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Volume 45, Issue #11, November 1, 2013

SLOCOASTER President’s Message By Robert Fuller Davis

When I used to work at Travis, I liked to go off base after my shift and ride the back roads around Vacaville and Fairfield. Sometimes I’d go out Cantelowe Road and shout “Hello” to the camels, or head up Pleasants Valley to smell the sweet sage. I rode part-way up Mix Canyon twice and all the way once. My favorite ride was Wooden Valley Road. I went out there one time after it had been raining for a few days and I was feeling antsy to ride. The sky had finally cleared, except for a dark patch way off to the northeast. I parked near Mankas Corner, put the bike together and headed west, feeling great to get the legs moving again. The road followed Suisun Creek up toward Lake Berryessa, back and forth across a wide flood plain littered with round boulders. Little farmhouses sat tucked away among groves of trees. The canyon narrowed and the road got steeper as it went through a little gorge until it opened into Wooden Valley, wide and round and covered with vineyards. By this time, that little patch of darkness I saw earlier had spread south and pretty much covered the sky. Cold wind gusts were kicking up leaves in the road. Big raindrops pattered down and suddenly it was as if someone opened a door and I was drenched. see President on page 2


Advocate’s Report By Dave Abrecht

Highway 1 Update Hopefully, this will be the last Highway 1 Update you’ll read. Caltrans has committed to fixing the road and shoulder surface of Highway 1 from Cambria to the SLO County line. The rough, large chip seal surface applied one year ago will be smoothed out with an asphalt slurry and sand mixture. This option was the one recommended by a group of local cyclists who road “test” segments on Highway 198 in King City last July. The remediation is expected to begin in mid-October and will be finished this fall. Our local elected officials who make up the SLOCOG Board deserve a tremendous amount credit for responding to cyclists’ concerns and holding Caltrans accountable for their mistake. Our own “Slabtown Rollers” riding group also deserves a big thank you for their continued and persistent efforts to keep this issue prominent in the minds of Caltrans officials.


Board of Directors President: .........................Robert Fuller Davis .................805.772.0874 Vice President: ...............................Ann Smith Treasurer: .................................Chris Broome 805.772.5900 Secretary: ............................Craig Armstrong Ride Coordinator: ......................Will Benedict ......805.544.3504 Membership Director: .................Mike Balster Advocate: ..................................Dave Abrecht .................805.801.9211 Historian: ..................................Martin Howell Newsletter Editor: ............................Tim Long Safety Director: ...............................Ken Price ......................805.489.9779 Director-at-Large: ...............Kathleen McHugh ...................805.528.6686 Past President: ............................Frank Mullin

SLO Coaster

The SLO Coaster is the monthly newsletter of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club. It is distributed to members, local bicycle shops and some bicycle organizations. Subscriptions are not available to nonmembers. All articles, letters, stories of bicycling experiences, appropriate classified ads, artwork etc, are welcome. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject material. Each article is the opinion of its author and does not necessarily represent the opinion or endorsement of the SLOBC or the editor. Submittal Guidelines All materials are due no later than 8:00 a.m. on the 15th of each month. Nothing will be accepted verbally. All materials should be emailed to Complete submittal guidelines are found on the club website. support/newsletter-guidelines.html

Contact Information

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 1585 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 Club Hotline Answering Machine: 805.543.5973 Website: Email: Members only site:

SLOBC Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday before the General Meeting (5:00 PM) odd numbered months. Location: Air Pollution Control District meeting room, 3433 Roberto Court (SLO). All Club members are welcome to attend Board meetings. General Membership Meeting: First Thursday (7:00 PM) Location: County Library, 995 Palm, downtown San Luis Obispo. Refreshments are served starting at 7:00 p.m., Meeting begins at 7:15 p.m. June and December meetings differ. The November meeting will be at Meadow Park in San Luis Obispo.

President...continued from page 1

The raindrops started making a rattling noise and shovelfuls of hailstones bounced off the ground all around me. They were the size of mothballs and mixed with the rain so it looked as if the road was awash with Gibson cocktails. I was headed back by now with ice water splashing up from the tires all over my feet. Lightning flashes added some excitement to the ride. Rolling thunder echoed off the canyon walls as I rode through an inch or so of ice water and hailstones. The intervals between lightning and thunder grew shorter and pretty soon they were simultaneous. I tried to decide whether I was less likely to be struck dead if I stopped and stood still or if I rode faster. The mental exercise was academic窶的 was riding as fast as I could to get out of there.

