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Recently I received an interesting response to the Roleplay Sims listing page of my blog. It described a new sim with a really fresh concept. The role play sim is called Mayday Island, and their tag-line is “you’ll never leave again”. Intrigued by the concept of a cross between a movie such as The Island of Dr. Moreau and the television show LOST, I set out to venture into the unknown and found a place of extreme beauty, with lush vegetation, and the typical landscape of an island. This island though is somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. Soon after my arrival I spoke to Coredump Writer, who gave me a tour of the place and its most interesting points. A shipwrecked ocean liner serves as living quarters as well as role play areas such as a casino, kitchen, toilets, and distillery to name a few. Standing at the upper deck of the liner, you are able to see the coral reef that surrounds the island. It is an incredible sight to see and one to behold. Check pages 4 and 5 to get a glimpse of the view. The island boasts an herbalist, a grocery store, a bar, and a weaponsmith. I asked Coredump about the races that inhabit the island and I was told there were humans and beast-men. The beast-men are the results of insane scientific experiments which combined the DNA of humans with that of mammals. 6

As for living quarters, some prefer more privacy than the ocean liner provides, so they set up their residences in the caves. The caves, though more spacious, do not offer the view the cabins provide. The caves, though, provide the option for players to open that area to role play or keep it private. The island is not without mysteries of its own. There are very strange ruins on the island that are not typical of the area. There island is also inhabited by a few rogue groups such as a weird group that call themselves natives and inhabit the ruins near the volcano. There is also another group on the island called the evolutionists. They believe that they need to reject the civilized way and that the island has much to teach through other ways. There are many other mysteries to explore on the island, but those are best left to find on your own. If you want to find out more about this curious, new sim, take a look at their website and learn more about Mayday Island. Mayday Island website - SLurl -

















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SLRP Issue 1  

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