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Volume I issue 3, July 2013

Celebrating The Best of Second Life


Kashing In On Success The Rise of SL Entrepreneur Kash Huntress

Exotic Jungle Modeling Agency: The Fall Forward Fashion Expo of 2013

Second Life Basketball Association

Destinations: New York City

Cover: Christion Sparta By Kannibal Studios

New York City July 4th Celebration By: Daisy Hoff (Daisonia) Everyone loves going to 4th of July celebrations – whether its BBQs, block parties, or just going to see the fireworks. This year in New York City, there was a fun party put together by Tatum SWΞΞTFΛCΞ™ O'Connel (dylan.chiantelle), Sahyel Cristole, and Daisonia. There was also a contest for best red, white and blue outfit. This contest included a nice prize for the winner – $L1000, as well as a nice stay at one of the finest furnished luxurious Priceless lofts in NYC. Everyone turned out for a family fun event with DJ Zema (lilmareeo). People loved his DJing skills, saying he was one of the best DJs in the SL community! He played multiple genres from hip hop to techno and house. The winner of the contest was мσ αкυcнι (dancermonet). She was very excited and spoke with SL Socialites Magazine about her winnings. “Honestly I was shocked. I had fun, and my favorite part of the whole event was the socializing. I enjoyed dancing also.” She had this to say about her duplex, “It was more than what I imagined.” She will be sharing her money with her twin sister and they are planning to launch a fashion line called “Bella Style”. It will initially specialize in non-mesh and mesh clothing for women and later on men and children. She went on to say “For right now, it is all about being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin; individuality is key. Colors and elegance, as well as fun and creativity is all that is and will be going on with this line.” If you want to win big like мσ αкυcнι, make sure you come to the next event! Don’t miss out on the awesome prizes New York City has to offer during our events. If you want to live in an artsy, upscale, posh city, New York City is for you. We offer affordable, high scaled duplexes as well as brownstones and priceless lofts, and more to come. Need a price quote? Contact Daisonia @SL via IM or notecard. Make sure you come and explore the sim, we have amazing shops and boutiques from great high fashion creators.


Profile of the Month Name: LaLa Ferragmo (Shiela. Hilra) Rezz Date: 10/28/2006 Status: Engaged SLBA Cheer Mgr Commercial & Residential real estate owner Favorite SL Location: SLBA Live! District Favorite SL Group: NCI Scripters Interesting RL Fact: I’m a nurse and I love helping people.

July 2013 SL Socialites features the story of Kash Huntress in the exclusive article “ Kashing In On Success”

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Kashing In On Success

SL Entrepreneur Kash Huntress A good business sense in Second Life is the key to success. SL Socialites Magazine caught up with the fabulous Kash Huntress to find out all about her rise to the top. Socialites Mag: How did you decide to become a SL entrepreneur and tell us about your business endeavors. KH: I am an entrepreneur by nature so my natural instinct in SL is to do that which comes natural to me. I like to create and establish, and observe the impact my innovations have on the SL community. My main business is Liberty Games, a gaming area that carries the most popular games in SL. Also along with the main gaming center we also have 3 satelite locations on urban sims to broaden our reach to additional players. While there might be multiple casinos in SL, for example--the unique touch of each business venture adds to the business and outcome. I am motivated to "do." Liberty LLC also consists of Liberty Village Rentals, which is land parcels for rent. With some bigger projects on the planning blocks. So stay tuned , you never know what Liberty LLC will do next. Socialites Mag: As a woman business owner, do you feel its harder to compete with males in your profession? What would you say is the most difficult aspect of owning a business? KH: That is a very valid and interesting question. I believe that both genders have something of great importance to bring to the SL market. The whole idea is to find the best marketability and consumers and heighten "the need for" That need could be multiple factors. The reality is that we all have the ability to reach in varying ways. I think that while men and women do think differently-the need for both strategies is high. However, based on the product, market, need, and approach, perhaps the end result will be the same--Revenue. Socialites Mag: What rl experiences if any do you has contributed to the success of your business? KH: My problem solving, people-centered, teacher approach lend a great deal to what I do in SL. I identify problems and solve them with a goal and profitable outcome. However, I could not be as successful without my people orientation personality. One of my major contributions in SL; beyond my business is my mentoring component. I mentor individuals to achieve their optimum potential in SL, and that is my greatest asset I bring to my business. Being able to multiply a market of "doers." Community of Business Ventures.


