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slovenia Travel Agent´s Manual 2012

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Dear partners of Slovenian tourism! Healthy, natural, active – three key words that describe the destination of Slovenia. These three factors represent what we are most proud of and what we will offer tourists who are invited to our country.

29___ Slovenia Life


Namely, Slovenia is a GREEN destination that invites tourists to preserve and restore their HEALTH through an ACTIVE vacation. Numerous facts speak in favour of a green Slovenia: with almost 60% coverage with forests, Slovenia is ranked the third most forested country in Europe; 36% of the surface of our land is included in the Nature network; according to the quantity of river waters per inhabitant, Slovenia belongs to the most water-rich European countries; the drinking water in Slovenia is the cleanest not only in Europe, but in the world. And the list goes on and on. Slovenia is also a country that is almost made for an active discovery of adventures in the midst of all these extraordinary natural features. Trails for hikers in the midst of intact nature are available only a couple of minutes away – even from the capital. The diversity of land in such a small area offers bicycle tracks for families as well as lovers of difficult cross-country and mountain cycling. Did you know that you can also experience the Slovenian underground on a bicycle? 27,000 kilometres of running waters in Slovenia enable water sports and water activities in Slovenia to satisfy even the most demanding tourists daily. Moreover, even lovers of winter vacation love to return to Slovenia – including lovers of ski touring and those who enjoy fresh air in numerous ski resorts. Slovenia represents a unique paradise for other lovers of active vacations – be it riding, golf or adrenaline discovery of our country from air; namely, the unique position at the crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain provides a diverse and, at the same time, unique tourist offer.

14___ Slovenia Culture

30___ Getting Around in

We would like to invite you to a healthy, intact and active country of countless adventures! The care for health, renewal of vitality and power as well as seeking of a path towards balance in life are no longer simply phrases, but a life philosophy of modern human beings and, naturally, of a modern tourist. Healthy, natural, active, authentic, intact and green – these are the attributes of tourist destinations that are sought after and appreciated by tourists nowadays. Slovenia is such a destination; it is meant for tourists who hope to preserve and restore their health through an active vacation in intact nature.

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Dear partners of Slovenian tourism! I invite you to present to guests the unique set of experiences that is offered by our country. I am convinced that during their stay in Slovenia, guests will again find their balance of body and soul, while at the same experiencing the story of a green tourist destination. M. A. Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board


9 HOTTEST FACTS Come and take a closer look.

URBAN URBANE The architecture of the famed Plečnik spread all over the capital city of Ljubljana.

THE WISHING BELL Fascinating Lake Bled with its island, where you can ring the bell at the church and make a wish.

MYSTIC MEDITERRANEAN The famous veduta of Piran, this medieval pearl, gives a memorable seaside view.

UNDERGROUND, OVERGROUND The unique Karst landscape stretches over approximately 500 square kilometres.

GOOD WATER Numerous thermal-water springs reaching the surface at 32-73˚C are one of the greatest Slovenian treasures.

DEEP FOREST The magical Kočevje virgin forest, our preserved natural heritage.

CULT CULTURE The creative crossroads of the European Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. HOTTEST LINKS

ALPINE DANCE MUSIC The Avsenik Brothers established a new kind of folk music by combining piano accordion, trumpet, clarinet, bass and guitar.

GREAT-GREAT-GRANDVINE The oldest vine in the world, the 400-year-old vine in Maribor.

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About Slovenia____ 3

WHY FEEL SLOVENIA Stunning views can take our breath away, but it is not images that make memories: it is experiences! Slovenia surprises us with the diversity that it reveals, in a different way every time, through countless challenging activities. Among natural and cultural sights, in the country or in the town, in the water or in the air, on active trails or mysterious descents deep below the surface, everyone feels it in his or her own way. Small country, lots of experiences! A crossroads of cultures and natural wonders that surprises and fascinates at every step. In Slovenia there is no need to choose between experiences. You can experience them all at the same time! In just a short time you can discover different landscapes, from the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Alps to the Pannonian Plain – by road, rail or cycle path. Even on a short break, you can feel the passion of extreme sports, the tranquillity of unspoilt nature, the homeliness of traditional customs and the liveliness of modern towns and cities. Slovenia is full of life and surprises. It is never boring! An outdoor party or a stunning concert by top artists: you can experience it all in a single night. On the beach beneath the stars or in the warm embrace of fresh hay in the countryside. The choice is yours. Come and experience Slovenia. Feel it. It is unique, like everyone who visits it.

In Slovenia we swear by sustainable development and we adhere to our green obligations. We operate with respect for the environment and nature, and we take account of local special features. Because this is important for each one of us and for our environment. Be green yourself, and help us keep our country unspoilt. By heeding the advice given below, you will be on the right track. Happy trails.

Slovenia, tourist map, 1:630 000 - 2010, 2nd edition / Published by: Slovenska turistična organizacija (Slovenian Tourist Board) / Concept and editing by: Primož Kete, Prof. Branko Rojc, PhD / Cartographic processing, mapping and page layout: Geodetski inštitut Slovenije (Geodetic Institute of Slovenia), Jamova 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Sources: Turistična karta Slovenije, 1:500,000 (2008); data from the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia and data from the Slovenian Tourist Board. / All rights reserved. Any copying, duplication or remaking of the map in part or in whole is prohibited without the prior approval of the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia.

National border

Conference venue

Palace, castle

International border crossing

Golf course

Museum, art gallery

Main road

Tourist cave

Natural heritage site

Scenic railway, vintage train

Wine-growing region

Site of archaeological importance

International airport

EDEN - European Destination of Excellence

Technical monument, mine

Sports aerodrome

Canoeing, rafting

Cultural heritage monuments recommented for visitors

Cable car

Triglav National Park

Site of architectural importance

Tourist information

Regional Park

UNESCO world heritage site

Port, marina

Slovenian Alpine path

The Geodesic centre of Slovenia

Winter sports resort

European long distance footpaths E-6, E-7





Monastery, convent


6____Slovenian Tourist Board

SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD Slovenska turistična organizacija Dimičeva 13 • SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 5898 550 fax: +386 1 5898 560 e-mail: portal: business pages:

Representative Offices Abroad Austria - Slowenisches Tourismusbüro Opernring 1/R/4/447 A-1010 Wien tel.: +43 1 7154 010 fax: +43 1 7138 177 e-mail: Italy - Ufficio del Turismo Sloveno Galleria Buenos Aires 1 I-20124 Milano tel.: +39 0229 51 11 87 tel. 2: +39 0229 51 41 57 fax: +39 0229 51 40 71 e-mail: Germany - Slowenisches Fremdenverkehrsamt Maximiliansplatz 12 a D-80333 München tel.: +49 89 29 16 12 02 fax: +49 89 29 16 12 73 e-mail: Benelux/France Office du Tourisme Slovène Sloveense Dienst voor Toerisme Idaliestraat 19/3, Rue d’Idalie Brussel 1050, Bruxelles tel. 1: +32 2 644 2704 tel. 2: +32 499 12 12 87 fax: +32 2 644 2704 United Kingdom/Ireland Information Office, London 10 Little College Street SW1P 3SH London Tel.: +44 870 225 53 05 Fax: +44 207 222 52 77 E-mail: Japan/Tokyo スロヴェニア観光局 東京インフォメ ーションオフィス 〒107-0062東京都 港区南青山7-14-12 Tel.: +81 3 5468 2217 Fax: +81 3 5468 2217 メールアドレス:

Like every other activity, the promotion of a country needs a good manager. From this point of view Slovenia is in good hands. The Slovenian Tourist Board is not only a good tourism strategist, it is a good example of the correct attitude towards a country and its natural and cultural heritage. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is the major national tourist organization which: • plans and implements the promotion of our country as a tourist destination • links existing products and programmes of national importance and advances the development of new ones • promotes the setting up of integrated tourist information infrastructure • executes research and development work The STB is the contact and central point in the complex network of Slovenian tourism that plays the co-ordinating and linking role between the public, private and civil sectors. The STB is the marketing, information and analytical tourist centre

All of the more important tourist centres in Slovenia have their own tourist information centres (TIC’s), which offer tourists upto-date information on local tourism. The current list with contact data for over 70 TIC’s can be found at:

SLOVENIA GREEN At the Slovenian Tourist Board we are committed to green operations. Through the “SLOVENIA GREEN” project, we are striving to function in the most environmentfriendly way in promoting our country. We use environment-friendly materials, whenever possible we bike or walk, we use natural sources of energy, we handle water resources prudently, and above all we spread the will and knowledge for all others to act in this way. Including you.

of the country, which uses modern methods, approaches, tools and activities in the global marketing of the Slovenian tourist offer.

BANK OF TOURISM POTENTIALS IN SLOVENIA Do you have ideas on how to improve Slovenian tourism? Do you have a concrete solution to a concrete tourism problem? Do you know exactly what you want and you are looking for partners or investors? Do you want to fi nancially support good ideas in tourism? More information available at:

STIC Slovenian Tourist Information Centre Krekov trg 10 SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 306 45 75, 306 45 76 fax: +386 1 306 45 80 e-mail:

Public fairs and trade fairs to be attended by the Slovenian Tourist Board and its partners in 2012.


Slovenia on Tour____ 7




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8____Slovenia Embassies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Slovenia has embassies and consulates in many countries around the world. Citizens of some countries need visas for Slovenia, and these can be obtained at all Slovenian embassies and consulates abroad. Numerous countries have embassies and consulates in Slovenia that will assist their citizens visiting our country. SLOVENIAN embassies and consulates abroad

Prešernova 25, p.p. 481 SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 4782 000 fax.: +386 1 4782 340 e-mail:

Australia Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia 26 Akame Circuit O’Malley 2606 ACT Australia tel.: +61 2 6290 0000   fax: +61 2 6290 0619

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the United Nations 600 Third Avenue, 24th Floor New York N.Y. 10016, USA tel.: +1 212 370 30 07 fax: +1 212 370 18 24


Belgium Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Rue du commerce 44, 4eme étage 1000 Bruxelles Belgium tel.: +32 2 213 6327 fax: +32 2 213 6429

Russian Federation Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Ul. Malaja Dmitrovka, 14/1 127006 Moscow Russian Federation tel.: +7 495 737 63 55 fax: +7 495 694 15 68

China Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia No. 57, Block F, Ya Qu Yuan, King’s Garden Villas 18 Xiao Yun Road, Chao Yang district 100600 BEIJING PR of CHINA tel.: +86 10 6 468 11 54 fax: +86 10 6 468 10 40

Spain Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Hermanos Bécquer, 7-2 28 006 Madrid Spain tel.: +34 91 411 68 93 fax: +34 91 564 60 57

Guests from different parts of the world view green efforts differently. If it seems to you that your host is not exploiting all the opportunities, or experiences from your home environment offer even better solutions – share them with your host. He will be grateful. We can only achieve the objective together.

India Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia A-5/4 Vasant Vihar New Delhi - 110057 India tel.: +91 11 41 66 28 91               fax: +91 11 41 66 28 95 Japan Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia 14-12 Minamiaoyama 7-chome Minato-Ku Tokyo 107- 0062 Japan tel.: +81 3 54 68 62 75            fax: +81 3 54 68 11 82

UNITED KINGDOM Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia 10 Little College Street, London SWIP 3SH United Kingdom tel.: +44 20 7222 57 00 fax.: +44 20 7222 52 77 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia 2410 California Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008, U.S.A. tel.: +1 202 386 66 10 fax: +1 202 386 66 33 A list of all embassies of the Republic of Slovenia abroad and of all foreign embassies in the Republic of Slovenia is available on

Kranjska Gora host of SIW 17th - 19th May 2012



ASSOCIATION OF SLOVENIAN TOURIST AGENCIES Commercial Interest Association Dimičeva 13, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 58 98 229 fax: +386 1 58 98 224 e-mail:

CHOOSE GREEN Information on green tourist attractions is sometimes hard to find. Acquaint your guests with the green attractions in Slovenia and demand from Slovenian service providers as much information as possible. Present them with our special features, local tradition and concern for preserving nature.

