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Hiking in Slovenia

Slovenia Only a Step Away

Though spanning only about 20,000 square kilometres, with less than a three-hour drive along motorways between opposite corners, Slovenia is criss-crossed by nearly 10,000 kilometres of waymarked walking routes. Slovenia can only be explored on foot bit by bit, never whole, and here lies the greatest charm of hiking in Slovenia. Returning to some areas to rediscover what we thought we already knew, we are at the same time drawn to regions we have yet to discover. Usually our attention is first captured by the highelevation mountain areas – the Julian Alps, Kamnik and the Savinja Alps, and Karavanke Alps – affording captivating views of distant reaches that draw us closer. And so we get to know the mid-elevation areas: Idrija and the Cerkno hills, Škofja Loka hills, Polhov Gradec hills, Posavje hills, etc. We head for the Pohorje hills, roam the hills and slopes of the Dolenjska and Bela Krajina regions, and keep fit on the Nordic walking routes in the otherwise quite flat Pomurje region. And all this is not to mention the tasteful synergy of hiking and gastronomy in the Štajerska region, or the magnificent scenery and other characteristics of Primorska. A challenge in its own right is interconnecting longdistance walking trails, which cross Slovenia in multiple directions and can take up to a month of walking. Well, it’s time to hit the track … which never really ends, since Slovenia is just the right size to be fully explored and experienced on foot. Over and over again.

Where to walk in Slovenia

• Theme routes • Woodland nature trails • Nordic walking routes, whose network is gaining in size • Mountain trails, ranging from easy to demanding and extremely demanding secured climbing trails, at 7,000 kilometres in total length comprising the bulk of waymarked routes in Slovenia • Trekking along regional and all-Slovenian interconnected long-distance walking trails • Participation in hiking events: organised mountain and theme trail hikes, hiking competitions • Snowshoeing over snow-covered mid- and highelevation mountain areas

Major Hiking-Oriented Organisations

Hiking Slovenia/POHODNIŠTVO giz

In the framework of a strategic partnership with the Slovenian Tourist Board, Hiking Slovenia has started 16 specialised hiking hotels and guesthouses with the aim to develop and promote a quality tourism hiking product and to ensure its consistent marketing. Together with 25 partners – local tourist boards, Alpine Association of Slovenia, Slovenian Nordic Walking Association, Triglav National Park and a number of companies – Hiking Slovenia steers dedicated marketing efforts to achieve better results. More information at

Slovenian Mountain Guide Association

Professional guiding services are rendered by IFMGA/UIAGM-certified mountain guides, members of the Slovenian Mountain Guide Association (SMGA). If you are looking for a unique mountain experience, hire a mountain guide. In the company of a qualified guide, you will enjoy a safe and inspiring mountain adventure. To learn more about Slovenian mountain guides, visit or call +386 (0)41 378 137.

Slovenian Nordic Walking Association Alpine Association of Slovenia

The tradition of organised mountaineering in Slovenia dates back to 1893, when the Slovene Alpine Society was founded in Ljubljana. Its successor is the Alpine Association of Slovenia (AAS), founded in 1948, which brings together some 245 mountaineering societies with a total of 50,000+ members. Mountaineering societies maintain a network of marked mountain trails around Slovenia, organise hikes and various events, and promote mountaineering and mountain safety. Visit the official AAS website at

The Slovenian Nordic Walking and Recreation Association brings together more than 400 INWAcertified training instructors from around the country. Nordic walking is a form of walking exercise ideal for keeping fit and suitable for individuals and families, organised groups, children and athletes. Under the supervision of INWA-certified instructors and with the aid of special NordicWalker poles, visitors to Slovenia looking for hiking and walking opportunities will enjoy a safe and effective Nordic experience while gaining increased endurance, strength and agility. More information at

Slovenian Mountain Trail Via Alpina (violet) Via Alpina (red) Sub-Alpine Trail E6 E7 Specialised hiking accommodation (H – hotel, GH – grand hotel, APP – self-contained unit, YH – youth hostel)

Walking Trails and Specialised Hiking Hotels

Walking Slovenia Hiking days From mid-August to mid-October

Slovenia in Europe

Key walking direction populated spot, mountain pasture summit, summit-finish, finish hut/hotel/accommodation, shelter bridge, saddle castle, lookout tower church, chapel cable car spring, waterfall, health spa parking area, bus stop information, information centre natural attraction, cultural attraction archaeological site, geometric centre vantage point, cheese route information, information centre drinks food and drinks lodging health spa/wellness natural attraction/attraction cultural attraction vantage point archaeological site bus stop train station

Exploring Slovenia on Foot Signposting

Most of Slovenia’s mountain trails and other walking routes are marked with waymarks and round markers in the form of a red circle with a white centre. Introduced in 1922 and in use ever since, the round marker was developed by mountaineer Alojz Knafelc in an attempt to create a new trail-marking convention that would replace the existing thick lines of various lengths. Named after its author, the round marker is called the Knafelc marker. Also used are red arrow signs, as well as lines and inscriptions on rocks and tree trunks. Each trail is graded in terms of difficulty, and the grade is included on signposts at departure points. Hard trails are denoted by a red triangle, and extremely hard by a red triangle with exclamation mark, while the easy ones bear no indication of the level of difficulty.

Spending the night


Appropriate shoes or hiking boots, which must be sturdy but comfortable, are crucial. Wear clothes suitable for the time of year; it is a good idea to bring along a windcheater to high-elevation areas in summer as well. Always pack some spare clothes, a raincoat, sunglasses, sunblock and a head covering suitable for the time of year. Don’t forget adjustable hiking poles. Belaying equipment and a climbing helmet are recommended for vie ferrate.

Best time for hiking

Hiking in Slovenia is possible year-round. The best time to head for high-elevation areas is summer and autumn. Normally, weather conditions in the mountains are the most stable at the end of August and in autumn. Mid-elevation mountain areas are the most attractive in spring, autumn and winter. The same seasons, particularly winter, are a perfect time to go hiking in the Primorska region.

Specialised hiking accommodation is provided by more than 40 hotels, members of Hiking Slovenia. In low-lying as well as high-elevation areas, you can spend the night in a large number of mountain huts, which are open during the summer months high in the mountains, and elsewhere year-round or weekends only. For more information on the 170+ mountain huts in Slovenia, visit the Alpine Association of Slovenia website.

Useful information for hikers

Weather: •, Public transport: • buses: • trains: Specialised hiking hotels: • Mountain huts: •,


Slovenian Mountain Trail Well, it’s nothing more than a long, wonderful walk – over peaks and valleys, hills and lowlands, over the Alps, Dinaric Mountain Range and rolling terrain with a Mediterranean feel. Not to mention the edges of the Pannonian Plain, which can already be spotted early on from higher ground. The Slovenian Mountain Trail (SPP) covers all the Alpine ranges in Slovenia (Kamnik Alps, Karavanke and Julian Alps), starting with a hike across Pohorje, a remarkable hill range of magmatic origin, which stands in marked contrast to the otherwise predominantly limestone areas and is seen by some experts as part of the southeasternmost spurs of the Central Alps. Started in 1953, it is the first – as indicated by the numeral 1 written next to the markers showing the way – and oldest interconnecting trail in Slovenia. And the most direct one too, as it runs over major mountain ridges, through high-elevation areas and wonderful landscape where the Alpine and Dinaric mountains meet, accessible over Mt Porezen and the Cerkno Hills. Over the Dinaric ridges, which run to the southeast in contrast to the predominantly westto-east Alpine ridges, we move closer and closer to the sea. Then we cross the magnificent Karst Edge and fertile flysch slopes, which are laced with vineyards, to get up close to the seaside. The trail ends right off the coast in Ankaran, where we dive into the sea with the greatest of joy – no matter if it’s spring or autumn. This refreshing ritual is a perfect way to finish the most compelling Slovenian mountain trekking tour. The highest point on the way is none other than Slovenia’s highest peak, Triglav (2,864m).

Walking time Length Difficulty Start Finish Additional information

30 days 500km All difficulty grades Maribor Ankaran Alpine Association of Slovenia, Hiking Slovenia,

Via Alpina

If you want to experience Slovenian mountains on a hike that is not too long but full of adventures nonetheless, head for one, or better, both Slovenian sections of the Via Alpina trail. Across Slovenia run the Red Trail and the Violet Trail, two of the four Via Alpina hiking trails, which make it possible for hikers to see the Alps up close in eight Alpine countries. On the 14-stage Red Trail and 10-stage Violet Trail you get to know all three Slovenian high-elevation mountain ranges: the Julian Alps, the Karavanke Alps and the Kamnik Alps. Much like the Slovenian Mountain Trail, the Red Trail further runs across the Karst and Dinaric landscapes of Mt Nanos, the Trnovo Forest and Idrija Hills, so that you can see from a different perspective places you may have already been to. From the Julian Alps, the trail leads over the Koren Mountain Pass in the Karavanke Alps over to Austria. The Violet Trail starts at the heart of the highest mountain area in Slovenia, below Mt Triglav, and runs over the Karavanke and Kamnik Alps into mountainous Austria. Both trails are a great way to learn about the central parts of Slovenian high-elevation mountain areas. The Red Trail offers more than just a picturesque introduction or relaxing finish, which of course depends on which way you are headed, and the Violet Trail starts at the very heart of Slovenian high-elevation mountain areas as it is. Even though the trails are divided into stages, which can be combined freely into shorter hiking tours, it is recommended that the trails are taken one at a time and from start to finish. The same goes for other interconnecting long-distance trails in Slovenia, because taking a trail from start to finish is by far the best way to fully experience the mountains in the land where the Alpine, Mediterranean, Dinaric and Pannonian worlds meet. Walking time Length Difficulty Start Finish Additional information

10 days (Red Trail), 7 days (Violet Trail) 220km (Red Trail), 120km (Violet Trail) All difficulty grades Krvavi Potok (Red Trail), DoliÄ? (Violet Trail) Korensko Sedlo (Red Trail), Jezerski Vrh (Violet Trail) Hiking Slovenia,

Sub-Alpine Trail The trail starts at the centre of western Slovenia and runs through the south and on to the heart of eastern Slovenia – that is, over the hills of Cerkno and Idrija, across the rolling Notranjska region and past some of its greatest karst phenomena, through the vast and secluded woodland of the Kočevje area, and over the winegrowing slopes of the Dolenjska region and eastern part of the Posavje Hills. The Sub-Alpine Trail follows other marked trails and connects new and developing hiking centres in less populated parts of the sub-Alpine mid-elevation areas and Slovenian Dinaric Hills, which are relatively unknown among hikers but no less compelling. Here you can walk all day without seeing another living soul, but on the other hand you get to see places known for their hospitality, delicious homemade food and exquisite drinks. The distinguishing features of the Sub-Alpine Trail are the possibility of day hikes starting from the centre of each individual section, extra-comfortable lodging and accompanying services offered by the hiking centres. There are, however, no uniform signposts with a detailed layout of interconnecting trails. For a detailed description, visit the website below.

Walking time Length Difficulty Start Finish Additional information

About 30 days About 470km Easy for the most part Cerkno Laško Hiking Slovenia,


When just before finishing the Slovenian stretch of the European Walking Route E6 you take a walk along the spectacularly panoramic edge of the Strunjan cliffs, you either feel utterly bewildered or know exactly where you are. After three weeks of hiking from the wooded north, you have made it to the Adriatic Coast, an exceptional place in every respect, with flysch cliffs so high and picturesque they’re like nowhere else on the Adriatic coast. Not to mention where the route has taken you and everything you saw and experienced along the way. This is the true purpose of the 11 European walking routes making up a network of around 60,000km across the continent: to experience the diversity of the landscape and local people every step of the way. With a combined length of 1,000km, the Slovenian legs of routes E6 and E7 run in the direction north–south and west–east, respectively. The Slovenian leg of the E6 route first leads through the forests of Kozjak, Pohorje and Plešivec (Uršlja Gora), then reaches central Slovenia. You can take a break at settlements in the valleys, refresh yourself in mountain huts, or continue exploring Slovenia’s mid-elevation areas by crossing the western edges of the Posavje Hills and the border of the Dolenjska region to enter Notranjska. Here you encounter vast expanses of the lush Snežnik forest, behind which spreads the coast-inspired landscape of Ilirska Bistrica and fruitful Brkini. Then descend – not too fast – the 1,028m-high Slavnik, a high throne at the edge of rough Čičarija, towards Istria, all the way to the seashore in Strunjan. The E6 today continues to Greece. The highest point is Mt Snežnik (1,796m).

