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SLOVENIA GREEN In Slovenia we swear by sustainable development and we adhere to our green obligations. We operate with respect for the environment and nature, and we take account of local special features. Because this is important for each one of us and for our environment. Be green yourself, and help us keep our country unspoilt. By heeding the advice given below, you will be on the right track. Happy trails. At the Slovenian Tourist Board we are committed to green operations. Through the “SLOVENIA GREEN” project, we are striving to function in the most environmentally friendly way in promoting our country. We use environmentally friendly materials, whenever possible we bike or walk, we use natural sources of energy, we handle water resources prudently, and above all we spread the will and knowledge for all others to act in this way. Including you. THINK GREEN Guests from different parts of the world view green efforts differently. If it seems to you that your host is not exploiting all the opportunities, or experiences from your home environment offer even better solutions – share them with your host. He will be grateful. We can only achieve the objective together. CHOOSE GREEN Information on green tourist attractions is sometimes hard to find. Learn about the green attractions in Slovenia, and demand from Slovenian service providers as much information as possible.Find out about our special features, local tradition and concern for preserving nature. BECOME GREEN Contribute to reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere and choose public transport for your visit to Slovenia. On tours of city sights, you can go on foot or by bicycle. In terms of kilometers travelled, cars produce four times the emissions of CO2 than buses that are full of passengers, not to mention trains! Information on various options is available in printed as well as electronic publications, or you can check it with our service providers.

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