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• 58% woodland • 36% of the territory is part of the Natura 2000 network • 9,023 karst caves • 20% of the coastline is a protected site • 27,000 kms of watercourses

Small enough to manage on foot, yet large enough for endless exploration. This green country in the heart of Europe, at the meeting point of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Basin, is a place of surprising diversity. You will be thrilled by its natural and cultural features, in the country or in the city, on water or in the sky, on active hikes or mysterious descents into karstic caves: experience Slovenia! Ljubljana, the capital city, has a vibe that will win every visitor’s heart and is an excellent starting point for visiting both the most prominent and remote corners of Slovenia. Slovenian Istria is sure to win you over with its culture of medieval towns, its fishing tradition and Mediterranean charm. On the way from the sea to Alpine peaks you will be captivated by the underground Karst, with over nine thousand caves and sinkholes, one of them a UNESCO world heritage site. The Slovenian Karst is also home to a noble breed of white horse, the Lipizzaner. Crossing into the highlands your mind will relax as you gaze at lakes and steep river gorges, while green and rocky summits will introduce you to unforgettable adrenaline rushes. Nature lovers will be delighted with Solčavsko and Pohorje, and their forest reserves and many options for recreation. Eastern Slovenia is a paradise for pleasure seekers. Natural spas with rich wellness programmes are sure to help you unwind. Historical towns and enchanting wine-growing areas are the best place to get a taste of the rich culinary heritage of Slovenia. South-Eastern Slovenia will fill you with wonder at the castles and monasteries of the Dolenjska region and the sweeping forest of Kočevsko. Riga Dublin

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Brusssells Kiev Paris

2000 km


1000 km

500 km


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250 km Ljubljana


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Sofia Pr istine Pod dgoricca Skopje Tiirana Ankara

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Monastery, convent


Palace, castle

National border

Conference venue

Museum, art gallery

International border crossing

Golf course

Natural heritage site

Main road

Tourist cave

Site of archaeological importance

Scenic railway, vintage train

Wine-growing region

Technical monument, mine

International airport

EDEN - European Destination of Excellence

Cultural heritage monuments recommented for visitors

Sports aerodrome

Canoeing, rafting

Site of architectural importance

Cable car

Triglav National Park

UNESCO world heritage site

Tourist information

Regional Park

The Geodesic centre of Slovenia


Slovenian Alpine path


Port, marina

European long distance footpaths E-6, E-7

Winter sports resort


Slovenia, tourist map, 1:450,000 (2009, 1st edition) Published by: Slovenska turistična organizacija (Slovenian Tourist Board) Concept and editing by: Primož Kete, Prof. Branko Rojc, PhD Cartographic processing, mapping and page layout: Geodetski inštitut Slovenije (Geodetic Institute of Slovenia), Jamova 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia Sources: Turistična karta Slovenije, 1:500,000 (2008); data from the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia and data from the Slovenian Tourist Board. All rights reserved. Any copying, duplication or remaking of the map in part or in whole is prohibited without the prior approval of the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia.

October 2009 / Print run: ENG 60.000 / Editor: Nataša Hočevar / Design and text: AV Studio d.o.o. / Printed by: Gorenjski tisk d.d.

GENERAL INFO: Political system: parliamentary republic Area: 20,273 km² Population: 2,047,214 (October 2009) Language: Slovenian Currency: euro (EUR) Mean temperatures: January -2 °C, July 21 °C Climate: sub-Mediterranean at the coast, continental inland, alpine in higher regions Capital: Ljubljana Water: Tap water is drinkable throughout the country Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz

WORKING HOURS: Banks: Mon – Fri: 8:30–12:30 AM and 2–5 PM Post offices: Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 6 PM, Sat: 8 AM – 12 PM Museums: 10 AM – 6 PM Supermarkets: Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 7 PM, Sat: 8 AM – 1 PM, Sundays and holidays: some shopping centres and shops stay open IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS: Police 113 / Fire 112 / Emergency first aid 112 / AMZS (Automobile Association of Slovenia) 1987

HOLIDAYS: January 1 and 2 New Year / February 8 Prešeren Day / April 27 Day of uprising against the Occupation / May 1 and 2 May Day / June 25 Slovenia Day / August 15 Feast of the Assumption / October 31 Reformation Day / November 1 All Saints’ Day / December 25 Christmas Day / December 26 Independence Day





Regardless of how you travel, Slovenia is within easy reach! Visiting Slovenia involves no time-consuming or complicated arrangements. Well-organised routes to and across the country, the availability of plenty of information online and the possibility of communicating in foreign languages make travel planning simple.