Walking time Length Difficulty Start Finish Additional information

20 days 350km Easy to moderate Radelj Strunjan Slovenia Forest Service, E6 guidebook, Hiking Slovenia,

E7 Between the Soča River high ground and gently sloping plains of Goričko there are some 600 kilometres of diverse landscape, hills, slopes and valleys dotted with villages, and warm and friendly local people. The initial section of the E7, between Robič and Škofja Loka, runs through scenic landscape along the southern edge of the Julian Alps and the Škofja Loka Hills, over the gentle Polhov Gradec Hills and into the Dinaric landscape of Notranjska and Suha Krajina. Along the river Krka and into the forests along the edge of Bela Krajina, over the Gorjanci Hills and remote Kobila and down to the wide valley of the Sava River, where – though reminiscent of the solitude of the sub-Alpine region – you will enjoy the wine-growing tradition and widespread culinary hospitality of the region and its people. The E7 more or less follows the roads here, but this is precisely why this stretch of the way is the most difficult. It is not only the walking on very quiet roads, it is the culinary challenges that tempt us every step of the way between Kostanjevica na Krki, Krško, not to mention the sloping Kozjansko and colourfully rolling Haloze. The situation gets really complicated as you proceed over Slovenske Gorice, known for its premium white wines, through warm and friendly Prlekija and Prekmurje to the solitude of rolling Goričko, where the waves of the Pannonian Sea once lapped against the shore, until you reach the Hungarian border, whence the E7 continues towards Romania. To sum up, everything is exactly the way it should be: starting in the ascetic mountain and mid-elevation areas, the E7 festively ends in the palate-tempting eastern Slovenia, which offers a wide array of extremely delicious food and wines. The highest point is Mt Porezen (1,630m). Walking time Length Difficulty Start Finish Additional information

30 days 600km Easy to moderate Robič Hodoš Slovenia Forest Service, E7 guidebook, Hiking Slovenia,

Why go hiking in Slovenia • Slovenia is too small to be walked in a short amount of time, so it is only natural to want to keep coming back to the beauty of its diverse landscape. • There is no way you can ever get bored, as the total length of marked trails – short, mid-distance and long distance – makes sure of that. • You simply don’t lose weight despite being hungry and thirsty most of the way, as there are numerous culinary challenges along the way that will satisfy the greatest of hungers. • It feels good to take a wrong turn, for the more you

wander off the planned trail, the more new paths you discover and the more compelling motives for new hikes you find. • You want to experience the feeling of heavy feet. It is difficult to stop once you have made your first step on the trails around Slovenia. • The purpose is not to arrive somewhere; there is no definite destination, but you are in constant motion nonetheless, over hills and valleys, through villages, constantly in touch with warm and friendly people. • You want to multiply the number of days, for “just a day or two” can easily stretch out once you hit Slovenia’s walking routes. • You want to get away from the heat and bustle of the seaside, to refresh yourself by walking through fragrant forests and high up in the mountains. • You see that, as a European hiker would see it, 6 + 7 equals 1,000 in Slovenia, the combined length of both Slovenian sections of the European walking routes E6 and E7. • You want to walk up and down, left and right. And come back time and again.


Winter hiking in Slovenia Many hiking trails around Slovenia are (particularly) attractive in winter too. At that time of year visit the Primorska region and its hilly hinterland, which rises around 1,000 metres above sea level and is usually snow-free. Marked short and long trails around the Karst, Karst Edge, Slovenian Istria and the Goriško area are notably most attractive in winter, when spectacular views open up as far as the eye can see. Winter is also a great time to head for Slovenia’s

mid-elevation areas, with numerous attractive trails around the Idrija, Cerkno, Škofja Loka, Polhov Gradec and Posavje hills, Pohorje, and the rolling northeastern part of the country. Unless there is heavy snowfall, these parts are easily navigated in snow, as the trails are beaten. Dotted along the trails are many mountain huts and inns where you can regain your strength or warm up. Snowshoeing across a vast snow-covered highelevation woodland, like the one near Snežnik, in the Kočevje area and the Pohorje Hills, is a unique winter experience. Snowshoeing is also available in the three Alpine mountain ranges up to the altitude of 2,000 metres. Before heading for snow-covered heights, check the weather and snow conditions, as there is high avalanche risk in the event of heavy snowfall. Avalanche risk reports are regularly included in newspaper, radio, TV and online weather forecasts.

Julian Alps

Triglav National Park Named after Triglav (2,864m), a mountain carrying great symbolic weight for Slovenians, Triglav National Park is one of the oldest parks in Europe, with the first efforts to protect the area dating back to 1906. It spans nearly 84,000 hectares, almost the entire area of the eastern Julian Alps. Apart from preserving the natural environment, which is the fundamental aim of any national park, Triglav National Park is responsible for preserving remarkable natural and cultural values, which take the form of crystalline waters, deep gorges, remains of ancient forests, rich alpine flora and characteristic fauna, as well as the impressive cultural and historical heritage.



Soča River Trail

Triglav National Park nature trail along the emerald green Soča, from the source, over the Trenta Valley and toward Bovec The oldest and longest nature trail in Triglav National Park, the Soča River Trail takes you from the Soča source toward Bovec. It connects old footpaths and secluded spots, remote corners of the valley away from the road and noise. The Soča is the emerald thread leading the way to the valley’s more or less known natural attractions and cultural heritage. Particularly interesting are the picturesque footbridges that cross the river at several locations.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps Event

5 hours 25km Easy 400m Parking area at Koča pri izviru Soče, accessible from Bovec or over the Vršič mountain pass 46.4093N 13.7255E Triglav National Park (1 : 50.000), Trenta (1 : 25.000), Bovec (1 : 40.000) Guided theme tours along the Soča River Trail (by certified national park guide), every Thursday in July and August

Information: Triglav National Park Information Centre, Dom Trenta, Na Logu v Trenti, SI – 5232 Soča t +386 (0)5 388 93 88, f +386 (0)5 388 93 30, e,

Julian Alps 12

This area at the heart of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park offers amazing possibilities for hiking. Here you can enjoy yourself at various altitudes, from the lake at 540 metres above sea level to Slovenia’s highest peak, the 2,864m-high Triglav. A similar spectrum of emotions overwhelms you when hiking on marked trails in the valley or above the tree line, with or without a guide. Hiking in Bohinj is delightful any time of the year, as 17 walking and hiking trails offer numerous possibilities in winter, from cross-country skiing to snowshoeing. Bohinj is the place to be.


Julian Alps • Bohinj


Pršivec, 1,761m Despite a hot climb from Stara Fužina over the Vogar mountain pasture and on to Pršivec, the hike right above Lake Bohinj is pleasantly cool. The lake far down in the valley and the magnificent and flourishing Alpine landscape of Bohinj arouse a feeling of peacefulness. You will feel peace within and all around, and no mountain jackdaw or even eagle could ever disrupt it. On the contrary, the calmness is further amplified because the trail does not allow much talking to oneself. The mission is simple: from the mountain hut at Vogar, over the Hebat mountain pasture and to the top of Pršivec, then a long break before heading back to Stara Fužina via Viševnik, Pri Jezeru and Vogar. The path leads through the high-elevation mountain area, the last secret of the Julian Alps that captivated Julius Kugy, the emotionally-charged explorer of this magnificent mountain range.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

6–7 hours 15km Moderate 1,110m Stara Fužina 46.3943N 14.1076E Julian Alps, East (1 : 50 000) Triglav (1 : 25 000) Triglav National Park (1 : 50 000) Additional information TIC Bohinjska Bistrica, TIC Ribčev Laz Events International Wild Flower Festival, Bohinj Hiking Days 13


Triglav, 2,864m Atop the highest peak in Slovenia – having been climbing along a well-secured steep rocky trail for the last hour and a half – you can truly relax. You may have been looking over your shoulder with slight fear in your eyes earlier, but now you are happy to have reached the highest peak in the Julian Alps. The trail starts far down in the valley, at Stara Fužina in Bohinj, and leads to the top via Uskovnica, the Vodnik hut and Planika. But up there you are only halfway to the full experience. Return to the valley through the wonderful Triglav Lakes Valley, cross Komarča and on a steep trail descend to Ukanc and Lake Bohinj.

Walking time Length Difficulty

2–3 days or 15–17 hours 38km The climb from Kredarica to Triglav is very difficult; the rest is moderate Elevation gain 2,500m Starting point Stara Fužina GPS coordinates 46.2878N 13.8941E Maps Julian Alps, East (1 : 50 000) Triglav (1 : 25 000) Triglav National Park (1 : 50 000) Additional information TIC Bohinjska Bistrica, TIC Ribčev Laz Events International Wild Flower Festival, Bohinj Hiking Days

Information: Turizem Bohinj, Trg svobode 3a, SI – 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica t +386 (0)4 574 75 90, f +386 (0)4 574 75 91, e,

courts, wireless Internet access in the lobby. Seminars: Professional seminar venue for up to 20 people.

5-day package Typical Bohinj Alpine Meadows

• 5x half board (incl. tourist tax) • 1x half-day bicycle rental • 1x hike to the Krstenica alpine meadow, from Krstenica to Laz, • 1x hike to Pršivec, over Viševnik, to the Pri Jezeru alpine meadow • 1x hike over the Za Liscem alpine meadow to Mt Črna Prst • 1x revitalisation & relaxation massage at the hotel • Unlimited entry to the Hotel Zlatorog pool and sauna Price: from EUR 530 to EUR 605 The price includes a three-day guiding service.

5-day package Bohinj, A Wide Variety

Hotel Bohinj**** Information and booking: ALPE ADRIA TURIZEM d.o.o. Ribčev Laz 45, SI – 4265 Bohinjsko jezero t +386 (0)4 577 80 00, f +386 (0)4 572 34 46 e, Hotel Bohinj is adjacent to Lake Bohinj. Accommodation: 33 hotel suites, 20 double rooms. Spacious rooms have a shower or bath, satellite TV, radio, minibar. Hotel offer: Sauna, sunbed, massages, bicycle rental, two tennis

• 5x half board (incl. tourist tax) • 1x walk along Mostnica Canyon, over the Voje alpine meadow, and to the Mostnica waterfall • 1x cycling trip to the Savica waterfall • 1x cable car ride to Vogel, walk to Orlove Glave, return to Ribčev Laz • 1x hike (from Blato) to the Pri Jezeru alpine meadow • 1x revitalisation & relaxation massage at the hotel • Unlimited entry to the Hotel Zlatorog pool and sauna Price: from EUR 490 to EUR 565 The price includes a half-day guiding service by bicycle and on foot.

14 Lake Bohinj. Accommodation: 43 rooms in the hotel, 31 rooms in the villa. Rooms have a bathroom with shower, telephone, (satellite) TV, radio and minibar. Hotel offer: Bar and restaurant, à la carte restaurant, coffee bar, ice cream garden, indoor pool (8 x 14m, 30°C) and two saunas, massage, bicycle rental, two tennis courts, children’s playground, wireless Internet access. Seminars: Seminar venue for 30–100 participants.

7-day package Bohinj Inside Out

Hotel and Villa Zlatorog*** Information and booking: ALPE ADRIA TURIZEM d.o.o. Ribčev Laz 45, SI – 4265 Bohinjsko jezero t +386 (0) 4 577 80 00, f +386 (0)4 572 34 46 e, The Hotel and Villa Zlatorog are situated in Ukanc, at the edge of forest and on the riverbank of the Savica, only a few steps from

• 3x half board at Hotel Ski (incl. tourist tax) • 4x half board at Hotel Bohinj or Hotel Zlatorog (incl. tourist tax, luggage transfer) • Unlimited cable car rides (during your stay at Hotel Ski) • 1x hike to the top of Vogel • 1x Vogel walk to Orlove Glave • 1x hike to Rodica – Črna Prst • 1x half-day bicycle rental • 1x hike to Pršivec, over Viševnik, to the Pri Jezeru alpine meadow • 1x revitalisation & relaxation massage at the hotel • Unlimited entry to the Hotel Zlatorog pool • Unlimited entry to sauna Price: from EUR 510 to EUR 664 The price includes all guide charges (4x).

Julian Alps • Bohinj a tiny spot somewhere in the valley. Hotel Ski is a perfect place for skiers, as the ski slope is practically on the doorstep. Accommodation: The hotel has 29 newly fitted rooms with a bathroom, satellite TV and telephone, and a beautiful view of the lake and mountain tops, led by Triglav, the highest peak in the Julian Alps. Hotel offer: Sauna, darts, table tennis, pool.

