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English Ministry News April 2011

Issue 13

Celebrating Easter! INSIDE THIS ISSUE: March ‘11


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From the Pastor’s Desk

On Easter Sunday (4/24), Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who had died on the cross just three Happy Easter! days before on Good Friday as he paid for the penalty of our sins. But did you ever wonder how Easter is celebrated around the world? Here’s a sampling of various countries:


Throughout Europe, many countries light giant bonfires on hilltops and in churchyards on Easter Eve. In England, people exchange Easter eggs and other gifts like clothes, chocolates or holiday packages. In Germany, Easter holidays for children

last about three weeks, and adults do not work from Good Fri until Easter Sun. In the United States, people give cards, pastel colored candies, and chocolate bunnies; while children have fun at Easter egg hunts and Easter Egg Rolls. In Brazil, festivities are held with much splendor as celebrations take place in the autumn season. In Canada, it is time for attending church and spending time with family and friends. In India, though Christianity accounts for only 2.5% of the population, Easter is celebrated with great pomp and show as Easter eggs and bunnies are prevalent. In Italy, the entire country has fun with games and concerts. In SLPC, we give salty duck eggs, which is great with porridge or bitter melon dish.


How is Easter celebrated around the world?

Are the Connect Cards helpful?

How did the EM Retreat go? Where can I see more photos?

When is Baptism Sunday this year?

TYBS: Romans, Leviticus, Acts Our Two-Year Bible Schedule (“TYBS”) ties in three books this month. Here are some helpful background details: Romans (NT): Paul writes this letter to the Christians in Rome, which may have been the largest city in the world around the year 57 AD. In Romans, we learn how God can save us from the punishment of our sins and also how we should live as redeemed

people of God. Leviticus (OT): Moses writes down the law of God, which is meant to be followed by the Hebrew people as a way to set them apart from all other nations. The book also describes the duties of the priests, the special Hebrew holidays, and the sacrificing of animals, which are offered to God as a way to appease for the people’s sins (foreshadows

the ultimate sacrifice Jesus makes for our sins). Acts (NT): In addition to writing the Gospel of Luke, Luke also authored the book of Acts, which records the beginning of the Church and th e ea rl y C h r ist ia n s — including Stephan, Peter, and Paul—who, though persecuted, laid the foundations for dramatic growth and expansion of the Church.

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EM Monthly News

Month in Review: March 2011 Ps. Peter preached from Matthew throughout March with the exception of 3/27, when there was no EM Worship at SLPC because of the retreat. However, in the first three Sundays, we had special music offerings from the praise team (3/6.20) and the choir (3/13). We have many— including yet to be discovered—talented singers and musicians at EM.

For Discipleship, four more people have completed the Spiritual Parenting course, and are now praying for, winning, and nurturing at least two people in one year. Additionally, Ps. Peter led the New Beginnings course on Sundays as relationships are key to our lives, including with God, with other Christians, with the local church, and with non-Christians.

As a special offering to the Lord, the EM Choir lifted up their voices to glorify God with “Give Thanks.”

Leading EM to praise the Lord in contemporary fashion are Oli, Monica, Daniel, Leighton, Susie, Carol.

Welcome Team Cares!

As “odd” as it

may sound, the

welcome table is now inside sanctuary!


Above are the lovely

table hosts: Cecilia, Melody, Adam.

While the “new” Welcome Team has been in effect for only one month, we’ve had considerable successes. For one, we received 5 new friends’ Connect Cards each week and are better able to follow up with them with both a phone call and email during the week. For an-

other, we’ve averaged 22 Connect Cards each Sunday in March so that many more people’s prayers and concerns are being met than before! Additionally, some have filled out helpful feedback and comments, including their willingness to serve. Furthermore, with our

Retreating to the Farm EM’s 4th annual retreat this year took us farming! Indeed, almost forty of us went to Tou-Cheng Recreational Farm in Yilan County on Friday night (3/25) as we lived on the farm and got close to nature, to one another, and hopefully, to God. There were many activities—bamboo crafts, leaves painting, sky lantern, hiking—to keep us busy with one another as we strengthened the bonds of our relationships. There were also many opportunities for growth and learning as the speaker shared God’s Word, as we discussed in small groups the application of God’s Word, and as we worshipped around the campfire on Saturday night. Based on the feedback forms, overall, people really enjoyed the retreat and had a great time in God’s Creation. We share some photos with you here in this newsletter, but you will find even more on EM’s Facebook Page for you to see and wish you had gone! Lord willing, we’ll see you at next year’s retreat.

friendly ushers to guide worshippers to their seats—in front and together—the atmosphere for worship has dramatically improved. Maybe it’s coincidence —or maybe not—but average attendance has gone up in March. Keep up the good work, EM!

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Issue 13

Month in Preview: April 2011 Continuing into the season of Lent until Easter (4/24), Ps. Peter will preach from a selection of Psalms and New Testament letters. Note 4/24 is Baptism Sunday and all are encouraged to support EMers who are getting baptized or transferring their membership at the 10:30 AM service (10F). As a result, EM worship will move to 1:30 PM (7F) on 4/24. For Discipleship, the baptism and membership course will be on three Saturday mornings on 4/2.9.16. The TYBS discussion course is on Sunday afternoon 4/10.17 as we learn and apply God’s Word. We encourage you to keep up with the Two-Year Bible Schedule as you spend time alone with God (schedule downloadable from EM website). Did you know?

Easter (4/24) is one of

three times during the year when SLPC has baptism services.

