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Editor’s Letter Producing the fifth edition of this magazine has been an opportunity to let my team shine in their new roles and to welcome some amazing additions to my work family. As a self confessed perfectionist it is always daunting to delegate parts of the magazine as everyone’s vision is different and you never know what will come


Sixth Edition

back. However I loved the result and our improved online presence. It also gave a fresh perspective and allowed me the opportunity to explore other avenues to take the SLOAN! brand forward into 2016. I hope you like the magazine as much as we do. We have focused on providing more expert advice after requests from our readers and added a few new regular features which we hope you enjoy. We are always amazed and humbled by the support from our readers, taking SLOAN! further up the UK

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and Global rankings. We are still predominately a London-based UK lifestyle and luxury magazine however our readership is growing and we are gaining new fans in the USA and Europe. At the time of writing, sloanmagazine.com achieved over 400,000 views last month with a lot more interaction on our competitions pages and through your letters via e-mail. As always it is an absolute pleasure to work with my team, all the contributors and PR. A big thank you to all.







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expert advice

London’s Top 10 Superfoods

Lifesum Nutritionist Frida Harju comments on the top ten superfoods consumed by Londoners and the health benefits behind them.

Swedish-based health & fitness app Lifesum analysed its user data from major urban areas across the UK to identify which cities consumed the most superfoods and which superfoods were the most popular. The results show that Lifesum’s London users consume as many as 2.7 superfoods per day, with avocado being by far the most popular choice.

1. AVOCADO Frida Harju, 25, from Uppsala, Sweden joined health app, Lifesum in February 2015 as the in-house nutritionist. Passionate about health, fitness and food, Swedishborn Frida’s experience is already helping many of Lifesum’s app users across Scandinavia and Europe to achieve their goals. Frida provides commentary on a number of health and lifestyle issues - from newest fitness fads and food trends to healthy living and diets. Frida graduated from Uppsala University in Sweden, where she was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science. She then began giving nutrition lectures, at both large and small companies. The talks focused on foods that would facilitate people’s daily life needs, as well as making their bodies feel healthier and stronger. Frida believes that good health and a strong physique are essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle, and her main interest lies in physical activity in all its forms. Frida is also a keen cook, constantly developing new and exciting recipes that focus on organic and locally sourced produce.


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Avocados pack a huge amount of health benefits, especially for busy Londoners. First of all, the oleic acid found in avocados can reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol – the healthy kind. The pro-inflammatory omega-fats in avocados are also shown to have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease. Avocados are also renowned for having miraculous effects on the skin; the omega-9 fats found in the fruit help repair damaged skin by reducing redness and irritation, while the monosaturated fats help hydrate the skin, as well as leave you feeling fuller for longer.

2. BLUEBERRIES Blueberries have been labelled a superfood due to their high levels of polyphenols, antioxidative and anti-inflammatory compounds that positively impact the nervous system and brain function, helping to combat memory loss and enhance your mood. Polyphenols also have the potential to prevent the progression of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

3. ALMONDS Almonds are the only nut and one of the few proteins that are alkaline

forming. A body that is not alkaline risks poor immune function, low energy and weight gain, which is why almonds are a great source of nutrients for Londoners. The nut is high in protein, fibre and vitamin E. The trick is to eat them with the skin on to get all its nutrition. It has also been shown that almonds give a more stable blood sugar level and that it can increase your metabolism and the rate of fat burn.

4. KALE This superfood is very low in calories, has zero fat and high levels of fibre, helping to keep you fuller for longer. The lutein found in kale will keep your eyes healthy and the high levels of vitamin C will help support the immune system. If you are on a vegan or calcium-free diet, eating kale is a great way to increase your calcium intake. I recommend adding a side of kale to your evening meal or making your own homemade kale chips for a healthy snack. Simply spread the kale over a baking tray lined with heated coconut oil, add salt and pepper and cook until the kale is crispy.

5. QUINOA This grain has a low glycemic index (GI), which balances your blood sugars. A balanced blood sugar level prevents you from craving sugar, in the process aiding weight loss. It is high in dietary fibres and protein, which make you feel fuller for longer, at the same time it is also a low calorie food.