There are many tourist agencies in Slovenia, including these highly experienced agencies, well qualified to organise all of the requirements of visitors from abroad to Slovenia. INCOMING TOURIST AGENCIES MEMBERS OF ASSOCIATION OF SLOVENIAN TOURIST AGENCIES ABC RENT A CAR D.O.O. Celovška cesta 268 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 59 070 510 fax: +386 1 519 98 76 e-mail: Established: 1989. Number of staff: 31. Specialising in: business guests, individual travel, holidays in the countryside, vintage train excursion, transfers, V.I.P. transfers AGENCIJA RENEE D.O.O. Rožna dolina cesta XVII/15 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 423 57 42 fax: +386 1 257 18 22 e-mail: Established: 2003 Number of staff: 19 Specialising in: motivational travel, business guests, individual travel, holidays at the seaside, winter programmes and family holidays. AGENCIJA VAN GOGH Glavni trg 17 SI – 2000 Maribor tel.: +386 2 234 52 20 fax: +386 2 234 52 17 e-mail: Established: 1990 Number of staff: 5 Specialising in: groups travel, multidestination trips/tours, individual travel. AVRIGO D.D. NOVA GORICA Kidričeva 20 SI – 5000 Nova Gorica tel.: +386 5 330 31 23 fax: +386 5 330 31 26 e-mail: Established: 1952 Number of staff: 210 Specialising in: educational travel, multidestination trips/tours, specializing in theme coach excursions and trips; coach and minibus rental. BURIN YC d.o.o. Proletarska cesta 4 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 520 18 64 fax: + 386 1 520 18 50 e-mail: Established: 2003 Number of staff: 7 Specialising in: event organization, team building & corporate events, nautical travel (boat hire and cruises). CLUB d.o.o. Postaja 11 SI – 5216 Most na Soči tel.: +386 5 381 30 50 gsm: +386 31 675 630 fax: +386 5 388 74 63 e-mail: Established: 1994. Number of staff: 1 Specialising in: multi-destination trips/ tours, group tourism, vintage train excursions. CONDOR TRAVEL d.o.o. Mariborska cesta 212 SI - 3211 Škofja vas Tel.: +386 3 428 45 50 Fax: +386 3 428 45 52 e-mail: Established: 2000 Number of staff: 15 Specialising in: incoming tours in Slovenia and Europe for small and large groups, tailor made tours for individual guests,

Incoming Agencies____ 11 Sport training camps, corporate events, hotel bookings, transfers and other services. GOLFSLOVENIA.NET Cankarjevo nabrežje 3 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 244 25 30 fax: +386 1 244 25 34 e-mail: Established: 2006 Number of staff: 7 Specialising in: inbound and outbound golf tour operator, IAGTO member. INES TOURS d.o.o. Židovska ulica 1 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 421 39 40 fax: +386 1 421 39 44 e-mail: Established: 1993 Number of staff: 2 Specialising in: cultural travel, educational travel, programmes for seniors/pensioners, sporting activities/ active vacations, multi-destination trips/ tours, ecotourism. KOMPAS d.d. Pražakova 4 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 200 63 24 fax: +386 1 200 64 31 e-mail: Established: 1951. Number of staff: 246 Specialising in: motivational travel, congress tourism, business guests, individual travel, educational travel, short breaks, multi-destination trips/ tours, holidays at the seaside, winter programmes. KOMPAS NOVO MESTO D.O.O. Novi trg 10 SI – 8000 Novo mesto tel.: +386 7 393 15 30 fax: +386 7 393 15 39 e-mail: Established: 1991 Number of staff: 9 Specialising in: groups travel, active holidays (hiking, cycling, riding, boating), hotel and private accommodation, congress tourism, Theme trips and touring, short breaks. M & M TURIST D.O.O. Cankarjevo nabrežje 3 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 244 25 30 fax: +386 1 244 25 34 e-mail: Established: 1991 Number of staff: 7 Specialising in: hotel booking, individual and groups travel, MICE tourism, holidays.

M TOURS BLED, D.O.O. Prešernova cesta 3 SI – 4260 Bled tel.: +386 4 5753 300 fax: +386 4 5753 311 e-mail: Established: 1992 Number of staff: 32 Specialising in: holidays, multidestination trips/tours, individual reservations, excursions, transfers, guiding, congress tourism, protocol guided tours for diplomats.

PROMET T&T d.o.o. T&T Smart Europe Travel Celovška 73 SI – 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 519 35 11 fax: +386 1 519 53 45 e-mail: Established: 1989 Number of staff: 20 Specialising in: congress tourism, business guests, individual travel, short breaks, multi-destination trips/tours.


SAJKO TURIZEM d.o.o. Trg Svobode 22 SI – 2310 Slovenska Bistrica PE LJUBLJANA Wolfova 10 A 1000 Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 244 48 50 Fax: +386 1 244 48 53 Established: 1993 Number of staff : 14               Specialising in: individual and group travel, round trips/tours, seaside holidays, spa tourism, conference and convention tourism, active holidays, eco-tourism, programmes for seniors

SI – 5220 Tolmin tel.: +386 5 380 05 30 fax: +386 5 380 05 31 e-mail: Established: 2000 Number of staff: 4 Specialising in: active holidays, team building programmes, winter and summer programmes. PALMA D.O.O., PE PORTOROŽ Obala 16 SI - 6320 Portorož e-mail: tel.: + 386 5 6710 680 fax: + 386 5 6710 684 Established: 1990 Number of staff: 45 Specialising in: individual and groups travel and tours, round trips and touring, MICE tourism, guiding services, hotel and private accommodation, seaside and spa holidays, winter holidays, programs for the elderly, airline tickets. PANORAMIC TRAVEL GROUP Stegne 11 a SI-1000 Ljubljana Tel: +386 1 6004300 Fax: +386 1 6004325 e-mail: Established: 2008 Number of staff: 18 Specialising in: FIT & GROUP tours, multi – destination tours, MICE & corporate events, leisure holidays, medical tourism. PISANEC TOUR DESIGN COMPANY LTD POTOVANJA PISANEC D.O.O. Stara Loka 115 SI – 4220 Škofja Loka tel.: +386 4 506 25 00 fax: +386 4 506 25 15 e-mail: Established:: 1991 Number of staff: 3 Specialising in: Group travel and trips, classical and topical tours, tailor-made offers.

TMIN TOURS NATAŠA KOCIČ, S.P. Trg 1. maja 8 SI – 5220 Tolmin tel.: +386 5 3811 993 fax: +386 5 3811 994 e-mail: Established: 2005 Number of staff: 1 Specialising in: holiday and trip organisation across Europe, bus charter. TOP LINE Incoming Obala 114 SI – 6320 Portorož tel.: +386 5 6747 161 fax: +386 5 6747 029 e-mail: Established: 1989 Number of staff: 5 Specialising in: individual travel, groups travel, hotel accommodation, guiding services, trips and excursions, events and conventions organzation, touring, programmes for seniors/ pensioners, international maritime transport. TOP-TOURS, D.O.O. Obala 26 SI – 6320 Portorož tel.: +386 5 6778 040 fax: +386 5 6778 044 e-mail: Established: 2000 Number of staff: 3 Specialising in: groups travel, hotel accommodation, guiding, excursion, event organization, tours.



BECOME GREEN Contribute to reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere and choose public transport for your visit to Slovenia. On tours of city sights, you can go on foot or by bicycle. In terms of kilometres travelled, cars produce four times the emissions of CO2 than buses that are full of passengers, not to mention trains! Information on various options is available in printed as well as electronic publications, or you can check it with our service providers.

Wherever you come to Slovenia from, it is only a stone’s throw away. Vienna is a mere 230km from the border, Budapest just 240km, and Milan 460km away. Slovenia is only 8 hours or so from Prague by car. One of the younger European countries, it is well-connected to the world by road, rail, sea and air. So much diversity in such a small country: this is what everyone notices when they visit Slovenia for the first time. Where is it? At the junction of the Alps, the Pannonian Plain and the Adriatic Sea, between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. From its capital city, Ljubljana, in the very centre of the country, routes lead to regions that are all distinctly different. Head west and within just a few minutes the landscape transforms into a rocky karst plateau with over 8,000 underground caves. The Mediterranean world is less than an hour away. Head north and you reach the world of the Alps in under half an hour. High mountains, emerald rivers and mountain paths offer countless opportunities for recreational sport and adventure activities. Head south and in less than an hour you can find yourself in the heart of a virgin forest. Head east and in just over an hour you enter a landscape of vines and thermal springs.

JULIAN ALPS The mighty but accessible Julian Alps link four distinct tourist resorts. The greater part of the area lies inside the Triglav National Park, one of the largest natural parks in Europe. Bled, recognisable by the picturesque image of its medieval castle perched atop a mighty cliff above the lake, boasts numerous attractions and one especially charming feature: an idyllic island in the middle of a glacial lake. Bohinj is an excellent starting-point for mountain adventures and extreme sports. Kranjska Gora, famous as an Alpine skiing World Cup venue, also offers countless opportunities for recreation and fun in breathtaking natural surroundings. Not far away we find Planica, with the world's biggest ski jump. The emerald river

The diversity of its landscape is not the only surprising thing about Slovenia. Every region has its own cultural characteristics and its own excellent cuisine. Be sure to try the various types of bread, štruklji (savoury strudels), potica (nut rolls) and žganci (toasted grits), the different varieties of homemade sausages and of course air-dried Karst ham. You will find all this and more in every traditional inn or gostilna. And they will also serve you local and home-made wine. Slovenia is a producer of premium wines. Each of the three wine regions produces its own characteristic varieties. The history and identity of the Slovenes is inseparably tied up with their language, through which the soul of the Slovene nation is reflected. Friendly and hospitable Slovenes will happily show you their country and proudly serve you with everything that represents their culture.

Soča, on the other side of the Vršič pass, is a veritable natural adrenaline park. Nearby, above Bovec, is the highest ski centre in Slovenia, Kanin, where the snow remains right up until the summer.

SLOVENIAN ISTRIA Slovenia’s coast may be less than 47 kilometres long but the coastal region is a real treasury of natural and cultural sights of interest. The Sečovlje saltworks provide a home to numerous plant and animal species. The most popular tourist destinations are the wonderful medieval towns. The old centre of Koper is one of the most picturesque parts of the Istrian peninsula. Izola is best known as the venue for numerous international musical, cultural and sports events. Piran still preserves its medieval appearance. With its narrow streets and

Slovenia For You____ 13 Oslo Stockholm

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Copenhagen Vilnius Minsk London

Amsterdam Berlin


Brussels Kiev Paris

2000 km


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500 km


Bratislava Budapest



250 km Ljubljana Zagreb Bucharest Sarajevo



Madrid Pristine Rome







charming squares, the whole town enjoys protected monument status. Portorož, the town with the longest tradition of tourism on the Adriatic coast, has the most modern range of hotel accommodation. The town is full of opportunities for entertainment, sports and relaxation.

KARST The combination of limestone and water has given the Karst two faces. One above the surface and the other below. On the surface you can admire numerous natural karst phenomena, including the intermittent Lake Cerknica, which disappears underground on a regular basis, as you visit the little stone villages and sample Karst ham and Teran. The Karst underworld conceals over 8,000 karst caves. The most popular attraction is Postojna Cave, whose mysteries can be viewed from aboard the cave train. The beauties of the Karst also include the Škocjan Caves, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as an outstanding example of natural heritage. In the middle of the picturesque Karst, at the modern Lipica stud farm, the elegant Lipizzaner, a world-famous breed of horses originating in Slovenia, has reigned here for over four centuries.

LJUBLJANA Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a medium-sized city by European standards with roots dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. Slovenia’s greatest architect, Jože Plečnik, left a lasting mark on Ljubljana in the 20th century. His work includes the unique Triple Bridge, a main meeting-point for the inhabitants of the city. The pulse of the city can be found in over 10,000 events,

14 international festivals and the numerous cafés and restaurants along the banks of the river. The over 50,000 students of the University of Ljubljana give the city a particularly youthful atmosphere, while Slovenia’s capital is also a frequent venue for important business events and meetings. Ljubljana’s central location makes it the perfect starting-point from which to discover the beauties of the whole of Slovenia.

POHORJE AND THE MARIBOR REGION The Pohorje massif rises like a green oasis at the eastern end of the Alps. Countless forest paths invite visitors to discover its beauties on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. In winter the green slopes of the summer become a winter sports paradise. Maribor, the city at the foot of Pohorje, is an annual venue for Alpine skiing World Cup events. A venue for numerous cultural events, the city really comes to life in the summer, when its streets are thronged by performers and spectators of the Lent Festival. The city is set in the midst of vineyards and surrounded by over 50 kilometres of wine routes. It is also home to one of the oldest wine cellars in Europe. The most famous symbol of Maribor’s centuries-old viticultural tradition is the Old Vine, over 400 years old, which adorns the front of a house in the Old Town, on the bank of the Drava. The Old Vine has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world.

Slovenia occupies less than 0.004 percent of the Earth’s surface, yet it is home to more than 1 percent of all known living creatures and more than 2 percent of all land species. The coexistence of around 24,000 animal and plant species in such a small area ranks our country among the richest in Europe. We can preserve this wealth through wise, green measures in tourism!

