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GREEN: HEALTHY! Slovenia is a green country with abundant, clear waters. More than two thirds of Slovenia's diverse terrain is covered by forest, and over a third of this country in the heart of Europe is classified as a protected natural area. With an area of only slightly more than 20,000 km2, Slovenia has 1,300 lakes, 28,000 kilometres of watercourses, and as many as 87 natural thermal springs! Due to the inseparable link between Slovenia's spas and astonishing natural beauty, its spas are special and well-known both at home and abroad. You can choose your favourite spa next to mighty forests or friendly vineyards, at the seaside with a very special and protected natural area or on the fertile Pannonian Plain. It's only a short trip from any of Slovenia's spas to lofty mountaintops or the Karst's astonishing rock formations. Well-being is encouraged with Slovenia's healing waters and favourable climatic conditions. The abundance of nature beckons you to take part in relaxing outdoor activities, and the spa centres as well as the nearby cities and countryside offer plenty of entertaining and cultural experiences. No matter what the season, Slovenia's beauty can be reached from 15 Slovenian health resorts!

04___HEALTH: so diverse!

14___HEALING: individual!

06___WATER: essence!

16___WELL-BEING: very personal!

08___FACTORS: out of nature!

18___WATER FUN: for joy!

10___KNOWLEDGE: professional!

20___COMFORT: my way!

12___BODY AND SOUL: indications!

22___CHOICE: luxury!


HEALTH: so diverse!

Health has a thousand shades. To many, it is as simple as feeling great; to others it means taking good care of yourself – preserving your physical and mental capacities. To others still, it is something that needs to be strived for with help from experts. Slovenia is well acquainted with the diversity of approaches available for maintaining and regaining good health. Its spas and health resorts combine natural resources, a century-old tradition of treatment, and the most advanced medical approaches.

Health____ 5





Spas and health resorts represent the best of Slovenian tourism, and foster excellence on the principles of sustainable development. Many Slovenian spas and health resorts therefore pride themselves on their quality certificates and environmental friendliness, and develop their quality and specificities in cooperation with the local environment. In hotels and other facilities, guests are also encouraged to behave more responsibly towards nature, water and energy.

In Slovenian spas and health resorts, the proven efficiency of natural healing factors has been recognised through experience since ancient times and is now connected with the work of excellent teams of doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals. All the accredited health resorts cooperate with selected experts – especially in the areas of their specialisation – and some even have top medical centres with state-of-the-art diagnostic and other types of equipment.

Some health resort locations are rich in ancient stories and myths related to mineral springs. Since ancient times, health seekers have been attracted to Slovenia’s babbling thermal waters. Many of the thermal centres have well-known healing waters and have a proud history that dates back to Roman times, the medieval nobility and the monasteries, the times of alchemists and the flourishing period of the European imperial courts.

The delights in thermal pools with water attractions and the pleasure of wellness indulgence and therapies in spas are supplemented by exceptional opportunities for active vacationing in green nature and in the nearby friendly cities and villages. In the vicinity of the spas, there are a number of footpaths and cycling tracks to choose from, while their surrounds offer ample opportunities for golf, tennis, ball games, horseback riding and winter sports. Amusements, events and trips are available at every step of the way. When it comes to organising a special event – be it a business meeting or a special wedding ceremony – Slovenian spas are the perfect choice.


WATER: Essence!

Slovenia is a country famed for its coastline, rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes and karst groundwater. Along with this abundance of water, Slovenia is, in particular, a land of thermal springs. Spas and health resorts developed close to these springs, where the water rushes to the surface at temperatures range from 24â °C to 73â °C. Some springs contain many minerals with a proven quality bio-field or are special due to their fossil origin. In addition to thermal spas and thermal mineral water, Slovenia also has drinkable mineral waters. The healing effects of thermal water are boosted when accompanied by drinking mineral water at source.

