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Warwick Center for the Arts 2021 Digital Arts and Photography

Saturday April 24th – Saturday May 29th

Featured Artists: Howard Armitage Nicole Bamford Sharon Bibeault Kendall Bousquet Barbara Decesare Cynthia DiDonato Jean Duffy Robert Easton Regina Hogan Eric Hovermale Marc Jaffe Bonnie Jaffe Ronald Joseph Michele Keir

Sharon LaFrenaye Iwona Lapczyk Reggie Linsao Krzysztof Mathews JJE McManus Jason Melino Paul Murray Kimberly Novino Lisa Offiler John Pitocco Betsy Ritz Danielle Salisbury Cindy Wilson Marilyn Wlassich Tom Wojick

For Pricing Information of Specific Works Please email our Executive Director, Danielle Salisbury, at director@warwickcfa.org

Open During Regular Gallery Hours:

Wednesdays – Saturdays 11am -3pm www.warwickcfa.org

“Let the Light In” Sharon LaFrenaye Digital Photography 8 x 10

“The author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reminds us that “single stories”, or stories from one point of view, are incomplete. My personal artwork explores the interplay of texture, shadow, and light. Growing up in the mill city of Woonsocket, R.I., I have always been fascinated by what I might find when I look beneath the surface of a person, place, or thing. My personal art practice is my way of expressing the lens in which I see points contrast in the world: beautiful and overlooked, dark and light, simple and complex. Every surface, scene, and person, has many stories held within just waiting to be told.”

“Icicles” Barbara Decesare Photography 11” x 14”

“I love to have my images evoke different interpretations. This photo of icicles, taken after an ice storm produces shapes and colors for the observer to translate.”

“Snow Fence” Betsy Ritz Photography 16” x 20”

I love photography, and one of my favorite subjects is nature and the outdoors. When I take a road trip out West, where I lived for a meaningful part of my life, I love being faced again with the freshness of the land and sky, and how they meet together. The big country is inspiring, but the sky, and its voluminous clouds, are perhaps even more so. I capture those fleeting moments of beauty both by shooting photos while stopped on the side of the road, but also by panning from inside our traveling car, from the front passenger seat. I get different views, but the sky almost always takes over the composition in the end.

“Can Spring Be Far Away” Cynthia DiDonato Digital Art 16 x 20 “Color, line, pattern, and atmosphere are what fascinates me. When I work, they are my visual language. I am mapping the mind through imagination, intuition, and memory. My work records this creative journey.”

“Colorful!” Robert Easton Digital Photography 13” x 19”

“The marketplace is where everything is displayed in the best light to entice possible buyer. For a photographer, it's an opportunity on many levels. First, the products: they are usually colorful and attractive (hopefully to a buyer). Secondly, the presentation: How is the product staged to its best, most flattering advantage? Lastly, what items are important in the culture and receive special attention? Markets are rich veins of photographic gold!”

“Vanna” Michele Keir Digital Collage 19” x 16”

“My current series of artwork explores the local landscape through the lens with digital post creativity.”

“Good Friday” Howard Armitage Digital Photography 11 x 14 “My current series of artwork explores the local landscape through the lens with digital post creativity.”

“Desolation“ Jean Duffy Photography 11x14

“Uprising” Marc Jaffe Photography 24 x 18

“Political Equator” Jason Melino Photography 24 x 30

“Sky Road” Iwona Lapczyk Photography 13 x 19

“Found objects, with the right lighting and composition, become art.”

“Embedded” Bonnie Jaffe Photography 16 x 20

“Old Vermont” Marc Jaffe Photography 20 x 16

“I take what I see, but am particularly attracted to shapes and textures and tones.”

“A Forest Enchantment” Eric Hovermale Photography 24 x 25

“If you look at one of my images and have just a flash of a memory or a feeling without knowing why or what, I’ll feel that I’ve succeeded. It’s always my goal to create a portrait that captures the interest of a viewer regardless of whether one knows the subject. One shouldn't need to recognize the subject to be intrigued.”

“Distressed” Bonnie Jaffe Photography 16 x 20

“My Dahlia” Danielle Salisbury Photography 11x14

“I have always loved the challenge of macro photography of nature - especially of insects, birds, flowers and ocean waves because it forces me to be patient and mindful of the subject. This is one of my "dinner plate" Dahlia blooms that I cut to bring inside because of a storm coming and I was so impressed with mother nature's design.”

