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Editor’s Letter Producing the ninth edition of this magazine has as always been an absolute pleasure thanks to my fantastic team. We have enjoyed expanding the male side of SLOAN! with not only Mr Sloan but adventures far and wide as we begin to open ourselves up to travel exploring both the UK and abroad and will of course share this with you. We have also introduced a



new look to some of our pages and love the feedback that we get from you. Our readership continues to increase as we enter into our third year although we still have so much to learn and offer and look forward to the experience. Following requests from you, our valued readers, we have included more experts to help take you to the next level in your life and provide a variety of new areas of expertise now including food and drink which we know is one of your greatest areas of interest. It is also absolutely super to team up with Colourful Radio as my show goes out every Thursday 10am - 12pm and seeing the crossover of our readers from

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Vitality 9th Edition

INSPIRE 14 THE ARCH LONDON 26 ISLE OF WIGHT WALKING 32 THE HIDEAWAYS CLUB 40 VAUXHALL F1 DRIVING 42 SOFITEL LONDON ST JAMES 52 THE OXFORD GUN COMPANY 54 DRESSED TO KILL 58 CRAB & BOAR 74 THE HARI 75 HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS magazine to radio has put a smile on our faces here at SLOAN! as you start to get to know the person behind the brand. I hope the articles and information contained within this magazine inspire you, our readers, to keep motivated through the winter months. Our team have really got into the spirit of Christmas and we include our Christmas Gift Guide to help with your creativity when buying your presents this year. Happy Holidays!






























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Rum Malin+Goetz Gift Set This gift set has a Rum Hand Wash to purify, hydrate and balances skin and a Dark Rum Votive to create a perfect sensory experience in your home. £28,

Pure & Light Organic Revitalising Range This softly textured cream contains tiny particles of crushed almond. The cream deeply cleanses, hydrates and invigorates your skin with 32 incredible ingredients, including Nature’s own botox-like, “Immortelle for youthful, radiant skin! £25.00,

Longbarn Lavender Relaxing Gift Box Long Barn is a place of serenity and tranquillity where visitors can browse, buy, take inspiration, eat, share times with friends and be at one with nature. £55

Ginvera MarvelWhite Gift Set Ginvera’s MarvelWhite exfoliator contains no microbeads proving to be perfect not just for our skin but the environment too! A beauty secret to flawless skin. £37

Beauty Bliss Whether you are prepping your skin for the party season or looking for the perfect gift to give a loved one, be inspired by the choices from the SLOAN! team. Here are the top 10 products that we recommend.

Goldfaden MD Facial Detox Facial Detox utilizes zinc oxide, sulphur and camphor to correct and purify broken out or blemished skin going beyond treatment of to heal the skin and prevent further breakouts. £58 SPACE NK

Janjira Marine Radiant White Range The Marine Radiant White Exfoliating Scrub uses a cocktail of ingredients including Algowhite™, Walnut Shell Powder, Vitamin C & Vitamin B3 work together to reduce the appearance of pores, even out skin tone and moisturise the skin. £26

Hayo’u Bathe -Rite De-Stress Bath Minerals A concentrated formula of Himalayan pink salt, magnesium and maris sal that helps draw out deeply held Arbonne Intelligence tension. Infused with lotus flower, Genius Ultra Device lemongrass and frankincense to lift The Genius Ultra boosts your spirit and calm your shen. £40 performance and application of the for 500g Arbonne RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum and RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream. £235.20

MOA Gift Set Look your best this Christmas, recover from partying or simply give your skin a winter boost with the winning duo of Daily Cleansing Ritual and Aphrodite Facial Oil. Restore a dewy complexion overnight with essential oils and organic yarrow. £35, and Planet Organic

Homedics Rokit Salon Gel Nails Pamper yourself to perfection in your own home for a fraction of the cost of a professional manicure creating a flawless, polished look which stays glossy for up to two weeks.£69.99

Entrepreneur & Model Caprice Bourret shares her personal interior tips for the festive season

Fall in Love With By Caprice This Autumn SLOAN! Magazine Exclusive with Caprice Bourret and By Caprice Home The AW16 By Caprice Home collection consists of gorgeous bedding sets including matching duvets, pillowcases, cushions, runners and curtains that will bring the opulence to your boudoir. Each range is made with the finest materials that have been chosen by CEO Caprice Bourret personally. Add a touch of luxury to your room with the new By Caprice Home Teardrop range. This hero set is adorned with embroidered diamante teardrops, which feature on the dazzling edged pillowcases and duvet cover. Encapsulate old Hollywood glamour with the By Caprice Home Valeria collection. The luxuriously soft duvet cover encompasses a stunning sparkled floral design made up of shimmering sequins. Unleash your wild side this season with the By Caprice Home Animale Champagne range. This set is sassy yet luxurious and the duvet is adorned with


animal print sequin embroidery. Transform your bedroom into an oasis of glamour with the stunning By Caprice Home Butterfly Champagne collection. The eye-catching butterfly design and metallic yarn makes for a unique look. Entrepreneur and Model Caprice Bourret exclusively shares her personal top interior tips for the festive period ahead. COLOUR SCHEMES Instead of the usual reds and greens opt for more neutral tones such as champagne, silver, grey and white. Even though we are not guaranteed a white Christmas; you can emulate it within your home. Shades of white and silver are perfect hues for the festive period as they give you the feeling of snow in the warmth of your home, as well as, adding a hint of sparkle and glamour. DECORATIONS Rather than going for the traditional tinsel, which is well known for having

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to be vacuumed up multiple times a day, opt for decorative ribbon or diamante ‘curtains’ for the walls Pinecones and twine ornaments also add a touch of rustic cheer to the home. Making these at home can be a fun activity to do with your children and the whole family. LIGHTING Think about the ambiance in your home, are bright lights really going to give you the warm, fuzzy festive feeling? Indulge the senses through not just sight but by also smell, use scented candles such as cinnamon, apple spice and ginger. Additionally fairy lights aren’t just for your tree. Try placing them around door frame and window ledges throughout your home. Another great idea is to fill a vase with fairy lights or place your candles inside them for a key festive feel. The By Caprice Home AW16 range is stocked at House of Fraser, and

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Tara PalmerTomkinson Nineties Socialite, Reality TV Star, Music Producer & Fashion Entrepreneur



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Chelsea Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to English socialite and designer Tara Palmer-Tomkinson You are known as the “Original IT S Girl” - what lessons did you learn from this time in your life and how have those experiences informed your professional and personal life today? I have learnt so many things over T the years but if I were to sum up a parallel to my life it would definitely be: “if you drive 100 miles an hour down the motorway you will miss the beauty and detail on your left and right – so take a moment to reflect and take your foot off the gas!” That is very insightful, as Miley

S Cyrus once put it, “it’s not about

how fast I get there it is about the climb”. Talking of journeys and music... as you are a classically trained musician not to mention winner of Celebrity Fame Academy, if you could produce an album representing the soundtrack of key moments in your life, what are some of the songs that you’d choose and why? ‘I Am What I Am’ by Gloria

T Gaynor – I feel like this song was written for me. ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James – This is such a cool song I just love it. ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ by The Verve – I think this one goes without saying! Or anything from my own album ‘Flawed’ (available on iTunes) which is based on my life and experience. You are a very talented lady from

S musician to designer the creativity

keeps on flowing. What is the story behind Desiderata London - your new exclusive fashion line - and what inspired you to create The Kubbi? I’d had the idea for Desiderata

T London and our signature product

The Kubbi in the pipeline for many years and I was finally able to bring it to fruition last December. It is a concept based on when I was a young girl and used to cut the collars and cuffs off my father’s Saville Row shirts (much to his dismay!) and stick them on to my outfits with taupe tape. From this idea the Kubbi was born and we have brought together the concept of a bodysuit made

of the finest Italian stretch jersey and offset this with the sophistication of a stylish collar and cuffs. It can literally transform any outfit. Talking of style, if you could have

S lunch with any fashion icon (dead

or alive) who would it be, where might you go and what would you like to chat to them about? I’d definitely have lunch with

T Audrey Hepburn so that I could

chat to her about all of the stunning Givenchy dresses she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I wouldn’t possibly be able to choose a restaurant, I’d have to make her tea so that we could sit on my terrace and have private girly chats. You have devoted a great deal of

S time to charity work and represent

various charities across the UK. Which charity are you currently patron for? What does the charity do and how has their work touched or moved you?

I’m currently working with the T wonderful charity Skiing with Heroes, who assist with the rehabilitation of some amazing war veteran heroes. This is predominantly done through skiing and I’ve spent some of the best days of my life out on the slopes of Klosters with these incredibly inspiring guys who have been through all kinds of physical and emotional trauma yet still don’t let it hold them back. That strength from any human S being is always inspiring. Who else inspires you creatively, professionally and personally? My mother, a former Hartnell

T model, has been an inspiration to me since the age of 3 - in every way possible. I also follow the mantra (which I have printed on the wall in my home) “Music, Laughter, Friends, Couture” and these are all things I take a great deal of inspiration from in my work and personal life. What and/or who adds value and

S significance to your life?

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


My family are always at the T centre of everything I do. I am so proud of them for everything they achieve and I hope that they are of me too. They definitely give my life all the value and significance it needs. If you could be anyone for a

S day, who would you be and

what would you do for those 24 hours? I think if I could be anyone or

T more importantly any-THING

for a day I’d morph into a fly on the wall - there are so many conversations I’d love to listen in on! Being a fly on the wall, you

S could see what people get up

to behind closed doors, what makes them happy and sad... if someone was a fly on the wall with you what comforts or indulgences would they see that you could simply not live without? Box sets! Without a shadow of T a doubt my favourite thing to do is curl up in bed with my favourite TV show. There are so many great ones out at the moment. If you could change any aspect

S of your personality, what

would it be and how would that impact your daily life?


Perhaps I’d choose to be more

T focussed at times but I’m often

told that this is a testament to my creativity so I wouldn’t want to test the theory too much in case I lost that. Where do you feel most at

S home?

When I’m not actually at my

T home in London it would

have to be my second home in Klosters, Switzerland where I spend most of the winter skiing and drinking Suchard hot chocolates. What’s the bravest thing

S you’ve ever done?

Right now it definitely feels T like starting my own company was the bravest thing I’ve ever done and way harder than anything outrageous I’ve had to do on TV shows in the past. Those were just momentary things whereas this is something I want to last a lifetime. In this hectic modern world S we live in, what do you do to stay grounded, balanced and at your best? I’m very much in to natural T healing at the moment – anything from doing yoga on a daily basis to drinking lots of water. I definitely think it’s the simple things in life that help you stay grounded and balanced.



The Kubbi £195 from Desiderata London is available at www.

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SLOAN! selects our seven favourite stocking fillers and star


gifts from what’s new this Christmas

MOET MINI XMAS CRACKER A cracking Christmas celebration. The ultimate in luxury festive flavours, Moët Mini Crackers contain this season’s must-have Moët Mini alongside a selection of party essentials! Choose the classic golden hue for a reveal of the Moët Mini Brut or the bold pink as well as a festive hat and a fact-filled snap cracker. The perfect stocking filler this Christmas. Available from Harvey Nichols, Harrods & John Lewis at £19 per 20cl Blanc or 20cl Rosé


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ROBERT WELCH SIGNATURE RANGE The award-winning Robert Welch Signature range includes a limited edition set of a 16cm Signature Cook’s Knife and a 10cm Signature Vegetable Knife. It is no surprise that Robert Welch recently marked the one millionth sale of its Signature knife range, given they are rated in the top 1% of branded kitchen knives in the world. From £60,

MONTY BOJANGLES This Milky Mischief Cracker contains curiously moreish milk chocolate French luxury truffles finished with a generous dusting of exquisite bitter-sweet cocoa. The perfect way to treat yourself or friends during the festive season. £6 available from Tesco.


GIFT A BESPOKE WINE SELECTION A selection of beautifully wrapped gift boxes from Garmence Wine Studio including The Dark Knights – a trio of smouldering red. A tailored wine subscription service, delivering a selection of wine either fortnightly or monthly available at:


for sizzling seasonal food and drink reviews

SWEETS FOR YOUR SWEET Prestat roasted almond and sea salt milk chocolate bar, £3. Exclusive to The Natural History Museum shop - www.

SLOAN! CELEBRATES FESTIVE ABUNDANCE LEON X JOHN LEWIS CASSEROLE DISH LEON, the ‘Naturally Fast Food’ chain, and John Lewis have unveiled an exclusive 40-piece cookware range. The collection includes the perfect kitchen staples, such as a cast iron griddle pan, coloured stock pots, wooden tool set and terracotta tapas and lasagne dishes. All the products have been developed with LEON cofounder John Vincent, and designed by LEON Head of Design Jo Ormiston in collaboration with John Lewis Cookshop buyer Nicola Hattersley. From £4 to £120,

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR BREAKFAST Real Health Manuka Honey is 100% raw and unblended, insuring its natural health benefits remain as pure as the day the bees created it. With antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-viral properties, this honey is ideal for immunity support, wound care and digestive balance support. Keep healthy this Christmas by adding to a daily smoothie, bircher bowl or drizzled on pancakes. From £23.99 Available at Boots.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Boutique T HE


The Arch London is an elegant and modern hotel close to London’s Marble Arch and Hyde Park.

Our Editor, Ms Sheridan Williams and the fabulous Puppy Gizmo were hosted by The Arch London, a member of Pride of Britain Hotels – a collection of 49 privately-owned independent British hotels. 14

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The Arch is a boutique hotel, spanning seven Georgian townhouses and two mews homes, British art adorns the hotel’s walls and the current collection showcases talented emerging artists. As you step into the hotel you are greeted by a visual homage to Marylebone and the area surrounding the Arch Hotel London, thanks to Vincent Poole’s collage entitled “New Shoes”. Along the corridors the entire “Alphatecture” series by Peter Defty showcases glimpses of some of London’s iconic buildings. Carefully curated British art adorns the walls at this luxury London townhouse hotel set in a tree-lined street close to Marble Arch and Hyde Park. The 82 bedrooms – including nine suites also have Nespresso coffee machines, Jing tea making facilities and a complimentary soft drinks minibar. The relaxed restaurant Hunter 486

takes its name from the 1950s district dialling code for Marylebone. Head Chef Gary Durrant at The Arch’s Hunter 486 is a classicallytrained chef with many years’ experience in exceptional high-end dining. Gary spent the first ten years of his career honing his skills at the world-famous Savoy, before moving on to work in several Michelin star kitchens in both France and London. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by popular British recipes. Click here to read how our editor enjoyed her stay. Or book in yourself, prices start from £250 per room per night (two sharing). Dogs cost £15 per stay including a bed, bowls, treats and a toy. Contact Pride of Britain Hotels on 0800 089 3929 or please visit

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



Looking Good and Feeling Good

THE SPA AT INTERCONTINENTAL LONDON - THE O2 Set in the heart of the Intercontinental London – The O2, The Spa offers tranquillity and relaxation from the moment you step through the door. The rejuvenating and indulgent treatments are the perfect antidote to hectic city living which leave you feeling refresh and revitalised to face the day ahead. The Spa’s aesthetic, in keeping with the iconic style of the InterContinental brand, draws on the hotel’s location within historic Royal Greenwich and local influences of the East India Trading Company, with bespoke printed mosaic tiles, sumptuous rugs and delicate die-cut pendant lighting inspired by the area’s trading of porcelain and silks as far back as the 18th century. In addition, The Spa has been designed to include exotic textures and luxurious materials such as gold gilt and blue pearl granite as well as heavy timbers inspired by Greenwich’s historic naval ships and merchant dock yards. The range of facials has been exquisitely designed along with ESPA to provide the best results for your skin requirements, but also to indulge in the pure luxury of the products being applied. Facials are not only fantastic for visible results, but are one of the best ways to feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. The Spa Intercontinental London – The O2 1 Waterview Drive, London SE10 0TW 020 8463 6815 |


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CLICK HERE for more beauty product reviews on


STUDIO | 10 STUDIO | 10 is an innovative range of age perfecting, skin perfecting and problem ‘quick fix’ makeup giving women the ability to look more youthful as part of their daily routine. We all know, as women in our late 30s and beyond, that it’s easy to get stuck in a makeup rut, using the same products for years and applying the same colours the same way. But we also know our skin changes as we get older, and our faces need a fresh approach to makeup. STUDIO | 10 is the inspiration of industry insider, Grace Fodor who has worked alongside dermatologists and internationally renowned makeup artists to explore the ‘aesthetics’ of makeup to correct, conceal and cover the signs of ageing. Grace Fodor has designed makeup range for women as they age igniting a cult-frenzy with instant celebrity, MUA and press fans. For more information go to


CLARISONIC MIA 2 The Clarisonic Mia 2 vibrates at a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, gently loosening dirt and debris from pores and away from your skin making it 6 times better at cleansing the skin than manual methods. No wonder it is one of the most popular Clarisonic models from the beauty experts at Current Body as a kind and gentle way to cleanse the skin. Don’t be fooled by cheaper products that claim to be just as good. Those rotating brushes can actually cause damage to the delicate skin tissue, after all it’s true that you get what you pay for. The Clarisonic Mia 2 uses patented micro-massage motion to work with your skins natural elasticity to remove impurities like oil, pollutants and bacteria, unclog pores and rid your skin of blackheads. There are no harsh abrasives or chemicals involved, meaning they take care of even the most sensitive of skin. £94.99,

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Expert Cutting Out Sugar Advice Since learning the link between cancer and sugar, Claire White has since developed a passion to help raise awareness of the dangers of excess sugar consumption on health and lifestyle.