6. CHIA Not only do chia seeds have hydrating properties that regulate electrolytes but they also contain

omega-3 fatty acids which increase brain power and complex carbohydrates which provide sustainable energy. Chia is easily incorporated into your diet; simply sprinkle the seeds or the oil on salads, yogurts or cereal. What’s more, a number of health stores and supermarkets have started selling chia drinks and yogurts.

7. FLAX Flax seeds have high levels of mucilage, which has numerous benefits when it comes to the intestinal tract, increasing the absorption of nutrients, as well as aiding weight loss and reducing sugar cravings. Flax seeds are also full of antioxidants, which help cells renew themselves and improve the immune system, resulting in fewer colds and flus.

8. MACA As maca is considered to be an adaptogen, it provides the body with an energy boost, helping you cope with stress, speeding up recovery from illness, boosting the immune system, as well as improving your memory. Maca is also believed to support the endocrine system in women, regulating and improving hormone production, thus increasing fertility.

9. GOJI Goji berries were used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to help cure, amongst other ailments, fatigue associated with living at high altitudes. These berries are powerful antioxidants that are rich in carotenoids, including betacarotene, which produces vitamin A; a vitamin known for its ability to prevent an energy deficiency

in the body. In the long-term the polyphenolic compounds in goji berries have been proven to prevent depression. For an effective snack in-between meetings swap a chocolate bar for dried goji berries.

10. CRANBERRIES The flavanoids present in cranberries can help lower the risk of heart problems and help strengthen heart health. The flavanoids can decrease the chances of developing atherosclerosis, which is a condition that restricts the arteries with the accumulation of plaques which causes lack of oxygen rich blood flow which can lead to heart attack or stroke. The proanthocyanidins in cranberries are also linked to curing liver ailments and gastric ulcers. It helps your immune system and wards off sore throats and colds, due to the antibacterial elements.


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Kenneth Turner London

Malée Verdure

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Dr Christian Jessen It is so vital to break any stigma surrounding MS – it is simply not the death sentence once thought. In fact many with the disease live very productive, happy lives if they manage their MS well.


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SLOAN! Magazine talks to Dr Christian Jessen about Multiple Sclerosis, his late uncle Volker & the 1MSg campaign Christian, you are famously known S as a sexual health specialist and for presenting Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you in the magazine and with so much to talk about, we thought we would focus on the serious yet inspirational matter of living with Multiple Sclerosis and why have you decided to front the 1MSg – one message – Multiple Sclerosis campaign. We know that you lost your beloved Uncle Volker, that too so young at 55 years old, to MS after he lived with the condition for 25 years. Who was he to you and to the world? Volker Jessen was a talented veterinary surgeon much loved by family, colleagues, clients and friends. Kind, gentle and a huge animal lover, he diligently cared for countless family pets and local livestock from his busy practice in Devon.


The diagnosis must have hit the family hard. Growing up, you must have seen the impact on your uncle. If he was 30 when he was first diagnosed you must have still been quite young.


As a youngster, I saw my beloved Uncle C Volker’s health and career as a popular veterinary surgeon slowly fade to the neurological disease, Multiple Sclerosis. It’s a cause very close to my heart as I’ve seen first-hand how it impacts health and lives. Family is obviously very important to you and this is such an important issue. Did you get to see your uncle as often as you would have liked?


I didn’t see him as often as I would have liked as he lived in Devon and we lived in London but I always remember him being this very kindly man who, when I was little, gave us a wonderful African grey pet parrot which had been abandoned in a quarantine shelter.



Did he inspire you to take up medicine or are you from quite a scientific family anyway?

My father’s side of the family come C from Germany originally and we are largely a family of scientists. My dad is a physicist and Uncle Volker, my father’s younger brother, had a wonderful passion for veterinary surgery.


When did you realise he had MS and as scientists do you think it was easier to

understand the condition? As a child my parents had to explain that he was not well. But in our family we never made a big issue of his MS. To us he was simply Uncle Volker.


Such a positive outlook. People are so S much more than the symptoms that their bodies show from the stressors and illnesses in life. When did your Uncle Volker start showing signs of MS? He had started showing signs of it in his mid-20s during his key early years as a vet. Those around him noticed something wasn’t quite right. His surgical stitching at the end of operations became less accurate and his colleagues realised his vision and coordination was not as sharp as it had been. He was known for being such a good vet so this was really devastating for him. All those years he had spent training and dedicating himself to his work. It was a terribly difficult time for him.


