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Slovenia’s Alps - Gorenjska. Diverse landscape, with high peaks linking Slovenia with Italy and Austria. Rivers and valleys from the Alps to the Mediterranean. Bringing people together! New stories and rich heritage.

So nice, so easy!

TAKE A BREATH! Such a tiny piece of the world that with a glance on Google Earth at a height of 39.4 km you will experience everything in a single moment, the Alps and the Mediterranean in one view! TAKE A BREAK! Welcome. Slovenian Alps represent the Gorenjska Region which is easily accessible by motorcycle. PIECE OF CAKE! Nowhere are the highest alpine walls so accessible; few places are so beloved by kings, presidents and artists from the world over. Where else is nature so easily accessible? Slovenia’s Alps are very accessible. In this pastoral idyll life still reflects an ancient way of life: medieval towns, age-old ironworks and dancing to the rhythm of popular folk melodies. …It’s so simple and so close! 

SO, TAKE A BREATH, TAKE A BREAK, PIECE OF CAKE! Each day offers something different. Sample what we have to offer.

USEFUL INFORMATION • IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS • Police: 113 • Emergency call: 112 ················································· • TRAFFIC INFORMATION PIC – TRAFFIC INFORMATION CENTRE FOR PUBLIC ROADS T. 1970 E. ················································· • WEATHER FORECAST ················································· • ACCOMODATION In Slovenian Alps you can spend the night in hotels, boarding houses, private rooms, camps or on touristic farms. ················································· • Stara Fužina

DRIVING THROUGH TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK Apart from other routes motorcycle routes run also through a mysterious and unique world of Triglav National Park, worth all the admiration. Let’s preserve it that way for us and for those who will visit it in the future. When visiting Triglav National Park respect the habits and the everyday life course of the local people. When visiting the National Park do not leave behind or take with you anything except beautiful memories. When going along routes follow the signs. Park the motorcycles on the designated spots. Spend the night in organised accommodations, camping outside the camping areas is not allowed. We ask motorcyclist to adjust the speed when driving on roads through protected areas thus contributing to environment protection.

TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK INFORMATION CENTER (TNP) TRIGLAVSKA ROŽA Ljubljanska cesta 27, SI-4260 Bled T. +386 (0)4 578 02 00 E. GPS. 46.3687 N, 14.1188 E ················································· • TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK INFORMATION CENTRE TRENTA LODGE T. +386 (0)5 388 93 30 E. GPS. 46.3807 N, 13.7526 E 

Route 1

Korensko sedlo Border Crossing | Kranjska Gora | Vršič | Trenta | Bovec | Mangart Mountain | Predel


Route distance: 91 km Duration: 2h Motorcycle hotspot: the Vršič Border Crossing, road to the Mangart Mountain

Descend Korensko sedlo Border Crossing (1073 m) and go to Kranjska Gora known after the Alpine Ski World Cup. Planica the cradle of ski jumps is located in its vicinity. Continue the drive into the Triglav National Park and ascend to Vršič (1611 m), the highest mountain border crossing in Slovenia, connecting Kranjska Gora with the Trenta Valley. Some of the 

48 sharp turns on the north side of the crossing are still preserved paved. There are stunning panoramic views of Julian Alps on Vršič. The route continues to the Soča River Valley, past Bovec and forward across the Predel Border Crossing to Italy. Before reaching the Italian border you can go on a hiking trip on 12 km long mountain trail towards the mountain hut (1906 m) at the foot of 2677 m high Mangart Mountain (toll EUR 5), onto which you can climb. It takes you 2 hours from the mountain hut to the top of the mountain, but the gorgeous views will make the effort worthwhile when you reach the peak.

Route 2

Ljubelj Border Crossing | Tržič | Jelendol | Begunje | Žirovnica | Lesce | Bled | Bohinjska Bela | Bohinjska Bistrica | Lake Bohinj | Soriška planina | Podbrdo | Most na Soči | Tolmin | Kobarid | Bovec | Predel Border Crossing


Route distance: 203 km Duration: 5h Motorcycle hotspot: Dovžan Gorge, panoramic route between Tržič and Begunje, panoramic scenery of Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj From the Ljubelj Border Crossing (1367 m) take the road to Tržič, a town known for century for its friendliness to travellers and then continue on the panoramic road to

Begunje in the Gorenjska Region, the birth place of Slavko Avsenik and drive through the Municipality of Žirovnica, the cradle of Slovene culture and apiculture. Continue on the road to Bled. There is a small island in the middle of Lake Bled with the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary on it and the well-known wishing bell. From here continue to Lake Bohinj where a trip with the cable car to one of the most beautiful lookouts – Vogel – is recommended. Upon returning to Bohinjska Bistrica continue the route towards Podbrdo to Tolmin. You should not miss the latter since the road to it is well marked. If you are a fish-lover, you will become especially fond of this tour, since you can find a lot of excellent fish restaurants in Kobarid. On the return route the road leads you through Bovec along the Soča River. The Soča River is known after sport fishing and sport activities, due to its crystal clear emerald green water, white rocks and its basin. From there you can take the road over the Predel Border Crossing to Italy. 