The storm passed before I got back to the car and my panic seemed silly in dry air and a clearing sky, but it was real enough at the time and I have never forgotten it. Be careful when you ride. Life is full of surprises.


SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

Lisa & Lou Conquer the 100 Lou Vetter and Lisa Cook

Lisa said “come-on it’ll be fun, you’ll like it”. Well, we rode together last year and it was fun ... sunny and bright all day up and down the coast.  This year there was a slight change in the forecast.  It only rained a little bit . . . all day long. The forecast for Saturday was for clouds giving way to sun with a high of 63 degrees.  Such was not the case. There was fifteen minutes of sunshine at the Donati Winery before more clouds rolled in and continued eastward blocking out the sun for what was to become eternity.             It all began at a little parking lot just South of Morro Bay High School on what was to be the Lighthouse Century Pre-ride.  Lisa Cook and I agreed to meet there at 6:30 am to begin a ride of one hundred miles.  Dang, that’s before breakfast, but we did meet and had some treats before we ventured out onto Hwy. 1 north bound.  For those who don’t know us, Lisa is the lady of the North County group

who rides a mountain bike loaded with front panniers, rear panniers, a handlebar bag and a rear pouch. Since it was not going to be hot she only carried four bottles of water.  Lisa is noted for riding a heavily loaded bicycle long distances.  Me, oh I’m that guy that keeps talking about my experiences from back in Ohio and wearing old club jerseys from my former club.        Anyway, we began our ride with a turn onto Hwy. 1 entrance ramp from Hwy. 41 near the beach and stopped soon so Lisa could put on a jacket.  The air was wet and that made it a little cold.  I on the other hand, was wearing my stealth jacket.  It's faded green and blends quite well with the foliage near the edges of the road where such foliage exists.  We began again and did not see any other riders until we were passed north of Cayucos by one lonely rider.  We caught up with him at the first rest stop on Hwy. 46.  On other days perhaps, this stop would have a view, but definitely not today.  We were happy to have coffee to warm up.   Thank you to those that planned ahead so that we might have what we needed for the ride ahead.          After we wore out our welcome, we headed onward and upward to the summit.  It was a little foggy all the way up but visibility was adequate to see a couple hundred feet ahead.  The road just kept going and going, onward, upward, with no end in sight.  Finally the green sign saying 1,756 feet


elevation came into view and we felt like we had conquered the world. According to the schedule, the next rest stop was due to close soon but we had another hour to go with two lesser up-hills to manage before Donati’s.  Again thanks to the volunteers who waited for us.  I drank coffee again and snacked on just about everything.  Then we departed west over Hwy. 46 back to the coast making sure our lights were on.          Glen Vanderlinde was driving the SAG vehicle for the 100 mile route and stopped to check on us near the summit.  He was interested in getting us to take a ride to the bottom but we were on a mission.  In the military it’s called a suicide mission.  We thanked Glen and proceeded down the slope and into the abyss.  This is where the ride got interesting. The fog had gotten thicker than pea soup and it lightly raining.  Lisa was wearing her bright yellow jacket but at thirty feet she disappeared completely, even with tail lights on.  Looking in my rearview mirror only reaffirmed the fact that visibility was about thirty to forty feet.  The cars that passed us did not honk their horns at us, which seemed pleasant at the time but now I think it was only because they did not see us.  I rode with my brakes applied all the time because every once in awhile I felt a cross breeze which made handling the bike seem a little edgy on the wet pavement  At times the road flattened out and I started pedaling until Lisa’s yellow jacket could be seen again and then it was back on the brakes.  Finally, down to about five hundred feet elevation the fog cleared and there she was a mere fifty feet in front of me doing fine. We rode on to the lunch stop in Cambria but only because it was scheduled to close soon.  Our original plan was to ride to the Cypress Tree, turn around and then stop at Shamel Park to get lunch on the way back.  But we were way too late for that to work.  After we ate the beautiful array of food, thanks again to the volunteers, we proceeded north to the turn around.   Lisa stopped and took pictures along the way.  We also stopped and viewed the scarecrows on Moonstone Drive before riding up to the Cypress Tree where Lisa took my picture just outside the “Port-a-Potty”. Unfortunately I had a paper problem that became evident in the photograph. We checked on our time and the clock was striking four o’clock. The ride was officially over and we knew it, but we didn’t care because we were having a great ride anyway.    see Lisa and Lou on page 4  