The 1MSg campaign which you are fronting urges Britain’s MS sufferers who are missing out on specialist help to ‘take control, know their choices’ Was your uncle diagnosed quite quickly?


Sadly no, initially they thought he may have lead poisoning as he lived in an old house full of lead piping. As a vet he was used to doing research and had a good understanding of medical terms so he set about his own research as he knew it couldn’t be lead poisoning. A diagnosis of MS even today can be a slow process but back then it certainly took a long time and he lived for many years not knowing why his body was failing him.



Your uncle bravely lived with MS for over 20 years. How old was he when he was diagnosed?


He was eventually given an official diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis aged 30 in 1978.


In the 1970s treatment plans must have been very different from today. What treatment options was your uncle offered? Back then MS was considered a mysterious and baffling condition with a very poor prognosis. The only treatments available were steroids, muscle relaxants and pain killers. Volker also himself tried alternative treatments such as heat and


@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Inspired by my uncle’s experience of MS, I am urging all patients and their families to be as proactive as possible in engaging with MS-specialist healthcare professionals, cold therapy to help alleviate his symptoms. You always seem to have a cheerful disposition faced with the embarrassing conditions put before you on Channel 4. Did you learn this positive demeanour through the hardship of watching someone you love battle with MS? How did your family respond to your uncle’s MS?


We never defined Uncle Volker by his illness C and nor did he. I think that’s a positive approach and very helpful for those living the disease and those around them now. So, even with his diagnosis he maintained, as best he could, his friendly, cheerful nature.


That is a very positive message to emulate for any illness. As you are a medic can you help clarify for those still baffled by MS what it is actually is?

The exact cause of MS is unknown but many of its characteristics suggest an auto-immune disease, whereby the body attacks its own cells and tissues, which in the case of MS, is myelin - a coating around nerve linings. Researchers do not know what triggers the immune system to attack myelin, but it is thought to be a combination of genetic susceptibility and environmental factors.



It can be quite concerning when people mention genetic links? Were you ever worried that you may develop MS?

Due to the genetic link, which is still not conclusive, my mother did speak to a specialist when I was little about the possibility of me also developing MS later in life. She was rightly reassured that it was unlikely but to simply monitor things. MS symptoms start in your 20s up to your 40s typically and thankfully I have never shown any signs at all.



Although you grew up around science, do you think your uncle’s illness played a part in your choice of career in a profession of helping people?

He was certainly encouraging and proud of me when I decided to go into medicine. While I would say my decision to be a doctor was not directly influenced by him I think that subconsciously it probably was. I have very fond memories of him - he always made an effort to speak to me on the phone while I was studying medicine in London.


It’s a small world, Sloan says she was at UCL a few years earlier than you. She too mentions fond stories of her uncle who battled with his own illness. There often seems to be an uncle in the wings offering support and pride. It must have been about this time that you saw your Uncle Volker’s health deteriorate. What were the most noticeable signs?



SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Over time he needed a wheelchair and his care needs really escalated. I became aware that he was beginning to lose his battle. We always knew Uncle Volker was going to die eventually and we could see he was getting sicker. Despite the terrible sense of sadness felt when I heard he had died, there wasn’t that awful sense of shock.



You’ve never publicly talked about your uncle before - what made you want to support the 1MSg – one message - campaign?

Treatments and care have progressed a lot in treating MS since Uncle Volker’s day. Back then MRI scans didn’t exist and now that is commonplace. When I heard that 1 in 5 people living with MS were not coming forward to see a specialist at least once a year, it really brought home to me how important it is to get the message out that there are treatments available that will improve quality of life.


We at SLOAN! find with so many health conditions a key component is to break the stigma and educate people about their choices to give them the power back when they can often feel powerless.


It is so vital to break any stigma surrounding MS – it is simply not the death sentence once thought. In fact many with the disease live very productive, happy lives if they manage their MS well. I am supporting the 1MSg campaign because I want to encourage more people with MS to be proactive in seeking regular and quality engagement with specialist MS healthcare professionals. Doing so can help to ensure they are managing their disease in a way that’s best for them and their families as the MS landscape evolves and their situation changes.