3-day package Pure Delight

• 3x half board (incl. tourist tax) • Unlimited cable car rides • 1x hike to Šija • 1x hike to the Zadnji Vogel alpine pasture • Unlimited entry to the Hotel Zlatorog pool and sauna Price: from EUR 96 to EUR 105

Hotel Ski*** Information and booking: ALPE ADRIA TURIZEM d.o.o. Ribčev Laz 45, SI – 4265 Bohinjsko jezero t +386 (0)4 577 80 00, f +386 (0)4 572 34 46 e, Hotel Ski offers accommodation in a beautiful panoramic location 1000m above Lake Bohinj, at the heart of the mountains. Picture a vacation where mountains appear at arm’s length, the sky so close that you could walk on clouds, and a lake nothing more than

5-day package Tracing Via Alpina and the Slovenian Mountain Trail

• 5x half board (incl. tourist tax) • Unlimited cable car rides • 1x hike to Rodica, the Suha alpine meadow • 1x hike to the top of Vogel • 1x hike to the Zadnji Vogel alpine meadow, through Žagarjev Graben Gorge, lunch at Hotel Zlatorog • 1x boat ride on the lake • 1x sauna Price: from EUR 405 to EUR 440 The price includes all guide charges (2x). 15 The hotel is situated at the edge of the charming village of Stara Fužina and affords a magnificent view of the lake. Accommodation: 8 two-bed, 4 three-bed, 10 four-bed and 5 five-bed self-contained accommodation units offer a pleasant and comfortable holiday experience. Every unit has a small kitchen, satellite TV, bathroom and balcony. Hotel offer: Restaurant with 50 seats and a terrace, sauna, jogging room, bicycle and canoe rental, guided mountain trips, ski school, ski rental, natural swimming spot in the vicinity; Vogel Ski Centre is 5km away, Kobla 8km, ski bus stop in front of the house.

5-day package Bohinj with Surroundings

Residence Triglav self-contained accommodation*** Information and booking: Stara Fužina 23, SI – 4265 Bohinjsko jezero t +386 (0)4 572 97 00, f +386 (0)4 572 97 01 e,

• Day 1: Arrival and programme presentation • Day 2: Residence Triglav – Mostnica Gorge – Voje – Residence Triglav • Day 3: Residence Triglav – North shore of Lake Bohinj – Ukanc – Savica waterfall – Vogel bottom cable car station – Hunter’s Route to Ribčev Laz – Residence Triglav • Day 4: Residence Triglav – Klodič Route – Savica – Senožeta – Srednja Vas – Stara Fužina • Day 5: Free time for sporting activities, sightseeing, etc. Price: EUR 215 per person (four persons minimum). The price includes: 4x half board, guides. Surcharges: tourist tax, personal expenses (drinks, etc.), extra night at Residence Triglav, shuttle service.

Julian Alps • Bohinj National Park, in delightfully calm and beautiful Ukanc, only 150m from the shore of Lake Bohinj. Routes to the most beautiful parts of the national park run past this hotel/guesthouse. Accommodation: The Stare Hotel/Guesthouse has 10 rooms with 20 beds and balconies facing the lake. You can enjoy a buffet breakfast and selected homemade specialities on a sunny terrace while admiring the waters of the lake. Also available are a large garden and parking area. Additional offer: Bicycle rental, hiking pole and backpack rental, guided mountain trips, fishing, natural swimming spot 200m away, Vogel Ski Centre 700m, Lake Bohinj 200m.

7-day package Triglav National Park

Stare Hotel/Guesthouse** by Lake Bohinj Information and booking: Hotel/Penzion Stare ob Bohinjskem jezeru Ukanc 128, SI – 4265 Bohinjsko jezero t + 386 (0)4 574 64 00, t/f + 386 (0)4 574 64 01 e, The Stare Hotel/Guesthouse is situated at the heart of Triglav

• • • • • • •

7-day accommodation at the Stare Hotel/Guesthouse by Lake Bohinj Welcome drink 7x rich buffet breakfast 7x four-course candlelit dinner Map of the Julian Alps 1 : 50 000 7x lunch pack (sandwich, fruit, bottled water) Hiking poles

• • • • • • •

Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4: Day 5: Day 6: Day 7:

Lake Bohinj, waterfalls and canyons Možic, Slatnik, Lajnar Triglav (spend the night in a mountain hut) The seven Triglav lakes Rudnica over Peč Šija, Razor Bohinj alpine meadows, cheese route, Alpine Dairy Museum

Price: from EUR 268 Tour guides available from EUR 83.

16 Also available: Rental of 20 kayaks and canoes, 50 mountain bikes, own beach, garden with sunloungers for relaxation. Additional offer: Part of the hostel is the Pac Sports Outdoor sports agency (paragliding – courses and tandem flights, rafting, canyoning, adrenaline park, hydrospeed, trekking and hiking, caving, boat, bike and other equipment rental). And in winter there is snow rafting, snowshoeing and night tobogganing from Vogar using only headlamps to light the way. When paying with cash, you get 10% off on all Pac Sports Outdoor activities.

3-day package Bohinj Attractions

• 2x bed and breakfast at the Pod Voglom Hostel (room with a bathroom en suite) • 3x guided tours (Voje Valley and Mostnica – 800m, alpine meadows below Vogel – 1,700m, Debela Peč – 2,014m) • Shuttle service to starting points • Cable car ride to Vogel Ski Centre

Pod Voglom Hostel** Information and booking: Ribčev Laz 60, SI – 4265 Bohinjsko jezero t +386 (0)4 572 34 61, f +386 (0)4 572 30 71, m +386 (0)40 864 202 e,, The Pod Voglom Hostel with annexe Rodica is situated in an idyllic setting at the centre of Triglav National Park, close to Lake Bohinj. It is great for youth and adult groups, as well as individuals.

Price: EUR 130 per person. Dinner surcharge EUR 8.

5-day package

• 4x bed and breakfast at the Pod Voglom Hostel (room with a bathroom en suite) • 5x guided tours (Voje Valley and Mostnica – 800m, Vogar – 1,054m, alpine meadows below Vogel – 1,700m, Debela Peč – 2,014m, Tosc – 2,275m) • Return shuttle service between starting point and hostel • Cable car ride to Vogel Ski Centre Price: EUR 220 per person. Dinner surcharge EUR 8.

Julian Alps • Bled bar, coffee bar, TV lounge with a wide-screen TV. Relax in the Studenec Wellness Centre with Turkish, Finnish and infrared saunas, whirlpool and cooling pool. Apart from the wellness centre, Hotel Krim also incorporates a Tui-na Chinese massage salon and cosmetic salon. It is particularly suitable for groups and friendly to athletes.

2-day package Hiker Package

• Welcome drink • 2x half board • 1x guided hiking trip to Pokljuka or Soriška Planina • 1x Wellness Studenec (Finnish, Turkish and infrared saunas, whirlpool) Price: EUR 129 (four persons minimum). Price inclusive of tourist tax and guide charge.

Hotel Krim*** Information and booking: Hotel Krim, Ljubljanska cesta 7, SI – 4260 Bled t +386 (0)4 579 70 00, f +386 (0)4 5797100 e, The hotel, boasting a 50-year tradition, is situated in the centre of Bled, 200m from the lake and close to sports facilities. Accommodation: 115 renovated rooms with free Internet access. Hotel offer: Two restaurants with exquisite cuisine, aperitif

3-day package Hiker Package

• Welcome drink • 3x half board • 1x hiking trip to Pokljuka or Soriška Planina • 1x hiking trip to Pršivec above Lake Bohinj • 1x Wellness Studenec (Finnish, Turkish and infrared sauna, whirlpool) Price: EUR 199 (four persons minimum). Price inclusive of tourist tax and guide charge. 17 members of the Slovenian Alpine Association, and traditional mountain accommodation, we can show you the best Slovenia has to offer. We specialise in small groups, trekking on unspoilt routes and hiking away from the crowds.

2 days – moderate/challenging Classic Triglav – The Highest Peak in Slovenia Exhilarating and unforgettable two-day trek to the highest mountain in the country.

3 days – moderate The Heart of the Julian Alps – A Short Alpine Traverse Fantastic three-day trek into the Julian Alps, through the Triglav Lakes Valley, Triglav National Park and, to finish off, Mt Triglav.

Koren Sports Information and booking: Pot na Bistriško planino 10, SI – 4290 Tržič m +386 (0)51 321 383 (Lisa), +386 (0)31 513 645 (Andraž) f +386 (0)4 59 49 150 e, We are Slovenia’s leading outdoor specialist for trekking, vie ferrate, hiking and outdoor activities, currently in our 10th year of operation. Using only licensed and qualified local guides,

5 days – moderate/challenging Julian Alps and Karavanke Panorama

A breathtaking five-day trekking tour of the most beautiful mountains in Slovenia, the stunning, untrekked Karavanke Alps and the majestic Julian Alps with Triglav.

6–7 hours – moderate Via Ferrata – Mt Prisojnik

The most breathtaking via ferrata in the country, which leads through the stunning natural window of Mt Prisojnik. A wide range of trails available for all abilities.

Most famous for its magnificent lake with an island, Bled is no less compelling as a starting point for hiking trips to the eastern reaches of Triglav National Park. The most attractive nearby spots are Vintgar and the Pokljuka Gorge; however, the Alpine Pokljuka Plateau and peaks rising above it are also not far away. The realm of forests and mountains is perfect for exploratory hikes along marked trails, which are so many that you will keep coming back in all seasons. What is more, Pokljuka is very popular during winter thanks to its intricate network of cross-country skiing routes and the doorway to the Alpine giants.

Julian Alps 18


Julian Alps • Bled


Through Vintgar

Through the canyon along a blue-green river When you follow the marked route past the Church of St Catherine down to the Šum na Radovni waterfall, you enter a realm of water and rock which would be completely impassable if it weren’t for the marked route. We can now walk through Vintgar with great ease and take numerous breaks along the way to admire the amazing canyon scenery, where the walls in some places are only few metres apart. To return to the starting point, simply follow the walking route over the scenic slopes under Hom. There you can soak up the panoramic view of the near and distant stretches, as this is one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Gorenjska region.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

2 hours 5km Easy 150m Parking area, St Catherine Church above Zasip 46.394349N 14.1076E Julian Alps, East (1 : 50 000) Bled (1 : 30 000) Triglav National Park (1 : 50 000)



Debela Peč, 2,015m

Through the lush woodland of Pokljuka to the panoramic summit at the edge of a plateau, high above the glacial valley of Krma From the high-altitude starting point at the heart of the fragrant Pokljuka woodland, walk uphill over the Javornik and Lipanca mountain pastures, where you can take a break in the pleasant Blejska Koča hut. You have reached the western edge of Pokljuka, where a number of peaks rise above the Krma Valley. Climb Debela Peč, which, among other things, offers a magnificent view of Triglav and the surrounding area. Debela Peč is one of those mountain tops that afford such magnificent views you simply cannot part with it easily. This close encounter with the heart of Triglav National Park is so compelling you won’t be able to resist coming back.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

3–4 hours 13km Easy 750m Parking area, Šport Hotel on Pokljuka 46.3943N 14.1076E Julian Alps, East (1 : 50 000) Triglav National Park (1 : 50 000)

Information: Turizem Bled, Cesta svobode 11, SI – 4260 Bled, t +386 (0)4 578 05 00, e,, TIC Bled, Cesta svobode 10, SI – 4260 Bled, t +386 (0)4 574 11 22, e Information – Vintgar:


The Upper Sava River Valley, with Kranjska Gora, provides hikers with many possibilities. To the south, the valley is surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps, with the highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav, 2,864m, with a magnificent north face; to the north by the wooded slopes of the Karavanke Alps, the most prominent being Kepa at 2,139m. Kranjska Gora has 20 hiking trails for all abilities, ranging from easy and gentle (two hours, elevation gain 100m), moderate (three hours of walking, elevation gain 300m) and hard (four hours of walking, elevation gain 800m). The trails are marked and a detailed map with descriptions is available. In summer, a chair lift runs from Kranjska Gora to Vitranc, 1,578m. Vitranc affords a beautiful view of the Julian Alps and Triglav. It is also the starting point for hikes up the 1,746m-high Ciprnik. In cooperation with the Mountain Guide Association and the Alpine Association of Slovenia, we offer the possibility to hire mountain guides for different trips. Kranjska Gora also runs organised instructorled Nordic walking courses and rents out walking poles. Above Kranjska Gora is the Vršič Pass, at 1,611 metres above sea level the highest road pass in Slovenia. It is located on the divide between the Adriatic and the Black Sea. Over the pass runs a road, which was constructed based on the ancient transport connection between the Upper Sava River Valley and the Trenta Valley. The road was built by Russian prisoners of war during WWI; the Russian chapel situated near the road leading from Kranjska Gora to Vršič is a monument to their work. The pass is a popular starting point for tackling the peaks Sleme, Mala Mojstrovka, Prisank, Jalovec and Razor.

