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Editor’s Letter

Producing the fifth edition of this magazine has shown me how much we have grown in the last year and how many people’s lives we have touched. I was particularly moved by some of the emails I have received stating how our magazine has helped people make huge decisions from career changes to health MOT’s and how this has


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positively affected our readers emotional and physical wellbeing. I am pleased to say we enter this next year without adverts in our magazine. We have worked extrememly hard to keep providing SLOAN! at no cost to our readers and without them having to flick through pages and pages of adverts to get to the actual content. We appreciate all the compliments about our philosophy and approach and as always it is an absolute pleasure to work with my team, all the contributors and

Fifth Edition



PR. A big thank you to all. Our readership continues to increase and our monthly hits are beyond what we had projected so we are delighted with all the support from our readers, taking SLOAN! from strength to strength. It is now 2016, the perfect time to make those changes that you have been putting off. We hope you are inspired by the contents within and we wish you all the best for the New Year.






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Revamp Your Resolutions


WEIGHT MANAGEMENT For those struggling to lose those extra pounds or put on weight lost through illness or eating disorders, HypnoMassage could be the answer to effortless weight management. HypnoMassage is the new revolutionary therapy devised by celebrity hypnotherapist Sloan SheridanWilliams which combines powerful hypnosis techniques with a relaxing full body massage. With HypnoMassage, problems can be solved in a more blissfully relaxing and cost effective way compared to talking therapies. Your conscious mind drifts away and you subconsciously tackle your weight issues without lengthy discussion, analysis or navel gazing. Instead your mind focuses on your desired body shape with autosuggestions of how to achieve your ideal weight in record time.

CLICK HERE for more inspirational advice for your new year resolutions.


ATTRACT ABUNDANCE The Law of Attraction states that we can bring forth into our lives that which our minds focus on. Whether you want to increase your wealth in the New Year, effortlessly make money to allow you to live the life you truly desire or just improve your financial security and become more aware of opportunities, hypnotherapy can help anyone attract more abundance in your life, whatever that means for you. After just one session with Sloan & Associates, you will realise that abundance can come in many forms. Money is only one. Your life may already be more abundant than you realize. Not only can you increase your abundance, but you can become more aware of the abundance already in your life. Sloan & Associates use tried and tested hypnosis suggestions to help guide your subconscious mind to discover the secrets of attracting abundance not just for yourself but for others too. Using the power of hypnosis, you will become a magnet drawing abundance to you and be guided to make positive, healthy, creative and happy choices to increase abundance in your life and the lives of those you encounter.


STOP SMOKING We all know the dangers of smoking to ourselves and those around us but nicotine is an addictive substance and like any addiction sometimes we need support to help control the cravings and become a non-smoker. Help is at hand thanks to Sloan & Associates and their Stop Smoking Programme which promises long lasting change in the shortest possible time. In as little as two sessions of hypnotherapy you can walk away a non-smoker and remain a non-smoker for the rest of your life. With over a decade of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist, Sloan Sheridan-Williams uses powerful hypnosis techniques to guide your subconscious mind to realise that there is no situation that occurs in your life that requires a cigarette and you will be ready to take back control of your life once and for all.


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Whether you are want to get a promotion, get ahead in your career or change jobs to do something you’ve always dreamed of, life coaching and success coaching can help you achieve your career goals and help you love your job so you happily contribute more than you are paid for. It is important to make sure that not only do you have a good work life balance but that the job you do satisfies at least one of your six emotional needs be that significance, personal growth, contribution or even connections. The key to being succesful and fulfilled in your career is to find out what your intrinsic drivers are, the ones that push you forward rather than feeling as if you are being dragged through your career path kicking and screaming. Any good business coach can help you fin dout what motivates you and help you on your journey to a satsifying career.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



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FREEZE YOUR FAT AWAY Those unwanted areas of fat are not called stubborn fat for nothing! However much you exercise or watch your diet they stubbornly refuse to shift. Now there is CoolSculpting, the newest, most innovative, non-surgical and natural way to quickly get rid of those unwanted lumps and bumps of fat. CoolSculpting, a clinically proven procedure that involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin, was developed by Harvard scientists and has practically no downtime so you can get on with your day after the procedure. CoolSculpting offers effective body contouring treatment without surgery or downtime and as results happen gradually you have more natural looking results with optimal results achieved around 90 days after treatment. We reviewed the CoolSculpting treatment at the renowned Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in London and our reviewer was treated by Dr Galyna Selezneva who graduated from the Coolsculpting University in California. Click here to read the online review.


GET A HEALTH MOT For many people, a period of abstinence or healthy living in the New Year is appealing especially after festive over-indulgence. MediChecks are pioneers in the provision of online blood testing and health screening and their Essential Winter Detox is a carefully selected panel of 28 blood tests designed to assess the impact of lifestyle improvements on your health. Key tests include Liver Health, Kidney Function, Heart Disease Risk (Cholesterol), Diabetes and Vitamin D. The Essential Winter Detox tests your starting point and monitors your progress as your new healthy habits begin to take effect. Results and reports are available online on the MyMediChecks dashboard. Click here to read our case study review.


TAKE UP A HOBBY Whether you decide to take up skiing, skydiving, learning a new language, photography, scuba diving or you just pop down to your local dance class; doing something new in the new year is a perfect way to set your year up to satisfy your fundamental emotional need for personal growth.


TAKE TIME FOR SOME HOME PAMPERING The Sensio Spa range is for busy people who are looking for a relaxing and pampering break in the convenience and comfort of their own home. The Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser provides a deep yet gentle cleansing routine by gently pulsating 6000 times a minute to remove impurities and decongest clogged pores for fresher, healthier skin, The Nail Spa is an all-in-one manicure and pedicure set with a bubbling finger spa to soften your nails and cuticles plus a nail dryer for a salon-style finish to your home manicure. And for something high tech, the Sensio Spa Face Lift And Firmer combats visible signs of ageing using electronic muscle stimulation technology to tone and lift facial muscles whilst LED red light therapy increases collagen levels.


ENTERTAIN YOURSELF For those starting to ‘feel the pinch’ following the festive period pick up the new ENTERTAINER London app to ensure the pennies go further this year. The app offers hundreds of Buy One Get One Free offers allowing Londoners to save up to £60,000 over 12 months.

With a one off payment of £40, the ENTERTAINER London 2016 is valid for one calendar year with no weekend exclusions and can save some serious money. Over 50 of the available buy-one-get-one-free offers on the new app have an estimated savings value that is higher than the cost of the app itself, so customers can make their money back by redeeming just one offer. Spend the day getting rid of the stress of the holidays at a spa such as Spa London and the Athenaeum Hotel spa or escape the turkey sandwiches with a meal at one of 59 top restaurants in the capital including Banana Tree, Belgo, and Busaba Eathai. For those who want to keep the party going head to one of the 36 nightclubs and bars included in the app such as Mahiki, Café de Paris and Shaka Zulu. The ENTERTAINER London 2016 is available to download for free from the App Store, Google Play and Samsung Apps websites now.

CHANGE YOUR LOOK We all know the cliche of when you break up with someone you change your look and create a new version of yourself to help you move forward.


There are many unusual and intersting hobbies available, for inspiration read our interview with Brendan Mills who talks about how he took to the skies after a serious car accident that broke his back.

Who says you have to break up to look good. Sometimes especially during the holiday season it is all too easy to get comfortable and let yourself go a little with one mince pie too many. For those who want a quick shake up of their image turn to our feature on Hair Heaven and grab some fun follicular inspiration as to what hero products and tools may work for you.

Turn to page 28 to read our interview with Brendan.

Turn to page 14 to read our Hair Heaven feature. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



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Sage Garnet

Help for Heroes Xtreme

Top notes: watermelon Middle notes: gardenia & Moroccan red rose Base: amber, vanilla & musk £32 for 3.7ml

Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, black pepper, basil Heart: Fern, leather Base: Moss, amber, vanilla £30 for 100ml

Ferrari Pure Lavender

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No. 20

Top notes: bergamot, lemon sfuma, cardamom essence Heart: sage absolute, lavandin Base: vanilla, patchouli, cashmere wood £65 for 100ml

She Who Dares Eminence Top notes: bergamot, pink peppercorn Heart: rose, peony, forget me not, lily of the valley Base: sandalwood, musk, patchouli £45 for 50ml

Top notes: Pink pepper, bergamot, mandarin Heart: Damask rose, Indian jasmine, carrot seed Base: Sandalwood, vanilla £49 for 50ml

Positive Perfumes SLOAN! Magazine presents our favourite fragrances to uplift your mood & put you in a positive mindset

Mary Kay Cityscape Top notes: bergamot, apricot, violet leaves Heart: Phantomia orchid, Scent TREK®, peony Base: Sandalwood, angelica, amber £30 for 50ml

Ferrari Vetiver Essence Top notes: Vetiver, coffee bean Heart: Hazelwood, tonka bean Base: Patchouli, cedarwood £65 for 100ml

Joan Collins I Am Woman Top notes: lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin, peach nectar Heart: rose, orange blossom, jasmine, herbs, Base: musk, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli £47.50 for 50ml

Shanghai Tang Orchid Bloom Top notes: red berries Heart: orchid, rose Base: musk, patchouli £100 for 60ml @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Jessica Wright


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Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to reality TV star and entrepreneur Jessica Wright Your fashion label is called With

S Love Jessica. What does love mean

to you and how important is love and connection in your life? Love means everything to me. I have

J grown up with a lot of love around

me with such a big loving family so I wanted to incorporate that into my brand. It is also adapted from the film ‘Love Actually’. Mine and my mum’s favourite film. What a classic romantic movie about S opening yourself up to love. When you have dealt with relationship issues in the past, how do you move away from relationship fears towards well love, actually! It can be difficult because you’re J constantly being judged and watched but I find that being true to myself and focusing on that is the best way. I find it hard opening myself up to love if I’m honest. It can’t be easy having to put your S heart on the line with a million eyes watching. It’s clear from many scenes involving you and your family on TOWIE that you have a lot of support from family members from your parents and dear Nanny Pat to your brother and cousins. What are the pros and cons of coming from such a close family? It’s amazing to have the family

J support I have I’m very lucky. The pros are the support I have - the family parties, how much I love & feel loved & the comfort of so many people I care about. The cons are losing loved ones, and the heartache you have to endure. Our heart goes out to you at this S time with the sad passing of your grandmother. I personally very much enjoyed watching her 80th birthday and thought your song for her was truly touching. It was also charming to see so many of your friends celebrating with Nanny Pat. In addition to family, your friends are a huge part of your life. What does true friendship mean to you?

I have 6 best friends from school

J and we speak every single day.

Without them I don’t know what I would do - they mean everything to me. We belly laugh every time we’re together. If you could describe your best

S friend in three words, what words would you choose? Hilarious

J Intelligent Caring. Having attained a Business

S degree, you are now a successful entrepreneur with your own clothing line and your recently launched new collection of footwear. What are your top tips to starting up and growing a business? Have faith, hard work & stay true

J to what is in your heart. Create a

business you believe in and love to do every day. Fashion is so important to me and I have always been obsessed by shoes! You were involved with every aspect

S of the design and production of the

footwear collection. What aspect did you enjoy the most and if you had to pick one, which is the one you would wear the most? I wear the Ann shoe the most

J because they go with so many

different clothes. I love them in every colour. My favourite part about designing was everything!! From the colours to the materials, heel heights & choosing my sparkly gold sole to make them so distinguished. What lessons have you learnt from

S your experience in the fashion world that you didn’t learn at university? Buying and selling, mark ups,

J changing in seasons & seasonal sales.

Starting your own business is never

S plain sailing. How do you deal

with competition in today’s tough economic climate?

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



Your new shoe collection Jessica Wright Footwear has a style to suit every occasion. Which shoes would you choose to best suit each personality. I would give Danielle the Angelina in black patent because they’re strappy and sassy to go with her vibrant sexy self. Ferne the Amara in snake she loves a pointy shoe and a colour so I think she’d love them. Chloe the Apollia in black hairon. She loves an ankle boot to suit her rock chick style. Billie the Ayanna in suede because she looks so hot in an over the knee boot. Lydia the Amelia in glitter gold because she loves a statement sparkly pointy shoe.

have that have helped you get where you are today? Drinking lots of water, getting a good night’s sleep,

J hot water with lemon, exercise.

You also always seem to look beautiful and stylish. S What are your beauty secrets for super skin and luscious locks? Do you have any handbag essentials or must-have beauty products you simply can’t live without? I have used a good moisturiser on my face since I

J was 12 years old. My mum taught me how to cleanse and tone from a young age. Also Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner by Alix Wright is great for the condition of your hair. White teeth are also so important so my Diamond Whites teeth whitening kit is a big part of my beauty regime. What do you do to keep things varied and

S interesting?

Visit different places in the world. I love travelling.

J Talking to new people. Learning about new things. S

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self any advice about your future and how to handle it, what would it be? To stop worrying. I’m a worrier and I’ve wasted so

J much time worrying about everything. Also to not dye or straighten my hair because it ruined it.

Connection is fundamental to contentment and in

For Sloan, it’s got to be the Ann Sandal in red. It’s vibrant sassy sexy and glam.