We understand that Multiple Sclerosis is quite a changeable condition, do you have any advice for how to deal with that?

By its nature, MS is not a static disease so it is difficult to predict how MS will affect an individual. It can be difficult for patients with MS to know or to assess whether their condition is progressing without consultations with a specialist. This is why it’s so important to regularly see your MS team. Had my uncle been diagnosed today, he would have had much greater access to specialist care, integrated healthcare support and modern diagnostic and disease management technologies.


Dr Christian would like to share this personal message with our readers: “Inspired by my uncle’s experience of MS, I am urging all patients and their families to be as proactive as possible in engaging with MS-specialist healthcare professionals, so that their condition can be monitored and managed effectively.”

Photo courtesy of Stirling Media / Dr Christian Jessen at Collars & Coats Gala Ball

1MSG CAMPAIGN The 1MSg campaign, funded by Biogen, aims to help ensure people with MS are making informed decisions about their disease management, based on the latest facts and information, by championing the benefits of regular engagement with MS specialist services. To learn more, visit www.1msg.co.uk

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



Sport Psychology

I love this time of year. All my favourite sports are just around the corner. Whether you are like me and love a particular sport or whether you are trying to improve your personal best at the gym, the drive and focus you need will be the same. For me I love Rowing and Tennis although I am happy to watch most sports if I know a little background about the team or the person’s psychology and drives, but my passion was and still is rowing. Having competed for both Oxford and Cambridge since I was 17, I really do know the blood, sweat and tears it takes to win your race. Luckily for me I was the cox, to a lay person that’s the one shouting the commands at the front while steering, but a coxswain’s job is far more intricate than that. That is where my true passion for sport psychology started.



Psychological Strength



Coxes motivate the team, we keep them focused, we use psychology to beat the odds at all costs. I find it fascinating to see what individuals can achieve together and as a team and although I went on to further train as a sports performance coach, much of observation started from my University sport.

So what is that mindset of someone with a winning outlook?

Psychological strength is slightly different from motivation – it is about having an unshakeable belief in yourself and your technique. If you don’t your game is going to be severely challenged.

Emotional fitness is about not being outsmarted by negative thoughts or influences that do not arise from a place of positivity, strong focus towards the winning goal and your true desire to win.

There are three main principles of the Inner Game involved in psychological strength

You need to learn how to apply all these principles in training so it becomes second nature during competition.

1. a quiet mind, 2. combined with non-judgment and 3. detaching from the outcome and have faith in your training

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

We all know, to win at any sport you need to be mentally tough. But what does that mean. It is a combination of 1. Emotional fitness 2. Psychological strength

The same goes for the gym, it’s not just about doing the right thing at the right time, it is about compounding that over and over. You have to keep doing the right thing at the right time to get results.

The Mindset of A Winner



People who have emotional fitness have a routine and standards that they do not break for anyone. They can effectively handle the pressure of competition; Let’s take Tennis as an example seeing as Wimbledon is about to be all consuming. People with emotional fitness can bounce back from missed shots, double faults and lost tie-breakers. They don’t sweat the small stuff. They also focus on what’s important – concentration is key to winning. They don’t get psyched out by anything be it their opponent’s attempts at gamesmanship, the crowd, lousy court conditions and tough weather; To be truly good at your sport you have to leave your ego at the door. Celebrate afterwards but don’t ever think you are bigger than the game itself.There is always something more to learn and a way to improve.



My clients often hear me quote if you want to win don’t save anything for the swim home, and by this I mean don’t pace your psychology. Your mental toughness has to be at optimum throughout the match. Your attitude and hence your psychology will be the basis of achieving your desired outcome The key is to get a good coach, one for your sport and one for your sport psychology. Depending on the level of competition you can also benefit from a nutritionist, physiotherapist and a good friend with no bias. The team you surround yourself with is crucial for a winning outcome. Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you and that you can learn from and be supported by, whilst giving back .Any relationship should be two way - give and take so make sure to have balance on your journey to achieving your dreams.

