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Volume 45, Issue #6, June 1, 2013

SLOCOASTER sure, one of my biggest fears is that one of you guys will swerve out in front of me and I’ll hit you.” And he said, “I thought for a minute that you were mad at me.” And I said, “No, I just wanted to thank you.” I saw him again as I rode through the cemetery, parking his car and getting out to walk his dog. I stopped and said, “One of our club members is buried here. He was a Flying Tiger in the war.” The man said, “My wife’s buried here. She died two years ago. “I was with the 101st, at Normandy,” he said. “I was a Pathfinder, what they call Special Ops now,” and I saw that he had an American flag pin on his lapel. He said, “There’s not many of us left now. I saw the other day that a friend of mine died. He flew the Liberator. “You know,” he said, “I used to ride a bike too, but I had a stroke a couple of years ago and I don’t do much now.” I told him I was pleased to make his By Robert Fuller Davis acquaintance and thanked him again for The Pathfinder warning me earlier with his horn. I looked up the Pathfinders. I heard a horn blow behind me as They jumped into Normandy behind German I climbed the hill on Ocean Boulevard in lines at 12:15 a.m. on June 6th to find and mark Cayucos. I pulled over as far to the right as I drop zones for the rest of the Airborne. The first could get and a car passed, close enough that it person to land on the continent of Europe during scared me and made my angry. Remembering the invasion was Captain Frank Lillyman of the Joe Peel’s advice, I waved and shouted and 101st Airborne Division, a Pathfinder. smiled, showing my teeth, because, at a I don’t think that was Captain distance, they can’t tell a grin from a grimace. Lillyman whoorhonked I didn’t think to ask The driver waved back. Robert Davis, on the lookout for bears; bears on at theme. lookout for R.D.. his name before I left him there in the cemetery I pedaled hard and caught him at with his dog and his memories. I just shook his the stop sign at the intersection with Old Creek hand and thanked him for fighting for America Road. I thought of one of George Bush’s four and for winning the war. rules for excellence in Congress, “Persuade, Think of this when you ride. If don’t intimidate.” I thanked the driver for letting you treat people with care and respect, you will me know that he was behind me so that I could likely be repaid in kind. pull over and give him room. He said, “Oh,

President’s Message



Board of Directors President: .........................Robert Fuller Davis .................805.772.0874 Vice President: ...............................Ann Smith Treasurer: .................................Chris Broome 805.772.5900 Secretary: ............................Craig Armstrong Ride Coordinator: ......................Will Benedict ......805.544.3504 Membership Director: .................Mike Balster Advocate: ..................................Dave Abrecht .................805.801.9211 Historian: ..................................Martin Howell Newsletter Editor: ............................Tim Long Safety Director: ...............................Ken Price ......................805.489.9779

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Director-at-Large: ...............Kathleen McHugh ...................805.528.6686 Past President: ............................Frank Mullin

Contact Information

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, Inc. P.O. Box 1585 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 Club Hotline Answering Machine: 805.543.5973 Website: Email: Members only site:

SLOBC Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday before the General Meeting (5:00 PM) odd numbered months. Location: Air Pollution Control District meeting room, 3433 Roberto Court (SLO). All Club members are welcome to attend Board meetings. General Membership Meeting: First Thursday (7:00 PM) Location: County Library, 995 Palm, downtown San Luis Obispo. Refreshments are served starting at 7:00 p.m., Meeting begins at 7:15 p.m. June and December meetings differ.


SLO Coaster

The SLO Coaster is the monthly newsletter of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club. It is distributed to members, local bicycle shops and some bicycle organizations. Subscriptions are not available to nonmembers. All articles, letters, stories of bicycling experiences, appropriate classified ads, artwork etc, are welcome. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject material. Each article is the opinion of its author and does not necessarily represent the opinion or endorsement of the SLOBC or the editor. Submittal Guidelines All materials are due no later than 8:00 a.m. on the 15th of each month. Nothing will be accepted verbally. All materials should be emailed to Complete submittal guidelines are found on the club website. support/newsletter-guidelines.html


