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“Why do you love being a mom?”


April ‘12

granted, like learning shapes or using a spoon. I get joy every day from what they both accomplish." -- mom to 6 and 4 year old sons


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May ‘12


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Mothers are incredible. Some would say a mother’s love best resembles that of God’s love, and it’s probably true. After all, moms make the most sacrifices when it comes to having and raising children. Below are some reasons why moms love being moms (and why the rest of us need to appreciate our moms more!). (1) Enjoying the Successes. The "best part of being a mom is getting to experience on a daily basis all of my kids' successes. I have a son with autism and nothing comes easy to him. So we marvel at how people take so much for

(2) Watching Them Grow. "Seeing the confident, free-thinking, creative people they have become, helps me remember that the little stumbles in parenting mean very little in the long run." --mom to 22, 19 and 14 year olds. (3) Seeing the Wonder. "The best part of being a mother, in my opinion, is that with young children every moment is a new adventure. I love seeing their eyes light up with every new discovery. From figuring out how to sound out words, to mastering that addition problem, to just playing house with the dolls from their doll house -- everything is done with an innocence and a sense of awe." -- mom of kids ranging in ages from 3 to 8 .

T.Y.B.S. Isaiah (Old Testament)

 Why do mothers enjoy being mothers?

 What, when, where is EM’s retreat in 2012?

 Why did Jesus spend most of his time with the Twelve disciples?

 Who are the guest speakers for May?

 How do we please our heavenly Father?

 Why is there no English worship on 5/27?

Two-Year Bible Schedule this month covers only one new book, Isaiah:

message, Isaiah was cut in two early in the reign of the ungodly King Manasseh.

Benefit: Isaiah has been called the “Shakespeare of the prophets” and “the Mount Everest of Hebrew prophecy” because the book has many prophecies related to the Messiah/Jesus.

Theme and Purpose: Isaiah develops the theme contained in his own name, which means “Yahweh is salvation.” The term “salvation” appears in Isaiah 26 times, in contrast of only seven times in all the other prophets combined. The first part of Isaiah develops our profound need for salvation in light of our sinful human condition and the certainty of judgment. The second part points ahead to God’s comfort and salvation in the person and work of his coming Servant/Jesus.

Setting: Isaiah ministered for about 60 years during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. As he stood before these kings, he eloquently warned them of the foolishness of making alliances with foreign powers rather than trusting in God. Tradition says that because of his






Outreach: Sportsday at Lin-Sen park on 4/1, 15, and 29 at 2:00PM. Please let us know if you have other ideas for outreach at EM. Worship: (a) We were blessed with guest speakers from Tainan Seminary (Rev. David Alexander) and Taiwan Seminary (Dr. Stephen Lakkis) in April. (b) On 4/22, EM worship was postponed to 1:30 PM for the combined baptism service. Fellowship: (a) Carecells are a great place to develop our relationships with God and others as we meet weekly in

small groups. Carecells are also important to developing a strong and healthy church (see article below “Why Carecells?”). (b) Join us for lunch fellowship after worship for a great time in connecting with others. Discipleship: (a) “TYBS” worksheet for March readings were due 4/29. (b) Basic Bible Reading in English classes continued Sunday’s at 9:30 AM in 702. Service: Become a part of the church “core” as you activate your faith through service.

“Catch!” Bring a friend and join us at the park for Sportsday. There’s plenty of opportunities to learn how to toss a spiral on a football, throw a Frisbee straight, and “dig” a volleyball. There’s plenty of fun, too.

Moms (con’t) (4) Learning Important Lessons. "I love how I feel like my son is teaching me to be the best version of myself that I can be. As a mom, I need to be more patient, kinder, gentler, sweeter and more rational than I generally am able to be on my own. He brings out the best in me." -- mom to a 13 month old. Remember to make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day and every day.

like color Easter eggs, go trick-ortreating and bake Christmas cookies. Life just feels like it has more substance now," -- mom to a one year old (6) Pure Joy. "My number one reason

(5) A Reminder to Stop and Smell

the Roses. "Now that I'm a mom, I make time to do the fun things in life

Carecell Corner: Why Carecells?

why I love being a mom is the pure joy I get from being a special part of my daughter's life -- watching her learn, smile, giggle, and grow." -- mom to a three year old

by Steve Moen

Jesus spent more of His time on Earth working with His twelve disciples than He did with the crowds. He invested in them to build a ministry that would carry on after He left for Heaven. He taught them, answered their questions, chastised them, gave them examples to follow, and sent them on assignments to force them to practice what He taught.

port, challenge, and many other great things. Our carecells also minister and reach out by welcoming EMers to worship, leading worship, playing with orphans, helping with EM events and inviting friends to them. We also encourage and help each other to reach out to our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family with God’s love and message of hope.

Why only twelve? Why not hundreds? We as people can only handle about twelve tight relationships. Any more than that means we can’t keep up with everyone. Our carecells follow Jesus’ example of using small groups to provide teaching, training, mentoring, encouragement, sup-

As Jesus trained His disciples in a small group, so we also train our carecell members in leadership and ministry skills to better equip them for God’s work, including becoming trainers themselves. So join us in a carecell and experience what Jesus did with His twelve disciples!