The other two

times are latelate-August and Christmas.

The Welcome Team will meet and debrief on 4/9 for feedback and continued improvements. Additionally, team members will meet for fellowship later in the month on 4/30 to strengthen team spirit and unity. We are planning an EM Activity (Sports Day) for 4/24 afternoon as we hit the park for some good fun and exercise. Other meetings in April include SLPC Board meeting on 4/3, LCC on 4/10, and HOMies on 4/17.

What’s your worth? (3/25-3/27) One key lesson many EMers received from the retreat came from Rod Syverson as he spoke on the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). Many have already learned before that the younger son is “lost” because he forsakes his fa-

ther and goes off to spend all his inheritance. But did you know that the older son is “lost” as well? Even though he remains physically close to his father, the older son lacks intimacy with his father and instead of enjoying their relationship, he

strives only to do works. Whichever son you may identify with—as a nonChristian (younger son) or already Christian (older son)—know that our heavenly Father loves you so much that He would risk everything in order to bring you home.

Our speaker for the EM retreat is Rod Syverson, a missionary from California who has been in Taiwan for over 14 years.

What’s happening at SLPC? The most updated information can be found in the Mandarin bulletin (extras can be found on the 10F lobby area) or also on the church website Note these events are often in Mandarin and/or Taiwanese. 1.

EM is a part of SuangSuang-Lien Presbyterian Church (“SLPC”) in Taipei, Taiwan, and serves the EnglishEnglish-speaking community.

The Carecell Leaders Training (“CCLT”) will begin on Saturdays 2-5 PM from 4/16~5/21 in the 9F conference room. The course is open to everyone who has already taken the Spiritual Parenting course and by recommendation of your carecell leader and pastor. Please have your cell leader register with the pastor by 4/3.

2. There will be a Maundy Thursday Communion Service on 4/21 at 7:30 PM to commemorate the Last Supper, which Jesus had with his disciples before he went to the cross. It is a very special experience as we re-live the night on which Jesus is betrayed. The service itself will have many music offerings and is open to everyone on the 10F sanctuary.

April 2011 Join us for Sunday worship at 11 AM (7F) and lunch fellowship afterward in café area! * On 4/24, EM Worship will be at 1:30 PM (7F) due to the Baptism Service at 10:30 AM (10F).







SuangSuang-Lien Presbyterian Church 111 ZhongZhong-Shan North Rd, Sec 2 Taipei, Taiwan (ROC) Phone: 02.2541.5390 Fax: 02.2523.1361 Email: Web:



4 Ro 13-14

-11 AM Worship -12 PM Lunch


11 Lev 7-8

-11 AM Worship -12 PM Lunch -1 PM TYBS Class -3 PM Leaders CC


18 Lev 17-18

-11 AM Worship -12 PM Lunch -1 PM TYBS Class

24 -10:30 AM Baptism Worship, 10F -1:30 PM EM Worship, 7F -3 PM EM Activity

25 Ac 1-2

5 Ro 15-16

6 Lev 1-2

CC: “Feet”

Worship Team

12 Lev 9-10

13 Lev 11-12

CC: “Feet”

Worship Team

19 Lev 19-20

20 Lev 21-22

CC: “Feet”

Worship Team



Ac 3-4 CC: “Feet”

Ac 5-6 Worship Team

c = Communion CC = Care Cell Bap = Baptism & Membership Course TYBS = Two-Year Bible Schedule

7 Lev 3-4

14 Lev 13-14

21 Lev 23-24



1 Ro 11-12

2 Ps 27-28

CC: “Youth” CC: “Cookiez”

9 AM Bap Class #1

8 Lev 5-6

9 Ps 29-30

CC: “Youth” CC: “Cookiez”

9 AM Bap Class #2 1 PM Welcome Team Meeting

15 Lev 15-16

16 Ps 31-32

CC: “Youth” CC: “Cookiez”

9 AM Bap Class #3

22 Lev 25-27

23 Ps 33-34

CC: “Youth” CC: “Cookiez”


Ac 7-8

TYBS (Apr 2011): Ps = Psalms 27-36 Ro = Romans 11-16 Lev = Leviticus 1-27 Ac = Acts 1-10


Ac 9-10 CC: “Youth” CC: “Cookiez”

“New” Series: New Beginnings (Mar) New Steps (May) New Choices (Aug) New Calling (Oct)

30 Ps 35-36 Welcome Team Activity

Baptism Course: 4/2, 4/9, 4/16 9:00 AM—12:00 PM Room 807

From the Pastor’s Desk

Rev. Peter Chen 陳道南牧師

EM’s on Facebook! Add “SLPC“SLPC-EM”

It’s not easy getting big. Tell that to my wife Melody who is due to give birth to our first child in mid-May. Apparently, the third trimester is when the baby undergoes the Dare EM get “big”? most growth and Melody’s tummy area is sure getting big and round! And although it makes daily life a bit uncomfortable for her, yet, there is a sense of wonder and gratitude at the beautiful life which is growing inside her. Well, EM is becoming “big” and is also undergoing some “growing pains” and discomfort.

And while it may be uncomfortable growing from the small family EM used to be—about 50 people a few years ago—it is God’s desire that the church grows. There will always be challenges with more people, but God wants the church to bear good fruit. With more people, there is more potential for conflicts, but also for more good works. Let us focus on doing that which is “right” before God, and trust that we will overcome every challenge that comes our way as EM gets “big”.

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