Water___ 7



At source, all thermal and thermal mineral waters have a temperature exceeding 20⁰C. Some Slovenian health resorts developed close to water with temperatures no higher than 24⁰C, approximately one third of which are located close to springs with a friendly isotherm ranging from 34⁰C to 38⁰C, with another third developed based on hyper-thermal water of up to 73⁰C at source. Natural warm water has a favourable impact on the entire body, particularly on circulation and the metabolism; it reduces tension, relaxes and has pain-killing properties. Adequately selected thermal water is the most important healing factor in almost all Slovenian spas. The comfort of naturally warm water is a part of numerous wellness experiences.

Slovenian thermal mineral waters have various levels of carbon dioxide, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and other minerals. The waters from the edge of the Pannonian Plain are of fossil origin, contain paraffin and have a special colour. The thermal mineral waters along the Adriatic coast are a remnant from the 42,000-year-old prehistoric seawaters trapped in the Earth’s bosom. The unique temperature and mineral content combinations at source, as well as the other characteristics of the water, generate the positive effects of thermal water. Some spas are therefore the right choice for rheumatic, locomotor, neurological, skin, gynaecological, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastroenterological and other problems.




VERY SPECIAL GLOBALLY The sources of two drinkable mineral waters of global repute can be found in the immediate vicinity of the spas. Donat Mg mineral water, which contains over 1,000 mg of magnesium per litre, is one of the leading and most frequently studied natural mineral waters in the world. This unique healing water is considered to be an excellent aid to treating gastroenterological, endocrine and many other diseases, which is why it is included as part of the therapies offered in Rogaška. In terms of carbon dioxide content, Radenska Three Hearts mineral water is one of the richest mineral waters in Europe. Due to its calcium and magnesium content, it is often used to replace mineral substances lost after physical activity. In Radenci, the guests drink it to stabilise their blood pressure.


FACTORS: Natural!

Slovenia is not only abundant in water, but is also exposed to extremely diverse microclimatic conditions owing to its location between the mountains and the sea, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. Its geological diversity and unspoilt nature lends itself to several other natural factors used by Slovenian spas in their health, well-being, beauty and relaxation therapies. In Slovenia, the water effectively connects to clean saltpans, peat marshes and other local specificities.

Factors___ 9


A mixture of Adriatic Sea water, brine and the mud from the saltpans along the Slovenian coast has been used for curative purposes since at least the 13th century. The brine from the saltpans, which are still in operation and can be visited along the coastal region, is rich in bromine, iodine and magnesium. When combined with salt baths and fango (mud from salt pans), it plays an important part in the relaxation, beauty and treatment therapies offered in coastal and other Slovenian spas.


Slovenian health resorts can be found from the coastal region to 1,500 m above sea level, flirting with the ancient Pohorje and the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. The right altitude and clement temperatures, even in mid-summer, along with the shelter afforded by the green forest, create an environment that is beneficial to the skin and respiratory organs. Thalassotherapy, which is made possible by the area’s natural sources and maritime climate, is very popular in the spas by the sea. Its efficiency is increased in a clean environment such as the protected area of the landscape park.


Natural aerosols such those that can be found in the fresh sea air, and those of the mild highland climate among mighty forests, are an important factor in the healing process. This can be added to special inhalation therapies with various natural and healing substances.


There are two large peat areas in Slovenia, one of which can be found among the ancient hills of the Pohorje, and the other in Ljubljansko barje, which is in the capital’s immediate vicinity. Both areas are protected due to their special natural characteristics and the peat has been traditionally used for healing purposes. In Slovenian spas, the peat has also been used for medical purposes. As an organic peloid, peat is used as a bath or compress that is applied directly to the area of pain. Similarly, other peloids, such as mixtures of sea water, organic and inorganic substances are also used.


KNOWLEDGE: Professional!

In terms of landscape, Slovenia’s spas and health resorts are located in very diverse parts of the country and are the best starting point for exploring its natural and cultural specificities, cities and villages, mountains and sea, forests and waters. However, their true mission over the centuries has been to maintain health. For this reason, highly qualified experts in various fields of medical science are their most important attribute.

Knowledge___ 11


Well-equipped medical centres, where renowned specialists offer top diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation are closely intertwined with the spas. In connection with the indications of individual spas, state-of-the-art outpatient clinics and consultancy services have been developed. In some spas, there are centres that specialise in certain medical conditions and diseases such as cardiovascular disease, holistic menopause and andropause, multiple sclerosis, urinary incontinence and similar. In order to boost treatment and rehabilitation, specialist doctors connect their expertise with balneology and other complementary sciences.