People often ask me how I have achieved so much at such a young age and it all stems back to my training. My mother believed in giving 200% to any project and so I grew up knowing no other way. When she was not able to give me the training she found someone who could. I remember in particular one of my coaches telling me it’s not just the effort on the day but the hours of preparation that go into the mere minutes of competetion. Life and sport are similar in this respect, no one truly is a success overnight. It takes patience, effort and willpower.

Sloan @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


17 SUPER SUPPLEMENTS Nothing beats a healthy wellbalanced diet to provide you with all the vitamins and minerals you need, however supplements can help take you to the next level. Here are 17 super supplements recommended by SLOAN! Magazine. Click on links below for online review and stockist information.


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SLOAN! Magazine only recommends products we have tried and tested to meet our exacting high standards in terms of quality, performance and results. However food supplements must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We recommend you seek professional advice before using these supplements if you are under medical supervision, pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from food allergies.




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expert advice

Get The Glow

Madeleine Shaw Talks To SLOAN! about how to glow from the inside out.

Getting the glow doesn’t just mean eating wholesome and natural food. It’s about finding ways to enliven the happiest and healthiest version of yourself and feeling amazing! For me this means nourishing my body with healthy foods, calming my mind and body with yoga, cooking up a storm in my kitchen, and spending time with family and friends. The key is to ditch refined sugar - you can replace it with delicious natural sugars like fresh strawberries and raspberries instead of a sugary snack, and use honey as a natural sweetener for your tea/coffee. You’ll feel more energetic, your skin will clear up and you might even lose a few pounds!

Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw is a nutritional health coach, chef, blogger, presenter and yoga instructor, She is committed to helping her clients (who include Millie Mackintosh) enliven the hottest, healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. Madeleine says, “My food philosophy is all about enlivening the hottest, happiest and healthiest you. It’s about keeping things simple and delicious so you don’t feel bored or deprived.” Not so long ago, Madeleine Shaw would wake up feeling bloated, tired and unhealthy. So she decided to turn her life around and embarked on a journey to health that saw her travel to Sydney where she learned the art of eating well. She says, “I want to share it with the world the kind of positive nourishment that turned my life around. I believe good health begins and ends with a happy gut and healthy eating should be a way of life, not just a fad or phase.”

I love Madeleine’s recipes. She makes healthy eating a joy” Millie Mackintosh 16

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Although it sounds daunting, it is really easy to swap sugary foods to something equally delicious and much healthier. Do not skip breakfast. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, adding a portion of fruit into the mix is the perfect way to supercharge your day ahead. A handful of yummy berries can naturally sweeten a bowl of porridge, or popping a cup of strawberries in the blender with almond milk can whip up a quick and easy smoothie. One of my favourite breakfasts is my Blackberry and Quinoa porridge. It’s protein packed thanks to the quinoa and antioxidant rich from the berries. It’s the perfect way to start the day. If you keep a pot of raw fruit or chopped veggies on your desk, you can munch on them when you feel tempted to reach for sugary snacks with your mid-morning cup of tea. Alternating between sugar snap peas, chopped carrots and a pot of mixed fruit will keep your energy levels up until lunchtime! I’m a roast veggies fiend, so for me lunch has to be Roasted Pumpkin, Blueberries and Lentils. I love the sweetness of the blueberries next to the pop of the lentils. It’s the ultimate combo. Fresh, healthy, colourful food makes me feel amazing. When I’ve had a big plate of veggies I feel more awake and energised and they keep me filled up all afternoon! But everyone needs a sweet treat every now and again. A fruit-based dessert can offer a light, refreshing and importantly naturally-sweet ending to dinner. Blueberries are bursting with nutrients - they’re packed with antioxidants like vitamin C, as well as being high in fibre. Add them to some yoghurt, or blend with some almond milk and chia seeds to make a blueberry flavoured chia pudding! The important thing to remember is that healthy food can be delicious, affordable and so simple to make. Using typical store-cupboard ingredients, alongside naturally sweet berries, honey and other vegetables you can whip up a wholesome, hearty dishes at home. I’ve created a series of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking with SeasonalBerries.co.uk that are simple to recreate, and can be mixed and matched throughout the week.