Minutes of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club General Meeting Meadow Park Building 2333 Meadow St, San Luis Obispo Thursday, October 3, 2013 7:10 PM Vice President Smith called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. Vice President Smith thanked Kathy Cohon, Sharon Chan, John Long, Ken Price, and Clem Michel for providing refreshments. The minutes for the September 5, 2013 meeting were approved (MSC: Havas/Porter). Vice President Smith noted that the club received a thank you from the Morro Bay 4th of July Bike Ride for the club’s contribution. Chris Broome reported that year-to-date contributions were $52,000 and that club assets totaled $202,000. Chris reminded members about the budget committee meeting scheduled for October 10th. Ken Price reviewed a number of safety issues and reminded members to move off the road when stopping on the road side. Dave Abrecht reported that Caltrans has committed to fixing the Highway 1 chip seal problem by fall of this year. Will Benedict and David Cox presented an overview of the updated club web site that will go live in November. Will and David reviewed a number of changes and enhancements to the site and asked members to provide feedback that can be used to further improve the site. Vice President Smith noted that the November general meeting will also be held at Meadow Park. The December meeting will be a potluck dinner at the Elks Lodge in San Luis Obispo. David Cox presented a slideshow covering the Bike and Barge tour he took in Holland. The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:40 PM.

Lisa and Lou from page 3

We rode south and we found more wet air. In fact, it seemed to follow us most the day. As we went through Cambria for the second time the “micro-climates” of the central coast became evident. Just as we headed down the big hill south of town we were pelted with real rain. It wasn’t just wet air this time. There were big drops of rain the stung when they hit. I tilted my helmet forward to help shield my eyes from the droplets and worried about what the traffic saw. Could drivers see us riding in the bike lane? Did they even care? Soon the rain became just wet air again and we continued on. We seemed to have a tailwind and cruised along nicely through Cayucos and got back on Hwy. 1. We had gained at least fifteen minutes from our estimated time of arrival so we stopped in Morro Bay near the Cloisters so Lisa could call Drew to let him know we would be arriving a little earlier than planned, but he didn't answer his phone. As we approached the end, Lisa noticed her computer indicated we had not ridden far enough so we kept going south. Then we


exited at Main Street and rode on the bike path. As we neared our turn around point some ladies riding in front of us slowed us down. Lisa was keeping track of our average speed and we had finally managed to get up to ten miles per hour. We didn’t want to lose that because double digits are important. Plus we did not want to go over 100.0 miles. We turned around, sped up, went through the high school parking lot and returned to our automobiles. We made it. However; there was one thing, we were early. It was only 7:15 p.m. and Lisa told Drew to meet us at 7:30. Oh well, he showed up a little while later and had a hot coffee for Lisa. We had done it. We rode the whole century and it only took twelve hours. Accordingly, we must have spent two hours off the bikes at rest stops and taking pictures as that would balance with our ten mile per hour average for the day. By the way, what's the point of riding 100 miles if you're not going to stop and enjoy the scenery and the company of our wonderful volunteers.

SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

Heroes By Stu Goldenberg

The following is a collection of pieces of a few emails sent to Frank Mullin and forwarded to the Tortoises. The heroes of the days were Norman Mayer and Bob Tuman, ride leaders for the two rides of issue, along with the other Tortoises on those rides this last September. Point of information: Janie and I were out of town at the time. The emails are from Jennifer (AKA Ngai Ying Na) of Hong Kong. They will be presented in chronological order. We were told that Jennifer is in her early twenties. August 27 Hello, My name is Jennifer. I am visiting San Luis Obispo for my aunt and uncle who live here. I really like this city and I want to explore more about it during my time here. I am from Hong Kong. I just came across SLOBC website and discovered about the Tortoises ride on coming Friday morning. I am not professional in biking but I do like to bike around by myself and I used to bike as my main transportation tool when I was living abroad. Since I am here, I bike to shopping and to Laguna Lake. I really enjoy it so much. And I would love to meet more people in this lovely city. I just wonder if I can join the ride on Friday. It will be one of my most memorable experiences in SLO! Best wishes, Jennifer Frank's response on the same day. You bet, Jennifer. We love to have visitors on our rides. Jennifer's response on August 29. Hi Frank, That's great! I look forward to it-!! Will we bike on highway? And any required outfit? Best, Jennifer The following email was received on September 15. Dear Frank, Thank you so much for allowing me to join the Tortoises with the Bike Club. It was absolutely one of the best experiences I have had in SLO. I met interesting and inspiring people in the group and they were all very nice to me. And I am so happy that I could complete every bike challenge even I am not a frequent biker! Now that I am back in Hong Kong, missing the time we bike along side the highway to Avila Beach and uphill in Morro Bay. But sweet memories will stay with me and I will continue to motivate myself with the positive energy I learnt from the group! Take care, Jennifer


RIDES SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

SLOBC members gathered in Carpenteria with our leaders, John and Rosemary MacKeen, to enjoy two days of riding around Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Ojai. And, of course, doing what we do best .... loitering and food stops.