As much as 36 percent of Slovenia is in the European green network Natura 2000. With forest covering 58.5% of its surface area, Slovenia is one of the most heavily forested countries in Europe. It has more than 9,000 karstic caves! One fifth of the Slovenian coast is protected. There are almost 27,000 km of watercourses. In quantity of river water per inhabitant, Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe. You can drink the water right out of the tap: it is among the cleanest in Europe!



The Slovenian Association of Historic Towns Mestni trg 15, SI-4220 Škofja Loka tel.: +386 4 5112 346 • fax: + 386 4 5112 318 e-mail:

Even Slovenia’s largest cities are small in international terms; but even its smallest towns are big when it comes to experiences in medieval squares and charming marketplaces, by rivers, in narrow streets lying in the shadow of castles and churches. Behind the remains of town walls, the green countryside that blends so naturally with urban scenes is easily accessible. Lively towns offer interesting events, fascinating legends and sights, and the heritage of different periods that combines with the cultural and natural sights of the surrounding

area. Slovenia has a population of around 2 million, with roughly half of the population living in urban areas. The towns are connected to the environment in surprising ways: that is why they are all so different. Like walking into small but luxurious boutiques of life!

HISTORIC TOWNS Idrija – A mining town on the Camino Real intercontinental mercury route. Technical heritage: Anthony’s Mineshaft. Craft traditions: Idrija Lace Festival. Gewerkenegg Castle. Kranj – A town on a rock: the picturesque pyramidshaped silhouette of this town situated on a platform of conglomerate rock below an imposing two-thousand-metre peak. A rich cultural venue and the inspiration for Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren. Slovenske Konjice – The town of flowers and wine. Historical sights: Žiče Charterhouse, an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Trebnik Manor – a treasure-house of health. Koper – The centre of the Slovenian coast: Old Town with the Praetorian Palace on one of the most beautiful town squares in the territory of the former Venetian Republic. Piran – A Mediterranean town. Tartini Square, saltmaking tradition: Sečovlje nature park and Strunjan, Punta Madonna. The town of classical music!

Ptuj – The oldest town in Slovenia! Ptuj Castle, Ptujska Gora, oldest wine cellar. The Carnival town! Radovljica – A town of culture with the only surviving late medieval moat in Slovenia, monuments of medieval architectural heritage, galleries and museums. Škofja Loka – Medieval town. Loka Castle, stone bridge, manor house, medieval hospice, churches. Natural sights. The town of the oldest Slovene dramatic work! Tržič – A town of thousands of metal shutters and doors. Neoclassical architecture at the foot of mountains and the confluence of rivers. The town of Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky. Novo mesto – For many people, the most beautiful riverside town! Old Town situated in a bend of the river Krka, nearby castles, Dolenjska Museum with valuable archaeological finds. The city of situlae!

Slovenia Culture____ 15

MUSEUMS AND GALERIES There are many museums and galleries in Slovenia that deserve your attention in addition to those listed below. They are scattered across the country. Most offer expert guided tours in foreign languages, although larger groups need to book these in advance. Detailed information is available from tourist information offices during your stay. Ljubljana Architectural Museum Pot na Fužine 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 5409 798 fax: +386 1 5400 344 e-mail: Exhibitions: departments for architecture, industrial design, graphic design and photography; Open: Tuesday - Sunday 10am6pm • Closed on public holidays. Slovenian Ethnographic Museum Metelkova 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 3008 700, +386 1 300 87 45 (weekend) fax: +386 1 3008 736 e-mail: Exhibitions: departments for textiles, folk arts, crafts, economy, social culture, settlements, architecture and interior design; periodic themed exhibitions. • Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm • Closed: Mondays and holidays. The National Museum Prešernova 20, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2414 400 fax: +386 1 2414 422 e-mail: Exhibitions: archaeological, cultural, historic and numismatic collections; periodic exhibitions • Open: Monday - Sunday 10am-6pm, Thursday 10am-8pm • Closed on public holidays. Natural History Museum Prešernova 20, p.p. 290, SI-1001 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2410 940 fax: +386 1 2410 953 e-mail: Exhibitions: geology-palaeontology collection, the Zois mineral collection, and permanent displays of birds, reptiles and fish • Open: daily 10am-6pm, but Thursday 10am -8pm • Closed on public holidays. Technical Museum of Slovenia Bistra 6, SI-1353 Borovnica tel.: +386 1 7506 706 fax: +386 1 7506 706 administration: Parmova 33, p.p. 3525, 1000 Ljubljana

tel.: +386 1 4361 606 fax: +386 1 4362 269 e-mail: Exhibitions: permanent collections (forestry, timber production, hunting, fishing, transport, textiles, agricultural collections, electrical machinery, and others) • Open: Tuesday – Friday 8am-4pm and 10am-6pm in July and August. Saturday 9am–5pm, Sunday and holidays 10am– 6pm • Closed Mondays and December, January, February. Brewery Museum Pivovarniška 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: + 386 1 4717 340 fax: + 386 1 4717 344 e-mail: Exhibitions: collection of exhibits showing all phases of beermaking and the history of brewing. • Open: every first Tuesday in the month 8am-1pm • Tours for organised groups can be arranged in advance. Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum Cankarjevo nabrežje 3, p.p. 103, SI-6330 Piran tel.: +386 5 6710 040 fax: +386 5 6710 050 e-mail: Exhibitions: archaeological, maritime, cultural and historic collection, Tonina hiša Ethnological collection in Sveti Peter and the Museum of Salt-making in Sečovlje Salt Flats Regional Park • Open: September June 9am - 5pm, July – August 9am - 12am and 5pm - 9pm. • Closed Mondays Kobarid Museum Gregorčičeva 10, SI-5222 Kobarid tel.: +386 5 3890 000 fax: +386 5 3890 002 e-mail: Exhibitions: permanent exhibition and multimedia presentation of the Soča (Isonzo) Front in the year 1917; Kobarid Museum was European Museum of the Year 1993 • Open: April - September: 9am-6pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9am–7pm. October - March: 10am-5pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9am–6pm. Museum of Apiculture Linhartov trg 1, SI-4240 Radovljica tel.: + 386 4 5320 520 fax: + 386 4 5320 524 e-mail: Exhibitions: development of Slovenian apiculture, a collection of decorative beehive front panels • Open: January - February Tuesday - Friday 8am –3pm, March, April, November, December Tuesday 8am – 3pm, Wednesday 10am – 12am and 3pm -5pm, Thursday 8am – 3pm, Friday 8am – 3pm,

Saturday and Sunday 10am – 12am and 3pm -5pm. From May to October 10am – 6pm.• Closed: Mondays and public holidays. Kropa Iron Forging Museum Kropa 10, SI-4245 Kropa tel.: +386 4 5337 200 fax: +386 4 5337 205 e-mail: Exhibitions: collection of tools, products, models and documents from the former iron works; exhibits of decorative castiron work • Open: January - February Tuesday Friday 8am –3pm, March, April, November, December Tuesday 8am – 3pm, Wednesday 10am – 12am and 3pm -5pm, Thursday 8am – 3pm, Friday 8am – 3pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am – 12am and 3pm -5pm. From May to October 10am – 6pm.• Closed: Mondays and public holidays. National Gallery Puharjeva 9, Prešernova 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2415 434 fax: +386 1 2415 400 e-mail: Exhibitions: permanent collection of Slovenian art and European painters; periodic exhibitions • Open: daily 10am-6pm, • Closed: Mondays and holidays. Museum of Modern Art Tomšičeva 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2416 800 fax: +386 1 2514 120 e-mail: Exhibitions: Permanent collection of major works by 20th century Slovene artists from 1950 to the present; periodic exhibitions • Open: Tuesday - Sunday 10am-6pm • Closed: Mondays and holidays. International Centre of Graphic Arts Pod Turnom 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2413 800 fax: +386 1 2413 821 e-mail: Exhibitions: periodic exhibitions • Open: Tuesday - Sunday: 11am-6pm. Regional Museum of Koper Kidričeva 19, SI - 6000 Koper tel.: +386 5 6633 570 fax: +386 5 6633 571 e-mail: Exhibitions: archaeological collection and collections covering the history of culture, art and history of Istra. • Open: September – May Tuesday - Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 1 pm, June – August Tuesday - Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 1 pm. • Closed: Mondays and public holidays.

16 SURPRISING VENUES At every step of your visit in Slovenia, there will be events awaiting for you in the fields of classical and alternative culture, fun and entertainment, sports and recreational activities. Plan your visit in Slovenia with the Event Calendar. You will find it on

GREEN FACT Concern for the environment begins with small acts – with the smallest elements of life: BEES. Beekeeping is an extremely important part of Slovenia’s natural and cultural heritage. The efforts of Slovenian beekeepers have in recent years been directed primarily at preserving the native Carniolan bee or Carniolan grey, the second most widespread bee subspecies in the world. Slovenia is the only member of the European Union that has protected its native bee.

CASTLES AND MANORS Nobody knows exactly how many castles and manors once stood in Slovenia, but it is estimated that there were several thousand. The sands of time have left only the ruins of some castle buildings. Some castles and manors have only been preserved in folk tradition, while others have been renovated and become modern museums, first-class hotels or are becoming cultural and tourist centres with a diversity of delights. BLEJSKI GRAD PREDJAMA CASTLE POSTOJNA SNEŽNIK CASTLE PTUJ CASTLE VELENJE CASTLE BOGENŠPERK CASTLE BREŽICE CASTLE GEWERKENEGG CASTLE IDRIJA

CHURCHES Slovenia is a land of churches: we find them in every village and on almost every hilltop. Six basilicas and thousands of churches and bell towers, among them many architectural and artistic jewels, invite pilgrims to come and discover their history. Three of the most popular are pilgrimage churches: the Basilica of Mary, Help of Christians at

Brezje, the parish church of Our Lady at Ptujska Gora and the church dedicated to Mary, Mother of God at Sveta Gora above Solkan. In the hinterland of Slovenian Istria, discover the centuries-old secrets of the Holy Trinity church in Hrastovlje. The interior of the church is decorated with fifteenth-century frescoes, the most famous of which is the Dance of Death, a sevenmetre-long depiction of the living and the dead dancing with Death, an important example of the iconographic tradition of the late Middle Ages. Brezje St Mary’s basilica Brezje 72, SI-4243 Brezje tel.: +386 4 5338 861, 5370 700 fax: +386 4 5338 866 e-mail:, Ptujska Gora Parish and pilgrimage church of the Mother of God Ptujska Gora 40, 2323 Ptujska Gora tel.: +386 2 7944 231 fax: +386 2 7949 391 e-mail: Sveta Gora Sveta Gora 2, SI-5250 Solkan tel.: +386 5 3304 020 fax: +386 5 3304 038 e-mail: Church of the Holy Trinity, Hrastovlje TIC Koper (Praetorian Palace) Titov trg 3, 6000, SI-Koper tel.: +386 5 664 64 03 fax: +386 5 664 64 05 e-mail :

Slovenia Culture____ 17

MONASTERIES Slovenia’s interesting and well-preserved monasteries are well worth a visit. With their notable architectural and cultural characteristics they have left a significant mark on the life of the Slovenes. At one time there were as many as 12 male and 17 female religious orders in Slovenia. As you travel through the vineyards of Dolenjska, a region with many monasteries and churches on the banks of the river Krka, you will find, in a remote valley near Ivančna Gorica and Šentvid, the Cistercian Stična Abbey, a cultural centre of the province of Carniola in the Middle Ages and still today a centre of culture, with the rich collection of its Museum of Christianity and the herb collection of Fr. Simon Ašič. Stična Cistercian monastery Stična 17, 1295 Ivančna Gorica tel.: +386 1 7877 100 fax: +386 1 7877 570 e-mail: In the shelter of the Gorjanci Hills lies Pleterje Charterhouse. A monastery of the Carthusian Order, the strictest male monastic order in the Roman Catholic Church, Pleterje is not open to visitors, since the strict rule of the monks does not allow them contact with the outside world. It is however possible to visit the old Gothic church and view a multivision presentation on the history of the charterhouse and the life of the Carthusians. The monastery was originally founded in the 15th century. The monastery church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity and a unique example of Gothic religious architecture in central Europe, is part of the original building. The monastery contains a rich library and art collection. Pleterje Carthusian Monastery Drča 1, SI-8310 Šentjernej tel.: + 386 7 3081 225, fax: +386 7 3081 219 e-mail: Not far from Slovenske Konjice, a town decked with flowers, the little village of Špitalič is home to a unique monument of monastic life in Slovenia – Žiče Charterhouse. This mysterious building, still incomplete, began to be built in the 12th century, on the model of the charterhouses in France. Its peace and tranquillity offer the visitor a chance to retreat from the modern world. By the entrance to the monastery stands the Gastuž or guest house, one of the oldest such establishments in Slovenia. Its museum collection contains medieval recipes which are still used today to prepare feasts for the many visitors.

