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Canton, New York

Panhellenic Council President Lisa VanderVoort Vice President Alina Miska Secretary Skylar Van Steemburg Community Service Chair Abby Cook Communication Chair Sydney Millyard Treasurer Beth Kessenich

Spring 2010

The Panhellenic Council is excited to share with you our first Greek Life newsletter! Panhellenic Council is the collaboration of women from all four sororities who work together to promote positive Greek life through scholarship, community service, high standards, development of character, and unity. Together, we are the women who are the leaders, volunteers, scholars, and friends that you see around campus. Panhellenic Council has been very active this year, participating in activities like the Family Weekend 5K in the fall, selling Holiday grams, and a dorm storm that donated $1,500 to Oxfam for the relief effort in Haiti. Currently, we are preparing for our annual philanthropy event, Peter Rabbit in the Park, where all four sororities come together for a day of egg hunts, face painting, cookie decorating, bunny relays and spoon races for the Canton community. We are also highly anticipating our first Greek Week, which will be filled with events to unite Greeks and educate campus on all that Greeks do. I am excited as we look ahead to what Panhellenic Council and the Greek community in general will be able to accomplish in the coming year. We hope you enjoy reading our first newsletter and we welcome any comments/suggestions for future issues! Sincerely, Lisa VanderVoort Panhellenic Council President

Academic Chair Ashley Austin Delta Delegates Erika Swits Quinn Delahanty KKG Delegates Jennifer Hearn Hilary Rance KDS Delegates Jackie Cooper Jess Piecewicz Chi O Delegates Annalise Grueter Lyron Blum-Evitts Panhellenic Advisor Amy Saito

Hello Greeks! My name is Amy Saito and I am the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership. Part of my duties include serving as the Greek Advisor to the Greek system and organizations here at St. Lawrence. This is my first year working at SLU and I have enjoyed getting to know you and your chapters. One thing I would like all of you to know is that I am a resource here on campus for you and your entire chapter. If you have a question related to your chapter or something that concerns the entire Greek community, I am always open to talking with you and assisting you. My office is located behind the Student Center Information Desk and you are always free to stop in and say hi. I am looking forward to seeing what all of you are able to accomplish during your time here at St. Lawrence. My hope is to continue to see you all work hard so that Greek Life can continue to prosper and promote the values of leadership, scholarship, citizenship and camaraderie. Good Luck as work toward your goals! Amy Saito x5757


ACADEMICS IN GREEK LIFE As the new Academic Chairwoman, I am committed to counteracting the stereotype that plagues the Greek community in regards to academics. You know, the one that says all Greeks want to do is party and that they don’t care about their grades. All of us know that could not be further from the truth. Not only are many of us Dean’s List students, but many of us are also serving as peer mentors and as tutors on campus. This attests to the fact that Greek houses at St. Lawrence are dedicated to academics. In order to remind ourselves that hard work is necessary and to prove to the St. Lawrence community that movie stereotype is incorrect, I have determined to send out weekly study tips to each of the houses. These are merely quick reminders to do things that many of us do already. I also think it would be interesting for students outside the Greek community to know a few quick facts. These also serve as great reminders as to why many of us went Greek in the first place. ASHLEY AUSTIN


percent of the Fortune 500 executives are members of Greek organizations. Fraternities and sororities have maintained a higher grade point average than the undergraduate average at most universities. Greek organization members have a higher graduation rate than non-members.

A study by the Center for the Study of College Fraternities found that fraternity and sorority members were significantly more satisfied with their college experience than non-members. 77 percent of Who’s Who in America is Greek. Sororities on the St. Lawrence campus have consistently maintained well over a 3.0 average GPA.

PHILANTHROPY During the days and weeks following the January 12th earthquake in Haiti many St. Lawrence University organizations quickly took action to provide aid to those in need and the Panhellenic Council was no exception. The members of Panhel divided up residence halls and asked students for spare change, otherwise known as a “Dorm Storm”. This along with generous donations from those present at Pub 56, the members of Kappa Delta Sigma, and a donation from the Panhellenic budget raised $1,500 in total. The Panhellenic Council chose to donate these funds to Oxfam America. Oxfam America, based in Boston, Ma, promised our full donation would be used to aid their Haiti effort. The earthquake, which Oxfam calls one of the “worst humanitarian disasters” in recent history, has left over one million people homeless in Haiti. Oxfam’s efforts in Haiti are specifically improving water, sanitation, and public health using donations to both provide materials and pay local labor. In their preliminary efforts Oxfam has provided 28,000 people with plastic sheeting for temporary shelter and supplied 204,000 people with clean water. Oxfam hopes to reach over 500,000 people by July 2010. On behalf of the Panhellenic Council I would like to thank everyone at SLU for supporting our Dorm Storm, your donations to Haiti did not go unnoticed! ABBY COOK