Julian Alps Kranjska Gora

Julian Alps • Kranjska Gora


Slemenova Špica, 1,911m

A panoramic mountain hike to beautiful lakes affording spectacular views of the towering Jalovec Take the marked trail north from Vršič and continue to the Vratca Pass, where you make a right turn. Descend into the hollow and continue uphill towards Sleme and Slemenova Špica. Return in the exact opposite direction.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

2.5 hours 5.5km Easy 500m Vršič 46.2878N 13.8941E Julian Alps, East (1 : 50 000) Kranjska Gora (1 : 25 000)



Prisank, 2,547m

Across a fantastic but no less real mountain world to one of the mightiest peaks of the Julian Alps Starting from Vršič, pass the Tičarjev Dom hut and continue towards the Poštarska Koča hut. At the fork under Solna Glava, head left and down below the north faces of Prisank, then follow the secured climbing trail to the ridge and on to the top. Descend along the south side of the mountain and continue southwest to Gladki Rob, past Solna Glava and both huts to reach the starting point.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

6–7 hours 6.5km Very hard 1,050m Vršič 46.2878N 13.8941E Julian Alps, East (1 : 50 000) Kranjska Gora (1 : 25 000)

Information: TIC Kranjska Gora, Tičarjeva ul. 2, SI – 4280 Kranjska Gora t +386 (0)4 580 94 40, f +386 (0)4 580 94 41, e,

Julian Alps • Kranjska Gora possibilities for entertainment, relaxation and recreation year-round. With a select menu and range of services, it is especially suitable for hikers. The swimming pool and saunas, floodlit tennis courts, pleasant rooms and, above all, friendly staff are sure to spark fond memories.

7-day package Hiker Package

• 7x half board with buffet breakfast • 3x theme dinner (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) • Buffet dinner the rest of the week • 2x guided hike and 2x sauna pass per week • Pools and whirlpool pass Price: from EUR 350 to EUR 420 (per person based on double occupancy of double room). Discounts and surcharges according to the price list.

7-day package Nordic Walking Package

Hotel Lek**** Information and booking: Hotel Lek, Vršiška 38, SI – 4280 Kranjska Gora t +386 (0)4 588 15 20, f +386 (0)4 588 13 43 e, Hotel Lek is situated close to the centre of Kranjska Gora but safely tucked away among the forests and ski slopes of Vitranc. This is where nature and comfort, refined taste and modern touch, tradition and cosmopolitan pulse meet. The charming hotel offers plenty of

• • • • •

7x half board with buffet breakfast 3 theme dinners (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Buffet dinner the rest of the week Introduction to Nordic walking, 1 hour 4 x 2 hours professionally guided Nordic walking (INWAcertified instructor) • Nordic walking poles • 2x guided hike and 2x sauna pass per week • Pools and whirlpool pass Price: from EUR 422 to EUR 492 (per person based on double occupancy of double room). Discounts and surcharges according to the price list.


Specialised hiking hotels Hikers in Slovenia are well taken care of by 40 specialised hiking accommodation providers – hotels, guesthouses and self-contained accommodation units. The facilities all carry a sign with one to five hikers. The five-hiker sign denotes the highest degree of comfort and quality of services that hikers might require during their stay in Slovenia, while the one-hiker sign means the facility provides basic accommodation and services. The specialisation and register of specialised hiking accommodation providers were introduced and are run by Hiking Slovenia.

• Residence Triglav self-contained accommodation***, Bohinj (46.2841N 13.8916E) • Hotel Rogla***, Rogla (46.3753N 15.3879E) • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hotel Bohinj****, Bohinj (46.2774N 13.8889E) Hotel Smogavc***/****, Zreče (46.3699N 15.3924E) Hotel Rakov Škocjan***, Rakov Škocjan (45.7888N 14.2977E) Hotel Cerkno***, Cerkno (46.1275N 13.9886E) Hotel Zlatorog***, Bohinj (46.2791N 13.8303E) Tripič Guesthouse****, Bohinj (46.2720N 13.9553E) Pod Voglom Hostel**, Bohinj (46.2787N 13.8665E) Hotel Šmarjeta****, Šmarješke Toplice (45.8682N 15.2422E) Hotel Šport***, Otočec (45.8380N 15.2348E) Hotel Dobrava****, Zreče (46.3753N 15.3879E) Hotel Vrelec****, Laško (46.1535N 15.2330E) Terme Topolšica***, Topolšica (46.4024N 15.0172E)

• • • • •

Guesthouse Alp****, Bled (46.3620N 14.1161E) Hotel Golte**, Mozirje (46.3561N 14.9317E) Terme Dobrna****, Dobrna (46.3397N 15.2242) Hotel Lek****, Kranjska Gora (46.4815N 13.7815E) Hotel Bellevue****, Maribor (46.5159N 15.5790E)

• Hotel Ski***, Bohinj (46.2787N 13.8665E) • Hotel Lucija***, Most na Soči (46.1528N 13.7407E) • TNP Information Centre, self-contained accommodation**, Trenta (46.3804N 13.7526E) • Hotel Hvala***, Kobarid (46.2476N 13.5784E) • Hotel Dolenjske Toplice***, Dolenjske Toplice (45.7565N 15.0583E) • Hotel Hum***, Laško (46.1535N 15.2330E) • Hotel Krim***, Bled (46.3681N 14.1122E) • • • • • •

B&B Hotel Milena***, Maribor (46.5350N 15.6019E) Hotel Tabor***,Maribor (46.5501N 15.6371E) Hotel Sport***, Postojna (45.7775N 14.2162E) Resman Rooms, Tanja Klemenčič**, Bohinj (46.2744N 13.8920E) Hotel Ribno****, Bled (46.3460N 14.1211E) Hotel Laguna***, Strunjan (45.5325N 13.6028E)

• • • • • • •

Grand Hotel Donat****, Rogaška Slatina (46.2380N 15.6409E) B&B Sport Hotel Prebold**, Prebold (46.2362N 15.0914E) Stare Hotel/Guesthouse**, Bohinj (46.2828N 13.8273E) Turizem Jure*, Stari trg pri Ložu (45.6832N 14.5395E) Hotel Bau***, Maribor (46.5567N 15.6112E) Youth Hostel Proteus*, Postojna (45.7742N 14.2069E) Youth Hostel Dom Idrija*, Idrija (46.0025N 14.0235E)

Julian Alps Tolmin, Kobarid Tolmin Gorges Tolmin Gorges, the common name for the Tolminka and Zadlaščica gorges, is the most magnificent natural attraction around Tolmin. The Tolminka Gorge, approximately 200m long and more than 60m deep, was formed by a blue-green river that in some places flows between steep walls that are only a few metres apart. The Zadlaščica Gorge is shorter but no less picturesque. The wilderness of the Tolmin Gorges can be experienced on a one-hour walk along a secured circular trail. The starting point (parking area) can be reached from Tolmin via Zatolmin. Soak up the magical movement of water and wild rocks, kneel down to a warm spring, stop at the rock resembling a bear’s head and the entrance to the Zadlaška or Dante Cave. Return to the starting point by crossing the Devil’s Bridge, 60m above the Tolminka. 23

excellent starting point for trips, sporting activities, walks, or simply a great place to rest. The beautiful setting offers numerous possibilities for short and long walks.

7-day package Backpacking Week

• 7x half board • Guided tour of Most na Soči and attractions • 3x guided hikes, 2–6 hours • Introduction to Nordic walking (1 hour) • 1x use of hotel sauna • 1x foot massage • Drink for hikers • Morning exercise • Afternoon coffee or tea Price: from EUR 365 for a double room (including tourist tax and VAT). A minimum of seven participants is required.

Hotel Lucija*** Information and booking: Athol d.o.o., Most na Soči 57, SI – 5216 Most na Soči t +386 (0)5 381 32 92, f +386 (0)5 381 31 77 e, Hotel Lucija is situated at the centre of the small town of Most na Soči, at the confluence of the Idrijca and the emerald Soča, recognised as the meeting point of the Mediterranean, Alpine and continental climate. Thanks to its prime location, it is an

3-day package First-Rate Package • • • • • •

3x half board Guided tour of Most na Soči and attractions Guided hike, 6 hours Rafting, canyoning Relaxing massage Afternoon coffee or tea

Price: from EUR 205 for a double room (including tourist tax and VAT). A minimum of seven participants is required.

Julian Alps • Tolmin

Standing at the top of Krn or high above the Tolminka Valley, you are face-to-face with the primeval mountain world at the edge of the Alps and the jagged hills at the meeting point of the Julian Alps and the Dinaric mountain chain. The surrounding area of Tolmin and Kobarid, together with its peaks, which are not as tall as those of mountain giants, is ideal for multi-day trips, as the land at the meeting point of two mountain chains boasts some of the most diverse and amazing formations of nature that can rarely be seen anywhere else. To the south of the Soča, high above Benečija, rise Matajur and Kolovrat, which afford spectacular views of the Julian Alps as well as the Adriatic Sea and the Po River Valley. To the north, there are many wild gorges cutting into the high mountain ridge of the Julian Alps; one of them – the Tolmin Gorges – can be experienced on a secured trail close to Tolmin. Besides numerous other hiking and mountaineering trails, the space between Kobarid and Tolmin is connected by the Walk of Peace, a theme route leading to the remains and monuments of the WWI Isonzo Front, which left a huge mark on the valley. Four of the total six museums are situated out in the open, on the trail between Kobarid and Tolmin. In the Tolminka Valley, there is the Church of the Holy Spirit at Javorca. 24

Julian Alps

Tolmin, Kobarid

Julian Alps • Tolmin, Kobarid


To the Tolminka source

Bow to the primeval valley landscape in the embrace of towering mountains The road across the mountain pasture Polog and along the Tolminka Valley leads to the mountain pasture Pod Osojnico. At the top of the slope you enter a flat area; there is a hunting lodge to the right and the Tolminka source at the edge of the meadow. From the pastures, head for the wide gravel detritus of mountain streams beneath the steep mountains. On the right side, the marked trail branches off to the mountain pasture Prode and leads back to the starting point.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

2 hours 7km Easy 200m Parking area at the mountain pasture Polog, accessed from Tolmin past Zatolmin and along the Tolminka Valley 46.2878N 13.8941E Tourist and cycling map of Kobarid – Nadiške Doline – Tolmin (1 : 55 000) Julian Alps, West (1 : 50 000) Triglav National Park (1 : 50 000)



To Krn, 2,244m

A panoramic high-elevation walk along the high edge of the Julian Alps Follow the marked trail from the parking area across the mountain pasture Kašina, ascend the mountain pasture Leskovca and continue uphill to the Lužnica Valley. Then ascend Prag and continue across the wide Batognica, 2,164m. Then you reach the Krn jag and head for the top of Krn. Leaving the peak, pass the mountain shelter and head back down to the parking area at Planina Kuhinja.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

6–7 hours 11km Moderate 1,500m Parking area at Planina Kuhinja, at the end of the road above the village of Krn, at 1,000m, accessed from Kobarid via Vrsno. 46.2413N 13.6630E Tourism and cycling map of Kobarid – Nadiške Doline valleys – Tolmin (1 : 55 000) Julian Alps, West (1 : 50 000) Triglav National Park (1 : 50 000)

Information: Local Tourist Organisation Sotočje, Petra Skalarja 4, SI – 5220 Tolmin t +386 (0)5 380 04 80, f +386 (0) 5 380 04 83, e,


Hikers in the Bovec region are captivated by numerous marked high-elevation trails, which are known for their primeval, secluded rocky land and karst phenomena. Kanin has several chasms more than 1,000m deep, the deepest being Čehi II, at 1,544 metres the seventh-deepest known chasm in the world. The upper station of the Kanin circular cable car, at 2,202m, is a great starting point for trips to high mountain areas. The lowland with its vast forests, blue-green rivers and streams, magnificent waterfalls and gorges is enriched with old homesteads and friendly people and connected to numerous marked theme routes. In the Bovec region hikers can enjoy the blooming colourful meadows and awakening life in spring and summer, and the softness of winds, calm and peacefulness of nature in autumn. Snowshoeing trips are very popular in winter when snow blankets the land. Also available are guided tours. An integral part of the destination is Triglav National Park. Lovers of lowland trips around Bovec enjoy theme routes such as the Walk of Peace and the Soča River Trail. Following the Walk of Peace, which connects the remains of numerous fortifications, open-air museums and monuments, you learn about the legacy of World War I. If you want to experience it in a special way, go see the 1313 Association performance at the Kluže Fortress. The Soča River Trail, running along the blue-green Soča River and past numerous cultural attractions, runs to the Trenta Valley, at the heart of unspoiled and serene scenery.

Julian Alps

Bovec and the surrounding area

Julian Alps • Bovec, Kobarid


7 Days 7 Trails Starting in Lepena or the village of Soča, the 7 Days 7 Trails route takes you on an interesting trip to the beautiful Šunikov Vodni Gaj, the Lemovje farms, deserted fortresses above the Soča riverbed and other pristine locations. Soak up unforgettable views of the valley and surrounding mountains, and listen to the burbling rapids, waterfalls and pools.

