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Passion Week— also known as Holy Week— refers to the time from Palm Sunday (4/1) through Easter Sunday (4/8). While passion means “any powerful or compelling Read more about the Passion emotion or feelin Matt 21-27, Mark 11-15, ing”, such as Luke 19-23, and John 12-19. love or hate; in Christian circles, it also refers to the sufferings of Jesus from the Last Supper to his death on the cross. Indeed, Jesus was passionately in love with us that he willingly suffered for us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as he made his way to the cross. Passion week begins on Palm Sunday with the triumphal entry of Jesus riding on the

LEARN MORE:  What/when is Tomb Sweeping Festival?

 Who is wishing EM what?

 What is “Passion” Week about?

 Does God really hear our prayers?

 How old is Suang Lien

tized this year at EM?

Passion Week was and is a whirlwind of events as we remember how much Jesus loves us and how much Jesus did for us. Remember, we were dead in our sins and hopeless, if not for Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world. Jesus is our Savior, and through Passion Week, Jesus revealed his passion for us. What then should our attitude be in response? May we be a passionate people in our worship of Jesus and in our sharing of His Gospel!

T.Y.B.S. Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs & John Two-Year Bible Schedule for April covers: Ecclesiastes: In Hebrew, the title means “preacher” and is believed to be about King Solomon, the wisest man of all times. The purpose of this book is to prove the meaninglessness of everything “under the sun” through his experiences and observations. Meanwhile, the meaning of life is found only in recognition of things above.

Church in 2012?

 Who’s getting bap-

back of a colt into Jerusalem. People traditionally placed palm leaves on the pathway for the king’s arrival. The celebration takes a turn on Maundy Thursday, where Jesus had the Last Supper with his disciples before he was betrayed and arrested. On Good Friday, Jesus was tried before Pontius Pilate, tortured, nailed on the cross, died, and was buried. On Holy Saturday, Jesus’ body remained in the tomb he had been buried in after the crucifixion. And, of course, on Easter Sunday—or Resurrection Sunday—Jesus is alive!

Song of Songs: Also known as the Song of Solomon, this book has love as its sole theme and is a collection of marriage songs. It is believed to be about King Solomon, and has traditionally been inter-

preted as showing God’s love for His chosen people and Christ, the Bridegroom’s love for His Bride, i.e., the Church. John: The Gospel of John attempts to explain the mystery of the person of Christ by the use of the term “logos” (word), and was written to confirm Christians in the belief that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God. Its purpose is evangelical, and John records events like the other three Gospels but also uniquely interprets these events by giving them spiritual meaning. He often uses key words such as “light”, “water”, “life”, “love”, and “bread”.






Outreach: We celebrated EM’s 6th birthday (and SLPC’s 99th) with our first ice cream sundae social. Sports day has begun (every other Sunday) as we gear up for a May 20 volleyball tournament. Worship: Ps. Peter preached from Romans as well as a “short letters” series including Jude, Philemon, and 3 John. Christy Lin shared her testimony during 3/25 worship as special offering. Fellowship: Carecells are growing

and faithfully working towards multiplying as we show hospitality to “strangers” and turn them into “dear friends”. Discipleship: “TYBS” worksheet for March readings are due 4/29. Basic Bible Reading classes meet Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. Service: More and more people are volunteering at EM so how about you? You are needed as we build up team-based ministries to strengthen the body of Christ.

Nothing like some cool ice cream sundaes to refresh the spirit as we celebrate the church’s 99th birthday (and EM’s 6th) together on 3/4 after lunch fellowship. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it such a memorable time!

Birthday Wishes for EM6 & SLPC99 “Dear Church, Happy Birthday!! I’m so blessed to be a part of you. Love you Church!” ** “May the Gospel expand through this church, Happy Birthday!” ** “God bless EM! Keep growing as a family and growing in numbers as we see more and more people come to Jesus.” ** “Hi SLPC, for the last 3 or

4 weeks I’ve been here, it’s been a complete joy and blessing to be here! Happy Birthday!” ** “Dear EM: Happy Birthday! Thank you to be the second home for many of us =) May the peace of Christ and love full of this place always!” ** “I’m happy to grow with EM forever and ever! Happy Birthday! Joyeux Anniversaire! ** “Glory to God. May EM will have 20 people come to commit their lives to Christ this 2012!” ** “Healthy family!”

