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Life in a Northern Town (of Thailand) My name is Shayne Rochfort and I am a servant of God, volunteering in Hangdong, Thailand! I am helping support an amazing team in their work in the local schools and community. My main role involves everything and anything.

December & Before Christmas And so this is Christmas…

Highlights  Being HOME is awesome  New Friends  Received my first support payments  Christmas Programs  Received my Work Permit for my Christmas Present  Completing CHE TOT 1 Course  Making my students “Happy”

Since my last newsletter, it just seems that I have not stopped, or more truth to that The River Team has not stopped. Everyday making a difference in people’s lives, working with them, doing life with them and helping them find hope in their lives.

Volume 1 Issue 5

and it was our Kid’s Club Christmas Party. We have over 100 join us for “kanom” (junk food), games, gifts and “gin cow” (lunch, actually any meal). After this we had a few weeks off Kid’s Club until the new year.

Our school English lessons continued and during this week and the next we were able to share Throughout December, the team preparations for with all our students the real message of Christmas. Christmas programs and parties just never seemed to end. We were singing most mornings, acting after that and then trying to fit our normal workload of visitation/schools/maintenance in after that, to say each day was full would be an understatement. Christmas started early with our first program being held in Huei Hia on the 6th. We enjoyed an overnight in the village, until about 4am, when lunch started to be prepared. It is unusual to hear your lunch being prepared quite like this, but common place in the villages. We were having one of the village pigs for lunch that day and he squealed and squealed for ages, then he squealed no more. Many of our team were sleeping about 20 metres from the prep area, so even with ear plugs, you could hear it for miles. Over 200 people joined us for the morning and lunch, which had fully paid for by the families in the village, who are very poor. Whilst I was assisting the distribution of lunch, all the rest of the foreigners went away to take lunch elsewhere. I, however, didn’t get the memo and really enjoyed the meal everyone was eating.

In the week before Christmas we would be heading out to four of the local communities we work with, in the Hangdong area. I thought that it would be a couple of hours each night but I was wrong, most mornings we left after the normal meeting to setup and then spent most of the day there. Each of these nights was put together by the local community, with our team supporting and assisting. We had a few items during each program and were also able to share the story of Jesus birth and life, which was received by all who joined with us. Our team emceed the night and sang a few songs, but the show stopper was a drama, in which the main character wins the lottery and how it then affected his life and marriage. Unfortunately, in the midst of this great drama, there was some bad acting by yours truly, but the communities loved it. We wrapped the nights up with sharing gifts and presents for the community leaders. Each day that week followed this pattern and by the end we were all ready for a break.

Then I couldn’t see any foreign faces, so I decided to get a bit more and go and find our guys. Well they then told me not to eat the lunch as it was not suitable for us. I felt fine and though that in a few hours, I would know if it wasn’t… more to come shortly. After lunch we packed up and headed home, a really great day all round. Saturday 11th was our next program Top Left - One of my Thai mothers, Ratthapii. Above - Lunch Anyone???

Right - Bird and myself (I am the bad actor)

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in an ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. - Mother Theresa

Life in a Northern Town (of Thailand)

Christmas and New Years My first Christmas Day in Thailand was different from any I have experienced before. Our team was off to Nan province to visit the work up there. I spent most of the day waiting for my ride up to Nan, Once that was happening, the day turned around a little. We got up to Nan and hit the town to find Christmas dinner. Mine was Pad Siiew wrapped up in banana leaves. It was quite nice, but I missed the usual roast and Christmas pudding.

felt like home. We had a long drive home so just after lunch we all packed up and headed back to The River. The River team itself celebrated Christmas on the 28th with dinner and exchange of Secret Santa presents. I received and awesome mountains style bag.

Next on the agenda, was western New Years which is celebrated with parties and fireBoxing day we completed our journey to the works, feasting and fellowship. There were four simultaneous parties going on at The village and joined in the celebrations with around 250 others from the local area as well River, so I tried to visit with each for a bit of as the Petchabun province over 5 hours away. time. It was a good night!!! There was a real family atmosphere and it just

Supporting Shayne I am committed to being in Thailand and with The River Team in a full time capacity. I would like to let you know that if you are able to support me in my work, then you can do so through One Mission Society. While I was in Australia, I joined One Mission Society so that everyone can have a way of partnering in my ministry here in northern Thailand. There are many ways you can support me, through prayer as well as financially. Please go to the One Mission Society website for more details or email me, . My prayer card with all the details is available at .

Pictures of me! (clockwise from top left)

With my “Lunch”, At English Camp, with my Baan Buak mate ►, making my class “HAPPY”, teaching English at Kids Club & helping with Christmas lunch.

The River Training and Convention Centre PO Box 11 HANGDONG CHIANGMAI 50230 THAILAND

Phone +66801202074 Email Skype - slr_legend

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PRAY:  Praise God for The River Team - our team is doing amazing things in the Hangdong community and they are helping people make real changes in their lives.  Please pray for the whole River Team - We are heading into a bunch of new things. We have a new coffee shop opening very soon, new people, a new work, a new attitude, a new plan and we are all on a path to becoming new in Christ.  Please pray for our church here at The River and the many new people who are coming along.  Please pray that I am able to raise the necessary support that I need to continue my work in Thailand.

Any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email, or give me a call.

Life in a Northern Town - Issue 5  
Life in a Northern Town - Issue 5  

Shayne's monthly, bi monthly, whenever news and information about his life in Hangdong,. Northern Thailand