Socialites Mag: I'm sure everyone would like to know when you're not busy working, what do you do in your spare time? KH: [Smiles] I spend time with my SL family, time in my office thinking of ways to expand my business, mentoring, I visit some sims for a quick past time of fun, and lastly, I have got a wonderful stilt of support from my beau Xavier Scott. We spend a lot of time brain storming and working through business strategies. And of course, we spend "our" time doing outdoorsy activities; from zombie shooting to jet skiing. Socialites Mag: How do you measure success? KH: I measure my success based on the impact what I have done has had on my clientele. if my clients are happy, I am a success. If my patrons are elated, it adds even more to my vision of what success means to me. Being able to multiply what I do from venue-to-venue is a thrill as well. Right now I have expanded to three satelite locations. That is exciting. Socialites Mag: What projects can we expect from you in the future? KH: As just mentioned, I have expanded my casino "gaming' to three additional venues. I have recently launched entertainment as an additional arm to my main headquarters at Liberty Gaming. My partner and I have some other things brewing and are waiting for an open window of opportunity to introduce them to the community. I'll say this, breedables are some of our brainstorming conversations..

Liberty Games: $$$$ TURN-UP HOOD $$$$, Haze Inc (59, 73, 22) - Moderate


The Exotic Jungle Modeling Agency Socialites Mag: What makes Exotic Jungle Modeling agency different from other agencies in SL? Exotic Jungle: We base modeling on being creative, not on looks, size nor shape. We also do most of our photo and video shoots out in the field. Socialites Mag: Are you currently seeking models? If so what are you looking for from the models you hire for the agency? Exotic Jungle: Yes we are looking for new models...We are looking for models who can be themselves, and be creative, wild, untamed, exotic and just have fun. Socialites Mag: What type of designers are you looking for to showcase their fashions, and what can they expect from your agency? Exotic Jungle: I like to go after quality designers that are just beginning their career but need an extra push to help get their brand out there. The designers can expect us to do a great job at showcasing their clothing line to the public while we are out in the field. Socialites Mag: What can we expect from The Exotic Jungle Modeling Agency in the future? Exotic Jungle: We are actually excited about or first big event. The fall Forward Fashion Expo and Concert coming up August 20th at 6pm SLT. The event is sponsored by SL Socialites Magazine. It will spotlight our models, great fashions from designers , and will also feature a Tribute Band concert from the artist formerly known as Prince. It will be a great event. We still have a few model and designer slots open so if anyone reading is interested they can contact me or SL Socialites Magazine owner Jae Diva. Socialites Mag: Great! And how can model applicants or designers get in contact with you if they want to be a part of your team or hire you? Exotic Jungle: Anyone interested can contact me directly Jessicatagger Resident and I will set up an interview for them. We hope to get some fresh new faces and designs.


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This community based sim has affordable homes, store locations, playground for Zooby and other children. There’s also driveable streets and it’s very own McLindens. Control your media streams, and ban lines allowed for privacy. Visit our community today and move in to your new home. Rates Are as follows: Two Bedrooms: 400 Prims 1300L Three Bedrooms: 700 Prims 1600L Five Bedrooms: 900 Prims 1875L Zen/197/201/25


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Second Life Basketball Association Everyone loves sports. Whether it’s playing or watching, this is a favorite pastime which brings people together for fun, excitement and entertainment. Since Second Life parallels RL to a degree, it is no surprise there are a variety of sports associations within the game. One of those associations is the Second Life Basketball Association. With 9 teams currently on the rooster, league owners, ναиєşѕα мαяιε мαяţเηєz and Čhϊєƒ ĢλɱßίɴΘ ƉiαZ most certainly have their hands full. The teams include; the Bulls, Knicks, Nets, Dogz, Dragons, Grizzlies, Bobcats, Blue Wolves, and Wolfpack. Many of these teams have their own home based arena for the games, and the games are alternated between teams. The SLBA itself has its very own arena located SLBA! Live District. You may on occasion find games played at this location as well. With the league newly up and running, it is way too early to tell who are the star players but I’m sure it won’t take long to find out who are the masters of the game. When asked the most difficult aspect of having a SL basketball league, ναиєşѕα had this to say, making sure everything is organized and running smoothly. Everyone have their time when they get on SL so we have to make sure we know so we can set things to run when mostly everyone is online.” Anyone may apply to be a part of the league. Stop by the league office and pick up an SLBA application. Players who join will be added to the free agency. After that they will have to go through scrims where all the owners of the other teams can pretty much scout them. In addition to players the SLBA is also seeking other staff as well such as team owners, managers, administrative staff etc. Of course it wouldn’t be a team without cheerleaders. The league is currently seeking lovely ladies to offer support and encouragement to the league and players. Those interested should contact Shiela.Hilra who is also SL Socialites Magazine Profile of the Month. The SLBA will also be holding various parties and events throughout the season. So stay tuned for more from them or simply visits their office for additional information. On a final note we asked owner Vanessa Marie Martinez, this question, “If you could ask any one RL NBA player a question, who would it be and what would you ask?” her reply? “Michael Jordan, How does it feel to be one of the greatest who ever played in the NBA?”

SLBA Office: http://maps.secondlife.comsecondlife/Milla/128/160/25 Have your own sports association? Contact SL Socialites Magazine for your spotlight.


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