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BTC City

Time Well Spent

BTC City is a commercial quarter unlike any other in Europe, attracting 21 million visits each year. With an abundance of leisure activities alongside great shopping there is no way to get bored at this city within a city. It’s a Saturday afternoon and it’s raining. Outdoor activities are out of the question but staying at home doesn’t seem like an option during the precious free time of the weekend. What’s a family to do? For most of those living in central Slovenia, the answer lies in a visit to BTC City. This city within a city is one of the few places

in Slovenia which caters to every member of a family. Once advertised as a “small city of big shopping” BTC soon advanced into something way beyond shopping itself. The complex is now home to a plethora of entertainment, recreation and food and drinks options. Consider that the spot to

the north-east Ljubljana where BTC now stands was once home to the “public warehouses,” that stored goods for the socialist economy and you quickly get a sense of how Ljubljana has changed and expanded in the past fifty years. The warehouses now host a number of small specialised stores, different in sizes, even more so in the products they offer. Additional construction projects brought about another bunch of facilities, all rounded up with a fluent traffic infrastructure and plenty of parking options.

Anything your heart desires

Imagine a family with forty-something parents, a teenage daughter, and a pre-school son. On their rainy Saturday afternoon they arrive at BTC’s D-hall with its famous

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