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global environmental solutions

We are dynamic, responsive and fast-growing with an unrivalled reputation for providing high quality tailored services.

SLR is one of the world’s leading

With offices in Europe, Australasia, and North America, we provide global advice and support on a wide range

specialist environmental consultancies.

of strategic and site specific environmental issues to a diverse and growing base of business, regulatory and governmental clients. SLR specialises in the energy, waste management, mining & minerals, infrastructure, planning & development, and industrial sectors. We also provide expert sustainability advice and project management support that spans all of these sectors.

We are therefore able to support clients on major projects, across the business sectors in which we specialise, with multi-disciplinary teams working under the guidance of senior SLR professionals. Alternatively, we are able to provide expert assistance on a single technical or professional issue.

we have both technical expertise and

We provide advice from a wide range of technical perspectives on sustainability issues relating to the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

in-depth knowledge of the various

Our consultants listen to and understand our clients’

business sectors which we advise.

needs. We focus on customer care and providing

SLR is organised on business sector and technical discipline lines so that

straightforward advice. We are pro-active and readily offer suggestions that we consider will assist our clients in achieving their strategic objectives. Our approach is structured so that clients can regard all of our operating companies as a single global resource that can be deployed worldwide, ensuring clients get the right technical professionals for their projects. We are committed to client service and always seek to provide quality services at good value. We foster long-term relationships with our clients and their employees. These core values are reinforced by SLR’s business policies that integrate quality management, health and safety and concern for the environment.

SLR is at the forefront of providing a wide range of technical and professional services to the energy sector around the world. This includes regulators, producers, generators and users. These services range from high level strategic and economic assessments through to detailed planning and development as well as energy management.


Our expertise and capabilities extend across the full range of energy sources and technologies. In hydrocarbons we support the upstream oil and gas sector both on and offshore, and are involved in a range of emerging sources including oil sands, shale gas, hydrates and coal-bed methane. In the renewable energy sector we have broad experience across a range of technologies including, on and offshore wind, hydroelectricity, solar PV, biofuels, biomass, ground source, geothermal, energy from waste and nuclear. We also help energy generators to develop and manage their generation and distribution infrastructure and have unique experience and expertise in carbon capture and storage.

energy and carbon management

SLR has a long track record in supporting the oil and gas industry in the development of new assets (including upstream, midstream and retail) and minimising environmental risk from existing assets. Services offered include:

Effective energy and carbon management can be associated with considerable cost savings for both public and private sector clients. It can also facilitate compliance with legislation as well as having beneficial effects relating to corporate and social responsibility issues. We also advise governments on energy strategy and regulation.

• •

• • • • •

due diligence and the provision of services associated with divestiture or acquisition of portfolios; the preparation of environmental impact assessments and the provision of all of the necessary planning support; oil spill contingency planning, training and management of spill response; operations permitting and compliance; environmental monitoring and reporting; geotechnical assessments and the management of any necessary site investigations; and contamination assessment and remediation.

Increasingly, SLR is also being asked to support clients with the permitting and environmental challenges associated with unconventional sources of oil and gas including oil sands, shale gas, hydrites and coal bed methane. Many of these assets lie in areas where there is no history of oil and gas exploitation, making permitting and environmental management both difficult and complex.

renewable energy & power generation SLR has experience of the major renewable technologies as well as conventional power generation and the associated transmission and distribution infrastructure. In addition to the range of services offered above we also provide: • • • •

feasibility assessments, option appraisals and site selection; civil and structural engineering outline and detailed design; process engineering including considerable expertise in waste technologies and thermal processes; and project management and construction supervision services.

We routinely provide services relating to facility closure and restoration, with our staff able to provide cost effective solutions that both reduce cost and protect the environment.

