we are doing here is very different from other gateways, because it relates to fashion. We focus on the fashion corporate entry. We provide an environment where corporate workers can be assured of security and safety. We avoid all antisocial behavior - we define this as any behavior you would not see in a real life corporate boardroom. Shenlei teleports me to the Shengri La Gateway. There I encounter a perfect example of visual busyness to go no where. Folks walked, flew around or had their “Away” status on as if they were home. Adorned on the walls of this massive space were items to purchase for free or scattered around us were kiosk of every SL magazine/ newspaper fit to print. I saw clothing, shoes, attachments, toys, etc. Here was the hub of hooking up your Avi. What Shenlei refers to as the

Womb for her Newborns. SF : Folks we have a reporter joining us tonight, Ms. Prissy Price. SF: Prissy, Neva Seljan and Dmitri Lamplight are graduates of the Gateway, Angelica Garnet is getting her bearings, she just arrived a few days ago in SL. As the customary introduction are made, I marvel at the well dressed newborns that stands before me, discussing the various types and uses of AOs and should they get more or not. After the”hello’s” are made I listen to the chatter of Neva and Dimitri discussing where to shop as they are considered earlier newborns on their way to being veterans. There was an emphasis on getting better stuff and increasing their inventory. I watch Angelica who is still working on her immersing challenges on ... How not to have her avatar talk to the crowd with her back turned to us. Angelica ponders out loud and questions

Reading Section

“When will I be immersed? “ We all laugh at such a loaded question. Some say it’s a subtle process others agree its at the point where you can’t NOT log in to SL. The rest of the group chimes in “Oh, we are at that point now”. Angelica lives up to her name as we all take a moment to quietly laugh and ask “Are there any special privileges for being immersed?” Such an innocent question seems to catch us all off guard. Shenlei cleverly states you become part of the In-Crowd. But then adds “I personally define the moment of immersion as the moment you decide you need a real AO”. Angelica then asks “What’s an AO?”

I quickly see what Shenlei meant by Newborn and begin to truly appreciate why Shengri-La is here. After AO’s are explained, I try to bring the group back to the more less technical representation of when you have truly become immersed in my book. I state the time when we all will or have celebrated the most important day in our Second Lives our Rezz Day. The day that symbolizes that we have spread our wings and flown, skipped our walks and teleported or hopped on a pose ball and danced many nights away. The day our avatar said “Hello!”.

Entrance to the Womb ( Gateway )

Ok, since I have a captive audience I just had to ask” Why did you come to SL?”

not only can they have a wonderful experience, but we’ll be making some BIG announcements. The date is ‘kinda’ determined by if we get these Sims completed in the next two weeks. We’re renovating the islands, we have 2.5 islands out of 5 to finish. We are the only Gateway focused purely on business. FRI is not funded out of any sort of SL own business is actually off island. I do this to ensure NO issues with conflict of businesses. So we still have some work to do with the other islands before moving forward.

Angelica Garnet: entertainment and meet new people. Neva Seljan: good question. I’m not sure. I started to just check it out but now i just love coming on and shopping and meeting people and exploring. I travel a lot and this is nice to login and “play” when I’m alone. Then I am not so alone, LOL. I find it a much better place than like Facebook. Dmitri Lamplight: yeah I really have no particular goals. I just want to have fun and it’s nice to meet new people. SF: I am going to reshape society and the way we engage with one another. And lead enterprise into virtualising itself to save the planet and our world. Oh, and design fashion, too ;). After I hand Shenlei the MS. Virtual World Crown, I asked the crowd of newborns how did they even hear about Second Life and to my surprise Dimitri and Angelica both state they heard about SL from the TV show “CSI”. Being the helpful veteran that I am I reach into my inventory and pull out the LM to CSI NY that was here in SL. I can not describe the

PP: Readers tune into SL Vibe to find out when the celebrations begin on Shengri La. This may be your one chance to go to Heaven. PP: Well Shenlei you have given me a lot to write about, any last words for my readers?