“Under the Boardwalk” Cindy Wilson Photography 16 x 20

Winter Shards Reggie Linsao Photography 16 x 24

I'm a nature photographer living and working in Rhode Island. The majority of my work focuses on the pattern, texture and colors of the changing seasons. The photo that I'm submitting is called "Winter Shards". My son spotted this scene of ice forming on the stream at Mowry Conservation in Smithfield. The low sunlight illuminated the yellow, orange and maroon leaves trapped under the ice.

“There is the Ying and the Yang we all feel in life. And so it can be with art. I am moved by how the subconscious can become conscious as the process unfolds. It's an exciting yet humbling experience, creating such personal language, to then share with others.”

“Spirit Blooms” Marilyn Wlassich Photograph on Aluminum Plate 18 x 24

“Quarantined” John Pitocco Photography 8 x 10

I enjoy working with people to craft an image or to tell a story. "Quarantined" is a single image from a story about being restricted during the pandemic. "Sound of Snow Falling" was based on a 'color study' and trying to convey the sound of a snow during a storm. "Floating" was from a dance series on the new pedestrian bridge using dance to freeze a moment in time.

“Floating” John Pitocco Photography 8 x 10

“Newport Bridge Sunrise” Ronald Joseph Photography 8 x 10 It doesn’t make any difference where you are in the world, the seashore, the mountains, your backyard, a street corner or in a city, you’ll find exciting scenes to capture but you must use your imagination to create an unusual picture. My pictures span a variety of experiences such as the excitement of seeing a wave break in unusual patterns, the solitude of a fence in the winter, peering out the kitchen window or seeing an empty but stately dining room. To some the forest looks like trees and fields but to me as a photographer the forest is alive with colors, movement, darkness and sometimes neglect, therefore, these are the things I try to capture. So in my pictures I portray not only those things that I see but also what I feel about the image in my lens.”

“Forbidden City” Jason Melino Photography 24 x 30

“Every high school photography student wants to be Ansel Adams. After shooting for many years I find that I am more adept at city photography.”

“The Conversation” Paul Murray Photography 22.5 x 29.5

“In creating art, I try to remain open to possibilities, trust my instincts, and discard labels that are divisive. I use technology to increase my creative options and productivity, but not to replace my vision and responsibility. As an artist, I hope my images engage the viewer’s attention and interest, and perhaps enrich their experience and vision.”

“Anxious” Paul Murray Photography 22.5 x 29.5

“Color, light, and gesture are important elements in my work. My use of these varies intrinsically across landscapes, nature, people, and culture. My choices of timing, perspective, and composition are intended to draw the viewer into the setting and moment. Often, I try to pattern my pursuit of opportunities to the natural tempo of what I see.”

“Silver Spring Abstract 1” Kimberly Novino Photography 11 x 14

“This image, part of an abstract nature series, was made in April 2021, and is a single exposure digital photograph. I wanted to explore nature in an abstract and serendipitous way and therefore deployed intentional camera motion during the exposure. As a result, I captured the brilliant color and sweeping motion of the landscape invisible to the naked eye.”

“Cardinal in the snow” Tom Wojick Photography 12 x 18

“My focus is on highlighting nature and the environment. I hope that by having an opportunity to display my photos that it will engage people with nature and our environment. “We belong to the ground. It is our power and we must stay close to it or maybe we will get lost.” This aborigine quote reminds me of our interdependence with nature and each other. It is my hope that my photos will serve as a reminder of the precious beauty that surrounds us and of our primal duty to be noble stewards of the ground we walk upon each day.”

“When Seasons Collide” Lisa Offiler Photography 8 x 10

I am completely inspired by the outdoor world around us. Along every trail I hike, street I walk, park I visit, there is extraordinary beauty to be captured. This photograph was taken during an unusual snowstorm at the end of October, where in my opinion, the two most beautiful seasons collided in a smashing contrast of vivid color and serene neutrals. While it's extremely difficult to put into words the serenity felt on the morning after this crisp first snow, the stillness and quiet on this empty street was simply magical and this photo was meant to capture just that.

“Sound of Snow Falling” John Pitocco Photography 8 x 10

“Climactic” Cynthia DiDonato Digital Art 16 x 20

“Frizzy Portrait” Michele Keir 3D mixed media 9 x 11.5

“Surreal Cityscape” Regina Hogan Photography 24 x 16

“I use photography as a means of self-expression. Capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary, creating new interpretations of our reality, and to simply get lost in the creative process while discovering the beauty in all things through my lens.”