S this modern world we often keep in contact with

friends and family by phone. Who sent you your last text and what was it about? Peter Wicks actually just messaged me

J checking in on me since the passing J

Positivity. Competition is healthy. I like to be happy for others opposed to being bitter!

of my grandmother.

As a reality TV star, model and entrepreneur you must be kept quite busy. How do you ensure you have S a good work-life balance and what do you do to relax and recharge? What’s your idea of the perfect “Me Time”?


Staying home with Bella my dog, cleaning my flat and catching up on all the tv shows I have missed out on! Also a spa visit always helps to rejuvenate.


Relaxing and unwinding are excellent ways to recharge in this fast paced life. What creature comforts help you get ready to tackle another day. Cup of tea

J Big fluffy socks Sky plus & good wine! If you could change one thing about yourself, what

S would it be? Do you have any bad habits that you want to give up in 2016?


I am S a firm believer in paying our successes forward by helping others. What worthwhile causes are close to your heart? Anything that helps people less fortunate than others.

J Haven House Hospice is close to my heart as I love children. I try my best to help out where I can.


I want to drink less wine, and work out more. I feel better when I’m healthy so I want to make it a part of my everyday life now oppose to a few days a week.

is always rewarding to help put a smile on S Itsomeone’s face and to help out where possible. What


Good daily habits are so important, even small changes in your everyday routine can add up to big results in the long term. What daily habits do you

J Seeing my Nanny Pat and her making me laugh.

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

was the last thing that made you smile?

Jessica Wright Footwear is available from


“It’s amazing to have

the family support I have I’m very lucky. The pros are the support I have - the family parties, how much I love & feel loved & the comfort of so many people I care about. The cons are losing loved ones, and the heartache you have to endure.”

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


NANOGEN Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Women is a new type of shampoo containing growth factors and redensifying peptides with results from the first wash. From ÂŁ8.99

Hair Heaven SLOAN! Magazine presents hair heroes that help transform you hair to it’s former glory without costing the earth.


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

NICKY CLARKE The Diamond Shine™ Pro Salon Blow Dryer boasts a real diamond infused grille and features ionic technology that combine to promote shiny, glossy and frizz free hair at home. £59.99

HAIRAISERS Achieve catwalk looks with this Balayage Ombre volumising hair piece. This pre-styled, ready to wear hair piece has a natural soft touch and is light and easy to attach. £43.96

HOMEDICS HoMedics Duo Pro combines IPL for effective permanent hair reduction with skin rejuvenating pulsed light for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clinically proven results. £249.99

HEAT TREAT Giving salon results at home, this revolutionary reusable cap heats up in a microwave and leaves hair frizz free and soft to touch after treatment. £24.95

NICKY CLARKE This DesiRED styler in a luscious gloss red finish has wide floating plates with advanced nano-silver technology to quickly and easily straighten thick hair. £79.99

BRAUN The world’s first facial epilator and cleansing brush allows you to precisely remove facial hair by the root or cleanse skin pore deep 6x better than by hand. £90

YOSO YOSO LASHES heated eyelash curler creates dramatic uplift and long lasting curl for your lashes. The unique small point heater tackles the tricky corner lashes. £15.99

ALCHEMY Alma Hair Remedy from independent British brand Alchemy Oils is a made from a potent blend of five super oils including Amla to strengthen from within. £27

NANCY LO This shaving creme scented with mint, pine and citrus is a unisex product formulated to actively soften hair follicles and provide a glide blanket for an incredibly close and ultra smooth shave. £28

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


How To Help Mates Mo

Sharing a tub of ice cream and bitching about your friend’s ex boyfriend may seem like the easiest way to support her but it isn’t the most helpful. Here are 7 ways to help a friend through a break up from relationship expert Sloan Sheridan-Williams. BLAME SHAME If your friend needs some space to wallow, it’s your job to ensure it only lasts a short time. It is all too easy to get caught up in the blame game but more often than not any justifications, valid or not, simply don’t change the facts. Instead help your friend shift her focus away from blame. Encourage her not to ask countless questions or ask for her ex back. Remind her not to blame or accept blame so she can move forward in love or indifference rather than feeling bitterness. REBOUND RELATIONSHIPS Once your friend has popped her head out from underneath the duvet and put down the Ben & Jerry’s, she may choose to repair herself by getting straight back out there.


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ove On

Celebrity Expert Whatever your moral code, support your friend if she wants a rebound relationship to take her mind off negative emotions. Make sure she does so safely by being the nonjudgemental friend that she can always turn to without hearing “I told you so” when the inevitable happens. However if appropriate remind her not to take risks, sexual or otherwise. EXTINGUISH THE SPARK Burning her ex’s photos and possessions in a bonfire so she can meet a hunky fireman when it all goes wrong is not guaranteed to work so safer options include helping her let go without creating a fire hazard! Use exercises such as suggesting she write a cathartic letter to the ex before tearing it up and throwing it away or try visualisations where she sees herself in one half of a figure of eight and her ex in the other before watching the eight slowly but surely separate. Alternatively a list of all the things she compromised on to be in the relationship and an action plan of how to get some of them back always works. AVOIDANCE Exes have a way of appearing just as you’re getting over them and in some cases you may not have been afforded the luxury of having them go away in the first place. This is the one time I would assert using avoidance as a positive action. Tell your friend to avoid being alone with their ex wherever possible, not to engage in texts (nice or otherwise), and help her find the words to politely explain to her ex that she needs space giving a clear timeline of a month or more of no contact. Remind your friend to avoid justifying her actions, competing with her ex’s new partner or comparing herself to others. Show her some compassion and avoid being too loved up with your other half. KARMA Do not encourage or help your friend get revenge as this is a recipe for

Sloan is a respected relationship expert and celebrity life coach in the media. Click here for more expert advice.

disaster. It’s fine to joke about cutting the sleeves off all his suits or blasting him on social media however you should encourage your friend to be mindful of the consequences of any negative actions.

By not being reactionary she avoids playing into her ex’s hands and thus does not give her power away. Likewise shift her focus to the fact that karma will bite her vengeful ex on the posterior so she has no need to react to any of his attacks. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE During any break up, be it day one or a year later, remind your friend to practise the art of unconditional love towards herself as the key component to mending a broken heart. You could persuade her to write a gratitude journal focusing on all the special people and things that are in her life or why not accompany her to get a fabulous new hair do or even push the boat out with a full photographic studio makeover and photo shoot! The key is to help her focus on loving herself and being a strong independent woman even if she has to resort to a karaoke rendition of that Destiny’s Child song! PLAYFUL There is a time for pity however your role is to pull your friend out of the dumps as quickly as possible. Being appropriately playful is a fantastic way to break her emotional state, change her physiology and create the pattern interrupt she needs to move forward. This is the perfect time for a bit of adventure getting her to try new things that she’s been putting off, be it zorbing, paintballing, learning a new skill or take the cliché to the next level and book a spa break abroad to pamper her problems away in the lap of luxury. Good luck! @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Chelsea Rosie Fortescue


Stays Polished

It’s the hottest new nail range to launch in 2015 and is set to revolutionise the way nail polish is applied and worn. Made In Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue introduces NAILED LONDON Known for being one of the original and central characters in BAFTA winning show, Made in Chelsea, Rosie has also established herself as a stylish trendsetter. Combining her love for fashion and passion for polish, she has created this revolutionary nail range, which comes in 28 shades and uses a gel-like lacquer system to deliver a long lasting manicure you can do yourself.

Rosie Fortescue spent her school years at the all-girl Downe House Boarding School, with the Alumni including the Duchess of Cambridge. She attended Goldsmiths in London, leaving as a History of Art graduate and still holds a large interest in art as well as her love for fashion and style. Rosie entered the limelight through the BAFTA winning show Made In Chelsea, a show that follows the everyday life of the young, wealthy and social residents of Chelsea. Being one of the original cast members Rosie is currently filming the fifth season of the show. Throughout the show Rosie has showcased her desirable fashion sense with stylish, modern outfits and has channelled her love for fashion through her blog At Fashion Forte. Rosie blogs for Look Magazine and has a large following on Twitter, where she communicates with her fans about the show, and her style.

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is the Chelsea celebrity life coach, clinical hypnotherapist & wellness consultant. With over a decade of experience, she helps her clients achieve their goals with long lasting results.


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Nailed London is fusing together fashion-forward nail shades and a patented revolutionary 3-step system, developed to closely match the look, feel, wear and gloss of a professional gel polish. It achieves 2-3 days better wear than other gelled products and gives a higher level of gloss - all without the hassle of a UV-cured in salon gel manicure. The range consists of 28 catwalk inspired shades that deliver a highshine finish and long lasting look. There are also four glitter effect polishes that can sprinkle sparkle over any shade together with a base coat that protects and brightens nails and acts like a binding layer for the lacquer in addition to a glossy topcoat that delivers luminosity and durability to lacquer. Rosie’s Nailed London range has been developed to closely match the look, feel, wear and gloss of a professional gel polish achieving 2-3 days better wear than other gelled products and giving a higher level of gloss without the hassle of a UV-cured in salon gel manicure. Rosie Fortescue says, “Nailed London is on-trend, high quality

and a nail varnish that you can rely on.” One of Rosie Fortescue’s hottest shades is Nailed London in Thigh High Club. She says, “I love wearing this shade on my toes as it’s a great deep red colour.”

We love Nailed London in Rosie’s Red. Describing the colour, Rosie said, “Every girl also needs a classic red polish, so Rosie’s Red is my signature shade.”

provides strength during application, Shellac helps to protect nails and a plant derived, patented plasticizer provides flexibility to lacquer. Only one coat is required due to the high percentage of pigment.


Step 1 Use: Nailed London Base Coat, £7 Ingredients Epoxy Resin and Polyvinyl Butyral form a mesh-like base to help bind the lacquer, and an optical Brightener helps to bring damaged nails back to life.

Step 3 Use: Nailed London Top Coat, £7 This advanced topcoat completes the ‘self-cured gel-like’ manicure. Acrylic provides non-yellowing properties that help preserve and protect the manicure and ensures a wet-look finish.

Step 2 Use: Nailed London Lacquer, £7 Exclusive Dual Polymer Technology delivers a long lasting, durable, highshine finish. Volcanic Glass

Rosie Fortescue’s Nailed London range is available from Harvey Nichols nationwide as well as

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Active Affluent

CLICK TO WIN Win a MaXimus Pro folding rebounder 20

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

ACTIPATCH ActiPatch products work using electromagnetic pulse therapy. It is a drug-free technology that provides the user with long lasting pain relief and no side effects. Clinically proven to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia, muscle and joint soreness, sprains and strains. ÂŁ19.99

HELLY HANSEN The W Aspire Norviz LS is a women’s long sleeve designed for cool days. It has an allover reflective print for extra visibility after dusk. The top features X-COOL™ quick-dry fabric and thumbholes for extra comfort. £75

OAKLEY Oakley Radar® Path™ sunglasses offers those serious about sport everything from surge ports for cooling airflow to Unobtainium® components for a comfortably secure fit. £160

MONSTER Cristiano Ronaldo and Monster bring you the ROC Sport SuperSlim Wireless In-Ear Headphones. Designed for extreme action, longwearing comfort and unbeatable sound quality. £129.95

MAXIMUS MaXimus Pro folding rebounder comes with stability handle bar, resistance bands, sand weights, and a DVD with rebounding workouts for all levels of training. £169

W ROHKUN These Helly Hansen lightweight all-around trail-running shoes with high-vis reflective, burrito lacing and seamless upper for a great fit. £110

IDRINQ This is the world’s first caffeine free brain nutrition drink scientifically proven to provide natural energy release, fighting fatigue and boosting energy. £19.99

TRION:Z ULTRA LOOP The ULTRA LOOP has powerful negative ion producing materials and patented ANSPO magnetic technology working together to produce the most powerful Trion:Z bracelet ever. The flexi, waterproof silicone band is ideal for an active lifestyle. £29.99

BRITA FILL&GO BRITA Fill&Go filters water whilst you drink and reduces substances that impair smell and taste. It helps reduce waste and keeps you hydrated and is BPA free. £14.99

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


7 Ways to Supplement


BetterYou TotalNutrition is a unique blend of 10 organically harvested superfoods, naturally dried and powdered allowing fast absorption.

The unique organic, raw food formula ensures the highest bioavailability of nutrients in their natural food state. The ratio of eight essential amino acids contained within the ingredients of TotalNutrition virtually mirrors those essential for the human body to thrive. Combined with natural sources of omega 3, 6 and 9 and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, TotalNutrition is the cornerstone of a complete nutritional diet. TotalNutrition is the ideal way to nutritionally reinforce your diet and it has been approved by the Vegetarian Society and the Soil Association.

