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WITH DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN Allow yourself to be surprised by specialities displaying the protected designation of origin, traditional product or high-quality organic ingredients symbols. Try Nanos cheese, Tolminc cheese, spicy Mohant cheese from Bohinj, extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria, ham from Prekmurje, honey from Kočevje and the Karst, and Piran salt from the Sečovlje saltworks!

In a country where you can quench your thirst in a stream, where healthy vegetables grow in gardens, where old varieties of apples still grow in orchards, where animals graze in the open air, people are used to eating well. And they also like to offer good things to visitors! Slovenia’s 24 distinct gastronomic regions are the result of the blending of local flavours with foreign experiences! Traditional Slovenian dishes – all 176 of them – are perfectly accompanied by wines from Slovenia’s three wine regions. These include quite a number of strictly local specialities! Spring water, natural fruit juices and fruit and herb brandies also go well with good food. Slovenia is a fullflavoured country!

STO - Splosni katalog ANG  

Slovenia 2010

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