RIDES SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

Ride Coordinator Report Will Benedict, SLOBC Ride Coordinator

Mapping Routes The new SLOBC.ORG website should be up and running by the time you receive this newsletter. You will see under Rides > Ride Routes that many routes have been remapped using RideWithGPS. They have been categorized by general location within two groups: Favorite Rides (Harder & Longer) and Favorite Rides (Easier & Shorter). The goal of these rides is to identify routes that we enjoy and would recommend to visiting riders. They are routes that show off the beautiful environment of the central coast. The routes that have been mapped are not intended to be definitive or complete. I welcome any suggestions for additions or deletions or route modifications. It is a list that will evolve over time with your input. A second category of routes is those that groups use for their weekly rides. You can see an example of these on our new site at Rides > Ride Information > Baywood/Los Osos where some Typical Routes used by this group are listed. For groups with fixed starting locations this list may include only a few routes but for groups that start at changing locations we could develop a linked page of their favorite routes like the SLOPoke routes that existed on the old site. The goal would be to provide new people a sense of what they might expect and a source of route sheets. To map these routes I need information from each group. For groups with fixed start locations I need a turn-by-turn description of you typical routes and a suggested route name. If you use routes that are currently part of the SLOPokes rides, I need to know which ones to map for your group and if there are any modifications needed. This is an opportunity to examine the rides we take throughout the central coast. As I have mapped the rides my memory of them has returned along with my desire to ride them again. I also realized that some routes would benefit from modification to reflect changes in road conditions, traffic and development. It is an opportunity to make our rides safer and more enjoyable.

Sample Templeton route map from the Scramblers

I have created a group within named SLOBC.ORG to store our routes. Members can volunteer to join the team that maps and updates these routes that will be used on our website. To become a member of the team you must have an account at RideWithGPS. If you are interested in helping with this task, please send me an email.


RIDES SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

Ride Details Ride Program Information Go to the club website and click on the Ride Program tab to access the Ride Calendar, Ride Information, Ride Safety, Ride Ratings and Ride Organization web pages for the most current ride information.

Submit ride information and updates to both Will Benedict and Frank Mullin to ensure the Ride Calendar is accurate and current.

Safe Riding All cyclists taking part in club rides are expected to model Safe Cycling Best Practices as described on the club’s



Arroyo Grande (9:00 AM, C2)

Vacillators (9:00 AM, B2)

Start: Café Andreini, Arroyo Grande Coordinator: Craig Armstrong Phone: 619-7023

Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos Destination: South Coordinator: Marina Michel Phone: 528-1732

Baywood/Los Osos

website at Ride Safety under Ride Program.

Ride Start Maps A Google Map of each ride start can be accessed by clicking the start name in the Ride Calendar on the SLOBC website. Entering the start name into Google Maps will find the start location.

Date: November 27

Start: Heritage Square Park, AG Destination: Avila Leader: Frank Mullin Contact: 602-2058

Templeton Breakers (9:00 AM, C4) Start: Templeton Park, Templeton Coordinator: George DiMundo Email:

Start Time: 8:30 AM (B2) Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos Destination: Cayucos Coordinator: Will Benedict Phone: 544-3504

Wednesday Coordinator: Russ Robinson Phone: 781-0903

Templeton Scramblers (9:00 AM, B2)

Start Time: 8:50 AM (A1) Start: Art Deco Warehouse, Morro Bay Destination: Cayucos Coordinator: Jack Robison Phone: 215-2078

Date: November 6

Start: Templeton Park, Templeton Coordinators: Patti & Bill VanOrden Email:

Monday Atascadero Breakers (9:00 AM, C4)

Flyers (9:00 AM, D3)

Start: Bob Jones Trail Head, Ontario Road Leader: Steve Vines Phone: 202-8114

Trikers (9:00 AM, A2)

Date: November 13

Start: Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo Leader: Norm Smith Phone: 914-388-7198

Dates: November 6 & 20 Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo Coordinator: Dorothy Curhan Phone: 542-0334

Date: November 20

SLO Pokes (9:00 AM, A2)

Start: Charles Paddock Zoo, Atascadero Coordinator: Kevin Matherly Email:

Start: Damon Garcia Sports Field, SLO Leader: Bill Buckalew Phone: 543-9940

Coordinator: Sharon Sutliff Phone: 544-4034

Atascadero Scramblers (9:00 AM, B3)

Date: November 27

Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo Leader: Russ Robinson Phone: 781-0903

Start: Heritage Square Park, AG Ride: Le Tour de Huasna, 20-25 mi. Leader: Bob Briscoe Phone: 489-5621

Frequent Feeders (9:00 AM, B2)

Date: November 13

Start: Charles Paddock Zoo, Atascadero Coordinators: Glenn & Gail Vanderlinde Email:

Breakaways (9:00 AM, D3) Start: Damon Garcia Sports Fields, SLO Coordinator: Russ Robinson Phone: 781-0903

Flaming Tortoises (9:00 AM, A2) Start: Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach Coordinator: Julie Jarvis Phone: 773-1567

Yellow Jackets (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Ben's House, San Luis Obispo Destination: Grover Beach or Los Osos Coordinator: Ben Patrick Phone: 543-2803


Submitting Ride Information

Coordinator: Frank Mullin Phone: 602-2058

Date: November 6

Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: TBA Leader: Chuck Wheeler Contact: 541-1240

Date: November 13

Start: Heritage Square Park, AG Destination: Trilogy Leader: Sandy Pitt Contact: 484-0138

Date: November 20

Start: Islay Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: AG Village, 30 miles Leader: Dale Sutliff Contact: 544-4034

Date: November 6

Start: Heritage Square Park, AG Ride: Nipomo and Willow Deli Leader: Peggy Coon Phone: 904-6050, cell 818-259-8960

Date: November 20

Start: Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: Honeymoon Café, PB Leader: Val Barboza Phone: 264-5901

Date: November 27

Start: Hardie Park, Cayucos Ride: Linn's, Cambria, 29 mi. Leader: Hans & Patricia Boerst Phone: 534-9660

RIDES SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

Ride Rating Code

Average Speed



Less than 10 MPH 9 to 12 MPH 12 to 15 MPH 14 to 17 MPH Over 16 MPH

1 2 3 4 5

Thursday Vacillators (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos Destination: North, Cayucos Coordinator: Will Benedict Phone: 544-3504

Baywood/Los Osos (8:50 AM, A1) Start: Art Deco Warehouse, Morro Bay Destination: Cayucos Coordinator: Jack Robison Phone: 215-2078

Friday Tortoises (9:00 AM, A1) Coordinators: Stu & Janie Goldenberg Phone: 544-4720

Date: November 1

Start: Strother Park, Arroyo Grande Destination: Branch Street Deli Leader: Gini Stedman Phone: 473-8287

Date: November 8

Start: Lila Keiser, Morro Bay Destination: Cayucos Leader: Cil Boughton Phone: 544-4844

Date: November 15

Start: Sherwood Park, Paso Robles Destination: Sculpterra Winery Leaders: Bob Tuman & Bob Behnke Phone: 545-5976 & 239-4042

Date: November 22

Start: Sinsheimer Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: Starbucks Note: No Jennifer Street Bridge or Tank Farm Leaders: Randel & Christine Husk Phone: 545-5989

Date: November 29

Start: Meadow Park, San Luis Obispo Ride: Around Cal Poly Leader: Mindy Nissen Phone: 549-0711


Paso Robles Breakers (9:00 AM, C4) Start: Marriott Courtyard Hotel, PR Coordinator: Earl Norcross Email:

Paso Robles Scramblers (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Marriott Courtyard Hotel, PR Coordinator: Jean McBride Email:

Yellow Jackets (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Ben's House, San Luis Obispo Destination: Avila Beach Coordinator: Ben Patrick Phone: 543-2803

Saturday Huasna Valley (9:00 AM, C2) Start: Sixteenth Street Park, GB Destination: Huasna Coordinator: Long Nguyen Phone: 481-1688 (Call if joining)

King City Hillbillies (9:00 AM, B3/4) Start: Starbucks, King City Coordinator: Ralph Lee Email:

Slabtown Rollers (8:00 AM, C4) Start: Sotheby's Realty, Cambria Coordinator: Tom Parsons Phone: 927-5514

SLO Velo (9:00 AM, C3/4) Start: Variable on first Saturday Start: Starbucks/Trader Joe's, SLO Coordinator: Ron Starkey Email: Website:

Wandering With Will (9:00 AM, B2/3) Date: November 9 Start: Marriott Courtyard Hotel, PR Route: Justin Winery (Adelaida) or Justin Winery (Peachy Canyon) Notes: Bring Snacks, Lunch After Coordinator: Will Benedict Phone: 544-3504 Email:

Terrain Generally flat Easy grades, occasional hills Rolling hills Hard hills Very challenging hills

RIDES SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013


Directions to Starting Locations Art Deco Warehouse Take Hwy. 1 to Morro Bay and take the Hwy.41/ Atascadero Rd. Exit. Turn right and make an immediate right onto Main St. Location is .2 mi. on the left. Atascadero Zoo Take 101 north from San Luis Obispo to Atascadero, take the Santa Rosa exit (218A), turn left on to Santa Rosa Rd for 1.4 miles, turn right on Highway 41, continue 0.2 miles to zoo on right. Ben's House (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. Go east 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 1.9 miles to Poinsettia St, right 0.1 mile to Alyssum Court, left one house -- Ben's house is first on left. Bob Jones Trail Head Take 101 toward the five cities. Exit at San Luis Bay drive. Go left on Ontario for 0.8 miles. Park in the lot on your left. Cafe Andreini (AG) Take 101 to Arroyo Grande, exit Grand exit, left 0.3 miles to Andreini's on left. Park in lot to the right. Damon Garcia Sports Field Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road exit, east 0.4 miles to Higuera, left 0.2 miles to Tank Farm, right 1.5 miles to Broad, left 0.2 miles to the park on the left (across from Industrial Way). Dinosaur Caves Park (SB) Take 101 south to Spyglass Drive off ramp, go right to light, left on Shell Beach Road 1.4 miles to Cliff Avenue, right 0.1 mile to park on left. French Park (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. East 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 1.9 miles to Poinsettia St, right 0.4 miles to Fuller, left 0.1 mile to park (on the left). Hardie Park (Cayucos) Take 101 to Highway 1. Go west (through Morro Bay) 19 miles to Cayucos Drive. Go west 0.2 miles to Birch, right to park." Heritage Square Park (AG) Take 101 to Grand exit in Arroyo Grande. Turn east 0.2 miles to Traffic Way, right 0.2 miles to Nelson St, left 0.1 miles to Short Street. Park on street. Islay Park (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. East 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 2.8 miles to park (on right). Laguna Lake Park (SLO) Take 101 to Madonna exit in SLO. Going west, 0.7 miles to entrance to Laguna Lake Park on your right. Generally park in second lot to the left (near the bathrooms). Lila Keiser Park (MB) Go north/west on highway 1 from 101 to Morro Bay. Take highway 41 off ramp and turn left. Go 0.1 mile and turn left into the park.

Marriot Courtyard Hotel Take 101 (north or south) to the Spring St. exit, turn east onto 1st St, then south (left) onto So. Vine St. Entrance to the hotel parking lot is on your left; park along So. Vine St. Meadow Park (SLO) Take 101 to Madonna Rd exit in SLO. Go east 0.4 miles to Higuera, left 0.1 mile to South St, right 0.7 mile to Meadow Street, right 0.2 mile to lot on your right. Nazarene Church (BP) Corner of Santa Ysabel and South Bay Blvd. in Los Osos. From 101, take Los Osos Valley Rd exit. Travel west for 9 miles to South Bay Blvd. Travel right about 1 mile to light, church is on your right. Sherwood Park (PR) Take 101 to Spring Street exit in Paso Robes, right 1.8 miles on Niblick Road to Creston Road, right 0.5 miles to park on left. Sinsheimer Park (SLO) Take 101 to Madonna exit. Travel east 0.2 miles to Higuera, left 0.1 mile to South Street, right 0.8 mile to Broad Street right 0.7 miles to Orcutt Road, left 0.4 miles to Laurel Lane, left 0.3 miles to Southwood Drive, left 0.2 miles to park. Sixteenth Street Park (GB) Going southbound on 101 to Pismo Beach, take Oak Park exit, left on El Camino Real for 0.3 miles, right on Oak Park for 1.1 miles, right on Mentone and then into park on left. Sotheby's Realty (Cambria) Take 101 to Highway 1 west, continue 34 miles to Cambria Rd, then turn left onto Main St. Continue 0.4 miles to Sotheby's Realty on the right (east of Main). Starbucks (King City) Take 101 north to King City. Take the Broadway off ramp and turn left under the 101 Freeway overpass on to Broadway Circle. Starbucks will be immediately on your left with ample parking. Starbucks/ Trader Joe’s San Luis Obispo Take Hwy. 101 to the Los Osos Valley Road exit. Take Los Osos Valley Road east to Higuera St. Turn Left, passing Suburban Rd. The entrance to the Trader Joe’s /Foods 4 Less center is on the right. Strother Park (AG) Take 101 to AG, exit on Grand Ave, left 1 mile through through town to Huasna Rd, right 0.7 miles to the park on the right. Templeton Park Take 101 to the Vineyard exit in Templeton. Turn east for 0.2 miles to Old Country Road, turn left for 0.4 miles to 6th Street. Park is on your right.

SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

SLOBC December Potluck Family Holiday Traditions, Thursday, Dec. 5, 5:30 p.m. The December SLO Bike Club potluck will be Thursday, December 5 at the The San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge @ 222 Elks Lane. Socializing begins at 5:30 with dinner at 6 p.m.  The theme this year is 'Family Holiday Traditions',  So this year, decorate your table with your favorite holiday items and plan to bring a traditional family recipe to share. As always, please bring a table cloth or place mats for your table, bring your own place setting (including plate, bowl, dessert plate, glass, coffee cup, silverware, napkin).  Kathy Cohon will bring coffee and tea as usual-how about we bring cups and reduce the trash? Alcohol can be purchased at the bar. There will be a $4 corkage fee if you bring your own wine. WINE ONLY, PLEASE! Bring your holiday spirit and a dish according to your last name: A-G -Dessert  H-N -Main Dish  O-S- Salad, Side Dish, Soup, Stew, or Chili  T-Z-Salad, Side Dish, Soup, Stew, or Chili Remember: Please try to include a list of the ingredients in your dish (or the recipe) and place it on the table near your dish. This really helps people who have any dietary restrictions, such as allergies with gluten, peanuts, dairy, shell fish, lactose intolerance and vegetarians. It is sometimes impossible to tell if any of these ingredients are in a dish just by looking at it. Plus we can share recipes! Finally, we are planning a cookie exchange for the potluck. If you would like to participate, bring one dozen (12) of your favorite homemake cookies and the recipe and we will exchange at our tables.  So, plan on an evening of family traditions, great food, and excellent company on Thursday, December 5, 2013.   Questions? Call or email Kathleen McHugh 805 528 6686 or See you there!


SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

Ontario Road Clean-up Effort

Photos by Dave Abrecht

I want to thank everyone for a great job of cleaning the trash, sweeping the borders, cutting the brush and just making our one mile section of road look just great. Ontario road has never looked better. Our crew: Kathleen McHugh, Ernest Cole, Heulan and Eva Brown, Larry and Judy Rutter, Mike Balster, Chuck Wheeler, Pam Zirion, Dale and Sharon Sutliff, Bruce and Ann Smith, Martin Howell, Kathy Cohon, Mark Turner, Brad Opstad, Sandy Pitt, Darrell Voth, Bill Martin, Dave Abrecht, Clem Michel, Kenneth Price, Bob Young, and Howard Dolinsky. I hope that I did not miss anyone. We had bagels and cream cheese as well as plenty of coffee to give us that extra boost of energy to keep us going. I can say without a doubt that we have an awesome club. Ken Price, Safety Director


SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

The Evolution of the Aerodynamic Helmet by Stu Goldenberg

While on vacation, we rode our tandem on a number of bicycle trails within some of the larger communities of New Mexico and Arizona. The trails were very nice. Even the trail with a packed dirt surface was very pleasant to ride. Some of the trails crossed busy roads, and the communities have accommodated cyclists by providing traffic signal lights which are to be activated by cyclists when they push a button. Typically the buttons would be easy to access on a single bicycle, a little harder on a tricycle, and require some effort on a tandem, such as having the stoker dismount and push the magic button and then run and jump on her saddle (much like the cowboys of old time westerns) in order to cross in the allocated time. Here is a proposal for a tool to make button pushing a lot simpler, especially on a tandem. The stoker could squeeze the trigger, extending the button pushing finger, activating the traffic signal, and all would be accomplished without dismounting the bike.

Membership Calling all bicycling enthusiasts. It is time to renew or join SLOBC for the 2014 calendar year. What will you get for your $15 membership you ask? How about access to our many weekly rides, 10-15% off items at local bike shops, the “SLO Coaster” newsletter and our annual directory, and you contribute to an organization that actively promotes safe cycling in our area. What could be better? If you prefer the family membership, it is a super deal. For only $22, your whole family can ride with the club. Note: No change in dues for this calendar year so we will hold the dues to Single member $15, family (2 or more) $22. To lock in this rate, we will allow you to renew or join for multiple years. Renewing Members: log on at http:// and click on the Membership tab and then click on Renew. You can use PayPal, or send a check and the membership director will take care of the rest. Your membership cards will be available at club meetings or they can be mailed to you.

