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MARCH 2012

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Promoting safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation INSIDE 2 CONTACT US Board Members and other club info. 3&4 MEETING MINUTES The minutes of the preceding month’s board and general meetings. 5 RIDE COORDINATOR’S REPORT 6 -8 RIDE SCHEDULE Where to meet , how to get ride info. 8 ROAD CLEANUP, LH JERSEY DESIGN CALL 9 JUNE POTLUCK, HEROES 10 THE ADVOCATES REPORT 11 COALITION THANK YOU, WF BRUNCH BACK PAGE THIS MONTH’S IMPORTANT DATES & PRESENTATION

President’s Message by Robert Fuller Davis

Just in case I haven’t put you to sleep with previous columns on Bike Policy and Bike Funding, here is one more on Bike Insurance. The club has insurance primarily to protect our members from legal actions (General Liability) and some secondary medical insurance in the event one of us crashes during a club ride.

signed a release and waiver form, you are covered, but only for your first three rides with the club. Riders who are not club members but habitually join club rides beyond their first three rides are not covered. It may be obvious, but you are also required to wear a helmet. continued on page 2

Disclaimer: It is important to note that this description of insurance does not guarantee Passing coverage for any claims under the club's insurance program and does not alter coverage provided by the actual insurance policies. Only the insurance policy itself shall be used to determine whether coverage applies for a particular claim. • What rides are covered? Any ride that is listed in the club calendar (web or print) is considered a club ride and falls under club insurance. This does not include special events such as the Wildflower and the Lighthouse for which a different type of insurance applies. • When am I covered on a club ride? As long as you are a member in good standing (which means you paid dues and signed the waiver) you are covered on a club ride. If you are not a member but have

Bruce Collier, Our Friendly Insurance Czar


MARCH, 2012

SLO Coaster The SLO Coaster is the monthly newsletter of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club. It is distributed to members, local bicycle shops and some bicycle organizations. Subscriptions are not available to nonmembers. All articles, letters, stories of bicycling experiences, appropriate classified ads, artwork etc, are welcome. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject material. Each article is the opinion of its author and does not necessarily represent the opinion or endorsement of the SLOBC or the editor. Submittal Guidelines All materials are due no later than 8:00 a.m. on the 15th of each month. Nothing will be accepted verbally. All materials should be emailed to Complete submittal guidelines are found on the club website.

SLOBC Meetings Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday before the General Meeting (5:00 PM) Location: Air Pollution Control District meeting room, 3433 Roberto Court (SLO). All Club members are welcome to attend Board meetings. General Membership Meeting: First Thursday (7:00 PM) Location: County Library, 995 Palm, downtown San Luis Obispo. Refreshments are served starting at 7:00 p.m., Meeting begins at 7:15 p.m. June and December meetings differ.

Contact Information San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 1585 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 Club Hotline Answering Machine: 805.543.5973 Website:


Members only site:

Board of Directors President: ..............................Robert Fuller Davis 805.772.0874 Vice President: ................................Tom Roberts Treasurer: ......................................Chris Broome ......................805.772.5900 Secretary: ..................................Craig Armstrong Ride Coordinator: ..........................Will Benedict ..........805.544.3504 Membership Director: ............Robert Lindquist .............805.441.7063 Advocate: ........................................Dave Abrecht 805.801.9211 Historian: ......................................Martin Howell Newsletter Editor: ................................Tim Long Safety Director: .....................................Ken Price ...........................805.489.9779 Director-at-Large: ..................Kathleen McHugh ........................805.528.6686 Past President: .................................Frank Mullin

President’s message continued:

• When am I not covered? Beyond the obvious non-members, you are not covered riding to or from the ride, only during the ride itself. If you divert from a posted or otherwise agreed-upon ride route, e.g. to short cut or go home a different route, you are not covered. Rides informally posted on the chat lists are not covered. Anyone who joins a ride without signing a waiver is not covered. We no longer have specific coverage on rides located more than 100 miles from our base location (SLO County). Monterey County rides are covered as well as Santa Barbara County. • What if I crash? If you crash and suffer injuries, you should file an Incident Report Form, available at the web


site, and contact Bruce Collier. Please fill it out as completely as you can. If you are unable to complete the form, the ride leader should fill it out and sign it. In any case, you or someone who was with you should follow up with this as soon as possible. In all cases, please be sure to copy Bruce with the Incident Report. • What does the secondary medical insurance cover (Participant Accident Coverage)? This insurance is primarily a secondary insurance, rather like AFLAC. Costs you incur that are medically required and not covered by your insurance may be eligible for reimbursement under the club's insurance.

SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012


Minutes of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club Board Meeting Air Pollution Control District Auditorium 3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo CA Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 5 p.m. submitted by Craig Armstrong

Board members present: Robert Fuller Davis, Tom Roberts, Craig Armstrong, Chris Broome, Will Benedict, Bob Lindquist, Dave Abrecht, Martin Howell, Ken Price, Tim Long, and Kathleen McHugh. A quorum being present, the meeting was convened. Guests present were Gary Havas and Dan Rivoire. Mr. Rivoire spoke on behalf of the SLO County Bike Coalition and thanked the club for its $30,000 contribution and pledge to give an additional $10,000 as part of the Coalition’s annual campaign. The minutes of the January 3, 2012 meeting were approved (MSC: Abrecht/Roberts). President Davis noted that the following correspondence had been received: (1) a thank you from SLO Regional Rideshare for a contribution to sponsor Bike Month and Rideshare Month; (2) a thank you from the Shandon school district for a $3,000 scholarship contribution; (3) a thank you from SLO County YMCA for a donation to support the Gene Cerise Ride/Cambria Teen Center; (4) a thank you from CCCMB for a $3,000 donation;(5) a notice from the Avila Valley Advisory Council regarding their concerns on the proposed Bob Jones Trail crossing over the freeway; and (6) a Certificate of Appreciation from Paavo Ogren for participating in the Adopt a Road program. Chris Broome reported that club assets totaled approximately $237,000. The increase in assets reflects receipt of $111,000 in registration and clothing income for the Wildflower ride less $44,000 in contributions made in January. Will Benedict advised that he participated in a meeting for Rideshare Month and expressed SLOBC’s concerns about increasing participation in the rides put on by SLOBC to include more members of the public. President Davis announced that two nominations for the Bob Garing award had been received and that Janie Goldenberg was planning on holding a committee meeting to discuss the nominations. President Davis noted that he had received comments regarding the length of general meetings. In the future, he will only include the Treasurer and Safety Director as regular presenters at the general meetings. Any other board member needing to make a presentation at a general meeting should contact the President in advance of the meeting and request to be added to the agenda for SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012

MARCH, 2012

that meeting. There was a brief discussion among the board members as to possible ways to shorten future meetings. President Davis advised that several individuals at other organizations and our insurance provider had been contacted regarding the club’s proposed audit plan and that the comments from those individuals had been forwarded to Mr. Broome and Mr. Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong updated the proposed annual financial review plan and copies were distributed to the board members. Following discussion about the timing and scope of the audits in future years, the proposed audit plan was approved (MSC:Broome/Abrecht). President Davis asked for comments regarding the draft of the restated club policies. Gary Havas noted that consideration should be given to establishing policies with respect to volunteers for the club’s century rides, and President Davis advised Mr. Havas to draft the suggested policy and then submit it to the board for review. Several changes to the restatement draft were suggested by board members, and Mr. Armstrong indicated those changes would be incorporated into the final version. The board then approved the restatement (MSC:Roberts/ Broome). Dave Abrecht reviewed the club’s membership in California Association of Bicycle Organizations (CABO). Mr.Abrecht advised that he didn’t think that CABO represented the best interests of SLOBC or a majority of the cycling community and recommended that SLOBC terminate its membership in CABO. After discussion regarding the role of cycling advocacy groups in influencing bike legislation, the board approved terminating SLOBC’s membership in CABO (MSC:Price/ Roberts). As the first step in identifying specific goals and objectives for SLOBC, President Davis initiated a discussion on identifying the values of SLOBC. Board members identified a number of values (such as bike safety, community involvement, and promoting cycling). President Davis will consolidate the suggested values that are complementary and use the consolidated list as the basis for developing a club vision at the next board meeting. President Davis announced that there will be a hearing at COG on February 1 regarding unmet cycling, pedestrian, and transit needs. In addition, he will be meeting with Dr. Brescia at Cayucos Elementary School to identify how SLOBC can help support the school. He advised that next month’s agenda will include volunteer policies and a proposal by Dan Rivoire for possible joint memberships in SLOBC and the Bike Coalition. Ken Price noted that a bike plan meeting in Arroyo Grande is scheduled for February 9. There was also a brief discussion regarding restarting club outreach programs at the SLO Thursday farmers market and possibly at other local farmers markets. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:10PM. PAGE 3


