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The Engage Change Dispatch September 2012 Edition

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Academic Updates

September 12 Tuition Fee Payment Deadline – For registration from 9/5/12 through 9/12/12 and for student with Financial Aid insufficient to pay all tuition charges. Course Withdrawal Deadline for Session A classes

October 1 Deadline to apply for graduation

Frequently Asked Questions - Fall 2012 Aid and Billing

Important Dates and FA info

Student Success

Getting Into Graduate School Tuesday, September 11, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Memorial Union (MU), Mohave Room 236 Campus: Tempe Cost: Free and open to the public This seminar is a general overview about applying to graduate school. It is intended for all majors and does not focus on one particular program. It will provide tools and resources on how to decide if graduate school is right for you, how to choose schools and what's needed to market yourself to graduate programs as a desired candidate. Plan to attend? RSVP by Phone: (480) 965-4102 _______________________________________________________________________________________ GMAT Strategy Session Thursday, September 20, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Location: Discovery Hall (DISCVRY) Room 181 Campus: Tempe Now that you have taken the practice GMAT see what your scores mean and how you can improve. If you have not taken a practice GMAT test you are still welcome to attend this seminar. To RSVP: Email the event name and date, along with your name, address, and phone number, to (put "ASU EGSS Registration“ in the subject line), or you may RSVP by phone at 1-800-273 8439 ext. 5219.

Graduate School Preparation

SophoMORE experience: 10 tips for your second year What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day Make a Good Impression on Your Professors 6 Must-Know Tips for Your Internship Search Four ways to make good money while earning your degree

Tips and Hints for a New School Year

Outside of the Classroom

Workshop: Interviewing & Professional Dress September 10, 3:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. Location: Post Office 110 Campus: Downtown How should you answer behavior-based questions? What is the difference between a panel style interview and group interview? What are the do's and don'ts of dressing for success? Learn about the latest trends in the world of interviewing and how to prepare to make the best impression visually and verbally. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ How do I find an internship? Career Services Workshops Sep. 12, 4-5 p.m. Location: Career Services office located in the student services building [SSV], room 329. Campus: Tempe Using only the Internet to find an internship can be overwhelming, frustrating, and, depending on your career interests, ineffective. Attend this workshop to discover how to use a variety of search tools and resources to help you obtain an internship. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are my transferable skills? Career Services Webinars Sep. 26, 5-6 p.m. Webinar - Campus: Online Marketable skills can be divided into five categories that job seekers can use to show applicable abilities from one job to the next. Identify the skills you’ve already gained and describe them in terms appealing to employers. Learn to showcase your experience working with data, people and things. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How do I successfully interview? Career Services Workshops Sep. 14, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. & Sep. 28, 12-1 p.m. Location: Career Services office located in the student services building [SSV], room 329. Campus: Tempe Practice makes perfect when it comes to interviewing! This workshop will sharpen your ability to communicate your professional accomplishments using the STAR technique. You’ll also learn valuable follow-up strategies that help employers remember you in a positive way.

Free Career Services Events

Running September 18-20, Career Fiesta is the largest job and internship fair on the Tempe campus! Get prepared by attending a series of special events designed to optimize your experience at the fair. Each day, the fair runs from 12-4:30pm on the second floor of Memorial Union. Come and meet with some of the biggest and best employers from both the Valley and nationwide! For a list of employers:

2012 Career Fiesta Job and Internship Fair

In the Know: Health and Wellness

A note on staying focused for semester projects and exams Many students sacrifice sleep, physical activity and good nutrition to make time to finish projects and study for tests or finals. Some will pull all-nighters, using soda, coffee or energy drinks to help them stay awake. A few will risk using stimulant medications, such as Adderall, as study aids. The best advice is to stay ahead of your studies starting now, not November! Even then, the pressure to perform can be challenging. Still, you’ll be able to think more clearly if you get enough sleep so that you feel rested, and fuel your brain with healthy foods and beverages. Stay ahead of the pressure of midterms, finals and final projects by taking good care of yourself and spending the time you need to study, sleep, move and eat in a way that supports your success. If you or someone you know needs helps finding ways to stay focused, or is using prescription drugs without a prescription, ASU Counseling services are available at each campus to provide the help and support needed. Tips for staying focused on finals          

Avoid all-nighters. Eat small, frequent meals. Drink plenty of water. Limit your caffeine and energy drink intake. Avoid using stimulant drugs to stay awake. Focus on one subject at a time. Limit your cell phone use when studying. Log out of Facebook and Twitter. Study for 50 minutes than take a 10 minute study break. Stretch, walk or dance during your study breaks.

ASU Wellness Tips

ICA: Get In The Game!

In the Spotlight

NOW HIRING UNIVERSITY COLLEGE/ SCHOOL OF LETTERS AND SCIENCES’ STUDENTS! The ASU Tell-a-Devil Network (TDN) is looking for enthusiastic and motivated students to join the team. As a TDN team member from the University College/School of Letters and Sciences you’ll enjoy:         

Professional career experience Numerous opportunities for advancement to management Competitive pay and bonus structure Goal based incentives Networking opportunities Resume-builder, great communication experience Fast paced, exciting competitive environment Make a difference and help all ASU students. Significantly enhance your ASU experience

Positions are filling up quickly--apply online today @ Questions? Call David Bowers @ 480.965.3896

ASU Tell-a-Devil Network (TDN)

Hit the ground running this September!

The Engage Change Dispatch - September  

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