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The Mills slot machine is renowned all over the world as a pioneer in the casino world. The slot trend began in the late nineteenth century where gaming machines were the precursor to what soon converted to the slot machine itself. This revolutionary machine gained immediate fame in the gambling arena. The slots ability to provide easy and immediate cash lured in numerous people from around America to try their hand at the games. The Mills Novelty company was passed to Herbert Stephen Mills by his father. The company took the idea of a conventional slot machine and converted it into what is now renowned as the Mills slot machine. The business boomed as Mills was the sole proprietor who adopted assembly line formations to allow for large numbers of machines to be produced in a short period of time.

The first machines created by the company resembled their competition the “Liberty Bell.� However, with the passage of time the Mills company renovated and improvised on the idea to create a stronger and reliable machine which was placed in bars and casinos all over the country. Soon the fame of Mills reached foreign lands and the slot machines were being transported to the European region. The Mills slot machines came in different variations and themes which were beyond the reach of other machine producers. New features such as quieter machines and coin acceptors that could move across the top of the slots themselves were all part of the Mills package. The death of Herbert Mills in 1929 was accompanied with the death of the slot machines. However, as the trend revived, once again, the machine rose in quick succession, gaining fame for its dexterity and capability. Thus, the Mills slot machine is now considered the antiques of a forgotten world.

Mills Slot Machine  

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