Services relating to energy and carbon management include: • • • •

• •

development of energy and carbon management strategies; energy efficiency and carbon audits of business operations and activities; energy monitoring, targeting and climate change adaptation strategies; assessment of opportunities for energy conservation, emission abatement and the management of the carbon footprint; feasibility assessments for on-site energy generation from renewable sources, such as wind, solar PV, geothermal, hydro and energy crops/biomass, or energy from waste; specification, tender preparation and the project management of energy schemes; and training and awareness.

In addition, SLR is able to provide all of the support necessary for any permitting issues relating to energy and energy generation. As set out above, SLR provides planning and development services should on-site energy generation be a feasible option.


oil & gas

SLR is a leading global provider of environmental consultancy services to the waste management sector giving advice to a range of clients including waste producers, the waste management industry and its regulators, as well as investors. We also support government bodies at national, regional and local levels with regard to devising and implementing practical, cost effective strategies to manage waste in a more sustainable fashion.

waste management Our expertise is extensive, ranging from policy and strategic issues, engineering issues regarding the design, construction and operation of waste management facilities, through to their planning, permitting and environmental impact assessment. SLR has advised on some of the largest waste-related due diligences, being able to provide strategic, economic and technical advice.

The collection, treatment and disposal of waste in all its forms is an issue for all organisations and jurisdictions. The philosophy of the waste management hierarchy with its core strategy of waste prevention, minimisation, reuse, recycling, energy recovery and final disposal is now firmly established as a driving principle around the world.

SLR provides a complete package of services to the waste management industry around the world. Our full range of services includes: • •

• • •

Strategy: The development of waste management strategies; Waste Management Solutions: Feasibility appraisals and analysis of waste minimisation, collection, treatment and disposal solutions; Waste Masterplanning: Scheme masterplanning for waste treatment and disposal facilities; Architecture: Architectural design and layout; Planning & Permitting: Waste facility planning, environmental impact assessment and permitting;

waste management

Lakeside EfW Facility

Infrastructure: Waste treatment infrastructure design including: - Civic amenity sites - Waste transfer stations - Materials recycling/recovery facilities - Mechanical and biological treatment facilities - Anaerobic digestion facilities - Mechanical heat treatment facilities - Composting facilities - Advanced thermal treatment facilities - Inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste residual landfills;

• • •

Procurement: Development of waste service procurement strategy and waste contract bid support; Energy: Advice on energy recovery and the link to energy and heat policies; Urban Regeneration: Waste strategy for commercial, residential and industrial development from small scale construction projects to major urban regeneration; and Training: Waste facility operational commissioning and training.

SLR has established an international reputation for providing concise, practical support to developers and their professional advisors, using experience gained on a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, industrial, leisure and mixed use schemes plus award winning contributions to major education, health and infrastructure projects.

planning & development

We are focused on project delivery, on time and to budget, combining robust technical and environmental solutions with strategic planning and design flair. The ability to bring together a wide range of in-house specialists to work on complex development schemes gives rise to synergies that help speed up the development process and to react quickly as well as providing effective solutions to assist our clients. Our broad range of services includes provision of practical advice on sustainability, biodiversity, waste management and energy consumption to meet the increasing levels of environmental best practice.

At SLR we provide sustainable solutions and we are strong advocates of adopting a ‘no surprises’ approach. Detailed baseline knowledge allows us to design the development to the site, rather than trying to engineer expensive remedial measures at a later date. Our land quality and regeneration specialists provide focused advice on 'brownfield' sites, via phased site investigations, and have extensive experience of developing and managing remediation strategies to allow contaminated sites to be developed. SLR’s archaeologists advise on cultural interest and provide sympathetic mitigation schemes for sensitive sites, while our ecologists undertake pre-development surveys of land and buildings to assess biodiversity. If important species are found, we provide mitigation or translocation schemes and obtain all necessary permits. Our hydrologists have an established reputation for carrying out flood risk assessments and water management schemes for new developments incorporating the latest modelling techniques.