Gateway Newborns ( Neva, Dimitri, Angelica )

shock that was expressed in their voices/words, and did I see a smile AO come across Dimitri’s face…. Hmmmmm. Then I sadly tell him its no longer here. Just like most great places, certain SIMs come and go. but I still give the LM to show him it did exist. Virtual CSI:NY, CSINY South (63,225,29)


PP: So, Shenlei what is next for FRI/ Shengri-la? Can you give me a scoop for my readers? SF: Well, we have some big announcements coming up can’t talk about them yet because we haven’t signed the contracts. Although, if people come and visit our islands during our 3rd anniversary activities

SF: We think SL is a very powerful platform for business that wish to train their employees for the coming technology changes Virtual worlds will become increasingly important, and enterprises, and their employees, who make the move now will be positioned to capitalize on this. If the enterprises delay in coming into virtual worlds like SL, they risk becoming irrelevant.

Employees who chose to not retrain, also risk becoming irrelevant in a way that becomes personally very painful. We feel we have a superior way of helping new residents who are serious about learning about how to pursue virtual worlds for business, and we are delighted to help. And we do so in a respectful, considerate, caring...may we even say, motherly...way. Because on Shengri La, we have broad wings to shelter, and we prefer to respect, to care, and to help where we can, Shengri La is. Mom of the world? Well, with this experience and interview. I strongly felt I needed to do more of my part. As I stood their continuing to talk to the newborns. They began to discuss the challenges of getting more stuff in their inventories without Linden funds. So, I stepped up to the chance to offer my help….after now being so inspired by Shenlei of FRI. I quickly took down their names and offered my Employment agency LM. I invited them when they felt they were ready to come to my company to pursue an SL job. Immediately there was the concern expressed that they would not have enough skills to work in SL. I heard desire and disappointment that I believe all newborns face

when trying to acclimate to SL. I quickly explained that my firm specialized in helping individuals bring some of their 1st life or RL skills into SL and incorporating these offerings into new positions or currently available consistent ones. An eagerness to belong and contribute to the SL community was expressed by all. When I told them the name of my agency they all sighed with satisfaction. “Konected” services would be waiting for them.

Price Paradise Island HQ, Mackinac Island ( 40,212,21 ) Ok, my faithful reader. I know I promised you more. But I feel this just had to be a Three part article…just so much to cover. So, Im going to leave you with the chance to add to your inventory with Accessories. Ladies lets get NAILED, Guys get wrapped in CHAINS....ACCESSORIIIIEEESS. BEST PLACE TO GET EM (NAILS, HATS, BELTS, JEWELRY, even EYE GLITTER) !!!Digital Dragon!!! (113,113,23) *CaNDy NaiL* Original nails art, Candy nail ( 200,155,28 ) RiSa’s* Nail art and Fashion It, Sirtony ( 45,39,68 )

And I will tell you about….ENTERPRISING: BOLDLY GOING WHERE?... KMADD ENTERPRISES ( KIRK CLAYMORE/MADDOX DUPONT ) AND NEIVA KUMASI ENTERPRISE ( MISHA FLANAGAN ) in the next issue. I will even take sometime to get Cheeky. Ummm…. that’s interview designer Nyla Cheeky.

Rummaging your way through Second Life is much like rummaging your way through the real world— you stumble, you fall, you learn, you forget, you relearn. And face it, many who arrive in Second Life do not set about to learn all the basics before going off to explore this growing virtual world. For most, learning comes from another’s helping hand or simply osmosis, unless a person specifically decides to become a builder, a clothing designer, furniture builder, scripter, or one of the myriad skills that can be learned here. Over time, people gain the skills they need to function in Second Life, become more proficient in moving about, and begin accumulating the things that make their SL experience fun, such as friends, groups, and inventory. All this accumulation can lead to clutter, especially in your inventory. Are you one of those whose inventory items now number in the thousands and tens of thousands? Keeping your inventory organized and slimmed down will help it load faster and help you find

