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Cancer Center Article 2010

The Power of Music It was a fitting farewell to Ellison 14. Mike Fitzgerald came to the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center as a jazz musician in need of a stem cell transplant, and left having truly experienced the inspiration of music. During his stay, Mike and Lorrie, the HOPES Program’s music therapist, organized a jazz performance for that hospital floor. Mike, Lorrie, and Joan (a patient care associate and aspiring jazz singer) practiced their show throughout Mike’s hospital stay. Mike looked forward to rehearsing, and believes that the time spent playing music in the hospital helped him recover faster. He said that having the show as a goal "reconnected me to my music and motivated me to get out of bed." On his last day in the hospital, the trio performed in the Ellison 14 waiting area for patients and staff. And the jazz music they played together made everyone's day a little brighter. For more information about the music therapy program, which is funded by donations and grants, call the HOPES Program at 617.724-6737.

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