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20 Slovenes have conquered unconquered summits, skied from places where no-one has skied before, swum the world's mightiest rivers, and sailed the seven seas. Where do you think they get the experience for all this? Visit


Family afternoons or sports training, individual or team sports, Olympic trials or record attempts for the Guinness Book of World Records: this varied country enables you to test your own strengths in countless ways. Find your favourite sports centre, riding centre, take-off point for paragliding, ballooning or flying, a climbing or caving instructor, an adventure guide, or a skipper for exciting sailing experiences. You can also learn many sports in Slovenia!

Lipizzaners, Lipica


Slovenia has ten golf courses and double that number of golf practice facilities, each one in a different natural setting. The oldest golf course lies by the lake in idyllic Bled. The golf course in Lipica, not far from the famous stud farm with its white Lipizzaner horses, is open all year round. Other golf courses are situated near spas (Mokrice, Otočec, Ptuj, Panonske Terme – the Livada golf course), below Alpine peaks (Bovec), amidst vineyards (Slovenske Konjice) and in the middle of parks (Volčji Potok Arboretum).

Golf in Bled


Slovenia is a popular destination for thrill-seekers! You can find thrills not only in the wild natural environment but also in safe and supervised adrenaline parks. If your children are over 150 cm tall, these parks are great fun for the whole family!

Adrenaline park below Vogel

STO - Splosni katalog ANG  

Slovenia 2010

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