CLICK HERE for more health & beauty reviews on

The formula powder is easy to use while cooking and blends well so is perfect for a smoothie, £10 for 200g


Emergen-C is a new Californian vitamin drink mix which comes in three fruity flavours: Super Orange, Zesty Lemon and Juicy Strawberry. Take once a day to hide the effects of a late night, to replenish electrolytes after working out, or to help protect your immune system. Packing 1000mg of Vitamin C for immunity support and an impressive mix of 15 key nutrients including vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and D, Folic Acid, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Chromium and Zinc. £4.99 for 8 sachets


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602


WESTLAB Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate bathing salts has exceptionally calming and relaxing effect helping support a restful and peaceful night’s sleep and is an effective and simple way to top up your magnesium levels. An important mineral, Magnesium is used in an amazing 300 reactions in the body, helping to induce sleep, regulate blood pressure and essential for bone health. Using these magnesium bathing salts is one of the most efficient ways to increase your magnesium levels and reduce the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. This is because the most effective way to boost Magnesium levels is thought to be transdermally (through the skin). £8.99 for 1kg


Lipo-Carn combines high levels of the key nutrients alpha lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine in a convenient one-a-day tablet thanks to the advances in nutritional science. Alpha lipoic acid is an extremely powerful nutrient; it is believed to regenerate substances such as vitamins A and C, increasing their efficacy. Alpha lipoic acid is only produced in very small amounts in the body so it must be obtained through the diet. Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid produced naturally in the body. Amino acids are the building blocks that link together to form proteins. Carnitine has received particular attention as it plays a role in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, the structure within the cells responsible for the production of energy. £11.95 for 60 tablets


GOPO® Joint Health is a natural supplement containing high levels of the galactolipid GOPO®, an active compound derived from rosehips with powerful natural anti inflammatory and anti oxidative properties with a wealth of supporting clinical trials into sufferers of arthritis and painful joints.

New research suggests GOPO® leads to reductions in joint pain, improvements in joint mobility, and rebuilds joint tissues and cartilage. Furthermore it not only reduces the pain of osteoarthritis but also significantly improves sleep quality, mood & wellbeing. Many health experts believe GOPO® has an important role to play in the management of arthritis and other chronic joint conditions, as it may be more effective for pain relief than both paracetamol and glucosamine. £17.99 for 120 capsules



Lean Greens is a green superpowder that won’t make you gag as it has a totally neutral smell & taste, Lean Greens is the only brand on the market to offer a 60-day money back guarantee based purely on taste! Lean Greens contains Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina and Chlorella which are 5 of the most powerful grasses & algae, creating an alkaline blend to flush your body of toxins. Lean Greens also contains spinach, broccoli and carrots, all packed with vitamins & minerals together with the superfood fruits blueberries & blackcurrants and a host of digestive enzymes. In addition, the metabolic, fat burning & energy powerhouses of Siberian Ginseng & Green Tea give the Lean Greens blend (and your body) extra zing! Taken once a day, Lean Greens produces noticeable results in as little as 2 weeks and it is recommend to keep taking it daily for optimal results and continued benefits. It is gluten free, dairy free & suitable for vegetarians. £24.97 for 250g and £44.97 for 500g.

Bio-Gluco Control contains Delphinol®, a specially formulated Chilean Maqui berry extract whose therapeutic qualities have been known for centuries to the Mapuche, indigenous people in the southern part of Chile. Delphinol® slows the absorption of glucose from the digestive system into the bloodstream. Bio-Gluco Control also contains an organic chromium yeast called ChromoPrecise®. which works in conjunction with Delphinol® to help channel glucose from the bloodstream into our cells where it can be used as energy. Many of us are deficient in chromium as UK soils are low in this important trace mineral. Cooking processes also readily deplete chromium from foods, Taking Bio-Gluco Control leads to sustained energy levels, fewer carb cravings, improved concentration and healthy weight management. £18.95 for 60 tablets.

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Addiction - What is it

Most people hearing the word “addict” conjure up images of drug abuse, gambling or alcoholism so to apply it to love may seem disproportionate and just a modern fad, however love addiction is nothing new. Indeed there are hundreds of references in literature and history to people who have been blinded by love or let their dependency on another alter the course of their life or even destroy it. Love addicts tend to be perfectionists who like looking after or rescuing the object of their affection. They embrace the role of caretaker, martyr, victim or self-appointed hero. If such a role negatively enables their loved one supporting unhelpful limiting behaviours then it’s time to take action and break the cycle. If this sounds like you or someone you know then it’s time to get perspective on Love Addiction.



Distance Yourself

If you have just come to the end of a relationship, the first thing you want to do is get over that break up so you can move on to finding Mr or Miss Right. But how do you do this if one of you is a Love Addict? When working with clients facing the same issue I ask them to shift their perspective and focus the common factor. The common factor is always YOU. If you only look for answers in others and continue to do what you’ve always done then you will get what you’ve always got and repeat the same unhealthy relationship patterns. Getting over a bad break up or messy divorce is important but it is part of a bigger picture. That picture includes examining the beliefs, rules and behaviours which have not served you well and realign those beliefs to a new way of being which no longer sabotages your happiness and love life.

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Unhealthy dependence on others to meet your emotional needs will also create a negative radar that will attract unhealthy partners who are selfish, narcissistic or damaged. This can create a pattern of moving from one negative relationship to another in the hope one’s wants and needs will finally be satisfied. Unhappiness and disappointment are both triggered when expectations are not met. A love addict’s expectations in relationships become unachievable because they are so high that no one will ever meet them. Such high expectations come from an inability to meet one’s own needs. If you expect your partner to completely fulfil your emotional needs in the hope of filling your void or conversely you try and fill your partner’s void, your love life will be severely challenged. Until you change your belief system you will continue to be addicted to love or attracted to those who are.

Are You A Love Addict?

Relationships can be tricky especially when they are toxic. I am often asked by my clients whether they should move on from a relationship or stay in it. If you have to ask this question then part of you already knows the answer, you perhaps just do not want to face the next step. Getting over a toxic relationship is key to finding the love you deserve.

Sloan i


If you answer yes to 3 or more of the questions then it’s time to look at your relationships – both past and present. • Have trouble trusting eash other? • Fear abandonment and avoid rejection at any cost? • Think one needs to be in a relationship to feel complete? • Feel helpless when an outcome can’t be controlled? • Compromise or give in the most in the relationship? • Need to have sex as much as possible to feel good? • Take social or sexual risks to continue the relationship? • Tend to be emotionally distant? • Keep relationships a secret from friends, family or work colleagues? Stop making excuses for any of the above behaviour and focus on how to change yourself.



There are three key components which drive people to become love addicts. The first component is having a fear of abandonment. This emotional trigger is one of the greatest fears in the mind of someone who feels they must be in a relationship to feel fulfilled and they will stay with even the most unsuitable partner to avoid feeling rejected. The second component is denial. This is a powerful factor in unhealthy relationships as the person lives within denial of the truth about the relationship, what their partner is really like and the truth about themselves. Living in denial perpetuates the unhealthy patterns of behaviour and continues the cycle of emotional dysfunction. The third component is low selfworth. This manifests itself when the person has problems accepting their intrinsic value and has a warped view of reality. Distortions exist regarding self-belief, love, intimacy and belonging. There might also be present feelings of shame, guilt, anger and depression.



Here are my top tips on how to break the cycle and tackle moving on from a toxic relationship. 1. Learn to be less dependent on others for your happiness 2. Don’t allow the unacceptable to become acceptable by having strong personal boundaries 3.Take personal responsibility by being accountable and authentic in your behaviour. 4. Let go of beating yourself up or blaming others 5. Practice the law of attraction and emulate the behaviour of those in relationships that work to attract positive relationships into your life. 6. Focus on constantly moving forward towards a future rather than being held back by past mistakes. 7. Find purpose in your life by focusing on what you can do to contribute to others and increase your self-worth. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Love is a journey not a destination

Sloan & Associates continue to provide long lasting change to clients in South West London in their third Wellness Clinic to open in the capital helping people achieve results in the fastest possible time. The clinic provides hypnotherapy, life coaching and hypnomassage at prices to suit all budgets. Sloan & Associates also have clinics in Mayfair and South Kensington where they use over 20 years combined experience to help clients take their lives to the next level. For more information go to Below are just some of the issues Sloan & Associates can help you with. Addiction Anxiety Bad habits Bullying Depression Eating disorders Exam nerves Grief & loss 26

IBS Infertility Insomnia LGBT issues Negative emotions Pain management Panic attacks Phobias

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PTSD Public speaking Relationship issues Self-esteem Sports performance Stress Weight management Work life balance

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Interview My career in five words... Fun. Cool. Saxy. Varied & Sociable

Brendan Mills 28

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Sloan Sheridan-Williams chats with Brendan Mills, saxophonist, music producer and all-round music junkie Firstly, I’d like to say congratulations on your

S wedding to the wonderful Louise. There is a

thought process that not all men can access their emotions as easily as they would like, how did you feel on the big day? As a seasoned ‘wedding pro’ and as someone

B who’s day job is to be on centre stage I thought

I would have been in complete control of my emotions when it came to my own. Of course I was excited and there might have been the odd nerve surfacing . . . . But NOTHING could have actually prepared me for what was to come. I guess it really started to feel real when I was putting on my wedding suit and realising that it was no dress rehearsal. Arriving at the Church and seeing all of my close friends and family, all there for Louise & I, the significance and specialness of the day really started to sink in. Then it went silent, my best friend Ross fired up on the piano and I knew that Louise’s arrival was imminent. She looked absolutely stunning and as she made her way towards me I was looking at her face and seeing all of the wonderful years that we have had together leading to this moment. It was incredible. The emotions were so overwhelming that I ended up bursting into a big ball of tears and (for probably the next 10 minutes) went into an emotional world of my own! Well at least only your close family and friends

S saw...

Actually Tommy, my photographer managed

B to capture a few close up pics of this . . .

the swine! The rest of the day was like a whirlwind. We had our reception on the beach in Whitstable and then the most incredible party surrounded by everyone who we love in life. It is an incredibly special day and so wonderful to have everybody together. To be honest – it is so amazing I still haven’t quite taken it all in! What a lovely story, for all those who have yet S to walk down the aisle but are thinking about it what a great motivator, especially in a leap year! Clearly you are a passionate man, how does that transpose to your work life?


I am very fortunate to have an incredibly B varied music career from producing House Music for major recording artists to performing Jazz at Ronnie Scott’s. I just love listening to and performing good music. However – the ‘music industry’ has a tendency to want to compartmentalise artists. What I mean by this is if I am DJ’ng at a house music event then the only music I would be able to play is House. Equally,

if I was booked to play at a Jazz club and I started playing some reggae then I probably wouldn’t be asked to come back again! The reason I love performing at weddings is because it is one of the only platforms that allows an artist like myself to perform a variety of different genres through the day. From performing some classical music at the ceremony, to playing some rat –pack Jazz over dinner, then some live soul classics on the sax and DJ’ng chart house at the end of the night; it all has its place on a wedding day and the variety works so well. When running your own business it is

S important to have a good work-life balance

which also involves trying new things. I’ve heard you have recently taken to the skies after your accident, how does this help you unwind from work pressures? I love my hobbies and I love the outdoors. B One thing I have always wanted to do is fly but because of the cost have never managed to get around to it. Last year, on route back from a wedding, as you mentioned I was involved in a serious car accident on the M25 and broke my back. I spent almost half a year in a spinal brace and had a very long time to think about things! Indeed, having been through spinal surgery S myself there is nothing quite like it to make you seize the day and live life to the full. Congratulations on being so positive about what was no doubt a difficult time for you. The last year has made me realise how lucky I B am to have my health, my family, my beautiful wife and to be able to do the things that I love doing on a daily basis. Once I was back on my feet I decided that now was the time to have a go at flying and I booked up a lesson in a flex wing microlight (Basically a windsurfer on its side with an engine attached to it). Within seconds of being launched into the air I just knew that I had to do it. It is . . .AMAZING. It feels like you’re a bird and the sense of freedom is incredible. It is completely open air and is probably the closest sensation you can get to actually feel like you’re flying. Since this flight I signed up to get my license with Matt Robbins and have been having the time of my life learning! I recently went solo for the first time and it was just incredible. I also heard that you wanted to swoop in to a

S wedding through your new hobby which is a

fun vision to have. My other half did actually skydive into a wedding dressed in his tux and people still talk about it today. Making an entrance @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


is important. How do you exude confidence on stage? Have any difficult situations in your life helped increase your confidence? Wow – that’s cool! A skydive into your wedding . .

B . in a tux . . . thats crazy! Love that shizzle!!! I think I am naturally quite a confident person which is what lead me to do what I do and I love performing. I am a very high energy performer and I love to get involved with whoever it is I am playing for. Definitely not one to hide behind the decks. . .you’ll find me middle of the dance floor with the sax, on the tables, walking across the bar! I love throwing a good party and having interaction with my audience. I want to party with them. It is interesting that you ask about sad / difficult situations. When I was younger I suffered from terrible anxiety and OCD. Something I think is good to openly talk about because I know there is still a lot of stigma surrounding these things. I was very lucky to get some help in dealing with this – especially CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and it taught me some great lessons early on about dealing with challenging situations. It definitely helped me to get through my accident last year and I am in no doubt that it has made me mentally stronger and has been partly responsible for the confidence that I have now.

S What daily habits do you do that keep your life moving forward in a positive way?