To St Mary of the Snows

To St Mary of the Snows

Behind the bridge above the Soča Basins is Vrsnik Valley, with the burbling Vrsnica and spectacular rapids, waterfalls and pools. The circular trail to the Chapel of St Mary of the Snows starts at the stone bridge on the Soča, above the basins. Part of the trail runs on the road and part along an old mule trail. The chapel, perched on a rock edge between the settlements Pod Skalo and Na Skali, was built during World War I and restored by Italian troops before they left for the Albanian and Greek fronts. The location affords a spectacular view of the valley and the surrounding hills.

Starting point GPS coordinates Map Additional information Event

Soča River Bridge above the Soča Basins 46.3414N 13.6842E Bovec (1 : 40.000) 7 Days 7 Trails brochure Walking along the paths around Bovec, first Saturday in October



Walk of Peace The Walk of Peace connects the Isonzo Front legacy and natural attractions of the Soča Valley. In the Bovec area, the route runs from the Štoln mine tunnel and Log pod Mangrtom military cemetery to the famous Kluže Fortress. It also stops at the Ravelnik and Čelo open-air museums in the vicinity of Bovec, then continues towards Kobarid and Tolmin. The total length of the Walk of Peace is 109 kilometres. Starting point GPS coordinates Map

Log pod Mangrtom 46.4011N 13.5971E Isonzo Front from Rombon to Mengore Hill (1 : 50 000) Additional information Pot miru guidebook: Vodnik po soški fronti v zgornjem Posočju guidebook, The Walks of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation information centre (Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju), TIC Kluže

Information: TIC Bovec, Trg golobarskih žrtev 8, SI – 5230 Bovec, t +386 (0)5 389 64 44, f +386 (0)5 389 64 45, m +386 (0)31 388 700 e,, Information: »Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju«, Gregorčičeva 8, SI – 5222 Kobarid, t +386 (0)5 389 01 67,


The Idrija and Cerkno hills are part of the very rugged, quite steep mid-elevation areas, which rise up to 1,000m on average. Valleys and narrow gorges with crystalline waters nestle among hills and ridges; in between, there are karst plateaus. More than three quarters of the land is covered with forests, home to many different plant and animal species. Mountain tops afford breathtaking views of Alpine peaks to the north and the azure Adriatic Sea to the south. There are many marked hiking trails suitable for Nordic walking year-round.

Idrija and Cerkno hills

Idrija and Cerkno hills


Idrija–Cerkno Mountain Trail The trail leads over stunning peaks and other vantage points and to places important in terms of ethnography and natural science. Stop at the well-known archaeological site Divje Babe in Šebrelje (see the small photo at the top of the previous page), where a 60,000-year-old flute was found among other things. In the town of Idrija, you are presented with an amazing mining heritage and refined Idrija lace, in forests with grand klavža barrages dating from the 18th century, floating timber water barriers which boast a combination of advanced craftsmanship and first-rate design. On Vojsko you will see war memorials and the picturesque Gačnik ravine. The trail continues through Zgornja Idrijca Landscape Park, with the natural attraction Lake Divje Jezero, from which runs the shortest Slovenian river, the Jezernica. In Cerkno, stop at the Cerkno Museum to see the exhibition of Cerkno laufars, and at the end of the circular trail visit the home of writer France Bevk in Zakojca.

Walking time Length Difficulty Starting point GPS coordinates Map Additional information Event

7–8 days 130km Moderate Idrija 46.0009N 14.0182E Idrija and Cerkno regions (1 : 50 000) TIC Idrija and LTO Laufar Cerkno, Idrijski svet vabi na obisk guidebook Night torchlit walk to Javornik (February) 29


To Porezen, 1,630m Porezen is known for its very wide view and lush flora. Here you can find some very beautiful alpine plants: short-haired santwort, Pannonian gentian, auricula and alpine sea holly, also called “queen of the mountains”. The view stretches as far as the eye can see, over the most interesting mountaineering parts of Slovenia, including the Škofja Loka, Polhov Gradec and Idrija hills, the Trnovo forest, Nanos, Javornik and Snežnik; across Banjšice towards the Furlanska Nižina lowland, the peaks of the Lower Bohinj Mountains beyond the Baška Grapa Gorge, and the central part of the Julian Alps, including Triglav, in the background. There are marked trails from different directions leading to Porezen. We recommend ascending from Cerkno via Poče and descending via Labinje. Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

6–7 hours 14km Moderate 1,400m Cerkno 46.2413N 13.6630E Idrija and Cerkno regions (1 : 50 000) Škofja Loka and Cerkno hills (1 : 50 000) Cerkno (1 : 25 000) Additional information LTO Laufar Cerkno Event Winter hike to Porezen, Sunday closest to 24 March

Information: TIC Idrija, ICRA d.o.o. Idrija, Vodnikova 3, SI – 5280 Idrija, t +386 (0)5 374 39 16, e, LTO Laufar Cerkno, Močnikova 2, SI – 5282 Cerkno, t +386 (0)5 373 46 45, m +386 (0)51 644 557, e

Idrija and Cerkno hills • Cerkno some adapted for disabled persons. Our offer includes an indoor thermal pool (25 x 13m), saunas, fitness studio, tennis court, conference hall and trip organisation. Close by are eight well-kept walking trails and many possibilities for hiking, cycling, hunting and fishing. The hotel also incorporates a ski centre with modern equipment and a catering and accommodation building with six luxury self-catering units. Our programmes can be tailored to the guest (duration, difficulty). All programmes can include Nordic walking.

7-day package Tracing Divje Babe, Magic Flutes, Secluded Hayracks, etc.

Hotel Cerkno*** Information and booking: Hotel Cerkno d.o.o., Sedejev trg 8, SI – 5282 Cerkno t +386 (0)5 374 34 00, f +386 (0)5 374 34 33 e, The pleasant atmosphere of Hotel Cerkno gives the impression that it is a family hotel rather than a hotel accommodating up to 180 guests. It features modern rooms with a balcony or air-conditioning,

• 7x half board in a double room • Free entry to the thermal pool, 1x entry to Finnish or infrared sauna, one hour of working out at the fitness centre and tennis • Rich buffet breakfast with local dishes (buckwheat porridge, hasty pudding with milk, polenta, curdled milk, hard-boiled buckwheat mush, etc.) • Long and short hike, including sightseeing trips to natural and cultural attractions • Climbs to nearby peaks (3–6 hours) are more fun if you pick unique mountain flowers and treat yourself to an authentic local snack • Picnic at the Cerkno Ski Centre to the sound of a diatonic accordion, gathering mushrooms and blueberries • Walk to the Divje Babe archaeological site and tasting of local delicacies Price: from EUR 299. Surcharges: tourist tax, guided tours, snacks, entrance fees and transfers. We reserve the right to change prices.

30 delights. Hiking, cycling and fly fishing are only general names for programmes that attract visitors to the nature learning trail running through the beautiful and magical world of two natural bridges, a small and a large one, as well as Tkalca Jama Cave, the Zelška Jama cave system, across the Rak, Prukovec and Kotel springs all the way to Lake Cerknica. Climb Slivnica with the witches of Slivnica and admire a stunning vista of the beautiful Notranjska region. Somewhere on the horizon you can see Nanos smiling, and in between hides Postojna with beautiful Postojna Cave.

5-day package

Hotel Rakov Škocjan*** Information and booking: Rakov Škocjan 1, SI – 1381 Rakek t +386 (0)1 709 74 70, +386 (0)1 709 65 86 m +386 (0)51 310 477 e, The Rakov Škocjan family hotel, a specialised hiking hotel, welcomes individual guests, business guests, children and the elderly, as well as larger groups interested in nature, relaxation and culinary

• Day 1: • Day 2: • Day 3: • Day 4: • Day 5:

Arrival and accommodation at the hotel; guided afternoon nature trail tour of the whole valley; dinner Breakfast; day trip to Iški Vintgar, approx. 6 hours, including a backpack picnic Breakfast; tour of Zelška Jama Cave, part under water; cavers’ picnic at Kevderc Cave Breakfast; day trip to Snežnik across the Leskova Valley, picnic; return to Kozarišče and a tour of Snežnik Castle Breakfast; tour of Lake Cerknica, Mala Karlovica and Velika Karlovica, Jama pod Gradom Cave; picnic on Goričica, tour of the village of Otok and the Stržen springs on the upper part of Lake Cerknica

Price: Double room from EUR 325; children aged 3–12 get 35% off. The price includes: 5x half board at Hotel Rakov Škocjan (accommodation with buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner, use of sauna), snack or picnic, guide charge and entrance fees, shuttle transfer. Guests can also opt for a three- or seven-day package. Notranjska • Rakov Škocjan

KamnikSavinja Alps Jezersko The Jezersko area has long been popular among hikers and nature lovers on the back of its unspoiled wilderness, refreshing climate and numerous natural attractions. Here you can see Čedca, the highest waterfall in Slovenia, walk through the natural window of Stegovnik, the oldest mountain in Slovenia, or refresh yourself at the glacier below Skuta, the easternmost glacier in the Alps, as the ibex do when they move to Jezersko from the warm southern slopes of Grintovci in search of better climate and pasture. Spend at least one night at Češka Koča and breathe in the fresh mountain air, which is particularly fragrant at dusk and dawn.



From Jezersko to Češka Koča and Kranjska Koča huts The unforgettable reflection of the mountains in Lake Planšarsko Jezero gives you the energy you need for a morning hike to the Češka Koča hut. After walking less than two hours, you reach the more than 100-year-old mountain post, which has retained its charm and character to this day. After a short rest, follow a secured trail through Žrelo to the Kranjska Koča hut on Ledine, which is surrounded by larch. Next, follow the trail to the glacier below Skuta and the neighbouring green Logarska Valley or head down for the Ravenska Kočna glacial valley.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

4–5 hours 11km Trail through Žrelo is very difficult; the rest is moderate 850m Planšarsko jezero 46.4032N 14.5153E Kamnik-Savinja Alps (1 : 50 000) Jezersko and the surrounding area (1 : 25 000)

Information: TIC Jezersko, Zg. Jezersko 57, SI – 4206 Zg. Jezersko, e, FEEL GREEN, Zg. Jezersko 28/a, SI – 4206 Zg. Jezersko, m +386 (0)40 369 117, +386 (0)31 203 930, e,


In summer, one of the most known and visited Slovenian ski resorts, Krvavec, transforms itself into a friendly destination for hikers and cyclists. A summer visit to Krvavec is so soothing for the body and soul mostly because of the fresh mountain air, beautiful views, curdled milk and other delicious local foods, numerous healing herbs, organised hiking and cycling trails, and PleÄ?nik’s Chapel of St Mary of the Snows, which all make for an amazing high-mountain experience.

KamnikSavinja Alps Krvavec, Cerklje na Gorenjskem

Kamnik-Savinja Alps • Krvavec


From Adergas across Štefanja Gora and Davovec to Dom na Gospinci hut Hardly a thousand-metre climb, but such a magnificent interplay of different worlds

From Adergas follow the marked trail up to the Mežnar farmhouse and on to the church at the top of Štefanja Gora, 748m. Then descend to the northeast, towards the village of Štefanja Vas, and continue to the Davovec Pass past the fire station. The forest path takes us to the upper cable car station and the Dom na Gospinci hut, 1,490m.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

3 hours and 15 min. 8km Moderate 1,100m Adergas 46.4030N 14.5148E Grintovci (1 : 25 000) Kamnik-Savinja Alps (1 : 50 000) Additional information Komenda Mountaineering Association, Komendska planinska pot guidebook, Onger Trzin Mountaineering Association, RTC Krvavec, Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem 33


Circular Path of History

Meeting the present and the past of Krvavec while hiking The Path of History connects the most interesting historical and tourist attractions of Krvavec. The history and development of cable railway transportation on Krvavec, pasturage, the renowned architect Plečnik’s Chapel of St Mary of the Snows, numerous medicinal herbs and the Krvavec archaeological site are all presented in detail on this path.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

2 hours 3km Easy 450m Upper Krvavec cable car station 46.4030N 14.5148E Grintovci (1 : 25 000) Kamnik-Savinja Alps (1 : 50 000) Additional information Komenda Mountaineering Association, Komendska planinska pot guidebook, Onger Trzin Mountaineering Association, RTC Krvavec, Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem

Information: RTC Krvavec, Grad 76, SI – 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem, t +386 (0)4 252 59 30, e, Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Trg Davorina Jenka 13, SI – 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem, t +386 (0)4 281 58 00 e,

