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iLogic Samples – Inventor 2011 The iLogic Railing Design samples are provided as examples to demonstrate some ofAutodesk Inventor’s iLogic capabilities as well as some of the common methods used in basic as well as advanced rule types. These sample assemblies are included in a project named iLogic Samples that will be listed among your other existing projects after installing Inventor 2011.

Also included with each sample is the VB.NET source code for the forms launched by the Form rule included in each assembly. You can download and install VB Express 2008 in order to open either solution.

The DLLs generated from these two VB projects have also been installed alongside the assembly files. With these dll’s in place, you can click the iLogic iTrigger Icon with the main assembly loaded to launch the form for modifying the driving design parameters. You will notice that the advanced form applies changes to the design immediately, whereas you must click OK to apply changes using the basic form.

Notes about the rules included in the samples: 1. There are rules embedded in the top level assembly, subassembly as well as within the individual

parts. 2. All default component names have been changed. This “stabilizes” the component names so that rules referencing them continue to work if the file names they point to ever change (i.e., Design copy with new file names). 3. The order the rules appear in the iLogic Tree Editor affects the end result produced by the rules after changing parameter values. Notice that the Assembly Parameters to Parts rule runs and performs an update before the Maximum Weight Rule runs. This ensures the total weight is calculated after all parameter changes including an update have been done to the parts. 4. Suppress the Form rule in order to change parameter values using Inventors Parameter Editor dialog. You will notice significant changes to the Inventor Parameter Editor Dialog in the 2011 release to accommodate the Rules Driven Design methods iLogic enables.

5. The advanced railing sample has a rule for generating an Excel Report. You need to update the excel link to the picture it includes (Railing iLogic Sample Advanced.jpg) before it will update as a result of running the rule. Use “Change Picture” with the “link to file” option to re-establish the link after copying the project to your local machine.

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