Claire White

“I have been sugar free for 2 years and never felt better. I gave up the sweet stuff following treatment for breast cancer when I was 38 years old. Initially challenged by unexpected withdrawal symptoms including headaches, dizziness, cravings and irritability, but with strong motivation and perseverance it’s possible to live a sugar free lifestyle.” “It takes time for the body to recalibrate, but the benefits are compelling; increased consistent energy, better sleep, healthier skin, less bloating, fat loss, increased sense of wellbeing, and a feeling of pride.” “The approach to getting started on the road to cutting out sugar should be personal. I went cold turkey on all sugars, short-term pain from withdrawal led to progressive gains within a week. If you are looking for a slower approach, go step by step.”

Demanding schedules, misleading marketing, and a lack of awareness, contribute to many lurching from one sugar fix to another. Not driven by genuine hunger, but the brains desire for another dopamine hit. Dopamine is the happy hormone released when you feel love, elation and excitement. This dopamine hit of pleasure is released when we eat sugar, and it’s as addictive as cocaine. This cycle is cemented by foods associated with being wholly nutritious; e.g. granola and orange juice, and those selected on the run as a healthier snack; e.g. sushi and skinny muffins. The truth is a sugar-laden culture has been established for decades. Misled by food manufacturers and diet clubs, who have nagged us to reduce fat in our diets, instead slipping sugar in many products to make it palatable. Whether it’s table sugar, honey, maple syrup or fruit juice; in excess they metabolise to fat and increase triglycerides in the blood, which are leading contributors to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. So instead of swapping one type of sugar for another, or seeking a laboratory made alternative sweetener, the best way forward is to cut back or cut out sugar, instead embracing a savoury palate. The natural sugar alternative xylitol offers a nice way to wean yourself off sugar if you can’t go cold turkey. STEP 1 - CUT OUT THE OBVIOUS

It takes approximately 21 days to change a habit. Temptation will test motivation, but determination will reap wholesome rewards. 18

Eliminate chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cakes, added sugar to cereal, tea & coffee, fizzy drinks. This will be enough to get going. Turning down cake in the office, not reaching for a bar of chocolate to cheer you up, and changing your beverage palate can be hard.

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Cutting out sugar in coffee was an unexpected challenge. Adding more milk, naturally sweet from lactose, helped and now I hardly use any. STEP 2 - TIME TO SWAP

It’s important to look at your carbohydrate intake as well as the obvious and hidden sugars. White (simple) carbs, act as sugar once consumed, and should be tackled as part of the process. Here are some suggestions to begin with:

White bread to Wholemeal bread White pasta to Wholemeal pasta White rice to Brown basmati rice Jam or Marmalade to Peanut butter or mashed banana Biscuits & Cakes to Oak cakes Salad Cream to Full fat mayonnaise Fruit juice to soda water with lemon Chocolate nut spread to Nut butter (almond, cashew, peanut) Soy sauce to Tamari Sauce Dried fruit to Fresh fruit Bottled salad dressings to Oil & Vinegar dressing STEP 3 – FRUIT AND ALCOHOL

Fruit is an essential part of a balanced diet, containing vitamins and minerals. Fruit contains the sugar fructose, a sugar metabolised adequately in

its original state and in moderation, however, we have evolved without an appetite hormone ‘off switch’ for this sugar, which can lead us to gorge without our body complaining initially. Therefore avoid fruits in large proportions and without the fructose anti dope – the fruits fibre. Leave the juices and smoothies on the shelf, and enjoy 1-2 pieces of whole fruit daily. Berries contain the least fructose, grapes and bananas the greatest. Alcohol is the other thing to be wary of. There is sugar in all alcoholic drinks, some drinks contain a little, others substantial amounts. For example, a 175ml glass of red wine only contains half a teaspoon of sugar whereas a pint of cider contains as much as 5 teaspoons of sugar Alcohol with the least amounts of sugar include red wine. dry white wine, white spirits and whisky.

Alcohol with the greatest amounts of sugar include cider, dessert wine, Baileys & other creamy drinks, tonic water, fizzy drinks and fruit juice. Living a sugar free lifestyle may seem idyllic but unachievable for some. Be reassured that if you eat less sugar tomorrow than you did yesterday you are undoubtedly going in the right direction. If you have a major health problem, are very overweight or diabetic, you have a lot to gain from making these changes. But you may need some help from a qualified nutrition profession to provide personal guidance. Working closely with the Sugar Smart Campaign, backed by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Claire is the author of the acclaimed Sugar Snub Food Guide and Sugar Snub Eating Out Guide.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Expert Advice

Callum Melly

Fasted LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio in the morning is a great way to target burning stored body fat as energy and start your day in a calorie deficit. In order to optimize LISS cardio you want to be working at 60-70% of your maximal heart rate, on average you will burn around 100 calories every 10 minutes if working close to 70% of your maximal heart rate. You can calculate your optimal fat burning zone with the equation below:

Seasonal Motivation As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the Winter; but to be perfectly honest, why should a season determine our health and wellbeing? I think the main issue to address here, especially in the UK is that our winter months can be brutally cold, dark and gloomy. During colder months, our bodies naturally want to keep us warm, it’s a survival instinct, so we are inclined to eat more in order to gather a layer of winter fat to keep us warm. So if we are looking to maintain our summer bodies, we need to ensure we stay active and continue to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet, but how can we stay motivated when the seasons subconsciously affect us both physically and mentally. STAYING ACTIVE BEATS THE BLUES

A lack of sunshine can lead to SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as well as a lack of Vitamin D which can result in depression, energy loss and

220 – your age = maximum heart rate To find 60-70% of 193 you need to multiply 193 by 0.6 and 0.7. For example, Callum is 27 so: 220 – 27 = 193 60% = 193 x 0.6 = 115.8 70% = 193 x 0.7 = 135.1 So Callum’s optimal fat burning zone is between 115.8 and 135.1.

Callum Melly asks why should we let the seasons control our lives and change our approach to health & wellbeing 20

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

in extreme circumstances, rickets. Therefore, I always recommend to my clients supplementing with a good quality Vitamin D supplement, such as The Protein Works “Vitamin D3 Super Strength”. As a nation we tend to accept that it is socially acceptable to do less exercise during the colder wetter months from October through to February, who wants to go out for a run when it’s hammering down with rain or in the blistering cold, or go to the gym before or after work when it’s pitch black? But that’s my point exactly, we should make the effort to stay active and eat healthily, there are the same amount of hours in the day and to be honest, the endorphins that are released during exercise can help to combat SAD and keep you more upbeat during winter. TOP TIPS TO STAY MOTIVATED

In order to stay motivated I recommend the following things: Update your playlist to include upbeat and energetic music.

Track your results (weight and progress pictures) each week to keep yourself focused and motivated upon successful results. Get yourself a training partner and hold each other accountable for your actions or lack of them. Follow a structured exercise and nutrition programme like my “BODY IN 8”, 8 week body and lifestyle transformation programme. You can discover more about “BODY IN 8” at Follow inspirational & motivational personalities on Instagram and connect with health and fitness communities and like-minded people. You can follow me on Instagram/ twitter/facebook at @bodyin8official


People often turn to comfort eating during these colder months, rich and stodgy foods such as Sunday roasts, stew and dumplings are typically British and again can add to that desired layer of body fat that we instinctively want to achieve, and it’s easily achievable due to the ridiculous amount of calories each meal contains. Furthermore, seasonal traditions such as Halloween and Christmas fall in during these autumn and winter months and again, everyone tends to go overboard and think, oh well, I will just wait to New Year to get back into shape. What people forget, or probably don’t even realize is that when we gain weight (body fat) due to a calorie

“Fat cells never disappear, we can burn the stored fat within the cells, but the cells themselves remain”

surplus, we create more fat cells to store fat molecules as energy. Fat cells never disappear, we can burn the stored fat within the cells, but the cells themselves remain. Therefore, if we do gain weight (fat) and then lose weight, it is always possible to gain that weight back and more, due to those extra fat cells being created always being there. Surely this knowledge alone is enough to make you think twice about over indulging? HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR EVERY SEASON

I think we need to reassess how we look at exercising and eating during autumn and winter and make a conscious effort to maintain our exercise and healthy eating regimes. Workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home if you don’t want to drag yourself out of bed at 6am in the cold and dark to venture to the gym. Comfort food can be healthy, how about making a lean mince and sweet potato shepherd’s pie for some postworkout recovery, rather than your

traditional rich and calorific version! What I am trying to say is that there are always healthy alternatives that will get you through these cold and wet months, but more importantly help you to maintain your summer body all year round! My “BODY IN 8” virtual personal training programme is a great way to stay in shape during winter, everything you need from your daily workouts with myself as your PT, to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle tips and advice! The social community on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @ bodyin8official is also a great way to stay connected, inspired, motivated and focused on your goals with likeminded people! Click here to read the full article online to find out more about Callum Melly’s tips for seasonal motivation including his recommendations for At Home Workouts.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Inspiring Places Hannah Fielding is an award-winning romance author who spends 5 months of the year travelling to research her books. Here are her seven top spots around the world which spark the imagination. The tang of salt on a sea breeze, the soulful cry of a flamenco singer, the glint of light on a faraway ocean… creativity is intrinsically linked to memories of place. Here are seven places worldwide that I’ve found to be powerfully inspirational. Sit awhile in one of these spots, and you’ll be flooded with sensations and ideas to infuse a lifetime’s creativity.



Built on a granite promontory on the banks of the Nile, this dark pink Belle Époque-style villa is a place of grandeur and legend. On the magnificent marble terrace overlooking the lush gardens of Elephantine Island, you have a front seat to watch the world go by: lateen sail boats in the morning mist, a barefoot woman filling water jars under the noonday sun, the smoke of little fires rising


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

from the mud-houses into the glorious sunset. Then comes the desert night, which delivers infinity, eternity, romance – all those emotions that feed the muse.



Nowhere else did the Moors create such exuberant splendour than at the Alhambra, an amalgamation of fabulous palaces and a fortress. In the Hall of Ambassadors, decorated in 152 different patterns, how easy it is to conjure up images of Moorish princes holding reception. Or picture the virgins guarded by the magnificent marble heraldic beasts that stand to attention underneath the fountain. Or still the vaulted domes, which look as if the architect was assisted by a swarm of bees. Here, within these silent walls of the Alhambra, the shadows and echoes of the past confront one at every step.







The town overflows with antiquity. The skyline of gentle domes and spires is only the beginning – the winding lanes and ancient buildings around green quads are clear-cut, refined, dream-like. With wonderful outlines meeting the eyes at every turn, the sheer weight and variety of history is overwhelming. Wander from college to college, visit the Bodleian Library, explore the botanic garden, hire a punt on the river, and make your way slowly back to the Old Parsonage Hotel for afternoon tea – a blissful way to spend an afternoon.

Henry Miller once said, ‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ In Yellowstone, I found a new understanding of America – its peoples, its landscapes, its creatures, its history – and everything I saw made me want to pick up my pen and write. The wide expanses of the park left to nature’s will, the juxtaposition of colours from the lakes, the trees and the land, the spectacular power of the Old Faithful geyser, the sense of abandon and freedom… this is The Great Outdoors at its very best. A place of wild beauty, full of the ghosts of thousands of years of history. The little tidal island commune, just off the coast of Normandy, is imbued with an evocatively spiritual air. A climb up to the abbey is a must; the majesty and beauty of the medieval architecture is breath-taking, and it is easy to see why legend tells that Archangel Michael himself commanded that a religious building be erected here. To stand in the abbey is to stand where so many great and reverent souls have stood before: it is deeply moving.



What can be more stirring than taking afternoon tea in a huge treehouse overlooking African elephants moving freely through their habitat? Treetops, of course, is famous as the place where Princess Elizabeth discovered she had acceded to the throne of England in 1954, and that sense of history permeates the hotel. But the most inspiration is to be found beyond the treehouse, on safari. By car, by plane, by hot-air balloon: seeing rugged, wild, beautiful Kenya from the air provides rich fodder for any creative’s imagination.



When I first visited Venice as a young child, I was enchanted by its beauty. I stood in the Piazza St Marco, gazing up at the stunning architecture of Saint Mark’s Basilica, and felt I had somehow entered a fairy-tale world. Then I looked down, and saw the square was overrun by hordes of ugly pigeons. It struck me then that Venice is a city of two faces: that which the tourists flock to admire, and the darker side that is concealed in what Erica Jong called ‘the city of mirages’. Napoleon dubbed the Piazza St Marco the ‘drawing room of Europe’; that is exactly as I see it. The square is my favourite spot for a good dose of humanity. Because as wonderful as it is to travel, both physically and in the imagination, ultimately one must be grounded in reality and find there the beauty amid the mundane. Award-winning author Hannah Fielding grew up in Egypt and has since travelled extensively which has inspired her books. She conjures intense romantic atmospheres that capture the reader alongside well researched historical elements that give the scenes authenticity. Her motto is ‘live life to the full’. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e

Five Tips For Moving Abroad RICHARD WALTON The “Beach Bum” Entrepreneur Richard Walton is the founder of one the world’s most successful social enterprises employing more than 250 people in 40 countries and he has launched a new business – providing virtual PAs to busy professionals in the UK. Interestingly, both his businesses are the result of a beach lifestyle aimed at combating burnout, and a morning routine of surfing... we asked roaming entrepreneur Richard to share his top tips on working abroad.

THE FREEDOM OF THE ENTREPRENEUR For me, one of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is the freedom it gives you to travel and work all over the world. Since setting up GVI age twentyone, I’ve lived in Guatemala, France, England, Spain, Costa Rica and now I’m based in Cape Town where more recently, AVirtual and Deeply Social were born. Of course, no move is stress free - particularly when you’re taking four kids and a dog half way across the globe but to me the positives far outweigh the negatives, both professionally and personally. DON’T JUMP STRAIGHT INTO THE DEEP END Like most things in life, there is no one size fits all. Moving to a different country is not for everyone. Don’t sell your house and all your furniture so you’re left stranded with nowhere to return to. Take a small step first. Rent for six months and see how you get on. It normally takes at least that long, if not a little longer to feel settled in a new place. When my family and I relocated to Costa Rica almost 20 years ago, we knew very little about it as a destination - let alone a home. We decided to just go, explore and see what it was like. Going with a more relaxed mindset takes off some of the pressure and makes it feel more like an extended holiday rather than a huge, life-changing decision. Furthermore, the digital age has made business continuity easier than ever. My two current businesses make the most of this - one offering entrepreneurs a virtual PA service and the other, a virtual social media support team. You can outsource a variety of roles or functions at the click of a button, meaning you can rest easy knowing things are in good hands. MAKE THE MOST OF EXISTING COMMUNITIES The hardest thing about relocating abroad is the culture shock. Don’t be fooled – it still applies to countries where


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

they speak the same language as you! It takes a while to adapt to a new way of life, leaving you feeling quite alone at times. That’s why business groups are so helpful, not just for professional networking but also for making friends and getting advice. I joined EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organisation) here in Cape Town and built some great partnerships and some brilliant friendships. It’s worth researching and joining professional or expat groups before you move, so you already have a community when you arrive. People love to help so whether it’s a kids restaurant recommendation, or a good bank to set up shop, don’t be afraid to ask for words of wisdom when you need them.

