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2009 – 2010 Syllabus for Trig/Pre-Calc Instructor: Room: Telephone: Email: Website:

Mrs. Shawna Verbeke E0509 720-972-4479

Course Description: TRIGNOMERTY/PRE CALCULUS This is an introductory course for calculus and will focus on trigonometry and other pre-calculus topics. The trigonometric topics will include the basic circular functions (i.e.: sine, cosine, ect.) and their properties, identities, inverses and graphs. Practical applications of trigonometry will be integrated throughout the course. Math analysis topics will include the further study of higher degree polynomials, exponential & logarithmic functions, conic sections and analytic geometry. Function theory and graph analysis will be major focuses of this course. An introduction to probability, statistics and sequences & series will be included. The use of graphing calculators will be emphasized and students are expected to purchase a graphing calculator. Prerequisite: CMIC III, AlGeo III or Algebra 2

Essential Learnings Algebra Review (Appendix, Chapters P & 1) Chapter 2 – Polynomial, Power & Rational Functions Chapter 4 – Trigonometric Functions Chapter 3 – Exponential, Logistic & Logarithmic Functions Chapter 5 – Analytic Trigonometry (Identities) Chapter 8 – Analytic Geometry (Conic Sections) Chapter 9 – Discrete Mathematics (Sequences & Series) Chapter 10 – An Introduction to Calculus (Limits)

Timeline 4 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks

Student Expectations and Responsibilities: Students need to apply and communicate mathematical concepts in their everyday lives. This course will help prepare them to meet these challenges. In order to do this, they need to attend class everyday. They also need to be prepared for class everyday by bringing the needed materials and a positive attitude that they can succeed. Each student will work to create a positive learning environment for classmates as well. Listening and showing respect for others’ ideas and questions will enhance everyone’s learning. When a student does not understand a concept, I expect him/her to seek appropriate help. Home and class assignments will be given to reinforce what has been presented in class, to check for understanding or prior knowledge, and/or to extend ideas to new situations. Timelines are part of everyday life and thus deadlines will be given for collected assignments and projects to help students plan their time wisely. There may be exceptions, but these should be few and far-between. Students need to make every effort to complete the work on time in order to be successful, and to stay on track with the class.

Grading: • Assessments and grading standards are applied consistently to students of similar demonstrated ability. • Assessments are based solely on demonstrated student progress and achievement of reasonable and clear standards • Students who participate in group projects will receive a grade for work as an individual as well as a group performance grade. Grading Scale 90 – 100 % A 80 – 89 % B 70 – 79 % C 60 – 69 % D 0 – 59 % F

Class grades will be based on Weekly Grade Sheets, Assignments, and Assessments. Grades will be available for viewing through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, however this will not start until 2nd Semester. Until then, I will be sending home a printed grade report every week or you may check ScholarsMart for grade updates. Parents may e-mail or call me if they have a concern or question about their child’s progress in this class. The following weighted scale will be used to calculate final grades: Weekly Grade Sheets – 10% Assignments – 15% Assessments – 75% Binders: A 3-ring binder specifically for math will be required of every student. This binder should be neat, clean, and organized to easily find student work and grades. Students may use store bought or hand made dividers to organize their binders. Binders will be graded through the use of the student’s Weekly Grade Sheets. Binder Organization • Title Page – Student Name, Class & Period • Syllabus • Section 1 – Weekly Grade Sheets • Section 2 – Notes • Section 3 – Assignments • Section 4 – Assessments

Weekly Grade Sheet: Weekly Grade Sheets should be kept in Section 1 of your binder and will be graded every Friday. Everyday (with the exception of quizzes and tests) there will be a warm-up either on the board or overhead that students should start on immediately upon arriving to class. Answers should be written on Weekly Grade Sheets and checked in before going over the answer. Students are expected to make an attempt on the warm-up everyday even when they are absent. Every warmup will be posted on the class website and is available in class.

Assignments: Homework assignments will be given on a daily basis and are expected to be completed by the next school day. Quick checks will be logged on the Weekly Grade Sheet and collected assignments will be graded on a 1 – 5 completion scale everyday, some assignments may be graded for correctness and those may be redone for more credit. After checking in homework we will have a question and answer session on any questions that were problematic. Late work will be marked down 20% and will NOT be accepted after the Unit Assessment. SHOWING WORK IS REQUIRED ON ALL ASSIGNMENTS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!

Assessments: Students will be assessed formally and informally throughout the year. Quizzes will be given out approximately half way through a unit/chapter and Tests will be given out at the end of every unit/chapter. These will be done individually unlike in-class assignments, activities and homework where students are allowed to work with their peers. Thus, assessments will reflect the individual student’s understanding of the subject matter. Students will be awarded partial credit if appropriate work is shown. All assessments will be announced in class and posted on the class website prior to the assessment day. SHOWING WORK IS REQUIRED ON ALL ASSESSEMENTS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!

Make-up Work: If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to get their missing work (including the problem of the day). Students may look at the class calendar online for the POD, work assigned or collected and possibly download any worksheets needed prior to returning to school. Otherwise they may look at the class binder for worksheets and the POD. If you need help or have a question, first ask another student. If you need further assistance from me, please see me after class or school and then I will be able to help you. Work is due according to HHS attendance policy (one day for each day you are absent). If you missed an assessment, you will have one week from when you come back to make it up in MAP either 1st, 8th or after school or it becomes a zero no exceptions.