EM’s artists wish EM a happy birthday (3/4)!

Tomb Sweeping Festival (清明節) 4/4 The Qing Ming Festival is known by various other names such as: Clear Bright Festival, Festival for Tending Graves, Spring Remembrance, Ancestors Day, and Tombs Sweeping Festival. This year, Qing Ming Festival falls on April 4. Tomb Sweeping Festival is an opportunity for families to remember and honor their ancestors at the grave sites. Young and old pray before the ancestors, sweep the tombs and offer food, tea, wine and chopsticks. They also burn joss paper (or “ghost money”) as spiritual currency to be used in the afterlife. Naturally, we love our ancestors and want to provide them with all they will need even in death.

Coincidentally, this festival falls on Holy Week this year. As we remember Christ, we know our ancestors and everyone who believes in Jesus will receive eternal life in heaven, where they are well provided for by God. What is heaven like? It is like a wedding banquet (Matthew 22:1-14). And according to the apostle John, who was privileged to see and report on the heavenly city (Revelation 21), heaven is filled with the brilliance of costly stones and streets made of pure gold. It is a place where there will be no more tears, pain or sorrow; no more separation because death will be conquered. And best of all, we will be in God’s full presence and face to face with Jesus, our Savior, for all eternity.

Tomb Sweeping Day is a big festival in Asia as the living remembers those who have passed. As Christians, may we also remember Jesus, who died for our sins, and rejoice that Jesus rose from the dead and now lives forever.






Outreach: Sports day at Lin-Sen park will be April 1, 15, and 29 starting at 2:00PM. We welcome you and your friends and families. Worship: Guest speakers include Rev. David Alexander from Tainan Seminary on 4/15 and Dr. Stephen Lakkis from Taiwan Seminary on 4/22, on which we will meet at 1:30 PM due to the morning baptism service at 10:30 AM. Come and support Rose (b), Jush (m) and Charlotte (m). Birthday card designed by Mathilda Lu for EM’s sixth anniversary. Let’s keep the flame burning brightly for God.

Fellowship: Carecells are a great way to mature in our faith as well as relationships. They make your stay in Taiwan worthwhile as you leave being stronger than when you first arrived.

Stay after worship for lunch fellowship in the café area. It’s a great lunch for only NT50 (suggested donation) but nothing’s better than spending time in conversations making new friends. Discipleship: “TYBS” worksheet for March readings are due 4/29. Basic Bible Reading classes continue Sunday’s at 9:30 AM in 702. SLPC’s “Religions in Taiwan” continue Thursday nights 7:00 PM in 804. Service: Come work at EM to make it a strong, healthy body of Christ as each member is active in faith. We love member-initiated ministries so please speak to Ps. Peter if you see a need and want to get involved in fulfilling that need at EM.

More Birthday Wishes “Thank God a lot!! Goodness and kindness. I love him a lot!!” ** “This is my 2nd time coming to this service, start to feel like ‘home’ now. Happy Birthday!” ** “May God bless EM as it continues to grow and mature, and may God’s guiding hand always be with the leaders and mem-

much, but I hope that God will use this group of brothers and sisters to bless the city of Taipei, and the world.” ** “Happy Birthday, English Ministry! May God continue to use you for His wonders and glory!” ** “Happy Birthday to EM, where brought me knowing many people I love

bers of the church.” ** “感謝祢的引導,讓我的生活有更

and closer to God in His way!” ** “感謝祢帶領,讓我們來



把!同時讓我們再度相遇。Happy Birthday.” ** “HAPPY

可以感受這一切!! ** “Happy Birthday!! God Bless.”

BIRTHDAY! This is my first time here so I can’t say

Thank God! (Answered Prayers)

God always hears us when we pray. Like a child, keep it simple: ask, believe, and receive.