MINUTES OF THE SAN LUIS OBISPO BICYCLE CLUB GENERAL MEETING San Luis Obispo Library Community Room 995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo CA Thursday, February 2, 2012 7:15 PM submitted by Craig Armstrong

President Davis called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM. President Davis thanked Ken Price and Bruce Collier for serving as greeters and Kathy Cohon, Pam Zirion, Anne Kelly, Gail and Red Davis, and Janie and Stu Goldenberg for providing refreshments. The minutes of the January 5, 2012 meeting were approved (MSC:Rutter/Roberts). President Davis noted that the following correspondence had been received: (1) a thank you from SLO Regional Rideshare for a contribution to sponsor Bike Month and Rideshare Month; (2) a thank you from the Bike Coalition for a $30,000 donation; (3) a thank you from the Morro Bay Audubon Society for a $1,250 donation for a bike rack; (4) a thank you from the Shandon school district for a $3,000 scholarship contribution; (5) a thank you from SLO County YMCA for a donation to support the Gene Cerise Ride/Cambria Teen Center; (6) a thank you from CCCMB for a $3,000 donation; and (6) a Certificate of Appreciation from Paavo Ogren for participating in the Adopt a Road program. Chris Broome reported that the club had received $110,000 in Wildflower registration and clothing fees and had paid out $44,000 in contributions in January. As of the end of January, Club assets totaled $237,000. Dan Rivoire thanked the members for the club’s donation to the Bike Coalition and reported that the coalition had hired two individuals to assist with the bike valet program. He noted two upcoming events, a film showing on February 9 benefitting the Coalition and the Bike Coalition general meeting on February 22. Ken Price updated members on safety issues and urged members to attend the February 9 Arroyo Grande bike plan meeting. In addition, an Ontario Road clean-up is scheduled for February 25. Will Benedict reminded members that proposed designs for the 2012 Lighthouse jersey need to be submitted by April 1 and reviewed the upcoming PAGE 4

MARCH, 2012

SLOBC Spreckels ride as well as rides hosted by other clubs. Persons eligible to attend the March ride leaders dinner should contact Jeff Kahn to sign up. Martin Howell noted that he had various useful cycling information available for members. Dave and Debbie Abrecht presented a program covering their trip to Port Townsend, Washington and Astoria, Oregon. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:15 PM.

Membership Report for March 2012 Bob Lindquist LAST REMINDER: MARCH 1 DEADLINE FOR ANNUAL DIRECTORY LISTING !! The 2012 Annual Directory will be available sometime during the last two weeks in March. The printed version or email version will be distributed to members according to the option that was selected on their membership application. You can check your choice by logging into your website file and selecting the “Edit” button under the “Family Contact Information” section. You can also change your option as well until March 1. If you wish to have your name and information listed you must renew your membership by the March 1st deadline. Both the printed and email versions are only done once a year. For current membership information at any time go to the club website: and login. Select the “Directory” tab at the top to see the options available. RENEW: $15/year single, $22/year family (2 or more) (1) ONLINE at the SLOBC website ( Log into the “Members Only” site (password required) to update your information and pay either electronically (PayPal) or send check to: SLOBC c/o Bob Lindquist, 925 Bassi Dr., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 (2) PRINTED FORMS – available at: •Club meetings •Print form from the SLOBC website: http:// membership-form.html •Or contact me for a printed form: (441-7063).

SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012


Ride Coordinator’s Report By Will Benedict

March 3rd: Kings River Blossom Ride, Reedley, CA The Blossom Ride is the March Wandering With Will ride. Send me an email if you are registered and want to be included in the planning. March 24th: Ride Leaders Dinner The evening begins with a Ride Leaders Educational and Update Forum in the Cayucos Room at the Inn at Morro Bay at 5:30 p.m. on March 24, 2012. The Ride Leaders Dinner is at 6:00 p.m. Contact Jeff Kahn or Will Benedict by February 24, 2012 if you wish to attend. Other dinner related information will be emailed to participants after February 24th. April 9/10/11: Spreckels/King City/San Miguel/ Home Ride There is still an opportunity for you to join this three day supported ride that will stay in motels and eat in restaurants. The latest count is 5 women and 4 men and growing. Consider joining us for just the second day, Tuesday, April 10th, to ride from King City to San Miguel and/or for the private dinner party at the Basque Cafe on Tuesday night April 10th. Send me an email for full information and to let me know how you would like to participate. May 5th: Wine Country Century, Santa Rosa, CA Send me an email if you are registered and want to be included in the planning. May is Bike Month Each year SLOBC members have participated in Bike Month in various ways and this year will be no exception. The following are some ways that you can be involved: Put on a Bike Breakfast. They are planned for every Friday in May and every day of Bike to Work Week. Lead a recreational ride tailored to new riders or women. Lead a North county wine tasting ride. Volunteer at events that others are leading— opportunities will be defined as planning progresses. Let me know if you have ideas or something you want to do. SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012