KamnikSavinja Alps Landscape Park

Logarska dolina Solčava The Logarska Valley is nestled among the 2,000mhigh peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This prime location holds numerous starting points for several days of mountaineering or a couple of hours of hiking in two picturesque valleys in the Solčava area, Robanov Kot and Matkov Kot. Marked trails lead up to mountain huts and peaks, while the Natural Science & Ethnography Trail runs through forests and meadows in the Logarska Valley. Local park and mountain guides know exactly how to spark your interest with many otherwise hidden attractions. 34


Over the Logarska Valley to Planjava, 2,394m The Natural Science & Ethnography Trail (NSET) in the Logarska Valley runs along the base of the valley at first, then after seven kilometres it climbs 300 metres. The Rinka waterfall is a true reward for those who walk the whole trail from start to finish, but on the shorter trails you can also discover many interesting things. After a short break in the hut on Okrešlje, climb the Kamnik Saddle to admire from high above the Rinka waterfall, the Logarska Valley, Kamniška Bistrica and the Ljubljana Basin. A difficult trail secured with spikes and wire ropes leads to Planjava. The highest mountain in the Štajerska region affords a panoramic view all around, and the trail continues along the ridge towards Ojstrica. At Škarje, descend toward the hut at Klemenča Jama and on to Logarska Valley.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

Two-hour NSET, together with a climb to Planjava, 10–12 hours, two-day tour 19km The NSET is easy, the mountain trail over Planjava very difficult 1,600m Logarska Valley, the source of the Črna 46.4030N 14.5148E Kamnik-Savinja Alps (1 : 50 000) Grintovci (1 : 25 000)

Information: TIC krajinski park Logarska dolina, Logarska Dolina 9, SI – 3335 Solčava t +386 (0)3 838 90 04, f +386 (0)3 838 90 03, e,

KamnikSavinja Alps

Below secluded meadows at 522m lies the mysterious, clustered sub-Alpine village of Luče, surrounded by the commanding peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and torn between three distinct scenic mountain chains, which can be reached along extremely attractive and well-marked mountain trails. They run along footpaths and past secluded farms and many natural and cultural attractions, inviting visitors to experience and take home a piece of the local friendliness and tradition.




To Raduha, 2,062m, and Snežna Jama Cave A marked trail from Luče to Raduha runs past secluded farms and pastures, through pine forests and over scenic slopes to the mountain pasture Kal, and from it to the mountain pasture Loka. There is a mountain hut where you can stop for a while and treat yourself to some local culinary delights. Then head for the top of Raduha, which is famous for its magnificent view. From the top descend to the highest cave with pillar formations in Slovenia, Snežna Jama Cave, and join a guided tour. From Snežna Jama Cave cross the mountain pasture Kal and pass the Zgornji Zavratnik tourist farm on your way back to Luče.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps Event

Information: TIC Luče, Luče 106, SI – 3334 Luče, t +386 (0)3 839 35 55, e

11–12 hours, two-day tour 20km Moderate 1,540m Luče 46.3549N 14.7452E Kamnik-Savinja Alps (1 : 50 000) Grintovci (1 : 25.000) Arnič winter hike to Raduha, second weekend in March

Upper Savinja Valley • Golte culinary delights for any meal of the day. They also organise events for larger groups (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.). A visit to Golte can be combined with other tourist attractions in the Upper Savinja Valley and the surrounding area (Mozirski Gaj Flower Park, Logarska Valley, Terme Topolšica, Velenje Coal Mining Museum, etc.). Seize the day!

3-day package Active weekend on Golte

• 2x half board at Hotel Golte • Cable car ride • Hiking along the trail around Golte and a tour of the alpine garden • One-day cycling trip • Rafting (Prodnik Sports Centre) Price: from EUR 125

Hotel Golte** Information and booking: Radegunda 19c, SI – 3330 Mozirje t +386 (0)3 839 12 00 e,

2-day package

• Half board at Hotel Golte • Hiking along the trail around Golte and a tour of the alpine garden • Hike to Smrekovec • Cable car ride

Hotel Golte lies 1,410m above sea level by the upper station of the Žekovec cable car and offers a great view of the Savinja Valley. The restaurant with its pleasant atmosphere offers various

Price: from EUR 50

Nordic walking over Slovenian hills

Association (, the positive effect of Nordic walking will be guaranteed!

Surcharges: Tourist tax, guided tours, additional activities.


Nordic walking is the best technique for active walking, since it enables you to experience the natural and ethnological attractions of Slovenia while exercising your whole body. You need genuine Nordic walking poles (EXEL) and an authentic pulse meter to ensure safe exercise (POLAR); if you decide to hire an INWA-certified instructor from the Slovenian Nordic Walking

Agent for Exel and Polar: INTACT d.o.o. m +386 (0)41 614 181

KamnikSavinja Alps

Velika planina, Kamniška Bistrica The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are a jagged mountain range tempting visitors with numerous marked trails and primal mountain wilderness at virtually every step in the central part, where the peaks rise above 2,500m. The Kamniška Bistrica Valley, to the south of the mountains, is a great place to visit. There is a road as well as a marked trail leading up to the mountain hut Dom v Kamniški Bistrici, the best starting point to tackle the peaks. A very tempting place to be is Velika Planina, a mountain pasture famous for its fascinating settlement of shepherds’ huts, which is also reachable by cable car.



Across Velika Planina to Kamniška Bistrica

Discovering pastoral heritage in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps The trail across Velika Planina establishes genuine contact with vast flourishing pastures. When you hear cowbells, stop at the top of the scenic plateau (1,666m), look around the Preskar hut and taste homemade sour milk. Crossing Velika Planina from Strahovica past the Roman Church of St Primus and descending along the mountain pasture Dol to the bottom station of the gondola lift takes six hours; however, you can shorten your descent to the valley by taking the cable car. The final part of the trail along the Koželj path takes us to the mysterious world of the Kamniška Bistrica River, past the Predaselj Gorge and on to the river’s source at the mountain hut Dom v Kamniški Bistrici. Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

7 hours 18km Easy 1,300m Strahovica 46.2647N 14.6028E Grintovci (1 : 25 000) Kamnik-Savinja Alps (1 : 50 000)

Information: TIC Kamnik, Glavni trg 2, SI – 1241 Kamnik, t +386 (0)1 831 82 50, e, Velika planina d.o.o., Kamniška Bistrica 2, SI – 1242 Stahovica, t +386 (0)1 832 72 58, e,

This region at the heart of Slovenia beats to the rhythm of footsteps on pleasantly diverse hiking days. The Posavje Hills are great for multi-day hiking; they also offer the possibility of hiking across central Slovenia, where we hike along ridges and peaks north and south of the Sava, the central river in the hills. It is also great for trips by train, since all the train stations along the Sava have marked trails leading to the mountains. On the trails running over the hills you get a chance to talk to friendly locals, who are known to serve authentic local delicacies. Even though the walk along the ridges and peaks at the heart of Slovenia is unforgettable, the memories are simply not enough, for the region draws us to experience its relaxing pulse over and over again.


Posavje Hills Litija

Posavje Hills • Litija


Through the centre of Slovenia to Zagorje

On the vantage points above the Sava Valley You do not need a car to have a first-rate hiking experience right there on the outskirts of Ljubljana – there is always the train. This way you can relax your head and climb to trouble-free heights. A pleasant trail along the Posavje Hills north of the Sava, which leads to Cicelj, 836m, and past the geometric centre of Slovenia to Zasavska Sveta Gora, 852m, offers numerous panoramic views of the heart of Slovenia. You can walk the entire trail all at once or bit by bit. For this trail and the following one, it is advisable to bring along the Pohodniške poti Posavskega hribovja guidebook.

Walking time Length Difficulty Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

2 days 35km Easy Laze 46.0878N 14.6880E Posavje Hills (1 : 50 000) Maps of individual regions (see Posavje Hills hiking map (1 : 50 000)



Over Janče to Litija and over Kum to Radeče

From the land of berries over the “Zasavje Triglav” to rafters If you have not yet experienced the summer breeze in the shade of the green forests of the Posavje Hills, where one can taste the strawberries and whortleberries, gather chestnuts and mushrooms or observe timid forest animals, this is the right time to do it. The trail through the Posavje Hills south of the Sava leads to forests and panoramic peaks, including Kum, 1,220m, the highest of them. It offers numerous unforgettable experiences at the heart of Slovenia, where many streams of water shape the steep valleys and ravines that give the region its unique look. Walking time Length Difficulty Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

3 days 50km Easy to moderate Laze 46.0878N 14.6880E Posavje Hills (1 : 50 000) Maps of individual regions (see Additional Information Mountain guide Pohodniške poti Posavskega hribovja Event Travelling Levstik’s Trail from Litija to Čatež, St Martin’s Day in November

Information: Jarina z.o.o., Kidričeva cesta 1, SI – 1270 Litija, t +386 (0)1 897 21 04, m +386 (0)51 312 739, e

Posavje Hills Laško The history of brewing and hot springs gives Laško an indelible mark of recognisability and traditional hospitality. The picturesque eastern part of the Posavje Hills in the vicinity of Laško is crisscrossed with mountain trails, which are mostly easy to hike, suitable to visit year-round, and great for Nordic walking. Alongside the marked trails are numerous natural, historical and cultural attractions, not to mention the amazing local culinary delights.



Rečica Circular Hiking Trail A scenic walk on the ridges above the Rečica Valley

The two-day hike takes you around the Rečica Valley, characterised by mining in the past. Some even refer to it as “the second Logarska Valley” because of the natural attractions it holds. The scenic and diverse landscape trail leads across some lower but tremendously scenic peaks in the eastern part of the Posavje Hills, whose appearance is on par with their higher counterparts, for example Govško Brdo, 811m, Baba, 789m, and Ostri Vrh, 855m. It first traverses the tops and ridges south of the valley, then returns to the starting point on the ridges to the north. The highest summit is 1,122m-high Mrzlica, rising roughly halfway. In the Šmohor, Kal and Mrzlica mountain huts you can refresh, rest or practise some colourful evening and early morning meditation.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Map Event

12 hours 25km Moderate 2,000m Laško 46.1538N 15.2322E Laško (1 : 50.000) Hike on the Rečica Circular Hiking Trail, last Saturday in June

Information: TIC Laško, Trg svobode 8, SI – 3270 Laško, t +386 (0)3 733 89 50, e,

Posavje Hills • Laško Savinja River, a 15-minute walk from the town centre. Accommodation: 206 rooms. Hotel offer: Catering facilities (restaurant Vrelec, Biedermeierstyle salon, banquet salon and coffee bars); thermal pools; sauna centre spanning more than 500 sq m with seven different saunas; health & beauty centre with cosmetic, chiropodist and massage salons, and nicely furnished rooms for romantic baths; fitness centre; conference centre; medical centre; physiotherapy facilities. Wellness Park Laško Hotel is situated not far from the Laško old town, and is a perfect starting point for hiking trips. Accommodation: 90 rooms Hotel offer: rooms furnished in a modern style, restaurants and bars providing culinary masterpieces, and facilities with exclusive swimming pools and a sauna centre. At the same time a wide range of massages and therapies are at your disposal. Indulge your body and mind in one of the most developed spa centres in this beautiful part of Europe.

Hotel Zdravilišče Laško**** and Wellness Park Laško****

5-day package

Information and booking: Zdravilišče Laško, Zdraviliška cesta 4, SI – 3270 Laško Wellness Park Laško, Zdraviliška cesta 6, SI – 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 423 21 00, f +386 (0)3 423 20 10 e,

• Double room, 5x half board • Unlimited use of Thermana pools and saunas • 1x sauna pass per day (up to 3 hours; Tuesday women only) • 1x fitness centre pass per day • Hiking along the former Laško market borders – right bank • Hiking along the former Laško market borders – left bank • Day hike – Rečica Circular Hiking Trail • Screening of a hiking movie • Wine cellar tour Gratis: Complete Swedish massage

Hotel Zdravilišče Laško is situated in the middle of a park by the

Price: from EUR 360 to EUR 491 (ten persons minimum) 41 Hotel offer: Restaurant which seats up to 180 guests and is suitable for seminars, business meetings, anniversaries, weddings, dances, etc.; a pub, where various theme evenings take place; a bar and coffee bar serving morning coffee, delicious sweets, etc.; a terrace serving a fine selection of grilled dishes, refreshments and snacks.

1-day package

• Morning gathering and group welcome, presentation of Zdravilišče Laško, Hotel Hum and the new Wellness Park Laško Hotel, presentation of the programme, hiking to Šmohor or Hum, lunch, pool + sauna (up to 3 hours) Price: from EUR 35 to EUR 39 (ten persons minimum)

5-day package

Hotel Hum*** Information and booking: Hotel Hum, Trg svobode 1, SI – 3270 Laško t +386 (0)3 734 88 00, f +386 (0)3 734 88 30 e,

• Double room, 5x half board • Unlimited use of Thermana pools and saunas • 1x sauna pass per day (up to 3 hours; Tuesday women only) • 1x fitness centre pass per day • Hiking along the former Laško market borders – right bank • Hiking along the former Laško market borders – left bank • Day hike – Rečica Circular Hiking Trail • Screening of a hiking movie • Wine cellar tour Gratis: Complete Swedish massage Price: from EUR 316 to EUR 335 (ten persons minimum)

Hotel Hum is situated near the Laško town centre, very close to Zdravilišče Laško (500m), the train and the bus stations. Accommodation: 28 modern furnished rooms.