sustainable development SLR's engineers undertake transport assessments for new schemes, design new roads and services and advise on sustainable traffic issues while our acoustics and air quality specialists carry out assessments to appropriate international standards and advise on mitigation through layout, construction and external attenuation methods. Our surveyors have global property experience and work with our other technical teams in undertaking property due diligence, valuations and surplus land appraisal. Thus, we are able to incorporate environmental issues into our advice on value and property strategy. We also have the combined skills to review property portfolios to identify development potential and then manage and implement strategies to release latent value.

planning & development

establishing the "environmental footprint"

SLR is a global provider of technical and professional support to a wide range of industrial sectors including chemicals, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, engineering, food/drink & consumables, power & electrical, water & utilities and infrastructure (roads, railways, metro systems, pipelines, power lines), as well as manufacturing sectors covering areas such as aerospace, automotive and building products.


Critical to any project is a clear awareness of, and identification with, our client’s commercial pressures such as the need to reduce cost, business risk and delay, whilst complying with rapidly changing legislation and standards. From providing ‘field to factory’ solutions to working on projects where just one area of specialist knowledge or support is required, we have the capacity to provide worldwide support to industrial clients throughout the entire lifecycle of a project including closure, decommissioning and divestiture planning.

environmental risk management

Ongoing technical support covers a wide range of areas from air dispersion modelling and legal compliance to noise assessment and ecological surveys. Our technical support includes carbon energy and emissions management to comply with climate change agreements and other emissions trading requirements.

Management of environmental risk includes flooding appraisals, major accident assessment and the development of incident response plans. SLR advises on compliance with the Seveso II Directive (COMAH) in Europe and also on the requirements of risk management programs in North America, Middle East, Asia and Australasia. Risk management also aids compliance with health safety & environmental management systems.

land & estates management Industrial concerns that own or lease land need to ensure they are reducing costs and increasing asset return. SLR provides a full range of land management support including valuation services, rating advice, estates management, and advice on the development potential and alternative use value of surplus land. We have an extensive track record in due diligence work and can provide all of the necessary support services required for divestiture or acquisition of property portfolios. Such services typically involve specialist teams experienced in the assessment and remediation of contaminated land and can include multinational assignments where a portfolio of properties is being bought or sold.

operations and infrastructure SLR provides a variety of services to develop and manage industrial operations and infrastructure: • •

• • •

• • • •

facility design and construction management; the development of sustainable energy such as wind power, hydroelectricity and energy from biomass and waste; assessment and optimum use of resources, such as water and raw materials; carbon footprinting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through business audits and benchmarking; assessment and management of operational and environmental risks associated with asbestos, noise and vibration, odour, health and exposure to chemicals and bioaerosols; environmental monitoring of emissions to land, water and air; process engineering and the optimum use of waste treatment solutions; development of waste reduction strategies; hazardous substances management and disposal; and compliance and best practice.

Management of environmental risk is crucial in order to reduce costs associated with aspects such as insurance and unforeseen business disruption.

Environmental audits provide a rapid appraisal of the potential liabilities associated with site risks. We have developed the rapid environmental compliance appraisal tool, RECAP that provides an immediate analysis of areas of concern.

environmental management systems Our staff have been involved with management systems including health safety & environmental management systems (such as ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001) since their inception. We provide assistance from the initial review and gap analysis through to policy development, aspects assessment and the preparation of procedures and fully integrated company-wide systems.


SLR is able to identify potential industrial sites, provide advice on their acquisition and obtain the necessary planning or zoning, environmental and pollution control permits to enable such facilities to operate.

SLR is a leading consultancy within the mining and minerals sector and advises companies and funding agencies throughout the world. We have extensive experience within the aggregates, cement, building products, industrial minerals, coal, and metaliferous mining sectors.

mining & minerals

We provide a full range of environmental services throughout the project life cycle from initial site assessment, identification and acquisition through to detailed design, environmental impact assessment, planning, permitting and compliance, to final restoration and afteruse, including alternative afteruse development and enhanced residual development value. SLR’s expertise is founded on a wide range of earth science skills where SLR geologists, hydrogeologists and geotechnical engineers can define the operational constraints associated with extraction and waste disposal operations. We can also provide a wide range of inter-relating environmental and professional services that combine to offer the mining and minerals sector an almost unique package of services from a single provider.