Th e r e wa r d s o ft r a v e l LET CHANGE GIVE YOU A FRESH PAIR OF EYES The best thing about making a change in your life is that it forces you to really stop and think about what you’re doing. When you’re in an unfamiliar environment, you stop doing things automatically and actually start paying attention. It’s easy to get too comfortable in your routine and not even realise you’re doing it. Even if you change jobs, but remain in the same city, you’re not really breaking away from habits. You’re probably still going to the same pubs in the evening, mixing with the same people, and returning to the same flat. Moving overseas shakes that all up and it can be unsettling, but it’s incredibly liberating too. Being flexible and able to adapt are key characteristics for any successful entrepreneur. If you can’t change where you do your food shop without panicking, how do you plan to disrupt a whole industry? IMMERSE YOURSELF WHEN YOU GET THERE Before moving to Costa Rica, I’d never really done much exercise or paid any attention to my diet. Upon arriving, much to my shock (and perhaps dismay), the community we found ourselves in was very health conscious. Within a year my lifestyle experienced a complete overhaul - I was eagerly doing regular cleanses, eating raw food and surfing every morning. The environment and people that surround you, more than anything else has a massive

influence on your work/life balance. If you seriously need to put the brakes down on your life and slow down, what’s the point in moving to New York – notoriously known as the city that never sleeps? Work/life balance can be learnt, but it helps if you’re surrounded by people who value their personal lives as much as their careers so their positive influence rubs off on you. DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH While moving to a new country can be dramatic lifestyle change, you may not necessarily feel the impact straight away. Just like if you start working out, it often takes a few months to see the results, when you move to a different country you may find yourself disappointed and thinking nothing’s changed. Persevere – those proverbial washboard abs are on the way. Don’t be disheartened when it’s raining cats and dogs in your new tropical island home. Change is a process and often the most prolific ones take a long time to come into fruition. So, there you have it, my top tips for my fellow entrepreneurs who just can’t shake that pesky travel bug. Travelling is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. Take it from someone who’s done a fair share (with multiple kids, animals and businesses in tow) – it’s worth it. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Walk on the Wight Side HF Holidays organise guided walking holidays & self guided walking breaks as well as inspiring leisure and activity breaks in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Click here to read our review on an outdoor escape to the Isle of Wight.





Founded in 1913, HF Holidays is a co-operative society that has been organising outdoor holidays for over 100 years. HF Holidays has 19 country houses in the UK’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty as well as independent hotels for overseas holidays. Assessed and accredited by VisitBritain, the breaks include transport to and from the walks, experienced leaders and an evening programme of activities.

HF Holidays’ Outdoor Escapes are best suited to anyone of working-age looking to explore the great outdoors. These holidays give you an escape from the 9-5 with a fantastic daily selection of walks and the chance to opt in or out of a mix of relaxing and lively evenings. On a Guided Walking break, you can choose between three guided walks a day that range between easy, medium and difficult each carefully planned by local experts and led by experienced walking leaders.

The Isle of Wight is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, offering a peaceful haven of picture-postcard thatched villages packed with tempting teashops. The island’s glorious 85-mile coastline boasts unspoilt sandy beaches and dramatic white cliffs. Soak up breathtaking views like the gleaming white jagged spires of the Needles, stroll along the chalk downland and the scenic coastal paths, or stretch your legs following the Tennyson Trail.

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

L Fo OC fo ll A Te ots ow L H P n te in IS C a r i e s n y s p s o t h e TO RY rro tle on, f w : ll y a JB ri te on nd r s th Le ei w sla is nd .

SOLO GUIDED WALKING HF Holidays appreciates solo guests may prefer a dedicated holiday for singles only. As well as like-minded company, there’s no extra charges for premium single, and standard twin and double rooms.



The Men’s Thermoball Hoodie (£160) is a versatile mid-weight layer with lofty Thermoball™ insulation to provide consistent warmth even when wet. It effortlessly packs away into its own pocket for convenient travel. A light, durable ripstop shell withstands the rigours of rugged terrain, so you can turn to this hoodie every time. When rain begins to fall, pull over the hood for added protection making it ideal for winter trail adventures.

Freshwater Bay House, located below the chalk cliffs of Tennyson Down is tailored to the needs of walkers offering excellent boot and drying rooms along with three lounges, each offering stunning views across the bay, a comfortable bar and heated outdoor swimming pool open in the warmer months. The hotel has been refurbished, all bedrooms have been given an extensive makeover, with the décor varying between those looking out over the coast and those that face the inland countryside.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


GHOST DRONE 2.0 EHang, founded in 2014, is a Chinese aerial technology company with offices in California, Dusseldorf, Beijing, and Guangzhou and a mission to help shape the way we connect with the sky.


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With my VR headset on, I feel as if I can take to the skies being one with the GHOSTDRONE2.0

EHANG makes the world’s most easily-flown UAV, the GHOSTDRONE 2.0, which uses proprietary tilt control and the EHANG Play app to make drone flight fun and accessible for the masses. EHANG’s GHOSTDRONE products have been sold in over 70 countries, opening the skies to both new and seasoned fliers around the world. In January 2016, the company set its ambitions one step further and launched the EHang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV), the first vehicle ever to offer autonomous human flight over short-to-medium distances. With $52 million in funding and a nearly 300-person team led by executives from Microsoft, DJI and Lenovo, EHANG has established itself as a leader in the competitive drone market and is on the fast track to mass-market success. Here at SLOAN! we took our very own drone to the sky and you can read the full review here. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



CLICK HERE To read more reviews from the SLOAN! team

Gadgets and inspired design to connect you with technology taking you into a high tech future plus the tools to help you create your own projects.

RAZOR HOVERTRAX 2.0 HOVER THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS The only hover board on the market that ‘auto-levels’ for the smoothest possible ride, the much anticipated HoverTrax 2.0 hits UK stores this November. It’s exclusive EverBalance™ technology, it has been issued UL 2272 electrical safety certification and features UL listed lithium ion battery packs with LG cells for a seamless rider experience. Available in black, white and red colourways from Harrods, Toys R Us, Argos and Smyths at £399.99



POWER UP YOUR XMAS This 18v cordless drill and driver is the perfect staple item for all keen DIYers. With precision 10mm keyless chuck, powerful robust motor, 15 torque settings, forward/reverse gear and more. Available from Amazon, £24.86

WASH AWAY THE WINTER Lightweight and portable, the Kärcher K4 Full Control pressure washer is the ideal product for tackling your outdoor cleaning tasks. With a Full Control trigger gun and easy access to a range of innovative tools housed in the machine for any outdoor job from patios to decking. £219.99,

SOLDERING TOOL KIT FESTIVE FUSING The set includes a 30W soldering iron with a long reach tip which heats to high temperature and a 10W glue gun with two glue sticks, pistol grip with trigger mechanism and a helping hand magnifier. Available from Amazon £15.95

INSTA 360 NANO CAPTURE YOUR MEMORIES Take incredible 360-degree selfies and capture special moments with friends and family with the affordable Insta360 Nano, the world’s first mobile panoramic and VR video camera to shoot and live-stream perfect HD 360-degree stills and video directly from your iPhone. The compact, sleek camera simply clips onto iPhone 7 or 6 models. Share images and videos instantly on Twitter and Facebook. The Insta360 packaging even converts into a Google Cardboard VR viewer, to instantly experience immersive video masterpieces. £199.00, Amazon.

GHOST DRONE 2.0 CONNECTING HUMANS AND SKY TOGETHER The GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR offers a more user friendly flying experience. It features an integrated 4K spherical camera and innovative virtual reality goggles, which consumers can use to see from their drone’s perspective or change the camera angle, simply by tilting their head up or down. Combined with EHANG’s signature Tilt Control, which allows users to steer their drone simply by tilting their phone, the new GHOSTDRONE 2.0 is the closest most users will get to mistake proof flying. EHANG drones have been specifically developed to allow users the ability of easily capturing outstanding video and photos rather than spending hours becoming world class pilots. The GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR is available in the UK £829 and across Europe

MSA 120 CHAINSAW LOGS FOR THE CHRISTMAS FIRE Large, heavy to use chainsaws are a thing of the past thanks to the new, lightweight STIHL Compact Cordless System chainsaw, perfect for pruning small branches around your garden or cutting logs for the fire. The STIHL MSA 120 C-BQ cordless chainsaw packs a real punch. The compact, lightweight cordless chainsaw weighs in at a mere 3.7 kg (including battery) and with a run time of up to 35 minutes, you can comfortably work uninterrupted with the chainsaw to prune several smaller trees in one go or cut enough firewood to replenish your log store. It’s ultra quiet so you can comfortably work for extended periods with no ear defenders and without the worry of disturbing the neighbours. £249, find your nearest stockist at

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The Hideaways Club Through collective ownership of exclusive holiday residences, The Hideaways Club combines luxury property investment with a travel lifestyle for discerning travellers Since its inception, The Hideaways Club has grown steadily, largely through the recommendation of existing Members. The private investment Club brings together financial investment and a luxury travel lifestyle, offering multiple second homes without the management hassles of direct proprietorship. HOW IT WORKS The Hideaways Club was founded in 2006 by Stephen Wise, a former Bain & Company Senior Management Consultant, Helmut Schön, a former Corporate Financier with Merrill Lynch and UBS and Mike Balfour OBE, founder of Fitness First. Two Property Funds, Classic and City, offer a diverse selection of exquisite villas, chalets and apartments in the world’s most sought-after destinations. Membership of The Hideaways Club unlocks more than the properties themselves - members enjoy the services of a Personal Concierge, in-depth local knowledge and invitation-only member events. YOUR LOCAL CONCIERGE One of the privileges of being a Member of The Hideaways Club is having to do nothing but to arrive and enjoy. Your Local Concierge will have your home ready for your arrival and will be waiting to greet you. There’s nothing better than coming home to a well-stocked fridge safe in the knowledge that all housekeeping has been taken care of. Your Concierge will relish sharing their tips on things to see and do during your stay - ensuring your stay is one to remember. The Hideaways Club’s international team are each selected for his or her care, knowledge and attention to detail.


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LUXURY VILLA & CHALETS The Classic Property Fund consists of spacious four-to-five-bedroom luxury villas and chalets. While these properties are secluded enough to be considered hideaways, they are within easy reach of the town centre and local attractions. Investment in the Classic Property Fund ranges from £88,000 to £230,000. LUXURY CITY APARTMENTS The second Property Fund, includes luxury city apartments located in the heart of some of the world’s most vibrant cities. Investment in the City Property Fund ranges from £69,500 to £127,000.

DISCERNING TRAVELLERS The exclusive membership includes like-minded discerning travellers from the worlds of business, finance, sport, media and fashion - all of whom expect high standards and discretion when it comes to their leisure time.

KENSINGTON GARDENS Kensington Gardens London is The Hideaways Club beautiful luxury penthouse apartment offering views of the stunning Kensington Gardens and Palace. Click here to read our review.

Luxury City Apartment Potsamer Platz, Berlin, Germany

Luxury Chalet Etoile, Nendaz, Switzerland

Luxury Villa Ombak, Lembongan, Indonesia

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e

From Heart Attack To Six Pack MARCO ROBINSON CEO & Model

Marco Robinson is an award winning businessman with multiple international brands, including Naked Travel, NKDb Cosmetics, Naked Restaurant and bar. He is a number 1 bestselling author of two books, an award winning speaker and winner of the People’s Choice Best Real Estate Investment Company 2015. Following a heart attack at 29 due to an unhealthy lifestyle and poor work-life balance, Marco realised he desperately needed to change and quit his job to become his own boss. Here’s his tips on how to balance a hectic work life with good health.

There is no doubt that a significant amount of my success has come down to my good health. By ensuring that I prioritise my wellbeing above anything else I sleep well, I beat jet lag, have boundless energy and still feel young. This keeps me at the top of my game and able to perform at work and I cannot see myself slowing down any time soon. Don’t get me wrong, achieving such a balance when you run multiple companies, with all the inevitable stresses and strains that come along with such responsibilities is no easy feat but by following a few simple rules, it is a far easier path to tread. CREATE A MORNING ROUTINE Regardless of where I am in the world and how busy my day is looking, I ensure I stick to the same morning routine. I wake up, make a cup of tea and turn on Classical FM. This is my time alone where I collect my thoughts and set my intentions for the day. Then, after preparing my mind I prepare my body by running for 45 minutes, either on a treadmill or outside. Four days a week I also incorporate weight training. Running gets my blood pumping and energises me, it increases my metabolism substantially allowing me more flexibility with eating whilst weight training keeps my muscles and bones strong. This is hugely important for long-term physical wellbeing. By giving myself this time to prepare both my mind and my body I always feel ready for whatever the day has to offer and I know that I am looking after my long term health as well. FUEL YOUR DAY RIGHT There is a well known saying that ‘an army runs on its stomach’, in fact, we all do and ensuring you are fuelled with quality energy in the morning is vital. This means a balanced meal rich in protein, think eggs or Greek yogurt


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

as well as healthy fats from nut butters, for instance, and energy from wholegrains and fruit. Rather than a latte and pastry, or worse, nothing at all, this good start to the day will ensure that you can focus when you get to work. As a businessman with a full schedule, it is often difficult to ensure that you will get the opportunity for a healthy meal later on so it is even more important to prioritise breakfast. Furthermore, by having a healthful morning, you are far more likely to continue the good efforts for the rest of the day.

Go o d TRAVEL WITH A HEALTH GAME PLAN It is easier to stick to your health goals when you are at home and in a familiar routine but all too easy to let this slide when you are travelling, spending time on and off planes and staying in hotels with the breakfast buffet and room service. More than any other time, it is when you are travelling that it is most crucial to stick to your health plan. By doing so you will be able to reduce jetlag, feel more grounded and ultimately in a better place to work efficiently. Whenever possible I suggest you arrive at your destination with enough time to rest before any important meetings. If this means arriving the day before, so that you can get a full night’s sleep, so be it. We now live in such a connected world that it is possible to take that extra time away from the office without your work suffering and by doing so you will prevent yourself from becoming stressed or fatigued from work travel. QUIT THE EXCUSES Meals out and drinks are integral to modern working life. Closing a deal often happens over lunch and celebrating work successes often means drinks out. These sorts of occasions can happen on a weekly, if not daily basis. If

He a l th

you decide to ditch the health plan and ‘treat’ yourself to those chips, that extra glass of wine, the cheese course at every one of these occasions, it really can leave you feeling sluggish. Restaurants will often have grilled meats on the menu and sides of green vegetables that will make for a delicious healthy meal and when you are struggling to find a healthy option, just ask. Drinks can sometimes be more difficult to navigate, but if you feel you cannot pass on every alcoholic drink, at least match each one with a glass of water and you will reap the benefits. KEEP YOUR HEALTH TO YOURSELF Trust me, the moment a colleague gets wind that you are trying to be healthy they will go to great lengths to derail your efforts. All too often this is to mitigate their own guilt for being unhealthy. This is useful to keep in mind but it will still make sticking to your own goals more difficult if you are being coaxed into that piece of office birthday cake or just one more drink. I suggest that you do not mention you are trying to be good. In this instance, merely saying that you do not fancy it and changing the subject will suffice. Saying less, in this circumstance, is more. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams





ONE FOR ALL WIRELESS HDMI SENDER (SV1760) Want to watch TV in HD on a second screen anywhere in the home - wirelessly? This nifty gadget transmits an interference-free signal from any A/V device with an HDMI output, including Sky, Virgin and Freeview boxes and Blu-ray players, to another TV or home cinema projector. So you can stream Full HD & 3D up to a radius of 30 metres. Available on the One For All web shop, as well as Amazon. £199.99

1 3

ROCKTAILS As the Christmas party season approaches Rocktails are on hand with the perfect gift for any cocktail lover. These botanical cocktails can be enjoyed alcohol-free or with a dash of your favourite tipple. Recipe cards for inspiration are included along with a vintage coupe glass and two blends of your choice. Available at Selfridges and independent retailers nationwide. £19.99 from

HALLMARK ITTY BITTYS Itty Bittys are Hallmarks plush toy collection. They have ranges for various Film/TV series including, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars and Wizard of Oz. They also have Santa and Rudolf itty bittys for Christmas. From £5.99 available from Amazon.