Slovenia is an experience at several levels. Each of the countless irresistible activities will reveal another aspect of the country. From the green Mediterranean and through the mysterious Karst into vibrant Ljubljana, and further to the sunny Alps or smiling Pohorje, your travel will be peppered with a feast of images, pleasures engaging all the senses and experiences for every type of traveller. Make the experience your own!

Find accommodation that suits you. You can stay in lodgings of all categories. For leisurely relaxation and pampering, choose a luxury hotel on the coast, in the town centre or in the arms of nature. To explore towns, pick one of the best-value-for-the-money hotels or self-contained flats. Experience nature in its loveliest form – experience Heaven. Sleeping cuddled up in fresh hay on a tourist farm or a genuine prison experience behind bars at the Celica youth hostel will not leave you indifferent. Whatever your choice, you will be pleasantly surprised everywhere by the tasty selection of local specialities and friendly service.

A land of green impressions, crystal clear waters, natural beauties and geographic curiosities. A land of mixed cultures, varied architectural features and enduring folk customs. A land of active and friendly people. For all that, the stuff of memories is not images but experiences. Every person will experience Slovenia in a different way and each visit can be unique. Treat yourself to an experience of Slovenia and it will win a place in your heart forever.



Distances to major towns in Slovenia: 50 km/h 90 km/h 100 km/h 130 km/h

KRANJ 36 km



Though Slovenia accounts for less than 0.004 percent of the Earth’s surface, it is home to more than 1 percent of all known living species and more than 2 percent of all continental species. The coexistence of around 24,000 species of wildlife in such a small area and 27,000 kms of watercourses make Slovenia one of Europe’s richest countries in terms of nature. Several categories of protection are used to safeguard almost 11% of the Slovenian territory. There are 44 protected areas or parks in all, each of them a source of new wonder.





Hotel categories range between one and five stars by international standards and hotel standards of Western Europe. Appealing wellness and spa hotels will pamper you with health, beauty and relaxation programmes, while those into action can choose hotels especially suited to cyclists and hikers, which offer a range of attractive package tours.


80 km


SLOVENIA ADVENTURE Slovenia is a land of sports challenges. It will make you fall in love with your own strength! The luxury of water, the woodland trails, and the rocky and snowy slopes will thrill you with infinite possibilities for sports and adrenaline-packed fun. The boundless skies and mysteries of subterranean caves add to your pick of activities.

The young and the young at heart will greatly enjoy Slovenian hostels. You can find them in almost all Slovenian towns including Bled, Ptuj, Piran, Nova Gorica, Pliskovica in the Karst and in Ljubljana. Special mention goes to Hostel Celica in Ljubljana with its delightful and ingenious architectural design.

SLOVENIA BALANCE To feel Slovenia means to feel good! Natural spas and wellness centres are a special attraction of this land of many waters. A total of 87 natural thermal springs, waters rich in minerals, the beneficial marine and mountain climate with aerosols, brine and mud from the salt pans, therapeutic peloids and peat – all nature’s gifts – are the cornerstone of Slovenian spa tourism.



Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is only 26 km from the centre of Ljubljana. Regular air routes will take you there from many European cities. Reputable international and low-cost airlines also offer connections to Slovenia through airports in neighbouring countries (Villach, Graz, Trieste, Venice and Zagreb).

Slovenia is a full-fl avoured country! Allow yourself to be surprised by specialities of certified geographic origin, traditional reputation and fine quality. As national fl avours blended with foreign experience, as many as 24 gastronomic regions developed in Slovenia! No less than 176 distinctive Slovenian dishes are best complemented by wines from the 3 Slovenian wine-producing regions.



Direct rail connections to Slovenia are available from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Serbia. Slovenia provides Eurail Global Pass services.