Route 3

Korensko sedlo Border Crossing | Kranjska Gora | Jesenice | Gorje | Pokljuka Plain | Rudno Polje | Lake Bohinj | Bohinjska Bistrica | Železniki | Kropa | Naklo | Kranj | Šenčur | Cerklje | Preddvor | Jezersko | Jezerski vrh Border Crossing


Route distance: 212 km Duration: 5h Motorcycle hotspot: Road to Pokljuka, road along Lake Bohinj, ascend to the Jezerski vrh Border Crossing

Take the road from the Korensko sedlo Border Crossing (1073 m) to Kranjska Gora and then ascend the Pokljuka Plain going through Jesenice and Gorje. When arriving on the top of the plain drive to Rudno polje 

where the centre of Biatlon World Cup is located. Then make your way along the road to Goreljek, Koprivnik and the picturesque villages of Bohinj’s Upper Valley towards Lake Bohinj. After the stop continue in the direction of Bohinjska Bistrica and continue over the Jelovica Plain through Železniki, famous for its rich heritage in iron work industry. In the Selca Village turn left in the direction of Dražgoše, continue past the lookout on Jamnik to Kropa, the cradle of blacksmith works. A road with less traffic will lead you through Naklo to Kranja, a town whose history dates back seven thousand years. Continue through Senčur, Zgornji Brnik, Cerklje and Visoko villages to Preddvor, where you can stop at Lake Črnava before ascending to Jezerski Vrh Border Crossing on the steep road through the longest Slovene village, the Kokra Village. At the border crossing you can drink curative mineral water for refreshment and continue your drive through Železna Kapla in Austria.

Route 4

Jezersko | Preddvor | Kranj | Škofja Loka | Gorenja vas | Žiri | Idrija | Tolmin | Kobarid | Bovec | Predel Border Crossing


Route distance: 190 km Duration: 4h 30 min Motorcycle hotspot: drive over the Jezerski vrh Border Crossing, ascend to Predel Border Crossing

Descend to Jezersko from the Jezerski vrh Border Crossing (1218 m) along a curvy mountain road and drive along the Kokra River to Preddvor, where Lake Črnava with its beautiful views invites you to make a quick stop. Then continue driving through the villages taking in the sights of maintained fields, meadows and

forests and the mountain range of Kamnik-Savinja Alps to Predoselj at Kranj. There you can visit the Brdo Park, where former residence of Tito stands. The road will lead you from Kranj to Škofja Loka, the best preserved medieval town in Slovenia. Continue your journey through the Poljanska dolina Valley past Gorenja vas to Žiri, a former lace handicraft centre. Descend to Idrija, where a former mercury mine can be viewed, along the picturesque road from Žiri. The road then leads you to Most na Soči and Tolmin, along the Idrijca River. Ascend to the Predel Border Crossing along the emerald Soča River past Bovec the tourist centre, known after adrenalin sports and continue to Trbiž and Villach.

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC BLED Cesta svobode 10, SI-4260 Bled T. +386 (0)4 574 11 22 E. GPS. 46.3668 N, 14.1081 E ················································· • Cream Cake • Bled Island • Bled Castle

Bled Route 2

Bled has the most known cityscape of Slovenia with its green and blue lake, an island with a church on it and a medieval castle above it. A touristic pearl on the international scale on the edge of Triglav National Park has also been among the nominees of the Seven Wonders of the World! You can take traditional wooden boats – pletnja on Lake Bled or a carriage to go around it - the famous fiakers; pamper yourself with the metropolitan flair in hotels, boarding houses, camps and restaurants. There you can find the rich cultural and natural heritage as well as tradition of spa tourism dating back to 19th century. 

