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U T O P I A r b a n

urbana utopija / urban utopia 2010, akvarel / watercolour detalj / detail

In Svetlana Dragojevic’s artworks, therefore, some places, some landscapes, prevail. These could also be places in the heart, areas of thinking, paths of knowledge, sometimes winding, and sometimes determined by regular lines. These are again possibilities of reaching the world, ourselves, us. These are visions of which order and nightmare, harmony and turmoil, are compounded – placed in the same environment. These are the temples of existence always experienced differently. In this demanding process, the artist skillfully creates the order of symbols, builds an architecture

There are many planes of the city - several levels of the

of possible meaning. While doing this, she does not forget

painting - while the fullness of colour convincingly points out

that the painting (that the city!) still has to wear some beau-

certain colours of a city. This is how entireties well up form-

ty. Her ability to notice enables us to abandon ourselves eas-

ing again some complete forms where public and secret life

ily to those misteries, pavements and lighthouses, staircases

of apathetic and pensive, lazy and playful, human communi-

and towers, walls and squares, windows in which the sea is

ty is going on. And where is our place? Probably, let’s para-

looking itself in the mirror... There, we will see the Mediter-

phrase Sioran, somewhere between being and non-being,

ranean, as well, not necessarily in motives as in the distinc-

between two fictions.

tive sensibility of the artist. 8

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Svetlana Dragojevic - Urban Utopia  


Svetlana Dragojevic - Urban Utopia