To easily move loose items to a common folder, open two inventory windows. The second window can be opened from the inventory’s file menu. In this case, the objective was to put all dance clubs landmarks into one folder. Highlight the items to be moved and drag them to the folder you want. That’s it. The next time you open your inventory, those items will be nested in a common photo.

things more quickly. Since this is spring and many people in real life have begin the traditional yearly chore of cleaning out the mustiness of winter in preparation for the fun of summer,

Get Organized By: Aristipuss Larssen

why not do a little spring cleaning of manageable. your inventory? The simplest trick is to just delete what A 12-and-a-half minute video you don’t need. Yes, it takes time to go by Torley Linden on YouTube through each folder and decide what ( h t t p : / / w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / you need or don’t need. Sometimes, watch?v=AULw9Oa_1Bw) offers you might have items you acquired great tips on how to organize your months ago, used for a while, and inventory. But if you don’t want to then forgot about. Sometimes, you wait, here are a few tips to help you might not remember what an item is, begin making your inventory more especially if it has a generic name

and drag it over to the clothes folder. In no time, all of your clothes are in one folder.

Step One To store items you do not use often or, as in this case, to save objects that need to be rezzed before deciding if they should be kept or deleted, create an object on land where you can build. Change the name so it will be easy to find later.

like “object.” And, of course, you might have duplicate items, say of landmarks and note cards from things you bought.

if you have folders scattered throughout your inventory. The easiest way to begin actually organizing items is to move related items into one folder— Even after deleting, your inventory clothes into the clothes folder, vehicles might still be a hodgepodge of items. in a vehicle folder, etc. Organizing can be a lengthy process Using two inventory windows will

help speed up this process. Put the two windows side by side. Say you want to put all your clothes in the clothes folder. Set one window to the clothes folder and, in the second window, scroll down your inventory. When you see a folder that contains an outfit, just click

If you want to collect all your hairs in one folder, just create a new folder called “hairs” and use the same twoinventory window method to corral you various hairstyles. But this still leaves a hodgepodge of items in the folder. So some suborganizing is in order. What you will want to do is create subfolders in your main folders. The easiest way to do this is to right click on your main folder, say the “hairs” folder you created, and select “create folder.” This will create a new folder inside your “hairs” folder. Give the subfolders appropriate names, such as “red hair” or “updos” or “long hair,” etc. Then open a second inventory window and open the “hairs” folder and click and drag hairstyles to the appropriate subfolder. Organizing doesn’t lessen the number of items you have in an inventory, but you can take a folder and put it inside an object, say you have a number of vehicles you don’t use that often, but just can’t part with them. In an area where you can build, create a box and name it “vehicles.” Right click and select edit. Go to the content tab and simply drag your collection of vehicles into the content folder. Take the

Step Two After renaming the objet, to to the content menu. Highlight the items you want to store and drag them to the “contents� folder.

object with the vehicles back into inventory and delete any of the copyable vehicles that remain in your inventory. Don’t forget to empty trash. Now, instead of 15 vehicle items in your inventory, you have one item. When you want to use one of the vehicles, simply rezz the vehicle object select the vehicle you want to use. The larger your inventory, the more time it will take to organize it. But if you do a little bit every few days, you will have a lean and clean inventory in no time.

Step Three The objects have been copied to the contents folder. Since all the names were the same, they were automatically assigned numbers. Delete the original items in your inventory and empty the trash. When you take the box into your inventory, inside of the 13 items show here, you will have only one item. To get the items back, simply rezz the box, click it open, and copy to inventory.

