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English Ministry News October 2010

Volume I, Issue 7

“Spiritual Growth” Sermons Available discipline, love, and so much more. Imagine their surprise if after twenty years of receiving everything, and we are still no bigger than a little toddler, who can hardly run around without stumbling and speak words without stuttering. Would you be a little disappointed, confused, and concerned if you were one of these parents? Sure!

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From the Pastor’s Desk


After repeated sermons on “Spiritual Growth” in the last few months, can you think of a good reason why not to grow? If so, don’t go and tell it to your pastor, go and tell it to God! Sometimes we forget that our parents invest so much in each one of us in so many ways in order that we may grow up to be mature, responsible adults. Parents give us food, clothing, shelter, education,

Thankfully, our heavenly Father has a bit more patience and understanding than our parents. However, we should not abuse God’s loving kindness and fall into the traps of laziness, busyness, or lack of self-esteem. Christians, it’s not too late to grow up… but it’s not too early either. As such, the best way is to grow now by growing together in the EM Family. To assist in growth, Ps. Peter’s sermon series will be available on the EM website:

Learn more about: 

Did anyone get saved at Outreach Night?

Why so colorful?

How can I serve at EM?

What is one way I can draw closer to God?

Pastor’s TAWG It’s especially important—and difficult—to see what’s going on in people’s hearts. Is that person serving out of love or some other motivation? If some other motivation, then it can hardly be a good thing (although some people may benefit, it’s unlikely to be of significant impact). Such a pity when people’s hearts are not filled with love as it makes the world a “tougher” place.

(9/24/10, James 3:14-17) How to gain love in our hearts? I believe we need to be humble, which begins a whole lot of changes in a person. If humble, the heart is like plowed soil (it may hurt at first getting plowed!) as it absorbs and can grow in the right way as the farmer takes good care of it (with proper sunshine and rain). It’s a bit ironic, too, that an individual no longer wants to be “loving” because s/he fears being hurt

in this “tough” world. People, as a whole, have learned to “toughen up” in order to survive in a “tough” world. What a pity though. Fortunately, Jesus Christ shows us otherwise. Though beaten up by “tough” people with hardened hearts, Jesus refused to give in to them and refused to give up on love. Jesus kept on loving, and so shall I.

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EM Monthly News

Month in Review: September 2010 Like a “nagging mom”, the “Spiritual Growth” series has concluded, but don’t you stop growing just because mommy’s not around! We’re very blessed and thankful for the encouraging testimonies from Kate L, William C, and Joy T as they shared experiences from the English summer mission camps. To those who

were not able to participate, their words and emotions were windows to seeing the lives of people who seem a world away. But however far, no one is too far away that we can’t bring the Gospel to them. Maybe you will go next year? Spiritual Parents course has only two students this time, but even just two new SP’s can

multiply into six SP’s next year, and then eighteen SP’s. As long as we are committed to evangelism, growth is exponential! Speaking of evangelism, Suang-Lien Church’s annual Outreach Event (佈道會)“Turning Bitter

Although moms often tell us what to do as we’re growing up, we love them because we know their motivation is love.

Water to Sweet Water” (9/24-25) went very well as 40+ people received Jesus just on the first night alone!

Splashes of Colors

“God splashed the world with colors!”

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). And I suppose with light breaking through the “darkness” over the surface of the deep, there also appeared… colors! And how lovely colors are when it comes to the enjoyment of our lives. Imagine how dull and boring and depressing it might be if all we see is

black and white and shades of gray? But no, God was not content with that. God splashed the world with colors! And I imagine when Jesus said, “You are the light of the world” (Matt 5:14), he was suggesting that our Christian lifestyles should be splashed with color also, not only to brighten but also to bring enjoy-

ment to everyone around us. Life should not be dull or boring or depressing. If it is, then Jesus may have wasted his efforts in coming to earth. In John 10:10, he says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” The truth is, if you have Jesus in your life, then your life is splashed with color! Therefore, enjoy your colorful life!

Outreach Night (佈道會) For a number of years now, Rev. Charlie Chen, SLPC senior pastor, has been planning an outreach night as the church becomes more intentional about evangelism. Although this tends to be a “big” event for the church, it takes the “little” efforts of every carecell and every person to invite people they know. After all, just because senior pastor plans an outreach night doesn’t mean there will be outreach until each one of us is “reaching out” to non-believers. And the Lord heard our prayers as, once again, many people attended (though few EMers) and many people committed their hearts to the Lord. It’s always a wonderful, exciting moment when you are able to witness “the lost” going to the altar as they confess their sins and acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And that’s the Christian lifestyle, wonderful and exciting as we reach those who are not yet saved. That’s reason for celebration, both on earth and in heaven!

