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SLV have been selling, renting & building in Cyprus since 1999. We have helped many people, like you, sell their property. We have been with them every step of the way from the 1st viewing to each stage of the sales process. We offer a valuable, old fashioned service. The Managing Director & his staff are contactable by phone or email and always ready to help with any questions you may have. View our testimonials on our website by happy and satisfied sellers such as yourselves.

FINALLY READY TO SELL? ​Before you place a "For Sale" sign in front of your property there are several

things you need to consider.. FIRST-

Determine how long you wish to take to sell your property. Do you need to sell right away or can the property stay on the market for several months? Believe it or not, this will play a role when it comes to deciding on an asking price. If you need to sell quickly, you need to price to sell, which may mean setting a​ lower a​sking price.

NEXTEvaluate the market value of your property, as well as the current real estate conditions. Numerous factors including the time of year and the economy can affect conditions. Be sure to do your homework. When deciding on a price take into consideration the maximum price the housing market will allow, the price similar properties in your area have sold for, and your time table for selling.

Keep in mind that although you decide on an asking price, buyers will ultimately decide what they are willing to pay for your property. You get ​one​ Chance to make a first impression.

Before your property goes on the market consider doing the following:

* Give your property a thorough cleaning. * Wash windows, both inside and outside. Make them shine. * Dust surfaces and remove cobwebs from light fixtures and furniture. * Repair any broken or cracked interior surfaces / tiles. * Fix cracked or peeling paint and wall paper. Perhaps even consider repainting to give that fresh look. * Clear out unnecessary junk so rooms are neat and uncluttered. * De-personalize your property by removing personal objects such as photos. * Keep your garden trimmed and clean. * Remove dead plants and clutter from your patio. * Repair broken fences and gates. * Complete those general maintenance jobs you have been putting off.

Although you could sell your own property, working with an estate agent is recommended. Not only, on average, will this sell your property a lot quicker, but we can guide you and the buyer through the complicated procedures in Cyprus.

Most commission rates are 5% plus vat of the final sale price, however, some agents do charge higher rates.Marketing is key to selling your property. In addition to placing a ‘ for sale’ sign outside, we advertise your property on all the main UK and International sites. We do an in house Magazine which is featured on our website and this sent out to 1000's of people every week. We have been the first Company in Cyprus to Drone many of our properties and areas so to showcase the best of Cyprus from the Sky. All our exclusive owners, that we have contracted for 6 months plus, get a reduced rate and have priority on the featured slots we pay extra for.

Now you must consider setting up an appointment with your solicitor before you get your first offer. They will fully explain several factors for you, determine the amount of tax you will pay after the sale including how long you have resided at your property, inflation, and the cost of any additions you may have made to the property. We need ​Title Deeds​ for most of the buyers so you need to check all is in order (over 50% of our buyers think all is ok until they come to sell and realise it’s not). All your paperwork must be in order ready to accept a sale. Once you have accepted an offer and the buyer has put down a reservation fee you may again want to see your solicitor. They can draw up the necessary contracts or documents and answer any other legal questions you may have. At this time you should also make sure that you have paid all necessary taxes on your property. It is a good idea to get a Certificate of Release from the Inland Revenue verifying that all your taxes are settled. Doing this will help you avoid any unnecessary holdups later in the process. The final sale and transfer of your property to the new buyer is relatively easy and can be concluded in about an hour. Both you and the buyer will need to go to the Lands Office counter where you will sign all necessary documents. Selling your property entails more than simply placing a ‘for sale sign’ out front and often can be an overwhelming endeavor. However, breaking it down into several systematic steps can make the processes easier thus reducing any anxiety associated with selling or losing the sale.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us..

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