We’d love to grow with you at EM through our carecells. To join, check “I’d love to join a carecell” on your connect card, or talk to the Welcome Team, or anyone who’s already a part of carecell—it could even be the person you’re sitting next to!






Outreach: As the weather warms up, it’s even better to be outdoors! EM’s sportsday continues on 5/13.20 with Frisbee, football, and volleyball. Both the fun and exercise are great for your health.

Consider staying after worship to enjoy lunch and fellowship with God’s people. Catch up with “old friends” and make a few “new friends”. For just NT50 donation, you can’t beat the price, and, of course, the friendships are free and often last a lifetime.

Worship: (a) On 5/6, we welcome Rev. Dr. Tan Yak-hwee from Taiwan Seminary, and 5/20, we welcome a speaker from Yu Shan Seminary. (b) Also 5/6, Pastor Liang Wei-Zhen will be ordained to become Reverend Liang, who as part of SLPC’s pastoral team, will be focused on youth ministry. (c) On 5/13, we recognize mothers for the love and sacrifices they’ve given to us. (d) On 5/27, there is no EM worship because of the combined church retreat.

Fellowship: (a) Wouldn’t it be great if 100% of EM is actively growing and maturing as Christians through carecells? Join one today! (b) Combined church retreat on 5/26-27. Please sign up early and enjoy a great time together as one church. (c) Lunch fellowship in the café area is a great way to deepen relationships at EM. Discipleship: (a) “TYBS” worksheet for April readings are due 5/27. (b) Basic Bible Reading in English classes continue on Sunday’s at 9:30 AM in 702. Service: We are looking for CARE Team volunteers to build up EM’s caring ministry, which may include phone calls or visitations.

Moms (con’t) (7) Making the World a Better Place. "I LOVE being a mom because it is the proudest thing I have done -- raising another human being to make a difference in this hurting world." -- mom to 27 year old (8) Daily Inspiration. "The thing I love most about my kids is that they are a purer, more innocent version of myself and my husband. In a sense they inspire me to go back to a "me" that wasn't as hard, distrustful, stressed-out or tired. They motivate me to be a better person in general, as I try each day to

be a good mom." -- mom to kids ranging from 16 months to 13 years (9) Special Moments. "My favorite thing about being a mom is that my daughter can make any moment special. To see her learn, explore, grow, smile, laugh and even cry can make any moment memorable." -mom to a one year old Thanks to all you mothers out there. You make our lives better and you make this world a better place.

Combined Suang-Lien Retreat (5/26-27)

“For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.” Ephesians 2:14

What? A retreat is a withdrawing from the routine and entering a special time to draw nearer to God and God’s people. Appropriately, this year’s theme is “Unity in Christ” as EM will join with other church ministries to have a combined retreat. Not only will you have opportunities to bond with fellow EMers, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet other members of Suang-Lien Church. For retreat schedule, please see the registration form. Who? The retreat is open to all people, and our guest speaker is Rev. Zheng-Hong Chen (陳正宏牧師) from Campus Evangelical Fellowship.

Why? Because God will speak to you personally through this retreat. Because it’s fun and fulfilling. Because opportunities like this don’t come often. When? Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon (5/27).


Where? LIFE Resort in Guan Xi (Hsinchu county). There is plenty of indoor and outdoor activities available for the whole family, including spa, fitness and game rooms and hiking trails. How? Register at the Welcome Table and pay the fee (NT1,000). Church reimburses for more than 50% of the entire fee.

May 2012 Join us for Sunday worship at 11 AM (7F)—no English worship on 5/27—and lunch fellowship afterward in the café area.





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Add “SLPC SLPC--EM” EM c = Communion BBRE = Basic Bible Reading in English CCLT = Carecell Leaders Training

TYBS Readings: Jn: John Ps: Psalm Isa: Isaiah

From the Pastor’s Desk

Rev. Peter Chen 陳道南牧師

I knew this day would come, but didn’t know it would arrive so quickly. Aaron is one year old! In the past year, Aaron’s parents helping him blow out the one-year old candle. Aaron has made huge achievements. For example, he’s learned to roll, sit up, and stand. He’s learned to suck, burp, and eat solid foods. He’s learned to raise his arm, tap his feet, and clap his hands (with sound!). It’s amazing to see and witness these big steps in the life of a child, especially if you’re the parent. To an outsider—any non-relative— these achievements may seem like nothing. After all, any one of us can do them and do seemingly greater things. Nevertheless, for Aaron, these are huge and memorable accom-

plishments that are building blocks to greater steps in his life. And so far, I am very pleased with him. Our heavenly Father is also pleased when we do what we’re supposed to as His children, that is, grow in faith. Whenever someone becomes a believer, he or she is a “spiritual baby” and needs to work on developing the basic things in a life of faith, including: learning to pray simply, from the heart, and often; learning to read the Bible, study it, apply it, and love it as God’s Word; learning to worship on Sundays and the days in-between; and learning to love God, church, family, strangers, and even your enemies. Whether spiritual “baby” or “parent”, we all need to continue in these steps as we seek to please our Father in heaven (Matt 3:17).

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EM Newsletter 26_2012 May  

Newsletter of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church English Ministry in Taipei, Taiwan

EM Newsletter 26_2012 May  

Newsletter of Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church English Ministry in Taipei, Taiwan