4 MAUI JIM PILOT FRAMES These frames offer a contemporary twist on a classic aviator design in gold and bronze tones. Available from Sunglasses Hut and leading high street retailers for £225



The first ever scented candle from Rococo has a subtle fragrance of chocolate inspired by their exotic Madagascar 64% single estate dark chocolate, renowned for its red berry & citrus notes. A sophisticated luxurious experience of rich chocolate notes with comforting cocoa and warm vanilla base notes. The candle comes in a custom made Eau de Nil coloured glass, tissue wrapped in its own gift box. £37.50 from Rococo Home Collection.



The Original Satchel Store has launched a brand new range of customisable options to ensure your bag makes the ultimate personal statement. With more than a dozen colours, the new choices include adding an extra-long strap, carry handle, magnetic fasteners, detachable strap, shoulder pad and even backpack straps. Bags can be embossed with up to four letters making your bag one of a kind reflecting your individuality. Made entirely in England, each hand-crafted bag features a solid brass zip, leather identity tag, featuring The Original Satchel Store’s instantly recognisable Omega logo, sturdy brass feet and an integral interior pocket – perfect for holding all your everyday essentials. From



SEED AND BEAN ULTIMATE HAMPER A handmade wicker basket with 1 each of all Seed and Bean bars plus 1 each of the 4 Bar Gift Boxes; awardwinning, ethical, fair-trade, handmade British chocolate. £65 available from



VOYA ESSENTIAL GIFT SETS Our favourite is the Essentials for Relaxation Gift Set with extracts of Evening Primose and Argan Oils for the ultimate relaxing bath time treats £49.50 from



Hozelock’s Cloud Controller is a home automated watering system which allows you to water your garden through a refreshingly easy-to-use App. Whether you’re at work or on holiday, the Cloud Controller will allow you to effortlessly water your garden via your smartphone. Because most people like to water at dawn or dusk, Hozelock’s Sensor Controller range automatically adjusts the time your garden will be watered as the seasons change. Hozelock Cloud Controller: £114.99,


This Christmas there is no better gift for fans of The Who and lovers of Champagne than the limited edition Champagne Cuvée Roger Daltrey gift set. The exclusive Champagne has been created in association with Eminent Life ( to celebrate 50 years of The Who. This stunning gift hamper includes a bottle of the exclusive Champagne and two sleek glasses with the iconic branding of The Who bullseye, all encased in a bespoke black box with intricate silver engravings. The gift set is available through Eminent Life at a price of £125.00. A percentage of proceeds from all sales of the champagne and gift boxes will go to Teen Cancer America.



Invented in 2011 by former Jet Ski world champion Franky Zapata, this is the world’s newest and craziest extreme water sport! Flyboarding came into being using Jet Ski equipment to create these futuristic feet water propulsion devices, a truly unique way to mess about on the water! Use the propulsion device to fly through the water or propel yourself up above the water. You will be given a full safety briefing, then a 30 minute one to one session with the instructor encompassing 25 minutes actual time on the Flyboard. Your instructor will be on hand to help where he can throughout your experience, so you can make the most out of your session. If you love it that much, and we think you will, you will have the opportunity to purchase extra time on the day. £129,





KONIG WATERPROOF ACTION CAMERA No matter where you are, be it soaring through the skies or rafting on trechorous rapids just mount the lightweight action camera with built-in microphone on your helmet or bike and capture all the action. Whether it concerns snowboarding, skydiving, rafting or a quiet walk in the woods, this beaut will preserve your memories for holiday after holiday helping you share your trips with your loved ones. It has HD video resolution to easily shoot razor sharp images. And it’s ready for all your thrills and spills with a fully waterproof housing up to a depth of 60m plus it has a rechargeable battery. £45 available from

SPARKLE THIS CHRISTMAS Martin Katz is renowned for his exquisite taste and an unparalleled eye for transforming precious and semi-precious stones into dramatic, couture quality works of art. His name is synonymous with red carpet glamour, having been worn by everyone from Angelina Jolie to Jessica Biel. His passion and appreciation for rare, exceptional diamonds and precious stones comes across in thoughtfully crafted designs and are hallmarks of his expertise and sophistication. Spoil your loved one this Christmas.


In time for Christmas, Parisian publishers Éditions des Saints Pères are releasing 1,000 limited-edition manuscript copies of Jane Eyre, written in Charlotte Brontë’s own hand. Bibliophiles can now own a copy of the final manuscript which Brontë submitted to her publishers in 1847. Printed from the only existing ‘fair copy’ held in the British Library, this hand-bound manuscript is illustrated with beautiful etchings and presented in a deluxe slipcase. Brontë’s elegant handwriting and thoughtful edits showcase the author’s genius and determination. The fair copy is neat, with most notable revisions and corrections centred around her portrayal of Jane’s encounters with Mr Rochester and written under Brontë’s pen name ‘Currer Bell’. Pre-order for £229 from www. editionsdessaintsperes. ANCESTRY DNA

What do you get the person who has it all this Christmas? How about the chance to discover the unique stories hidden in their DNA? AncestryDNA can show you a side to your identity you were never aware of, help reveal unknown ancestors or even find some living relatives to add to your Christmas card list. With a simple spit-test, AncestryDNA provides a personal ethnicity estimate, showing where your ancestors came from 500-1000 years ago, from 26 separate worldwide populations. The test can also match you with people who share some of the same DNA as you, helping you find relatives you never even knew you had. £79 from




CORNISH BED COMPANY Developed by the Cornish Bed Company, the bespoke dog beds are hand cast using Victorian construction techniques at their factory in Par, Cornwall. Starting at £895, the beds can be made from 11 of the company’s range of cast bed styles, and include an upholstered base made from wood and coconut fibres. (Photo credit: Steven Haywood)



MYZONE is a revolutionary waterproof sports wearable integrated into a sports bra that tracks your work-out effort. Instead of tracking fitness, MYZONE marks you on effort, this means you might finish behind Laura Trott in a race, but work harder than her in that race and the accompanying app makes you the winner – this makes it massively motivational for anyone wanting to take part in any sport. MYZONE Physical Activity MZ-3 Belt £129.99 and MYZONE Sports Bra £49.99, both available from


CHIVAS REGAL ULTIS Chivas Regal Ultis, the first blended malt Scotch whisky from the House of Chivas, is an uncompromising and visionary expression of Chivas’ inimitable style; the ideal drink for the discerning gent. Launched in tribute to the passion and dedication of five generations of Master Blenders, Chivas Regal Ultis uses only five of the most precious, signature single malts from Speyside, Scotland, to create a luxury whisky with complex flavours, a glorious golden hue and a commanding, rich aroma. Only 1% of the casks from the Chivas Brothers inventory are hand-selected by the expert blending team before being distilled exclusively in copper pot stills. Chivas Regal Ultis captures the essence of the smooth and generous character of Chivas Regal’s signature style. £180, Harrods



The Fine Cheese Co. Festive Cheese Hamper showcases their Festive Partners and the classic cheeses that they match: Vacherin Mont D’or accompanied by Damsons in Gin, Richard III Wensleydale partnered by the fruit-cake tasting Festive Toast, Sour Cherry, Cranberry Compôte with some great Cheddar, and Port, Blood Orange & Pomegranate Jelly with Colston Bassett Stilton. £125,

ELEPHANT GIN CASE Elephant Gin has created an exclusive, handmade leather travel bag, containing all the kit needed for adventurous cocktails on the move. The strictly limited edition bag will be available exclusively at Selfridges £270. 15% of their proceeds going to elephant protection to help ensure that these beautiful creatures survive and thrive for many generations to come. Please visit for more information.



G’Vine Gin is a French small batch gin distilled in the Cognac region. G’Vine Floraison is a fresher gin, with smooth and vibrantly floral undertones whereas G’Vine Nouaison is slightly bolder and embodies the spice and intensity of the luscious berry flavour of the grape. £38, Oddbins and other fine spirit retailers.

Vauxhall D R I V E LIK E YOU ME A N IT

Rob Wilson is instrumental in carving split seconds from the lap times and so here at SLOAN! we decided to check out whether his expertise could help us shave a few seconds off a lap at Bruntingthorpe

“The cars have an unbelievably hard time out on our track, as drivers try to beat my lap time, so I need to know that they’re not going to break, or do something unexpected when we’re cornering at over 100mph.” Rob Wilson 40 0771 547 4602 SLOAN! | Call us on

Rob Wilson is possibly one of the most important players in Formula One racing that you’ve never heard of because his expertise and knowledge are imparted behind the scenes with some of the world’s top racing drivers. Based at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in South Leicestershire, Rob is instrumental in carving split seconds from the lap times of at least 12 drivers on the current grid, and his key training weapon is... a standard Vauxhall Astra. Here at SLOAN! we were put to the test to see if we could shave seconds off our score and boy did we do that! We were wowed when Rob remarked that ‘some of the best drivers in the world have trained here, in a Vauxhall Astra, and they can’t find fault’! Durability is a key reason why Rob

has mainly opted for Vauxhalls over the last 16 years of coaching prodrivers though the reasons don’t stop there. Vauxhall cars are engineered to be predictable and safe in all sorts of driving situations – even the extreme sorts that Rob puts them through. For example, having a car that won’t step out of line half way through a fast bend, if the driver lifts off the throttle, is vital during his training. But on a slightly more prosaic note, having a car that’s comfortable and has a good driving position for drivers of all shapes and sizes is important too – and Vauxhall cars are top-notch here. When Rob took on the latest Astras at the start of this year, he instantly saw a three-second improvement to the lap times set by his ‘students’. Could we improve with just one day with Rob? Click here to read the full review.

“The Vauxhalls will do everything that an F1 car does dynamically, just at a far lower speed, which allows me to explain the physics behind what the car is doing out on the track in real time, which I’d never manage in a performance car.” Rob Wilson

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Sofitel London St James

See & Be Seen

The Balcon brasserie in Sofitel London St James is the place to eat, to drink, to see and be seen enjoying fusion cuisine by Matt Greenwood Located within Sofitel London St James, The Balcon’s architecture and structure of the historic grade II listed building complement the master strategy originally laid down by John Nash for his Regent Street urban plan 100 years earlier.

Formerly the banking hall of Cox’s and King’s, this grade II listed building strikes a fascinating balance between old world elegance and modern design.

The interior of the 100 cover brasserie is intricately designed with double height ceilings and majestic columns set with gilt and marble, oak and ebony banded wooden flooring, a bespoke finely weaved wire chandelier, tan leather and mahogany dining chairs with resintopped tables, foxed glass mirrors and arched windows reaching to the ceiling overlooking Waterloo Place and Pall Mall framed by silk drapes and bronzes of dogs. Matt Greenwood, previously at the pinnacle of pioneering London

Built in keeping with John Nash’s Regent Street development plan, all buildings in this exclusive neighbourhood are protected as listed buildings. As such Sofitel London St James has retained many original architectural features, while adding a hint of modern luxury. Designed by E. Keynes Purchase in association with Durward Brown, construction of the original building was completed in 1923. Sofitel has taken great care to create a unique 5-star hotel that lives up to its exceptional location. From the sumptuous dining at The Balcon hotel restaurant and luxurious breakfast service to the stylish bedrooms and luxury bathroom toiletries from Hermès, everything at Sofitel London St James reminds guests they are in the lap of luxury just moments away from Piccadilly and Regent Street. Click here to read our review.


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eateries, Blixen, Smokehouse, Caravan, Kopapa and Providores, made it his mission since joining The Balcon in December 2015, to demonstrate his dedication for flavoursome ingredients when crafting each of the dishes on the menu. His dishes are culinary artistry befitting of the reputation he has built up over the years. Matt’s extensive experience of cooking for different cultures is evident in the menu he has designed for The Balcon, ensuring his guests enjoy a wide range of dishes that reflect his love of fusion cooking but also his ability to preserve elements of The Balcon’s more traditional adoration of the French cuisine. 8 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5NG

Central to the brasserie is the Champagne Balcony showcases a dedicated, temperature-controlled champagne cellar above and tasting podium below. Since opening in 2011, the Champagne Balcony at The Balcon has become renowned for being one of London’s most romantic spots on Valentine’s Day, with a marriage proposal taking place every year @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


expert advice

How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy This Winter

Autumn and winter is a time when viruses are on the prowl, but if we take some precautions early, we can ward off those nasty cold and flu symptoms and be in amazing shape for the party season. Here are Jodie Brandman’s top tips for a healthy winter immune system 1. EAT MORE GARLIC This may sound a little odd, but believe it or not, garlic is antibacterial and one of natures’ most potent antibiotics. Adding a couple of cloves to your meals can really help toughen your insides up, and if you’re brave enough, adding raw garlic into a morning green smoothie can be doubly as effective.

Jodie Brandman

Jodie Brandman BSc DipION, is a Nutritional Therapist and founder of Sweetly Simple. Whilst at university she learnt about macrobiotics which change her outlook towards food. She learnt about the healing properties of food and how the body loves balance. From there, she went on to study functional medicine and qualify as a nutritional therapist, which opened her eyes to how healing really occurs. Over the past few years Jodie has experimented with different dietary approaches and is now enjoying a plant-based lifestyle, which forms the basis of her work. Jodie says, “Although the cold months seem perfect to cozy up with hot chocolate and marshmallows, sugary foods can actually put a big strain on our immune system and prevent it from fighting infection effectively. If you want to really feel your best, now is the time to switch to healthier comfort foods and more natural sweeteners like fruit, coconut sugar, honey or dates.”

Sweating not only helps to release toxins from our system but being active 30 minutes a day 3 to 4 times a week has been shown to directly boost the immune system. 44

2. SEEK OUT PROBIOTICS With around 80% of our immune system in our gut, looking after our tummy is vital. Good bacteria found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, or in a good probiotic supplement can help strengthen our gut and in turn prepare it for dealing with any bugs that may come its way. 3. ADD IN TUMERIC This yellow spice has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine for its powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties. To give your body some ancient love, try adding the powder into your food, or making “golden lattes” with the grated fresh root. 4. STAY HYDRATED Whilst it may not seem as important to drink water in the cold season compared to the summer months, water is vital for flushing viruses and other toxins out your body. Aim for 1-2 litres of water a day, preferably filtered and at room temperature for a gentle effect on your digestive system. 5. HAVE EXTRA VITAMIN C It’s well known that vitamin C is essential to fight any infection and kill off a cold, but rather than getting medication, you can turn to natural fruits and vegetables to provide you with a healthy dosage. Dark leafy greens, peppers, citrus fruits and tomatoes are high in vitamin C, or add an extra strength superfood powder to your morning shakes, like camu camu or goji berry. 6. UP THE GINGER Ginger is fantastic if you have stomach issues or feel a sore throat coming on. It can also encourage perspiration, meaning that it can help you sweat out any toxins a little better. Try grating ginger into your meals or smoothies, or even steep a inch of the fresh root into some hot water for a nourishing tea. 7. ADD HEALING HERBS & MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS Reishi, Siberian Ginseng, Chaga and Echinacea are all fantastic herbs that have been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. They are rich in antioxidants, and some of the chemical compounds have even been found to directly stimulate the immune system, fighting infections in the body. You can find these herbs either in tincture or powder form that you can add into drinks or food. These herbs also have fantastic skin enhancing qualities. 8. MAKE SURE YOU’RE SLEEPING Sleep is a time when our bodies repair and detoxify, so making sure you have enough sleep is just as important as getting good nutrition into your life. Aim for about 8 hours sleep a night and try to avoid any screens or stimulating environments for at least half an hour before you go to bed for maximum restoration.

