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SEXTET June 23 - July 23, 2016

Gerd Dagne James Wille Faust Jim Haller Jesse Nusbaum Joan Ryan Vlasta Smola


123 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534 518-828-2343

Gerd Dagne At the heart of many of my paintings is the element of conflict that exists within all of us. I enjoy representing the juxtaposition of various, seemingly opposing images where the relationship between them isn’t as simple or as complex as it appears. I often use and reuse the same character or image in several paintings to present conflicts that create very different narratives.

Fainting Chair 24” x 36” Oil on canvas

Early Retirement 48” x 24” Acrylic on canvas and wood

Homebody 40” x 30” Acrylic on canvas and wood

James Wille Faust I created these images purely as a satirical social commentary on the 21st Century American landscape. What we have endured, and what we are facing. This art represents our lack of concern for the environment and the potential for disasters, whether they be natural or man-made. These images are warning signs, if you will, to encourage change and conservation. They are from a body of over one hundred works that began immediately after, and during the financial collapse of the global economy in September of 2008.

Fossil Fuel Express 7” x 8” Archival pigmented print

Fracking 10” x 5.5 “ Archival pigmented print

Life and Death 8� x 8� Archival pigmented print

Jim Haller My work mostly acts as a diary. The things that I don’t like about myself, my fears, my obsessions...those are things that come out in my art. It is very therapeutic and gives me an opportunity to create just honest art. I work mostly with Pen & Ink. My stippling technique is almost meditative and seems appropriate for the subjects that I work with. Once my images are complete, I like to incorporate additional materials into the pieces, such as wood stains, paints, found objects, and anything else that feels related to the subject of the piece itself.


12” x 14”

Ink on found book page

(en)chained 12” x 14”

Ink on found book page


12” x 14”

Ink on found book page

Jesse Nusbaum My sculptures begin with a three-dimensional vision, an internal blueprint that stays with me throughout the entire creative process. Although my hands are the tools to make a sculpture, ninety percent of the work comes from my mind. Once the sculpture mirrors my initial vision, I know I have successfully fulfilled my mission. Expressing detail is also very important. I feel the need to captivate my audience. Intense detail encourages a closer and more in-depth look into my pieces. My hope is that my work inspires a sense of creativity, familiarity, and an emotional connection.

German Shepherd 17” x 17” x 18” Hot cast bronze

English Bulldog 12” x 11” x 13” Hot cast bronze

African Rhino 7” x 6” x 14” Aluminum

Joan Ryan My recent drawings focus on issues of identity by re examining and manipulating images of childhood experiences. These images juxtapose childhood naivety with realities of the 21st century. Many of the images are recognizable childhood experiences derived from old magazines, books and popular cultural. The re-presentation of culturally familiar images is given to the viewer to challenge and critique traditional stereotypes of human identity. There is a benign nature in all that is familiar. This apposition aims to confront a culture’s selective memory, while asking the viewer to relinquish the mythologies of the past and to question the façades of the twenty-first century.

Contemplating Venus 70� x 40� Charcoal / pastel

River Gods 64” x 45” Charcoal / pastel

Myth Buster 70” x 45” Charcoal / pastel

Vlasta Smola Beauty is the main reason and purpose for my art. I spare no obstacle in both challenging and expressing the power and mystery of beauty. My favorite media are acrylics and watercolor. The subject matter are birds in their real or mythological interaction with the human universe. I strive to depict the dualistic nature of reality, conscious and subconscious states of the mind, and to create examples of modern mythology. My paintings explore a dreamconscious state in order to increase a depth of perception and to develop a poetic world view.

Soul To Take 24” x 18” Acrylic on linen

Silently Omens 30” x 24” Acrylic on linen

Head In The Clouds 40” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas

SlowArt All artwork and images in this publication are under the exclusive copyright of the artists.

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A Limner Gallery catalog of six contemporary artists, each showing three works.