These letters don’t make me better than you, these letters make me better than I used to be. - Unknown

Greek Life is a wonderful way to find yourself and to figure out what you want to be in the future. It gives people a chance to gain confidence, friends, and memories that will last a lifetime. And when you join a Greek house, you want to share your wonderful experiences with as many people as possible. This is why recruitment is such a crucial part of all the Greek houses. Without the recruitment process, others will not have the change to know about the great opportunities offered by each individual house. Recruitment should be a daily part of every Greek person’s life. When you get up in the morning, you are not simply a SLU student, but you are a member of the Greek society. When you are going about campus, people associate you with your house. All of your actions will reflect back on your house. So the next time you are getting coffee at the pub, answering a question in class, or attending an event on campus; you are representing your house to the entire student body and faculty. Everyday each of us has a wonderful opportunity to show the best that Greek Life has to offer. EVAN BARBOSA



The Chi Omega Fraternity was established on St. Lawrence University campus in 1981. Since that time our chapter has continued to grow and flourish. Sisters engage in everything on campus from musical theatre to student government. Our majors cover a wide range of topics from Chinese studies, history, neuroscience, Spanish, and government to math and economics. Every semester our house is involved with many campus activities; from helping with safe walks to participating in Go Beyond and even tutoring at the Quantitative Resource Center. Chi Omega has a partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation and every year Epsilon Kappa donates at least $1,000 to help grant a child’s wish. Our sisters are motivated and ambitious women who come from different areas around the world-from Bangladesh and Guam to Washington state, our sisters are motivated and bright young women who are dedicated to their academics and philanthropic service. But we never forget to have fun--we have many functions with other Fraternal Organizations and of course plan many sisterhood events at our chapter house and on campus. We invite everyone to get to know Chi Omega! Aside from our usual annual events that will be taking place Chi Omega will be hosting and participating in several additional events this year. Swish-for –Wishes is a three on three basketball tournament that will be taking place throughout the day on April 10th. All proceeds of this tournament will be going to the Make a Wish Foundation. We will also be participating in Shauna’s Walk for Wishes later this spring; the proceeds from this event will also be going to the Make a Wish Foundation. The Chi Omega symphony articulates the ideals of every Chi Omega sister. It was written by Sister Ethel Switzer Howard, Xi Chapter at Northwestern University in 1904. To live constantly above snobbery of word or deed; to place scholarship before social obligations and character before appearances; to be, in the best sense, democratic rather than ‘exclusive’, and lovable rather than ‘popular’; to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to choose thoughtfully that course which occasion and conscience demand; to be womanly always; to be discouraged never; in a word, to be loyal under any and all circumstances to my Fraternity and her highest teachings and to have her welfare ever at heart that she may be a symphony of high purpose and helpfulness in which there is no discordant note.

KDS DELEGATES LETTER The sisters of Kappa Delta Sigma have had a very busy year! From philanthropy events to social events, KDS sisters can be seen everywhere. Last semester KDS racked in more than 1,000 hours of community service. This included Free Will dinners, a Teens for Jeans drive, raising over $500 for Oxfam, Bingo games at the United Helpers Retirement Home in Canton, and Food Drives for the holiday season. Currently we are preparing for a Prom Dress Sale at the First Presbyterian Church. Prom dresses are dropped off at the KDS house, and will be put on display in a department store fashion on March 27th. Sisters will assist shoppers in dress and accessory options for the duration of the sale from 10am-2pm. Everyone should come down! One exciting social event coming up is the spring formal—Mai Tai! Each sister is assigned to find a date for another sister, keeping all names anonymous. On the day of Mai Tai, all the sisters line up in the house with their date’s tie around their neck, and the dates are then brought in to search for their tie… and their date! We will be having it at Backstreets Bar in Potsdam this year. It should be a good time. As the semester is coming to an end, the sisters of KDS are looking forward to these spring events as an opportunity to close the year on a happy note! We hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather as much as we are on the KDS porch on 53 Park Street!