Wellness services in Slovenian spas are provided by certified experts, and most of the medical wellness spa programmes are selected by consulting a specialised doctor. Wellness services, strengthening health through massage, selected sports and relaxation activities in the nature, an appropriate diet and beauty programmes are all carried out in modern centres of relaxation, health and beauty. Some medical centres also offer plastic surgery and dentistry services. Comprehensive physical and mental health programmes, and special programmes for weight loss, anti-stress therapies and anti-aging, as well as programmes for managers, healthy spines for expectant mothers, and the like are all based on modern medical findings and discoveries.


CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES Radenci Health Resort Rogaška Medical Centre Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort Topolšica Thermal Spa Zreče Health Resort RESPIRATORY SYSTEM DISEASES LifeClass Hotels & Spa Talaso Strunjan Spa & Hotels Topolšica Thermal Spa Zreče Health Resort KIDNEY/URINARY DISEASES Dobrna Thermal Spa Radenci Health Resort Rogaška Medical Centre Zreče Health Resort


METABOLISM DISEASES Ptuj Thermal Spa Radenci Health Resort Rogaška Medical Centre

SKIN DISEASES Thermana Laško, Hotels & Resorts Terme 3000, Sava Hotels & Resorts Olimia Thermal Spa Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort Zreče Health Resort

BODY AND MIND: Indications!

Body and Mind___ 13

NEUROTIC DISORDERS Rogaška Medical Centre Terme Zreče Spa Resort

EYE DISEASES Rogaška Medical Centre Zreče Health Resort


NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES Čatež Thermal Spa Dobrna Thermal Spa Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa Thermana Laško, Hotels & Resorts Lendava Thermal Spa Olimia Thermal Spa LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož Ptuj Thermal Spa Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort Topolšica Thermal Spa Zreče Health Resort GYNAECOLOGICAL DISEASES Čatež Thermal Spa Dobrna Thermal Spa Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa Thermana Laško, Hotels & Resorts Lendava Thermal Spa Zreče Health Resort

RHEUMATIC DISEASES Čatež Thermal Spa Dobrna Thermal Spa Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa Thermana Laško, Hotels & Resorts Lendava Thermal Spa Terme 3000, Sava Hotels & Resorts Olimia Thermal Spa Life Class Hotels & Spa Portorož Ptuj Thermal Spa Radenci Health Resort Rogaška Medical Centre Talaso Strunjan Spa & Hotels Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort Topolšica Thermal Spa Zreče Health Resort

INJURIES TO LOCOMOTOR ORGANS Čatež Thermal Spa Dobrna Thermal Spa Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa Thermana Laško, Hotels & Resorts Lendava Thermal Spa Terme 3000, Sava Hotels & Resorts Olimia Thermal Spa LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož Ptuj Thermal Spa Radenci Health Resort Rogaška Medical Centre Talaso Strunjan Spa & Hotels Šmarješke Toplice Health Resort Topolšica Thermal Spa Zreče Health Resort


TREATMENT: Individually!

Slovenia’s natural spas are all nationally accredited and every treatment is a story of its own and is never limited to the treatment of a specific body part. When it comes to health, it is always a story of life.

complete medical care: prevention – diagnostics – treatment – care – nursing – rehabilitation specialist treatment: dermatology – diabetology – endocrinology – physiotherapy – gastroenterology – gynaecology – cardiology – neurology – orthopaedics – pulmonology – rheumatology – stomatology – urology

the abcs of Slovenian spas: : acupuncture – balneotherapy – occupational therapy – densitometry – diagnostics – electro stimulation – electro therapy – ergometry – physical therapy – hydrotherapy – inhalation – kinesiotherapy – laboratory tests – mechanotherapy – pressotherapy – laser therapies – thermotherapy – ultrasound therapy – ultraviolet phototherapy

Treatment____ 15


I am healthy. I do not have time to fall ill. I can take anything. Yet, I feel a twinge of pain every now and then. My blood pressure rises and I become aware that I do not pay my body enough attention. This is why I have been planning my holidays differently recently: I start with a diagnostic or preventive test in a Slovenian spa. Now, I know my body better. I consult specialists and, based on their advice, am able to take better care of my body. I use my holiday time to introduce small changes into my lifestyle that I continue to work on afterwards.