Minutes of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club Board Meeting Air Pollution Control District Auditorium 3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo CA Tuesday, April 30, 2013 5 PM Board members present: Robert Fuller Davis, Craig Armstrong, Mike Balster, Will Benedict, Martin Howell, Tim Long, Kathleen McHugh, Ken Price, and Ann Smith. A quorum being present, the meeting was convened. Visitors included Gary Havas, Charlie Kleeman, Jean Boenish, and Andy Mutziger. No one reported a conflict of interest with any agenda item. Mr. Kleeman and Mr. Mutziger advised the board regarding various issues in the draft environmental impact report on a proposed quarry in the Santa Margarita area. A major concern is increased exposure to cyclists using the same roads as a large number of trucks. It was noted that the draft report did not state the impacts of the quarry on cyclists or what would be done to mitigate those impacts. Both gentlemen and Ms. Boenish left the meeting following their presentation. The minutes of the March 5, 2013 meeting were approved (MSC:Long/Benedict). President Davis noted that the club had received an invitation to participate in the Morro Bay Eco Faire. Kathleen McHugh volunteered to represent the club at the event. The board discussed the various actions the club could take to support efforts to address the relevant issues in the EIR for the proposed quarry in Santa Margarita. President Davis will write a letter stating the club’s concerns on the impact of the quarry and proposed ways to mitigate those impacts. He will also make an announcement at the May general meeting advising members of the situation and of the steps the members can take to show their support for requiring revisions to the EIR. The board then considered several recommendations made by the financial management strategic planning team and took the following actions: 1.Approved keeping club dues at the current level rather than increasing them to cover 100% of administrative overhead expenses (MSC:Howell/Price). 2. Adopted December 31, 2016 as the phase out date for providing printed copies of club newsletters and directories (MSC:Benedict/Long). 3. Adopted the following policy regarding the allocation of budgeted century ride revenues beginning for fiscal year 2014 (MSC: Davis/Long):

Projected Wildflower and Lighthouse ride revenues shall be allocated 60% to cover ride expenses and 40% to fund club operations and contributions. 4. Declined to revise current procedures for budgeting contributions and additions to reserve accounts. 5. Adopted the following policy regarding the maintenance of an operating reserve (MSC:Davis/ Smith). The purpose of the reserve is ensure sufficient funds are available to cover ride and club expenses in the event a century ride has to be cancelled on very short notice. The club will maintain an operating reserve equal to the average gross revenues for the prior year’s Wildflower and Lighthouse rides, rounded to the nearest thousand. The board reviewed and approved a proposed bike safety plan that provides for increased emphasis on ride leader training (MSC:Davis/Smith). It was recommended that all board members attend the proposed safety classes which are tentatively scheduled to begin in October. Will Benedict outlined a tentative plan for putting together a team for reconstructing and maintaining the public portion of the club’s website (the plan does not cover the members only portion of the site). The goal is to increase the resources available for maintaining the site and upgrade the underlying software to facilitate subsequent modifications to the site. Board members discussed several ideas for increasing the types of information that could be retained on the site for access by all club members. President Davis reported that he will be out of town in June and that Vice President Smith will run the June general meeting. Ms. Smith will be presenting two contributions from the club to the Atascadero School Board at its upcoming meeting. Gary Havas volunteered to attend the Shandon High School graduation as the SLOBC representative. President Davis noted that Frank Mullin will convene the Nominating Committee in June. Mr. Davis indicated that he would not be running for re-election as President. The board discussed a recent email from a North County resident regarding potentially unsafe situations on the Wildflower ride. President Davis noted that he had responded to the email and indicated that in the event that the club gets a response to his email, it may be worthwhile for Gary Havas to personally meet with the resident. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:00 PM. Craig Armstrong, Secretary



Minutes of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club General Meeting San Luis Obispo Library Community Room 995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo CA Thursday, May 2, 2013 7:15 PM President Davis called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM. Tom Parsons thanked the club for its recent donation to the fund for fixing Highway 1. Kathleen McHugh reminded the attendees about the upcoming June potluck. Clipboards were passed for volunteers to help at the Los Osos farmers market, the Eco Fair in June, the Bike Month breakfast, and to provide refreshments for future meetings.

Ken Price stated that he has been working with various local agencies regarding road hazards that need to be corrected. He noted that the board approved a training program for ride leaders. Will Benedict advised members that design proposals for a new club jacket and vest are due by August 1 and that Wildflower jersey designs are due by September 1.

President Davis noted that the Tour of California is looking for volunteers for the tour stage ending in Avila.

President Davis reported on the status of the Highway 1 chip seal issue. The UC Davis team has invited cyclists to participate in testing various road surfaces on Highway 198. The current consensus is that Highway 1 is safe to ride on, so the Lighthouse routes will be the same as last year. Mr. Davis noted that the EIR for a proposed quarry in the Santa Margarita area does not identify project impacts affecting cyclists and does not identify possible ways to mitigate those impacts. Members were urged to contact local government officials and advise them as to cyclist’s concerns regarding the proposed project.

Chris Broome reported approximately $181,000.


President Davis noted that the June meeting will be a potluck at the Pavilion on the Lake in Atascadero.

Dan Rivoire reported that the Bike Coalition has conducted a number of bike education assemblies. May is Bike Month and a number of related events are listed on the coalition website.

John Folberg and his team made a presentation on how his group has planned and organized a cross country fundraising ride to benefit wounded Marines.