Keeping fit and getting outdoors. I would far sooner

B go for a run in the rain than go to the gym. For me,

going for a run in the outdoors clears my mind and gives me focus. We’re hoping to get a puppy in the new year (VERY EXCITING!!)

Puppies are amazing, Puppy Gizmo keeps my energy

S levels up, he is just a pure bundle of joy that constantly springs across the park during our walks.


We live out in Kent surrounded by beautiful countryside so I am looking forward to some beautiful daily dog walks as well. I love nature and wildlife. Most people have a critical moment in their lives

S where they have the ability to choose to use their

passion to create an income. What were the moments in your life which were instrumental in you following this career path? When I left university (Where I studied Jazz) I got

B signed to a major Jazz record label. I remember the

day I signed the contract and to be honest was in a bit of a dream world. It wasn’t long until the stark reality of the ‘music business’ set in and I realised quite quickly that I wasn’t making a living. After this I became disillusioned and decided that I should get a ‘proper job’ but nothing ever really felt right and certainly wasn’t enjoying my career. It was actually a few years later that I approached the Princes Trust and said ‘look, I’m a musician and I need to make this work but I just don’t know how!’. They signed me up to their ‘Explore Enterprise’ scheme and I have never looked back! I was teamed up with a business mentor (who in many ways has become a bit of a life coach)


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I am sure I am biased but life coaches rock! How

S did he help you in your journey?

He was able to look at my skills / passion and

B understand exactly what was needed to make a

business success of it. They also gave me some financial backing to help get the ball rolling....and it really did get the ball rolling. A few years on and I have a very successful music business . . . and all I now do is make music for a living. It’s amazing. I am out 4 to 5 times a week on average (sometimes more) and travel all over the world with my saxophone – it really does feel like I am living the dream. I will be forever grateful. You’ve mentioned in the past that you would like your

S own recording studio in Kent. Is that still your dream? It’s no longer a dream! It is being built as we speak!

B I am planning to sign a few artists next year and

step into more of a music management role (as well as keeping up my own performing!). I am going to use the studio, once completed, for the sole use of my signed artists for making promotional music material and to produce / commercially release music for them. I have got a distribution deal with AWAL and had a few successes in the dance world in the past. Unfortunately last year, mainly owing to my accident, I didn’t record any new

music so I am REALLY looking forward to getting back to this in the new year. Who have been your major musical influences and who (alive or

S dead) would you like to duet with?

Because I love so many different genres it’s hard to say. I guess my

B number one hero has to be Charlie Parker . . . I mean, he is THE

man. Would love to have a duet with him (although he would tear me to shreds!). I love Claude Debussy – he was in his early twenties when he wrote the Arabesques! Crazy. There was some SERIOUS talents going on back in the day. In terms of modern day artists I love John Legend, James Morrison, Maverick Sabre, MJ Cole, Craig David, D’Angelo. . .there is quite a mix there!! I have also recently discovered a guy called Ady Suleiman and have got his E.P ‘this is my E.P’ on repeat. I just love it! Especially the first two tracks. you were asked to perform at my wedding, what song would you S If choose for the First Dance? big question! Normally I would say that the first dance is B The something that is important and means something to you. However – that would be a boring answer! I know it might seem like an obvious one, but sometimes obvious isn’t always bad. Ed Sheeran’s – Thinking Out Loud has got to be a winner. The words, melody and music are beautiful and I think it fits your description well. As a couple of other options – maybe Better Man by James Morrison or the Acoustic Version of Latch by Sam Smith. You’ve performed for the likes of Richard Branson and the BBC.

S What have been your personal highlights in your career?

Getting to number 15 in the dance charts last year completely

B self promoted felt pretty good. And Kelli-Leigh (the vocalist who

featured on my track) then went on to have 2 x UK number 1’s with Duke Dumont and Seconcity. So that felt good. Playing for Richard Branson was cool. He is such a lovely guy as well. I played for him at his Kensington Roof Gardens. I performed at the Roundhouse in Camden last year – that was an incredible venue but often its not the ‘big’ gigs that are the most fun. I played a 40th birthday party for one of my saxophone students mum’s on the weekend at the local pub and her son got up and did a duet with me (he’s only 12). It was brilliant! I felt so proud of him and everyone had such a great time. Music is a real thing, an alive thing . . .and sometimes the real meaning of it can get lost and misunderstood in the ‘popular world’.

S What would be your top tips to our readers about getting married and enjoying their big day?

First tip, do it! Getting married is amazing. Its something that you

B can’t describe until you have been through it and it has heightened our

relationship on so many levels. Second tip. Don’t get stressed out in the process. There is no getting away from it – organising a wedding can be a daunting task. Just do your best and go with the flow. It will all work out in the end. Surely the first tip should be to get a fabulous talented, confident,

S versitile, upbeat musician who will make your day all the more special! tip. Book me ;) yes, the entertainment is SO important on your B Third wedding day and really does make all the difference. Brendan Mills is a saxophonist, music producer and all-round music junkie who lives and breathes sound. Find out more at

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Valentine’s Gifts

CLICK TO WIN Win a colourful set of Diva Chromatix dryer and styler


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PANTHERELLA Pantherella is known for crafting the most exquisite cashmere socks. Show you really care using their online ‘monogramming’ service to add a unique personal touch.

CHAMBORD Chambord is a luxurious French black raspberry liqueur, with intense raspberry and vanilla notes, which is perfect to enjoy with Champagne as a Chambord Royale this Valentine’s. £7.50 DIVA CHROMATIX The Chromatix Dynamica3400Pro is a super-light yet powerful dryer with ionic conditioning to give your lady frizz free shiny hair. Available in bold bright colours. £49.99

JANE IREDALE This lip and cheek stain in Forever Red provides long-lasting, custom colour to lips and cheeks adjusting to your own chemistry for an irresistible pink shade that will flatter your skin’s undertone. £22

MR & MRS Find out what your loved ones really think of you with the Mr & Mrs Family Edition Board Game based on the classic ITV game show hosted by Phillip Schofield. £15.99

PANA CHOCOLATES This gift pack contains vegan chocolate bars of Coconut & Goji, Mint, Rose and Sour Cherry & Vanilla all handmade from raw organic dairy free ingredients with no added sugar. £13.90

SWIG SWIG hip flasks are perfect for the modern gentleman. Cased in hand moulded leather or Harris Tweed, tough enough for the great outdoors but suitably stylish for the red carpet event. From £61

LABEL.MEN Cologne Hair & Body is the first men’s fragrance by the male grooming range infused with the warmth of citrus notes, giving it a distinctive, yet subtle character. £29.99

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Transform Your Body in 12 We


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Nick Mitchell



12 weeks may seem like a long time to dedicate yourself to a fitness and nutrition plan, but in reality it’s a very short space of time to transform your body. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible but it requires a lot of hard work and discipline.

Monitor progress: keep a log of your training to make sure you’re constantly monitoring and making progress. Looking back over it can remind you how far you’ve come and help you maintain motivation to continue.

Unlike any fad diets, what I have outlined below and what we at Ultimate Performance Personal Training advocate requires a lifestyle change. There’s no such thing as an excuse in my book, the majority of the people we train have demanding, stressful jobs or large families. We teach our customers how to get out of bad habits and how to start building a better more healthy routine.

Interval train: interval training, if you can recover sufficiently, is an effective fat burning method. Sprints are a simple option - but make sure to warm up properly.


Keep constantly active: walk around as much as possible, get off the tube a stop or two early, walk to see a colleague rather than emailing. Aim for 10,000 steps a day. This tip and the above should help with the overall lifestyle change needed to transform your physique.

Frequency of training: train at least 3 times a week, if you can 4 or 5 times, but make sure to have at least one day completely off from training. Prioritise weight training: weight train with big compound movements, making sure you train your entire body, especially the legs. If you want a break from that then interval train instead. For the best results prioritise weight training over cardio. Mix it up: work in a variety of rep ranges, so you give your body a reason to hold on to that strength and muscle whilst in a caloric deficit. People tend to lose strength when dieting but if you keep lifting heavy weights you will help maintain as much muscle tissue as possible. Resting whilst training: try to keep your rest periods short between exercises, 1-3 minutes should be enough, if you’re lifting lighter weights with a high rep range then you should only need a minute rest. Time your rest periods as well, people generally estimate very poorly.

Walk: if time permits add a 30-60 minute walk at some point during the day, it may seem like a long time but an average commute in London amounts to a one hour walk.

Try some ‘modified strongman’ training: strongman training limits eccentric damage but still has the positive benefits of resistance training. It is also very time efficient and will give you a break from traditional weight training. Train with someone else: training with a partner improves motivation and performance, whether that is with a friend or a personal trainer. A PT is obviously the better option because they are educated in fitness and exercise. Click here to read more tips from Nick online.

Keep your training volume high: try and get through lots of sets in your workout to maximise your performance and work density (this is related to the tip above). Performance indicators: focus on improving exercises that involve using your body weight, such as dips and chin ups; these should provide a good indicator of body composition improvement. Keep goals: performance (as well as aesthetic) goals are important in boosting your motivation and sustaining interest in your programme.

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Stockists 1. Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy, £71 2. Goldfaden MD Regenerative Night Cream, £140 3. Skin Doctors bio serum, £14.95 4. UrbanVeda Soothing Clarifying Night Cream, £17.99 5. Artistry Hydra-V Nourishing Gel Cream, £31.80 6. GOLD COLLAGEN ACTIVE, £35.99

Our top 3 acne products to help you get clear skin



Scientists at Cambridge Chocolate Technology have developed the world’s first functional dark chocolate that promotes healthy, smooth and luminous skin. Esthechoc boasts incredible skin enhancing properties. A daily portion (7.5 grams – 38kcal) increases the level of antioxidants in the skin, improving its microcirculation, raising its oxygen level and preventing ageing. £35

Adult acne is a common problem that can cause embarrassment and low self confidence. Here are 3 skincare products to help promote healthy looking skin. • help: clear skin contains lactoferrin, a clinically proven, natural way to help reduce blemishes, in handy daily sachets to mix with water. £22.94 • Salcura Antiac Activ Gel Serum is 97% natural, gentle but effective with visible results in as little as 4 hours. £9.99


• SEQuaderma Acne Prone Skin reduces excess sebum to help prevent blemishes. It provides an effective antimicrobial action to cleanse the skin and remove bacteria to boost spot-preventing properties £19.99

SLOAN! Super Six Skincare


THREE new things to try







Based on skinChemists’ award winning Syn-Ake peptide technology, the skinChemists Wrinkle Killer Active+ facial serum boosts the skin’s appearance by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and firming the skin. Penetrating the deeper dermal layers, the active ingredients in the facial serum replenish moisture levels and restore vital skin nourishment. The results is glowing, restored skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles associated with age. £75.95



MALIN + GOETZ Replenishing Face Cream offers an intensive and effective solution to repair damage and address age concerns for all skin types especially sensitive, dry and atopic. Vitamins A, B, C, and E are synthesized with essential fatty acids for residue-free protection and balance. Shea butter, avocado and jojoba help stimulate cell renewal and reinforce skin’s natural repair. Soothing chamomile and panthenol help to even out skin tone and reduce inflammation. Replenishing Face Cream works well used for night-time repair. For dryer skin we suggest using under make-up during the day. £55 @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



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Clear Skin With Lumie Acne affects around 80% of young people according to the NHS, but it can go on into later life. Many of the over-the-counter treatments can have side-effects such as burning, redness and drying of the skin and may only work for a limited time. There is an alternative: a safe and gentle light therapy for acne called Lumie Clear. Lumie Clear is the only light therapy device for acne that offers combined red and blue light therapy. Blue light kills the bacteria that cause acne while red light reduces inflammation and heals the skin. Lumie Clear is an acne treatment without the side-effects of drugs or creams and easy to use at home. It includes an adjustable stand for hands-free use and a detachable head for closeup use making it easy to apply to any area of the body. Typical daily treatment time is 15 minutes, and the included timer lets you know when your session is complete. Using Lumie Clear every day, even those with moderate acne will see a noticeable difference after a month and a significant improvement in their skin after only 3 months use. Weighing under 800 grams, and with a compact size and sturdy case, it is easy to pack and take with you. The device comes with a 2 year guarantee and safety goggles.

of medical and dermatological experts including Dr Chu, and is based on published research. A number of trials on the use of phototherapy have found that its non-invasive treatment is effective for acne vulgaris, the bacteria that causes acne. Based on these findings, Lumie Clear uses a combination of blue and red light (peaking at approximately 415nm and 660 nm respectively). Lumie Clear can be used to treat your face or any area affected by acne. Most people hold the light next to their skin for 15 minutes intensive treatment but you can also use it on the adjustable stand for a longer session on a wider area such as your back, chest or shoulders. The timer will help you stick to recommended treatment times and goggles are supplied although you’ll only need them if the light will be shining in your eyes e.g. if you use Lumie Clear at a distance to treat your face. Like all their products, Lumie Clear is certified to the Medical Device Directive. SLOAN! Magazine has teamed up with our friends at Lumie to offer our readers the chance to win a Lumie Clear by simply entering our online competition. For full details and to be in with a chance to win this amazing device, please click here.

