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NATURAL GIFTS Eighty-seven natural thermal springs, mineral-rich water, healthy sea and mountain air, brine and salt pan mud, medicinal peloids and peat – these natural gifts are the foundation of spa tourism in Slovenia. You will be surprised at the cosmopolitan opportunities to pamper and indulge yourself – with Oriental techniques, glamorous entertainment, country walks, etc.

To feel Slovenia means to feel good! Natural spas and wellness centres are a particular attraction of this land of many waters. Slovenia’s bubbling springs were known to the Romans, and many European notabilities of the past have waxed lyrical about them. As well as top-quality medical programmes, health resorts offer preventive and alternative programmes for both health and beauty. Wellness centres can be found all over Slovenia. Indoor and outdoor pools, the calm of tranquil waters or the challenge of water attractions, activities or lazy relaxation, accommodation in luxurious hotels, apartments or campsites – the choice is yours!

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Slovenia 2010

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