President Davis thanked Hue and Eva Brown for serving as greeters, and Janie and Stu Goldenberg, Becky Robertson, Clem Michel, and Cil Boughton for providing refreshments. The minutes for the April 4, 2013 meeting were approved (MSC:Price/Gille).




The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:25 PM.

The Evolution of the Aerodynamic Helmet By Stu Goldenberg

When we are out cycling in a large group, we tend to get the feeling that the road is ours. Unfortunately it is only a feeling. We need to be aware of what is safe for us and others and act accordingly. The other day our group got split up, perhaps due to traffic signals or the difference in cycling abilities. The front group was thoughtful enough to wait for the trailing group. Unfortunately they decided to wait very near a corner and they filled the shoulder. A truck, making a right turn was forced to make a very wide turn in order to avoid the collection of bowling pins, er ... cyclists. How could this have been avoided? The leading group should have stopped a short way up the road, away from the corner, and should have tried to be at the edge of the shoulder or off it if possible.



Vice-president Ann Smith presenting a check for the Atascadero High bile club to Robin Dery at the Atascadero School Board meeting.

Help Wanted The club's nominations committee is beginning its search for members who are willing to make a commitment to help lead our club in 2014. You can toss your hat in the ring for any position, but we are focused on those without candidates. Descriptions of the duties of these positions can be found in the Volunteer area at our website ( or feel free to contact the "incumbents" and talk with them about their job. Please contact Frank Mullin,, 602-2058, if you're interested. Position



Will Benedict

Robert Davis

Ann Smith

Ann Smith


Chris Broome

Chris Broome


Craig Armstrong

Craig Armstrong

Michael Balster

Michael Balster

Ride Coordinator


Will Benedict

Newsletter Editor


Tim Long


Dave Abrecht

Dave Abrecht


Martin Howell

Martin Howell

Ken Price

Ken Price

Kathleen McHugh

Kathleen McHugh

President Vice-President

Membership Coordinator

Safety Coordinator Director at Large



Ride Details Ride Program Information Go to the club website and click on the Ride Program tab to access the Ride Calendar, Ride Information, Ride Safety, Ride Ratings and Ride Organization web pages for the most current ride information.

Sunday Arroyo Grande (9:00 AM, C2)

Submit ride information and updates to both Will Benedict and Frank Mullin to ensure the Ride Calendar is accurate and current.

Safe Riding All cyclists taking part in club rides are expected to model Safe Cycling Best Practices as described on the club’s

Tuesday Night Ride (6:00 PM, C,D/2)

Start: Café Andreini, Arroyo Grande Coordinator: Craig Armstrong Phone: 619-7023

Start: Heritage Square Park, AG Destination: Surrounding Area Coordinator: John Sasaki Phone: 474-1417

Baywood/Los Osos (8:30 AM, B2)


Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos Destination: Kelley’s, Cayucos Coordinator: Will Benedict Phone: 544-3504

Flyers (9:00 AM, D3)


Start: Bayside Café, Morro Bay Leader: Russ Robinson Phone: 871-0903

Atascadero Breakers (8:30 AM, C4) Start: Charles Paddock Zoo, Atascadero Coordinator: Kevin Matherly Email:

Atascadero Scramblers (8:30 AM, B3) Start: Charles Paddock Zoo, Atascadero Coordinators: Glenn & Gail Vanderlinde Email:

Breakaways (9:00 AM, D3) Start: Damon Garcia Sports Fields, SLO Coordinator: Russ Robinson Phone: 781-0903

Flaming Tortoises (9:00 AM, A2) Start: Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach Coordinator: Julie Jarvis Phone: 773-1567

Yellow Jackets (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Ben's House, San Luis Obispo Destination: Grover Beach or Los Osos Coordinator: Ben Patrick Phone: 543-2803

Tuesday Vacillators (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos Destination: South Coordinator: Marina Michel Phone: 528-1732


Submitting Ride Information

Coordinator: Russ Robinson Phone: 781-0903

Date: June 5

website at Ride Safety under Ride Program.

Ride Start Maps A Google Map of each ride start can be accessed by clicking the start name in the Ride Calendar on the SLOBC website. Entering the start name into Google Maps will find the start location.

