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That’s right! Summer is just Where kids meet up with Jesus! around the corner as we hit the hot months and EM prepares for our English Summer Camps! For the fourth year in a row, EMers will be sacrificing their time, energy, creativity, and vacation days in order to reach “lost” children for Jesus Christ, who says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matt 19:14) This summer we will help kids tackle big questions about Jesus, including: (1) Who is Jesus? (2) Why can I trust Jesus? (3) Why do I need Jesus? (4) How can Jesus help me when I mess up? and (5) What does Jesus want me to do?

Throughout the week-long mission trips in August at Cao-Hu (Zhang-Hua County), Zhong-Li (Tao-Yuan County), and at Suang-Lien’s Elderly Home in Sanzhi (Dan-Shui County), we will be bathing in the sea, sand, and “Son!” Our theme verse comes from John 14:6 as Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Using games, songs, crafts, snacks, and lots of fun to build up relationships with the kids, we desire to bring every child to know that Jesus is the Son of God, who loves each one of them. As we are getting under way, we need all types of help as we plan, prepare, and pray for the events as well as for the hearts. Get excited and get involved because for every seed you sow, a great harvest is being reaped as God’s family grows. EM’s mission camps… it’s where kids meet up with Jesus!


How can I get a free CD?

What does “108” stand for?

How can my experience of worship improve?

What is EM doing for Outreach?

When and where is “New Steps” course given?

What are the special offerings for June?

TYBS: Mark & Deuteronomy Our Two-Year Bible Schedule (“TYBS”) covers both New and Old Testaments for June. Here are special features for each to help your readings: Mark’s Gospel: The author is John Mark and the Gospel presents the person, work, and teachings of Jesus. Mark is the first Gospel written as the other Gospels quote all but 31 verses of Mark. Additionally, Mark records more

of Jesus’ miracles than teachings, showing that Jesus is clearly a man of power and action, not just words. Jesus’ miracles help to convince people of his true identity as God. Deuteronomy: The author Moses writes to remind the new generation of Israelites of what God had done and encourage them to rededicate their lives to Him before they entered the Promised Land.

Lacking faith, the old generation had wandered for 40 years and died in the desert. They left Egypt but never reached the Promised Land. Now on the bank of the Jordan River, Moses prepares their children to possess the land. The lesson is clear: Because of what God has done, Israel should have hope and follow God by listening and obeying Him.



MONTH IN REVIEW: MAY 2011 There was no EM worship on May 1 as Suang-Lien Church joined the SevenStar Presbytery’s 60th anniversary worship at NTU. On 5/8, Mother’s Day, Ps. Peter preached from Proverbs 31 “You Surpass Them All” as gifts were presented to the mothers and wives. The next three Sundays we welcomed professors from Taiwan Theological Seminary. Dr. Tan Yak-

hwee preached on 5/15 (“Whose Voice”) and Dr. Jonathan Seitz preached 5/22.29 (“God Relents” and “God Is Not Far”).

worship on 5/22 and EM Choir presented a song “God Is So Good” on 5/29. Both groups make special offerings to the Lord during English worship once a month and are currently being “built up”. If you are willing to serve in music at EM, please speak to pastor.

On 5/15, EM’s Audio/ Visual Team met with pastor for fellowship and to discuss how to improve the worship service. Other teams at EM will meet throughout the year as well.

Spiritual Parents course concluded on 5/30 and will be given again later in the year.

EM Praise Team led us in

A show of appreciation as EM applaud and present mothers and wives with a small gift. They deserve it and much more!

Aaron‟s Gift to You In Taiwan, when parents have a baby they celebrate the “full month” (滿月), or

From Aaron to you.

the first month of the baby’s life, by giving a gift. It could be cake or “oily rice” (油飯), but the idea likely started thousands of years ago when infant survival rates were low

and so for a child to live past the first month means he will live. And new life is always good reason to celebrate! That being said, Pastor Peter and Melody’s son Aaron was born 4/29 and has a gift for all EMers starting 5/29 and

throughout June. It is a CD made even before Aaron was born as the parents anticipated new life which transforms a marriage of two into a family of three. Pick up your CD at the Welcome Table—one per household please—and enjoy Aaron’s little gift to you.

A Better Worship Do you sometimes wonder why you don’t get much out of Sunday worship? If you’re not receiving, it could be bad habits that have developed, and after a while, Christians may even stop attending church. If this is you, then you may have lost your focus in faith and in life, and this can be disastrous. So what can you do to get more out of Sunday worship and charge you up to face the week? Here are a few simple ideas for you to try at EM: (1) Arrive on time so you can (a) prepare your heart with personal prayer, (b) review bulletin and be familiar with the worship, (c) read and meditate on the key Scriptures. (2) Arrive early to (a) enjoy the fellowship with other EMers, (b) get to know the new friends and welcome them into the EM Family, (c) catch up on your TYBS readings with your coffee or breakfast in the café area. (3) Sit up front so you are not easily distracted and sit together so you can join in voice and spirit for a more powerful and united experience as God’s people. And while you’re together, get to know your neighbors’ names and have a fellowship lunch after worship to bond. (4) Try serving and being a coworker at EM. Serving God is worshiping God!

