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Life in a Northern Town (of Thailand) My name is Shayne Rochfort and I am a servant of God, volunteering in Hangdong, Thailand! I am helping support an amazing team in their work in the local schools and community. My main role involves everything and anything.

Holiday, reunions, furlough, I don’t know??? Highlights  Nation Builders Conference in Chiang Mai  CHE TOT Vision Seminar  Going to Brisbane & seeing everyone  Surviving Reverse Culture Shock  Reunions for High School and Primary School  Joining One Mission Society  Seeing everyone in Brisbane  Going HOME to Hangdong and getting back to The River Team

Volume 1 Issue 4

Where have I been for 3 weeks??? Brisbane. What have I been doing??? I don’t really remember too much. I have been catching up with friends, rellies, school mates, old work mates and all along the way meeting so many interesting new friends also. It has been awesome!!!

tube and linked on my Facebook page, if you want to check it out. I spent the weekend at my primary school reunion (see story below) and visiting my home churches.

of some of my Thailand experiences that I showed to churches that I visited. This video is up on you-

As I am journeying home, I am remembering each connection I made and how blessed I am. Thanks!!!!

The second week, I went and visited Dad again, before spending a few days helping a friend move. I I had no real plans when I left Thailand, except for then connected with friends from Hillsong Brisbane, my reunions and catching up with as many people that I had helped out at the Nation Builder’s Conas I could. Well I completed most of that, and ference. My Saturday was very big, it started with more, but unfortunately there were many people I golf in the morning with some high school friends didn’t get to catch up with. I do not know when I and then heading down to Redcliffe for my high will be back, but I invite you all to come and visit school reunion. Well everything was already done me in Thailand. by the team and it was time for the fun to begin!!! My first challenge was to find transport for the time We had nearly half of our 280 strong class join with I was there. That was solved by my Dad. Next was us for a great night of 90’s music, reconnecting, catchup and dodgy dancing. But, all to quickly, it catching up with my close friend Paul and my was over for another 10 years at least. Great work XBOX 360, well that was fun, tiring, but not good for catching up with people. Next was joining One team!!! I spent much of Sunday recovering, it had been a big week. That night, I went in and caught up Mission Society, I connected with their Aussie diwith others who I had met when they came to visit rector, Ray and we worked through everything I needed to do to make things happen for me for my Thailand this year. future and my work in mission. On that note, if you My final week in Brisbane had begun and I still had want to connect, pray or support me, please feel so much to do. I was not going to be sleeping in the free to contact me about this. same bed at any point this week, but every day and My next few days were busy with getting a bunch of night was a great chance to spend time with those stuff done. I was able to create a photo story video who are so close to me.

My Reunions I don’t plan!!! One of my life philosophies is “DO NOT PLAN!”. Why??? It just helps lessen disappointments. Anyway, in late 2008, I joined a few others on a committee to plan my primary school reunion, we worked out a date for it and I had to be in Australia for it. Then a bit later that year, I began to connect with some high school friends and the subject of a 2010 reunion came up, so I started a Facebook group and found a committee and organiser. I “PLANNED” to make

sure BOTH were on consecutive weeks, because I knew my bigger plans were to be overseas somewhere. Well all the plans worked out awesomely, it was so amazing to reconnect with soo many people from my school days. I believe that it is something that is very important. In some case you have spent at least a year (or 5 or 7 or even 12) with these people, and the years go by we have our own lives and families to look after and friends come and

go, but you will always have your school mates. Sometimes, you may not have gotten on with people at school or you may have been BFF, but life changes everything and we all write our own stories. Well over the last few weeks I have loved sharing stories with every one of you. My hope is that we can continue to stay in touch over the next few years. I think that heaps of emails and phone numbers were exchanged so I’m sure we can.

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Ettiene De Grellet

Life in a Northern Town (of Thailand)

The Return Home

Our kids club had an overnight camp on

Well since coming home, it has been

Friday and Saturday. It was heaps of fun,

pretty crazy times. The day I returned, I

we ran a bunch of games on the Friday

was greeted with the news that our next

and then went for a swim, had dinner and

few weeks would be quite busy. It was

then each team did a skit for the rest. On

just so good to be back.

the Saturday we joined with the youth

Starting the next day, I would helping our

club and the Hillsong team ran an English

team with an English camp catering to

camp. We finished up camp with another

upper primary school students. This camp

swim and everyone then headed home.

was only a morning one and we would

Some of our team then headed for Laos,

run three sessions with each group of

the Hillsong team headed off and the rest

students rotating through our class.

of us spent the next few days cleaning up

On the weekend, I was also back in the

after camp and trying to recover from the

swing with kids club and my normal week-

previous busy-ness.

end routine. On Sunday a team from Hill-

Just this last week, I have been in full time

song church Brisbane arrived to prepare

training sessions. We have been looking at

for their high school English camp which

the CHE 1st level course and it has been

we were assisting with. The next few days

very interesting. The course looks specifi-

were a blur. We completed both camps

cally at ways of working with local com-

and it was just so much fun connecting

munities for lasting change, both physically

with around 150 high schoolers and their

and spiritually.

Supporting Shayne I am committed to being in Thailand and with The River Team in a full time capacity. I would like to let you know that if you are able to support me in my work, then you can do so through One Mission Society. While I was in Australia, I joined One Mission Society so that everyone can have a way of partnering in my ministry here in northern Thailand. There are many ways you can support me, through prayer as well as financially. Please go to the One Mission Society website for more details or email me, . My prayer card with all the details is available at .


Pictures of me! (clockwise from top left)

At English Camp, The Hillsong team and Thai teachers, 3 Sha(y)nes, some Primary school mates. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PRAY:

The River Training and Convention Centre PO Box 11 HANGDONG CHIANGMAI 50230 THAILAND

 Please continue to pray for me in my work. I love being able to serve the team here as they make a difference in the Hangdong community.  Praise God for The River Team - our team is growing and we have some many new things happening here.  Please pray for the whole River Team - We are starting a coffee shop and English Club in the middle of Hangdong. This will take a while to get going, but everyone is getting very excited.

Phone +66801202074 Email Skype - slr_legend

 Praise God that I enjoyed a great time in Brisbane and was so blessed by all the support I have received in what I am doing.  Please pray for our kids, our youth and everyone who visits our facility.  Please pray that I am able to raise the necessary support that I need to continue my work in Thailand.

Any questions please do not hesitate to send me an email, or give me a call.

Life in a Northern Town - Issue 4  

Shayne's monthly, bi monthly, whenever news and information about his life in Hangdong,. Northern Thailand

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