Date: June 26

Start: Throop Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: Baywood via lower Prefumo Leader: Chuck Wheeler Phone: 541-1240

Templeton Breakers (8:30 AM, C4) Start: Templeton Park, Templeton Coordinator: George DiMundo Email:

Templeton Scramblers (8:30 AM, B2) Start: Templeton Park, Templeton Coordinators: Patti & Bill VanOrden Email:

Date: June 12

Trikers (9:00 AM, A2)

Start Time: 7:00 AM Start: Amtrak Station, Grover Beach Leader: Bill Goodger Phone: 608 770-1448

Dates: June 5 & 19 Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo Coordinator: Dorothy Curhan Phone: 542-0334

Date: June 19

Slo Pokes (9:00 AM, A2)

Start: Laguna Lake Park, SLO Leader: Norm Smith Phone: 914 388-7198

Date: June 26

Start: Bob Jones Bike Trail, Ontario Leader: Steve Vines Phone: 202-8114

Frequent Feeders (9:00 AM, B2) Coordinator: Frank Mullin Phone: 602-2058 Date: June 5 Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: Arroyo Grande via Pismo Beach Leader: Dale Sutliff Phone: 544-4034 or 440-2412 Date: June 12 Start: Hardie Park, Cayucos Destination: Cambria Leaders: Dave & Debbie Abrecht Phone: 805-801-9211   Date: June 19 Start: Lila Keiser Park, Morro Bay Destination: Kelley’s, Cayucos via creeks Leader: Jeff Kahn Phone: 771-9671

Coordinator: Sharon Sutliff Phone: 544-4034

Date: June 5

Start: Laguna Lake Park, SLO Destination: Pismo Beach via Price Canyon Leader: Val Barboza Phone: 264-59 01

Date: June 12

Start: Cloisters Community Park, MB Destination: Cayucos via creeks Leader: Hans-Henning Boerst Phone: 534-9660

Date: June 29

Start: Biddle Co Park, Arroyo Grande Destination: Station Grill, Grover Beach Leader: Bob Lindquist Phone: 441-7063

Date: June 26

Start: Islay Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: Froggie's Café via Edna Valley Leader: Bob Tuman Phone: 545-5976, cell 978-621-1417


Ride Rating Code

Average Speed



Less than 10 MPH 9 to 12 MPH 12 to 15 MPH 14 to 17 MPH Over 16 MPH

1 2 3 4 5

Thursday Vacillators (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Nazarene El Morro, Los Osos Destination: Kelley’s, Cayucos Coordinator: Will Benedict Phone: 544-3504

Friday Tortoises (9:00 AM, A1) Coordinators: Stu & Janie Goldenberg Phone: 544-4720

Date: June 7

Start: Food 4 Less, San Luis Obispo Destination: Avila Leader: Bob Tuman Phone: 545-5976

Date: June 14

Start: Lila Keiser Park, Morro Bay Destination: Cayucos, Flag Day Note: Visit Lost at Sea Memorial Leader: Cil Boughton Phone: 544-4844

Date: June 21

Start: Sinsheimer Park Destination: Leaning Pine Arboretum, CP Note: Bring walking shoes Leaders: Stu and Janie Goldeberg Phone: 544-4720

Date: June 28

Start: Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo Destination: Black Horse on Foothill Route: West & North edges of SLO Leader: Bob Young Phone: 489-4755

Paso Robles Breakers (8:30 AM, C4) Start: Marriott Courtyard Hotel, PR Coordinator: Earl Norcross Email:

Paso Robles Scramblers (8:30 AM, B2) Start: Marriott Courtyard Hotel, PR Coordinator: Jean McBride Email:

Yellow Jackets (9:00 AM, B2) Start: Ben's House, San Luis Obispo Destination: Avlia Beach Coordinator: Ben Patrick Phone: 543-2803


Terrain Generally flat Easy grades, occasional hills Rolling hills Hard hills Very challenging hills

King City Hillbillies (9:00 AM, B3/4) Start: Starbucks, King City Coordinator: Ralph Lee Email:

Slabtown Rollers (8:00 AM, C4) Start: Sotheby's Realty, Cambria Coordinator: Tom Parsons Phone: 927-5514

SLO Velo (9:00 AM, C3/4) Start: Variable on first Saturday Start: Starbucks/Trader Joe's, SLO Coordinator: Ron Starkey Email: Website:

Wandering With Will (B2/3) Date: June 8 Start: French Park, San Luis Obispo Ride: Huasna Valley Distance: 50 miles Elevation Gain: 3000 feet Notes: Bring snacks, Lunch after Coordinator: Will Benedict

Huasna Valley (9:00 AM, C2)

Phone: 544-3504

Start: Sixteenth Street Park, GB Destination: Huasna Coordinator: Long Nguyen Phone: 481-1688 (Call if joining)


Call For Wildflower Jersey Designs By Will Benedict, Clothing Coordinator This is the first call for 2014 Wildflower jersey design ideas. All concepts must be completed and received by September 1st. The concepts will be voted on at the Lighthouse Volunteer Brunch. All ideas must be presented in the standard jersey format. For format specifications and assistance in illustrating your idea or putting your idea into the standard format, email me at