It requires a practical guy to trigger a philosophy, someone once said. I would never have thought of 500 days as a remarkable period in any time. However in Second Life time terms it is. Second Life is the popular internet based virtual world millions are part of. Being there for 500 days makes you old in that world. A ‘dynamic shooter’, a Bavarian living in Switzerland, was the practical guy needed to bring order in a 500 day experience. Because that is what a philosophy tends to be the product of. A philosophy on living the second life, in Second Life, zooming in on optionality as the main feature in any Second Life existence. Insecurity was the cause of a real life person to create another, rather less real person. That ‘less real’ however is relative. Less real that real life? No, not really. It is part of a real life, it is as simple as that. And therefore it is as real as real can get, albeit the way a character in a novel is real. A Dutch author was once found acquitted of libel charges on the ground that it was not him insulting catholics, but a character in his novel doing so. The travesty in such reasoning is apparent. The thought that there is a distinct gap between RL and SL, between real life and second life for those who are new to all this, is a myth. As puppeteer

Keeping it Real in Second Life ( My First 500 Days )

and puppet are tightly bound, the RL player of SL is bound to his or her avatar, making the latter real SL real as an extension of RL. First rule of the game: when you meet anyone who wants to keep RL divided from SL, be cautious. This is either a person that does not understand the game, or is not honestly playing it. However, one can make SL and RL more complex by attempting, as I did, to have both worlds overflow into each other, by testing continuously whether SL is a satisfying reflection of RL. Then SL becomes much like the process of writing a novel, or rather writing a play, and being in the stage of needing to live the characters you created. That was inevitable for me. The reason I had for starting in SL brought that with it. Not that I knew that when I started, but days after having entered the Second Life reality it came to me.

By : Junga Hannu

The reason for being in SL still is a very first worldly one. It has to do with a prominent feature of the real life me. That is that I am not only a very attractive and sexy woman but also a very disabled one. I broke my spine when I was 18 and that left me paralysed and without sensation belly button down. I am in a wheelchair. The first five years after my injury

were hell, to put is somewhat too simply. I did not want to cope. My dreams of being a model, and then an actress were shattered and that was not to be accepted. I just lacked the courage –I thought wrongly—to end it all. Lack of courage can often be mistaken for being sensible, and vice versa. I needed a break, so to say, to snap out of it. That also came with a practical guy, triggering a philosophy. Rather than setting me back on track, he provided for a track, and I went for it, constructing a ‘me’ based on what I was, but then in ten fold. I wore my raven black hair, my modelly face, my boobs with pride. I showed my long legs both in their beauty and in their peculiar limpness. I wanted people to see me as a sexy woman in a shiny wheelchair, and I more than succeeded in that. And I wanted to shock them with my disability, not hiding any of it, with exception of the bowel and bladder management issues that come with many a spinal cord injury. I showed off the manual arrangement of legs, the spasms, the transferring in and out of cars, the whole paraplegic ballet to anyone who wanted to see it, and to many who did not. I was a borderline female disability sexy exhibitionist. And I still am; only it does not work that well anymore, not as a coping

strategy. Enter SL as a laboratory of new methods; or so I thought. Any identity includes roles. Some maintain identity is a role. Being a paraplegic might be part of my identity, it is only really something I call ‘me’ when I act according to that part of my identity, play a role, the role that comes with it. Not, I must add, the role society requires of the disabled, quite the contrary. The same of course goes for other identity aspects. I am focusing now on my disability because it both exemplifies a certain use for SL, and because it was the main reason to start living a life in it. And because I like talking about my disability. Talking about my disability first of all is about awareness. We take human movement for granted. The majority of people move as the majority does, and that means that walking for instance is not considered as a considerable issue. My movement however is a complex choreography – planned movement — to which more often than I would like the involuntary is added. Spasms that will make many an audience feel uneasy. Movements that I would very much like to be considered as ‘normal’ as able bodied movement. Not by everyone mind you, but within a

a considerable circle around me. I feel comfortable when my students are comfortable with my body logic, so I make a point of addressing that. Those close to me need to be fully aware of - and often ‘disconsider’ me manually manipulating my legs to cross them for instance. It is the reflection of them crossing their legs in an easy and fluid motion, with the guarantee that the top leg will stay put; a guarantee I must do without. I talk about my disability in order to quickly not having a talk about it in a profound way. There is another reason for wanting