Leading dermatologist Dr Tony Chu completed a study using combination blue-red light therapy that involved over 100 patients. They saw a real difference after four weeks and at 12 weeks their skin was, on average, 76% less inflamed and 56% clearer. Lumie Clear is a clinically proven, safe and non-invasive device for the treatment of mild to moderate acne designed by Lumie with a team

Competition @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Theta Healing: A Journey Celebrity life coach and clinical hypnotherapist Sloan Sheridan-Williams explores the art of Theta Healing during a session with talented healer and teacher Beata Aleksandrowicz. In addition to Theta Healing, Beata is also experienced in Nidra Yoga and has created “Pure Massage” for people to receive the highest quality massage and healing.

Theta Healing is a healing modality created by Vianna Stibal, taught in more than twenty countries. I was invited to have a Theta Healing session with Beata who is a therapist, healer, writer, teacher and expert in the field of massage and healing. She has been in the industry for over 17 years. As a clinical hypnotherapist and life coach I was intrigued as to putting thoughts and logic to one side and experiencing a session based on an energetical level connecting with my most inner self. I was open minded (which is often hard for a scientist) but have experienced a truly fantastic journey. Beata and I both work on the premise that the beliefs and feelings that you are aware of are stored in your conscious mind. We agree most of them, up to 88% are stored in your subconscious mind and you are unaware of them. It is these beliefs both a Theta Healer and a Clinical Hypnotherapist work on. Beliefs are

at the core of your every thought and action you make and as such there is opportunity for great growth and understanding of how your beliefs serve you. This work is for everyone no matter what your beliefs are.

Beata is an amazing healer and teacher with a wisdom and kindness that are the perfect balance for moving your life forward. The benefit to this type of journey is that it complements your spiritual beliefs and enhances them helping you find your true self. Like life coaching, Theta Healing helps to heal any limitations and problems related to your health, relationships, career, finances, intellectual, emotional growth, creativity, self-esteem and helps you to understand the reasons behind your decisions and reactions.

Theta Healing then deviates from traditional therapies here and this is where you need an experienced healer such as Beata because she uses her talent to help transform your beliefs in the way which serve you in the highest and best way for you in a safe and relaxing environment. Examples of how Theta Healing works to enhance your life include: • Guiding you in a moment of confusion, lack of direction, conflict. • Assisting you in a profound healing process of old traumas, shocks and wounds which you thought can never be completed. • Helping you to understand the driving sources behind your decisions and reactions and transform them in the way which serves you in the highest and best way. • Educating you with an awareness of how the mind influences the body to create optimum health on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level.

Unlocking Beliefs 40

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A session usually consists of connecting with energy of “All That Is”, following with intuitive scanning, identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with new ones, instilling positive feelings, emotions and healing energy. After my first session I felt more open, accepting and excited for life’s possibilities. This surprised me because as a life coach myself I am often trying new therapies to recommend to my clients and have a well developed awareness of self. However with Theta Healing I saw an even greater level of development, a transition and addition from a healer myself to teacher. It also allowed me to see relationships energetically which is a new experience for me and

especially calming and centering. For those who have perhaps like myself lost a loved one or even have difficult relationships on this plane that need a deeper energetical level of understanding that logic just doesn’t allow for, Theta Healing is a perfect solution. Beata offers insightful guidance and support in a calm and collected manner. Her space is inviting, comforting and healing from the moment you walk in. The fragrance in the air relaxes you and her manner instills a safeness for you to explore any issue. Beata is an amazing healer and teacher with wisdom that she imparts providing for me an alternative point of view for life’s questions. The magical part is that when you put logic and reason

to one side and listen to your inner self, with the help of an experienced Theta Healer such as Beata, change (if you let it) happens at a rate that is right for you and that is often instantaneous. Leaving my session I feel more centered and grounded with an amazing sense of clarity and an energetical excitement about what the future holds. Theta Healing is open to everyone. It can be used by those of any faith as it does not favour one religion over another. In fact, by its very nature it is accepting of all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs and I highly recommend booking a sesssion. For more information about Beata go to or call her on 0203 290 9070.

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Fiona Cairns Royal Baker, Pastry Chef & Charity Ambassador



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Chelsea Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to royal baker and pastry chef Fiona Cairns You have spoken about your pride S at becoming the royal baker for the wedding cake of TRH The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge describing it as the “ultimate accolade”. Would you share with us what runs through your mind when faced with such a lifechanging commission which involves a transition from a successful pastry chef to a world-famous royal baker? I will never forget the moment my

F husband called me to tell me he

had received the call to ask us to make the wedding cake for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It was on a cold February afternoon. I went out into our garden on my own. It was such a huge honour to be asked, a life changing commission, exciting but daunting too as it was such a responsibility. We have a great and loyal team at Fiona Cairns Ltd and once my husband and I had carefully selected our team who would be involved in creating this very important cake, we worked flat out. I do believe it is important to be positive, and to enjoy ones’ work. We reminded ourselves constantly how lucky we were to be working on such a special commission. The logistics involved were equally vital to the baking, icing and decorating. Every eventuality was considered and planned in great detail. Making the Royal wedding cake has of course made us much more well-known. However, we carry on doing what we have always done from the very early days (It began 30 years on my kitchen table!) We create delicious, beautiful, handmade luxury cakes – each and every cake that leaves the bakery is important – from a simple loaf cake to a very special celebration cake. What drives and motivates you?

S Passion? Pressure? Perfection? How

do you ensure your work constantly improves and progresses? Over the years we have grown – F beginning at my kitchen table and now we have over 100 employees! Passion, perfection and patience have always been important to me and have

become instilled into the business. Pressure goes without saying – unavoidable, if you have commitment and passion in whatever your field. Looking back over your

S experiences, what was your biggest mistake or life lesson and what did you learn from it? I didn’t become interested in food

F (and especially cakes) until later in my life. Not until I married at 27 did I become interested. However, it is never too late and I have enjoyed the journey ever since! Apart from creating the Royal

S Wedding Cake, what have been the highs of your working and/or personal life? The Royal wedding cake for

F myself and my husband, Kishore

(We jointly have created Fiona Cairns Ltd) is our greatest and proudest professional achievement. Together over 30 years we have built up our bakery – although it has always been Kishores’ vision NOT mine! Personally – managing to work together I think is an achievement too - it is commented on quite often but we have never questioned it. Our roles within the business are quite defined – each respecting the other. Does your passion for baking spill

S over into other areas of cooking

such as cooking at home for family and friends or do you prefer to let others wear the apron at home? I love cooking – at home too. There

F is no greater pleasure than getting

friends and family around the table and sharing food together. My husband has just started cooking too but at the moment it is mainly me. Your clients include Fortnum

S & Mason, Harrods, Selfridges, Waitrose and Le Bon Marche. Where do you find inspiration for your elegant designs? Rachel Eardley is a creative

F director and has been with us for @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


many years. She has a team and together they work on the beautiful cake designs and develop new recipes. Often clients will take the lead and give us their ideas and themes and we are of course aware of current ideas and trends too, although we have our own strong house style. I am constantly creating and writing new recipes and working on new ideas. As in every field baking and the cake world is constantly evolving. Having started in your kitchen

S baking cakes for friends, how

have you tackled the challenges you’ve faced to become the successful female entrepreneur you are today? Did you always know this was what you wanted from life? To what do you attribute your success? As I said earlier – my husband

F Kishore from the very beginning

(Kitchen table days) had the business vision – he is the entrepreneur behind Fiona Cairns Ltd! No, I came into it by accident as originally I trained in graphic design and even in my early 20’s took no interest in the culinary arts! Recognising opportunities and making good decisions are the keys to success.

As someone passionate about S food, I have tried to bake macaroons using different recipes, techniques and temperatures to achieve the ultimate result. What are your tips for the perfect macaroons? Have you ever got stuck perfecting a recipe and how did you do to get unstuck? Sometimes creating a recipe

F can be relatively easy and

straight forward and at other times it can require buckets full of patience! Tweaking, rewriting and re-baking several times is part of my work. Wonderful when you have success - very satisfying. A knowledge of what all the ingredients and flavours are contributing is essential of course to working it out! In 2015, you were one of the

S BIG Bake Ambassadors for the

Wallace & Gromit Children’s Charity. Why is this cause important


to you and what other causes are close to your heart? How important is contribution to you? Wallace and Gromit children’s

F charity is such a brilliant cause.

I was hugely honoured this year to be invited to be an Ambassador and jumped at the opportunity. Kishore and I are so lucky to have two healthy children, something not to be taken for granted. The chance to encourage others to get baking and raise some dough, couldn’t be missed. As a company we support many charities – and have done so since the business began. What advice would you give

S to people looking to start up

their own business, especially those working from home or their kitchens? Make sure you have a sound

F business plan and business

advice. Be prepared to work harder than you can imagine – and at the cost very often of your social and family life. It certainly can be very difficult. Don’t forget – passion, perfection and practice too! Having written three popular S cookbooks on baking and decorating beautiful cakes and treats, what are your top tips for writing and publishing a book? What were your most challenging and most rewarding moments creating these wonderful books? Writing my three books was a F journey and a learning curve. All the recipe development and photo shoots took place in our home – not always to the delight of my family! I thoroughly enjoyed the process each time. The most rewarding moments for me each time were: Unwrapping the first posted copy from the publisher, and then receiving all the emails/readers photos and comments from satisfied readers and bakers! Fiona Cairns is a pastry chef and Royal baker. She has published 3 fabulous cook books and her own range of luxury cakes are available in Waitrose, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. In 2015 she helped ‘raise some dough’ for Wallace & Gromit’s BIG Bake (

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Haven of Yumminess SLOAN! Magazine presents a selection of delectable delights to cook and share with your loved ones from Nordic waffles to Sunday lamb

ff les a W t ed Hear t-shap

ar c Nordit whip up theesAe uhreell’s Thsepecial

a nt no Why s from Bro okbook for your loved e h waff l iKitchen co akfast wit e d r n b Sca ine Day dic t e Nor afé h t r e Valen nC ll ov aten a andiKitche f le one. e e r a f c aff les ed wa The S The w ies and in hear t-shap distinct r l r count se a specia aff les thei ine. l t. they u iving the w can get on yogur d g u n , o a n y h iro m il k ly, , whic eggs, s and f inal u e n shape i b o om gredient until y owl, c In a b ll the dr y in tter. Whisk care not to Add a e melted bu tter, taking at least 15 add th smooth ba o stand for t tly have a eat. Leave ing. it ligh s b h u s r u e e r r v b o o o and t ter t es bef e iron enough ba surface l minut f f a w p the er the r. Add Heat u elted butte almost cov pill), close s i s with m ff le iron to it will over brown. Th til a n n r u w e o t d l a te, the ntil go . Repe ot qui (but n and cook u of minutes the lid ke a couple ed. s will ta batter is u e. e l recip h l t u f al l e or th here f k c i l C

Love Cake (Kärleksmums) Here’s another tasty treat from The ScandiKitchen cookbook by Bronte Aurell that’s perfect for lovers... of chocolate. In the recipe, Bronte changed the traditional chocolate sponge to a darker chocolate cake as it goes better with the mocha icing. This cake has many names across Scandinavia. The ScandiKitchen Café call it Love Cake (from the Swedish ‘kärlek’ meaning ‘love’ and ‘mums’ meaning ‘something delicious’). This is the perfect teatime treat for Valentine’s day although it’s so delicious it can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Click here for the full recipe.


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Blueberry & Lemon Curd Scones

Mushroom, Spinach, Kale and Sweet Potato Pie

Recipes Warm Kale Salad with Trout

Click the titles to find the full recipes or go to our online recipe section to be inspired to create something yummy.

Sunday Lamb

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Restaurants One-O-One Recognised as the best fish restaurants in London, OneO-One Restaurant is renowned as one of London’s finest seafood dining rooms having been awarded 3 AA Rosettes for culinary excellence and voted one of the 10 Great Hotel Restaurants.

renown of Proyart, the freshness of the ingredients he uses and the innovation behind his menu.

Signature dishes include the renowned Norwegian red king crab leg and West Coast scallops whilst refined brasserie-style dishes include the delightful Surrey farm beef entrecote or the delicious Gressingham duck breast.

The combination of the freshest fish, the finest French cooking, the coveted Knightsbridge location and Pascal’s strong belief in sustainability makes One-O-One one of the most highly acclaimed fish restaurants in London.

Breton chef, Pascal Proyart’s love for fish has inspired the design of One-O-One Restaurant and every detail is infused with the inspiration of the shoreline, from the exceptional cuisine to the oceanic themed decor of the dining room. Everything represents the passion and the

Click here to read the online review.

Proyart is proud to only use line-caught fish taking great care to select and serve fish to the correct season for breeding, not to serve immature fish at any time.