Directions to Starting Locations Amtrak Station (GB) Take 101 south from San Luis Obispo to Grover Beach, take the 4th St. exit , turn right on to 4th St. and continue to Grand Ave. Turn right. Cross the RR tracks and turn right on Hwy. 1, entrance to the parking lot is on the left. Atascadero Zoo Take 101 north from San Luis Obispo to Atascadero, take the Santa Rosa exit (218A), turn left on to Santa Rosa Rd for 1.4 miles, turn right on Highway 41, continue 0.2 miles to zoo on right. Bayside Cafe (MB) Take 101 to Highway 1. Go west 12 miles to the Los Osos/Baywood Park exit. Left to 0.3 miles to State Park Rd. Right 1.7 miles to marina parking area on the left. Ben's House (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. Go east 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 1.9 miles to Poinsettia St, right 0.1 mile to Alyssum Court, left one house -- Ben's house is first on left. Biddle Park (AG) Exit San Luis Obispo on Broad St (227) past airport, left on Biddle Ranch Road to end, right on Orcutt Road to end, left on Lopez Drive to park on right. Bob Jones Trail Head Take 101 toward the five cities. Exit at San Luis Bay drive. Go left on Ontario for 0.8 miles. Park in the lot on your left. Cafe Andreini (AG) Take 101 to Arroyo Grande, exit Grand exit, left 0.3 miles to Andreini's on left. Park in lot to the right. Cloisters Park (MB) Take Hwy. 1 north from Morro Bay. Turn left on San Jacinto Street. Take first left (Coral St.) Park is .3 mi. on the right Damon Garcia Sports Field Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road exit, east 0.4 miles to Higuera, left 0.2 miles to Tank Farm, right 1.5 miles to Broad, left 0.2 miles to the park on the left (across from Industrial Way). Dinosaur Caves Park (SB) Take 101 south to Spyglass Drive off ramp, go right to light, left on Shell Beach Road 1.4 miles to Cliff Avenue, right 0.1 mile to park on left. Food4Less (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. Go east 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.3 mile to Food4Less on your right." French Park (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. East 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 1.9 miles to Poinsettia St, right 0.4 miles to Fuller, left 0.1 mile to park (on the left). Hardie Park (Cayucos) Take 101 to Highway 1. Go west (through Morro Bay) 19 miles to Cayucos Drive. Go west 0.2 miles to Birch, right to park." Heritage Square Park (AG) Take 101 to Grand exit in Arroyo Grande. Turn east 0.2 miles to Traffic Way, right 0.2 miles to Nelson St, left 0.1 miles to Short Street. Park on street.

Islay Park (SLO) Take 101 to Los Osos Valley Road. East 0.5 mile to Higuera, left 0.4 mile to Tank Farm Rd, right 2.8 miles to park (on right). Laguna Lake Park (SLO) Take 101 to Madonna exit in SLO. Going west, 0.7 miles to entrance to Laguna Lake Park on your right. Generally park in second lot to the left (near the bathrooms). Lila Keiser Park (MB) Go north/west on highway 1 from 101 to Morro Bay. Take highway 41 off ramp and turn left. Go 0.1 mile and turn left into the park. Marriot Courtyard Hotel Take 101 (north or south) to the Spring St. exit, turn east onto 1st St, then south (left) onto So. Vine St. Entrance to the hotel parking lot is on your left; park along So. Vine St. Nazarene Church (BP) Corner of Santa Ysabel and South Bay Blvd. in Los Osos. From 101, take Los Osos Valley Rd exit. Travel west for 9 miles to South Bay Blvd. Travel right about 1 mile to light, church is on your right. Throop Park (SLO) Take 101 to Highway 1. Go west 0.8 miles to Foothill Blvd., left 0.3 miles to Ferrini Rd, right 0.1 mile to Cerro Romauldo Ave, left 0.1 mile to park on right. Sinsheimer Park (SLO) Take 101 to Madonna exit. Travel east 0.2 miles to Higuera, left 0.1 mile to South Street, right 0.8 mile to Broad Street right 0.7 miles to Orcutt Road, left 0.4 miles to Laurel Lane, left 0.3 miles to Southwood Drive, left 0.2 miles to park. Sixteenth Street Park (GB) Going southbound on 101 to Pismo Beach, take Oak Park exit, left on El Camino Real for 0.3 miles, right on Oak Park for 1.1 miles, right on Mentone and then into park on left. Sotheby's Realty (Cambria) Take 101 to Highway 1 west, continue 34 miles to Cambria Rd, then turn left onto Main St. Continue 0.4 miles to Sotheby's Realty on the right (east of Main). Starbucks (King City) Take 101 north to King City. Take the Broadway off ramp and turn left under the 101 Freeway overpass on to Broadway Circle. Starbucks will be immediately on your left with ample parking. Starbucks/ Trader Joe’s San Luis Obispo Take Hwy. 101 to the Los Osos Valley Road exit. Take Los Osos Valley Road east to Higuera St. Turn Left, passing Suburban Rd. The entrance to the Trader Joe’s /Foods 4 Less center is on the right. Templeton Park Take 101 to the Vineyard exit in Templeton. Turn east for 0.2 miles to Old Country Road, turn left for 0.4 miles to 6th Street. Park is on your right.