Some diseases never pass, but my disease does not have control over my life – I manage the disease! An appropriate diet, well-planned recreational activities and, above all, medical therapies that really help – this is what I need and what is offered at my favourite spa. There is also a centre that specialises in my medical condition. Examinations and tests as well as advice from a top expert strengthen my will to live again and again. I have learnt to live with this disease.


When you are young and strong, you think you are invincible. But an injury can change your life, making you afraid that this might be it forever. Once the first phase of treatment has been completed, you keep asking yourself whether you will ever get back to normal. After a thorough rehabilitation programme in Slovenia’s spas, I am well aware of the fact that I will never be the same again! I have completely recovered, regaining complete mobility; but I have much more than that. During my rehabilitation programme I got to know myself better. I know what I can do. I know how to tackle exercise in the right way. I know how to be stronger and less reckless.


WELL-BEING: very personal!

Some people feel they can only finally take a deep breath when they have escaped everybody and everything, while some enjoy themselves most with a partner or when accompanied by a group. There are different ways, but well-being is the puzzle of a healthy lifestyle.

Well-Being____ 17


When I can finally take some time out and escape the usual wild pace of work, my day starts with yoga and meditation and then continues with walks in the nature. When I quieten my mind, I can listen to my own body again. Therefore, I treat myself to a massage. After I reach a stage of complete relaxation, I start to enjoy the sauna and swimming pools. I know that I have recharged my batteries when I start to long for the things that are so typical for a woman: a manicure, pedicure and hairdo. Once my senses have sharpened, I start to slowly enjoy new dishes and go to events that reinvigorate my spirit. I go to spas because I love myself!


A holiday is time for just the two of us! We choose a wellness hotel with great cuisine and a wellness centre. Among the choices of relaxation and indulgence activities on offer, we could each go for separate options, but we usually choose to relax in various types of saunas that we both adore and choose programmes for couples that are always a pleasant surprise. And with shared baths, breakfast in bed and candlelit dinners, our Slovenian spa breaks are so especially romantic!


My appearance is an intrinsic part of my selfesteem. Over the years, minor irregularities have worsened and begun to bother me. Since my teenage years, I have been embarrassed by a tiny and not beautiful part of my body. When I discovered Slovenia, I came across a spa where they helped me with non-invasive aesthetic techniques that have made my life so much more beautiful, giving me the confidence after a couple of years to undergo cosmetic surgery. I know that most people don't even notice the difference, but I feel reborn! Therefore, I shall be returning to Slovenia.


AQUA FUN: joyful!

Summer terraces next to pools or pleasant corners with indoor pool and spa services are a place to have fun – in the water and right next to it! For this reason, the spas and their social events and entertainment, both at the spa or in the local vicinity, along with their modern pools and spa facilities, have attracted not only health seekers but also those who love relaxed holidays close to water.

Aqua Fun____ 19


Slovenia's thermal centres boast over 10,000 m2 of the most modern water surfaces. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools offer a variety of water temperatures and various water attractions.


To many visitors, the most important part of the holidays are hi-tech, long and twisting water slides. In addition, there are rapids, wave pools, diving pools and other attractions. The exciting areas in aqua complexes are always supplemented by peaceful corners.


In addition to swimming, walking in water, water aerobics and other stretching activities, the relaxation and massage effects of water are important. Therefore, various massage pools and whirlpools are provided everywhere. In some places, you can indulge in the stream of slow flowing rivers, while individual pools will surprise you with their special water effects.


A wide range of Slovenian health resorts offer programmes for families. These include special playrooms, fun, parties and adventures. Water surfaces also provide special pools for children and, in some cases, aqua-parks with attractive equipment. Especially in the summer, more attention is paid to children's corners in nature with tents, cottages on the water, treasures hidden in the neighbourhood and other surprises.