DETAILS Sheraton Park Tower, 101 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RN

Dendustem. Nam quunda dolupic te q iliqui nusae que sam aut re lab inctemque etur mi, siminti onsequa ectur? Pudae milit aliquibus raturit. 48

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Tamarind of Mayfair Tamarind of Mayfair is the first fine dining Indian restaurant in the world to have been recognised with a Michelin star and it remains as one of only six to hold the accolade. Dishes are derived from traditional Moghul cuisine where food is cooked in the authentic tandoor oven style of North West India. Food philosophy is driven by a desire to present the eclectic and expansive Indian repertoire, bursting with flavour and originality, as a multi-sensory dining experience. Click here to read the online review. DETAILS 20 Queen Street, W1J 5PR |

The Henry Root This Chelsea institution serves dishes including grilled halibut with girolles, spinach and ver jus and roasted rump of lamb with braised puy lentils and salsa verde which are elegant enough for destination dining, while plates of macaroni cheese with truffled lobster and Henry’s grass-fed beef burger cater to it’s regulars. The evening also sees the bar transform into a Chelsea cocktail hot-spot perfect for post-work drinks, pre-dinner tipples and nightcaps alike. Click here to read the online review. DETAILS 9 Park Walk SW10 0AJ |

Smith & Wollensky Smith & Wollensky London is located in the historic Grade II-listed Adelphi Building off the Strand. This is the boutique steakhouse’s first opening outside of the US, bringing the restaurant’s brand of warm American hospitality to London. The restaurant has both a dry ageing room and a butchery on-site for true field to fork traceability. The USDA Prime beef is selected from the top 2% of beef in the US for its rich and even marbling. The meat is dry-aged for no less than 28 days to increase tenderness and intensify flavour.

Iberica Victoria Ibérica brings the very best in Spanish cuisine, wine and culture to Victoria showcasing the true flavours of Spain in contemporary Iberian surroundings and offering gastronomic tapas from lunch until late evening amongst the relaxed and authentic atmosphere of a Spanish tapas bar. Executive Head Chef Nacho Manzano, who has an impressive 3 Michelin stars to his name, creates menus which celebrate Spanish gastronomy with the help of group head chef César Garcia. Only the highest quality ingredients imported from carefully selected Spanish producers are used. Click here to read the online review. DETAILS 68 Victoria Street SW1E 6SQ

USDA Prime steaks include the awe-inspiring 24oz Cajun marinated bone-in rib steak and the Butcher’s Specials vary regularly from a Porterhouse to T-bone steaks. Click here for the full online review. DETAILS Adelphi Building, 1-11 John Adam Street, WC2N 6HT @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants AVISTA

AVISTA is a two AA rosette contemporary Italian restaurant at Millennium Hotel London Mayfair situated in Grosvenor Square and is the perfect location for hungry Londoners who enjoy modern Italian cuisine and the feeling of having stumbled upon an off-theradar gem in Rome.

on a plate in a way that only the finest Italian cuisine can. Talking about the menu, Arturo explains, “Cooking is about more than just preparing the dish, it’s about being able to pass on the emotions that you feel when cooking. I try to be innovative with my style and although my technique is contemporary I make sure to keep the true essence of the product and ingredients I use”. Click here for the online review. DETAILS 39 Grosvenor Square W1K 2HP

The menu frequently surprises and delights diners with a range of eclectic dishes which take advantage of the very best local seasonal produce. The imaginative menu has been created by executive chef, Arturo Granato. Hailing from the Amalfi Coast with years of experience at some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in Italy and London, Chef Arturo has added an elegant twist to the menu offering simple sophistication


Click here to see SLOAN! magazine’s latest restaurant reviews

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Eating out with friends or loved ones satisfies the human need for comfort, variety and love & connection. It is important to take time out to enjoy what London has to offer.

Wright Brothers South Kensington Wright Brothers South Kensington opened in late 2015 bringing their renowned oyster and seafood dining experience to West London. Head chef Philip Coulter creates British food with a subtle French influence showcasing the popular dressed oysters which come in a variety of styles such as Rockefeller, New Orleans and Spinach with Champagne sauce. The menu also includes the Wright Brothers’ iconic platters featuring the finest seafood from the UK, Portugal and France. Click here for the online review. DETAILS 56 Old Brompton Road SW7 3DY |

L’ETO The modern European menu at L’ETO Brompton Road is ideal for those in search of healthy delicious sophisticated dinners. Dishes include black ink crab tortelloni with creamy lobster bisque. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS 243 Brompton Road SW3 2EP

Chicago Rib Shack In 1982 Bob Payton decided to bring all that’s great about American BBQ restaurants to London. The Chicago Rib Shack found it’s first home in Knightsbridge and since then dozens of restaurants have tried to copy them. But there is more to BBQ than just pouring sauce on some meat and grilling it. All the recipes are the genuine authentic article straight from the States as is their commitment to guaranteed freshness, quality and excellent service. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS Arch 642 Voltaire Road SW4 6DH |

Aladino’s Aladino’s restaurant, with its unique menu of Alexandrian cuisine with a contemporary twist, is the realisation of a long-held dream by acclaimed chef and restaurateur Aladin Barakat. For 18 years Aladin’s 500-cover restaurant, located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Egyptian port of Alexandria, was a magnet for dignitaries and celebrities. Drawing inspiration from Alexandria’s cosmopolitan exotic flavours, Aladino’s reasonably priced menu imbues traditional Alexandrian recipes with classic French and Italian influences, creating bold, original creations, sure to delight anyone looking for a vibrant alternative dining experience and attracting VIPs such as the Egyptian Ambassador to the UK, Nasser Kamel. Feast on starters such as Aladin’s signature prawns in delicately-flavoured crispy coating, moules à L’Égyptienne, slow-roasted lamb shank infused with mild Egyptian spices and the traditional dessert, Om Ali. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS 38c Kensington Church Street W8 4BX |

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Restaurants Cheyne Walk Brasserie Positioned at the heart of Chelsea, Cheyne Walk Brasserie is classic French bistro which has gained a strong reputation within one of London’s most charming areas and was recently named celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey’s all time favourite restaurant. Since its opening in 2003, the petite but classically chic restaurant has firmly established itself as something of a Chelsea institution and offers simple, yet luxurious French brasserie dishes and cocktails in a luxurious, modern setting. At the centre of the dining room is an open grill where much of the Provencal-inspired menu is prepared and cooked to perfection, allowing diners to watch the skills of head chef Christophe Dittrich in action. Upstairs, The Salon offers a unique venue for special events and parties. The atmosphere evokes that of an indulgent French Salon with beautiful river views and deep chaise longues to relax on. The Salon hosts monthly Wine Clubs where some of the world’s best and most delicious wines are tasted. Cheyne Walk Brasserie is owned by Sally Greene OBE, an entrepreneur in the entertainment and arts field


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and owner of several key London theatres including Criterion Theatre, Old Vic Theatre and productions and world renowned and iconic jazz club Ronnie Scott’s. Head Chef Christophe Dittrich and his team create menus inspired by some of the hottest new food trends both in London and in the restaurant’s heartland and ultimate foodie destination - France. Christophe told SLOAN! magazine, “Working with local suppliers here in Chelsea to select the finest meats, the best quality fish and other key ingredients is always part of what makes our dishes so superb. In addition to this, the newest menu has been created after months of reading, testing and researching the key food trends here in London and further afield. We want to ensure that whilst we champion our classic french brasserie roots, we are also at the forefront of what is happening in the wider culinary world.” Click here for our full review online. DETAILS 50 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea SW3 5LR

Le Restaurant de PAUL Le Restaurant de PAUL @ Tower 42 proudly presents the hit of modern je ne sais quoi that the City has been missing until now. Located at the base of one of London’s iconic skyscrapers, the sleek all-day restaurant features authentic French cuisine with an introduction of gourmet burgers supplied by the Queen’s butcher Donald Russell, a destination wine, champagne and cocktail bar and in-house bakery. Unwaveringly authentic, plentiful in portion and cleverly mixing the contemporary and classic, the menu is designed to appeal to varied tastes and dining occasions, filled with regional dishes, sharing platters and typical French savoury snacks as well as freshly baked viennoisserie and fine pâtisserie. Many of PAUL’s dishes are inspired by family recipes passed down throughout its 125-year history, which pay homage to the cornerstones of casual French cookery. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS 25 Old Broad Street, Ground Floor, City of London, EC2N 1HQ |

Admiral Codrington The Admiral Codrington prides itself on sourcing the finest British ingredients to craft their fine dishes. The halibut carpaccio with lime and coriander dressing is an example of the innovative mix of classic and contemporary cuisine. As their name suggests, the pub is a destination for the freshest seafood, featuring dressed Portland crab, jumbo gambas with citrus chili butter and the famous Admiral’s Cod with chickpea ragout and chorizo on a separate, new seafood menu. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS 17 Mossop Street SW3 2LY |

Orange Elephant Caffe Caldesi Caffé Caldesi is the flagship bar and fine dining restaurant of the Caldesi group of restaurants and cookery schools. Set in its own little corner of Italy in London’s trendy Marylebone, the Caffé Caldesi brings a truly authentic slice of Italy to the city. Orange Elephant is the brainchild of Head Chef Jai Parkinson whose reputation for culinary excellence has been deservedly earned over a career spanning the last 18 years which have seen him working with some of the world’s leading chefs. Alongside the signature Sirloin steak, Orange Elephant also serves truffle Mac n’ Cheese for vegetarians and the showstopper Tomahawk steak, a cut designed for sharing between 3-4 people, served on the bone and with delicate marbelling which gives it an enhanced sweet and rich flavour. Click here for the online review. DETAILS 351 Fulham Road SW10 9TW

The downstairs cafe/bar area offers informal service with a menu that has been heavily influenced by owner Giancarlo Caldesi’s Tuscan heritage. Here you can enjoy a range of great Italian wines and cocktails, beers and of course the best Italian coffee. Upstairs there is a fine dining restaurant boasting seasonal Italian dishes with a refined touch. Caffé Caldesi is a favourite haunt of many of London’s ex-pat Italian community as it truly delivers real Italian food, cooked with passion and flair by talented Italian chefs. La Cucina Caldesi celebrates dishes from every Italian region. Cooking and wine tasting is taught by Giancarlo and Katie themselves, their own staff or specially invited visiting celebrity chefs, food writers & wine experts. Giancarlo & Katie share a passion for Italian cuisine and love introducing and teaching it to others. The courses can specific to vegetarians, pizza making, 30 minute suppers and regional dishes. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS 118 Marylebone Lane W1U 2QF | @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


House Modernist Masterclass at Paris House

Paris House is an elegant and truly unique restaurant set in the stunning deer park of the Woburn Estate. It is the perfect setting to enjoy exciting food, fabulous wines and Great British Hospitality. COLOURFUL HISTORY Before becoming a restaurant, the building enjoyed a colourful history. It was originally built in 1878 as part of The Paris International Exhibition and located on the Rue des Nations (next to the Quai d’Orsay) in Paris. The house, designed by Gilbert Redgrave and built by William Cubitt & Son, was based on the Renaissance half-timbered architecture of the Cheshire region of England and was erected in prefabricated sections of the Tudor style and pegged together. The 9th Duke of Bedford fell in love with the building, had it dismantled, shipped piece by piece to its current home and rebuilt in the stunning grounds of Woburn Abbey. In 1983, Paris House was acquired by Peter Chandler, the first English apprentice to celebrated chefs Albert and Michel Roux. The new Paris House opened on the 10th February 2010 under the culinary


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leadership of Executive Chef, Phil Fanning and was awarded a Michelin Star just 11 months after opening.

AWARD WINNING CHEF In 2013 Phil and his wife Claire took over the ownership of the restaurant and are privileged to have the opportunity to follow in the late Peter Chandler’s footsteps. Award-winning chef Phil Fanning, sources the finest local produce and complimenting ingredients from around the world to produce dishes that excite without challenging.