to talk about my disability and that is that I seem to serve a very distinct public in SL. There are a lot of people who are sexually attracted to my choreography, me being in a chair, my flaccid legs, my paralysis, my disability. They are referred to as ‘devotees’. The Web is rampant with sites for devotees. Good example is the site (and the sight) of a paraplegic woman who simply offers views of her movements to those who are aroused by them. I do not know how to deal with devotees in RL. SL gives me ample opportunity to find out. “Can I play with your limp legs?” I

was asked in SL not long ago. She was straightforward about it. As in RL, in SL many do not admit their attraction, but 19 years being the attracting force I have developed – I think — the ability to forecast with reasonable accuracy the added intentions to what often starts as a genuine interest, and friendship.

figure out how to cope with that for what remains of my life. New ways I need because existing ways –as it goes with ways—tend to dissolve into routine. I need to cope with the deep need to generate the right kind of answer to my daily needs, and to figure out how I can be as attractive as possible to as many people as possible. Be aware Most devotees I have met are ok. They please that I have many more interests are not freaks as a friend calls them. and am only reflecting on those I think My complexion attracts a very distinct I need SL for. group of people. On a somewhat I have not discussed this with fellow wider scale my boobs do the same. wheelies, but I think that coping comes Could limp legs fit into the same in cycles. I will not elaborate on all category? Devotees promote the idea phases, but I am in a particular phase they could. I am not so sure and I want in which it again dawns upon me that to get rid of the doubt, and either join it is justified to simply find it rotten those who think in freak terms or those to be in a wheelchair. Or rather, to –also within disabled circles—who be in a wheelchair because a part say: “Use your added value!” That is of my body just sits there, waiting for not just tempting but fits into what I am Godot it seems. Alfred Brendel said about. Simply consider the range of –I cannot resist to add—: “And when sexual attractors being added to! Let Godot finally showed up, it was a them play with my limp legs, I let them great disappointment!” My feet seem play with my boobs. Cool! to know that the wait is for nothing Now if I think rules to the game of SL, worthwhile. My paraplegic tummy I think of the requirement to know why joins in and grows with frustration. I you are there. I am in SL because I looked at my feet a year ago and need to make new sense of who I am, panicked for a momet. They had not which sounds a grand purpose until I moved in a coherent and meaningful add that it is the disabled aspect of way for 18 years. And they would not me that is my main concern. I am in SL every anymore. My feet confront me because I am disabled and I want to with that much more than legs. Legs

was one, albeit the ugliest there can be created in any world. I took one, and soon found a much better chair. One that resembled my own Quickie wheelchair of that time. How about that?

are with me, feet are in opposition. My toes are the epitome of paralysis to me. They really do nothing at all. Not a big deal, but I realised it was necessary to undertake a major overhaul of the methods and strategy, because rottenness tends to accumulate into the stinking heap I never intend to be. Without knowing what to expect I took on SL as a laboratory, testing what I had, developing what I need. Could SL be a learning environment? Simply because I thought there were no wheelchairs around I started my avatar off on her feet and realised within hours that this would of course

not do. I must admit that the way my avatar looked was a bit of a disappointment too. Adding the promotion within SL of all sorts of activities I did not know of, nor had any intention to learn about, SL seemed not for me. This was not the visualisation, the representation of the me I needed. Nor was this a world that would test me. I logged off. I don’t know why I had a new peek in SL, but I did months later. I looked at the events of the moment and saw that not much had changed in terms of the prime attractions. I typed in ‘wheelchair’ in search and hey, there