New Members: Go to http:// and follow the instructions on the form. Print the form, sign the waiver on the second page, and mail the form with your check to the address below.

Mike Balster 248 Jupiter Dr., Nipomo, CA 93444 Phone: 805-474-4251 Email: or Thanks,

Mike Balster, Membership Director


SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

To: Lighthouse Volunteers Subject: 2013 Lighthouse Ride


Frank, We have not met but I wanted to thank you and your tremendous volunteers for a job well done! I completed my fourth Lighthouse ride and each time I am amazed at the variety of food and drinks as the Lighthouse is getting a reputation for gourmet food and excellent support. In fact I had a chain break climbing up the canyon (87 mile ride) and it wasn’t five minutes until a van pulled over and helped repair the chain and get me going. The SAG mechanic was an older gentleman with a long white beard, and he was extremely helpful and said the service was part of the ride and if you know who the person is, I would like to thank him. I plan on doing next year’s ride and please pass along that their efforts are very much appreciated!   Geoff Shelden

My husband and I came back this year to participate in the ride. Again your club does nothing to disappoint.  The organization, support, food, routes and scenery all add up to one of the best rides in the state if not the country.  I am continually impressed by the support of  club members who help to put this event on and come back year after year to do it again.  Many many thanks for  a great ride!   Frances Wolfson-Yuschak Huntington Beach, CA

At press time there were still opportunities to volunteer for the 2014 Wildflower Century. Check the club website for the current openings and to sign up.


SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

2013 SLOBC Ballot Preview

Voting for the 2014 board and the amendment to the bylaws will take place during the month of November. Voting this year will be accomplished by going to the Vote tab at the member site You can review the ballot now but cannot yet vote. Voting will open November 1. Those who would rather vote using a paper ballot can request one by contacting Frank Mullin in writing prior to November 1, 2013 (, or 728 Panorama Drive, Pismo Beach, CA 93449). Be sure to provide the name(s) of each member for whom ballots are requested. You must sign the envelope used to mail in your paper ballots. Those in unsigned envelopes will not be counted. Position




Will Benedict

Robert Davis


Ann Smith

Ann Smith


Chris Broome

Chris Broome


Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong

Membership Coordinator

Michael Balster

Michael Balster

Ride Coordinator

Brad T. Opstad

Will Benedict

Newsletter Editor

Monica Robinson

Tim Long


Dave Abrecht

Dave Abrecht


Martin Howell

Martin Howell

Safety Coordinator

Ken Price

Ken Price

Director at Large

Kathleen McHugh

Kathleen McHugh

Public Relations Coordinator

Donald Thomas

Amendment to the Bylaws Public Relations Coordinator Purpose: Add a position to the board who will act as Public Relations Coordinator for the club. Duties would include such things as promoting the bike club to the general public, reaching out to attract new members and representing the club wherever appropriate. Proposal: Make the following amendments to the club bylaws. II. B The affairs of the corporation shall be conducted by a Board of Directors (Board) which shall consist of twelve (12) thirteen (13)voting members, eleven twelve of whom shall be elected by the members of the corporation. They shall be: President; Immediate Past President (not an elected position); Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary, (the Officers); Membership Coordinator; Ride Coordinator; Newsletter Editor; Advocate; Historian, Safety Director, Public Relations Coordinator, and Director-At-Large. IV-H. PUBLIC RELATIONS COORDINATOR shall manage activities and initiatives to promote the club to the community and to attract new members.

I approve amendment





SLOCOASTER November 1, 2013

SanLuisObispoBicycleClub, Inc. P.O. Box 1585 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Presorted Standard US Postage Paid PRP Companies 93401

CALENDAR: BOARD MEETING November 5th, 5:00 P.M. GENERAL MEETING @ Meadow Park November 7th, 7:15 P.M.


(The November general meeting will be held at Meadow Park.)

"At the next right, we go left." Join in the continuing adventures of Robin and Kyle in the Tour de Donut Squared, in which we fight off bear attacks, repel zombie cowboys, endure their pagan festivals, and ponder the eternal question: If you've seen one sagebrush, have you seen them all?   The November SLOBC presentation thinly masquerades as Robin Dery and Kyle Milliken's 2013 bike tour from Missoula MT to Palisade CO, covering 1,000 miles of the nicest asphalt never produced by the Wyoming DOT.

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