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Look Good Fe e l Good

1. Tazeka Aromatherapy Motivation, £25.50 from www.myshowcase.com 2. Bio-Synergy Skinny Water, £17.88 from www.bio-synergy.uk 3. PhD Protein Superfood Super Berries, £24.99 from Holland & Barrett





4. Christophe Robin Regenerating Hair Finish Lotion with Hibiscus Vinegar, £36 from Harrods @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Julie Montagu



SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602


Chelsea Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Julie Montagu about health, happiness and being a Lady in London You are a main cast member of S itvBe’s ‘Ladies of London’. What have been your favourite moments on the show and what life lessons has your experience on reality TV taught you? Well, it’s been quite a whirlwind J being on a reality TV show to say the least! But my favourite moment in Season 2 has to be the trip to Denmark. It was just so much fun touring, shopping and eating that most of the time I forgot it was being filmed for a TV show! Being on the show has actually made me stronger as a person, which in my view, I needed to be! I sort of grew a backone through it all. You are also known more widely S as a passionate yoga teacher. What is your favourite yoga pose and what yoga pose best embodies ‘Ladies of London’? My absolute favourite yoga pose is

J Natarajasana or Dancer’s Pose. If

you check out my instagram, I’m in that post the most! Cobra pose best embodies ‘Ladies of London’! There was a lot of slithering on the show… LOL! As a wife, mother of four and S successful entrepreneur, how do you achieve balance in your professional and personal life? What are your top tips to women in a similar position who need help finding the right balance between family and career? I think step one is to take a step J back. That’s what I did and still do today! Create some space for you and work on what I like to call, your Vision board. Ask yourself, What are you passionate about? How do you want to feel every day? What have you always wanted to do? What are you hobbies? What are your interests? What is your ideal lifestyle and then go deeper with these questions and with small steps, start to make the answers to these questions your reality. I truly believe in putting yourself first. I always tell my kids that one of the reasons I do yoga is to come back a

better mother, wife, friend, co-worker etc. But it starts with me - with spending quality time with myself. From being born and raised in

S Illinois to living life in London and

marrying the heir to the Earl of Sandwich and becoming Viscountess Hinchingbrooke, how have you adapted to English life as an American? Still to this day, I can’t quite

J believe that this girl from Sugar

Grove is now right here! But I’ve maintained my American ways through and through. I actually don’t think I’ve changed a bit.


What parts of your American background do you bring forward into your present day life? I’m still frugal, have a serious work

J ethic and appreciate the tiniest

things in life. One thing that I’ve definitely brought to my English family is my American optimism and high energy.


What parts of your new life in England do you enjoy and embrace for yourself and your family? I love the English manners the most

J and am very happy that my 4 kids

have them! Whenever we go back to the States, my friends ‘wow’ over how well behaved my kids are and I chalk that up to ‘being English’ What has been your biggest

S challenge as an American living

life as Viscountess Hinchinbrooke?

My biggest challenge was actually

J learning what knives, forks &

spoons to use & how to set a table!

American culture can be very S different from the English way of life. As someone who has had to learn how to navigate between the two, what advice would you give to those who are in a similar position? Honestly, I would have to say….

J lower your voice sometimes! Eek!

I know, but it’s so true. We are sort of loud ;-) @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Your latest book “Eat Real S Food” has simple rules for health, happiness and unstoppable energy. What are your top tips for living a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle? Stop buying and eating J processed and packaged foods. Follow my ‘Flexi Five a Day’. Meditate 2 minutes a day (it actually can help with weight loss and reduce stress), Breathe consciously for 5 minutes a day (this will help calm the body but enhance the mind) and try to get in 10 minutes of movement a day (this will kickstart endorphins and put you in a good mood!) What do you miss most about S the States? If you could have one thing from your childhood home of Sugar Grove, Illinois that you don’t have here in England, what would it be? I miss the customer service J for sure! America is Queen of Customer Service and I miss that friendly voice on the other end of the telephone when my boilers burst! And from my childhood, hands down, corn on the cob. I mean, you just can’t find a better piece of corn than in Sugar Grove, Illinois.


What are your favourite brands in your pantry, your wardrobe and around your home? I love food from Planet Organic

J and Rude Health and Biona.