Careful planning of mine development maximises reserves and reduces extraction and restoration costs. SLR’s geologists use advanced computer techniques, backed by many years of practical experience, to produce practical working schemes for mines and quarries. Our geotechnical engineers also have worldwide experience in the mining and minerals sector having advised both mine operators, funding institutions and agencies. Ongoing technical support covers a wide and diverse range of areas from design of large tailings dams and excavated slopes to ecological surveys and post closure landscaping for nature conservation or recreational after use of sites. We recognise the importance of maximising site value and minimising post-closure liabilities. SLR has been responsible for successful promotion of residential, commercial and industrial property development as well as recreation schemes on old mineral sites. Of growing importance is the management of energy and emissions to comply with climate change agreements and other emissions trading requirements. SLR has advised mining sector clients on the development of renewable energy resources as this sector is a relatively intense energy user. In addition to its technical expertise, SLR also advises mining and minerals clients relating to negotiation advice and support for all manner of commercial agreements and transactions. Such advice includes mineral and property valuations, insurance issues and cost estimates for decommissioning in accordance with relevant accounting standards. SLR has also provided technical, environmental and economic advice on mining and mineral related due diligence projects.

mining & minerals

SLR offers ongoing management, planning and permitting support throughout the life of a site including decommissioning and restoration.

SLR provides a wide range of professional environmental, engineering and economic services required for the successful delivery of infrastructure in fields as diverse as energy distribution, water supply, ports, transport (road and rail), wastewater treatment, waste management, flood management and tourism.


We provide professional services to private and public sector clients at every stage of infrastructure delivery, from initial feasibility and appraisal, through to stakeholder consultation, planning and preliminary design, contract procurement and construction as well as operation and maintenance. SLR’s insight and experience, gained across a wide range of sectors, can assist clients in identifying, mitigating and managing environmental risks and impacts which arise from infrastructural development.

Infrastructure projects, by their nature, often present significant implications for both the natural and human environment. As a provider of specialist environmental services across a wide range of international infrastructure developments, SLR has the necessary insight, skills and experience to confidently develop and deliver sustainable technical and environmental solutions for infrastructure projects.


We help our clients develop safe, reliable and costeffective infrastructure that achieves an optimal balance between benefits to the community and the wider economy and local environmental impact. We do this by identifying and avoiding environmental risks at the earliest stages of infrastructural planning and design, by undertaking well planned and targeted surveys, by engaging proactively with stakeholders and by applying our mix of technical skills and global experience. SLR has had successful involvement in the delivery of services for large, complex, infrastructure projects across the world that have been completed in a timely, cost effective and sustainable manner. Many of these projects have been delivered to exacting environmental standards, across difficult or pristine natural terrain and within challenging timescales.

Some infrastructure projects with which we have been involved include: • • • • • • • • •

motorway and road schemes; railway projects; urban light rail projects; underground metro projects; port development and redevelopment; onshore and offshore power transmission networks; oil and gas pipelines; waste facilities; and development of water supplies.

As an international consultancy with very broad employee ownership spread across the world, we are motivated by client service and developing and retaining long

We have attracted and retained staff with an unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise and experience that they have developed from working not just in consultancy, but also in commercial, industrial and regulatory environments.

term client relationships both locally and

SLR offers rewarding careers to all of our staff.

internationally. As a result, our interests

We value and reward customer care and commitment as well as technical expertise.

are aligned clearly with those of our clients. We are also motivated by our professional pride in all that we do.

SLR Corporate Brochure  

SLR Corporate Brochure

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