After originally celebrating its inclusion in the 100th edition of the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland in June 2011, the stunning restaurant has continued to keep its place in the list of one star restaurants outside London and is Bedfordshire’s only Michelin Star Restaurant. MASTERCLASS SERIES A Masterclasses Series gives guests an opportunity to discover culinary techniques, skills and secrets used by top chefs to create the perfect dish. The two and half hour hands-on cookery demonstration is followed by a lunch at the chefs table. The perfect day for home cooks, budding chefs


and keen foodies to learn new skills with Michelin Star Chef, Phil Fanning. MODERNIST COOKING TECHNIQUES Modernist cooking techniques are quickly becoming a staple part of every day cookery, even for the home cook. With so many new weird and wonderful products and pieces of kit on the market there are lots of exciting ways to make your next dinner party something really special. Sloan Sheridan-Williams joined Phil Fanning on a recent Masterclass to learn the secrets behind his modernist cooking techniques and immersed herself in the world of gels, gums, spherifications, syphon sponges and even had the opportunity to create ice cream made with liquid nitrogen for her individual culinary creation at the end of the masterclass. There are more masterclasses running throughout February and the rest of 2016. The day begins at 9.30am and finishes at approximately 2.30pm. Here’s what you can expect: - Tea or Coffee with homemade cookies on arrival - A 2 hour cookery masterclass with Executive Chef & owner Phil Fanning - Glass of bubbles & canapés followed by a 5 Course lunch at the Chefs Table The masterclass costs £169 per person. Paris House is open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and Wednesday to Saturday for dinner. Paris House, Woburn Park, London Road MK17 9QP

The Woburn Hotel Set in the heart of the picturesque village of Woburn, The Woburn Hotel with 4 AA stars is owned and managed by the Woburn Estate. Renowned for its friendly and welcoming team, it effortlessly combines courteous service with modern comforts and facilities. There are 48 bedrooms, all with delightful interiors designed to complement the hotel’s character and reflect Woburn’s unique heritage. The hotel provides a stylish retreat for weekend breaks when you book a Paris House masterclass or simply to enjoy the attractions of the Woburn Estate. Olivier’s restaurant offers a superb menu created by Executive Chef Olivier Bertho and is a 2 AA rosette award-winning alternative to dining at Paris House. The Woburn Hotel, 1 George Street, Bedfordshire, MK17 9PX |

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Phil Fanning

Michelin Master

Sloan chats to Phil Fanning after watching all the action from the chef ’s table at Paris House. did your fabulous culinary S How journey unfold? I went from college to work in

P the hotel industry. Worked in

two hotels and found them to be pretty brutal so left to go and work at John Lewis where I was looked after, well managed and inspired to be the best I could be. So after that it became a misson to never go back to the brutal kitchen environment that I started off in. However, after three years you

S realised your love of cooking

was drawing you back, so what is the difference in your kitchen now? Phil Fanning began cooking at an early age and even made an appearance on Junior Masterchef as a finalist in 1997. He sharpened his skills working at Danesfield House and subsequently took a job as Demi Chef de Partie at Alan Murchison’s L’Ortolan. Fanning prospered under his leadership and still credits Murchison as a key mentor. Murchison gave Fanning his first chance to become a Head Chef at Paris House in 2010. Fanning was just 29 at the time but critics realised his special talent at once, awarding him a Michelin star within his first year there. Fanning now owns Paris House as of 2014 and has stepped up to the role of Executive Chef though he still works the pass on most days. He tempers his classical French roots with more farreaching ingredients and an eye for theatrical mischief.

At 29, Phil Fanning received the Acorn Award which recognises culinary talent under 30 within his first year as Head Chef at Paris House.


There is no aggression in my

P kitchen with a good structured hierarchy and leadership. No fear just respect. Everything works seamlessly with help given to team members when and where needed.


How do you organise your team members?

The root cause of the situation P is not the symptom, people only struggle because they are being asked to do more than they are capable of. Also it’s about the transfer of information. If a team member isn’t able to give what they need to give it’s because another team member isn’t giving the right amount of information and without support it can become a downwards spiral. Usually we have timing slots for customers but people rarely hit those slots. So getting table early or late effect the way the day in the kitchen runs. This leads to bottlenecks were there is no way you can do it other than having more manpower. I noticed at the busiest point to

S avoid bottlenecks you jumped in with your team getting hands on in the kitchen rather than jumping straight to the pass. Do you go to the team member who is struggling or is there a more technical reason for

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how you position yourself to get the best results. If you haven’t got the

P manpower it’s about

struggling through it. It’s all about limiting the damage of the customers experience and maintaining the quality of the standards. The younger and less experienced you are the harder it is to deal with. For me it’s just about being as efficient as possible for instance processing things in batches of ten rather than two it just takes experience and lending support were needed to alleviate pressure on the individuals. Team synergy is the key in managing to succeed, so as long as they are achieving their tasks, and objectives and being successful I’m happy. Having being taught by you for

S just a morning I can see how

passionate you are about your subject, what else drives you? I love problem solving. Always

P trying to be ahead of where

I was yesterday, so I like to achieve and get continuous progress. I love watching people turn into professionals as well as teaching and inspiring people.

I am very proud of the Michelin star. They say its easy to get a Michelin star but its virtually impossible to keep one. It’s all about consistently delivering high quality. It requires permanent fear to keep the standards high. The Michelin star is so well respected and it’s difficult because you don’t know who they are.

It has been so interesting taking

S your masterclass, I look forward to returning for your next one. It’s great when you get regulars

P who attend my courses and each

time they come back you can see a progression they have taken on board what they have done before and they are then inspired to learn about the subject externally as well so I get a lot of pleasure out of seeing progress and developing people in the kitchen. Paris House is clearly a big

S project and a huge learning curve. I took over at Paris House in 2014 P so I have been here nearly two years which involved extracting a restaurant from a restaurant group. I had to rebuild the business mechanics and fix the under investments of the past. So we had to redo half the kitchen and build good foundations and systems making sure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted.


What is next for your culinary journey. What are your future plans?

We will be looking to rebuild P parts of the restaurant in 2017. Want to give the restaurant an new face and in doing that maybe looking into the more casual dining whilst maintaining our fine dining experience in a grand location. Also looking to create good food in a pub environment and extend our reach further down the line.


What would you advise someone who wants to achieve this?

Find a good mentor. It’s such a P rewarding job but you have to choose the right path. I think the industry needs to be softened, I think the work-life balance is not being satisfied. I know how difficult it is to make the environment acceptable to the staff. There are just too many costs to say I’ll pay you £50k a year and say you can work 45 hours a week. It’s physically impossible to provide a work environment where young people or the younger end of the industry get a decent wage and not work 70 hours a week. Do you think younger people

S have more expectations for higher salaries for less hours worked?

Huge! I have noticed in the last

P 2-3 years that the latest generation of chefs coming through have a totally different perspective of what is acceptable and what is not. Some people’s aspirations are not reality and their expectations are so far off what is achievable. So people can get disheartened at an early age because they believe they have the opportunity to do something else. They compare the casual dining chain environment to the fine dining Michelin star restaurant and they expect similar hours and similar salaries and are happy to take the additional learning, knowledge and access to different ingredients. So people want to come in with next to no experience with high price ingredients and techniques and earn £24k. Maybe a central London Michelin star restaurant but we can’t sustain that so if you want to come in

and learn then we need to axe the wages and whack the hours up. We can teach but it’s an investment for the future. If you have moulded them even S though it takes longer don’t you have someone who you want that does exactly what you want? People tend to stay 18 months

P and it takes some people three

years to get to a level. Being in an employers position it is difficult as you see the rise of chain restaurants such as Nando’s and brasseries who have the buying power of the group and the organisation of the corporate environment so the independent restaurant is becoming few and far between and people are losing some of the skills that you require.

Phil Fanning discusses his pioneering use of modern Japanese cooking techniques to refine and deliver exceptional British food. ‘As the years go by I find myself using more and more Japanese ingredients and techniques on the menus at Paris House. The Japanese cuisine rarely concentrates on bold and extremely distinct flavours but more on using the best and most seasonal produce, then using techniques and combinations that maximize the appreciation of the ingredients. This focus allows me to incorporate the benefits without giving my dishes a particularly distinct “Japanese” feel.’ ‘A very useful concept that Japanese cuisine uses heavily is Umami, by combining ingredients high in glutomate and inosinate or guanylate and controlling salt levels you achieve an increase in “savouriness” the classic example is the kombu and benito flake in Dashi. When I construct savoury dishes I consider the usual sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavours and where possible I make sure that the ingredient combinations have the added benefit of increasing the umami at the same time. This allows me to increase the appreciation of the savoury elements whilst decreasing the overall salt content within a dish. Kombu, benito flake, miso, mirin, yuzu and a range of other Japanese ingredients have become staples in our dry stores. I find them very useful for incorporating depth and characteristic to dishes whilst keeping dairy and salt levels low, which helps keeping multi course tasting menus light and interesting.’ ‘I have adopted the Japanese love for seaweed and I find myself using it as salad and vegetable replacements more and more in both hot and cold preparations. There are hundreds of varieties out there each with a different texture, appearance and flavour. My personal favorite at the moment is umibudo (sea grapes) which have a very distinct marine flavour which works well with raw fish and shellfish and has an amazing texture akin to fish eggs. In contrast we had a dish on last year Roast Venison Heart with Cep and Braised Kombu, the kombu added a really enjoyable “savouriness” and complimentary tender vegetable texture.’

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


WINENo Here are some tasty tipples for the new year...

Sparkling Wine

Chapel Down Three Graces 2009 is an ideal alternative to NV Champagne made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier with subtle aromas of lemon sherbert, green fruits and hints of brioche. Has a rich finish with fantastic length and fine persistent bubbles. (, £26.99) Squerryes Brut 2010 is a double gold winning English sparkling wine which is unique in that it only uses grapes taken from the Squerryes terroir. A single terroir sparkling wine is rare giving this complexity and depth on the palate and balance of fruit and yeasty characteristics on the nose. (, £28.99)

White Wine

Rosé Wine Vignobles des 3 Chateaux Seigneur de Lauret AOC Languedoc Pic Saint Loup 2014 is an elegant, dry rosé and a must for fans of Provence rosé. Pastel pink coloured, with aromas of wild raspberries and beautifully balanced acidity. Perfect with white meat, roasts and salads. (Ocado, £9.99)


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Domaine Paul Mas Estate Viognier IGP Pays d’Oc 2014 has lovely flavours of peach, dry fruits and vanilla. This rich and mellow wine has a long, rich and toasty finish. (Majestic Wine £9.99) Domaine De Pellehaut Family Reserve is a blend of Chardonnay and Petit Manseng. Made in small quantities each year, it displays notes of citrus and lychee balanced with a hint of vanilla. (PalmersWineStore, £12.75)

Red Wine Gérard Bertrand Château Laville Bertrou AOC Minervois 2013 is a blend of 65% Syrah, 20% Grenache noir, 15% Carignan noir. This is an immensely rich, luxurious and concentrated garnet-red wine with a complex, aromatic bouquet combining hints of blackberry, blueberry and cherry with delicious liquorice and subtle undergrowth aromas. There are warm aromas of heather and pepper on the nose. Strong tannins provide a firm, yet smooth and well-rounded taste. Fruity and well-balanced with a long-lasting finish. (Majestic Wine £14.99)

ot es Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, Make the sage frolic, and the serious smile Homer, Odyssey

Spirits Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. It combines six high quality botanicals to create a complex blend best sipped long with tonic or short with brine as a non-alcoholic martini. Unique in its flavour, Seedlip delivers a sophisticated profile with strong clove and citrus top notes and a long finish drawing on the highest quality barks, spices and citrus, all of which are distilled individually in copper pots. (Selfridges, £29.99)

WIN A CASE OF WINE The South of France is known for its wines from the sunny Languedoc-Roussillon region which stretches along the Mediterranean from the Rhône valley all the way to the Spanish border and as far as Carcassonne to the north. Each year, the very best wines are selected for the Sud de France Top 100 Wines Awards. Many of these Top 100 wines are now available to buy easily in the UK, and we have a mixed case of six bottles to give away to one lucky reader.


Click here to enter the competition.

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Luxury T HE

WA LDOR F HILTON One of the West End’s Most Iconic Hotels Restored to 1920s Edwardian Grandeur

The Waldorf Hilton has a rich heritage spanning over a century, with its recent refurbishment bringing to life the glamour of the Roaring Twenties through its elegant interior. 60

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The Waldorf Hilton, one of London’s most famous hotels in the heart of West End theatre land, has been given a £13.5 million hotelwide renovation. The renovation restored the hotel’s elegant 1920s Edwardian style, which has made it a favourite with guests from all over the world for more than a century. Situated on the verdant, tree-lined thoroughfare of Aldwych, The Waldorf Hilton opened in 1908 and is a Grade II listed building. Completed in phases, the hotelwide renovation encompassed all 298 guestrooms, seven meeting rooms and event spaces, including the iconic Palm Court, Good Godfrey’s Bar, Adelphi Suite and Executive Boardroom, with refreshed interiors complementing the grandeur and grace of the hotel’s striking architecture.

For the guest rooms, interior designers Fox Linton Associates drew inspiration from the glamour of the 1920s. Style and elegance is reflected in timeless features such as antique brass metalwork, silverleaf and mirrors, whilst a sense of playfulness, frivolity, gentle decadence and attention to detail, bring the Edwardian heritage of the hotel to life. Pastel colours featured in the guest rooms evoke calmness and tranquillity with bespoke furniture in each room showcasing how every detail has been carefully thought through. Subtle variances in pattern and texture come from Italian leather headboards with antique brass studs, chaise longues and contemporary fabrics that reflect the classic style of the hotels early years with a contemporary twist.

THE WA LD OR F HILTON Meanwhile, the bathrooms have been elegantly designed with a monochrome palette of white ceramic tiles, black trim and nickel fittings also reflecting the 1920s era.

to become a much-loved part of the hotel. The brand new interior features large antiqued mirrors and a bar with illuminated marble, chrome and granite elements.

The magnificent Adelphi Suite function space has been given a new ‘champagne elegance’ colour palette and now boasts stunning bespoke chandeliers with 1920s flute glass shades.

Proudly taking its name from Howard Godfrey, the handsome and talented bandleader of the Waldorf house band in the 1920s, Good Godfrey’s is open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and a variety of tantalising plates to accompany the bold selection of cocktails in the evening.

The original wall lights have also been restored to match, whilst fan designs, popular in the era, are reflected in the carpet design and curtain trim. Modern technology has not been forgotten with the new suite benefitting from a state-of-theart architectural and lighting system. Originally the gentlemen’s smoking room and bar of the hotel, the beautiful listed Executive Boardroom has been restored and converted to a classical boardroom. With its traditional fireplaces and oil paintings, this room is a unique and original space for private dining and smaller meetings.

