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Croozer Kid 2013

RE ON THE ROAD CROOZER WE ARE ON THE ROAD CROOZER WE ARE ON THE ROAD CROO Here is the Croozer with the best advice and support: 2013-01-en

is a brand of Zwei plus zwei GmbH Cologne, Germany Paper and production conditions of this catalogue are FSC certified. We are committed to environmental and climate protection.

Off we go Your Croozer is a treasure chest, a favourite place, occasionally a playground or cosy corner, a transport wonder and a hero of the everyday. It is with you right from the start. Totally easy and relaxed. Enjoy it! Price and value Good ideas for having a lovely time with children shouldn’t cost a fortune. You won't find worthless gadgets in the Croozer. We keep our eye on function plus, of course safety and quality. The Croozer is family oriented. From its functionality to its price. Three options. Day in day out. You are out and about every day. To the nursery, to the park, shopping or walking fast to get fit. So every Croozer is always a stroller, buggy and bicycle trailer all in one. These aren’t extras, they are simply part of this multitalented all rounder.

Safe? Guaranteed! What could mean more to us than safety? Because many thousands of children are out and about in their Croozers every day since 2003. Your child therefore is safe with us too. This is guaranteed by our safety concept, which includes many important features: • The safety passenger cell for optimal passenger protection • The low centre of gravity for good handling and high tipping stability • 5 point safety belt • Reflective materials for height and width marking • Tested and patented components • TÜV-certified

E YOUR CROOZER GUARANTEED SAFE YOUR CROOZER GUARANTEED SAFE YOUR CROO The CROOZER safety passenger cell 1 Extremely robust tubular construction 2 Internal frame for side and rear impact

protection 3 Rigidity thanks to additional cross tubes 4 Shock absorbers as protection

against ramming and filtering

Tested for harmful substances The Siegel Toxproof from TÜV Rheinland marks textiles that have been tested for harmful substances and that do not represent a danger to the user according to the current state of knowledge. Even after the award of the label, regular checks are performed on the Croozer by TÜV Rheinland.

5 Pushbar acts as roll bar

What does this mean in practice? It means you don’t have to worry even if your child sucks the belts or material – there is no danger.

The robust tubular frame of your Croozer Kid easily passes any long-term test under everyday conditions. Therefore you get a 10 year guarantee.

Easy handling You will be impressed by how easy to handle the Croozer is in everyday life. Because we have come up with a few things to improve this: • Quicker changeover of the sets • Innovative quick-fold system • Easy storage thanks to compact folded dimensions • The coupling can remain on the bicycle frame, even when the trailer is not in use • The height of the handle can be adjusted by turning it over • Easy to operate parking brake that blocks both wheels



1 stroller 2 bicycle trailer 3 buggy

One Croozer – three options You choose a Croozer and you get the equipment for three transport options: bicycle trailer, buggy and the All terrain stroller. Everything you need is in this complete package. It couldn’t be simpler. Or more practical.

Single- or two-seater Green is the colour for the two man team, blue for the single seater. Both Croozer models are very pleasant. For extra comfort and safety the seats are separated in the Kid for 2. Compact folded dimensions

The space saving miracle You will be amazed at how much space the Croozer offers. Both for the passengers on board and for the things that every child needs: from buckets and spades to drinks. From the nappy bag to the soft toy. There is even enough space for your shopping.

Croozer Kid for 2 as bicycle trailer Croozer Kid for 2 as stroller

Croozer Kid for 2 as buggy Croozer Kid for 1


Here you will find everything that you still need to know about the Croozer.

It’s great – even for your smallest! Baby on the road You can take your baby with you on tour from just a few weeks after birth. We have the right seat system for this as well as accessories ranging from warm winter bunting bags to sun covers. So your Croozer will be in use for a long time and you will soon be just as mobile as you are used to being.

The following are included in every complete package: • Hitch arm • Hitch • Handlebar • Safety flag • Buggy wheel • Large front wheel with wheel arms

For babies up to 10 months Your child needs the special Croozer Infant sling, softly sprung like a hammock. It offers safety thanks to its good side support and a cushioned 3 point belt.

Even more plus points: • Large window for a better view • 2 in 1 cover for insect and weather protection • Flexible towbar for easy maneuvering • In the Kid for 2: separated seats for each child

Infant sling

Baby supporter

Handlebar console

Sun cover

For toddlers from 10 to 18 months. For toddlers who can sit up there is the split, height adjustable Croozer Baby supporter. It stabilises the head and shoulders, particularly during sleeping.

You can find more information, tips and downloads at


Croozer Kid for 1

Croozer Kid for 2


Design Maximum shoulder width Leg length / legroom Headroom (seat to upper frame) L x W x H (excluding handlebar) L x W x H (folded, excluding handlebar and wheels) High handle height* Low handle height* Weight (base with handle) Load Wheels Colours

Single-seater 55 cm 58 cm 69 cm 110 x 74 x 84 cm 103 x 74 x 27.5 cm 107 cm 95 cm 13.9 kg 35 kg 20" spoked wheels Blue

Two-seater 70 cm 58 cm 69 cm 113 x 90 x 84 cm 104.5 x 86.5 x 27.5 cm 107 cm 95 cm 15.3 kg 45 kg 20" spoked wheels Green

Sun cover Handlebar console Baby supporter Infant sling Winter bunting bag All-season bunting bag Snuggle blanket Rain cover Extra belt cushion set Floor mat Storage cover Hitch

*average value of stroller & buggy

We reserve the right to change the equipment

CROOZER Catalogue 2013  

CROOZER Catalogue 2013

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