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A Green Oasis for Life Once upon a time there was a brick factory and a clay pit, over the years, work at each of them stopped. Consequently, water from the nearby stream started to accumulate due to the impermeable clay ground and a pond was created. The area in the north of Ljubljana below Rašiški Hrib Hill slowly became a neglected part of the greater city, inexorably dying down. However, the lush green district has inspired ideas which have led to an innovative answer to the challenge of how to thoroughly revive the region. The developer behind the project entitled Črnuški bajer Residential Area is IMOS, one of the leading companies in complex and project engineering in Slovenia. Their approach to the project in Črnuška gmajna settlement is to create a high-quality building complex to cater for the needs of all population segments, from children to the elderly. The plan is also to complement the existing residential area there which already resembles a satellite town with a well-developed social infrastructure.

The entire area is going to be car-free; the many parking spaces are going to be placed on two underground levels so pedestrians and cyclists will be able to roam the neighbourhood freely. The peace and quiet created will be deepened by the forest microclimate which marks the very edge of the apartment complex and adds its share in creating a green paradise in the outskirts of the capital. Nevertheless, Črnuški bajer is easily reachable by car and bus and the motorway ring is conveniently close.

Air and water

Innovation for the future

The new complex is going to consist of apartments of a diverse typology and size, suitable for all generations. 250 family-type flats are going to be on offer, among which are also a few dozen sheltered housing flats suited to the elderly. Besides that a retirement home is going to be built and also a kindergarten for the youngest, both with a wonderful view over the well-kept pond. The proximity of the two institutions aimed at the youngest and the eldest is going to enable the building of intergenerational ties, one of the underlying goals behind the IMOS’s master plan. The entire complex is based on this principle – to open up society and strengthen social contacts. The buildings are set in an order which allows the air into its streets, thus also allowing the free flow of people and creating an atmosphere of an open society, gravitating towards the pleasant setting of the pond which is seen as the focal point of the area.

Construction will take place in two phases. The restoration and relocation of the pond has already taken place. This summer the company plans to acquire the required building permit and later on start with the first phase which includes six apartment buildings with 150 apartments including 30 sheltered accommodations and a kindergarten. 100 more flats in four buildings are

planned for the second phase. The firms behind the construction are going to be Bevk Perovič Arhitekti in the first phase and Guzič Trplan Arhitekti in the second one. The new Črnuški bajer apartment complex offers everything one needs for life in the city, but at the same time its sublime location detaches one from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment making it possible to enjoy the calm serenity only nature can offer.

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