SLOCOASTER June 1, 2013


2013 Bob Garing Service Award The 2013 Bob Garing Service Award recipient is the Club’s Bicycle Advocate, Dave Abrecht. This award recognizing his contributions to the SLOBC will be presented to him at the SLOBC June, Potluck, at the Atascadero Pavilion. As the club’s Advocate, he attends the various bicycle advisory committees & participates on the SLO Downtown Association committee for parking and access. Dave enjoys representing the club members and promoting the bike club and bicycling to the greater SLO County community. He has been able to promote bike safety, bike parking and improving the bicycle infrastructure (bike lanes, better road signage, etc.). As a club representative , he has been involved in setting up Bike Breakfasts during Bike Month. In addition to his current post as Bicycle Advocate, Dave served as Ride Coordinator for 2009 & 2010. He has led two Indulgence Rides. He has been Wildflower & Lighthouse Co-Chair for several rides. He has volunteered as Captain for Whale Rock and SAG team for several rides. He was instrumental in setting up Emergency Response for the Wildflower Century, and he organized signs for the Wildflower and the Lighthouse Rides. He enjoys planning & organizing club activities , club rides. and s leading community action groups,. Dave is consistently working for improved bicycle conditions, and keeps club members informed to help us be a better and more effective organization. We know that he will continue to make meaningful contributions to the San Luis Obispo Bicycle club in the years ahead and congratulate him on receiving the Bob Garing Service Award.

SLOCOASTER June 1, 2013

Wait ‘til Next Year Every year the club receives thank you notes from cyclists who ride the Wildflower. Although not typical, this letter sums up the excellent job done every year by our ride’s leaders and volunteers. Last weekend my friends and I, a group of about 20, participated in the Wildflower Century. The day started out beautiful and you could see the excitement on everyone's faces! Some events took place on this day that had a tremendous impact on me and my family and I am writing to you and EVERYONE in association with your organization to thank them. The day started out beautiful. My ride partner and I left Pismo about 5:15 and as we drove up the coast, the sun rising above the mountains we knew this was going to be a great ride. Upon arriving we immediately we directed to the parking area with a smile and as we parked, beaming faces were everywhere. We made out way to registration and were helped get ourselves checked in, directed where to get our patches and given everything we needed. Again, everyone had smiling faces and was truly helpful. As we cruised up the course, the air was chilly and crisp and as a few were complaining of being cold, a young lady rides by in a green tank too and shorts and passes all if us men. NICE! Humility slapped a few around right at the beginning. I knew this was the day. We hit it hard, picking up a paceline of about 22-23 MPH and all of a sudden at mile 6 BAM! My ride partner Brock brushes against someone else and breaks two spokes off his Bontrager Carbon Wheels. Within 60 seconds, SAG was there and was starting to load him up. They knew that they couldn't repair it but they also knew Wally's could get him a loaner.

He told me to continue on and he would catch up. I caught up to some of my friends and we continued to ride through the beautiful mountains and roads and talk to fellow riders as well. Mile 10... Yup, its a flat. I pulled over and prepared to change it when a truck pulls over, a gentleman steps out and has a pump and says, "how can I help?" Yet, he wasn't SAG, just someone who said he loved to help. We patched my tire and as I'm getting ready to push off, here comes SAG and drops off Brock. Perfect timing! Again, we shove off and try and push a little pace to catch up. The rolling hills were awesome and our conversation was great and then mile 17 comes up, another flat. "WHY!?" , I screamed at the Heavens. We breakdown the tire and the patch isn't holding. I pull my spare and discover it doesn’t fit! Brock has one, don't panic. We pull it out and on a new tire, there is a hole in it. Here comes SAG. With a little help, we patched Brock's spare and we're in our way. Racing through the hills as fast as we can to try and regain some headway, we are having a blast! Mile 20... No, not a flat, I notice my right kidney starting to hurt. Mile 38, the pain is so severe I can't pedal anymore. I pull over and lean my bike up against a street sign. I decide to sit down for a bit and see if it subsides. And then it happened, I passed out. From here, the details are fuzzy, extremely fuzzy. I remember someone helping me to the shade, I remember two women riding by saying they were doctors. I so wish I knew who they all were because I really would love to hug and thank them all for helping! I remember being put in a SAG vehicle, I remember being laid out on some concrete and firemen around me helping. And then, I remember waking up in the hospital with an IV in my arm and no more pain. What happened? I thought. Where's my bike? Where are my