MARCH, 2012

No One Left Behind It is easy to focus on the person in front or beside us during a ride but to be safe we must expand our rider awareness. Looking ahead and checking our rear view mirror keeps us aware of how the larger group is doing and if someone is missing. Nothing feels worst than having a problem or not knowing the route and realizing no one is in sight. Nothing feels better than seeing riders return to fine you or waiting for you when you round a bend. The following techniques can be used separately or in combination to insure that no one is lost or left behind. Regroup Establish locations or distances to points where the group will stop and wait for everyone to arrive. Consider the following in establishing regroup points. • Regroup at places with room to gather completely off the road • Regroup half way to a destination—half way to the coffee shop and half way home • Regroup after climbing or other conditions cause group separation—at the top of a hill or after a series of hills • Regroup at time intervals—every half hour or hour • Regroup at distance intervals—every ten miles Proceed once everyone has arrived and allowed time to recover. When appropriate, send two riders back to find those missing so one can stay and the other can report back to the group. Sweep A rider providing sweep should know the route and always keep the slowest rider in sight throughout the ride. One approach is for the ride leader to be the sweep —to lead from behind. Buddies Buddies stay together—within sight—throughout a ride. There are three approaches to implementing buddies:

• •

All riders buddy with another rider;

The next-to-last rider automatically becomes the last rider's buddy.

New riders buddy with an experienced rider; or



MARCH, 2012


Ride Details Current Ride Information

Information on all Club rides including more detailed ride descriptions and any updates to the Ride Calendar can be found on the club web site under Ride Calendar.

(9:00 AM) - Breakaways Mondays (D-3). Damon Garcia Sports Field. Led by Russ Robinson (781-0903).

(9:00 AM) - Yellowjackets SLO Rides (B-2). Ben's House (SLO). Ride supports one riding group (pace, 12-14 MPH) to various destinations. Be on time because the rides Submitting Ride Information leave at the scheduled time. Led by Ben Submit ride information to both Will Patrick (543-2803). Benedict and Frank Mullin to ensure the (10:00 AM) - Atascadero Breakers (C-4). newsletter's Ride Calendar and web site Atascadero Zoo. Distance: 35-40 are accurate. miles. Destinations: Templeton, Santa Submit any ride changes to Frank Mullin. Margarita, Atascadero, Paso Robles and San This will ensure that the most current ride Miguel for mid-ride coffee stops. Route sheets and maps distributed via email prior to each information can always be found under ride. Contact leader to get on email Ride Calendar at distribution. Led by Kevin Matherly Safe Riding ( All cyclists taking part in club rides are (10:00 AM) - Atascadero Scramblers (B-3). expected to contribute to the ride's Atascadero Zoo. Distance: about 35 miles. safety and enjoyment. You can find Safe Destinations: Santa Margarita, Atascadero and Templeton for the mid-ride coffee stop. Route Cycling Practices and SLOBC Club Ride sheets / maps distributed via email prior to Best Practices under Safety at each ride, none available at the ride start. (See email group page for instructions on joining email groups.) Led by Glenn & Gail Scheduled club rides include both Vanderlinde ( Fixed (Fixed starting location and time) and Variable (Variable starting location and time) Tuesday events. (8:30 AM) - Baywood Vacillators (B-2/3). Show & Go from Nazarene Church (BP). Group decides on a coffee shop Sunday destination in San Luis Obispo or Avila Beach (8:30 AM) - Sunday Baywood / Los Osos Ride by mutual agreement. Ride normally breaks (B-2). into a faster and slower group. Contact person: Show & Go from Nazarene Church Marina Michel 528-1732. (BP). Casual pace to coffee shop in Cayucos with possibility of doing an additional creek Wednesday based on mutual agreement. Contact person: (9:00 AM) - Flyers (D-3). Jack Robison 772-7748. These rides are tailored for people wanting (9:00 AM) - Arroyo Grande Sunday Ride (B-2). faster paced rides with some pace line riding. Andreini's (AG). The length is about 35 7 Bob Jones Trail Head. Led by Steve Vines miles. If you are riding from SLO, contact me (202-8114). ( to see if we can 14 Santa Margarita Park. Led by Glenn join up. Two popular destinations are Poly Vanderlinde (466-4221). Starts at 10:00 AM. Village (SLO) and theTrilogy (Nipomo). Led 21 State Park Marina (MB). Led by Russ by Frank Mullin (602-2058). Robinson (781-0903). 28 French Park (SLO). Led by Bill Goodger (782-9197).