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Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700 Perfect for those dark winter mornings and for SAD sufferers, this wake-up light alarm clock with sleep technology offers a high quality light and audio experience for easier sleep and brighter waking. Key innovations for Lumie Bodyclock Luxe include a lowblue light feature which makes the light non-alerting helping you to drift off to a good night’s sleep. It delivers a particularly high quality light experience with an extra smooth sunset and sunrise and is complemented by a premium audio experience with Bluetooth® for music streaming and has a USB port. You can select one of 20 sleep and wake-up sounds including white noise, set your desired sunrise light intensity and the length of your sunset and sunrise. £170,

Withings Activité Steel Activity tracking helps you move more, feel better, and sleep better but only if the tracker doesn’t get in the way of your life. Withings conceived Activité Steel using their vision of a smartwatch thats with you for the long haul. You can run, walk, swim, or dance the night away without your phone. There’s no charging and no button to press — Activité Steel automatically tracks everything via the patented Connected Movement™ Technology and syncs the info to the Health Mate app to give you in-depth metrics with clear color-coded graphs that show all your moves — from sleep cycle analysis to calories burned. We love the silent alarm feature that wakes you and not your partner with gentle vibration. The minimalist design is stylish and timeless with a choice of coloured silicone straps to fit your personality. €169.95,

Theradome The Theradome laser helmet was developed by a former NASA biomedical engineer, Tamim Hamid, who himself suffered from thinning hair. FDA cleared for the treatment of hair thinning in women, Theradome has 80 custom made phototherapy lasers similar to a clinical laser therapy machine and totally portable. The laser phototherapy works by flooding the scalp with light at a specific wavelength and power to increase blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle. The lasers penetrate the hair shaft to repair the damaged tissue that can lead to hair loss, it reawakens dormant hair follicles and makes existing follicles bigger, to stop hair falling out. Here at SLOAN! we are testing out a unit on male hair loss and will report back our findings shortly. £749, @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Selected By SLOAN!

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WILLIAM L 1985 Emerging in the stylish world of watches in 2015, this young brand is the brainchild of Guillaume Laidet who was inspired by a vintage 1950s chronograph watch inherited from his grandfather to create affordable yet high quality beautiful watches for his friends and discerning watch lovers. From its humble beginnings on Kickstarter, William L 1985 is making a name for itself not just in France but here in the UK too. We love the stylish Bicolore Vintage Chronograph with its Japanese Myota quartz movement and 1950s inspired design with tachymeter scale, telemeter, hand applied indexes and double domed glass. â‚Ź189,


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THE NORTH FACE THERMOBALL JACKET Lofty yet packable, The North Face Thermoball™ Jacket is a versatile mid-weight layer built to withstand unpredictable winter weather. Thermoball™ is a form of Primaloft synthetic insulation designed to mimic the insulating properties and compressibility of goose down. Thermoball™ insulation provides unwavering warmth even when wet - ideal for winter adventures - and allows you to effortlessly compress the jacket into its own pocket. The light ripstop shell is durable, so you can rely on it when navigating rugged terrain. When the intensity peaks, unzip the jacket and let in a cool blast of air. £150,


OMEGA VSJ843 SLOW JUICER If you want to get a special someone something a bit special this Christmas and they are enthusiastic about starting 2017 in a healthy way, look no further than the Omega VSJ843 Slow Juicer with the highest juice yield on the market. Giving less pulp in the juice than any other juicer, the Omega VSJ843 Slow Juicer juices a wide range of fruit and vegetables from apples to zuccini and everything in between including making greens juicing much quicker with easier clean up. From the toughest ​ wheatgrass to the softest berries, this slow juicer is the best all-rounder and has an auto-clean design ensuring you won’t have to spend too long with your hands in the washing up bowl leaving your manicure party-ready! £399,


BRAUN SERIES 9 This award-winning electric shaver is Braun’s most advanced yet to give a more thorough shave than ever before with unparalleled skin comfort. The Series 9 uses SynchroSonic technology and is the first shaver from Braun with four specialised cutting elements: which combined provide the most efficient and comfortable shave ever from Braun. The new HyperLift&Cut trimmer lifts and cuts flat lying hairs. The Direct&Cut trimmer aligns and cuts hairs growing in different directions. The unique OptiFoil captures stubborn hairs and even the shortest stubble. The synergy of four perfectly synchronised cutting elements amplified by sonic technology delivers 40,000 crosscutting actions per minute to capture different types of hair for your closest shave yet thanks to top notch German engineering. £197,



Spend less ironing and more time doing the things you love with the PerfectCare Elite Silence, proven to be the fastest and most powerful steam generator to date. Its OptimalTEMP technology works to give you an easier, faster and safer ironing experience. There’s no need to pre-sort your ironing, adjust the settings or wait for the iron to heat up or cool down. Guaranteed no burns on all ironable garments, so there’s no scorching your most precious clothes, and with silent steam technology its super quiet yet ultra-powerful. £400 available from Amazon.


PARKER INGENUITY DELUXE This is the next generation of pens from Parker’s timeless collection. Parker Ingenuity uses breakthrough innovation to capture the prestige and style of a fountain pen with the simplicity of a rollerball. Using Parker’s patented 5TH Technology, so-named because it offers a brand new and alternative writing tool, Parker Ingenuity adapts to match the natural angles of each user’s handwriting to produce flawless, smooth strokes. The tip produces a bold, clear rendering that won’t skip or scratch on the page. Fast drying ink prevents hand smudging, so penmanship stays crisp and beautiful. Check out

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Theo Randall



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SLOAN! Magazine talks to Theo Randall, the acclaimed chef and one of the UK’s most respected specialists in Italian cuisine. S What are your favourite dishes? If I had to choose a desert island meal it would be poached langoustine T with just oil and sea salt, then a plate of fine taglierini pasta with garlic and white truffle, and my favourite main would have to be a roasted grouse. I absolutely love game. Then my favourite cheese is gorgonzola naturale and I’d have that with a Cox’s Orange Pippin apple and a bowl of cherries. In summer I would eat red mullet or seabream – I love seabream. What ingredients are you looking

S forward to this Autumn/Winter?

On the menu we have lots of squash.

T Truffles – white truffles are coming

into season to join the black truffles. Mushrooms - chanterelles and porcini. For a chef who was using asparagus earlier in the year, now they see courgettes and peppers and mushrooms and slow cooked dishes with loads of flavour and you look at the ingredients and design your dishes around them. Which four people dead or alive

S would you have for Sunday lunch? Stevie Wonder. Elizabeth David T (I cooked for her). The footballer Steven Gerrard (he’s a god!). I’d also like to have a designer like Alvar Aalto who was an amazing architect and furniture designer… I’d get him to bring the tables and chairs!


In a parallel universe, what job would you do if you couldn’t be a chef?

I think I would have to be someone T who made things. When I was a kid I used to love to make things from metal and I ended up doing metalwork at school. At one point I wanted to do metalwork sculpture. I like to please people and make them happy and I also like to be creative and make things and that’s why I went into food. I enjoy making things, anything creative. I certainly wouldn’t be an accountant! Are you a cat person or a dog

S person?

I’m a dog person. But I do like cats. I

T like all animals but I love dogs very

much. Always had dogs. In the past we had bearded collies. At the moment I have two Labradors which we got as puppies – two girls. Where are your favourite places to

S eat in London?

I usually will go out on Sundays.

T I love Chinese food. I like to go to

Mayfair Garden on North Audley Street. We get a big table and get stuck in having dim sum. I like Greenbury Café on Regents Park Road which is one of the few places that accept dogs… you go in there and there are dogs everywhere! You can have your dog under the table and they give the dogs treats. They do the best kedgeree that I’ve ever tasted! Another place on Regents Park Road I go to is Lemonia which is a Greek restaurant – its always packed and does great food. Then there’s a little place in Hampstead called Jin Kichi which is a Japanese restaurant I really like. They do some of the best sashimi and lovely yakitori on the barbecue that’s really good. There are loads of more top end restaurants but for me on a normal day off these restaurants are all good value for money. At Jin Kichi they cook it at the bar in front of you and it’s a very nice way of eating. I think it’s really nice when you can see the action in the kitchen… that’s important when you’re in a restaurant you want to see how it looks, how it smells, the noises, the whole ambience. You recently attempted to create

S Giantipasti - the world’s biggest

antipasti board - at ASK Italian. What is it about sharing food that connects people? I think it’s very important that food

T is a social thing particularly now

in the UK This is particularly the case with Italian food. You enjoy the antipasti course, the salumi, the cheese, the vegetables… and very much a social moment. As they say in Italy “pasta waits for nobody”. It makes it much more sociable sharing food and I think that’s so @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


important… it’s about sharing, it’s about having people over for dinner. You put something out before the first course and it gets the conversation going. It just makes everything much more relaxed and joyous.


How does that link with the casual dining concept as you’ve just launched a new restaurant, Theo’s Simple Italian, which focuses on less formal dining?

The thing about all Italian food is that it is very T much about the old saying “less is more”. It’s about wonderful ingredients that you don’t have to do too much to or use lots of different cooking methods, antipasti is a great example of this. For instance if I have friends round for Sunday lunch, I will go and buy some salami, some really nice cheeses, make some focaccia and a tomato salad. It’s what I’ve also tried to create in the restaurant – that feeling of homeliness and something people can do at home. We generate an interest in food and sharing food and that is very much the Italian way.


Going back to that idea of letting the ingredients speak for themselves, is that one of the reasons why you are so drawn to Italian food?

It’s the kind of style I like, the kind of food I’ve grown T up with. I love ingredients and I think it’s important when you see food on a plate you actually recognise the ingredients and that’s what I like.


Your latest cookbook, My Simple Italian, contains your favourite Italian dishes using simple methods that work in a home kitchen. Why is that important to you?

I believe everybody should know how to cook. If you T know how to cook and become more educated about food then you will be able to appreciate how food is prepared and the time that goes into it. How do you think people’s approach to food and

S particularly Italian food has changed over the years? People are more educated when it comes to food T these days and if you are aware of that as a chef then you will have a successful restaurant. People know more about food and their standards are higher than they used to be. Part of that is because of travel and the way budget airlines have made it cheaper and easier for people to travel to places like Bologna or Turin for a weekend and experience regional foods. And you look at how Italian food has become a staple part of people’s diets here in the UK. You’ll cook some pasta in the evening rather than make a steak and kidney pie. Food has changed a lot – I think it has changed for the better. People are much more aware of what ingredients are, seasonality and sustainability are big things now and I think that’s a really good thing that we are much more aware of food. People are very educated now about food and know what they want when they go out to restaurants. People’s expectations are higher and they have standards and if you cook at home you reach a standard yourself. Tell us more about your role as an expert friend at

S ASK Italian.

My role is to create good dishes and good feedback

T about how everything works. I think its very 50

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

important to see things in a different way and always ask people’s opinions even if it’s negative. That’s the only way you will improve. I always see a positive in a negative... every cloud has a silver lining. You have to be very positive about things. For example ASK Italian don’t have a pizza oven at the new restaurant in Gloucester Arcade in Kensington but they use a really good pizza stone, cooking their pizzas on stone using semolina flour so it goes really crisp.


At ASK Italian, how do you deal with the challenges of maintaining consistency and quality across so many restaurants?

I’ve started working with ASK Italian back in T 2010 looking at things and something needed to be changed. What we do with the Head Chefs is to help make them more passionate about the food. There are challenges but you have to try to make the food achievable and deliverable on a daily basis. If you trust your instincts then you can cook really good food. Is that sense of confidence what you’re trying to get

S across to the chefs?

Exactly. With any young chef they have to feel T confident about what they are doing. You question things but you have to trust your instincts… if you think something isn’t right you’re probably right. How do you take an Italian classic and add your own

S contemporary twist to it?

I haven’t got an Italian bone in my body but I love T Italian food, I love the people, I love the whole philosophy behind food. What I try and do is create a dish using British seasonal products and cook them in an Italian style which is about letting the ingredients speak for themselves. Not adding the taste of bergamot or odd things to it keeping things within parameters. I want it to taste really interesting without adding lots to it trying to be too creative. When I look at a plate, everything has to work together whether its taste, colour, presentation but also texture as well.


You’re described as helping ASK Italian capture “the true essence of Italian cooking”. How would you describe that essence?

It’s about how you use ingredients, how you create T the look on a plate. It’s about the theatre of it. How you interact with the guests or how the customers interact with the waiters. It’s about the flavours and not having the flavours become overcomplicated in the dishes. It’s about using really good quality salami. Making their own focaccia. Making things and using what you have so you’re making the most of what you’ve got and understanding what is achievable and what’s not. I think a lot of restaurants go too far and make things unachievable. Really it’s about educating the customer so they know what they want without going too left field. It’s about sharing and having a really good time. The two most important moments in a restaurant is when you’re coming in and when you’re leaving. My Simple Italian by Theo Randall is published by Ebury Press (£25)


Theo is one of the country’s best Italian chefs. His eponymous restaurant at the InterContinental London Park Lane has won numerous awards including Best Italian Restaurant of the Year (London Restaurant Awards), Best Italian/ Mediterranean over £50 (Harden’s), highest ranked Italian on the Sunday Times Food List and this year was listed in the top 100 UK restaurants (National Restaurant Awards).

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Shooting THE OX FOR D GUN COMPA N Y GIVE IT A SHOT? The Oxford Gun Company offers everything from one-to-one lessons, gun fitting, day courses, masters courses and specialised days like “Brush Up For The Game Season”. For those who are just starting out we highly recommend the Have-AGo-Days which start at just £25.

The Oxford Gun Company prides itself in giving each and every client a tailored and personalised experience, and as the team has over 40 years’ experience in the industry, this means that you are in the best possible hands.

With 19 stands on site there are 2 courses - one designed to teach and help shooters who need a boost to improve their skills and confidence. The second course has been carefully planned to give the competitive shooter more challenging targets and offer practice for registered shoots.

Want to challenge yourself or your friends to the limit? Then why not try Clay Shooting and Blindfold Driving? Or mix it up a little with Archery or Crossbows. Platinum Package Half Days from £70 per person and Full Days from £135 per person. 52

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Membership is £150 per year and includes a free one to one lesson during the week or a free 100 sporting round when you join. Discounts on lessons, day courses, gun hire, clothing, footwear, cartridges and local pubs.

Enjoy the rush of shooting and get into the sport with The Oxford Gun Company. Located just an hour outside London, set in some 400 acres of stunning quintessentially British countryside, The Oxford Gun Company is an award winning family-run shooting ground with over 40 years’ experience in the business. Surrounded by the rolling countryside, and a course set across babbling brooks, there is no better place to become immersed in the heritage sport. With Team GB experiencing such great successes for multiple clay shooting disciplines at the Rio Olympic Games, there has never been a better time to get involved with the sport. The instructors at The Oxford Gun Company have the experience that it takes to truly give you the best introduction to the sport,

guiding you from the very beginning. Teaching the Stanbury Method, clients at The Oxford Gun Company learn to shoot with style and grace in the comfort of all-weather stands in a relaxed environment with friendly, experienced professional shooting coaches who make the sport accessible for everyone. Introducing new people of all ages to shooting is at the heart of what they do. Click here to read the full review of our shooting experience. DETAILS The Oxford Gun Company Jericho Farm, Oxford Road, Oakley, HP18 9RG Tel: 01844 238 308

Whether you aspire for an Olympic medal, or game shooting in the iconic British countryside the Oxford Gun Company team can help you hit the targets to get there

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It is essential to choose the right attire, as no sport outdoor or otherwise is fun when you are cold, wet or the odd one out in an inappropriate outfit.