Green slopes laced with charming, sun-drenched vineyards. Friendly locals offering all the necessary refreshments for the body and soul. Lovely trails running across the picturesque region, past numerous natural attractions, to vantage points affording views of vineyards, to the beautiful green valley of the river Krka, and on to the mysterious, mythological Gorjanci Hills. Here in the bosom of the forests is the source of rejuvenating water, the Gospodična source, as a tale about Gorjanci has it. What undoubtedly gives us energy and new power is the thermal water of nearby Terme Šmarješke Toplice, the healing effects of which have been known for centuries. Part of the spa is the Nordic Walking Centre; close by are as many as nine marked Nordic walking trails extending more than 60km. We walk through the vineyards, past scenic villages, stop at vantage points and always reach the fascinating Otočec Castle. But this is only the beginning of uncovering the mysteries beyond the walls of nearby castles, and learning about the peacefulness and beauty of other cultural and historical attractions of one of the most beautiful regions of Slovenia. All this is Dolenjska. Its natural beauty can be soaked up in the most primal of ways, on two legs. On foot. For all seasons and for everyone. Families with children who are only just starting to experience nature, and the elderly who spend their time actively. Welcome.


Dolenjska The spa is surrounded by walking, hiking and cycling trails running past numerous cultural and natural attractions; the vantage points open up beautiful views of the landscape. After a pleasant time in unspoilt scenery, you can swim in the thermal pools or relax in the modern Vitarium spa & Clinique relaxation centre. In Terme Šmarješke Toplice there is also a Nordic walking centre, the very first centre of this kind to have been started in Slovenia. Accommodation: Hotel Vitarium**** superior Additional offer: rental and sale of hiking gear and hiking maps; equipment storage, cleaning and drying; possibility of guided hikes; possibility of transportation and emergency calls; information and advice; athletes’ measurements; a wide choice of other sports activities.

3- and 5-day package

Terme Šmarješke Toplice Information and booking: Terme Šmarješke Toplice, SI – 8220 Šmarješke Toplice t + 386 (0)7 38 43 400, f 386 (0)7 30 73 107 e, One of the most modern Slovenian thermal spas, Terme Šmarješke Toplice boasts a colourful location in the middle of the charming Dolenjska region.

• 3x or 5x half board in a four-star hotel • One-to-one consultation with Nordic walking instructor • 2x or 3x guided tour (snack charged extra) • 1x Nordic walking workshop with an instructor and free rental of Nordic walking poles • Marked hiking trails of different difficulty grades in the vicinity for individual hiking • 1x or 2x free entry to sauna (up to 3 hours) • 1x chromotherapy with music • Unlimited use of the hotel pool, guided water aerobics in the pool • Great possibilities for cycling and high-quality trekking bicycle rental (extra payment) • All-day animation programme • A map of hiking trails Price: from EUR 223.50 43 river Krka, not far from thermal resorts and Novo Mesto. Beautiful scenery with the spectacular Otočec Castle offers numerous possibilities for recreation and relaxation. Additional offer: Rental and sale of hiking equipment and trekking maps; equipment storage, cleaning and drying; possibility of transportation and emergency calls; guide hire. Information and advice at the sporting centre front desk – info point for hikers. The Sub-Alpine Trail runs past Otočec, and the European Walking Route E7 runs close by.

2- or 5-day hiking packages

Otočec Hotels Hotel Šport****

Information and booking: Hoteli Otočec, Grajska cesta 2, SI – 8222 Otočec t + 386 (0)7 384 86 00, f + 386 (0)7 384 86 05 e, The Otočec Hotels are situated at the heart of the green Dolenjska region, nestled among forests, rolling hills and the emerald green

• Half board in a double room at Hotel Šport, per person • Swimming in Terme Šmarješke Toplice and Terme Dolenjske Toplice • Sauna, massage pool and workout in the tennis centre • Live music at the restaurant (Friday or Saturday) • Optimised diet for athletes, possibility of a lunch pack (prepacked meal) • Cviček Hiking Trail with a guide or the Three Castle Hike (Otočec, Stari Grad, Hmeljnik) – approx. 3 hours • Hiking map Package prices: • 2 days: from EUR 112 • 5 days: from EUR 216 Package discount: get 3% off for two days, or 15% for five days and more. (We reserve the right to change prices.)

Slovenian Istria To Slavnik (1,028m) – Hill Overlooking the Sea

Holidays on the seaside but with hiking poles in your hands The divide between the Karst and Slovenian Istria is huge – no wonder oral tradition says it was built by giants. Follow road 10 or the A1 motorway, take the Črni Kal exit and continue to the turnoff for Podgorje; then drive until you reach the village. Next to the sporting grounds by the road is a parking area. Follow the steeper trail from Podgorje to the top. Atop is a mountain hut open weekends. To return to Pogorje, follow the gentler trail, which is part of the European Walking Route E6. Information: TIC Koper, Titov trg 3, SI – 6000 Koper t +386 (0)5 664 64 03, f +386 (0)5 664 64 06 e,


heated seawater, extremely good air quality, use of sea mud for healing and beauty treatments and, last but not least, the great Mediterranean cuisine are all part of the thalassotherapy on which Talaso Strunjan is based. You can set out from Talaso Strunjan on a hike along one of the eight marked trails (total length: 80 km) that will take you to the most beautiful parts of the Slovenian coastal region. More demanding hikers can go hiking into the interior of Slovenian Istria with the help of marked trails shown in the map of Slovenian Istria. Talaso Strunjan is an ideal spot for those who enjoy relaxing walks along marked trails followed by relaxation in pools, saunas and in the hands of skilled masseurs. In Strunjan you can learn the right Nordic walking technique under the professional guidance of Nordic walking instructors, participate in guided Nordic walking trips or go on tours by yourself, armed only with the map of walking routes you get in your room. Due to mild winters, the conditions for hiking are great also in winter. The European Walking Route E6 finishes right next to the hotel.

Talaso Strunjan

Weekend package

Information and booking: Talaso Strunjan, Strunjan 148, SI – 6323 Strunjan – Portorož t +386 (0)5 676 41 00, f +386 (0)5 678 20 36 e,

Price: from EUR 91

Hotel Laguna***

Talaso Strunjan is situated on the seaside at the heart of the unspoiled scenery of Strunjan Landscape Park. Pools with

• 2x half board in a double room, free entry to pools, hotel walking routes map, rental of Nordic walking poles

5-day package

• 5x half board, guided Nordic walking, hotel walking routes map, rental of Nordic walking poles Price: from EUR 185

Slovenian Istria • Strunjan

Eastern Posavje Brežice The kingdom of delicious food, fine wines and hospitality spans the lower eastern part of the Posavje Hills. Welcome to Brežice and Bizeljsko, hiker-friendly landscapes, where you simply must visit repnice, underground storage spaces dug into the compact sand of what was once the Pannonian Sea, where wine instead of turnips is kept today. We also visit other places, as there are many attractive walking routes in the vicinity of Brežice, for example the Brežice Hiking Trail and the Čatež Healing Trail.



Bizeljsko walking routes

Relaxing walks past the attractions of Bizeljsko Start with the Trail to Repnice in front of the Istenič estate in Stara Vas and continue along the ridge past the houses, cellars and wayside altars to St Margaret’s Chapel. Walk through a beautiful forest to reach repnice in the village of Brezovica and then the ethnological collection. Continue along the Vid Trail, pass some friendly homesteads, a tourist farm, wine houses and wayside altars on your way across the diverse Bizeljsko region, and finally reach St Vid’s Church, which is situated in a beautiful panoramic spot. Then head down to the centre of Bizeljsko and continue along the Grajska Trail through Orešje to Bizeljsko Castle. To finish, go through Bizeljska Vas back to Bizeljsko, where you can celebrate the successful hike at a local restaurant and restore your strength with homemade food. Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Map Event

5 hours 19km Easy 400m Istenič estate, Stara Vas 45.9705N 15.6948E Brežice tourist map (1 : 50 000) Trail to Repnice hike, April

Information: TIC Čatež ob Savi, Topliška cesta 35, SI – 8251 Čatež ob Savi, t +386 (0)7 493 67 57, e TIC Brežice, Cesta prvih borcev 22, SI – 8250 Brežice, t +386 (0)7 496 69 95, e

Maribor, with Pohorje on the one side and winegrowing hills on the other, offers numerous possibilities for unforgettable hiking experiences. Here it is easy to walk the whole day or even several days, perhaps even a week or more. You can walk the trail leading through the peaceful ancient forest of Pohorje, among waterfalls and peat bogs. But when walking along the edges of Pohorje and Kozjak, make sure you keep to the wine roads. The trails are attractive year-round. So come anytime and experience the local culinary delights, as well as numerous natural and cultural attractions.

Pohorje 46


Pohorje • Maribor


Along the Pohorje Trail

From Bolfenk across Areh and Žigartov Vrh, through the Šumik ancient forest and along the Lobnica to Ruše Pass the Bolfenk Natural and Cultural Heritage Centre on Pohorje and walk to the vantage point, which offers a great view of the Dravska Valley and across the wine-growing slopes all the way to Austria. Continue through fragrant pine forests across Areh and Žigartov Vrh to Bajgot, where three rivulets of Pohorje meet and many forest paths cross. Take a deep breath and embark on the short and wild walk past Veliki Šumik, the largest waterfall of Pohorje, and then follow the Lobnica to Ruše.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point

GPS coordinates Maps

8–9 hours 24km Easy, difficult between Veliki Šumik and Mali Šumik 350m TIC Bolfenk – Bolfenk Natural and Cultural Heritage Centre, Pohorje, ascended by cable car or on foot from Maribor 46.4030N 14.5148E Pohorje hiking map (1 : 50 000) Pohorje touring map (1 : 50 000)



Kozjak Trail

Over wine-growing hills to Urban, Gaj and Tojzlov Vrh This trail offers fascinating experiences. From Maribor’s city park, head for the diverse landscape of wine-growing hills and forests, all the way to vantage points on the eastern edges of Kozjak. Take a short break at St Urban’s Church, then continue through the woodland with secluded farmhouses to the mountain hut and vantage point below Tojzlov Vrh, 703m. The trail is very straightforward: hospitable tourist farms and wine-growers are more than happy to show you into the world of local culinary specialities.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Maps

6–7 hours 20km Easy 500m Maribor city park 46.4030N 14.5148E Pohorje hiking map (1 : 50 000) Pohorje touring map (1 : 50 000)

Information: TIC Maribor, Partizanska cesta 6a, SI – 2000 Maribor, t +386 (0)2 234 66 11, e Bolfenk Natural and Cultural Heritage Centre on Pohorje – TIC Bolfenk, Na slemenu – Bellevue, SI – 2208 Pohorje, t +386 (0)2 603 42 11, e,,

Pohorje • Maribor different forest paths, which are suitable for families with children and experienced hikers alike. In Hotel Bellevue, all fans of nature and active holidays can participate in active holiday programmes (cycling on Pohorje, hiking on Pohorje, picnic on the Pohorje Plateau) and wellness programmes for relaxation of the body and soul. Bicycles as well as basic hiking equipment (poles, backpacks, hiking maps, etc.) can be rented at the hotel front desk. Additional offer: Rental of basic hiking equipment, guide hire subject to demand, possible storage of hiking equipment, lunch packs. The offer of Pohorje Wellness Centre Bellevue includes: saunas, massages, hydro massages and baths, wellness programmes.

3-, 6- or 8-day package Hiking on Pohorje

Hotel Bellevue**** Information and booking: Hotel Bellevue, Na Slemenu 35, SI – 2208 Pohorje t +386 (0)2 607 51 00 e, Hotel Bellevue is situated next to the upper station of the Pohorje cable car, 1,050m above sea level, and offers soothing climatic effects of fresh mountain air in the lush forests of the Maribor Pohorje Hills. It is a perfect starting point for hiking trips across

• Bellevue welcome • 2/5/7x half board • Buffet breakfast • Dinner with a touch of the Pohorje cuisine • Unlimited use of saunas in the Pohorje Wellness Centre Bellevue • 1x entry to the pool complex with thermal water and use of sauna in Hotel Habakuk • 1x foot massage (30min) – with 3-day stays (2 nights) • 1x massage for hikers (45min) - with 6- or 8-day stays (5 or 7 nights) • Map of walking routes on Pohorje and the surrounding area Price: 3-day package (2 nights) – from EUR 114, 6-day package (5 nights) – EUR 237, 8-day package (7 nights) – from EUR 302


EXPLORE WITH GARMIN Handheld Touchscreen Oregon GPS units

Perfect for hiking, cycling, car or boat. It features a high-sensitivity receiver and a 3-inch high-definition touchscreen, which delivers a fast, accurate response every time. Supports wireless data transfer (routes, number of points, etc.) between the Oregon (except Oregon 200) and Colorado series. With a built-in barometric altimeter and electronic compass, Oregon 300 and Oregon 400t can also be connected to heart rate, speed or cadence sensors. * It is advisable to purchase the TOPO Slovenija topographical map.