Žička kartuzija in Gastuž TIC Slovenske Konjice Stari Trg 27, 3215 Loče tel.: +386 3 759 31 10 faks: +386 3 759 31 11 e-mail: In southeast Slovenia, in a region of many thermal springs, stands the monastery of Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek in Olimje. The church and the south and west wings are surviving remnants of the original monastery of the Pauline Fathers. In recent decades the monastery has been home to friars of the Minorite Order. The apothecary’s room, containing portraits of physicians and healers from Antiquity, depictions of plants and Bible scenes of healing, still serves its original purpose today. A well-stocked herb and vegetable garden still flourishes next to the monastery, growing medicinal plants for every ill. Minoritski samostan Olimje Olimje 82, SI-3254 Podčetrtek tel.: +386 3 582 91 61 e-mail:

TRANSROMANICA The Transromanica project was created under the aegis of the European Union to present to the general public the astonishing Romanesque era in Europe. The project, which includes 25 of the most important Romanesque sights, is a collaboration involving the German federal states of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, the Italian provinces of Modena, Ferrara and Parma, the Austrian state of Carinthia, and Slovenia. The Slovenian section of the Transromanica route connects 25 leading Romanesque cultural monuments in Slovenia – 5 major and 20 minor sites. The major monuments are Podsreda, Ptuj Castle, Laško with the Jurklošter Charterhouse, Stična and the cathedral and baptistery in Koper.

GREEN FACT Slovenia’s association with bees has also crossed over into the art world. Painted beehive panels, with which beekeepers separated their hives, developed into veritable art. The wide variety of motifs depicted on more than 50,000 beehive panels tell the rich narrative of Slovenian history.



GREEN FACT Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe, and as much as 58% of its surface is covered in green forests. We do not take this feature for granted, and every year we deliberately plant areas with 1.2 million tree seedlings and in this way contribute sustainably to the preservation of the forests.

Slovenia is the only country in Europe that has the Alps and the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the mysterious Karst. The variety of the landscape will surprise you again and again. You can see the sea, and yet there are mountains behind you. You climb a forested slope, and below you is a green plain. You stand in a mountain pasture, and below you winds the gorge of a river. The proximity of contrasts is a feature of Slovenia! Here you can still walk through virgin forest or see grapes

PROTECTED: RESPECTED! Johann Weikhard Valvasor was writing about the many natural curiosities of Slovenia in as early as the 17th century, while the virgin forest of the Kočevje region was first given protected status in the 19th century. National parks, nature parks (protected landscapes) and regional parks were proclaimed in the 20th century. Come and discover thousands of natural wonders! Mighty trees, forests, virgin forest The virgin forest reserves in Kočevksi Rog, the Gorjanci Hills and Pohorje are among the riches of Slovenia’s protected forests. Individual trees that represent unique landscape features are protected too. Streams, rivers, waterfalls Slovenia’s glacial lakes such as Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj are an ideal starting point for walks along mountain streams. These feed rivers such as the Sava and the Soča. There are over 300 permanent waterfalls in Slovenia! Intermittent (i.e. disappearing) watercourses are another peculiar feature. Gorges and ravines Slovenia’s rivers have carved out deep, narrow gorges. Experience elemental nature on the marked trail through Blejski Vintgar or on a trip down the Soča.

growing on the oldest vine in the world. Here you can hear stories about bears and eat forest fruits that you have picked yourself on a short walk out of town. Here you discover the secrets of the Earth’s surface and of that which lies below it. Here you are part of nature! Flora and fauna Slovenia accounts for less than 0.004% of the Earth’s surface but is home to more than 1% of all known living creatures and more than 2% of all land and freshwater species. With over 22,000 species of animals and plants, it has one of the highest levels of biological diversity in Europe. NATURAL PARKS Triglav National Park Since 1924, a sanctuary in the Alps, filled with natural treasures. Škocjan Caves Regional Park The showpiece of karstic caves with the deepest underground canyon in Europe; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Notranjska Regional Park The special characteristics of Lake Cerknica – the largest intermittent karstic lake. Goričko Nature Park Part of a tri-national nature park comprising Goričko (Slovenia), Őrség (Hungary) and Raab (Austria), in the region with the lowest rainfall in Slovenia. Kozjanski Park Meadow orchards, forests and wetlands – amid castles, monasteries and churches.

Slovenia Nature____ 19 CONTACT INFORMATION Triglav National Park Protected since 1924, the Triglav National Park covers Slovenia’s Alpine region and contains many natural monuments. Škocjan Caves Regional Park The home of the Karst! Caves with the deepest underground canyon in Europe; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Notranjska Regional Park The special characteristics of Lake Cerknica – the largest intermittent karst lake.

I FEEL EDEN IN SLOVENIA Slovenia offers a great deal more that it seems at first glance. Within the scope of the European Destinations of ExcelleNce project, or EDEN in short, we have selected the most sustainable or ‘green’ Slovenian destinations that observe the principles of environmental, socially responsible and cultural sustainability. Trust the EDEN selection and discover the hidden pearls of Slovenia: Idrija, the river Kolpa, the Solčavsko region and the Soča river valley. More information:

THE KARST All karst phenomena in the world derive their name from Slovenia’s Karst region. Underground caves, sinking streams, karst springs and disappearing springs, intermittent lakes, karst poljes… Slovenia has them all! Famous caves in the Karst Postojna Cave: 20 kilometres of passages, galleries, chambers – the most-visited cave in Europe! Škocjan Caves: a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Vilenica, the oldest show cave in Slovenia.

GREEN MAGIC If you visit Lake Cerknica more than once, it might happen that you cannot find it again in the same location. This is an extraordinary feature on the world scale – the phenomenon of an intermittent karstic lake whose water can disappear from the surface.

Karst in the Alps Kaninski Podi: these potholes, with their entrances at a height of 2,200 metres above sea level, are among the deepest in the world; Snežna Jama on Mt Raduha: chambers with ice formations at a height of 1,556 metres above sea level. Karst lakes and rivers Lake Cerknica: an intermittent lake; when it is full, it is the largest lake in Slovenia! Križna Jama: a cave in the Notranjska Regional Park with 22 underground lakes; Divje Jezero near Idrija, a lake fed by waters from unexplored depths; Rakov Škocjan: a nature park with natural rock bridges, karst springs and caves. The karst areas of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina Kostanjevica Cave: 300 metres of marked paths among fairy-tale cave formations; Lahinja: a nature park with features characteristic of a shallow karst landscape; the Ice Cave on Mt Stojna: its bottom is covered by a frozen lake all year round! Life in caves The proteus or olm, also known as the ‘human fish’, is the only exclusively cave-dwelling vertebrate in Europe! It was first found and studied in Slovenia. See it in Slovenia’s caves!

Goričko Nature Park Part of the tri-national nature park comprising Goričko (Slovenia), Őrség (Hungary) and Raab (Austria), in the region with the lowest rainfall in Slovenia. Kozjanski Park Meadow orchards, forests and wetlands – amid castles, monasteries and churches. Sečovlje Salina Nature Park Wetland area with over 280 species of birds, a traditional saltworks and a museum of saltmaking. Postojna Cave Kaninski Podi Lake Cerknica Divje Jezero near Idrija Kostanjevica Cave Snežna Jama on Mt Raduha Vilenica Lahinja Križna jama EDEN IN SLOVENIA Idrija: River Kolpa: Solčavsko: Soča Valley:



Chamber of mountain CENTRES/ Slovenian Ropeways Association Dimičeva 13, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 5898 130 fax: +386 1 5898224 e-mail:,, For more information about Slovenia's ski centres,see the electronic publication Slovenia Skiing at

GREEN FACT A full 36 percent of Slovenia’s surface area falls within protected zones. We are proud of our magnificent Triglav National Park, three regional parks and 40 landscape parks.

Slovenia is a country of sporting challenges and a place where you can put your trust in your own strength! In winter, the slopes of fresh snow attract Alpine and Nordic skiers, ski tourers, snowboarders, tobogganing and snowshoeing enthusiasts – and also those who want to try paragliding over the snowy landscape! When the snow melts, Slovenia becomes a paradise for hikers and cyclists. This is also the time that golf courses all over the country come into their own, not to mention the many lakes and rivers offering everything

HIKING Although Slovenia only covers an area of around 20,000 km2 and can be traversed diagonally by motorway in less than three hours, it is criss-crossed by almost 10,000 kilometres of marked paths. Exploring areas that can be covered by car in a matter of minutes can take hours and hours on foot. And the more you stray from main routes, the more you realise that walking is the right way to discover the true beauties of Slovenia. Fifty-two hikers’ hotels located along footpaths offer specialised accommodation. You can also sleep in climbers’ huts, either in the mountains or in lower-lying areas. Huts in high mountain areas are open in summer, while in other areas they are open all year round (at weekends). Slovenia is crossed by hiking trails in all directions. If you want to experience the genuine Slovenian countryside, set off on one of the established routes. The Slovenian section of the E6 European Hiking Trail – the Cigler Trail – runs from the Drava to the Adriatic, while the Slovenian section of the E7 European Hiking Trail – the Mara Rupena Trail – runs from Dolenjske Toplice to Žužemberk. The Via Alpina, 5,000 kilometres long and divided into 341 one-day stages, runs through eight Alpine countries. There are over 380 themed tourist trails in Slovenia. Most of them are located within individual tourist destinations or municipalities and lead past various sights of cultural or historical interest. By following these trails you can hear stories of the First World War, discover archaeological remains, protected areas and forest paths and hear the stories of characters from literature.

from rafting to fishing, from sailing to adrenaline-boosting activities such as canyoning. The broad sky and the mysteries of underground caves offer even more opportunities for adventurous activities.

BIKING Slovenia is almost irresistible for cyclists. Over 250 marked cycling routes and Slovenia’s varied landscape offer opportunities for adventures on two wheels that are anything but ordinary. Cycle through the Karst or along panoramic routes to wonderful Alpine views. You can cycle by lakes or along the coast, among vineyards and through villages. You can even cycle through an abandoned mine! As well as road cycling tours through nature parks, spa towns and rural areas, and cycle paths in the outskirts of towns, Slovenia has a growing number of mountain bike trails. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy the climbs and descents of marked forest and mountain trails in the area around Kranjska Gora in the middle of the Julian Alps (www., or put themselves to the test in the annual Assault on Vršič, an ascent up a winding road full of hairpin bends to the highest-lying road pass in Slovenia. Just outside Maribor, the Pohorje Bike Park ( is a true paradise for downhill enthusiasts and one of the most attractive mountain bike World Cup venues (four-cross and downhill events). The Pomurje, Dolenjska and Primorska regions are perfect for family cycling trips.

Slovenia Adventure____ 21

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING The more difficult trails and rock faces in the high mountains of Slovenia create countless natural climbing areas. You can combine climbing with other holiday activities, but climbing conditions in Slovenia are good enough for a climbing adventure of several weeks. It goes without saying that on mountain paths suitable footwear and clothing are an essential condition of safety and enjoyment. The area around Bled and Bohinj, which is also an ideal area for outdoor recreation in the heart of the Alps, offers everything that a mountain climber could desire. The rock formations of the Karst and the coastal area hide many yet undiscovered climbing locations. Beginners can get their first taste of climbing on the artificial climbing wall in Postojna. Recreational climbers can head for the climbing areas in Vipava, Črni Kal and Vipavska Bela, while experienced climbers will enjoy putting themselves to the test below the edge of the Karst, on the 500-metre-wide cliff in Osp, which together with nearby Mišja Peč represents one of the most important climbing areas in Europe. You will also find several climbing areas in the area around Celje.

HERITAGE TRAILS The protection afforded to our national and regional parks demonstrates our special care for the preservation and presentation of natural and cultural heritage and tradition. There are many areas where the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage also provides opportunities for relaxation and pleasure. Heritage Trails through Dolenjska and Bela krajina In Dolenjska and Bela krajina, Slovenia’s southern provinces, history is particularly coloured by years of resistance to foreign rule and invasion and by a strong local pride in Slovenian identity. Fascinating heritage in historic places, archaeology, rural traditions, religion, festivals and cultural events await discovery. Path of Peace in the Soča basin Since June 2007, the most important remnants and memorials of the Soča (Isonzo) Front in the Upper Soča Valley have been linked together by the Path of Peace. The Path is dedicated to the memory of the many victims of the First World War and aims to present to visitors the historical, cultural, and natural sights of the Upper Soča Basin. The Path begins in Log pod Mangartom, near the entrance to the Štoln mineshaft, and ends at the open-air museum on Mengore Hill near Most na Soči.