Who is your focus in life? Is it Jesus?



MONTH IN PREVIEW: JUNE 2011 For Worship, Ps. Peter will begin preaching through the entire book of 1 Peter as the disciple Peter “the rock” encourages Christians to remain faithful in a world that considers Christians “strange.” Along the way, we will have special offerings from Natalie F. and Jerome L. on their mission trip to Philippines (6/5), Praise Team (6/12), Music Team (6/19), EM Choir (6/26). As always, if you would like to present a “special offering” to the Lord during EM worship, please let pastor know.





EMers bring the Good News to share with hundreds of people.

For Discipleship, “New Steps” will begin a four-part series starting on 6/19 at 9:30 AM in the 7F café area. Coming up will be CareCell Leader Training (“CCLT”) as EM prepares our leaders to multiply their carecells. For Fellowship, an EM Activity is being planned for Sunday afternoon 6/19 after the lunch fellowship (lunch is NT50 per person, but free for new friends). We will provide more details in weeks to come but mark your calendars now! Meanwhile, if you have interests or are aware of local events that EMers may enjoy, please let us know so we can enjoy them together!

“Purposeful EM” - Outreach (part 1) There are five purposes for a healthy church, including Outreach, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Service. At EM, outreach to the community comes in various forms, like EM’s mission trips with English

summer camps as we work with children in rural areas of Taiwan. And outreach is also a part of daily life as spiritual parents apply simple but effective skills for evangelism. Additionally, carecells are encouraged to invite non-Christians to

become a part of the EM family in carecells and worship. Last, we are planning care events and activities to better reach our community so they may enter God’s family.

“...outreach is also a part of daily life…”

Are you healthy in reaching the lost for Jesus?

108 x 2 108? Does this number ring a bell? In fact, it rings twice.

What does it take for EM to keep growing? It takes you!

For the past two Sundays (5/22.29), EM had 108 people in attendance. Perhaps it’s just a “drop in the ocean” or a “straw in a haystack” but nevertheless, it is a small achievement for EM’s growth so it deserves mentioning. Why mention it? Because it is the first time Sunday attendance has surpassed the 100-mark for two Sundays in a row. Why mention it? Because Welcome Team coworkers deserve credit for the good works they have done to make EM an inviting and hospitable church home. Why mention it? Because you are an important part of this number. Yes, you may be just “1” in number, but we all add up as a sum, just like how Paul says each part of the body is important and valuable to the whole body. Why mention it? Because ultimately God deserves all the credit as He brings people into His kingdom. And EM intends to “make God famous” in this land by giving credit to Jesus. It doesn’t take much for each person to contribute towards building up a growing and maturing English Ministry in Taipei, but it does take you because you are that important “1”.

June 2011 Join us for Sunday worship at 11 AM (7F) and lunch fellowship afterward in café area!





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1 Nu 27-28

2 Nu 29-30

3 Nu 31-32

4 Ps 46-48

Worship Team

CC: “Youth” CC: “Cookiez”

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8 Mk 1-2

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16 Mk 13-14

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23 Dt 7-8

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25 Ps 54-56

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30 Dt 17-18

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c = Communion CC = Care Cell

TYBS (May 2011): Ps = Psalms 46-56 Nu = Numbers 27-36 MK = Mark 1-16 Dt = Deuteronomy 1 -18

“New” Series: New Beginnings (Mar) New Steps (June) New Choices (Aug) New Calling (Oct)

From the Pastor‟s Desk

Rev. Peter Chen 陳道南牧師

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It is said that a mother can recognize the different needs of her baby based on the baby’s cries. Faster or slower, louder or softer, steady or erratic, the cries indicate the needs of the Feed me! baby. A cry for “I’m hungry!”, another cry for “I’m dirty!” and still another cry for “I’m sleepy!” And what is said about the father? I have not heard anything similar about the father, but I hope I will learn to tell the differences among the various cries of my son Aaron. It is important not only for his development and growth

as a child, but also for my own development and growth as a father to this child. In the church family we often forget to pay attention to the “cries” of the church. Everyone has needs and while adults may not cry with loud requests for help, we could all use a hand or encouragement from others. In order for EM to keep developing and growing, let us be humble and not afraid to “cry”; but also humble and not afraid to help one another. This is a sign of a growing EM Family.

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