around was unacceptable emotionally; an unacceptable representation, not fitting into my esthetical concept. I simply protested. She was to be in a chair. Period. And if I had a say, her legs would spasm, sway with the wind, But why would I prefer a chair that limply bounce with every unevenness resembles RL? I am not in it, my avatar in the road. is. And she is in a virtual world, why Subsequently –and now I come to a not a virtual chair? One of my SL very SL kind of issue—I was asked by projects became finding out why on others several times why in earth I did earth I became so fixed on having my not opt for being able bodied when avatar look real, real life real? Making SL gave me the option to be able her resemble me still is an addiction. bodied. It is the strangest question I Vanity is my answer. I readily admit was ever asked, I realize with hindsight. to liking how I look and to feeling the Not that it is easy to explain why I need to expose my looks to the public find it the strangest question. It starts for appreciation. with realising that such a question Putting it in more blunt terms: a. I cannot can only represent an interest from have an ugly avatar; b. Look into the an able bodied perspective. And mirror; c. Copy it; d. Double the fun. SL has a multitude of such questions. “LOL” you then add in SL parlance. It They are specifically SL, because SL means ‘laughing out loud’. Be careful offers options real life does not, and not to take you/your avatar too serious choosing for these options opens up a kind of curiosity, criticism, amazement is another rule. and discontent that are alien to But then, why not walk, sway hips, RL. Interestingly, it brings with it the bounce boobs? Only the latter option problem of a RL vocabulary and is not yet effectively provided in SL, grammar that cannot cope with these but as demand dictates that will be emotions. mended soon. Sexy walks are for sale and I can still imagine me walking. Understanding this first requires However, seeing my avatar - she could exploring the mirror image of the SL “take up thy bed, and walk” approach currently by my sister- walking to disability in RL. The comments that

intelligent people have when I tell them about my trials and tribulations have a peculiar quality to them that compare to the comments in SL. When I –as a very domestic anecdote you just need to share and be done with—tell friends about for instance the difficulty I had that morning to get that new skirt around my ass, many tell me that it is best to cope, and that everyone has problems to deal with. Going on to say that being in a wheelchair in the end is no big deal. While I just want to share a thought, like others would want to share the disappointment of being in the traffic jam again that morning, for an hour! Of course I ask for that kind of thing, showing myself as an it-is-not-a-bigdeal kind of paraplegic. But that renders any sound that could be taken as a complaint as unjustified in the ears of my extensive audience. No kidding, it is a big deal to be a T7 complete paraplegic. A big deal, just as many other aspects of life may be a big deal. Or at least big enough to serve as cause for the kind of complaint that serves its own purpose, and is not an invitation for any reaction of third parties at all. It must not be underestimated what the impact is of not being able to babble along mentioning disability stuff without

generating either uneasiness or offers of ‘help in coping’. The SL reflection of the ‘no big deal’ RL stance towards disability is offering me the possibility to stand up and walk away. Both arise from the deep need to get me across to other camp. Both however, are very different conceptual and lingual approaches and the difference define RL and –more interestingly in this context—SL. The fact that in SL my avatar can walk if she wants, offers a lingual escape from a conflict that defines social relations in RL. This seems to heighten the appeal of SL.

Rather than my disability, me falling in SL love illustrates this. “I love you,” is an extremely strange sequence of words to use in SL. It is said though, and –I presume—often with an afterthought like: “Doesn’t that sound surreal being in cyberspace?” Or: “Listen to me: I am saying ‘I love you’ to an avatar!” forgetting that it is another avatar that is saying it. It is not surrealistic. It is not strange. It just does not work. Attraction in SL cannot be described in RL terms. That is all. What seems to be forgotted is that SL is a new arrangement in the way we speak. That might sound pompous, but SL is pompous, or rather invites to be pompous. But that is a subject for a different exposé. SL offers ‘the option’. The multitude of men and women I have taken to bed are in no way a reflection of my RL excursions, at least not given the stretch of time in which I bedded them in SL. Cybersex is sex, but is defined by the option to have it without any consequence. There is no pain, nor RL pleasure. Pregnancy is not an event directly related to sexual intercourse, it simply is another option. And if that option is a random event, you need to define it as such first. The optionality of life in SL is an issue to be intensively studied, it’s only because it flows over