The still-vital tradition of the Bloke skiers reminds us of how skiing has become one of the most popular sports on the sunny side of the Alps. The story began in the 17th century on the Bloke Plateau, where a unique method of travelling over the snow on skis was developed. Slovenian skis still sweep down the white slopes today and traverse great distances in the sky. Slovenia can boast successful professional skiers who are among the best in the world. Every year Kranjska Gora and Maribor host FIS World Cup competitions. Pokljuka is famous as the fi rst biathlon centre. Planica holds the record for the longest ski jumps. And Elan of Slovenia is one of the world’s most prestigious and technologically advanced makers of skiing equipment. There are over ten ski centres in the section of the Alps that extends into Slovenia. Each in its own way off ers a perfect experience of snowy pleasures. The main advantage of Slovenia’s ski centres is that almost all of them off er a direct connection with the valley below. Ease of access is complemented by modern cable cars and gondola lifts. Two other characteristics of almost all of Slovenia’s ski centres are their small size and their variety. The slopes are lively centres of winter sports activity. In the valleys, in the traditional ski lodges or on snow beaches, you can enjoy the crowds and music and mingle with other winter sports enthusiasts. You may be surprised by the straightforwardness, modernity and friendliness of the ski centres. Their proximity to urban centres, where you can enjoy evening strolls after a hard day’s skiing, give them a special charm. And in your hunt for even more fun and entertainment, a larger town is only ever a short drive away. The biggest and most popular ski resorts are listed below. Skiing is possible from December until March, and some years as late as the beginning of May. Kranjska Gora - Mariborsko Pohorje - Rogla - Krvavec - Cerkno - Vogel - Golte - Kanin - Kobla - Kope - Active Slovenia -

Dimičeva 13, 1000 ljubljana e-mail:; An association founded as a strategic partnership with the Slovenian Tourist Board for the purpose of the joint marketing and development of quality tourism products in the cycling and hiking sectors. Slovenian Nordic Walking Association Affiliated mountaineering clubs maintain the network of market mountain paths around Slovenia, organise hikes and various events, and help promote mountain climbing and safe hillwalking. Official website of the Alpine Association of Slovenia: www. Slovenian Mountain Guide Association Professional mountain guide services are provided by IFMGA-licensed mountain guides, who are members of the Association of Mountain Guides of Slovenia. If you want to experience the mountains in a different way, hire a mountain guide. In the company of an experienced mountain guide, your experience in the mountains will be safe and exciting. More information at Nordic Walking Federation The Nordic Walking and Recreation Association of Slovenia unites over 400 instructors across the country who are qualified to teach Nordic Walking according to the programme of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA). Nordic walking is an excellent way to improve health and is suitable for individuals, families, organised groups, children and athletes. Under the guidance of INWA instructors, you can try Nordic walking safely and effectively using special Nordic Walker poles, and improve your endurance, strength and flexibility. Information at

22 CONTACT INFORMATION Slovenian Golf Association Dunajska 22, SI-1511 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 4303 200 fax: +386 1 4303 201 e-mail: For more information about cycling in Slovenia, see the electronic publication Cycling in Slovenia at and visit

GREEN FACT Slovenia safeguards 32 natural monuments. You can find them not just in the virgin forests, but even in old city centres. Kočevje virgin forest in Dolenjska is a refuge for numerous animals. It can happen that while you are wandering through enchanting Dolenjska you come across a big shaggy brown bear. In fact the largest number of brown bears live in Slovenia’s forests.

GOLF Slovenia’s first golf course was built at Bled in 1937. This noble game fell out of favour during and after the war and the Bled course was renovated only in 1972. An upsurge of Slovenian golf began in the nineties, when renowned architect Donald Harradine, who had redesigned the Bled course, also constructed courses at Lipica and later at Mokrice. Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Slovenia; there are more than 30 clubs and more than 7,000 golfers in the Slovenian Golf Association, which became a full member of the European Golf Association in 1985. The Slovenian Golf Course Owners Association was established in 2002 and brings together 10 golf courses. Just as Slovenian golf boasts a great variety of landscapes, so do its courses. They are to be found on the Pannonian Plain, in vineyard settings, on hillsides and below Alpine peaks. The season lasts from the middle of April until late autumn. Beginners may take expert tuition at our golf centres, equipment hire is available and guests may participate in various tournaments. Bled - Golf & Country Club Bled Cankarjeva 6, SI-4260 Bled tel.: +386 4 5377 711 • fax: +386 4 5377 722 e-mail: info@golf.bled.s • Lipica - Lipica Golf Course Lipica 5, SI-6210 Sežana tel.: +386 5 7391 724 • fax: +386 5 7391 725 e-mail: • Mokrice - Mokrice Castle Golf Course Rajec 4, SI-8261 Jesenice na Dolenjskem tel.: +386 7 4574 246 • fax: +386 7 4957 007 e-mail: Arboretum - Arboretum Golf Course Volčji potok 43g, SI-1235 Radomlje tel.: +386 1 8318 080 • fax: +386 1 8318 091 e-mail:

Moravske Toplice - Moravske Toplice Golf Course Kranjčeva 12, SI-9226 Moravske Toplice tel.: +386 2 5122 200 fax: +386 2 5481 607 e-mail: Slovenske Konjice - Golden Hill Golf Course Škalce 91, 3210 Slovenske Konjice tel.: +386 3 7580 362 • fax: +386 3 7580 378 e-mail: • Podčetrtek - “A” Golf Olimje Olimje 24, SI-3254 Podčetrtek tel.: +386 3 8109 066 • fax: +386 3 8109 067 e-mail: • Ljubljana - Trnovo Ljubljana Golf Course Wolfova 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: + 386 51 366 690 e-mail: Otočec - Grad Otočec Golf Course Grajska cesta 2, SI-8222 Otočec tel.: + 386 7 3075 627 • fax: + 386 7 3075 657 gsm: +386 41 30 44 44 e-mail: Bovec – Hit Holidays Golf Club Bovec Podklopca 15, SI-5230 Bovec tel.: +386 40 466 900, fax: +386 5 3896 102 e-mail: Ptuj - Golf Invest d.o.o. - Golf Ptuj Mlinska cesta 13, SI - 2250 Ptuj tel.: +386 2 7889 110 • fax: +386 2 7889 115 e-mail: • Ljubljana - Golf course Diners Club Ljubljana Smlednik 200, SI – 1216 Smlednik gsm: +386 51 623 883 • e-mail: •

Slovenia Adventure____ 23 CONTACT INFORMATION Čuk Flying School Preški vrh 22, SI-2390 Ravne na Koroškem gsm: +386 41 423 724 e-mail: Kanja Ljubljana Ilovški štradon 41 a, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 4274 476 fax: +386 1 4274 476 e-mail: Avi Šorn Baloni d.o.o. Požarnice 26e, Vnanje Gorice, SI-1351 Brezovica tel./fax: +386 1 3651 665 gsm: +386 41 613 255 e-mail:

PARAGLIDING Slovenia has particularly interesting and good opportunities for this sport due to its location on the southern side of the Alps, and you can fly from various sites. Several clubs now offer professional paragliding tuition.

BALLOONING Slovenia’s unspoilt location and dramatic terrain make it one of the most attractive countries for ballooning enthusiasts.

KAYAKING, CANOEING, RAFTING These three water sports – kayaking, canoeing and rafting – represent the perfect combination of fun, adrenaline and recreation in unspoilt nature. You can enjoy unforgettable experiences on many of Slovenia’s rivers, but a trip down the wild Soča through a valley that among other things boasts the title of European Destination of Excellence is something very special. The wild mountain river that winds past Bovec, Tolmin and Kobarid, offers limitless opportunities for the most demanding and adrenalinethirsty visitors. Numerous sports clubs with qualified guides are on hand to organise safe and environmentally friendly fun on Slovenia’s rivers.

DIVING Slovenia invites you to discover the underwater world of its rivers, lakes and sea. The underwater exploration of karst caves is a very special experience but an extremely demanding one, and is therefore only permitted in the company of a qualified guide. Diving schools also offer dive escorts and safe diving courses.

HORSE RIDING There has been a recent increase in interest in ‘holidays in the saddle’ at riding centres, tourist farms with horses and in equestrian sports. Lipica, the birthplace of the Lipizzaner horses which are famous for their firm and graceful step and great learning ability is definitely the Slovenian centre of equestrianism. Lipica is also famous as a venue of international traditional equestrian events and World Cup competitions in dressage. As well as Lipica, horse riding is possible at Brdo pri Kranju, the Lepena lodge, Castle Rakičan in Murska Sobota and on individual tourist farms. There are expert instructors and qualified riding instructors in some riding centres.

Balonarski center Barje Flandrova ul. 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana gsm: +386 41 664 545 e-mail: Slovenian Diving Association Celovška 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel., fax: +386 1 4339 308 e-mail: Slovenian Equestrian Association Celovška 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 4347 265 fax: +386 1 4347 265 gsm: + 386 41 654 000 e-mail: Lipica Stud Farm Lipica 5, SI-6210 Sežana tel.: +386 5 7391 580 fax: +386 5 7391 730 Further information on horse riding in Slovenia is available at:

24____Slovenia Adventure CONTACT INFORMATION Fishing Association of Slovenia Tržaška cesta 134, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 256 12 94 fax: +386 1 256 12 95 e-mail: Slovenian Fishing Institute Sp. Gameljne 61a, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2443 400 fax: +386 1 2443 405 Slovenian Hunting Association Župančičeva 9, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2410 910 fax: +386 1 2410 926 e-mail: DOPPS (Birdwatching Association of Slovenia) – BirdLife Slovenia Tržaška 2, SI-1001 Ljubljana p.p. 2990 tel: +386 1 426 58 75 fax: +386 1 425 11 81 e-mail:

GREEN FACT Respect nature and the beauties of Slovenia and choose an environmentally friendly holiday that is kind to nature. Travel by bicycle to discover the most hidden corners and experience the hospitality of the local people.

FLY FISHING Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of water. Over 27,000 kilometres of watercourses, the tranquillity of unspoilt nature and a well-conserved wealth of life in the waters are an invitation to try your hand at fly fishing. Slovenia’s streams, rivers, ponds and lakes are a magnet for demanding anglers, for whom flyfishing on the emerald-green Soča is without a doubt a treat to be relished. It is a real privilege to be able to fish in this blue-green Alpine beauty, and in order to conserve the environment and the diversity of aquatic life, we must be sure to observe the limits of the fishing season! Find out more about destinations suitable for fly-fishing in Slovenia in the electronic publication Fly Fishing in Slovenia at

FISHING How about a day spent fishing in fast clear alpine rivers and lakes, dreamy karst waters, meadow streams, low mountain rivers or fascinating ‘disappearing’ karst lakes? Fish are managed mostly by individual fishing clubs. These are associations with special authority as nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), which undertake management on behalf of the State. They manage approximately 94% of Slovenian waters, whereas the remaining 6% are managed by the public Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia.

HUNTING Slovenia’s broad forests offer a wide choice of hunting grounds. Well organised and supervised hunting is possible both in mountain hunting grounds at medium and low altitude and in the forests of Slovenia’s boundless plains. Those in good physical condition can also go hunting in the highmountain hunting grounds of the Julian Alps. For sport hunting enthusiasts, who give due attention to hunting seasons and conservation of the natural environment, Slovenia is an excellent choice.

BIRD WATCHING Three hundred and seventy-five different species of birds. Two hundred and twenty of them nesting in Slovenia. Eleven of these species are very rare or endangered. Numerous protected areas, well-conserved natural conditions and the efforts of nature protection organisations mean that many birds remain in or return to Slovenia. The Ljubljansko Barje wetlands, Lake Cerknica, the Notranjska Regional Park, the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and many other areas are true nature reserves where ornithologists and other visitors can even observe the very rarest species.

