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Volume 12            Number  8        August  2014    

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Fall 2014  Professional  Development  Program  Schedule     Topic    



Project  Management           Ray  Scott         SCM  101  and  Financial  Impact                   Ik-­‐Whan  Kwon,  Ph.D.       Note:  Required  for  all  Integrated  SCM  students.    Free  for  CSCMS  members.  

August 7-­‐8   August  21  

Supply  Chain  Simulation  and     Project  Management                             Managing  Inventories  for  Increased  Profitability     Strategic  Sourcing  and  Supplier       Relationship  Management     Managing  Transportation  &  Warehousing       Research  Project  Presentation                         Electives  –  two  8  hour  courses           Supply  Chain  Trade  Compliance         Reducing  SCM  Variability             Risk  Management  –  On-­‐line          

Ray Scott                 John  Hamilton,  Ph.D.  

August 22  

Ray Scott  

September 25-­‐26  



Tom Goldsby,  Ph.D.    

November 20-­‐21  

Frank Fischer       John  Hamilton,  PH.  D.  

December 12  


Mark Baxa  

CSCMS approved  

September 11-­‐12  

Justin Goodson,  Ph.D.    

October 10  

Dana Hullinger  

November 1  

Save-­‐the-­‐Dates   Subject:  Supply  Chain  Trade  Compliance   Date:  September  11-­‐12,  2014   Instructor:  Mr.  Mark  Baxa   Brief  Description:  International  trade  is  the  exchange  of  capital,  goods,  and  services   across  international  borders  or  territories.    In  most  countries,  such  trade  represents  a   2

significant share  of  gross  domestic  product  (GDP).  Expanded  international  trade  has   economic,  social,  and  political  importance.       Trade  compliance  and  conformance  with  international  law  has  become  more  complex.     The  multiple  points  of  failure  across  a  global  supply  chain  a  compliance-­‐related  issue   can  bring  eg.  Delayed  shipments,  fines,  penalties,  seizures  and  a  negatively  affect  a   company’s  reputation   Cost:  $1,200   Place:  CK230  John  Cook  School  of  Business,  Saint  Louis  University    

Subject: Managing  Inventory  for  Increased  Profitability   Date:  September  25  and  26,  2014   Instructor:  Mr.  Ray  Scott   Brief  Description:  Inventory  management  is  a  science  primarily  about  specifying  the   shape  and  percentage  of  stocked  goods.  It  is  required  at  different  locations  within  a   facility  or  within  many  locations  of  a  supply  network  to  precede  the  regular  and   planned  course  of  production  and  stock  of  materials.   Management  of  the  inventories,  with  the  primary  objective  of  determining/controlling   stock  levels  within  the  physical  distribution  system,  functions  to  balance  the  need  for   product  availability  against  the  need  for  minimizing  stock  holding  and  handling  costs.   Cost:  $1,200   Place: CK230  John  Cook  School  of  Business,  Saint  Louis  University    

Subject: Advanced  Product  Safety  Program   Date:  Sept.  22  –  Sept.  26,  2014   Instructors:  Multiple  Professionals   Brief  Description:  A  week-­‐long  executive  style  management  course  for  product  safety   managers  and  engineers  with  five  years  or  more  experience,  this  course  deals  with  how   to  manage  in  a  constantly  changing  domestic  and  international  environment.  Topics   include  managing  compliance  and  regulatory  responsibilities,  risk  assessment  and   hazard  analysis  best  practices,  managing  an  international  program  and  supply  chain   infrastructure,  measuring  company  performance  in  sustainability  and  product  safety   practices,  social  media  strategies  and  brand  protection,  and  economic  and  data   management.   Cost:  Please  contact  Don  Kornblet:  or  Linda  Tyler:   Place: L27  John  Cook  School  of  Business,  Saint  Louis  University   3

Center Programs  and  Registration     You  can  access  the  full  range  of  programs  and  register  at  enter  at  the  Center  for  Supply   Chain  Management  Studies  –  A  Center  of  Distinction.    Center  discounts  for  members   range  from  10-­‐30  percent  based  membership  level.      

Center News  -­‐  Food  for  Thought     Coming  Soon  -­‐-­‐-­‐  New  CSCMS  Distance  Learning  Options  

Distance learning   is   a   mode   of   delivering   education   and   instruction,   often   on   an   individual  basis,  to  students  who  are  not  physically  present  in  a  traditional  setting  such   as   a   classroom.   Distance   learning   provides   "access   to   learning   when   the   source   of   information   and   the   learners   are   separated   by   time   and   distance,   or   both.   Distance   education   courses   that   require   a   physical   on-­‐site   presence   for   any   reason   (including   taking  examinations)  are  referred  to  as  blended  courses.     The  Center  will  introduce  several  distance  learning  courses  in  the  fall  of  2014  and   spring  of  2015.    The  initial  courses  will  not  be  blended.    These  new  options  will  provide   Center  students  and  others  with  new  opportunities  to  enhance  their  professional  skills   in  supply  chain  management  and  related  areas.  Look  for  more  information  in  future   newsletters  and  Center  announcements.  

