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SURPRISING LJUBLJANA: Pile dwellers in the Barje wetland. Roman Aemona. The Old Town below the castle with its Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau façades and romantic bridges over the river Ljubljanica. The home of one of the oldest philharmonic societies in Europe. A city of museums and galleries. The city of architect Jože Plečnik. Plečnik's Ljubljana is one of the most important integrated works of art of the 20th century!

Even Slovenia's largest cities are small in international terms; but even Slovenia's smallest towns are big when it comes to experiences in medieval squares and charming marketplaces, by rivers, in narrow streets lying in the shadow of castles and churches. Behind the remains of town walls, the green countryside that blends so naturally with urban scenes is easily accessible. Lively towns offer interesting events, fascinating legends and sights, and the heritage of different periods that combines with the cultural and natural sights of the surrounding area. Slovenia has a population of around 2 million, with roughly half of the population living in urban areas. The towns are connected to the environment in surprising ways: that is why they are all so different. Like walking into small but luxurious boutiques of life!

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Slovenia 2010

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