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Precious! Green. Countryside.


GREEN FACTS A full 36% of the territory of Slovenia is part of Natura 2000, Europe's green network of protected areas. With 58.5% of the country covered by forest, Slovenia is the second most forested country in Europe. It has over 9,000 karst caves! A fifth of Slovenia's coast enjoys protected status. There are almost 27,000 kilometres of watercourses. In terms of the quantity of fluvial water per inhabitant, Slovenia is one of the richest countries in Europe. You can drink the water straight from the tap: it is among the purest in Europe!

Slovenia is the only country in Europe that has the Alps and the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the mysterious Karst. The changeability of the landscape will surprise you time and time again. You can see the sea, and yet there are mountains behind you. You climb a forested slope, and below you is a green plain. You stand in a mountain pasture, and below you is the gorge of a river. The proximity of contrasts is a peculiarity of Slovenia! Here you can still walk through virgin forest or see grapes growing on the oldest vine in the world. Here you can hear stories about bears and eat forest fruits that you have picked yourself on a short walk out of town. Here you discover the secrets of the Earth's surface and of that which lies below it. Here you are part of nature!

EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS OF EXCELLENCE The best examples of the sustainable development of tourism compete for the title of European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). The first two EDEN areas in Slovenia are the Soča Valley and Solčavsko. The Soča Valley attracts visitors with adventures on the emerald river, treks through the high mountains, and memories of the First World War. Solčavsko is three Alpine valleys in unison: Logarska Dolina, Robanov Kot (both protected landscapes) and Matkov Kot. Large mountain farms offering genuine home cooking are a special feature of the three valleys.

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