Zreško Pohorje • Rogla, Zreče different massages and baths. In winter, snowshoeing and Nordic walking on snow are particularly attractive. A free shuttle bus operates between Rogla and Terme Zreče.

3-day package

• 2x half board • Pampering in the “Land of Wellness”: swimming in the hotel pool, 1x entry to the hotel sauna, 1x foot massage (30 min.) • 1x toboggan ride in the Zlodejevo Tobogganing Centre • Introduction to Nordic walking (90 min.) • 2x backpack Pohorje-style snack • Hiking trip to the highest village, Skomarje (optional tour of the Skomarje house and St Lambert Church – subject to extra charge) (120 min.) • Hiking trip to the Lovrenc lakes (180 min.), quick climbing course Price: starting from EUR 141

5-day package

Hotel Rogla*** Information and booking: Unior d.d. Program Turizem Rogla, Cesta na Roglo 15, SI – 3214 Zreče t +386 (0)3 757 61 55, f +386 (0)3 576 24 46 e, Where the grass is still green, streams clear, and the air fresh, there is Rogla. Offer: Nordic walking courses, hiking equipment rental and purchase. The Land of Wellness incorporates swimming pools and saunas, as well as a broad selection of wellness services such as

• 4x half board • Pampering in the “Land of Wellness”: swimming in the hotel pool, 2x entry to the hotel sauna, 1x foot massage (30 min.) • 1x toboggan ride in the Zlodejevo Tobogganing Centre • Introduction to Nordic walking, hike to Jurgovo, snack • 3x backpack Pohorje-style snack • Hiking trip to the highest village, Skomarje (optional tour of the Skomarje house and St Lambert Church – subject to extra charge) (120 min.) • Hiking trip to the Lovrenc lakes (180 min.) • Hiking trip to Osankarica (180 min.) • 3-day climbing school Price: starting from EUR 271 49 monuments. A visit to the spa after your hiking trip would be a smart thing to do. Free shuttle transfer to Rogla is arranged for guests of the Terme Zreče spa.

3-day package

• 2x half board • Swimming in thermal pools • 1x pass to Sauna Village • Foot massage (30 min.) • Introduction to Nordic walking (60 min.) • 2x backpack Pohorje-style snack • Hiking trip to the highest village, Skomarje (optional tour of the Skomarje house and St Lambert Church – subject to extra charge) (120 min.) • Hiking trip to the Lovrenc lakes (120 min.) Price: starting from EUR 153

5-day package

Hotel Dobrava**** Information and booking: Unior d.d. Program Turizem Terme Zreče, Cesta na Roglo 15, SI – 3214 Zreče t +386 (0)3 757 61 56, f +386 (0)3 576 24 46 e, At the foot of the Zreče Pohorje Hills lies Terme Zreče, a thermal spa that pampers your body and soul. Offer: Nordic walking courses, hiking equipment rental and purchase. Nearby are numerous ethnological, cultural and historical

• 4x half board • Swimming in thermal pools • 2x pass to Sauna Village • Foot massage (30 min.) • Introduction to Nordic walking (60 min.) • 4x backpack Pohorje-style snack • Hiking trip to the highest village, Skomarje (optional tour of the Skomarje house and St Lambert Church – extra charge) (120 min.) • Hiking trip to the Lovrenc lakes (180 min.) • Hiking trip to Osankarica (180 min.) • Nordic walking trip to the Stranice fishponds, barbeque Price: starting from EUR 280

Pomurje is the least-known Slovenian region among hikers but interesting all the same, especially in terms of the plains on both sides of the river Mura, the hills of GoriÄ?ko and Lendavske Gorice to the north, and Slovenske Gorice to the south. In the past, many paths and different cultures met between the rivers Drava and Raab, leaving an indelible mark on the land and its people. The protected areas of GoriÄ?ko, along the river Mura and in the Jeruzalem area, are excellent starting points for discovering the natural and cultural heritage of Pomurje. The Pomurje Hiking Trail winds across the entire region. The wealth of the traditional cuisine and the wide selection of fine local wines can be tasted in numerous taverns, at tourist farms, in wine shops and wine cellars. A rich wellness offer in four spa centres satisfies even the most discerning taste.

With Nordic walking across Pomurje


Nordic walking is an adventure for the whole family. We exercise our whole body by using two poles designed specifically for walking. Learn your first steps and conquer the right technique under instructor supervision, or roam the routes around Pomurje on your own and treat yourself to an active holiday. A three-day package includes: introduction to Nordic walking by a certified instructor*, Nordic walking pole rental, warm-up and cool-down, one Nordic walking trip. A five-day package includes: advanced Nordic walking course*, professional review and correction of walking errors, Nordic walking pole rental, warm-up and cooldown, two Nordic walking trips. A seven-day package includes: advanced Nordic walking course (fitness level*), additional techniques (running with poles, walking uphill and downhill), professional review and correction of walking errors, Nordic walking pole rental, warm-up and cool-down, strength training, three Nordic walking trips. For your convenience, the Nordic walking packages have been coordinated with the accommodation offer.

* minimum participation: 5


Nordic walking destination



Radenci-Kapela District

Through Jeruzalemske Gorice in search of hiking freedom

A walk in the realm of mineral springs

Wine Route

The route overlaps the Jeruzalem wine road, where the attention is captured not only by wine shops, tourist farms and wine cellars, but also by the Ralo Museum, Church of the Lamenting Madonna, Jeruzalem Wine Shop and house where Franc Miklošič, a linguist of international renown, was born. In Jeruzalem, a charming village nestled among wine-growing hills, you will see for yourself what persuaded crusaders on their way to the Holy Land to stay and name the place Jeruzalem, as oral tradition has it. The route is 20km long. Price: three-day package from EUR 115 (guesthouse/farm) and EUR 160 (hotel); five-day package from EUR 170 (guesthouse/ farm) and EUR 260 (hotel). The price per person includes halfboard accommodation in the facility of choice and a Nordic walking package. Hotel packages include one swimming pass per day. Price exclusive of tourist tax. Information: TIC Ljutomer, Glavni trg, SI – 9240 Ljutomer t +386 (0)2 584 83 33, f +386 (0)2 584 83 34 e, TIC Jeruzalem, Jeruzalem 8, SI – 2259 Ivanjkovci t +386 (0)2 719 45 45, f +386 (0)2 584 83 34 e,

Radenci Route among Springs of Life The route starts near the Terme Radenci health resort and leads to a spring which holds a special place in the heart of Radenci, for it gave the first mineral water – Radeiner Sauerbrunn. The Petanjci Spring, the Iron Spring (Železni Vrelec) and the Church of St Cyril and Methodius are the places that most faithfully represent the beauty of the natural and cultural wealth of the region along the river Mura. This 8km route is easy to walk. Prices of hotel packages: three-day package from EUR 193; five-day package from EUR 319; seven-day package from EUR 426. The price per person includes half-board accommodation in the facility of choice and a Nordic walking package. Hotel packages include unlimited pool passes. Price exclusive of tourist tax. Information: Zdravilišče Terme Radenci t +386 (0)2 520 10 00 e Zavod za turizem in šport Radenci – Turistična pisarna t +386 (0)2 565 18 89 e



Storming Piramida

Climb the highest slope of Lendavske Gorice Lendavske Gorice marks the northeasternmost part of Prekmurje. The trail starts in front of the Hotel Lipa and continues through Lendavske Gorice to Piramida, at 327 metres above sea level the highest peak of all the slopes there. The Holy Trinity Chapel, built in 1728, houses the naturally preserved mummy of the soldier Hadik, who, according to oral tradition, died in 1603 defending the town of Lendava against Turkish invasion. Despite its shortness, only 6km, the trail is a bit more difficult as it goes up and down. Prices: three-day package from EUR 100 (guesthouse/farm) and EUR 150 (hotel); five-day package from EUR 190 (guesthouse/ farm) and EUR 237 (hotel); seven-day package from EUR 270 (guesthouse/farm) and EUR 325 (hotel). The price per person includes half-board accommodation in the facility of choice and a Nordic walking package. Hotel packages include unlimited pool passes. Price exclusive of tourist tax.

Goričko Landscape Park and Moravske Toplice

Sweet Route

Visitors to the Sweet Route learn about the centuries-long tradition of meadmaking and beekeeping in the area and marvel at a cultural and technical monument, the 1930 Časar Mill. The route, which connects local craftsmen from the villages of Ratkovci, Berkovci and Ivanjševci, was named “Sweet Route” after products associated with sweet delicacies. It partially overlaps with the Pomurje Trail, passes several natural attractions of Goričko, and is moderate and suitable for Nordic walking and recreational hiking. Prices: three-day package from EUR 80 (guesthouse/farm) and EUR 185 (hotel); five-day package from EUR 150 (guesthouse/ farm) and EUR 304 (hotel); seven-day package from EUR 210 (guesthouse/farm) and EUR 419 (hotel). The price per person includes half-board accommodation in the facility of choice and a Nordic walking package. Hotel packages include unlimited pool passes. Price exclusive of tourist tax.

Information: TIC ŠTRK, Velika Polana 217, SI – 9225 Velika Polana t +386 (0)2 573 73 26, f +386 (0)2 5737327, e

Information: TIC Moravske Toplice, Kranjčeva 3, SI – 9226 Moravske Toplice t +386 (0)2 538 15 20 e,

Terme Lendava d.d., Tomšičeva 2a, SI – 9220 Lendava t +386 (0)2 577 41 00, f +386 (0)2 577 44 12 e,

Javni zavod Krajinski park Goričko, Grad 191, SI – 9264 Grad t +386 (0)2 551 88 60 e,,

Pohorje Slovenj Gradec Forests in the hills and mountains of the Koroška region are laced with cart tracks and forest trails suitable for any hiker profile. The European Walking Route E6 runs through Koroška. Hikers also like to take the Slovenian Mountain Trail, the Koroška Mountain Trail, trips along theme trails and to the popular panoramic peaks of Kozjak, Pohorje, Uršlja Gora and Smrekovec, and embark on more difficult climbs like Peca, Olševa and Raduha.



Berneker Trail Across the hills of western Pohorje This route is dedicated to one of the most prominent Slovenian Impressionist sculptors, Mr Franc Berneker, who was born below Mala Kopa at the edge of the Pohorje forest. The route runs across undulating western Pohorje, which affords numerous panoramic vistas of the Mislinja Valley. If you take the longer route, you also get to see the hut under Kramžar Peak and the Trška Gora-Sladki partisan hospital, which was converted into an open-air museum.

Walking time Length Difficulty Elevation gain Starting point GPS coordinates Map Event

3 hours short 7.5km, long 10km Easy 460m Logar 46.4030N 14.5148E Pohorje (1 : 50.000) Organised hike along the Berneker Trail, held on the third Saturday in May and the first Saturday in October every year

Information: TIC Slovenj Gradec, Glavni trg 24, SI – 2380 Slovenj Gradec, t +386 (0)2 881 21 16, f +386 (0)2 881 21 17 e,



Hiking Slovenia/POHODNIŠTVO giz Ljubljanska cesta 7, SI – 4260 Bled t/f +386 (0)4 574 35 48 e Slovenian Tourist Board

Dunajska cesta 156, SI – 1000 Ljubljana t +386 (0)1 589 18 40 f +386 (0)1 589 18 41 e Published by: Hiking Slovenia/POHODNIŠTVO giz, in cooperation with Slovenian Tourist Board • Editors: Marko Lenarčič, Lučka Letič • Design and layout: Snežana Madić Lešnik • Texts: Dario Cortese, individual destination-based organisations • Photographs: Matevž Lenarčič, STB Photo Library, Corporate Photo Libraries, Marko Čufar, Janko Humar, Jožef Krajnc, Tomo Jeseničnik, Snežana Madić Lešnik, Jurij Pivka, Marko Petrej, Samo Trebižan, Hrvoje Oršanič • Translation: PLITTA, Uroš Jeram, s. p. • Printed by: Gorenjski tisk, Kranj • Print run: 50,000

Hiking in Slovenia  

Hiking in Slovenia

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