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC RADOVLJICA Linhartov trg 9, SI-4240 Radovljica T. +386 (0)4 531 51 12 E. GPS. 46.3411 N, 14.1744 E ················································· • Kamen Castle • Church of St. Peter • Museum and Avsenik Restaurant • Katzenstein Manor

Begunje na Gorenjskem Route 2

The birth place of Slavko Avsenik, the Slovene music legend, is located in the wonderful nature at the foot of Karavanke. The typical village of the Gorenjska Region boast itself with rich history, mighty Kamen Castle and Katzenstein Manor as well as numerous hiking trails. Get to know the story of Slovene folklore music in the Avsenik Museum and located in former prison cells is the Museum of Hostages.


Bohinj Routes 2 and 3

Bohinj is a place of exciting beauty in the heart of Triglav National Park. Here every season represents its own unique experience. The bubbling sounds of water in spring, unsettling calmness of the nature and visitors in summer, magical play of sun with the colours of autumn and the stillness of the whiteness in winter. This is the place of myths and legends. Lake Bohinj, Vogel, Savica Waterfall, Mostnica Canyon and Devil’s Bridge, hayracks in Studor, The Triglav Mountain Range with its seven lakes invite the curious, searching travellers, lovers of genuine experience, dreamy and adventurous visitors. Bohinj is the place worth visiting! 10

• TOURISM BOHINJ • INFO POINT OF TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK Triglavska cesta 30 SI-4264 Bohinjska Bistrica T. +386 (0)4 574 75 90 E. GPS. 46.2726 N, 13.9532 E ················································· • TIC RIBČEV LAZ Ribčev Laz 48 SI-4265 Bohinjsko jezero T. +386 (0)4 574 60 10 GPS. 46.2768 N, 13.8876 E ················································· • Lake Bohinj • Vogel • The shore of Lake Bohinj

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC CERKLJE Krvavška 1b, SI-4207 Cerklje T. +386 (0)4 281 58 22 E. GPS. 46.2541 N, 14.4872 E ················································· • Monastery Adergas • Strmol Castle • Landscape • Petrovč’s House

Cerklje Route 3

Among colourful fields and rolling hills Cerklje na Gorenjskem under the slopes of Krvavec awaits you. A stroll through the settlement is an experience made out of a mosaic of cultural and natural monuments: Petrovč’s House with the Tourist Information Centre, a museum, a gallery and a library, baroque Parish Church of the Assumption of Saint Mary, Plečnik’s Mortuary, Ivan Hribar’s SeccessionVilla and Memorial Park of Prominent Locals. Near Cerklje there is Strmol Castle and on the edge of the neighbouring valley dominates the Church of Annunciation of Mary Velesovo with the oldest statue of Mary in Slovenia. Welcome! 11

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TOURISM ŠKOFJA LOKA Kidričeva cesta 1a, SI-4220 Škofja Loka T. +386 (0)4 517 06 00, +386 (0)51 427 827 E. GPS. 46.1678 N, 14.3118 E ················································· • Visoko Mansion • Fortresses of Rupnik’s Line • Vlastja Photographic Museum

Gorenja vas – Poljane Route 4

Upon entering into a picturesque Poljanska dolina Valley you will be impressed by the Visoko Mansion which records date back into 17th century. The castle was bought off by the writer Ivan Tavčar who wrote his best works there later on. The centre of Poljanska dolina Valley is Gorenja vas, where a dense commercial and service centre has grown. In the vicinity of the main square a renovated Neškova brv, a footbridge, is located. Not far away though you are most welcome to visit Vlastja Photographic Museum and the Krvina Gallery. 12

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TOURIST SOCIETY GORJE Podhom 80, SI-4247 Zgornje Gorje T. +386 (0)31 344 053 GPS. 46.3936 N, 14.0856 E ················································· • Poglej Church • Pokljuka Gorge • Vintgar Gorge

Gorje Route 3

The Municipality of Gorje combines 12 villages on the edge of Triglav National Park and is only 5 km away from Bled. It boasts with natural sights and unspoilt nature. The biggest sights are the Vintgar Gorge with its Šum Waterfall, the Pokljuka Gorge with Galleries, which is one of the most beautiful dry gorges in this part of Europe, Valley of the Radovna River, the Pokljuka Plain with its rich forest and picturesque mountains. The visitors can spend the night in private accommodation of hospitable locals.


TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC JESENICE Cesta maršala Tita 18 SI-4270 Jesenice T. +386 (0)4 586 31 78 E. GPS. 46.4366 N, 14.0565 E ················································· • Mežaklja • Old Sava • Daffodils • Šum Waterfall, Vintgar Gorge

Jesenice Route 3

The town of Jesenice spreads across the valley between Karavanke and Mežakla. The visitors storm the town when professional hockey matches take place nevertheless; a lot of people discover Jesenice to be a town of contradictions. Only a short distance separates the town of heavy industry from the blooming mountains and magnificent views above the town and alpine peaks. We recommend a visit of Stara Sava (Old Sava), former settlement with iron works and furnaces and a visit to the museum in which you will get acquainted with the history of mining and iron work industry. Welcome... 14

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC JEZERSKO Zgornje Jezersko 57 SI-4206 Zgornje Jezersko T. +386 (0)4 254 51 40, +386 (0)51 219 282 E. GPS. 46.3930 N, 14.4985 E ················································· • Old Church of St. Oswald • Lake Planšar • The Jezersko-Šolčava Indigenous Sheep Breed

Jezersko Routes 3 and 4

Jezersko is an alpine valley that lies 900m above sea level. On the east it borders Kamnik-Savinja Alps, on the north and west it borders Karavanke. The valley, shaped by an enormous glacier was flooded with a big glacial lake at the end of Ice Age, after which the place got its name “Pr’ Jezer” and from which today’s name originates from, namely Jezersko. The inhabitants of Jezersko are proud of the curative climate, mineral water and rich natural as well as cultural heritage.


TAKE IN THE VIEW • INSTITUTE FOR TOURISM KRANJ Glavni trg 2, SI-4000 Kranj T. +386 (0)4 238 04 50, +386 (0)40 664 015 E. GPS. 46.2392 N, 14.3556 E ················································· • Brdo Estate • Old Town of Kranj • Kokra River Canyon


Routes 3 and 4 You can make your motorcycle drive more diverse with a stop in Kranj. This picturesque town on the rocky pear between two rivers is rich in natural as well as cultural heritage. Its streets and squares are ideal for strolling and discovering old stories, whereas the museum collection reveals the history of town, which dates back seven thousand years. Local restaurants offer traditional treats of the Gorenjska Region cuisine among which you have to try the genuine Carniola Sausage.


TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC KRANJSKA GORA Tičarjeva 2, SI-4280 Kranjska Gora T. +386 (0)4 580 94 40 E. GPS. 46.4841 N, 13.7834 E ················································· • Lake Jasna • Ski Jump Hills and Ski Flying Hill in Planica • Girl Ajda • Russian Chapel under Vršič

Kranjska Gora Routes 1 and 3

The tourist destination Kranjska Gora spreads on the north-western part of Slovenia close to borders with Italy and Austria. In summer as well as in winter it offers vivid range of activities. You can choose among hiking on walking as well as on mountain trails, modern Nordic walking and cycling – an activity which is always in trend. The tradition of these places is presented on the destination by; the Mountaineering Museum in Mojstrana, Liznjek House in Kranjska Gora and Kajžnik House in Rateče. Planica is the cradle of ski jumps (already since 1934) and is becoming a modern Nordic centre with Bloudkova velikanka (Bloudek’s Giant i.e. Bloudek’s Ski Jump Hill) and Letalnica bratov Gorišek (Ski Flying Hill of Brothers Gorišek). 17

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC RADOVLJICA Linhartov trg 9, SI-4240 Radovljica T. +386 (0)4 531 51 12 E. GPS. 46.3411 N, 14.1744 E ················································· • Kropa’s Market Centre (trško jedro) • Iron Forging Museum • Old Nail Shop (vigenjc Vice)

Kropa Route 3

Kropa, the cradle of Slovenian blacksmith works, is squeezed in a narrow valley under Jelovica. With its unique and ironworks architecture, roaring water over the water thresholds, restored technical heritage and stories created by the hard blacksmith’s life, Kropa is definitely worth stopping on your trip. Get to know the stories of blacksmiths in the Iron Forging Museum and taste the traditional cuisine of the local restaurants.


TAKE IN THE VIEW • TOURIST INFORMATION – GOSTILNICA KRESNIK Kranjska cesta 2a, SI-4202 Naklo T. +386 (0)41 254 391 GPS. 46.2710 N,14.3130 E ················································· • Church of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, Podbrezje • Pond and Fishing Hut in Bistrica • Exhibit of steam locomotive

Naklo Route 3

The Municipality of Naklo is comprised of interesting settlements in which you can find many sights worth visiting – Tabor Church in Podbrezje, the Manor and Vogvar Homestead in Duplje, Baroque St. Peter’s Church and the exhibit of steam locomotive in Naklo. The travellers can choose among a wide range of restaurants, staying the night at the hotel and tourist rooms or camp in a nicely arranged campsite at Tržiška Bistrica. We recommend a relaxed walk in the Unidboršt and Dobrava Forest.


TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC PREDDVOR Dvorski trg 3, SI-4205 Preddvor T. +386 (0)59 148 846 E. GPS. 46.3021 N, 14.4222 E ················································· • Lake Črnava • Turn Castle • Avenue • Preddvor

Preddvor Routes 3 and 4

Preddvor with its natural beauty and touristic offer offers many opportunities for trips, holidays and exciting adventures in unspoilt nature. By the Lake Črnava there is the Hrib Castle with the Avenue of Newlyweds, which warrants, when walking along it, 50 years of loyalty and love. There is the Turn Castle in vicinity, which was in the past a residence of our first poet, writer and composer Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska. Imagination is tickled by the ruins of Pusti grad Castle. There is also the Dvor Castle located in the municipality’s centre. The beautiful surroundings are ideal for a stroll around the lake, taking a boat on the lake, playing beach volleyball and tennis. You are also welcome to visit excellent local inns, pizza places and restaurants. 20

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TIC RADOVLJICA Linhartov trg 9, SI-4240 Radovljica T. +386 (0)4 531 51 12 E. GPS. 46.3411 N, 14.1744 E ················································· • Medieval town centre of Radovljica • Museum of Apiculture • Lectar Workshop

Radovljica At the routes 2 and 3

The town of Radovljica is located right next to the Gorenjska Motorway only a few kilometres from the famous Bled. The Medieval town centre will inspire you with its excellently preserved building heritage, a magnificent Manor and the Church of St. Peter, Gothic Tavern and numerous museums and galleries. Especially interesting are the Museum of Apiculture with its extraordinary collection of decorated beehive panels (panjska končnica) and the Lectar Workshop Museum, where genuine lect hearts are still made.



Šenčur Route 3

Šenčur is located in the centre of Kranj Plain on the crossroads of the road leading past the Jože Pučnik Ljubljana Airport and the road leading from Ljubljana through Trboje towards Preddvor. In Šenčur you can view the statue made in honour of Maria Theresa and the Blagneča hiša House from 18th century. Then the road leads you through the Avenue to Srednja vas, where you can view the St. Catherine and St. Radegunde’s Church. In Senčur you can choose from a vast range of gastronomic offer, especially renowned are the strudels made by Gostilna Ančka Inn from Senčur.


• TOURIST INFORMATION – MUNICIPALITY OF ŠENČUR Kranjska cesta 11, SI-4208 Šenčur T. + 386 (0)4 251 91 00 E. GPS. 46.2434 N, 14.4174 E ················································· • Monument in honour of Maria Theresa in the centre of Šenčur • St. Catherine Church and St. Radengunde Church in Srednja vas • Lake Trboje

TAKE IN THE VIEW • TOURISM ŠKOFJA LOKA Kidričeva cesta 1a, SI-4220 Škofja Loka T. +386 (0)4 517 06 00, +386 (0)51 427 827 E. GPS. 46.1678 N, 14.3118 E ················································· • Loka Castle • Stone Bridge • Capuchin Library

Škofja Loka Route 4

Škofja Loka is the town with thousand year history, founded by the confluence of Poljanska and Selca Sora River. A magnificent Loka Castle rises above the town, which has protected the settlement beneath it for centuries and invites you to visit the town with old squares and streets rich with guild tradition in every time of year. Loka Castle is one of the most frequently visited town sights which is also accessible by motorcycle and exhibits modern museum collection.


TAKE IN THE VIEW • TPIC TRŽIČ Trg svobode 18, SI-4290 Tržič T. +386 (0)4 597 15 36 E. GPS. 46.3635 N, 14.3901 E


• Dovžan Gorge • Shoemaker’s Sunday • Hrast Memorial

Tržič Route 2

What makes Tržič so divine that even the famous marshal Radetzky has bought a castle here from his stingy mother-in-law for as high as 60,000 goldinars (golden coins)? He loved it! You better believe it. He was a man with taste! The Tržič landscape with forests and mountain grass and rich cultural as well as natural heritage is a place of interest for everyone who wants to relax enclosed in the still natural beauty on short as well as long journeys. Welcome to the town where the Radetzky march began!


