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FCR Hard Body See FCR rules that came with your car for chassis and tire rules. The only exception made to the FCR rules for this class: any gear ratio allowed, but must still use 1/8 axle and 32 pitch gears. Body: 1965-1985 mid to full size American cars (Chevelle, Charger, Fairlane, Torino, Monte Carlo ect). You may use a street car kit and radius wheel openings or a NASCAR kit. PROHIBITED: Pony cars (Camaro, Mustang, Javelin, Challenger, Cuda), sports cars (Vette, AMX, Pantara) trucks and compact cars (Nova, Duster, Vega, Citation ect.) are not allowed. All bodies must be styrene plastic 1/24-1/25 model kit AMT, Revell, Monogram or Lindberg. Cars must start the race with a front and rear bumper (may be home made or street stock). The bumpers may not protrude beyond the width of the body, unless the street stock bumpers are used. All cars must start and finish the race with 4 fenders, rear valance, a roof, trunk, doors and hood. If any of these parts become broken/missing on the body the driver must retire the car to the pit area for repairs. Fabrication of these parts from lighter weight materials is prohibited.

Wheel openings may be enlarged and rocker panels shaved down to meet body height on the tech gauge. No other alterations are allowed. All cars must be painted and have numbers on the left and right side Interiors: All cars must start and finish the race with a painted and detailed lexan or hard plastic interior. The interior must have a driver with seat belts, helmet and roll bar. Motors: All cars must use the blue H&R 40,000 RPM sealed motor. Tech Inspection: All cars must past pre-race inspection. After a car has been though inspection it will be impounded until qualifying and/or the race begins. Prior to the green flag any changes made to the car must be done in front of the tech inspector. Any parts suspect may be confiscated by the tech inspector and destroyed or saved to make an example out of the racer in question.

Parma FCR Hard Body Rules  
Parma FCR Hard Body Rules  

Rules package for the 10-11 Parma FCR hard body class featuring 65-85 mid to full size American cars.