Five  Strategies  for  Improving  Inventory  Management  across  Complex   Networks     1.  Get  Much  More  Granular  with  Safety  Stock  Management   4

2. Add  Inventory  Planning  to  the  S&OP  Process   3.  Make  Regular  Use  of  Supply  Chain  Network  Optimization  Tools  for  Tactical  Planning   Consider  Distributed  Order  Management  Tools  to  Manage  Multi-­‐Channel  Complexity   5.  Step  Up  to  Inventory  Optimization  Software   Source:  CSCI  Insights  June  11,      

State of  Logistics  Report     The  highly  anticipated  2013  “State  of  Logistics”  report,  compiled  by  analyst  Rosalyn   Wilson  and  presented  by  Penske  and  the  Council  of  Supply  Chain  Management   Professionals  (CSCMP),  describes  last  year’s  logistics  environment  as  uneven.  After  a   slow  start  to  2013,  mid-­‐year  shipments  were  strong  before  a  very  deep  dive  at  the  end   of  the  year  with  not  much  movement  in  freight  rates  across  the  modes.   But  the  picture  appears  much  brighter  for  this  year,  with  Wilson  predicting  2014  to  be   the  best  year  in  the  past  eight.  So  far  in  the  first  five  months  this  year,  freight   shipments  are  up  13.1  percent  year-­‐over-­‐year  with  payments  up  13  percent  and  higher   rates  and  capacity  problems  looming,  she  said.     U.S.  business  logistics  costs  rose  2.3  percent  in  2013,  a  significant  drop  from  the  3.4   percent  rise  in  2012,  the  report  says.  Business  logistics  costs  increased  to  $1.39  trillion,   up  $31  billion  from  2012.  In  2013,  logistics  costs  as  a  percent  of  the  nominal  Gross   Domestic  Product  (GDP)  declined  to  8.2  percent.  This  means  that  the  freight  logistics   sector  was  growing  at  a  slightly  slower  rate  than  GDP,  Wilson  said.   Inventory  carrying  costs  and  transportation  costs  rose  slightly  last  year.  Inventory   carrying  costs  increased  2.8  percent.    Transportation  costs  were  up  only  2  percent  in   2013  because  of  weaker  shipment  volumes  and  a  lack  of  growth  in  rates.   “2013  was  a  much  more  complicated  year  from  a  purely  economic  point  of  view,”   Wilson  said  in  releasing  the  SoL  report  entitled  “Ready  for  a  New  Route”  on  June  11  at   the  National  Press  Club  in  Washington.  “It  (2013)  was  not  a  stellar  year  for  the   economy,  but  freight  did  not  always  mirror  the  economy.”              


Center Organizations  &  Board  Members   AEP  River  Operations                                       Ameren  Services                                                          

Anheuser-­‐Busch/InBev                               Asynchrony                                                 The  Boeing  Company                                        


Cassidy Turley  Company                 Cass  Information  Systems   Emerson  Company                                       Energizer                                                                       Hodgson  Mill                                                           Mallinckrodt  Pharmaceuticals   Mesa  Logistics                                                       Monsanto  Company                                   Nordyne,  Inc.                                                           Novus  International,  Inc.                 Nestle  Purina  Pet  Care                           Peabody  Energy                                 ROi           Saint  Louis  University                           Underwriter  Laboratories   UniGroup,  Inc.                                                       World  Wide  Technology                   Ex-­‐Officio                                                                        







Mr. George  Piccioni   Mr.  Dennis  Weisenborn  &   Mr.  Mark  Brandt   Mr.  Gary  Welker   Mr.  Bob  Elfanbaum   Mr.  David  Thole,  Mr.  Steve  Georgevitch,  &   Ms.  Joann  Franke   Mr.  Ed  Lampitt   Mr.  Frank  Cirimele   Mr.  Fred  Perreand  &  Mr.  Joe  Ackerman   Mr.  Jeroen  Kanters   Mr.  Ray  Martin   Mr.  George  Morrison   Mr.  Frank  Fischer   Mr.  Mario  Morhy   Mr.  Bob  Bielecki   Mr.  Kevin  Mowery   Mr.  Marty  Tendler  &  Mr.  Pete  Spanos   Mr.  Carlton  Adams   Ms.  JoAnne  Levy   Dr.  John  Hamilton   Mr.  August  (Gus)  Schaefer   Mr.  Tom  Duwel   Mr.  Kurt  Grimminger   Dr.  Ik-­‐Whan  Kwon  

Honorary Members Mr. Bob Drury, Mr. Gerald Hayden, Mr. Jim Kavanaugh, Mr. Tom Olson


Center for  Supply  Chain  Management  Office   Scott  Safranski,  Ph.D.,  Interim  Dean   Ik-­‐Whan  G.  Kwon,  Ph.D.,  Director   John  W.  Hamilton,  Ph.D.,  Associate  Director   Mrs.  Dawn  DeLaria,  Administrative  Assistant     Center for Supply Chain Management John Cook School of Business Saint Louis University 3674 Lindell Blvd. DS 458 Saint Louis, Mo 63108 Phone: (314) 977-3617 Fax: (314) 977-2068 Email:


Center for Supply Chain Management: August 2014  

Center for Supply Chain Management at the John Cook School of Business - Saint Louis University

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