clothes? Where's my car, car keys, wallet, phone, where am I? Does my wife know where I am? Does my group know where I am? A nurse informed me that the fire department has made contact with my wife and she was on her way. My group had been contacted as well. She gave me my phone and wallet. As friends and family began to show, they filled in the details for me. My bike had been taken to the school, tagged with my name and my belongings had been bagged and tagged. I was in shock. I have a $10,000 bike. I had a credit card and several hundred dollars in cash on me and it was all accounted for. The problem. Kidney Stones were blocking in if the ducts in the kidney and it began to swell, causing horrible pain unlike anything I have ever felt! The point of this is to say THANK YOU! Thank you to those riders that stopped and didn't have to. Thank you to the SAG vehicle that got me to the school. Thank you to those doctors that stopped and offered help. Thanks to the CAL FIRE men that helped me, the EMT and especially all those SLOBC volunteers that helped watch over my stuff and make sure it was returned. You should be proud of your organization! You should be more proud that you are involved with a group of people that although love cycling, love humanity more. I feel bad that I interrupted many people's day and ride. However I am grateful for their help. Had those people ignored me, infection would have set it with serious results. Again, from me, my wife, my 10 year old son and all of my family and friends, thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be there next year to put that course to shame and I will be there every year after that to support your organization.

Sincerely, Alan McCaa, Bakersfield, CA

I just wanted to send a heartfelt “Thank You” to the SLOBC for the card and beautiful plant you sent me (through the Sunshine Lady). It helps to know that people care when you get hurt! Thank you so much, Sue Haas-Clark Sue was injured in a bike vs truck accident the weekend before the Wildflower Ride


SLOCOASTER June 1, 2013

2013 Lighthouse Jersey 3=$()**$3#2#+)4!9$B*-!")28$B--/+)2:!-/ 2013 Lighthouse Jersey 2013 Lighthouse Jersey 2013 Lighthouse Jersey 3=$()**$3#2#+)4!9$B*-!")28$B--/+)2:!-/ !"#$%&'()*$+&,$'"#$-./0$1(*"'"&23#$4#,3#5$&662,,#7$8'$ 3=$()**$3#2#+)4!9$B*-!")28$B--/+)2:!-/ By Will Benedict, Clothing Coordinator !"#$%&'%$()*+,-.#/$0-*12!##/$3/124"5$6"#$+#7)8279$$

!"#$%&'()*$+&,$'"#$-./0$1(*"'"&23#$4#,3#5$&662,,#7$8'$ +#7)82#/7$:2+$;-!#7$:/#$7"-.2$<#*-.5$6"#$+#7)82$<=$ !"#$%&'()*$+&,$'"#$-./0$1(*"'"&23#$4#,3#5$&662,,#7$8'$ !"#$%&'%$()*+,-.#/$0-*12!##/$3/124"5$6"#$+#7)8279$$ The voting for the 2013 Lighthouse jersey occurred at the 2012 Wildflower Volunteer Brunch. The >:*#$?1!*)@@$.:7$7#*#4!#+$:7$)2+)4:!#+$<=$!"#$8/:=$<-A5 !"#$%&'%$()*+,-.#/$0-*12!##/$3/124"5$6"#$+#7)8279$$ designs, designers and votes are shown below. The design by Dale Sutliff was selected as indicated by +#7)82#/7$:2+$;-!#7$:/#$7"-.2$<#*-.5$6"#$+#7)82$<=$ the gray box. +#7)82#/7$:2+$;-!#7$:/#$7"-.2$<#*-.5$6"#$+#7)82$<=$ >:*#$?1!*)@@$.:7$7#*#4!#+$:7$)2+)4:!#+$<=$!"#$8/:=$<-A5 >:*#$?1!*)@@$.:7$7#*#4!#+$:7$)2+)4:!#+$<=$!"#$8/:=$<-A5 ()**$3#2#+)4! ()**$3#2#+)4! ()**$3#2#+)4!

8 29 8 29 8 29

98:#$;2':(++ 98:#$;2':(++ 98:#$;2':(++

57 153 153 57 57 153

()**$3#2#+)4! ()**$3#2#+)4! ()**$3#2#+)4!

33 152 152 33 33 152

6"#$*#@!$4-*1C2$-@$;-!#7$DE9$FG9$HHI$.#/#$4:7!$<=$ 6"#$*#@!$4-*1C2$-@$;-!#7$DE9$FG9$HHI$.#/#$4:7!$<=$

The left column of votes (8, 57, 33) were cast by SLOBC members at the volunteer brunch. The right column of ?JK3B$C#C<#7$:!$!"#$;-*12!##/$</124"5$6"#$/)8"!$4-*< ?JK3B$C#C<#7$:!$!"#$;-*12!##/$</124"5$6"#$/)8"!$4-*< 6"#$*#@!$4-*1C2$-@$;-!#7$DE9$FG9$HHI$.#/#$4:7!$<=$ votes (29, 153, 152) were cast by riders in the 2013 Wildflower Century. It is interesting that the riders preferred two of the designs equally while our membership indicated about a two to one difference. 1C2$-@$;-!#7$D%L9$'FH9$'F%I$.#/#$4:7!$<=$/)+#/7$)2$!"#$ 1C2$-@$;-!#7$D%L9$'FH9$'F%I$.#/#$4:7!$<=$/)+#/7$)2$!"#$