Vines have been grown in Slovenia since the time of the Illyrians and Celts, but viticulture really began to flourish in the Roman era and the Middle Ages. Over 20 wine routes lead through Slovenia's 3 wine regions, each with its own characteristic wines. The wine routes link hospitable wine cellars and farms offering a wide variety of local specialities. In a country where you can quench your thirst in a stream, where healthy vegetables grow in gardens, where old varieties of apples still grow in orchards, where animals graze in the open air, people are used to eating well. And they also like to offer good things to visitors! Holidays and celebrations in Slovenia traditionally revolve around gastronomic pleasures. In some parts of the country you can warm yourself up over a steaming pot of bograč (a kind of goulash). Elsewhere you can witness a competition to find the best kranjska klobasa (Carniolan sausage), take part in a world convention of fans of sautéed potatoes, or sample individual varieties of genuine Slovenian wines. On holidays and feast days, the table is always richly laden with local specialities. Everyday dishes, served in every farmhouse and the better traditional inns or gostilne,

WINEGROWING REGIONS PODRAVJE: The land of noble white wines The winegrowing hills of eastern Slovenia are renowned for their superior quality white wines as well as for some red wines. What particularly stands out is their quality-tested wines: late harvests, selections, Beerenauslese (BA) wines, ice wines and Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) wines. The Wine Roads lead to wonders such as the world’s oldest grapevine (the Old Vine House in Maribor), one of the biggest tunnel-shaped cellars in this part of Europe (Vinag, Maribor), the cellar with the oldest Slovenian archive wine from 1917 (Ptuj) and many others. POSAVJE: The land of Cviček The land by the river Sava boasts Cviček – a registered wine with character, low in alcohol content and with a distinctive acidic

are for the most part based on beans, cabbage and potatoes. Naturally, each one of Slovenia’s 24 distinct gastronomic regions prepares and seasons these dishes in its own way. Every region of Slovenia has its own distinctive types of bread. There are also many flour-based dishes, notably those made with buckwheat flour. Slovenia boasts 70 different varieties of štruklji (a kind of strudel, usually savoury), and you must try at least one of the versions of potica, a traditional leavened cake stuffed with various herbs and other ingredients. The Primorska region offers original fish dishes and also specialities based on wild plants, fruit and vegetables (asparagus, artichokes, truffles), and of course Karst ham cured in the Bora. Learn more about Slovenia’s cuisine and culinary traditions in the electronic publication Taste Slovenia at taste. There are many who say it has beneficial effects on your health! In addition, the land offers other pleasantly light, reddish and white wines. Visit the notable repnicas, pits dug into quartz sand (Bizeljsko), the cellar of sparkling wines (Istenič, Bizeljsko), the Wine Gallery housed in the Rajhenburg nad Brestanico Castle and other marvels! PRIMORSKA: The land of Refošk, Teran and the autochthonous specialities The vineyards basking in the Mediterranean sun produce excellent red wines, such as Refošk, Teran, Merlot, and Cabernet. Gaining in prominence are the characteristic old white varieties, such as the local Rebula, Zelen, Pinela and many others. Visit the House of Refošk in Koper, the winegrowers in the Goriška Brda and the Vipavska areas, the Dobrovo castle cellar and other remarkable features of the Wine Roads.


Slovenia Culinary____ 25

GREEN FACT The oldest grapevine in the world has been preserved here – a more than 400-year-old black velvet! Through the three wine-growing regions of Slovenia and their characteristic wines run more than 20 wine roads, linking up as many as 24 gastronomic regions!



Slovenian Spas Association Teharska 40, SI-3000 Celje tel.: +386 3 5442 111 fax: +386 3 5442 819 e-mail: You will find details about the vast range of services offered by spas and wellness centres in the electronic publication Healthy Living at

GREEN FACT Slovenia is a land of water. In addition to 27,000 km of watercourses and numerous thermal springs, two mineral springs also rise in Slovenia. And you can drink the water right out of the tap: it is among the cleanest in Europe!

To taste Slovenia is to feel good! Natural spas and wellness centres are a particular attraction in this land of many waters. Slovenia’s bubbling springs were known to the Romans, and many Europeans of the past have waxed lyrical about them! The beneficial effects of natural thermal water have been known for thousands of years. Slovenia’s health resorts combine ancient knowledge with the latest technology to create unique stories. Each one in its own way. Fifteen thermal spa centres offer at least five reasons why you simply must treat yourself to a healthy break in the midst of water droplets and steam. Slovenia’s centres of thermal pleasures are able to offer guests state-of-the-art facilities to promote wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. Each of the 15 thermal spa centres

confirms the positive effects of thermal water in its own way. Every guest will find a programme to suit his or her taste among the great variety on offer. Despite offering the latest therapies and equipment, Slovenia’s health resorts are designed for people. Their accessibility, both geographical and in terms of price, means that everyone can afford a short but unforgettable break. Inside the thermal spa centres, either as part of hotel complexes or separately, visitors to Slovenia are pampered by the finest wellness centres.

Terme Čatež Topliška c. 35, SI-8251 Čatež ob Savi tel.: +386 7 4936 700 fax: + 386 7 4935 005 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (42 °C - 63 °C); medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; gynaecological diseases; neurological diseases

Terme Dolenjske Toplice SI-8350 Dolenjske Toplice tel.: +386 7 3919 400, 3919 500 fax: +386 7 3065 662 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (36 °C - 38 °C); medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; gynaecological diseases; neurological diseases

Terme Dobrna SI-3204 Dobrna tel.: +386 3 7808 000 fax: +386 3 7808 111 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (36 °C); climate; aerosols for inhalation; medical mud and mineral peloids; peat • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; gynaecological diseases; kidney and urinary tract diseases; neurological diseases; neurotic disorders

Thermana Laško Hotels & Resorts Zdraviliška cesta 4, SI-3270 Laško tel.: +386 3 423 21 00 fax: +386 3 423 20 10 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (36 °C - 38 °C); medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; neurological diseases; gynaecological diseases, skin diseases

Slovenia Balance____ 27 Terme Lendava Tomšičeva 2a, SI-9220 Lendava tel.: +386 2 5774 100 fax: +386 2 5774 412 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (62 °C); medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; gynaecological diseases; neurological diseases Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice Kranjčeva 12, SI-9226 Moravske Toplice tel.: +386 2 5122 200, 5122 280 fax: +386 2 5481 607 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (62 °C - 73 °C); aerosols for inhalation; medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; neurotic disorders; respiratory diseases Terme Olimia Zdraviliška c. 24, SI-3254 Podčetrtek tel.: +386 3 8297 000 fax: +386 3 5829 024 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (30 °C - 44 °C); aerosols for inhalation; medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; neurological diseases; skin diseases; neurotic disorders LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož Obala 33, SI-6320 Portorož tel.: +386 5 6929 000, 6929 001 fax: +386 5 6929 003 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (23 °C - 25 °C); aerosols for inhalation; medical mud and mineral peloids; sea water and brine, climate • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; metabolic diseases; gynaecological diseases; neurological diseases; skin diseases; neurotic disorders; respiratory diseases Terme Ptuj Pot v toplice 9, SI-2251 Ptuj tel.: +386 2 7494 100 fax: +386 2 7494 520 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (39 °C) • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; neurological diseases; metabolic diseases; neurotic disorders;

Radenci Health Resort Zdraviliško naselje 12, SI-9502 Radenci tel.: +386 2 5201 000, 5202 720 fax: +386 2 5202 708 e-mail: natural curative elements: cold drinking mineral water; thermal mineral water (41 °C); climate; medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: heart and circulatory diseases; rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; metabolic diseases; kidney and urinary tract diseases Rogaška Health Resort Zdraviliški trg 14, SI-3250 Rogaška Slatina tel.: +386 3 8114 000, 8117 000, fax: +386 3 8114 390, 8117 011 e-mail:, natural curative elements: cold drinking mineral water; thermal mineral water (55 °C); aerosols for inhalation; climate medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: heart and circulatory diseases; rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotoive system; diseases of the digestive system; metabolic diseases; kidney and urinary tract diseases; skin diseases; oral and dental diseases; eye diseases Talaso Strunjan SI-6323 Strunjan tel.: +386 6 6764 100 fax: +386 6 6782 036 e-mail: natural curative elements: sea water and brine, climate; aerosols for inhalation; medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; skin diseases; respiratory diseases Terme Šmarješke Toplice SI-8220 Šmarješke Toplice tel.: +386 7 3843 400 fax: +386 7 3073 107 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (32 °C); medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: heart and circulatory diseases; rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; neurological diseases; neurotic disorders; Terme Topolšica Topolšica 77, SI-3326 Topolšica tel.: +386 3 8963 100, 8963 102 fax: +386 3 8963 400 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (32 °C); climate; aerosols for inhala-

tion; medical mud and mineral peloids • indication: heart and circulatory diseases; rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; neurological diseases; neurotic disorders; respiratory diseases Terme Zreče Cesta na Roglo 15, SI-3214 Zreče tel.: +386 3 7576 154 fax: +386 3 5762 446 e-mail: natural curative elements: thermal mineral water (34.5 °C); medical mud and mineral peloids, climate peat • indication: rheumatic diseases; injuries to the locomotive system; neurological diseases; neurotic disorders; respiratory diseases; heart and circulatory diseases; eye diseases; kidney and urinary tract diseases


28____Slovenia Meetings

Slovenian Convention Bureau Dunajska 156, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 1 569 1260 fax: +386 1 569 1261 e-mail: The Slovenian Convention Bureau is a strategic partner of the Slovenian Tourist Board and its role is to provide professional and objective advice about relevant offers to meeting and incentive planners. All major meeting and incentive suppliers are members of the Slovenian Convention Bureau.

SURPRISING VENUES Postojna Cave – Jamski Dvorec The Jamski Dvorec mansion by the entrance to the famous karst cave, for events with between 24 and 300 participants; themed cuisine, adventure experiences in the cave and Predjama Castle. Brdo pri Kranju – Conference Centre The venue for the most important state protocol events, set in a park below the Alps; a Renaissance manor house and the nearby state-of-the-art conference centre with four halls and eight conference rooms. Mokrice Castle Golf Hotel – Business Centre A castle converted into a luxury hotel set in a 200-year-old English park, as a venue for events with up to 110 participants; wine tastings in the castle wine cellar, a golf course and nearby spa resorts!

Everything you need to organise even major international events is waiting for you in Slovenia, and at the same time a wealth of opportunities for activities in the vicinity of the event venue! In the heart of Europe, you will find professionalism combined with the relaxed attitude, the security and dependability of hospitable people who speak multiple foreign languages. Slovenia is perhaps still regarded as a relatively new destination, despite having been on the European conference map since the 1980’s. This Central European country is a land where the colourful and relaxed Mediterranean world blends with the efficiency of Alpine countries. The tradition of holding congresses in Slovenia goes back as far as 1821, when the Congress of the Holy Alliance was held in Ljubljana. Today’s advantages of this young EU country are easy accessibility, geographic and cultural diversity, meeting facilities with state-of-the-art technical support as well as exciting gastronomy allied to superb wines and genuine hospitality. Dedicated

and experienced professional congress organisers, destination management companies, event and incentive agencies guarantee the success of your event and that you will get good value for money. Slovenia is blessed with a remarkable variety of landscapes, and thus events may be planned in cities, at the seaside, in Alpine resorts, spas or in the countryside, perhaps in an attractive historic building. There are full-service congress centres that can welcome up to 2,000 delegates and convention hotels with capacities for up to 1,100 delegates at your service. Incentive companies with diverse creative programmes round off the offer.

GREEN FACT Slovenia offers a home to many great names. The baby dragon, whose home is in the mysterious waters of Postojna Cave, is the largest cave animal in the world.

The combination of casino games and the finest accommodation, entertainment and many other services gives new dimensions to games of chance. Slovenia’s casinos are something of an exception in Europe, since for decades they have promoted a combination of games of chance and relaxation and entertainment. This means that you can enjoy performances by international stars, and after a night of excitement, visit a wellness centre or go on a sightseeing trip. Serious players enjoy privileged access to a salon privé. If you are playing for fun, you can take your place at the tables and slot machines. For beginners, your first lessons in casino school will initiate you in the art of winning.

GREEN FACT Slovenian flora and fauna are full of surprises. As many as 3,000 species of ferns and seed-bearing plants have been recorded in Slovenia. Especially precious are several endemic species of animal, including the Giant Peacock Moth, the biggest in Europe.

Portorož, the oldest gaming centre in Slovenia, has a tradition going back almost 30 years. As well as games of chance and quality hotel services, Slovenia’s casinos today offer recreation, cultural events and help create a new conception of casinos: not just games of chance but also entertainment and relaxation. The Perla entertainment centre in Nova Gorica, one of the largest casinos in Europe, also represents the realisation of a new business philosophy in Slovenia’s gaming industry.


Slovenia Life____ 29

Links to happiness WWW.HIT.SI Slovenia’s largest casino, the Perla, joins other casinos in Nova Gorica and nearby Kobarid, Kranjska Gora in the Alps, Otočec Castle, the spa town of Rogaška Slatina and Šentilj, by the Austrian border. WWW.CASINO.SI Casino Portorož, where the roulette wheel has been spinning since 1913, has lent its experience to casinos in Lipica, at the Terme Čatež spa and in Koper. WWW.CASINOLEV.COM Games of chance are available in Ljubljana in the casinos of the Lev and Austria Trend hotels and the Arena entertainment centre. WWW.CASINO-BLED.SI The first casino opened on the shore of Lake Bled in 1927. There is another gaming salon at the Karavanke border crossing.