Additional Help: I am available during periods 1, 2, 3 & 6 on most days for additional/individual help. Students should set up an appointment with me to ensure I am available on a given day, but are more than welcome to drop by my desk in the lower level staff center to find me without notice. Math Assistance Period (MAP) was instituted to provide free tutoring for all math students at Horizon High School. Students may stop in for assistance on homework, to gain a better understanding of a concept, to make up assignments or assessments. MAP is available during periods 1, 8, and after school in DO402 and is run by the Math Department Staff.

Required Materials: Students MUST bring each of the supplies listed below to class with them each day. • • • •

Binder (including dividers and a notebook or loose leaf for homework) Assigned Textbook Pencils and erasers Graphing Calculator (TI-83+ or TI-84+ is recommended) and AAA batteries

Classroom Procedures •

Students must enter the classroom and be seated by the time class begins and should be on task with materials out and ready to begin the days lesson.

Students will be courteous to other students, the teacher, substitute teachers, and guests that are in the classroom at all times.

The teacher NOT THE CLOCK dismisses the students at the end of class when they feel it is the appropriate time to leave.

Students MUST raise their hands when asking a question or for permission to leave their seat during class instruction. The following heading is required on ALL assignments, which should appear in the upper right hand corner of the document. First and Last Name Date Period

Personal needs such as going to the bathroom, going to lockers, speaking with another teacher are to be taken care of between classes or during your lunch. Emergencies are exceptions to this procedure, thus each student will be given 3 passes each marking period. Once these passes are used up there are no more to be had. However, any passes that are not used by a student at the end of each marking period will be worth 5 extra credit points a piece (15 points total) and will be added into their marking period grade.

Rules (The 4 P’s) 1. Prompt – Please come to class on time and ready to begin. 2. Prepared – Please come to class with all of the materials that you need for that day. 3. Polite – Please be courteous to your fellow classmates as well as your teachers. 4. Participate – Please participate in all classroom activities and discussions. Consequences


1. Verbal Warning

1. Verbal praise and encouragement

2. Isolation from Peers

2. Congrats for A’s on assessments

3. Phone call home

3. Letter/Phone call home

4. Student, teacher, parent conference

4. Extra Credit Opportunities

5. Administrator, student, teacher, parent conference 5. Media or Student Center Time

Parents please make sure to go over all sections of the syllabus with your student as well as review the following sections in the Student Handbook: Academic Policies/Procedures, Attendance Policy, Discipline Policy, Dress Policy/Safe Procedures, and Electronic Devices. Please sign and return the additional blue page of this syllabus by Thursday, August 27th with all signatures. Returning the blue page will be worth 10 points, which will be the students’ first homework assignment grade. Thank you, for your time and support on all topics covered within this syllabus. I hope the rest of this year will be both educational and engaging for all students. Feel free to contact me at any time concerning any issues you or your child might have.

Thank you, Mrs. Shawna Verbeke

Period: ________

First Homework Assignment Due: Thursday, August 27th (10 points)

Date: ___________

Please read and discuss all the mathematics guidelines and expectations contained in the class syllabus with your parents/guardians. Both of you must sign the attached form by which you are expressing that you and your parents/guardians have a clear understanding of the guidelines and expectations for you during your mathematics class with Mrs. Verbeke at Horizon High School for the 2009 – 2010 school year. If you or your parents/guardians have any questions please feel free to contact me at Horizon High School either by phone or email as shown on the first page. I, _________________________________________________ have read these guidelines and (please print students full name)

expectations with my parents/guardians and have a clear understanding of what is expected of me in my Mathematics Class this school year. Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date _______________ Guardian Name (printed): ________________________________________________________ Guardian Signature: _________________________________________ Date ______________ Important Phone Numbers The following information is required as part of the student guidelines and expectations. Please fill out as much information as possible for fast and effective communication. Guardian’s Home Phone Number: __________________________________________________ (Name)


Guardian’s Cell Phone Number: ___________________________________________________ (Name)


Guardian’s Work Phone Number: __________________________________________________ (Name)


Guardian’s Email: ______________________________________________________________ Student’s Email: ________________________________________________________________

Tell Me A Little Something About Yourself‌

1. What grade would you like to earn in this class? 2. What specific things are you going to do to earn that grade?

3. Do you have any special needs that I should know about (vision or hearing problems, ect.)?

4. Do you have a job? If so, where do you work, and about how many hours do you work per week?

5. Please describe your math history. List the math classes that you have taken in high school (be specific!) and include the grade received for each.

6. What extra curricular activities do you participate in or hope to participate in this year?

7. Describe the things that you like and disliked about the math classes you have taken. What helped you learn and what didn’t help you learn?

8. Tell me your future goals. Where do you see yourself after high school?

9. Any additional comments you would like to add, or concerns you have about this class.

10. Have you taken this class before?



a. If so, why are you taking it again? b. What will you do differently this time?


2009 - 2010 Syllabus for Trig  

Syllabus for Mrs. Verbeke's Trigonometry class at Horizon High School.

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