into RL, where the quest for social, cultural, political optionality seems to be rife in some quarters. Illustrating optionality even better than sex are my attractions that supersede the primitive urge to be ‘a naughty girl… LOL’ (laughing out loud, remember). Yes, there is someone I am attracted to in SL that, this happening in RL, I would readily declare my love to. Even though –as is true in RL—I am happily married. In RL I would have the strong urge to start an affair with her; an affair of the secret and exciting kind. I want to hold her in my arms

all day. That sort of thing. In cyberspace! a demon, a mermaid, a child, as a Isn’t that surrealistic? range of animals. I can do what I No, not at all. The sequence of words I want, say what I want. Yes, I might be use only applies to that ‘this happening banned from places, but that is quickly in RL’. It isn’t happening in RL. ‘Happily becoming an SL sport. married’ cannot be in SL. ‘An affair’ is not a form of human interaction possible in SL. What is happening in SL requires –as I stressed—a new sequence of words. Now, what would that be? Writing this happens at a time I realise that I must abandon my initial purpose in SL, and be submerged in SL without compromise. Yes, my initial purpose, acted upon, did generate valuable assets, fun, friends. I realize they come as by-products, and not as the outcome of a dedicated enterprise. I am learning new ways to cope with being a paraplegic. But there is much more to be gained.

However, DANGER in SL, rather than love, takes me to places where SL language violently bursts through the crevasses of human passion, if only because I myself am forced to express myself in new ways to new creatures. Now why is that so familiar? I am starting to admit to myself and others that the attraction in SL lies in the fact that I am reliving my adolescent years. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen spelled DANGER, required a new language that could only be learnt through seeking passion in every aspect of life. I twist and turn in pleasure just being tempted to again radically feel the newness of everything and revolt against all and everything that attempts to console me with remarks like ‘I was young once also…’. They weren’t, not in my way. And one remarkable thing about SL then is that I need not show myself as young. I am young, 500 days and something, in a young world, albeit with an old mind. Paradise!

When I told my best mate kind of friend in SL that I needed to submerge she replied DANGER. She wanted to warn me, but reading it I realized that DANGER was exactly what I needed to seek in SL. The core of what SL has to offer is DANGER, in travesty. No, I will not die in SL. No, I will not be hurt. I can assume any form, role, function. I can show myself as a dinosaur, a space We establish a language until we are ship, an anorexic or obese person, as about twelve years old. Learning a language until that time seems to

add to what we are in an immediate way. That does not mean that the language acquired successfully captures our needs and especially when submerged in a world that requires ‘love’ to be expressed, admitted, or objected to, denied, we need to knead language into forms of new talk. ‘New talk’, while it rings disturbing bells, it is what SL needs to acquire, through those in it realising that they are not grasping what SL is because they use RL terms to describe it. Only with new talk will SL be more than what it is now: an attempt to copy RL with the result that only superficiality remains and meaning evaporates. Now again, does that not sound familiar? Well, perhaps talk in RL needs some redoing too.

By: Eddi Haskell SL Vibe reporter and photographer Eddi Haskell catches up with and interviews his friend Giancarlo Takacs Giancarlo is CEO and founder of Costa Rica Sims, one of the most attractive and successful developments in Second Life.

including Editor-in-Chief Ariel Linguan). To begin with Giancarlo, please tell us as much about your real life as you would like, especially about your tourism business.

Giancarlo Takacs: Hmmm what can I say Eddi Haskell: Giancarlo, it’s good to about my real life? catch up with you! I have not interviewed you in about a year, when I was a writer Because my avatar is linked to my real and photographer for SL Illustrated life business what you see here in Second ( note from Eddi : SL Illustrated is no Life is pretty much a continuation of what longer being published, several of the I am in real life. Of course in real life, I staff members now work for SL Vibe, am not 7’3” LOL. In real life I own a

travel agency here in San Jose, Costa Rica and that’s how the original idea for the Costa Rica Sims was born. We were looking for a new way to promote our country and our company on the web.

get there from the United States and vacation there. ) EH: . Tell us about your ties with Costa Rica tourism. GT: You know funny thing is I never thought I was going be involved in the tourism industry. I went to school in the states to get my MBA but in order to work for my father’s company.