“As the Sky Grew Darker” Howard Armitage Digital Photography 11 x 14

“Protest” Ronald Joseph Photography 20 x 24

“Lamppost” Iwona Lapczyk Photography 13 x 19

Which Way ? Sharon Bibeault Digital Photography 8.5 x 11

The Red Toboggan Eric Hovermale Photography 24 x 25

“Temple at Dawn” Regina Hogan Photography 24” x 16”

“Beauty From Tragedy” Michele Keir Digitally enhanced x-ray 14 x 14

“I frequently create art from digitally enhanced photos and digital collages. Adding marker and/or colored pencil to prints is a technique I have developed and used for many portraits. Sometimes my digital art has evolved beyond the print and developed into a 3-D creation.”

“Rembrandt Horse” Regina Hogan Photography 36” x 24”

“Rust Shadows” Cindy Wilson Photography 25 x 18

“Historically, my intention has been in documenting my subjects. Now I feel that is changing; my creative process now is more about self-reflection, process and spiritual growth. It is with this excitement that I move forward on my creative journey.”

“Urban Landscape” Tom Wojick Photography 12 x 18

“A Progression” Eric Hovermale Photography 24 x 25

“Keeping Busy” Krzysztof Mathews Vector Illustration Inkjet Print 37 x 28.5

Long inspired by science fiction, fantasy, comics, and the myriad monsters of the Saturday Creature Double Feature, Krzysztof Mathews spent many a day drawing and building in his younger years, eventually becoming an Illustration graduate of RISD (1995) and going on to his Masters of Fine Arts at UW Madison, where he pursued sculpture and computer graphics. He now teaches Two-Dimensional design at the University of Rhode Island. He is also known for his 3D graphics and Vector Illustrations, in which he tells stories of a species of imaginary cyborgs known as the Endomeq, all of which are based on his original sculpted figures. His artwork may be found at http://www.firstgearterritories.com/

“Abstract in Blue and Green” Iwona Lapczyk Photography 13 x 19

“Street photography is simply the art of wandering in public places and taking photos of whatever seems interesting to me. I not only enjoy the process of shooting photos but also later giving them my own interpretation. And sometimes the truth isn’t really important at all but rather what I can make of it. In this case, these three photographs gravitate towards abstraction. Abstract photos are the ones that make a viewer stops and ask, “What is that?” before realizing the answer was in front of you all along. Due to the element of surprise, which often makes audience smile, I really like this art form.”

“Through the Looking Glass” Nicole Bamford Photography 16 x 20

“Natural Rhode Island: The photography submitted showcases land and water. The softness of our surroundings juxtaposed with jagged geology serves a metaphor of the vast contrast of beauty within this small yet incredible state.”

“Twist and Pan” Cindy Wilson Photography 18 x 24

“I find myself drawn to remote rugged coastlines, reflective still waters, weather beaten coastal architecture and vestiges in industrial decay. My vision resonates to the feeling of a timeless presence, of paying homage to the ephemeral quality of light, of entropy and portals as metaphor. Discovering the unique, finding the extraordinary in the mundane, honoring the forgotten with dignity and exploring the visual story of that which is soon to change are my inspirations.”

“A Brighter Future” Sharon Bibeault Digital Photograph 8.5 x 11

“I’ve been looking at life in general differently this past year. Besides the whole Covid-19 thing happening, I lost my husband. I’ve had issues with my anxiety being full throttle since his death. One of my escapes is having my son take me for rides around the state. Unfortunately, I have ended up with a couple of new ones, one is going over bridges. He tells me to take pictures to keep my mind occupied as drives me over them. These images I’ve taken started out as way to combat it. However, I started to see a unique view while sitting in my truck as the images pass by. I’m now playing off of them with the reflections in the windows and the side view mirrors. I want to show the uniqueness of a simple image that become merged into multiple layers that somehow tell a story.”

La Historia Me Absolvera Paul Murray Photography 29.5 x 22.5

Independence Day JJE McManus Digital Painting – Giclee on Canvas 24 x 12

“I’m driven to create paintings that ask who are we in the moment. The immersive juxtaposition of elements focused to create a larger story inspire me. My studio is a safe-zone, a place where associations and ideas run free. The narrative that comes from sculpting raw clay or putting pigment on canvas is second only to the narrative that comes from someone viewing the final result. COVID19 has effected our country to its core. My current series documents people gamely getting on with their lives despite the pandemic.”

Weathered Profile Marc Jaffe Photography 20 x 16

Warwick Center for the Arts 3273 Post Road Warwick RI 02886 (401) 737-0100

Gallery Hours: Wed – Sat: 11am-3pm

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