COMFORT: My way!

Our well-being is affected not only by the way we eat and sleep, but even by the views we enjoy when looking through a window. This is why most of the accommodation facilities in Slovenian spas are closely integrated with the natural environment. In many places, the wellness mind-set has a strong influence on the selection of even the smallest interior details. The cuisine is based on a combination of healthy-living principles and gourmet delights. Therefore, when choosing accommodation, take more than just a place to stay into consideration!

Comfort___ 21





Three-, four- and five-star hotels offer all the comfort one would expect, with some even providing extras such as anti-allergic equipment, whirlpool tubs in their rooms and suites, and the like. Some spas can be proud of being real wellness hotels with wellness and beauty centres and programmes that focus on the body and mind: from recreational activities to cultural events. The hotels themselves are usually linked to pool complexes.

There are six Slovenian natural spas that also cater for camping and glamping lovers and provide them with the hospitality of nature. The modern and well-equipped campsites are located in the vicinity of hotel facilities and swimming pools and are open all year round. The campsites and some other sites also welcome caravans. In addition to camping, which is well-established, glamping has become increasingly popular: a luxurious stay in the arms of nature, characterised by very special stories. You can, for example, spend the night in a large wine cask!

Family or connecting rooms are provided by hotels of all categories, which means homeliness for families, and those who want their stay resemble domestic comfort can choose between apartments in apart-hotels and apartment settlements within thermal centres. Complexes that have good campsites also offer bungalows equipped in accordance with hotel standards.

In every health resort, the importance of health is also stressed in a diet that complies with a tailor-made treatment plan. In addition to a protective diet and various dietetic foods, the chefs also offer specially selected local and cosmopolitan culinary delights. Get acquainted with Slovenian wines; Slovenia is a country of vineyards and extreme luxury of various wine nobilities that you can encounter by following the wine routes found in the vicinity of every Slovenian health resort!


CHOICES: Luxury!

What inspires us when we go somewhere to experience something good, to see different landscapes and to experience something new, as well as to recharge our batteries, exercise our body and mind and discover the unknown? To come back to oneself! Choose to health resort for you in green Slovenia.

Choices____ 23

H Vienna / 260 km


Salzburg / 225 km

Terme Topolšica

Terme 3000

Zdravilišče Radenci Terme Dobrna

Terme Zreče

Terme Lendava Budapest 262 km

Terme Ptuj

Zdravilišče Rogaška Terme Olimia



Thermana Laško Terme Šmarješke Toplice


Venice 195 km

Talaso Strunjan


Terme Čatež

Zagreb 107 km

Terme Dolenjske Toplice



LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož




In the east of Slovenia: In Pomurje, at the edge of the Pannonian Plain in the land of cereal fields as well as at the foot of the Pohorje Mountains, special tradition and numerous natural beauties and close to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps with a view of mighty forests. In the southeast of Slovenia: in the Štajerska and Dolenjska regions among the winegrowing areas and in the land of the oldest Slovenian spas, in the vicinity of castles and monasteries In the southwest of Slovenia: in the Primorska region, along the Adriatic coast and the ancient saltpans and close to the renowned Slovenian Karst.

Actively! Diverse landscapes support various outdoor activities such as walking and cycling, golf and horseback riding, sports on natural waters and in the air as well as winter adventures on ski slopes. Choose the recreational and sports activities that suit you best. Healthy. Every accredited natural health resort in Slovenia covers certain areas of specialisation. If you have health problems, choose the right spa according to its areas of expertise. Beautiful. Slovenian health resorts develop wellness centres with numerous additional programmes: from relaxation to state-ofthe-art medical plastic surgery. Find the programme that best matches your wishes.

To be healthy. To feel well. To be you!


Your meetings can be hosted in Slovenian spas, many of which also have excellent on-site conference services. Slovenia is somewhere you can get married in a unique way. Some centres offer special wedding ceremonies, accommodation for wedding guests and special services for newlyweds. SPIRIT Slovenija, javna agencija Dimičeva ulica 13, SI - 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 589 85 50 fax: +386 1 589 85 60 e-mail:

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Slovenia: Land of Health