As you know, we have “Connect Cards” as part of EM’s worship service. After the sermon, there is a time set aside for individual prayer as people write down their prayers and praises. We receive many cards each week and continue to pray for you all. In the meantime, here are some answered prayers from March to encourage you to P.U.S.H.—Pray Until Something Happens! (1) “Thanks for praying for my father’s health, he’s getting much better!” (2) “Praise the Lord for listening to my prayer. Times are tuff but You are leading! With faith and prayer, I’m learning to trust, to obey.” (3) “Praise God—He let me know a

lot of His word.” (4) “Praise God for a ‘small world’ connection at carecell this week <name> who attended our home church in the States!” (5) “Thank you for praying for me about school. I got into <name> this past week. I’m excited to return to the U.S. and hope to learn even more how to teach for the glory of God.” (6) “Thank God for the new job!” (7) “Praise God for helping me to trust and not to fear.” (8) “Thanks God to open my heart to embrace the change to plan the future.” As Jesus says, “My house will be called a house of prayer” (Matt 21:13).

April 2012 Join us for Sunday worship at 11 AM (7F)—except 4/22 at 1:30 PM—and lunch or snack fellowship afterward in the café area.

Sun E N G L I S H M I N I S T R Y 1 Palm Sun Suang Lien Presbyterian Church 111 Zhong Shan North Rd, Sec 2 Taipei, Taiwan (ROC)

Phone: 02.2541.5390







2 Job 25-26

3 Job 27-28

4 Job 29-30

5 Job 31-32

6 Job 33-34

7 Ps 118

7:30 PM Chrysalis 7:30 PM Agape

Tomb Sweeping Children’s Day 7:30 PM Dolce* 7:30 PM Music

10 Job 37-38

11 Job 39-40

12 Job 41-42

13 Ecc 1-2

14Ps 119:1-88

7:30 PM Chrysalis 7:30 PM Agape

7:30 PM Dolce* 7:30 PM Music

17 Ecc 5-6

18 Ecc 7-8

19 Ecc 9-10

20 Ecc 11-12 21 Ps 119:89-176

7:30 PM Chrysalis 7:30 PM Agape

7:30 PM Dolce* 7:30 PM Music

24 SS 3-4

25 SS 5-6

26 SS 7-8

27 Jn 1-2

7:30 PM Chrysalis 7:30 PM Agape

7:30 PM Dolce* 7:30 PM Music

9:30 AM BBRE 11 AM Worship 1 PM Choir 2 PM Sports Day

8c Easter Sun

9 Job 35-36

9:30 AM BBRE 11 AM Worship 1 PM Choir

Fax: 02.2523.1361





16 Ecc 3-4

9:30 AM BBRE 11 AM Worship 1 PM Choir 2 PM Sports Day


23 SS 1-2

9:30 AM BBRE 10:30 AM Baptism (10F) 1:30 PM Worship

29 EM’s on Facebook! Add “SLPC-EM”

28 Ps 120-121

30 Jn 3-4

9:30 AM BBRE 11 AM Worship 1 PM Choir 2 PM Sports Day

c = Communion BBRE = Basic Bible Reading in English

TYBS Readings: Job: Job Ps: Psalm Ecc: Ecclesiastes SS: Songs of Solomon Jn: John

From the Pastor’s Desk family. One of the exciting parts of EM is developing the relationships we have with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Rev. Peter Chen 陳道南牧師

Dolce* carecell met at pastor’s home for a fun game night.

When you first visit a church, you are a stranger looking for friends. As you return, however, what’s inevitable is that you become

It was our pleasure, then, to invite the Dolce* brothers and sisters into our home as our family. Melody, Aaron and I had a wonderful time hosting you all, and pray that we may all open up our homes as well as our lives and hearts and minds to one another. As relationships deepen at EM, no doubt more people will be drawn by the love we have for one another as they sense God’s love in our midst. Furthermore, as EM is a transient and temporary home of worship for many, we still succeed whenever it becomes difficult for one of our family members to leave us when their time comes to leave Taiwan. May the good Lord go with you in your travels.

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EM Newsletter 25_2012 Apr  

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