For clothes, well I pretty much live in yoga clothes - I love aloyoga, Spiritual Gangster, Sea Soul and Snow, Tiny Fish, Varley and Lucas Hugh. For when I have to get out of my yoga clothes and wear something normal… well, I’m an LK Bennett girl through and through. Around the house, I have to have my Jo Malone candles and Inner Me Epsom Salts for my bath time - I don’t think I could live without either of them! What was the last book you read

S that touched, moved or inspired you?

Rising Strong by Brene Brown. J It’s so true what she says: ‘If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fail.’ And this book’s about


getting back up. What are your 5 meditation tips

S for beginners?

1) Get comfortable in a quiet

J place

2) Become completely aware of your surroundings - notice the sounds, notice how your body feels while sitting - notice your thoughts 3) Focus on your breath - visualize it moving in and out of the body 4) Feel your body and how each part feels starting with your toes 5) Practice, practice, practice - it just gets better and better with time. Meditation helps with relaxation, stress reduction, better concentration and improved circulation! What are the key daily habits to S living a healthier happier life? What simple everyday habits or behaviours do you attribute to your success, health and happiness?

I love JuiceBaby for Avocado J on Toast - not only is it the best Avo on Toast in London but it’s practically next door to triyoga Chelsea where I teach yoga. I also LOVE Mildred’s in both Soho and Camden! I go to the Soho one for meetings and the Camden one on Friday nights after actually doing a yoga class! And for a great takeaway lunch, it’s always The Detox Kitchen. Hands down, best lunch ever. It’s also healthy to have the S odd indulgence now and again. What are your favourite treats or “naughty” foods? fries and champagne. J French Yes, together. Who do you look to for S inspiration and motivation? Who are your role models (alive or dead)? I’m an American from Illinois

J so I have to say Oprah! I

For me, it’s really the small J things in life that actually have the ability to bring about happiness. Start your day with the important things like meditation, journalling or exercise. Make an effort to be kind to everyone. Get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Practice saying ‘no’ or at least ‘let me think about it’ - you don’t need to say ‘yes’ to every request. Find joy in the simple things - like a green juice or the sunset or the smile from a stranger.

literally grew up watching her when her first talk show was on WGN in Chicago. I loved her then and I love her now. And also, Debbie Ford – one of THE most inspirational women. She unfortunately passed away but you can still download many of her most inspirational and touching talks. Truly truly amazing. All about personal transformation and she’s totally motivational. I could listen to her podcasts all day.

If you were placed in an S alternative reality, where you could be anyone or do anything, who would you be and what would you be doing?

J 16 year old daughter tragically

I really really think I would be

J doing yoga every single day. I

think I’d come back as me but I’d have a superhero power in that I could fly. And then I’d fly around the world and do yoga in as many cities, countries and continents as possible. You’re known as the flexible S foodie and an advocate of healthy eating. What are your top places in London to “eat clean” and where to you go to grab a healthy meal or snack?

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What worthwhile causes or

S charities are close to your heart? One year ago, my close friend’s

died. Allegra had also been my daugther’s friend since they were 2. Allegra was just an extraordinary girl in sport, school and life and was just always happy. A charity has been set up in her memory called Allegra’s Ambition. Her charity helps young people through sport and nature. I’m hugely passionate about this and want to bring as much awareness as I can to this amazing charity that helps young people achieve their dreams. “Eat Real Food: Simple Rules for Health, Happiness, and Unstoppable Energy” by Julie Montagu is out now RRP £10.99 available from Amazon


Happiness @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


From skin needling & snake venom to botanical extracts & super oil, we review the latest skincare sensations 22