4 KAPPA DELEGATES LETTER The sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma have had an eventful month collecting children?s books, raising money for Haiti, collecting cans, and participating in blood drives. The girls are also planning a day of baking cookies to send to soldiers in Afghanistan. We are also planning our spring fundraiser, which will be a golfing event in late April. We are all looking forward to meeting potential new members and expanding our Chapter in the Spring! JENNIFER HEARN and HILARY RANCE


“The Decision that Changed my Life”

t was my sophomore year of college. The leaves had begun to change and the smell of fall was just around the corner tickling my nose with its refreshing scent. As I walked around campus I realized St. Lawrence looked different to me this year. I was another year older and no longer a stranger to the school. St. Lawrence was becoming a part of me and I wanted something more, something to push me to be my best and get involved on campus. They say the best things in life are intangible and knowing this I wanted to see what there was for me. Who knew Chi Omega was waiting for me. If you ever wondered to yourself if people noticed you, most likely they do. I noticed Meagan Harris my sophomore year at St. Lawrence. Knowing she was a senior that year who worked hard at everything she did made me look up to her. I overheard her talking one day about Chi Omega. Being uneducated on sororities and Greek letters I asked Meagan what Chi Omega stood for. As soon as I heard the word sorority come out of her mouth I could not believe it. Meagan was not only in Chi Omega, but she was at the time its current president. By knowing Meagan and how involved she was on campus DELTA DELEGATES LETTER and how driven she was as a leader I had to see for myself what Chi Omega was all about. The moment I walked into the house I knew it With break behind us and spring fast approaching, Delta was for me. There was never a time where I felt uncomfortable or Delta Delta is eagerly planning our annual St. Jude’s Tailgate. Dana will be providing the food, which includes hamburgers, hot dogs, and worried I might break something. I walked inside and it felt like chicken wings. The Public Relations team has also been going around home. Who knew weeks later this new place would soon become my home away from home. to local vender’s accepting donations of food to be sold at the men’s From that point on I learned about myself as a person and lacrosse game who play Union on April 10 at 1:00 at North Country field. Gift certificates will also be raffled off, where 100% of the profit what I can accomplish with Chi Omega always there to support me. I is sent to St. Jude’s Children hospital. St. Jude is the leading pediatric realized Chi Omega wasn’t something I became, but it was something I had always been. Chi Omega is a support system that helps me be treatment center for children’s cancer. No child is turned away from the best I can be, by getting involved on campus, time managing my treatment due to a family’s inability to pay. To date, Tri Delta has raised more than $9.1 million dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research work, and creating unbreakable bonds with a group of girls that last a lifetime. Hospital. It is now my senior year here at St. Lawrence and as I look The tailgate is also the same weekend as our father/daughter back and think about the reasons for why I became a part of Chi weekend held every other year in conjunction with mother/daughter weekend. Friday night is a cocktail party at the Club where drinks and Omega, I simply look at all of the faces I see everyday when I wake up and the hugs I receive when I am having a bad day. It is in those faces h’or d’oeurvres will be served. Saturday activities with our dads not only include the tailgate but also a father/ daughter softball game. To and those hugs where I see so many differences, but so many similarities, all of which come together to form a diverse group of finish the weekend off, we are hosting a brunch at our house to say girls who work together and positively influence St. Lawrence and goodbye to all our fathers. everyone around them. March is a busy week of planning with April just around Sisterhood in Chi Omega is unexplainable, it is the feeling the corner for Delta Delta Delta. Don’t forget to stop by the men’s you get in your heart you cannot explain. It is my wish for you all to lacrosse game who play Union at 1:00 to support Tri-Delta and our goal to raise money for our national philanthropy St. Jude Children’s experience it. Thank you Chi Omega for letting me discover what I can be and for what I always have been. JOANNA CLOHERTY ‘10 Hospital. ERIKA SWITS