Slovenia is a destination which provides everything needed to organise even major international events and at the same time offers ample opportunity for activities close by! This venue in the heart of Europe is both professional and relaxed, safe and ordered, as well as hospitable and competent in foreign languages.



You can visit Slovenia as a guest on a liner or sail your own watercraft to one of the docks at international border crossings on the Slovenian coast. /

Slovenian casinos are something special even by European standards; you can follow a playful night by a visit to a wellness centre or take a stroll into unspoilt nature and enjoy the local specialities. The combination of gaming and top accommodation, entertainment and nature gives new dimensions to your pursuit of luck.


This type of accommodation is available all over Slovenia. Advance booking of one-, two-, three or four-star rooms may be made on the spot or through travel agencies.

Keep in touch with Slovenia on Facebook. Become a fan of FEEL SLOVENIA:



Slovenian Tourist Board Dimičeva 13 1504 Ljubljana Tel.: +386 1 589 85 50 Fax: +386 1 589 85 60 e-mail:

Office du Tourisme Slovène, Sloveense Dienst voor Toerisme Rue d’Idalie 19/3 B-1050 Bruxelles Tel.: +32 2 644 27 04 Fax: +32 2 644 27 04 Tourist information: Trade and media information:

Austria Slowenisches Tourismusbüro Opernring 1/R/4/447 A-1010 Wien Tel.: +43 1 7154 010 Fax: +43 1 7138 177 Tourist information: Trade and media information:

Germany Slowenisches Fremdenverkehrsamt Maximiliansplatz 12 a D-80333 München Tel.: +49 89 29 16 12 02

Fax: +49 89 29 16 12 73 Tourist information: Trade and media information:

Italy Ufficio del Turismo Sloveno Galleria Buenos Aires 1 I-20124 Milano Tel.: +39 0229 51 11 87 Fax: +39 0229 51 40 71 Tourist information: Trade and media information:


For those wishing to spend their holidays in close contact with unspoilt nature, camps are an excellent springboard. Slovenian camp facilities meet European standards. Some also provide accommodation in bungalows, which are advisable to book in advance. TOURIST FARMS

A complete escape from the city bustle into nature is also provided by tourist farms. Traditional furnishings, close contact with folk culture and farm chores will take you back to a time when people still knew how to take a moment for themselves. Based on the furnishings and services, farms are classed into categories from one to four apples.

I found caves in Slovenia.

Speed limits: Urban areas Rural roads High-speed roads Motorways

Feel the lively vibe of the present! The riverbanks in towns will tempt you with bars and restaurants, the main streets with performances and events, the hidden nooks with first-rate pubs and cafés, theatres and other event and exhibition venues, and the outskirts with shopping centres and nightlife. Lively towns will delight you with their architecture and legends featured by town attractions and museums, with heritage from different ages blending in with the cultural and natural characteristics of the region.


It is compulsory to use: 0 vignettes (yearly, monthly or weekly toll stickers) on all motorways, high-speed roads for motorcycles, private and multi-purpose vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons (vignettes are sold at all petrol stations in Slovenia and its neighbouring countries, at branch offices of the national and foreign motoring associations, at post offices and in some kiosks) 0 dipped headlights, even during daytime 0 safety belts on all seats 0 approved motorcycle helmets for drivers and passengers on motorcycles


AGON BABitYinDonR e of 9,023 karst

You can easily drive from Italy, Austria, Hungary or Croatia. Slovenia is a member of the EU, which makes entry from EU countries fast and effortless in line with the Schengen Agreement.


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Come and take a closer look.





Every nook and cranny of Slovenia has a story of its own. Every step is a new experience. Listen to the stories murmured by the vibrant streets. Experience the diversity of culture and people. Experience colourful Slovenia.

Search out your favourite sports centre, hiking or cycling trail, horse riding centre, launch point for paragliding, ballooning or aviation, instructor of mountaineering or spelunking, guide for an adrenaline experience or skipper for exciting sailing. In Slovenia you will find it all.

If you're looking for hospitality in a green environment, Slovenia might well be the loveliest place you have ever experienced. Enjoyment of nature is always coupled with hospitable people and learning about traditional creativity.