Rev. Xie Hong Zhong, the speaker for SLPC Outreach Event

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Volume I, Issue 7

Month in Preview: October 2010 On the first Sunday (10/3), EM will have contemporary and bilingual worship as Rev. Moses Wu (SLPC Youth Pastor) comes to share God’s Word with us. Then, on the second Sunday (10/10), we will have communion, which is an invitation to any baptized Christian to receive the bread and cup at the Lord’s Table. Discipleship classes will begin as Rev. Tan teaches a class on “Feminist Perspectives in the Old Testament” on 10/3.10.17, and Rev. Wong teaches a class on “Spirituality” on 10/31. All are invited to attend after lunch fellowship to grow in our spiritual journey. Also note that the last class for Spiritual Parents will be 10/2.

The Bible we have today is God’s Word to us. However, it was writ-

Other happenings include an EM Activity for 10/23 (Saturday) so come as EMers gather to enjoy a fun outing together. New friends are very much encouraged to join us! On 10/24, we invite all to get involved as EM builds up the Welcome Team. On 10/29 (Fri), we will have a Combined Carecell event focused on “evangelism” as Trinity Christian Centre’s mission team will be in Taiwan on the last week of October.

ten by men in a male-dominated society.

What might it be like to

view God’s Word from a feminist perspective?

“Holiness Schedule” by Ps. Peter “Just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do.” (1 Peter 1:15)

much to do. But when I heard about what she does in those early hours, I realized she may have gotten something right: she chose to “be holy” to be in God’s presence.

I had a friend back in seminary who slept really early (9 pm!) and woke up really early, usually around 5 am! I thought she was a little bit, oh... “special” because no one does that, not when you’re young and there’s so

Not that God is not present twenty-four hours a day, but I do believe God honors those who seek Him and desire to be with

Him, like the one willing to “reschedule” his or her busy routine in order to put God first. Maybe there’s something here for us to learn: put God first in your day when you are refreshed instead of trying to fit God in at the end of your day when you are tired. Give your best to and for God.

“God honors those who seek Him and desire to be with Him”

EM At Your Service! EM’s really grown since it first started in March 2006, but now it’s really time to mature into adulthood. To get there, we need mature people to help out. Below are the areas which can help EM build up. Please talk to Ps. Peter if you are willing to serve:

What’s all the buzz about? The


ADMIN: activity coordinator; communications (newsletter, website)


CARE: welcoming team; caring team; carecell leaders; Head of Caring Ministry


DISCIPLESHIP: teachers, mentors


MUSIC: hymn singers, praise team, special offerings


WORD: liturgists, Scripture readers, preachers


WORSHIP: bilingual ministry, children’s ministry

“Busy Bees” remain from last month’s issue, but this time, they are in color and ready to work!

Also see our website for more details.

October 2010 Join us for Sunday worship at 11 AM (7F), and lunch fellowship afterward in café area!

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We are a diverse community of people loving God and loving others as ourselves.





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* Communion CC = Care Cell SP = Spiritual

Joel = Joel

Is = Isaiah

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Ps = Psalms La = Lamentations

1Sa = 1 Samuel Php = Philippians

1Th = 1 Thessalonians

From the Pastor’s Desk Do you like EM? Or do you love EM? I suppose it all depends on how you view EM. Is it just an “English Ministry” that exists for an occasional visit as some Christians gather to worship God? Or is it the living and breathing human creatures who are diverse and crucial members of one body? Rev. Peter Chen EM Pastor

One of the challenges for the church—both the early church in a slice? Paul’s days and in today’s church in Ps. Peter’s days—is persuading Christians to see beyond the reality to the truth that the church is God’s kingdom on earth. Jesus taught us to pray to God the Father, “your kingWould you like

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dom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Do you realize Jesus was teaching us to pray for the church? We are God’s kingdom; we are God’s will. You could say, the church is a “slice of heaven” on earth, and though I haven’t been to heaven yet, I’m pretty sure I will more than just like it. I’m going to love it and love every day of eternity spent with God and fellow brothers and sisters. Enjoy your “slice of heaven” now, and learn to love the church today .

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