Edwardian elegance in the heart of London

A hotspot for dancing and socialising since the hotel opened in 1908, the famous Palm Court has been lovingly restored to its former Edwardian glory. All features of the unique and grand centrepiece ballroom have been brought back to life, including the historic black clock, lanterns, stunning columns, cornicing and balustrades. The Palm Court is the dramatic stage for a monthly Afternoon Tea Dance, complete with contemporary afternoon tea and traditional ballroom music, as well as a monthly Tango Supper, hosted by professional Argentine tango dancers Leonardo Acosta and Tracey Tyack-King. Good Godfrey’s Bar and Lounge opened its doors in 2011


Homage is a relaxing, elegant restaurant with a dash of theatrical glamour which promises to be a fine-dining experience set against a dramatic backdrop of goldcast Iconic pillars inspired by the grand cafés of Europe and featuring stunning Louis XVI-style décor.


Alison Palin, general manager, The Waldorf Hilton, London said, “Every element of this landmark refurbishment has been taken into careful consideration.” “The attention to detail to ensure that the feel and grandeur of the 1920s remains instilled in the iconic hotel has been top priority – it first opened its doors in 1908 and, although times have changed, the style and elegance of days gone by has remained for guests to enjoy.”

“The Waldorf Hilton has been a stalwart fixture of the West End, providing guests with superb service and elegance, for 107 years. This renovation will ensure that it continues to do so, in true Edwardian style, for many years to come.” Situated in Aldwych close to both the city, and the attractions of London’s West End, The Waldorf Hilton is at the forefront of prestigious hotels in London, balancing the excitement and fun of the area with excellence in service and indulgence. The hotel is perfectly located for both old and new leisure guests and business travellers alike Click here to read the full online review. The Waldorf Hilton, Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD 0207 836 2400 |

Homage offers a modern European menu is complemented by an extensive wine list, which boasts a selection of the high-end bottles for special occasions. Homage is the perfect place to enjoy an exquisite pre or post-theatre meal or savour the seasonal à la carte menu.

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Afternoon tea is served every day of the week. Guests can enjoy Champagne or exclusive tea blends. The afternoon tea menu alters frequently to celebrate the different annual commemorations from Valentines to Christmas. Homage boasts the prestigious status of partnership with the Tea Guild Society.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Brooklands B ROO K L A N DS H OTEL Brooklands Hotel is a contemporary, design-led, fourstar property built on the historic Brooklands estate near Weybridge in the heart of Surrey. Predominantly glass, the hotel opened in 2010 and has been designed for luxury, while embracing the rich legacy of the historic race circuit. The iconic site is home to the world’s first purpose-built, real race track opened in 1907. Taking inspiration from its location, the hotel has a 1920s art deco inspired interior, the contour of the world’s most historic motor racing track running through the reception, a critically acclaimed restaurant and a full service spa, the hotel is the ultimate combination of stylish, state-of-the-art architecture and comfort. The hotel features 131 bedrooms and suites, some of which are the largest of any UK hotel. Every bedroom boasts an abundance natural light and many benefit from their own private outside space with panoramic views over the Mercedes-Benz track. Brooklands Hotel is proud of its historic location and so named the restaurant after the year the world famous Brooklands racetrack was built and opened. 1907 Restaurant, Bar & Grill offers a stylish dining experience within a 1920’s and 30’s décor inspired setting. Awarded two AA Rosettes, the menus offer simple, honest food, using local and seasonal


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produce to create classical flavours with modern cooking techniques. From elegant dishes to traditional favourites, there is something to suit every taste. BSpa is a place to be pampered, to rejuvenate and restore health and well-being reflecting the perfect balance between innovation and classical therapies created for men and women to experience an indulgent escape. The spa has eight treatments rooms in total offering a selection of treatments for you to indulge in. BSpa has his and hers sauna and steam rooms as well as an outdoor hot tub that you can enjoy while overlooking the mesmerising Mercedes-Benz World track. The Meditation Room features gentle warming waterbeds that restore and relax the body to a resting temperature in a quiet, cocooning environment. Brooklands Hotel epitomises the opulence of the Roaring Twenties and Thirties heyday of the estate, yet also provides the very best in modern services, delectable dining, high calibre events and a stylish yet comfortable night’s stay. Click here to read the full online review. Brooklands Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0SL 01932 335710 |

Brooklands Hotel has some of the largest suites of any hotel in the UK

Brooklands Hotel achieved 25th place in The Sunday Times’ 2015 list of 100 Best Small Companies to Work For

Attractions such as MercedesBenz World, Brooklands Museum and Thorpe Park are all within easy reach

Crowne Plaza Gerrards Cross

Relax & Rejuvenate

Following a £20m refurbishment, this four-star hotel opened its doors to city dwellers seeking a retreat celebrating both town & country Crowne Plaza Gerrards Cross is a 138-bedroomed four-star hotel, spa and events centre set at the base of the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty and is just 17 minutes from the centre of London providing the ideal weekend retreat for Londoners escaping the city or a convenient business trip base.

Wave Spa and Wellness Centre offers a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat with 15m pool, sauna, steam room and 5 treatment rooms including a Rasul™ Mud Therapy room.

1269; the year the neighbouring town of Beaconsfield was first given a charter allowing an annual market for trading livestock, also provides the name and inspiration for the hotel’s destination bar and restaurant. 1269 Restaurant Bar & Grill specialises in livestock, game and butcher-style preparation. Signature dishes created by award-winning Head Chef Dean Crews, previously of the Charing Cross Hotel, include Josper roasted Buccleuch Estate Beef, aged for 28 days in 1269’s in-house ageing room

An array of ESPA and Jessica treatments for men, women and mums-to-be are available, whilst Wave’s expert team of fitness instructors and nutritionists will support, motivate and create the perfect personalised plan for you. If you’re looking for more highenergy activity the state-of-the-art Precor gym and two exercise suites providing classes from Spinning and Pilates to the brand new yoga concept; Yin & Yang Yoga, will put you through your paces. Re-energise and cleanse from the inside out at Wave Juice Bar where the menu is based on the philosophy of healthy, nutritious and balanced tastes offering the “best of what nature has”. Choose from the finest hand-crafted organic juices, freshly made immune boosting shots and energy rich food.


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and salad of Denham Wood Pigeon, choucroute, parsnip and speck ham. Designed by SuperFutures, the team behind Chotto Matte and Barrafina, the statement pieces of the restaurant include a freshly hung meat display, a Whisky vault and a bourbon focused drinks menu to rival any London bar. The 138 bedrooms are spacious with contemporary furnishings and luxury touches such as complimentary mini bars, Espa toiletries and LED Smart TVs. The décor contrasts bright blocks of uplifting orange with warm walnut wood, and crisp, white inviting bed linen with classic, stylish textured herringbone throws. Click here to read the online review. Crowne Plaza Gerrards Cross, Oxford Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 2XE 01753 893891 |

All the meat is prepared and aged inhouse and they are one of only two restaurants in the UK and the only one outside of London, to be able to offer Himalayan salt rock Glenarm organic beef alongside exceptional meats such as Buccleuch Estate and the Basque Country’s Txogitzu beef.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Victoria Beckham

Louise Hazel Eva Longoria

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Ronan & Storm Keating

Four Seasons Hotel

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc Sarah Jane Crawford Katie Piper

The Global Gift Gala London On 30 November, stars came together to support the sixth annual Global Gift Gala, hosted by philanthropist, activist, actress, producer and director Eva Longoria at the Four Seasons hotel, Park Lane, London. Victoria Beckham, Anastacia, Ronan Keating, Ken Paves, Rachel Stevens, Robert Pires, Olivier Giroud, Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta were among the stars to show their support for the unique initiative which raises funds and makes a difference to children and women around the world. Guests enjoyed a champagne reception, Cointreau cocktails, gala dinner and live auction hosted by Chris Hopkins during the evening which was presented by Sarah-Jane Crawford and included performances from Ronan Keating, Anastacia, Collette Cooper, Stooshe and Kym Mazelle. Katie Piper was honoured with this year’s Global Gift Humanitarian Award, presented to her by Eva Longoria, to


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stars support eva longoria & global gift foundation


Ronan & Storm Keating with Victoria Beckham

Bethany Hare & Sinitta

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Kym Mazelle

Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham

Rachel Stevens

Ronan on stage

acknowledge her generous work with her charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, which she set up in 2009 to help people with burns and scars to reconnect with their lives and communities. The Global Gift Gala is a unique international initiative from the Global Gift Foundation, a charity founded by Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta that is dedicated to philanthropic events worldwide; to help raise funds and make a difference towards children and women across the globe. The London gala benefited The Eva Longoria Foundation, The Diana Award and the Global Gift Foundation and raised an impressive ÂŁ330,000. (Photos courtesy of East of Eden London) @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


OnLOOKER Philip C Baldwin & Ugo Monye Vogue Williams

Philip Christopher Baldwin & Lauren Pope

The Terrence Higgins Trust

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Michelle Heaton & Philip C Baldwin

Lauren Pope & Katie Price

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Philip C Baldwin & Katie Price

Philip C Baldwin & Lucy Dartford

The Supper Club On 4 November, pilanthropist and gay rights advocate Philip Christopher Baldwin hosted a Supper Club dinner in support of Terrence Higgins Trust at Smith & Wollensky London. Philip told us, “The annual Terrence Higgins Trust Supper Club is one of the most glamorous events in London. I could not be the healthy, happy and HIV positive young man that I am today without the THT. They campaign tirelessly for the rights of HIV positive people. It was wonderful to see the level of support for the dinner. I am always really moved by the support that I receive for my HIV awareness work. I want every HIV positive person in the UK to know that they are not alone and to feel as confident around their HIV status as I do.� His guests included Katie Price, Lauren Pope, Michelle Heaton and Vogue Williams.


(Photo credit: FameFlynet) SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

celebrity supporters raise funds for worthy causes

Jeremy Hackett

Nicky Johnston, Hilary Alexander & Paul Sculfor

Dr Christian Jessen

Anthony Head

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Sue Barker

Dame Jacqueline Wilson Camilla Kerslake

Collars & Coats Gala Ball

Debbie Sledge

On 15 November, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Collars & Coats Gala Ball took place at Battersea Evolution in London. Attendees included Battersea Ambassador Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Jeremy Hackett, Anthony Head, Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Dr Christian Jessen, Sue Barker, Camilla Kerslake, Nicky Johnston, Hilary Alexander, Paul Sculfor and Debbie Sledge of the iconic music group Sister Sledge. It costs Battersea over £10m a year to care for its dogs and cats so the event helped increase awareness of the important work the charity does to offer a second chance in life to thousands of dogs and cats needed Battersea’s care and attention to help find them the best possible new homes. (Photos courtesy of Sterling Media) @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Ashley James Louise Hazel

Matt Johnson

Scott Saunders

The Stroke Association

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

James Hill

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci Nick Ede hosted a great night Casey Batchelor Laura Pradelska

A Night With Nick Back for its 18th year at the Rah Rah Rooms Nick Ede hosted the star-studded party ‘A Night with Nick’ raising awareness for the Stroke Association on December 8th 2015 Stars from the world of film, TV, music and celebrity came together to support the 18th annual A Night With Nick party at the Rah Rah Rooms, London. Fashion Philanthropist of the Year and founder of Style For Stroke, Nick Ede once again hosted his annual charity event to raise awareness for The Stroke Association and his fashion initiative, Style For Stroke. Guests included Casey Batchelor, Meg Matthews, Ashley James, Sinitta, Louise Hazel, Vogue Williams, Selina Waterman-Smith, Scott Saunders, Matt Johnson, James Hill, and James Lock.


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

nick ede raises awareness for the stroke Association & style for stroke

Lizzie Cundy & Selina Waterman-Smith


Sian Welby

Style For Stroke

Noelle Reno

Vogue Williams

Kym Mazelle

Izzy Rose Molloy

The London party was the 18th event that Nick has hosted and was in memory of his mother who passed away from a stroke when he was 23. Benefitting the Stroke Association, the evening also raised awareness of the charity as well as Nick’s own initiative – Style for Stroke. Featuring performance from stars including Kym Mazelle and Collette Cooper, and the MC for the evening was Rueben from The Electric Carousel and DJing on the night, the Glitter Beats. Drinks brand Cointreau also hosted a special cocktail hour serving Cointreau Fizz to all of the guests. “The Stroke Association is a charity which is very close to my heart” says Nick “We need to do everything possible to raise awareness of the charity to help the estimated one million people in the UK who are living with the devastating effects of a stroke. I hope that the party will be a memorable night for everyone who comes and celebrate the success of the initiative Style for Stroke.” (Photos courtesy of East of Eden London) @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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SLOAN! January 2016  

In this issue: celebrity interviews with TOWIE star Jess Wright, royal baker Fiona Cairns, Michelin Star chef Phil Fanning and saxophonist...

SLOAN! January 2016  

In this issue: celebrity interviews with TOWIE star Jess Wright, royal baker Fiona Cairns, Michelin Star chef Phil Fanning and saxophonist...