1 6

7 9

8 11



1. Fairfax & Favor The Chelsea Full Grain £200, www. 2. Hiho Silver Shotgun Cufflinks £50, ww Remarkable Check Blazer £99.95, 5. Aigle Parcours Boots £230, 6. Countryside 8. Schöffel Cambridge Check Shirt £69.95, Silk Tie £39.95, Men’s Tweed Cap £49.95, www.sch 11. Heat Holders Men’s Boot socks £9.99, 12. Pantherella Waddington Cashmere 54

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LOOK THE PART TO PULL MORE THAN A CLAY Getting your shooting attire just right is more than looking the part and reading bluffers guide 101. You also need to make sure that you’re protected against the elements whilst staying warm and dry in the colder months. Shooting etiquette leans towards different clothing for each of its disciplines. If you’re at a formal shoot opt for tweeds, moleskins for less formal and think camouflage for stalking. Spaniels and labradors are optional but do finish the outfit off! Here are some of our suggestions...


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10 3. MUSTO Whisper GORE-TEX® PrimaLoft® Jacket £425, 4. Joe Browns e Criminal A Patchy Distraction Coat £765, 7. Leatherman Signal Multi-tool £124.95, 9. Ferrari Black EDT for Men £21.05, 10. Bonprix Needlecord Blazer £59.99, www. e Men’s Socks with Monogramming £50, @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Tailoring Obsessions Simon Crompton is an author and tailoring journalist, and one of the world’s leading experts on bespoke menswear.

A well-fitting suit is incredibly flattering, but there is a lot of ignorance among men about how to get one. Ready to wear is under used; made to measure is ignored; bespoke is misunderstood. It’s not hard to become educated about tailoring however, all you need is a little passion. In his new book, Simon Crompton takes the reader through the essentials of choosing and caring for your suits and explains why we should all be a little obsessed with tailoring. Here’s an extract from Tailoring Obsessions... BENEFITS OF BESPOKE

A well-made suit can change the way you feel about yourself – a suit tailored to your unique physique means the fit will be perfect and comfortable. A bespoke suit flatters all shapes. It can make you look thinner, fitter and stronger. Some tailors will give the jacket a sharply cut waist yet retain a little ‘drape’ in the chest, diminishing


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

the former and exaggerating the latter. The V of the chest will accentuate your shoulders and suggest athletic shape, and can increase your confidence, just by looking in the mirror. Bespoke also allows you to design your own clothes. It means you can put your personality into what you wear. Whether that’s the subtle touches of brown horn buttons and turn-ups, or the loud flair of pink pinstripes and limegreen lining, it is personal and unique to you. There are a lot of options out there on the high street, but each is more a question of copying someone else’s ideas than coming up with your own. And there’s always the risk that you will see yourself’ coming towards you down the street, wearing exactly the same suit. Bespoke isn’t just for suits. My tailor has made cycling

jerseys, cropped jackets and capes, to name a few. It’s limited only by what you can imagine. Of course, suits make up the majority of bespoke clothing but many of the principles, from cloth selection to tips on the fitting process, apply equally well to other types of dress.

black just look cheap. Royal blue or cerulean are great for casual suits or blazers, but avoid them for business wear. In general, the paler and brighter a colour the more casual it is, so if you want to smarten up a linen suit commission, for instance, go for navy rather than royal blue.

A great suit is always worth investing in, whether bespoke or not. For the most important times of your life, it gives you and your attire a sense of occasion. It is smart, sleek and serious. If worn every day in the office, it will become a stamp of quiet authority that stays with you through the week, and with others. It can affect how they see you.



For business or generally formal suits, colour is pretty simple, but there are a few ways to make sure you’re getting it just right. The standard colours are blue and grey, and for good reason: no other colours can both look smart and flatter a man’s skin tone at the same time. Black is too harsh; brown isn’t smart enough; tan is downright casual. The colour needs to be dark to be businesslike, but that doesn’t mean it should be almost black. Navy is the classic blue for business suits – while a dark shade, it is easily distinguishable from black, and is definitely blue. Too many men buy suits that are too dark (closer to midnight blue, a tone often used for eveningwear and which looks black until closely inspected), and make them look pale and pasty. Real blues and greys are much kinder. JOIN THE NAVY

A navy or mid-blue is also far more interesting in terms of colour combinations. Midnight blue looks very smart with a white shirt and black shoes, but that’s about it. Navy, on the other hand, also looks good with those accessories, but brings out chocolate brown shoes as well. And a blue shirt provides a great background for experimentation with colour in the tie or handkerchief – strong colours against

Most of this applies to greys as well. Too many men wear grey that is very dark, looking more like black with a little texture to it. In fact, there are really two clear categories of grey that can be worn for business: charcoal and mid-grey. Charcoal is a great shade for business and works particularly well in flannel, but (like navy) it cannot be mistaken for black. Of all the suit colours, however, mid-grey is the kindest on the skin tones of most men – it compliments a good tan, but it doesn’t wash out the pasty faced. It is for that reason that I would recommend men creating a business wardrobe (or commissioning their first bespoke suits) to start with in navy, charcoal and mid-grey. Mid-grey is a touch lighter than the grey suit you would instinctively buy. Don’t be afraid – it will look perfectly serious with a blue shirt, dark tie and deep-brown Oxfords. But then it will also work wonderfully in a casual summer setting, with a white shirt, tan shoes and perhaps a white linen handkerchief. THE PLEASURE OF DRESSING WELL

For modern man, dressing well is a source of unexplored pleasure; clothes are the last area where he feels he cannot be seen to be making an effort. So he doesn’t. That’s his first mistake. The effort should never be seen, whether you’re into clothes or not. The best style is casual, easy, nonchalant. It should just look like something you threw on in the morning. And such is the quality of your wardrobe and your accumulated taste that it may actually be what you just threw on that morning. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Country CR A B & BOA R The Crab & Boar is a welcoming country pub set atop stunning hills in the Berkshire countryside. Set in the North Wessex Downs (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), this classic thatch-roofed country pub with rooms is located 4 miles from Donnington Castle, and 6 miles from Newbury Racecourse. The Crab & Boar gives you a true taste of the great British outdoors, helping one leave the daily grind behind and was the perfect finish to a fabulous day shooting. The emphasis at Crab & Boar is on simple luxury. Serving real ales, locally-sourced seafood and seasonal game (sadly none that we shot!). It also boasts a 2 AA rosette restaurant. A stay at the Crab & Boar treats you to a delicious country escape. Whether you are a city slicker or a country lover the charm of Crab & Boar will win you over. A country pub through and through, the menus showcase the best of Britain with plenty of fresh, local produce and dishes that tip their hats to the seasons and as such are continually changing. Whether you want to indulge in rich local game, seafood served in under 24 hours from being caught, or to just kick off your wellies and relax with a pint and a scotch egg, here you’ll get a true taste of the great


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British countryside and find a reason to keep coming back. With a wide range of best local ales and award-winning British spirits and wines from behind the bar, alongside some old favourites from Sipsmith artisan gin to Nyetimber bubbles, make sure to take some time to sample the drinks menu too. There is even Snuffle dog beer available for any canine companions and Puppy Gizmo definitely approves. If you’re indulging in the drinks menu, then Crab & Boar’s fab rooms are the perfect place to extend the countryside comfort. From the bright and spacious to the rustic and regal, each of the 14 Luxury and Hot Tub rooms are individually charming so whether tucking up in a four poster bed, relaxing fireside tucked up in a luxury throw or enjoying a soak in the tub, you’ll be able to totally relax. An hour by rail or road from London, visitors also have the option to arrive by helicopter if they prefer so get your R44’s at the ready. We were touring around the country and found Crab & Boar to be the most fabulous place for a pit stop. You can read a full review of the hotel and spa treatment on Farnborough Wantage, Newbury RG20 8UE

Escape to Crab & Boar for a romantic getaway

A true taste of the great British outdoors complete with fabulous food, hot tub luxury and friendly, knowledgeable staff that make it feel like your home from home @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Le Pont de la Tour and bar, drawing inspiration from classic French cuisine with unexpected but thoughtful twists highlighting the freshness and provenance of British produce cooked simply and elegantly. The new interiors are darker, sleeker and more vivid. Le Pont de la Tour is a renowned French restaurant which has, through the years, hosted entertainers and politicians - including the Blairs and the Clintons - and now sees head chef Frederick Forster at the helm, with an entirely new look from Russell Sage Studios. Le Pont de la Tour has always been known for its outstanding wine list, and the new incarnation is no exception. To celebrate its launch, for a month, a number of exceptional bottles will be sold at their 1991 prices, the year the restaurant originally opened.

Inspired by the French cruise liner SS Normandie, the décor features a nautical element throughout. Erté inspired paintings and an opulent gold patterned ceiling evoke Roaring Twenties style glamour. At Le Pont de la Tour, Click here for the online review. DETAILS 36D Shad Thames, SE1 2YE

Former Roux scholarship winner Frederick Forster (previously at Le Gavroche, The Ritz London, Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons) has created new menus for the restaurant


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Eating out with friends or loved ones satisfies the human need for comfort, variety and love & connection. It is important to take time out to enjoy what London has to offer.


Quaglino’s An iconic restaurant hidden within historic and stylish St James’s, synonymous with style and glamour, Quaglino’s, owned by the highly successful hospitality group D&D London, serves contemporary European food and legendary cocktails. Talented Executive Head Chef Mickael Weiss is firmly at the helm and heart of the restaurant, so you can expect exciting, vibrant dishes and a fresh, ever-updated menu using incredible seasonal ingredients. Also on offer are the most innovation selection of cocktails created by Bar Manager Fabio and his excellent and dedicated team in not one but two bars which also specialise in infusions and showcasing the new techniques. Quaglino’s boasts a stellar live music line up almost every night of the week including SLOAN! favourites like Elle & The Pocket Belles. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS 16 Bury Street,London SW1Y 6AJ

Ukai is the Japanese inspired gastro pub in the heart of the exciting and eclectic Portobello market and is renowned for its high standard of food and service together with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Décor is quietly elegant with dark wood panelling and stylish soft furnishings. The effect is both charming, welcoming and quirky. Chef Alex is proud to offer the finest sushi, dim sum, tempura and house specialities including delicacies like Grilled Hamachi. Trained at Roka, Alex really knows Japanese cuisine and is passionate about creating delicious and beautiful food. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS 240 Portobello Road, London W11 1LL

Gaucho Gaucho Richmond is housed in a low-slung, boathouse inspired building on the Towpath of Richmond Riverside. Inside the restaurant, glass-panelled walls offer panoramic sights of Richmond Bridge and Petersham Meadows allowing for glorious views across the winding River Thames. Whether you are looking for a spot to enjoy sundowner cocktails or fancy a tranquil haven to have dinner, Gaucho Richmond offers a sophisticated way to spend time on the river. Gaucho believes that every guest should experience a little bit of Argentine life, its food, its wine, its culture and most importantly the passion of the people. There are a number of special events happening this season across the 14 UK restaurants where Gaucho delivers the best possible guest experience, with food and wine reflecting the true essence of Argentine life. Click here to read the full review. DETAILS The Towpath, Richmond Riverside, Richmond, TW10 6UJ|

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expert advice


I always start by thinking about the people and the occasion. Is it a group of cheese lovers at a dinner party where a more challenging selection can be served? Is it a group of friends, enjoying a wine and cheese party where more variety and ‘crowd pleasers’ are called for? HOW MANY CHEESES SHOULD BE USED?

g tin ea cr ard of bo ts se e re ee uk ec ch t L e s t er s th rfec exp ing n ar pe m idd Le the fro G

Larger pieces of fewer cheeses look more impressive. When there’s lots of small pieces, a cheeseboard soon resembles a bird table. Don’t rule out including one spectacular cheese with some interesting accompaniments. It makes a statement! Our Co-founder, Ann-Marie, once described to me a dinner with legendary chef and restauteur, George Perry-Smith of the Hole in the Wall. The cheese, which we supplied, was an extra-mature Montgomery Cheddar, served with Joyce Molyneux’s (of Carved Angel fame) own quince jelly. It was a stunning and fitting choice!


The French always serve their cheese first (to finish the wine) and the English prefer to end with cheese. At The Fine Cheese Co., we think the French have it right as savoury-sweetsavoury seems an odd order and, significantly, the cheese becomes rather an afterthought if it’s left until the end. We believe cheese works best after the main course, when it can command centre stage.


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shop – not the supermarket where the staff are often untrained and the cheese chilled to oblivion. Make sure you ask for advice on what is in good condition and what is ripe. A real cheesemonger will take this as an invitation to show off! WHICH CHEESES WOULD YOU RECOMMEND USING?

If you would like to offer a mixed board, then try to balance flavours and textures. The essential divides are milk: Cow, buffalo, ewe and goat. For textures, there’s soft, semi-soft and hard. With styles, you have bloomy (e.g. Brie), washed rind (e.g. Epoisses), cooked curd (e.g. Gruyere) and blue. If you love ewe (and who doesn’t), you could have all ewes’ milk cheeses, but of different ages and styles. If you want to create an impression, try a powerful Alpine cheese like Stärnächäs.


There are no hard and fast rules other than catering for your personal taste and the taste of your guests but if you would you like to be different consider adding a buffalo milk cheese, a unique Spanish smoked blue or an Italian beer cheese to your board. When it comes to choosing a British cheese, you are spoilt for choice as us Brits can rival anything that Europe offers! Luke Giddings is Affineur at The Fine Cheese Co. in Belgravia which sells British & European artisan cheeses, fine wines and charcuterie. To find out more, go to


If your meal is fish or chicken, we recommend a more delicately flavoured cheese board. A powerful and robust cheeseboard works better with stronger meats and game. I would advise that the selection has balanced intensity. Strong cheese can quickly mask the subtleties of delicate, milky cheese. IS CHEESE FROM THE SUPERMARKET ACCEPTABLE?

Whoever you are feeding, the cheese needs to be in top condition. Buy from a proper cheese

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Restaurants Olives Restaurant and Bar 2016 marks the 140th anniversary of The Bailey’s Hotel London, a stunning Victorian-era boutique townhouse hotel in the heart of Kensington that houses Olives Restaurant and Bar and a host of original historic features including the world’s first ‘ascending room’ aka the lift.

Located on the corner of Gloucester Road, guests are within easy reach of Oxford Street and Knightsbridge and the West End. The Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Royal Albert Hall are all within walking distance of the hotel.

The restaurant offers classic Italian cuisine in a warm and charming atmosphere. The sophisticated neighbourhood eatery is headed up by head chef Davide di Croce who cooks authentically Italian dishes such as Lasagna Di Manzo, Tagliatelle with Lobster, Garlic & Chili and Saffron Risotto with Braised Veal & Bone Marrow all created with fresh and seasonal produce.