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Speed limits cars km/h buses km/h urban areas 50 50 regional roads 90 70/80 main highways 100 80 motorways 130 80/100 The following are compulsory in Slovenia • use of dipped headlights • use of safety belts on all seats (where fitted) • the wearing of appropriate motorcycle helmets by motorbike riders and passengers • vignettes (yearly, monthly or weekly toll stickers) on all motorways, high-speed roads for motorcycles, private and multi-purpose vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons (vignettes are sold at all petrol stations in Slovenia and its neighbouring countries, at branch offices of the national and foreign motoring associations, at post offices and in some kiosks) For the list of sales points, vignette prices and other information please visit Blood alchocol level The legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers of A and B category vehicles is 0.5 g of alcohol per litre of blood, provided that drivers exhibit no change in behaviour from normal. International Green Card International vehicle insurance is compulsory for all foreign vehicles, except vehicles from countries with which Slovenia has concluded special agreements (Member States of the EU and certain other countries). Green Cards are on sale at all international border crossings.

Slovenia is easily accessible. Visiting Slovenia does not require long and complicated organisation. The well-organised system of routes to Slovenia and inside the country, the accessibility of a wide range of information on the Internet and the widespread opportunity to communicate in your own language simplify the logistics of a trip.

BY CAR Slovenia’s central position is an advantage. From the heart of Europe, from neighbouring Italy, Austria and Hungary, the borders are today merely symbolic. Since 1 May 2004 Slovenia has been a signatory of the Schengen Agreement removing border controls between participating EU countries. The numerous border crossings on the southern border also make visiting Croatia easier. A modern motorway system means that Slovenia can be crossed quickly, but of course more adventures are to be had if you choose its idyllic byways instead. A trip along one of six themed routes is well worth the effort. Petrol stations The majority of petrol stations on main roads are open 24 hours a day. Unleaded petrol is available everywhere., You can fill up with environmentally friendly LPG (autogas) at 30 filling stations located around the country. AMZS The Automobile Association of Slovenia provides services 24 hours a day. There are 17 AMZS technical centres in larger towns and cities, and motorists in difficulty should dial 1987. Car Rentals Car rental agencies operate in major urban areas with vehicles available in almost all categories. Terms and conditions for vehicle rental are the same as or broadly similar to the rest of Europe. The following car rental agencies will be happy to help you: ABC rent-a-car d.o.o. EUROPCAR Slovenia Celovška cesta 268, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 59 070 500 • fax: +386 1 5199 876 GSM: 031/ 382 058 e-mail:

Avantcar d.o.o. ALAMO & NATIONAL CAR RENTAL Dunajska cesta 140, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 5890 850, 080 21 14 AVIS rent-a-car Čufarjeva 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 4308 010 • fax: +386 1 4308 014 e-mail: BUDGET rent-a-car Delavska 24, SI-4208 Šenčur tel.: +386 4 2519 280 • fax: +386 4 2519 285 e-mail:, HERTZ rent-a-car Trdinova ulica 9, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 434 01 47 • fax: +386 1 434 01 48 e-mail:,

BY BUS You can also visit Slovenia by bus. Even more distant European cities offer good connections to Ljubljana. Buses leave for Slovenia on a daily basis from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich (Germany) and Florence and Trieste (Italy). There are also weekly services from Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Berlin (Germany). In summer there are good bus connections from Ljubljana to destinations on the Adriatic coast.

BY TRAIN Modern railway connections take you to Slovenia directly from European capitals. Direct trains link Ljubljana with Venice (Italy), Vienna, Graz and Salzburg (Austria), Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija and Pula (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary), Munich and Frankfurt (Germany), Belgrade (Serbia), Zurich (Switzerland), Bucharest (Romania) and Prague (Czech Republic). Major towns within Slovenia are served by fast trains, while it is also possible to transport cars and bicycles by train. Cars can also be carried on the Bohinj Line between the Gorenjska and Primorska regions.

Getting Around in Slovenia____ 31 CONTACT INFORMATION Ljubljana Bus Station Trg OF 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 2344 600 • fax: +386 1 2344 601 e-mail: Slovenian Railways Kolodvorska 11, SI-1506 Ljubljana tel: +386 1 29 13 332 e-mail: avtovlak Port of Koper Vojkovo nabrežje 38, SI-6501 Koper tel: +386 5 66 56 100 • fax: +386 5 63 95 020 e-mail: Vintage trains Travel back to yesteryear on the century-old Bohinj Line. A two-hour trip aboard a museum train which once carried out ancestors will give you the chance to admire the unspoilt nature of the Triglav National Park and Northern Primorska and get a sense of life in towns from Jesenice to Nova Gorica. The museum train can also serve as an excellent venue for events ranging from weddings to business meetings and presentations. The organisers will be happy to adapt to your wishes and needs. For more detailed information visit

CRUISING CENTRE Koper is not only a strategically important seaport, but an excellent starting-point for one-day excursions within Slovenia. The passenger terminal in Koper is fully equipped to handle cruise ships. The short distances in Slovenia give cruise ship passengers the opportunity to visit fascinating cultural and natural sights even in the interior of the country.

lakes, and thus there are clubs which organize courses for skippers, navigation courses and sailing schools far from the sea shore. The Prince of Venice, a 39-metre catamaran runs between the Slovenian coast and Venice from March to October or the beginning of November. It cruises at 29 knots per hour and has seating for 303 passengers. It reaches Venice in two hours and passengers can get refreshments in a bar. Kompas d.d. PE Portorož, Obala 41, SI-6320 Portorož tel.: +386 5 6178 000 • fax: +386 5 6178 001 e-mail:

AIR TRAVEL Adria Airways, the airline of Slovenia, offers scheduled services to the majority of principal European cities. Slovenia has three international airports – Portorož, Maribor and Ljubljana – but the great majority of flights use Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, which has the advantage of being just 25 kilometres from the capital.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport Zg. Brnik 130a, SI-4210 Brnik-aerodrom tel: +386 4 20 61 981 e-mail: Airport Maribor Letališka cesta 10, SI-2312 Orehova vas tel: +386 2 629 17 90 e-mail: Airport Portorož Sečovlje 19, SI-6333 Sečovlje tel: +386 5 617 51 40 e-mail: Adria Airways Zgornji Brnik 130h, SI-1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 4 25 94 000 e-mail: Distances to major European cities

MARITIME TRAVEL Vessels entering Slovenian territorial waters from abroad may only dock at the international border crossings in Koper, Piran (all year round) or in Izola (summer only). All marinas provide fuel, which is also available at the public piers. Piran bay is a friendly starting point for excursions across the Adriatic. On the Slovenian Adriatic coast there are modern marinas in Portorož, Koper and Izola and there is also a special Yacht Centre for technical services in Izola available to the nautical tourists. Piran Bay attracts lovers of sailing. Rental of sailing boats is available, but you will need a valid skipper’s licence or other qualification to operate it. Alternatively, an experienced skipper may be hired together with a sailing boat. There are sailing schools and trips by sailing boats available. Many Slovene lovers of the sea obtained their first sailing experience on


1260 km


245 km


410 km


385 km



150 km

765 km

Distances to major towns in Slovenia BRNIK 25 km BLED


62 km MARIBOR 130 km


CELJE 80 km NOVO MESTO 70 km



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Hostelling International Slovenia Gosposvetska cesta 84, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia tel: +386 2 234 21 37 fax: +386 2 234 21 36 e-mail: Association of Tourist Farms of Slovenia Trnoveljska 1, SI-3000 Celje tel.: +386 3 491 64 80, 3 491 64 81 fax: +386 491 64 80 e-mail: Planinska zveza Slovenije Dvoržakova 9, SI-1001 Ljubljana Tel.: + 386 01 43 45 680 e-mail: BOOK ONLINE CALL CENTRE: + 386 4 280 30 30 For more information about accommodation, see the web publications at

There are many ways to get to know Slovenia: Through being in genuine contact with nature, sports and physical activities, by admiring Slovenia’s architectural beauty and distinctive cultural features or by enjoying the most luxurious hotels. In view of the above, you can choose between three types of accommodations. Every individual can find something for himself. Choose the accommodation that you want! In Slovenia you can stay in accommodation of all categories and types all year round. If you want lazy relaxation and pampering, choose a luxury hotel on the coast or one of the country’s many health resorts. Experience nature at its most beautiful and

HOTELS Hotels in Slovenia are classified into categories ranging from one to five stars according to international standards and western European criteria. The existing choice of accommodation is continually supplemented by new, state-of-the-art hotels, some of them purpose-built to meet specific needs. You can choose between spa hotels, hotels on the coast, hotels in historic town centres and boutique hotels where every guest receives personal attention. For those who want to spend an active holiday, there are currently 52 specialist hikers’ hotels and 56 hotels that meet the requirements to be classified as cyclists’ hotels. Hotels located in the mountains, along hiking trails or near cycling routes are an excellent base from which to embark on sports adventures. Most of them offer sports equipment for hire.

YOUTH HOSTELS Backpackers who want to meet new people and are looking for reasonably priced accommodation will be more than happy with the choice of youth hostels in Slovenia. Accommodation for the young and the young at heart, youth hostels offer genuine contact with nature or are situated in town centres. Youth hostels can be found all over Slovenia.

spend the night on one of Slovenia’s many farm tourism establishments or campsites. Choose the hospitality of local people and stay in a room or apartment in a private home. The wide range of unusual, highquality youth hostels is another attractive option.

PRIVATE ROOMS Find a home from home during your holiday in Slovenia in one of the many private rooms, apartments or holiday houses. The locals who offer this type of accommodation will treat you as they would their friends or family. Personal contact with your hosts gives you the chance to get to know the real country and its people. Private accommodation can be found all over Slovenia.

CAMPSITES Slovenian campsites are ideal starting points for all those who like to plan their own holidays, who love sports and recreation, and most importantly, who wish to spend their vacation in clean unspoilt natural countryside. Our campsites have been members of EFCO&HPA (the European Federation of Campsite Organisations & Holiday Parks) since 2001, and are equipped in line with European standards. Bungalows are available on larger campsites, although advance reservations are recommended.


FARM TOURISM The diversity offered by the Slovenian countryside: use it to escape from your everyday routine. Whether you choose a farm holiday or a wander through the rural environment, discovering the beauties of nature. Contact with genuine folk culture and unspoilt nature not only offers a total break from everyday cares, it also gives you a chance to discover Slovenia’s traditions and rural customs that survive to the present day. Spend your holiday in a place where time passes more slowly.

MOUNTAIN HUTS Hikers, climbers and all who wish to spend a few days in the mountains of Slovenia will find accommodation and shelter from bad weather in the country’s many mountain huts. These are located on Slovenia’s mountains and hills and offer a pleasant atmosphere and local culinary specialities. Most mountain huts in the Julian Alps are open from May to September. Those in lowerlying areas are open all year round. All offer reasonably priced accommodation.

SMALL HOTELS OF SLOVENIA Some people choose not to stay in large hotels and prefer something a bit different. Those who like interesting architectural solutions, unique atmospheres and good catering will find accommodation to suit their tastes in one of Slovenia’s small hotels. Find out more about the services they offer at For more information visit



For the duration of your visit or holiday you can rent your own house or villa. Fully equipped houses are suitable both for family holidays and for business trips. Some houses are even for sale. Together with the house you can hire bicycles and vehicles with driver. Some seaside villas come with their own yacht or speedboat. Organised excursions around Slovenia are another option.

Experience nature and all it offers by opting for the Eko Hotel where you can try the local specialities made from organically grown foodstuffs. Utilise the power of nature, enjoy the sunshine and the caressing rays of the sun. Do not use lamps or heaters unnecessarily.

Call Centre:

+386 4 280 30 30 Skype: i_feel_slovenia

BOOK ONLINE ON WWW.SLOVENIA.INFO BEST BOOKING AND INFORMATION SERVICE IN SLOVENIA. Choose from the largest variety of Hotels, B&B’s, Apartments, Rooms, Tourist farms, Youth hostels and Guest houses in Slovenia.

Welcome to the exceptional events within the scope of Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture - the home of the oldest grapevine in the world – and in five nearby partner towns.