?JK3B$C#C<#7$:!$!"#$;-*12!##/$</124"5$6"#$/)8"!$4-*< I will continue to gather preferences from our century riders to inform the selection process. I believe %&'H$()*+,-.#/$B#2!1/=5$M!$)7$)2!#/#7!)28$!":!$!"#$/)+#/7$ %&'H$()*+,-.#/$B#2!1/=5$M!$)7$)2!#/#7!)28$!":!$!"#$/)+#/7$ 1C2$-@$;-!#7$D%L9$'FH9$'F%I$.#/#$4:7!$<=$/)+#/7$)2$!"#$ that input from this younger and majority male population can help us be more successful with our N/#@#//#+$!.-$-@$!"#$+#7)827$#O1:**=$.")*#$-1/$C#C<#/< N/#@#//#+$!.-$-@$!"#$+#7)827$#O1:**=$.")*#$-1/$C#C<#/< %&'H$()*+,-.#/$B#2!1/=5$M!$)7$)2!#/#7!)28$!":!$!"#$/)+#/7$ clothing sales. 7")N$)2+)4:!#+$:<-1!$:$!.-$!-$-2#$+)@@#/#24#5$ 7")N$)2+)4:!#+$:<-1!$:$!.-$!-$-2#$+)@@#/#24#5$ N/#@#//#+$!.-$-@$!"#$+#7)827$#O1:**=$.")*#$-1/$C#C<#/< 7")N$)2+)4:!#+$:<-1!$:$!.-$!-$-2#$+)@@#/#24#5$ M$.)**$4-2!)21#$!-$8:!"#/$N/#@#/#24#7$@/-C$-1/$4#2!1/=$ M$.)**$4-2!)21#$!-$8:!"#/$N/#@#/#24#7$@/-C$-1/$4#2!1/=$ /)+#/7$!-$)2@-/C$!"#$7#*#4!)-2$N/-4#775$M$<#*)#;#$!":!$)2< /)+#/7$!-$)2@-/C$!"#$7#*#4!)-2$N/-4#775$M$<#*)#;#$!":!$)2< M$.)**$4-2!)21#$!-$8:!"#/$N/#@#/#24#7$@/-C$-1/$4#2!1/=$ =2'$+,&>$'"(3$5&2)*#,$8)7$>84&,('5$>8:#$=&=2:8'(&)$68)$ =2'$+,&>$'"(3$5&2)*#,$8)7$>84&,('5$>8:#$=&=2:8'(&)$68)$ /)+#/7$!-$)2@-/C$!"#$7#*#4!)-2$N/-4#775$M$<#*)#;#$!":!$)2< "#*N$17$<#$C-/#$7144#77@1*$.)!"$-1/$4*-!")28$7:*#75 11 "#*N$17$<#$C-/#$7144#77@1*$.)!"$-1/$4*-!")28$7:*#75 =2'$+,&>$'"(3$5&2)*#,$8)7$>84&,('5$>8:#$=&=2:8'(&)$68)$ "#*N$17$<#$C-/#$7144#77@1*$.)!"$-1/$4*-!")28$7:*#75

SLOCOASTER June 1, 2013

SanLuisObispoBicycleClub, Inc. P.O. Box 1585 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

PICNIC AT THE LAKE The June SLO bike club potluck will be Thursday, June 6 at 6 p.m. at the Pavilion on the Lake in Atascadero. If you have any questions, please contact me (Kathleen McHugh) at: or 805-528-6686. As the theme is 'Picnic at the lake', bring a picnic basket, picnic table cloth, etc. for your table. As always, bring your own place setting-maybe even extras for friends(including plate, bowl, glass, silver ware, napkin) and beverage (alcohol okay). The club will provide coffee and tea as usual.


Bring your summer attitude and a dish according to your last name: A-G Main Dish H-N Salad, side dish, soup, chili O-R Main Dish S-Z Dessert Remember: Please include a list of the ingredients in your dish (or the recipe) and place it on the table near your dish. This really helps people who have any dietary restrictions, or allergies (gluten, peanuts, dairy, shell fish), lactose intolerance and vegetarians. It is sometimes impossible to tell if any of these ingredients are in a dish just by looking. Finally: Plan to spend the evening with good friends, good food, and good fun! See you there!

June 2013 SloCoaster  

Monthly Newsletter of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club