A true Kensington icon, The Bailey’s Hotel London masters the art of being timeless, offering guests a unique combination of fascinating history and legendary hospitality. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS 140 Gloucester Rd, SW7 4QH |

Dendustem. Nam quunda dolupic te q iliqui nusae que sam aut re lab inctemque etur mi, siminti onsequa ectur? Pudae milit aliquibus raturit. 64

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London Steakhouse Company London Steakhouse Company Chelsea is situated on the prestigious King’s Road, Chelsea. The well-loved British steakhouse has been welcoming affluent local residents and the elite London set for over eight years. Sitting in a prime location between Bluebird, Beaufort House and Eight over Eight, the restaurant offers a gastronomic experience within the pristine, light and airy split-level dining space. The cosy restaurant has been proudly combining impeccable food standards with outstanding table service since its opening in March 2008. The restaurant’s carefully curated menu reflects co-owner Marco Pierre White’s culinary style and marries timeless tradition with quality. The restaurant treasures its long standing team who have seen the restaurant evolve over the years. The devoted, passionate staff led by experienced Italian Manager Filop Panni are undeniably a key player in the restaurant’s overwhelming success. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS 386 King’s Road, London SW3 5UZ

Theo’s Simple Italian

Nipa Thai 2016 marks the 20th Anniversary of award-winning Thai restaurant, Nipa Thai offers a holistic experience in every aspect of the restaurant from the smell of essential Lemongrass oil gently permeating through the dining room through to the all female Thai kitchen brigade. Thai women have a proud tradition of solely being responsible for the kitchen at home and in restaurants. Nipa Thai delivers outstanding traditional cuisine that combines hot spices with mild and sweet flavours, offering a mix of dishes from Thailand’s central region. Each of the dishes is prepared by the Head Chef Sanguan Parr and her dedicated team according to traditional recipes. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS Lancaster London, Lancaster Terrace, W2 2TY

Theo’s Simple Italian at the Hotel Indigo® London Kensington Earl’s Court, is all day restaurant serving a classic rustic Italian menu by acclaimed chef Theo Randall who is widely regarded as one of the UK’s specialists in Italian cuisine. Head Chef William Leoni and his brigade work closely alongside Theo to celebrate the best of casual Italian dining, using top quality ingredients, perfectly balanced flavour combinations and above all classic, simple and authentic Italian dishes. Set within a light, bright and welcoming neighbourhood restaurant, Theo’s Simple Italian menu is delivered by attentive and friendly staff that put you at ease and make you feel at home. So much so that they even accept dogs. Inspiring diners to recreate the simple Italian food they love at home, the restaurant also features an Italian deli and cold counter selling seasonal produce, fine ingredients and artisan products. XYZ Click here to read our full online review. DETAILS 34-44 Barkston Gardens, London SW5 0EW

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expert advice

How To Enjoy The Party Season in a Healthy Way Leading food writer Stephanie Brookes shares some festive suggestions for drinks and theit perfect snack accompaniments that avoids over indulgence but still gets you in the party mood.

SLOAN! asked leading food writer Stephanie Brookes for her expert tips and suggestions for festive drinks and their healthy snack accompaniments for social gatherings during the Party Season that won’t leave you pooped or in need of emergency detox after the weeks of merriment. Here’s what she had to say... “Christmas is a time of culinary celebration, and preparing and enjoying delicious food and drink is such an integral part of creating happy, and above all, tasty memories of the season.” “It’s also the time of culinary indulgence, and after the four-week long celebrations we are often eager to detox from our previous month of merriment. I think, however, that with a few little adjustments to our Christmas routine, we can make our food and drink celebrations more in-line with our usual eating habits, so all the good work throughout the year is still intact come January 1st. On that note, here are my tips for a healthy, merry, Christmas!”

London based food writer and presenter, Stephanie Brookes, is considered the go-to contact for all things food and drinks. Stephanie’s fresh approach sees her celebrating food, from fine dining to food markets.


NAUGHTY & NICE A little bit of what you fancy, mixed with what we know to be healthy, is a great way of having fun while still remaining a little smug in the process. If friends are coming over for a Christmas party, having your own smoothie bar set up, accompanied by vodka shots, combine the best of both worlds. I suggest making two pitchers of different smoothies with your favourite flavour combinations. I also think the addition of a spice such as cinnamon, nutmeg or star anise can give the smoothie that little festive twist. The vodka shots can be handed to guests to accompany their smoothie, as a fun way to kick off the festivities. This is also a great way of including friends who may have given up alcohol for the festive season or who don’t drink at all. TRY WITH ROASTED VEGETABLE FRITTATA BITES Roasted Vegetable Frittata Bites are a protein-packed delicious snack which are great to serve with drinks. The thing about frittata is that it is best served at room temperature, so you can make it in advance to save time and effort when entertaining guests. My favourite frittata fillings include sweet potato, aubergine, broccoli and heritage carrots. The roasted vegetables work really well with the addition of either Goat’s cheese or Feta. If you want to keep it super healthy, however, you don’t have to add the cheese, but it is a tasty method of bringing in some additional flavour.

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FRUIT PUREE NOT SYRUP Using fresh fruit rather than store bought syrups is a way to keep the calories down and also ensures your cocktails have a fresh taste from seasonal fruit. The syrups used in cocktail making contain a lot of sugar so instead of fruit-flavoured syrups a healthy alternative is to

make your own fresh fruit purees. For the classic Bellini, simply blend fresh peaches to a smooth consistency, you can always add a little fresh lemon juice to loosen the mixture, if needed. Spoon a generous amount into a glass flute, and top with your favourite Prosecco. It’s a little extra work preparing the fruit but the taste more than makes up for it. You can also try different fruit combinations - peach mixed with raspberry, for instance, works very well. TRY WITH CHICKEN & AVOCADO LETTUCE CUPS Chicken and Avocado Lettuce Cups are a healthy yet moreish snack to enjoy with this cocktail. They are so easy to put together and yet look so appetizing served on a platter, either for a tasty treat for yourself or when laid out for guests. Small butter lettuce leaves act as a lovely

cup to hold all manner of tasty fillings. Chicken and avocado make for a protein-rich filling, and with the addition of cherry tomatoes, adds a little natural sweetness. You can make a light dressing to coat the filling and it also helps to bind the ingredients together. I use a light mayonnaise, a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice and salt and pepper to season. GRIDDLED SLICE & ICE You don’t need to go out of your way to make your festive drinks looks extra special – sometimes less is more. A classic gin and tonic can be given a twist by adding a beautiful slice of fresh fruit which has been griddled. I use pink grapefruit, cut into thick slices, then carefully placed onto a hot pan until each side has a slightly charred appearance. You then leave to cool, and your drinks preparation is done! By

the time friends arrive, I add a grapefruit slice to their vodka tonics or gin and tonic – it definitely looks more impressive than the usual sliced lemon, and shows you’ve made the extra effort. TRY WITH SMOKED SALMON & CUCUMBER BITES Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Bites make for a healthier take on the classic Smoked Salmon Blini. The clean, crisp taste of the gin and tonic cuts through the richness of the oily fish, and the two tastes complement each other well. Simply slice a cucumber at a centimetre thickness, layer a generous curl of smoked salmon on top, add a teaspoon of light crème fraiche and finally a sprinkling of either chopped dill or chives. If you want a change from the traditional smoked salmon, smoked trout also works very well, too.

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Restaurants Buddha Bar London Located in Knightsbridge, Buddha Bar London sits at the heart of one of the capital’s busiest and most glamorous shopping districts and frequented by an international cosmopolitan clientele. Set across two floors, the venue immediately transports you to another world with the intimate interior, drawing inspiration from the contemporary yet classically oriental. With opulent warm lanterns and golden dragons adorning the walls, Buddha Bar London exudes elegance and decadence.

As part of a successful international franchise, originally founded in Paris, opening in cities including Dubai, Monte Carlo and Milan, Buddha Bar is truly a world destination..Yet Buddha Bar London leads the way creatively, through

its strong emphasis on Pacific Rim cuisine where the delights of Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine are fused together to create a magnificent palate of tastes and influences, a feast for the senses. The innovative Pan-Asian menu, designed by executive head chef, Heri Fitriyanto offers divine and sophisticated dishes, through its melange of diverse and aromatic flavours. Buddha Bar London not only leads in taste and style; but is also notorious for its eclectic and avantegarde music vibe bringing a touch of hedonism to Knightsbridge. Click here for our full review online. DETAILS 145 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7PA

Tootoomoo For those looking for something different on the brunch circuit we recommend the endless Asian tapas and free-flowing drinks of Tootoomoo’s Bottomless Brunch. Running every Saturday and Sunday at Tootoomoo Islington and Tootoomoo Crouch End, you can enjoy unlimited drinks and food including delectable delights such as Crispy Smoked Chicken , BBQ Pork Ribs, Popcorn Rock Shrimp and the exceptional Beef Rendang Curry made to a secret recipe from Chef Ricky Pang’s grandma. Click here for the full online review. DETAILS 12 Crouch End Hill, London, N8 8AA |


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The Punchbowl As one of Mayfair’s oldest pubs, the team behind The Punchbowl know a thing or two about good food and wine and are proud to offer a place for their patrons to meet, dine and unwind. Tucked away on a quiet side street, here you can enjoy one of three very different dining experiences to suit your mood. Whether relaxing with a pint of ale and a plate of fish and chips in the Pub or savouring rich culinary creations in the Dining Room or enjoying an exclusive private dinner in The Club you’ll find only the finest in great British food, service and comfort awaiting you. The talented kitchen team have a shared passion for British food which shines through in the seasonal menus. From creative plates of milk poached cod with Welsh rarebit and steaks cooked to perfection, all the way down to their sticky toffee pudding, you can expect to taste the best of Britain at The Punchbowl. Click here to read the full online review on DETAILS 41 Farm Street, Mayfair, London W1J 5RP |

Rum Kitchen Rum Kitchen opened its doors to Brixton this August. The highly anticipated third site dishes up a modern approach to classic Island cooking with a hefty cocktail and rare rum selection to boot. The ground level restaurant seats 110 covers with a small outside terrace area and a large counter bar, perfect for savouring the rum collection. There are two Bertha charcoal and wood-fired ovens in an open theatre kitchen, with views of the chefs dishing out their delicious Caribbean fare. Click here to read the full online review on DETAILS 437 Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8LH |

Mamalan Mamalan serves authentic, Beijing dumplings, noodle soups and street snacks bringing a taste China to the heart of London. Owner Ning Ma’s grandfather and mum ran the family’s dumpling & snack stall in Beijing and many of the dishes are made to authentic family recipes. The restaurant is named in honour of her mother who taught her the recipes and what started as Supper Club in Ning Ma’s home has grown into 5 restaurants across London including Clapham and Shoreditch. Click here to read the full review. DETAILS 8 The Pavement, SW4 0HY |

Four Sisters Townhouse The Four Sisters Townhouse sees the return of Dickensian elegance to the heart of the city of London. Hidden away down the narrow cobbled streets behind St. Paul’s Cathedral, it is reminiscent of a secretive Victorian gentleman’s club. Weeklychanging cocktails, unusual spirits and delicious food capture the sophistication of a bygone era. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS 5 Groveland Court, Bow Lane, EC4M 9EH @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


WINENo SLOAN! Magazine shares recommendations for the perfect wines to pair with your festive celebrations, Christmas parties and the dinner on Christmas Day.

Sparkling Wine

White Wine

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Ribbon Birdcage highlights the iconic curvaceous bottle making it a perfect centerpiece this festive season. A delicious apéritif complementing seasonal dishes. £70, Chapel Down Three Graces 2010 is an award winning English sparkling wine with aromas of citrus and green fruits together with hints of brioche, this is an ideal with festive brunches. £26.99 from

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016 is a vibrant mix of lemon zest, kaffir lime and grapefruit aromas with notes of orange blossom and tropical fruit. Bright citrus and juicy peach flavours on the palate. £21 from Ocado

Garmence Champagne Brut is a complex yet balanced fizz, fresh and toasty on the nose, with a deliciously elegant citrus finish which can be enjoyed on its own or smoked salmon blinis and soft cheeses. £25 from

Gavalas Santorini 2014 has delicate fruity aromas, smooth palate, balanced acidity and a long finish. An ideal pairing to seafood. Made from 100% Assyrtiko grapes from the oldest vineyard in Greece. £16.80 from southernwineroads. com

MUMM Cordon Rouge Champagne, working with Porsche has created a modern limited edition with brushed aluminium and mirror finish effect box, perfect for Christmas! £33.50 from Waitrose


Cloudy Bay Te Koko 2013 has aromas of honeysuckle and sweet herbs with notes of nectarine, peach, kaffir lime and lemongrass. The wine has a fresh vibrant finish. Perfectly balanced for with Christmas dinner. £37.50 from Majestic Wine

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Gavalas Nikteri 2014 is the traditional white wine of Santorini. Characterized by high alcohol content, golden colour and aromas of pear and jasmine. Pairs well with grilled squid and salmon. £18 from

Dessert Wine

Gavalas Vinsanto 2008 has aromas of caramel, dates and dried fruits with a surprising acidity complementing the natural sweetness. Vinsanto is said to be the mythical nectar of Santorini. £33 from Fattori Motto Piane 2014 Recioto di Soave has a complex fruity aroma, rounding off the sweet spice and leaving an intriguing sensation of dried apricots. £19.95 from Jeroboams Wine Merchants Passito Sagrantino di Montefalco 2008 has aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry jam, backed by spice and leather. The palate is sweet with red fruits and raisins. £23.50 from Jeroboams Wine Merchants

Red Wine Casaloste Chianti Classico 2011 has notes of black cherry and spice with an intense, medium bodied palate balanced by fine acidity and a long elegant finish. £13.50 from Jeroboams Wine Merchants

ot es

Gavalas Winery in Santorini is a family tradition where the vinification of the indigenous varieties grown in Santorini has taken place since the end of the 19th century. The limited rainfall combined with the strong winds in the summer result in a low yield of grapes, thus providing the unique quality for the Santorini wines. Gavalas Santorini 2014 (ÂŁ16.80) is made from Assyrtiko grapes from the vineyard considered to be the oldest in Greece boasting vines up to 500 years old. Click here to enter our competition with Southern Wine Roads to win a case! @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Donna Margherita Donna Margherita is an authentic Italian restaurant in Battersea, which serves traditional Neapolitan food with a modern twist and is dedicated to southern Italy’s spirit of passion, warmth and loyalty. Dish by dish, Donna Margherita serves the most authentic flavours in their Lavender Hill restaurant. They use centuries old Neapolitan cucina techniques to serve you the bellissimo dishes of southern Italy. A really good authentic Italian restaurant is a rare find, so you know you’re in for a treat at Donna Margherita as its always full of Italians.

his homeland’s spirit of enthusiasm, warmth and loyalty; what Gabriele proudly calls “Italian-style charm and enjoyment-of-life”. He now has an operations role teaching and training his team, developing new recipes and sourcing the best produce. Gabriele told us on our visit to Donna Margherita that the kitchen specialises in al dente cooking which is an authentic cooking style that allows the fullest flavours of the food to come through thanks to the need for the diner to chew more releasing the aromas. Donna Margherita offers Italian cooking at its best.

Gabriele Vitale, owner and founder, is passionate about his home city of Naples and what he believes to be its greatest gift to the world — unsurpassed culinary heritage. Consistency and authenticity are paramount among Gabriele’s foodie obsessions and he is devoted to

Click here to read our full review on DETAILS 183 Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TE

OXBO Bankside Executive Chef Paul Bates leads the team in the open kitchen at OXBO Bankside and has launched the Bottomless Brunch to appeal to the area’s foodie locals and visitors alike. The brunch menu includes an extensive choice of fresh salads, fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, served from the chef’s Traders Tables, where you can help yourself to as many of the starters and desserts as you like. There is also a live waffle and egg station where the Chef’s team rustle up a variety of freshly prepared classic dishes including malted pancakes. Main courses are served as three sharing plates to your table and change on a weekly basis with a meat, fish and vegetarian option so everyone is catered for. Click here to read our review on DETAILS 2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0UG


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Mango Room Mango Room’s recent expansion includes a new casual dining area covered with colourful displays of artwork in line with the venue’s creative and cool reputation. Many elements of the vintagestyle design, such as the interior doors were personally crafted by restaurant owner Derick Blake in addition to hand selecting the artwork from his very own collection. The expansion welcomes a more generous sized rum and cocktail bar complete with a lounge area styled with chocolate leather sofas; which has become an increasingly popular spot for after work drinks. The menu continues to offer modern Caribbean cuisine beautifully presented for a fine dining experience. Click here to read our full review. DETAILS 10-12 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 8NH

Pictures Pictures at Dorsett Shepherds Bush is located on the ground floor of the hotel and is an all-day dining contemporary brasserie style restaurant with great bites in the buzzing part of Shepherds Bush Green. Offering European cuisine, Pictures is an extraordinary place to enjoy great food. Everything on the menu is made in house using fresh ingredients delivered by carefully selected suppliers. The ideal for lunch or dinner, with healthy options like Quinoa Salad and Naked Chicken and indulgent desserts like Pistachio Chocolate Brownie. Click here to read our full review. DETAILS 58 Shepherds Bush Green, London W12 8QE

Ben’s Canteen Relaxed South London restaurants Ben’s Canteen (with a venue in both Earlsfield and Battersea) has launched an interesting menu of new burgers, each matched to a suggested wine partner. Ben’s signature Australian inspired, playful selection of burgers have received an overhaul with new additions such as the Posh Fried Chicken, served with Champagne; The Hawaiian with a French Gamay; and the mighty Salad Dodger with a New Zealand Pinot Noir. From just £10.50 for a burger and with wines from just £3.75 by the glass, this is a great way to give food pairings a go.