TAKE IN THE VIEW • TOURISM ŠKOFJA LOKA Kidričeva cesta 1a, SI-4220 Škofja Loka T. +386 (0)4 517 06 00, +386 (0)51 427 827 E. GPS. 46.1678 N, 14.3118 E ················································· • Železniki Museum • Tehnical Monument - Furnace (plavž) • Bobbin lace

Železniki Route 3

The motorcycle drive through idyllic Selca Valley can be spiced up with a stop in Železniki rich in ironwork tradition, the reminder of which - the furnace (plavž), which is the only one in Slovenia completely preserved, stands and the picturesque architecture of buildings. Železniki with the surrounding villages are known for their rich handicraft tradition in which the production of honey bread in Dražgoše as well as the kljekarske čipke (bobbin lace) stand out. Selca Valley offers numerous opportunities of actively spending your leisure time.



Žiri Route 4

In the upper part of Poljanska Valley Žiri is located which is known after the bobbin masterpieces and shoemaking tradition. The green nature offers many opportunities for activities in nature and the winding road towards Idrija is the true paradise for motorcycle-lovers. A stop in Žiri is especially interesting for those who have an interest in fortresses – the surrounding of Žiri is intertwined with the system of above-ground and underground military bunkers the indoor of which you can view with a guide as well as you can find out more about them in the museum.


• TOURISM ŠKOFJA LOKA Kidričeva cesta 1a, SI-4220 Škofja Loka T. +386 (0)4 517 06 00, +386 (0)51 427 827 E. GPS. 46.1678 N, 14.3118 E ················································· • Žiri Museum • A. Primožič Bobbin Lace Gallery • Rupnik’s Line – system of military fortresses from the period between the two World Wars

TAKE IN THE VIEW • INSTITUTE FOR TOURISM AND CULTURE ŽIROVNICA Čop’S Birth House (Mon-Fri) Žirovnica 14, SI-4274 Žirovnica T. +386 (0)4 580 15 03, +386 (0)40 221 929 E. GPS. 46.4046 N, 14.1375 E

Žirovnica Route 2

Prešeren’s Birth House (Sat-Sun) Vrba 2, SI-4274 Žirovnica T. +386 (0)4 580 20 92 ················································· • Janša’s Beehive • Prešeren’s Birth House, Vrba • Čop’s Birth House, Žirovnica

Valley of Završnica and ten additional villages under the highest peak of Karavanke i.e. Stol are joined into the Municipality of Žirovnica. The area is marked with rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the landscape. This is the place of origin of many men who have played important roles in the cultural history of Slovenia. The birth houses of dr. France Prešeren, Matija Čop, Fran Saleški Finžgar, Janez Jalen, Janša’s Beehive and other cultural monuments have all been connected by the Cultural Heritage Trail of Žirovnica today.


More info at:, Contracting authority: RDO Gorenjska - Regionalna destinacijska organizacija (Gorenjska – Regional Destination Organisation) • Editor: Lili Ošterbenk Janša • Guidance: Robert Sušanj • Design and concept: Snežana Madić Lešnik • Text: Local tourist organisations • Photos: Aljoša Korenčan, Archive of JZ Turizem Radovljica (Public Institution Tourism Radovljica), Archive of the Municipality of Jesenice, Archive of the Municipality of Preddvor, Archive of the Municipality of Šenčur, Archive of RDO Gorenjska - Regionalna destinacijska organizacija (Regional Destination Organisation), Archive of STO, Archive of Tourism Bled, Archive of Tourism Bohinj, Archive of Tourism Škofja Loka, Archive of ZTK Žirovnica (Institute of Tourism and Culture Žirovnica), Archive of ZTK (Institute of Tourism and Culture) Tourism Kranj, Brane Žagar, Bor Rojnik, Dare Sintić, Davo Karničar, Drejc Karničar, Foto Bobo, Izidor Jesenko, Iztok Noč, Jana Jocif, Jana Kuhar, Katja Cof (A View at the Mountains through Oilseed Rape, Source: Picture Slovenia), Marko Pleško, Matej Slabe, Matevž Lenarčič, Polona Mlakar Baldasin, Snežana Madić Lešnik, Vesna Videnovič (Source: Picture Slovenia) • Map: Kartografija • Copy-editing: Prevekso • Printed by: Tiskarna Dalmatin, 2012


Slovenian Alps - Motorcycle routes  

Slovenia’s Alps - Gorenjska. Diverse landscape, with high peaks linking Slovenia with Italy and Austria. Rivers and valleys from the Alps to...

Slovenian Alps - Motorcycle routes  

Slovenia’s Alps - Gorenjska. Diverse landscape, with high peaks linking Slovenia with Italy and Austria. Rivers and valleys from the Alps to...