(Note from Eddi: If you have never been to Costa Rica, you need to be considering a trip. It is one of those places, like Sydney or the Grand Canyon that you simply must see at least once in your life. I have been there and was amazed at It was while having some friends from the how gorgeous and diverse the country states visiting me here and taking some was. It is also relatively inexpensive to tours with them that I realized that even

though tourists came to Costa Rica to see its natural wonders, they didn’t learn much about the importance of living in harmony with nature. That was something I really wanted to share . A couple of weeks after my friends went home, I gave my dad my resignation and the rest is history.

EH: How old is Costa Rica Sims? GT: The Costa Rica Sims Estate is 17 months old, still just a baby. EH: How many sims are you up to? GT: Right now we have 55 regions. We are constantly expanding we just added a new region last week and will add more next week EH: Are you the only owner? GT: Well I am the CEO. I truly believe that the real owners of the Costa Rica SIms are the residents: without the residents there would be no Costa Rica Sims. EH: Your construction and landscaping is some of the most beautiful in Second Life. What are you secrets? How do you do it? Do you enforce zoning? GT: Secrets? Hmm none! The number one thing that I think leads to excellence is to surround yourself with the best people. Since I live in Costa Rica, I know what my country looks like. Buildings are especially designed for the estate

by my friend and Estate Manager Rawly Rousselot. In addition. flora and fauna is custom made for us by the best in their fields. And finally yes, zoning is really important since most of the people move here because of the overall look of the estate. EH: Please tell us about any additions you have made in the past year GT: Oh gosh so many, let’s see. We added a couple of National Parks to the estates. One is Palo Verde, one of the most important wetlands in the world. The other, Cocos Island, is a project sponsored by the government of Costa Rica, in order to help promote this as an official nominee for the New 7 Wonders Of Nature. (note from Eddi. You can find out about the New 7 Wonders of Nature here: EH: . I am very impressed with your new resort. GT: The resort is privately owned by one of our longtime residents, it is very important for us to help residents that want to venture into their own private businesses realize their goals and dreams. EH: Are you looking for new tenants, residential and commercial? GT: We are always looking for more tenants. Our commercial district grew from 1 region to 5 regions and its

EH: Any final words Giancarlo? GT: Come and visit us and you will find what many say is the best estate in all SL, and always remember to have fun in life and never to forget the importance of living in harmony with everything and everyone around you! EH: Thank you Giancarlo, this estate truly is gorgeous! Further information on Cost Rica Estates can be found on their web site. http:// Eddi Haskell writes about his photography on his blog at http://www. Eddi Haskell has an exhibition of photography from Costa Rica Sims on level four of his main gallery located at Liberation/185/48/23 Costa Rica Estates Real Estate Office can be found at:

completely full We have a waiting list of 20 designers wanting to open their shops here! And we are always adding more residential sims.

estate instead of the mainland. . I can go on and on about it but let’s just say that we will pamper you here like no one else will.

EH: Is your tier competitive? What about EH: What is your secret for being your service? Do you residents get any successful? advantages over the mainland? GT: I get asked that question over and GT: Our tier rates are very competitive over. I always say that there is no secret, and are even cheaper that some other but I do believe that one must love what estates like ours. About our service you do in order to succeed. In my case I can proudly say it is the best in SL, as an estate CEO you must be a people but I rather you and your readers ask person and care for your residents. our residents directly. There are many There are many times that other estate advantages in moving to a private owners forget this basic rule.

April 2009 Issue  

SL Vibe April 2009 Issue

April 2009 Issue  

SL Vibe April 2009 Issue