(9:00 AM) - Frequent Feeders (B-2). This a a social group which rides at a moderate pace with regular regroups and a very social coffee break midway through the ride. 7 Bandstand (AG). Led by Gil & Sandra Pitt (489-0139). 14 Laguna Lake Park (SLO). Led by Harvey Cohon (594-1249). 21 French Park (SLO). Led by Willi Zilkey (542-0638). 28 Throop Park (SLO). Led by Dave Williams (704-7160). (9:00 AM) - SLO Pokes (A-2). These rides are tailored for riders wanting to average no more than 12 miles per hour. 7 Graduate (SLO). Do a version of SLO Pokes route 37, lunch after. Led by Stu & Janie Goldenberg (544-4720). 14 Food4Less (SLO). Ride the SLO Pokes Funky Avila ride (#4). Led by Bob Tuman (978-621-1417). 21 Islay Park (SLO). Ride to Dairy Creek for coffee and return (about 24 miles). Led by Bob Lindquist (441-7063). 28 Bandstand (AG). Ride to Lopez Lake, coffee at the end of the ride. Led by Bob Young (489-4755). (10:00 AM) - Templeton Breakers (C-4). Templeton Park. Distance: 35-40 miles. Destinations: Templeton, Santa Margarita, Atascadero, Paso Robles and San Miguel for mid-ride coffee stops. Route sheets / maps distributed via email prior to each ride. (See Monday’s ride for more info.). Led by George DiMundo ( (10:00 AM) - Templeton Scramblers (B-2). Templeton Park. Distance: about 35 miles. Destinations: Santa Margarita, Atascadero and Templeton for the mid-ride coffee stop. Route sheets / maps distributed via email prior to each ride. (See Monday’s ride for more info.) Led by Patti & Bill VanOrden (

Thursday (8:30 AM) - Baywood / Los Osos Ride (B-2). Show & Go from Nazarene Church (BP). Casual pace to coffee shop in Cayucos with possibility of doing an additional creek based on mutual agreement. Contact person: Jerry Lundstrom 528-1069.


AA Very Slow

Less than 10 mph. Regroups often. Waits for slowest rider.


Generally Flat

A Slow

9 to 12 mph average. Regroups occasionally. (SLO Pokes)


Easy Grades Some Hills

B Moderate

12 to 15 mph average. Regroups every 30 minutes. Waits for slower riders. (Frequent Feeders)


Rolling Hills (North County Hills - Peachy Cyn)

C Brisk

14 to 17 mph average. Regroups every 30-45 minutes. Waits for slower riders (Flyers)


Hard Hills (Hwy. 46 - coast to Paso Robles)

D Fast

Averages over 16 mph. Requires experienced riders and pace line riding. (Tuesday Night Rides)


Very Challenging Hills


SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012


Friday (9:00 AM) - Breakaways Fridays (D-3). Bandstand (AG). Led by Larry Bradford (474-8764). (9:00 AM) - Yellowjackets SLO Rides (B-2). Ben's House (SLO). Ride supports one riding group (pace, 12-14 MPH) to various destinations. Be on time because the rides leave at the scheduled time. Led by Ben Patrick (543-2803). (9:00 AM) - Tortoises (A-1). This group is intended for people that just want to get out for a short, easy, slow ride. We will ride about 10 to15 miles and average 10 miles per hour. We will also try to minimize hill climbing. A coffee stop is included. 2 Emerson Park (SLO). This will be a birthday ride for Bruce and will include the tunnel under 101. Led by Bruce Collier (543-9514). 9 French Park (SLO). Do the SLO Pokes route 16. Led by Bob Tuman (978-621-1417). 16 Congregation Beth David. Ride to Los Osos. Led by Bob Young (489-4755). 23 Meadow Park (SLO). Ride the northwest fringes of SLO. Led by Marti and Tom Roberts (805-215-2471). 30 Hardie Park (Cayucos). Ride up Via Creek. Led by Patricia and HansHenning Boerst (534-9660).

