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Our Students Say YES!! Innovation And Progress New York City is the hub of innovation and progress. Being part of the big apple as a student at a prestigious university would allow me to tap into the rapid technological expansion of the big city. The NYC technical campus would provide an array of opportunities for novel education in a new and exciting atmosphere. With such proximity to the largest array of business, I along with countless other students would be able to develop and advance skills at our home, the NYC tech campus, while simultaneously applying our skills learned in Ithaca within New York City’s thriving industry.

Jared Landsman ‘14 College of Engineering Civil Engineering

On The Brink Of Reinvention Last fall, I went away for my freshman year of college. As I soon learned Ithaca may be Gorge but New York City is irresistible and a bit of an addiction. To say “I heart NY” is to understate the situation, I need NY. There is no doubt in my mind that after I graduate, I will head back to the city with all I have learned. The NY Tech Campus will make it possible for students to not have to wait to use their new found knowledge in the city. We will now work hand in hand, student learning from the city and the city learning from the students, the leaders of tomorrow. New York is on the brink of reinvention. It is impossible not to jump at the opportunity to join them. In this moment, we have the chance to (officially) link Cornell to New York City. Aylin Gucalp‘14 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Technology is becoming more and more pervasive throughout all industries and will eventually become integral in businesses that are conventionally seen as being immune to this change. Throughout my experience at Cornell, I’ve learned that tackling the toughest problems requires interdisciplinary collaboration and I want to expand and continue to be part of this collaboration. The tech campus will be a strong driver in facilitating the disruptive change to advance the economy and society not only in New York City, but throughout the nation and the world. Samuel Sinensky ‘12 College of Engineering Computer Science

Cornell Is That University Every time I am home for break in NYC, It warms my heart to see countless people wearing Cornell gear. It reminds me that as grand as Cornell University in Ithaca is, our influence as Cornellians reaches much further, creating a strong presence felt in New York City. If you think about it, there are more Cornellians currently residing in NYC than there are in Ithaca, NY. As a communication student, focusing in Information Technology, the NYC Tech Campus can provide a one of a kind educational experience for the area of study that I am interested in. Within the past year, I have worked in the social media lab at Cornell University, studying how cell phones, social networking sites, and other social media affect the way we interact and behave. As more technology business shifts to the east coast, it would be most beneficial for the NYC Tech Campus to be built by a University that already has strong ties to NYC, and has made a positive impact on the growth of NYC.

Ariella Weintraub ‘12 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Communication

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“I believe that the asset of a devoted Technology campus inside New York City will both reaffirm our deep connection and devotion to New York State, as well as continue to attract the highest level of educators and students who are interested in one of the most important fields of education today.” - Austin Opatrny ‘14

“Let’s be real: this campus will be beneficial for both Cornell and NYC. Cornell, with its top-5 CS program and focus on multidisciplinary research, attracts lots of people with a plethora of innovative ideas. Unfortunately, Ithaca can be limiting, and many of those ideas remain just that: ideas. With the tech campus, ideas have much more potential to grow especially given the landscape of NYC.” - Kamran Munshi ‘11

Trustees endorse Cornell's NYC Tech Campus Robert Barker/University Photography

IN THE NEWS Cornell and Technion Join Hands

Jason Koski/University Photography

Cornell will submit a proposal to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office to build a campus in the city, potentially on Roosevelt Island. The campus would consist of graduate-level programs with an emphasis on high-tech commercialization, structured around research “hubs,” including mobile social interaction and technologies for healthier living.

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