Chi Kitchen Chi Kitchen is a departmental dining destination with a difference - beautifully presented sophisticated cuisine offering the best elements from Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand - well worth taking your time to savour over this fine dining experience with loved ones or friends or even just on your own. Located on the ground floor of Debenhams Oxford Street, Chi Kitchen pan Asian restaurant is part of the successful restaurant group owned by Malaysian restaurateur Eddie Lim. The menu has been designed by MasterChef Champion Ping Coombes. Click here to read our full review. DETAILS Debenhams, 334-348 Oxford Street, London W1C 1JG

Assado Assado Restaurant is located at the stylish Hampton By Hilton London Waterloo, which is the largest Hampton by Hilton property in the UK. Chef Cyrus Todiwala brings his signature dishes to Assado based on many years as chef patron of the critically acclaimed landmark restaurant Café Spice Namaste. In the rustic-meets-modern atmosphere of the restaurant, Cyrus, one of Britain’s most popular chefs, was to take us on a delicious discovery of India’s tastes and flavours thanks to his extravagant and visionary mind including Indian street food and specialities inspired by Cyrus’ rich Parsee heritage and time spent as an executive chef in Goa. Many of his exquisite dishes originate, in fact, from Goa, which brings a lifelong inspiration to his cuisine. Click here to read our full review on DETAILS 157 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8XA

Click here to read our full review on DETAILS 140 St John’s Hill, London SW11 1SL

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


city chic The Hari The Hari has opened its doors to neighbours, London culture enthusiasts and global travellers. Nestled in the heart of Belgravia, the hotel is the first look of The Hari brand which is the vision of Aron Harilela, Chairman and CEO of Harilela Hotels. The Hari provides impeccable service, inspired by Harilela’s family values and their unparalleled hospitality, and brings a relaxed elegance to the modern hotel stay. The Hari is passionate about bringing a wealth of cultural influences to each of its locations, providing a unique, inspiring and layered experience. Previously known as Belgraves, The Hari comprises of 85 bedrooms, including 14 suites and an eclectic mix of social spaces. The Terrace is an urban oasis with living walls and retractable roof – a hang out space for all seasons, whilst The Bar is the ideal location for work, play, and a relaxed take on afternoon tea. Art including works by Mario Testino and Tracey Emin, and a library of books which guests will borrow from and be encouraged to donate to, contributes to the hotel’s passion for culture. Bikes will also be available to guests who wish to explore Belgravia, it’s historic


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streets and hot spots, or go further afield, with an afternoon tea inspired picnic in tow if they so wish. A new restaurant, inspired by modern Italian cuisine, is set to open in December and will complete the hotel’s hospitality offering. The restaurant will be at the heart of the hotel’s family feel concept with a central inviting bar area and a kitchen dedicated to creating comforting yet contemporary food. British interior designer, Tara Bernerd is behind the bold and modern interiors of the hotel. Belgravia has always been a home for creative and boasts a combination of esteemed heritage and newer contemporary haunts - this blend is mimicked by The Hari’s makeup. The hotel will be dedicated to supporting the area, it’s businesses and residents. This will be in the guise of events designed to educate and showcase local talent, an in-depth knowledge and love of the area to be shared with visitors, or simply the offer of bottomless coffee for neighbours looking for a spot to work. Click here to read our online review. CONTACT DETAILS 20 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8HQ

c “Global travellers are deserving of a more layered and singular hotel experience which our team delivers. The Hari wholly encapsulates my values and reflects everything I love when it comes to design and service.” Aron Hariela, CEO & Chairman

Holiday Inn Express Holiday Inn Express, part of InterContinental Hotels Group, provides clean, consistent, and comfortable rooms designed for a smart stay by the smart traveller in countless city centre locations around the world. For business or leisure travellers in need of friendly comfort at a friendly price, Holiday Inn Express gives you everything you need from a budget hotel and nothing you don’t. Holiday Inn Express London – Earl’s Court boasts a prime location outisde the Congestion Zone. Each of the 150 contemporary, air-conditioned, en-suite bedrooms have free high speed Wi-Fi, TV and cosy beds with firm or soft pillows. The Express Start Breakfast has something for all the family to enjoy. Click here to read our hotel review online. CONTACT DETAILS 295 North End Road, London W14 9NS

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Ex p e r tAd vi c e

Exploding Rum Myths DAVE BROOM

Award Winning Author specialising in spirits

Rum is such a diverse category that it’s no surprise some myths have built up around it. Let’s try and disentangle some of them. MYTH 1 - SWEETNESS History shows that rum was sweetened from the start, so you can argue that this is traditional practice. My problem is that sugar levels in some rums are at quasi-liqueur-like levels. People may like it, but the downside of sugar doping is that any gain in popularity is a loss in complexity and character. Sugaring increases homogenization at the precise time when rum’s diversity should be celebrated. The practice is unfair to producers who don’t, or are not allowed to, add sugar. Ideally, added sugar levels should be declared on the label and capped in the same way for cachaça or Cognac. There has to be honesty and transparency. However, given the problems over trying to legislate such a diverse category, it might be easier for producers who don’t add sugar or tint to say so on the label. And another thing … If you want vanilla notes in your rum, use first fill casks. If you want to flavour-up a rum, then call it spiced. Don’t lie.

Also remember, that while solera ageing is a valid technique, it needs to be explained that it’s different to static ageing. It’s impossible to give the exact age of a solera-aged rum as it’s a blend of different years. You can only give an approximate, average age. Solution? Don’t look at the numbers; taste the spirit. MYTH 4 - LABELS There is no universal, overarching rum regulation. Would it help if there were? Yes. Will it happen? Unlikely, as rum is already governed by regulations in each of its producing countries. What is legal in one place isn’t allowed in another. Getting them to agree to another set of rules will be well nigh impossible. That means that reading a rum label is confusing at the very time that rum’s premium sector is growing and people want to know what’s in the bottle. It is detrimental to the spirit to confuse or obfuscate.

MYTH 2 - FUN / NO FUN People smile when they think about rum. It’s affability means it’s an automatic choice as a party drink, but don’t dismiss it as being only that. I was asked by a rum blogger if rum, in a bid to be viewed in the same light as single malt, should shed its fun image. “No!” I cried. Even now, in Scotch, new drinkers feel like they need a degree to start appreciating single malt.

So, can we do a classification ourselves? Possibly. Luca Gargano of Velier has come up with a proposed classification system:

It’s not a binary choice between being fun and being “serious”. The former has to be retained while widening rum’s remit. Rum covers more bases than any other spirit. Don’t restrict it

If bars and retailers began to use something like this independently, then we’ll at least have made a start.

MYTH 3 - AGE Scotch has created a model where a spirit gains credibility at 12 years. This puts rum in an awkward position as it matures more rapidly in tropical climes. A lust for “Scotch-


style” age statements in tropical-aged rums will tend to leave you with extract of oak in your glass. Rums don’t get sweeter with age; they get drier.

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- Pure Single Rum: 100 per cent pot (i.e. batch)-still rum. - Single Blended Rum: a blend of only potstill and traditional column-still rum. - Rum: rum from a traditional column still.- - Industrial Rum: Modern multi-column still rum.

Dave Broom is an award-winning author specialising in spirits. He has been writing about drinks for more than 25 years and has twice won a Glenfiddich Award for Drinks Book of the Year and for Drinks Writer of the Year. His latest book “Rum: The Manual” is published by Mitchell Beazley (£14.99)


K Bar at The Kensington serves the finest cocktails whilst offering effortless decadence in the heart of the Royal Borough. Nestled at the centre of one of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods fusing tradition and innovation, the K Bar’s exclusive cocktail menu has been designed with every guest and every sip in mind. Rum Harvard is made from 50ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum, 10ml Antica Formula Vermouth & 5ml Crème de Cassis.

Mi x I t U p DARK & STORMY

With 50ml Appleton Estate Signature Blend, 100ml spicy ginger beer, a dash of Angostura bitters & 3 lime wedges.


With 35ml Kraken, 25ml Port, 30ml Cream, 20ml Syrup, Egg & Grated Nutmeg

XMASTi p p l Coconuts For Christmas

Koko Kanu is a blend of the finest Jamaican rum with coconut. The unique and exotic flavour is created using rums with coconut notes, which are carefully selected before being aged for a whole year. The delicious full-bodied rum is then charcoal filtered and blended with coconut to create Koko Kanu. With coconut continuing to be one of the nation’s favourite flavours, Koko Kanu adds a contemporary twist to well-loved cocktail recipes, from the Koko Kolada, a surprisingly simple skinny alternative to the Pina Colada - which is the UK’s second most frequently drunk cocktail – to the Koko Mojito and Koko Daiquiri. For easy to make at home recipes, click here Koko Kanu is available to buy at Sainsbury’s and Ocado for £19

Rekorderlig Spiced Plum Cider As the leaves turn gold and the nights turn colder, Rekorderlig introduces the perfect way to stay warm, Spiced Plum Cider. The ideal drink to enjoy with friends on chilly evenings, Rekorderlig Spiced Plum takes the unique flavour of plums and combines it with rich cherry and a mix of spices including clove and cinnamon, to create a warming and unique taste, packed with the classic flavours of the season. £2.19, Tesco


Grant’s Family Reserve As the world’s oldest family owned blended Scotch whisky, Grant’s is still today independently owned and run by the fifth generation of William Grant’s direct descendants. With over 125 years of whisky making experience and an in-depth whisky knowledge passed from generation to generation, Grant’s has a smooth, rich, and mellow taste made to savour. £15.35,

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Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port Originally introduced in 1969 Cockburn’s Special Reserve was so ground-breaking it created a whole new Port category and has since been the drink of choice to celebrate those special moments in life. Hailed as one of the most iconic Ports of all time it’s matured in oak casks, giving it the full bodied dry finish which made it the benchmark for all Reserve Ports. Perfect for enjoying on its own. £12, Sainsburys


CandleJack Belvedere Vodka bottle upcycled by CandleJack into a beautiful tumbler glass. Perfect for a Vodka and Lemonade. £9 from

Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur Cranes Liqueur is an exquisite and smooth Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur, made with the finest cranberries from Wisconsin USA, along with blood orange juice and orange rind. 20% vol. 35cl. For a beautifully simple cocktail, try the new Bellini made from 5 parts Cranes cranberry & blood orange liqueur to 1 part Prosecco.

Martell XO A spicy, rich crescendo of flavours, Martell XO (£109.19) enjoys a rounded, fruity palate and a pleasant body and structure in the mouth for discerning cognac lovers to enjoy. A fantastic cognac for special occasions, Martell XO is aged for a minimum of six years before bottling. Its distinctive archshaped bottle and decorated stopper will add a refined touch to your Christmas drinks cabinet.

CÎROC Mango The tropical tasting CÎROC™ Mango Vodka (£38) is deliciously smooth and infused with the flavours of Carabao mangoes. This latest innovation is perfect for sprucing up your drinks cabinet, creating simple fresh cocktails and celebrating at home with friends during the party season. Also available in bars across the UK, the delicious and tangy vodka can be mixed with Champagne for a perfect Mango Mimosa, or adds a unique kick to the classic CÎROC™ vodka and tonic over ice.


If you are a designated driver this party season and mocktails don’t float your boat, then try St Peters Without®. This delicious full-bodied alcohol free craft ale has a distinctive malt flavour combined with a refreshing delicate bitterness. Brewed with skill and patience at one of Britain’s finest small breweries, it offers all the taste of a real pint, but none of the alcohol. St Peter’s Without® is the UK’s only alcohol-free craft beer and the best you’ll taste! St Peter’s Without® is also the perfect choice for craft beer lovers who fancy a break from the booze or just want to cut down on their units. For stockist info go to



Julia Florimo, Sloan, Isis Davis & Matthew Nsubuga Best Emerging Talent Laya Lewis

BUFF filmmakers DJ Taylor and Wayne Campbell on Colourful Radio

BUFF Founder Emmanuel AnyaimOsigwe with Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

British Urban Film Festival

Femi Oyeniran

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci Best Actress Vicki Earle and Director Louis Lagayette Best Actor Emmanuel Imani

Honorary Award Winner Wil Johnson

Sloan Supports British Urban Film Festival On Sunday 18 September, the British Urban Film Festival Awards Ceremony took place at The Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge, London and honoured the very best on-screen and off-screen talent showcased at the British Urban Film Festival. Sloan Sheridan-Williams, founder of SLOAN! and Colourful Radio’s Arts & Culture Host was one of the VIP guests at the BUFF Awards. The ceremony was hosted by Femi Oyeniran and fellow patron Larushka Ivan-Zadeh. There was a performance from Kuumba, a black string quartet and the headline act was Shola Ama who performed 3 of her hit singles and also presented the Best Actress Award.


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colourful radio & buff celebrate diversity & british urban film industry

Sloan with Wil Johnson on Colourful Radio

Charles Venn with Honorary Award Winner Wil Johnson

Best Script Talent Sade Adeniran & Adriel Leff

Best Director Meshack Enahoro

Colourful Radio

Best Script Talent Sam Benjamin

Shola Ama

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

The 2016 winners were - Best Short Film: “Beverley” (dir. Alexander Thomas); Best Movie: “Invisible Men”; Best Actress: Vikki Earle (“For His Sake”); Best Actor: Emmanuel Imani (“Invisible Men”); Best Script Talent: Adriel Leff (“Adapt or Die”), Sam Benjamin (“Liverpool 81”) and Sade Adeniran (“Imagine This”); Best Emerging Talent: Laya Lewis (“Beverley”); Best Director: Meshack Enahoro (“Invisible Men”). The Honorary Award was presented to Wil Johnson in recognition of his outstanding contribution to film, television and theatre.. Established in 2005 by Founder Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe, BUFF was initially formed to showcase urban independent cinema in the absence of any such state-sponsored activity in the UK. It was recently ranked as the world’s leading film festival for diversity. Filmmakers and actors from the Festival joined Sloan in a series of interviews on her new weekly show on Colourful Radio which is broadcast every Thursday from 10am to 12pm. (Photos courtesy of Jo Clare PR) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Louise Dear with her artwork for Philip

Jane Felstead

Lydia Lucy with Philip

HIV Awareness

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Philip with Anthea Turner

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc Imogen Thomas Callum Melly

Philip Christopher Baldwin HIV Visibility Dinner On 8 September 2016, Philip Christopher Baldwin, the gay rights and HIV awareness activist, hosted his annual HIV Visibility Dinner at Beaufort House in Chelsea. This year the dinner was in association with the charity Positive East, East London’s HIV charity, offering support for individuals and communities affected by HIV. Philip told us, “There are 103,700 people living with HIV in the UK and it is vital that we do not forget them. I was touched by the level of support for the dinner. The star studded event included, amongst other well known faces, Anthea Turner, Vogue Williams, Lauren Pope, Olivia Buckland and Imogen Thomas. There was a great atmosphere. Lydia Lucy sang at the event, giving an incredible performance.”


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celebrities support philip c baldwin to fight hiv stigma

Lizzie Cundy

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Gemma Oaten & Joff Powell Philip with Sandy Channer

Celebs fight HIV stigma Olivia Buckland

Olivia Bentley, Philip, Frankie Gaff & Tiff Watson

Lauren Pope

Philip went on to say, “HIV visibility remains a huge issue in the UK. Positive East is London’s largest HIV charity, providing more HIV tests in the capital than any other charity. This year also marks Positive East’s twenty-fifth anniversary. There continues to be a lack of awareness around HIV, as well as significant stigma for those living with HIV. It is because of the tireless work of charities such as Positive East that I can be the happy, healthy and POSITIVE young man I am today.” (Photos courtesy of Lunn Farrow Media) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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