5 GREEK COUNCIL With the recolonization of Beta Theta Pi on our campus last semester, the chapters recognized the need to rework the infrastructure of Greek governance at SLU. At the time, ATO and Beta weren’t being fairly represented without an Inner Fraternal Council to represent the male fraternities. Because Panhellenic Council only represents Chi Omega, Tri-Delta, KDS, and Kappa, ATO and Beta didn’t have any input in Greek programming and planning. With the help of our advisor, Amy Saito, and a group of dedicated Greeks from each house, we held weekly meetings during the fall semester to begin drafting the Greek Council Constitution. It’s important that the constitution fairly represents every house on our campus— whether male or female. In addition, we are currently drafting a “points” system for houses to voluntarily follow. For those houses who submit accreditation materials to their National, the points system will be very familiar to what is submitted. Houses will turn in information about their philanthropy, recruitment events, etc. Greek Council is currently in the process of finishing the constitution before submitting it to each chapter for approval. In the meantime, Greek Council has also been busy planning Greek Week, occurring in April. The events being planned for this week include a progressive dinner from house to house, a Greek panel open to the campus, community service, a night at Pub 56 with Phil Cohen, and the Greek BBQ on the quad at the end of the week. Overall, Greek Council has been busy with planning events as well as ensuring that the constitution is approved by all of the houses at the end of the semester. From there, Greek Council will be fully operational in fall 2010. ALINA MISKA

CHI OMEGA AND THE MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION Since 2002, Chi Omega has been raising money and granting wishes with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This organization is Chi Omega’s national philanthropy, and the sisters of the Epsilon Kappa chapter at St. Lawrence University have donated countless hours and hundreds of dollars to this worthy cause. Community service is one of Chi Omega’s central purposes, and each sister is strongly dedicated to making a positive impact. The Make-A-Wish foundation grants the wishes of children who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. These children, although sick and weak, are able to enjoy trips to Disney World and meet their favorite celebrities, along with many other wishes, all thanks to fundraising by selfless volunteers. In the past eight years of working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the St. Lawrence chapter of Chi Omega has been able to contribute to granting the wishes of many children, including a number of local ill children. Some Chi Omega sisters have even been able to go and meet these children whose wishes were being granted, and tell them the exciting news. Every semester, Chi Omega has fundraising events to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Past events include a dorm storm, during which small change is collected from the dorms on campus, and selling stars in the Student Center. A new event is also being planned to contribute to this cause. Chi Omega will be hosting the first “Swish for Wishes”, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, on April 10, 2010. All proceeds from this event will go directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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Hej Hej from Copenhagen! This semester has gone by so fast. Maggie (Delta Delta Delta) and myself (Kappa Delta Sigma) have really enjoyed our time together traveling around Denmark and Europe. We are enrolled in Psychology of Happiness which looks to maximize mental health in all individuals using virtues and character strengths. With this class we have the opportunity to travel with DIS. Maggie and I have travel to Arhus, Esbjerg, Roskilde, during a long weekend to western Denmark. More recently we traveled to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. It has been absolutely amazing. Along with academic visits and workshops during these tours we got to experience the culture. We had scheduled visits to Edinburgh Castle, a ghost tour, The Lighthouse in Glasgow and an afternoon in a park. One night we even tried fried mars bars which is the Scottish equivalent of a fatbag. Our course even facilitated a tour and tasting at the local whiskey factory in Stirling. Studying abroad has been on of the most exciting and memorable experiences of my undergraduate education - I think I speak for both Maggie and myself when I say that we’ve some great experiences in Denmark. AMANDA DUROCHER

PROFILE: BETH KESSENICH ‘12 My name is Beth Kessenich and I am currently a sophomore at St. Lawrence. I am from Garden City, a town on Long Island, New York. I am involved in a variety of different things on campus. I am a member of the Saints Women’s golf team, the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, and a local volunteer. I also have a campus job working at the student information desk. In my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, I hold the position of assistant treasurer and was also given the position of treasurer on the Panhellenic Council. Being the treasurer I am responsible for managing our budget, collecting dues each semester, attending weekly meetings, and allocating funds. I love being a member of the Greek community at St. Lawrence because it has allowed me to form so many great new friendships and its a lot of fun. I also serve as a senator to our student government—The Thelomathesian Society. This year I declared a government major with a double minor in communications and fine arts. I enjoy going to the gym, playing golf, tennis, skiing, watching movies, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family. My favorite colors are pink and green. I love St. Lawrence but I am hoping to go abroad next fall! BETH KESSENICH

Greek Speak: 1 ed.  
Greek Speak: 1 ed.  

St. Lawrence University's Panhellenic Council Newsletter! This is the first edition of "Greek Speak". Look for our second edition this fall!