Shake off your everyday worries and achieve your goals, either on the green plains or at the top of Slovenia. Conquer Mt. Triglav and enjoy one of the loveliest views of the Adriatic Sea, the Dolomites, the mountains of Visoke Ture, Karavanke and Kamniško Savinjske Alpe, and the highest peaks of the Julian Alps.







The airline of Slovenia, Adria Airways, a Star Alliance member with more than 48 years of tradition in regular and charter flying and a state-of-the-art fleet, connects Ljubljana with more than 24 destinations across Europe.

Experience Slovenia on a ramble along the six theme routes within the “Na lepše – Next Exit” project and hit the Emerald, Windy, Amber, Sunny, Pedlar's and Goldenhorn routes.

The widest selection of accommodation in Slovenia: Hotels//Self-contained units//Rooms//Tourist farms// Youth hostels//Guest houses//B&Bs CALL CENTRE: + 386 4 280 30 30

Take home a piece of creativity and a memory of Slovenia and its people. A varied array of souvenirs is available at sales points throughout Slovenia and through online stores.

With over 1,300 protected areas, Slovenia is a country with one of the highest degrees of biodiversity in the European Union. In all, 48 parks are home to numerous endemic animal and plant species. Triglav National Park, with its seven lakes, is one of the oldest European parks. Remarkable biotic, landscape and cultural diversity is also to be found in 3 regional parks and 44 landscape parks.

Slovenia has joined the EU project Eco-label for tourist accommodation service, popularly known as the EU Daisy, which involves efforts to lower air pollution, thrifty use of energy and other natural resources, lower environmental pollution and providing organically produced food. Slovenia has 42 tourist campsites, 344 tourist farms and many environmentally friendly hotels.

Care for the environment starts small – with the smallest building blocks of life: BEES. Bee-keeping is a vital part of Slovenian natural and cultural heritage. In recent years, bee-keepers have been making efforts to preserve the indigenous Carniolan honey bee, or Apis mellifera carnica, the second most widespread breed of bee in the world. Slovenia is the only EU member to have protected its indigenous bee.

Observe nature and its inhabitants with all your senses, but make sure to leave it as you found it. Please take nothing away and leave nothing behind.

Choose eco-friendly accommodation, green recreation and local specialities from organically produced foodstuffs. Do not use plastic bottles. You can simply drink tap water: it is one of the cleanest in Europe!

Select from more than 750 motifs painted on beehive panels which tell the colourful story of Slovenia’s history. Or you can pick another piece of traditional handicraft made of natural materials. Pay a visit to Slovenian craftsmen and experience the local tradition.

Go for an environment- and nature-friendly holiday; use largescale means of transport or do your city sightseeing simply by bike or on foot.

MYSTIC ART The famous veduta of Piran, this medieval pearl, gives a memorable seaside view.

ROCKING LAND The unique Karst landscape stretches over approximately 500 square kilometres.

DEEP SPIRIT Numerous thermal-water springs reaching the surface at 32-73˚C are one of the greatest Slovenian treasures.

WOODOO The magical Kočevje virgin forest, our preserved natural heritage.

GREAT-GREAT-GRANDVINE The oldest vine in the world, the 400-year-old vine in Maribor.

CULTTOUR The creative crossroads of the European Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain.

HAPPY TIMES The Avsenik Brothers established a new kind of folk music by combining piano accordion, trumpet, clarinet, bass and guitar.



The Slovenian Tourist Board is committed to green action. Our SLOVENIA GREEN project aims to introduce environmental practices in the promotion of Slovenia. We use environment-friendly materials (even for this map), we cycle or walk whenever possible, use natural energy resources, handle water sources with care and, above all, spread the will and knowledge among others to act in the same spirit. Including you.

URBAN GHOST The architecture of the famed Plečnik spread all over the capital city of Ljubljana.

RING THE BELL AND MAKE A WISH Fascinating Lake Bled with its island, where you can ring the bell at the church and make a wish. T his to ur ist map is made of environmentally fr iendly paper. Help preser ve the environment - don’t throw it away, g ive it to a fr iend!

Slovenia Tourist map  

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