Novo mesto


Slovenj Gradec


Murska Sobota

General information

Oslo Stockholm

36____General information





Copenhagen Vilnius Minsk London




Brussels Kiev Paris

2000 km


1000 km

500 km


Bratislava Budapest



250 km Slovenija


Zagreb Sarajevo



»God’s blessing on all nations, Who long and work for that bright Sofia Pristine day, When o'er earth's habitations, No war, no strife shall hold its Podgorica Rome Skopje sway, Who long to see, That all men free,Tirana No more shall foes, but neighbours be!« (F. Prešeren, Zdravljica - National anthem of the Republic of Slovenia) Athens

GENERAL INFORMATION Official name: Republic of Slovenia Political system: parliamentary republic Area: 20,273 km2 Forest: 10,124 km2 Vineyards: 216 km2 Slovenia’s international borders 1370 km: Austria (318 km) • Italy (280 km) • Hungary (102 km) • Croatia (670 km) Length of coast: 46.6 km Capital: Ljubljana Population: 2,046,976 (1. januar 2010) Ethnic origin of population: Slovene (83.06%), Italian (0.11%), Hungarian (0.32%), Others (16.51%) Language: Slovene Religion: Roman Catholic (60%, 2002 census) Climate: Sub-Mediterranean on the coast, Continental in the interior of the country, Alpine in higher-lying areas Average temperatures: January -2 °C, July 21 °C Time zone: Central European Time (GMT +1) Currency: EURO (EUR) Education: Universities in Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica and Primorska 107.134 students (2010/2011) Culture: 19 professional and numerous amateur theatres, 2 operas, 45 permanent galleries, 121 museums, 6 professional orchestras and a symphony orchestra Media: 9 daily newspapers, 45 weeklies, state television, private television, state radio station, local radio stations More statistical information on,

National holidays January 1 and 2, New Year / 8 February, Prešeren Day / Easter Sunday / Monday /27 April, Day of uprising against the Occupation / 1 and 2 May, Labour Holiday / 25 June, National Day / 15 August, Feast of the Assumption / 31 October, Reformation Day / 1 November, Day of the Dead / 25 December, Christmas Day / 26 December, Independence Day Banks Banks exchange foreign currency and travellers checks, open accounts and it is possible to send money orders and transfer payments. Opening hours on weekdays are from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:00. It is also possible to change money at exchange offices in some hotels, petrol stations, tourist agencies, supermarkets and at numerous small exchange offices throughout Slovenia.The latest exchange rates are available on the website of the Bank of Slovenia Stores Shops are generally open non-stop on weekdays from 8:00 to 19:00, on Saturdays from 8:00 to 13:00 (some stores until 21.00), and some stores also open on Sundays and holidays. Payment is in euro. Most stores accept American Express, Diners, Master Card - Euro Card and Visa credit cards.

ACCESS TO MEDICAL ASSISTANCE As a member of the European Union, Slovenia is part of the European health insurance system. The European health-insurance card gives citizens of the 27 EU Member States, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland easy access to healthcare during stays in Slovenia. You can receive medical assistance in health centres throughout Slovenia and at hospitals in major towns. BORDER FORMALITIES Slovenia is a member of the EU, so entry from EU Member States is rapid and easy under the Schengen Agreement. Bringing in Items The flow of goods between Member States of the EU is tax-free, and regulations are uniform in all Member States of the Union. Restrictions apply only to the transport of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, where the amount not subject to excise tax is limited.

Post office Opening hours on weekdays are 8:00 to 18:00, and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:00. Public telephones operate on magnetic cards which can be bought at post offices or newsstands. More info on

DDV (VAT) tax refunds As a member of the single European market, Slovenia has removed the possibility of tax refunds at border crossings since this form of tax relief no longer exists among the Member States of the EU. Visitors from countries that are not members of the European Union must have special forms for purchased goods filled in by sellers. The form must be stamped by the customs office at the border crossing upon leaving a Member State of the EU. The tax will be returned by the institutions listed on the form for tax-free purchases.

The international outgoing call prefix is 00 and the prefix for international calls to Slovenia is 386.

WATER Tap water is suitable for drinking throughout the country.

The country is almost entirely covered by the mobile phone network and operators have contracts with larger European and international operators. More info on

ELECTRICITY 220 V, 50 Hz IMPORTANT NUMBERS: Police 113 / Fire 112 / Ambulance 112 / AMZS (Automobile Association) 1987


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2012 Calendar of Major Events in Slovenia DATES


All year round Ljubljana, Maribor, and other large towns and cities

EVENT Theatre and concert season (drama, opera, ballet)

JANUARY 14-15/1


Opening weekend including an opera entitled Black Masks



Conventa – South East European Exhibition for Meetings, Events & Incentive Travel


Begunje na Gorenjskem

International Accordion Competition for the Avsenik Award



Skiing: 48th Golden Fox Trophy World Cup: women’s slalom and giant-slalom races



Telemark World Cup, Bohinj



International Table-tennis Championship



Tourism and Leisure Fair


Škofja Loka

International Old-Timer Skiing Competition



Eurosank – the most exciting sledging competition in the world! Contest attractive running vehicles.



5th Bled Balloon Festival – international hot-air balloon event



"Kurentovanje/Kurenti" 52st Festival – traditional Mardi Gras and Easter fair



Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup



Wine Fair Vino - International wine fair for professionals


Po Sloveniji

Carnival events


Kranjska Gora

51th World Cup, Vitranc, Trophy World Cup: men’s slalom and giant-slalom races.



27th Slovenian Music Days



Ski Flying World Championship; conclusion of World Cup ski-flying season



Zagreb Philharmonic and Ivo Pogorelić - classical music



31st International Youth Choir Festival Celje


Piran and Sečovlje Regional Park salt works

Salt-makers’ Festival



Laibach kunst - artists painting on large canvases



6th International Mountain Film Festival



Festival of flowers, wine and olive oil



Ice Hockey World Championship, Division I


Slovenj Gradec

Art@ craft - European exhibition of home craft and handicraft



Alpe Adria Dressage Trophy


Volčji Potok, Arboretum

Spring Flower Show


Novo mesto

40th Cviček Week



Bled PEN Conference – international literature meeting



28th International Druga godba Festival 2012



“The Holy Gangster” – performance art



Internautica International Boat Show



Old-timer car rally – national championship



17th International Jazz Festival





2012 Calendar of Major Events in Slovenia____ 39






Magdalena -International Festival of Creative Communication


Towns and cities across Slovenia

Graduation Parade – the largest synchronised dance in the world



6th International Wild Flower Festival



Kino Otok – Isola Cinema international film festival

June – July


17th International Music Festival Bled


June, July, August


Summer in Celje – City of Princes

June - September


14th International Youth Music Festival



International Fly Fishing Championship



Slovenia Match Race Cup



31th Idrija Lace Festival

20/6 – 4/9


Grand opening of the 60th jubilee Ljubljana Festival, Vienna Philharmonic



LENT 2012 – 20th International Summer Festival


Kranjska Gora

Mountain Bike Masters European Championships


Škofja Loka

Historic Music and Dance Festival


Nova Gorica

International Saxophone Meeting



Folkart – International Folklore Festival


Novo mesto

Rock Otočec 2012 – rock music festival The opera “The Man with the Bombs˝ will be premièred during the Rock Otočec Festival.



International “Ana Desetnica” Street Theatre Festival

July and August


Musical Evenings of Piran, International festival of Chamber Music



MIFF – Mediterranean International Folklore Festival


Škofja Loka

International Wind Orchestra Festival “Loka jo piha”



ART Ptuj - International Music and Arts Festival


Novo mesto

12th Photo workshop, Fotopub festival of documentary photography



8th Grossmann Film and Wine Festival



International Balloon Fiesta



22st Okarina Ethno Festival Bled 2012



8th Kamfest town festival

August – September


Tartini Festival – International Music Festival


Novo mesto

13th International Music Workshop and Jazzinity Festival



Festival Days of Poetry and Wine



International Festival of Young Lions “Mladi levi˝



International trade fair



Maribor Festival – Classical music



23nd Pippi’s Longstocking Festival - largest cultural, educational and fun event for children and youth.



12th Festival of the Old Vine – ceremonial harvesting of grapes from the world’s oldest vine; international tourist event



13th Štrudlfest – international festival of theatre, dance, music and film




40____2012 Calendar of Major Events in Slovenia DATES





FEI World Driving Championships 2012



23rd BIO – Biennial of Industrial Design



3nd Fishing festival and international fly-tying meeting



War and Peace – Performing art in production by Tomaž Pandur


Kranjska Gora

Merrily to Kranjska Gora – folk music festival 2011



17th Ljubljana Marathon


In and around Ormož

St. Martin’s Week – baptism of new wine, St. Martin’s Fair, St. Martin’s celebrations in Ormož



World Junior Chess Championship


across Slovenia

Martinovanje/St. Martin’s Festival wine-harvest festival


Slovenj Gradec

Soft Control – visual art



Oberkrainer – folk music hit parade




across Slovenia

Christmas and New Year events


Bohinj, Pokljuka

Skiing: Biathlon World Cup (men's and women's)

Christmas–New Year period


Living crib in Postojna Cave



European Comic – Exhibitions



Fabulously Celje



Events themed for December 2012



Christmas mystery in the Pekel cave


across Slovenia

New Year celebrations and fireworks



- European Capital of Culture 2012 events.

Maribor 2012 European Capital of Culture events lasting for a longer period of time or lasting throughout the year. Place




Cultural Embassies Twelve EU Member States will present themselves in the centre of town, one each month of the year. When it is their turn, each country will give a big opening party and prepare an exhibition, information materials which will be made available at Vetrinj Mansion, an art installation in the Mansion’s courtyard, and a rich cultural programme which will take place in Maribor and around the five partner towns.

classical and popular music, visual and performing arts


Twelve Each month of 2012 Maribor or one of its partner towns will host one renowned international figure which holds a key role in his or her creative field, ranging from the arts to philosophy. These twelve leading representatives from various disciplines will share their views on a specific urban aspect of the future; all presentations will be prepared especially for the occasion. As part of this project, Charles Simic, Boris Groys, Jan Fabre, Rebecca Horn, and Garry Kasparov will visit Slovenia.

literature and philospohy


Lively Squares and Courtyards Maribor’s courtyards will come to life through street theatre performances by artists from Maribor, Slovenia and abroad, who will prepare spatial interventions, dance performances, street and site-specific theatre performances, concerts as well as intermedia projects and fine art installations.

performing arts

Maribor (Betnava)

The Spectrum of Sound Outstanding classical music performances in the historic town centre will take the listeners back in time. The programme was put together by the artistic director Andrej Petrač, an established and internationally acclaimed violoncellist and music teacher from Maribor, in cooperation with the European Cultural and Technological Centre Maribor.

classical music


Water Town Unusual domes reminiscent of honeycombs will pop up on the surface of Lake Velenje. The domes represent a synergy between art and ecology since they will be absolutely self-sustaining and secure the natural resources they need – water and energy – all by themselves.

visual arts


Ligi's Stage The distinctive feature of Ligi's Stage is its location in an underground cave, emphasising the region's coal mining tradition. The stage will be the venue of the first subterranean concert by a brass band, which will perform 180 metres under the surface of the Earth.

visual arts, music

Slovenj Gradec

Reviving the Sounds of the Past The events dedicated to the internationally renowned composer Hugo Wolf (1860–1903), who was born in Slovenj Gradec, will include an international solo singing competition, an international musicological symposium and solo singing workshop as well as numerous concerts, stage performances and publishing projects.

classical music


Maribor Blues Club 2012 The bars around town will be filled with live music, which will stir the hearts of younger and older audiences alike. The focus will be on blues and most of the events will be concerts, although there will also be some exhibitions, music workshops, jam sessions, thematic events with specific food and instruments, and much more.

non-classical music


Northern Lights Special illuminated signs will be put up at eight selected locations around Maribor and its surroundings that feature prominently in the works of Drago Jančar – a celebrated writer from Maribor. The writer will personally visit these literary destinations regularly throughout the year. There he will hold readings of his works, select movies to be screened, stage theatre performances, and organise discussions and seminars.



Festival Arsana The Arsana Festival comprises numerous concerts by internationally renowned musicians, while it also offers a wide range of side events in the form of concerts and thematic events.

classical music

*The organiser reserves the right to change the programme. Slovenian Tourist Board Dimičeva 13 | SI - 1000 Ljubljana tel.: +386 1 589 85 50 fax: +386 1 589 85 60 e-mail: Interact with us on: SloveniaInfo

Feel Slovenia

Slovenian Tourist Board


This manual is made of Eco-friendly paper. Help preserve the environment – don’t throw it away, give it to a business partner! Published by: Slovenian Tourist Board / Editors: Lučka Letič, Jasmina Hercegovac / Design: AV studio d.o.o. / Layout: AV studio d.o.o. / DTP: Studio Terminal / Text: Darja Verbič, Ines Drame / Photographs: D. Grögl, D. Wedam, M. Lenarčič, M. Fras, T. Jeseničnik, M. Krivic, J. Pivka, B. Jakše, S. Jeršič, A. Gregorčič, J. Pukšič, B. Kladnik, M. Vranič, arhiv Postojnske jame, arhiv STO / Printed by: Littera Picta d.o.o./ Impression: 8.000, October 2011 / Cover page: Maribor

Travel Agent´s Manual 2012 Slovenia  

Travel Agent´s Manual 2012

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