MARCH, 2012 (10:00 AM) - Paso Robles Scramblers (B-2). Marriot Courtyard Hotel. Distance: about 35 miles. Destinations: Santa Margarita, Atascadero and Templeton for the mid-ride coffee stop. See Monday’s ride info. Led by Monica Robinson ( (10:00 AM) - Paso Robles Breakers (C-4). Marriot Courtyard Hotel. Distance: 35-40 miles. Destinations: Templeton, Santa Margarita, Atascadero, Paso Robles and San Miguel for mid-ride coffee stops. See Monday’s ride info.. Led by Bill McBride (

Saturday (8:00 AM) - Slabtown Rollers (C-4). Sotheby's Realty (Cambria). Variable itinerary, call for details. Led by Tom Parsons (927-5514). (9:00 AM) - Huasna Valley Ride (C-2). Sixteenth Street Park (GB). Ride to Huasna and back, about 40 miles and 1700 feet of climbing. Led by Long Nguyen (481-1688). (9:00 AM) - SLO Velo (C-3). The rides are designed for the intermediate rider who is comfortable riding a 15+ mph pace on 40 - 55 mile routes. The starting location on the first Saturday of each month will be variable. More information at web page.

Directions to Starting Locations Andreini's (AG) Take 101 to Arroyo Grande, exit Grand exit, left 0.3 miles to Andreini's on left. Park in lot to the right. Atascadero Zoo Take 101 north from San Luis Obispo to Atascadero, take the Santa Rosa exit (218A), turn left on to Santa Rosa Rd for 1.4 miles, turn right on Highway 41, continue 0.2 miles to zoo on right. Bandstand (AG) Take 101 to Grand exit in Arroyo Grande. Turn east 0.2 miles to Traffic Way, right 0.2 miles to Nelson St, left 0.1 miles to Short Street. Park on street. Ben's House (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. Go east 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 1.9 miles to Poinsettia St, right 0.1 mile to Alyssum Court, left one house -- Ben's house is first on left. Bob Jones Trail Head Take 101 toward the five cities. Exit at San Luis Bay drive. Go left on Ontario for 0.8 miles. Park in the lot on your left. Congregation Beth David Take 101 to LOVR exit in SLO, go west 2.7 miles to church on right (may need to buzz secretary for parking lot access). Damon Garcia Sports Field Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road exit, east 0.4 miles to Higuera, left 0.2 miles to Tank Farm, right 1.5 miles to Broad, left 0.2 miles to the park on the left (across from Industrial Way). Emerson Park (SLO) Take 101 to Marsh Street, go east 0.2 miles to Beach, right 0.1 mile to park on left.

(10:00 AM) - King City Hillbillies (B-3/4). Starbucks (King City). Distances 30 to 50 miles. Destinations: Mountains to left of us, mountains to the right of us, or runs down the valley to San Ardo and other cultural attractions. Water and snacks are available at Starbucks. Led by Chuck Krause or Ralph Lee ( (10:00 AM) - Wanderers (B-3). Variable. The starting location will vary from week to week. The routes will be primarily outside of the north county area and different than the routes normally ridden by Ramblers and Scramblers. The terrain will be varied. As we are always looking for new routes, we are eager for your suggestions! Contact the ride leader to find out the starting location. Led by John Kaiser (

March 3 (9:00 AM) - Wandering with Will (B-3). Ride into the countryside averaging about 12 mph. We will often do favorite rides from our web site. No one lost from view or left behind. Lunch after for those who want to join in. When: First Saturday (Saturday after the club meeting) of each month (Rain Cancels) Contact Will Benedict (544-3504) for more information. Blossom Ride starting in Reedly (sign up at:

Food4Less (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. Go east 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.3 mile to Food4Less on your right. French Park (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. East 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 1.9 miles to Poinsettia St, right 0.4 miles to Fuller, left 0.1 mile to park (on the left). Graduate (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Rd exit. Go east to Higuera (0.3 miles), left to Tank Farm Rd (0.4 miles), right to Broad St (1.8 miles), left to Industrial Way (0.4 miles), right to the Graduate (0.4 miles) on the left. Hardie Park (Cayucos) Take 101 to Highway 1. Go west (through Morro Bay) 19 miles to Cayucos Drive. Go west 0.2 miles to Birch, right to park. Islay Park (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. East 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 2.8 miles to park (on right). Laguna Lake Park (SLO) Take 101 to Madonna exit in SLO. Going west, 0.7 miles to entrance to Laguna Lake Park on your right. Generally park in second lot to the left (near the bathrooms). Marriot Courtyard Hotel Take 101 (north or south) to the Spring St. exit, turn east onto 1st St, then south (left) onto So. Vine St. Entrance to the hotel parking lot is on your left; park along So. Vine St. Meadow Park (SLO) Take 101 to Madonna Rd exit in SLO. Go east 0.4 miles to Higuera, left 0.1 mile to South St, right 0.7 mile to Meadow Street, right 0.2 mile to lot on your right. (directions continued on page 8)

SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012


SLO COASTER Nazarene Church (BP) Corner of Santa Ysabel and South Bay Blvd in Los Osos. From 101, take Los Osos Valley Rd exit. Travel west for 9 miles to South Bay Blvd. Travel right about 1 mile to light, church is on your right. Santa Margarita Park Take 101 to highway 58 off ramp into Santa Margarita. Follow highway 58 through town and stay on it when it turns to the right. After crossing the tracks, you will find the park to your right. Sixteenth Street Park (GB) Going southbound on 101 to Pismo Beach, take Oak Park exit, left on El Camino Real for 0.3 miles, right on Oak Park for 1.1 miles, right on Mentone and then into park on left. Sotheby's Realty (Cambria) Take 101 to Highway 1 west, continue 34 miles to Cambria Rd, then turn left onto Main St. Continue 0.4 miles to Sotheby's Realty on the right (east of Main).

MARCH, 2012 Starbucks (King City) Take 101 north to King City. Take the Broadway off ramp and turn left under the 101 Freeway overpass on to Broadway Circle. Starbucks will be immediately on your left with ample parking. State Park Marina (MB) Take 101 to Highway 1. Go west 12 miles to the Los Osos/ Baywood Park exit. Left to 0.3 miles to State Park Rd. Right 1.7 miles to marina parking area on the left. Templeton Park Take 101 to the Vineyard exit in Templeton. Turn east for 0.2 miles to Old Country Road, turn left for 0.4 miles to 6th Street. Park is on your right. Throop Park (SLO) Take 101 to Highway 1. Go west 0.8 miles to Foothill Blvd, left 0.3 miles to Ferrini Rd, right 0.1 mile to Cerro Romauldo Ave, left 0.1 mile to park on right.

Cleaning the Roads The next road cleaning on Ontario Rd. will be Feb. 25th and meet at the Johnson Ranch parking area at the north end of Ontario Rd. at 8:30 a.m. There will be coffee, tea, and bagels for all. Questions, call Ken Price 805-489-9779. Rain cancels.

Call For Lighthouse Jersey Designs By Will Benedict, Clothing Coordinator

This is the second call for 2012 Lighthouse jersey design ideas. All concepts must be completed and received by April 1st. The concepts will be voted on at the Wildflower Volunteer Brunch. All ideas must be presented in the standard jersey format. For format specifications and assistance in putting your idea into the standard format, email me at


SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012


MARCH, 2012

Life's a Beach Save the date for the June potluck at The Pavilion on the Lake in Atascadero. The theme will be: Life's a Beach, so start working on the tans now! See you Thursday, June 7 at 6 p.m.

Kathleen McHugh, Director at Large

Heroes By Stu Goldenberg

On Wednesday, January 18, Charles Wright set out on a bicycle ride. His original intention was to ride with the SLO Pokes but he knew there were going to be some hills and for health reasons, he thought it best that he ride a leveler path. He headed out from Dinosaur Caves Park on his own for a flat ride similar to the Monday Flaming Tortoise ride through parts of Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande. Once a common occurrence in automobiles, but now unusual, is the common flat tire we all get on our bicycles. Charles was blessed with a flat tire. While he worked on fixing his tire, several cyclists passed and Charles indicated he was in control of the repair. Enter Martin Howell and Tom and Marti Roberts. They were out cycling and came upon Charles, now most of the way through inflating the new replacement inner tube when the stem snapped in half. It is not clear if there was a fight between Martin and Tom as to who was going to help Charles. Tom could sit on Martin and the fight would be over immediately. At any rate, they jumped in, Martin giving Charles another tube, and Tom pumping up the tire. Charles could hardly believe how quickly these two heros got him back on the road. Marti provided encouragement. She is always very upbeat. The four of them rode together back to Dinosaur Caves Park were Charles had parked his car. The others continued their ride toward home in San Luis Obispo. It was nice to have friends stop by and give a helping hand. It was a nice day for a bike ride.

SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012



MARCH, 2012

Advocate / Safety Report by Dave Abrecht & Ken price

You are involved in a collision on your bike. Now what? This month, we are joining forces to talk about an unpleasant, but necessary, topic. What do you do when you are involved in a collision on your bike? Accident data compiled by law enforcement, insurance companies, hospitals and rider surveys show that most bicycle collisions involve the cyclist striking something in the roadway or simply falling. In this situation, your welfare is first and foremost. If you are injured, hopefully you or a companion or a passerby can call for medical assistance. Few of these types of incidents result in a traffic collision report. However, if a road condition contributed to or caused your crash, a call to the Public Works Department for the jurisdiction where the crash took place may help to prevent future incidents. Let’s talk about what steps you should take if you do find yourself involved in a collision with a car.


Always wait for the police to respond to the scene so that an official report will be filed. Make sure you give the officer your version of the collision and report your injuries, if you are able to. Many cyclists feel that the police favor motorists so it is very important that your account of the incident be included in the report. You may have to be appropriately assertive here.


Identify persons who may have witnessed the collision, if you are able to, and ensure they give the police their account.


Make sure that you have accurate information about the driver(s): name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, vehicle information and insurance information. If you are seriously injured, you may have to rely on a companion or bystander to ensure this information is obtained.


If possible, keep mental notes of the incident and transfer that information to writing as soon as possible. Use your cell phone camera, if you are able, to photograph aspects of the scene.


Seek prompt medical treatment for your injuries. Document your injuries with photographs and keep a diary of your injuries and medical condition.


Preserve your evidence. Photograph damaged equipment and accessories.


Get professional advice. In some cases, it may be necessary to consult an attorney or other professional to obtain advice.

Finally, collisions can be prevented. When you ride your bike:


Follow the rules of road. Be visible. Be predictable. Be courteous toward other users of the roadway. Always carry some type of identification.

SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012


MARCH, 2012

January 27, 2012 Dear San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club Board of Directors and Members: On behalf of the Board and members of the SLO County Bicycle Coalition I thank you with every aspect of my cycling spirit. The absolutely extraordinary contribution the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club has chosen to make in 2012 connects directly to our ability to provide invaluable bike education, encouragement, and advocacy work throughout the county. With every passing year the collaborative relationship between the Club and Coalition becomes stronger, more sophisticated, and increasingly effective. As I said this fall, I cannot fathom having a better partner in promoting biking and walking. Our collective strength, sophistication, and effectiveness are all rooted in healthy communication and the smart use of resources. Each organization continues to reflect upon and improve internal policies through diligent planning and foresight. Your decision to establish a fund for capital improvements demonstrates impressive leadership. Meanwhile, our Board of Directors is steering the Bicycle Coalition through an incredible series of technology-based improvements that will drastically increase staff efficiency resulting in improved capacity on all fronts. As a team, our plans to utilize a portion of the Club contribution as a match for our annual campaign and to provide better records of the distribution of bike racks for the century rides are two great examples of how both organizations are constantly progressing. I cannot wait to witness what other innovations will be made in the years to come. Once again, thank you very much for your contribution of $30,000.00 and pledge to give an additional $10,000.00 as part of our annual campaign. The SLO County Bicycle Coalition is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation under the US Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. For your reference, our Federal Tax ID number is 75-3021545. Your investment in our organization is greatly appreciated and we thank you for continuing to transform our community into a safer community for biking and walking. Sincerely, Dan Rivoire, Executive Director San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition Tyler Wertenbruch, Board President San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition

WI LDFLOWER VOLUNTEER BRUNCH Sunday, April 29, 2012 from 10:30 a.m. To 2:00 p.m. THE MORRO BAY COMMUNITY CENTER 1001 Kennedy Way, Morro Bay, CA PLEASE NOTE: You are not automatically included in the brunch. You should have made the choice to attend the brunch when you signed up to volunteer. If you are unsure, please double check by logging into your private member area and hit the “Volunteer” tab. Under “Other Selections” check the box that says “will attend brunch” or leave the box unchecked if you can't attend. There is also room to add a guest. The cost for a guest to attend is $32.00. If you have RSVP'd and must cancel, please email no later than April 20, 2012 or the Club will be charged $32.00.

SLO Coaster Volume 44 Issue 3 - March, 2012



MARCH, 2012

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 1585 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

CALENDAR: ROAD CLEANUP February 25th, 8:30 A.M. BOARD MEETING February 28th, 5:00 P.M. GENERAL MEETING March 1st, 7:00 P.M. LH JERSEY DESIGN DEADLINE April 1st. WF RIDE April 28th, 7:00 A.M WF BRUNCH April 29th, 10:30 A.M. JUNE POTLUCK June 7th, 6:00 P.M.

The March meeting presentation will be the Heathcotes’ trip to the Czech Republic.

March 2012 SloCoaster  

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club monthly newsletter

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