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Skinrölla at Courthouse Clinic SLOAN! Magazine tried and tested a course of skin needling treatments using Skinrölla at Courthouse Clinics. We went to their flagship clinic centrally located on Wimpole Street, just two blocks west of Harley Street in the heart of the London medical district. The six monthly treatments were conducted by lovely aesthetician Kimberley Fisher who is friendly, highly experienced and reassuringly knowledgeable clearly demonstrating the high level of service excellence one can expect from Courthouse Clinics, home to the UK’s Number 1 Doctor-Led Cosmetic Treatments. WHAT IS SKINRÖLLA? Skin needling is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that enhances the skin’s ability to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, with minimal recovery time. Skinrölla is a slim, rotating barrel with micro-needles in precisely distributed rows which dramatically increases production of the skin’s natural components such as collagen and elastin, creating younger looking skin with smaller pores and softened imperfections. HOW DOES SKINRÖLLA WORK? Skinrölla works on the deeper layers of the skin, naturally stimulating collagen production and elastin synthesis, leading to longer lasting, more dramatic results. The 192 precision engineered micro needles penetrate through the epidermis and pin prick the dermis, inducing the skin’s natural wound-healing response. This leads to new collagen formation and tissue remodelling which simultaneously improves the appearance, pigmentation and texture of the skin. WHAT DOES SKINRÖLLA TREAT? This treatment is perfect for acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, stretch marks, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture. There is no downtime or permanent side effects associated with the treatment. After the procedure, the Courthouse Clinics skilled aestheticians can devise the most appropriate treatment programme for dealing with your particular skin concerns. HOW DOES SKINRÖLLA FEEL? The Skinrölla treatment is not particularly painful although some areas may feel sensitive. To ensure patient comfort, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the area prior to treatment. DOES SKINRÖLLA HAVE SIDE EFFECTS? There are virtually no negative side effects. There is a temporary reddening of the skin and a sensation similar to mild sunburn which lasts about an hour. The inflammatory reaction of the skin is shortlived and fades significantly from redness to a pinkish hue within hours, remaining pink for a day or so. WHAT RESULTS CAN YOU EXPECT? The results are remarkable. After six treatments our reviewer saw a permanent reduction of acne scarring by about 60% especially on the cheeks. The skin was visibly smoother in texture and looked younger. We highly recommend Skinrölla skin needling at Courthouse Clinic for anyone suffering from acne scarring. Click here to read our indepth review. For more information about this and other treatments, please visit www.courthouseclinics.com or call 0845 555 5050.


Tried & Tested by SLOAN!

SNAKE VENOM MASK Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Face Mask (£3.99) is formulated with Syn-Ake, an innovative snake venom-like neuropeptide (no snakes were harmed!) which softens the look of wrinkles and helps to reduce expression lines. Syn-Ake is proven to be a safe and effective ingredient to relax and smooth facial lines and expressions for a youthful glow.


SUPERSKIN EYE CREAM Liz Earle Superskin™ Eye Cream (£35) is enriched with Liz Earle’s renowned Superskin™ botanical blend as well as a potent infusion of natural extracts to lift, brighten and reduce puffiness. This super charged formula leaves eyes looking refreshed and wide awake delivering noticeable results in just 4 weeks.


GOLDEN SEEDS Carol Joy London Golden Seeds (£75) is a ‘super oil’ nutraceutical supplement to repair, strengthen and protect the skin, hair and nails. Rich in omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, they also contain essential B vitamins to improve energy and aid memory with Zinc Citrate to support the immune system and help reduce acne. Clinically proven to improve the condition of the skin, increase hair gloss and thickness and strengthen nails within just three months. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Seven Ways To Ditch The Diet

Mel Wells 24

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Many of us believe that we’ll start loving our bodies when we’ve lost weight and can finally give up the diets. However, according to Food Coach and Author Mel Wells, it really works the other way around! Here she shares 7 practical ways to ditch the diets and start loving our bodies now. 1. UNDERSTAND THAT DIETS DON’T WORK As we started to cotton on to the idea that dieting was keeping us fat, the big diet plans started to claim that their way of eating was ‘healthy eating’ or a ‘lifestyle change’. Here’s the problem: most diets are still based in bad nutrition, and even though you might have ditched the calorie counting, you probably still have some kind of points system that tells you what you should be eating. You’re not making choices based on what your body needs and how it feels. Diets make us feel like failures as soon as we start to bend then break the rules, which makes us punish our bodies through restriction or harsh exercise. Doesn’t sound very loving does it? 2. STOP THE COUNTING AND RESTRICTING So, what happens when we ditch the diets? Freedom! I always ask my clients to take a moment and imagine their ideal future selves, and how she relates to food and her body. Is she on a diet? Is she obsessively counting calories or macros? Not likely! I bet she’s too busy living her amazing vibrant life, and effortlessly nourishing her body with healthy foods. When we stop the counting and restricting, we can take back our power around your food, and how you are fueling your body. 3. NOURISHMENT NOT WEIGHT LOSS We all know what healthy eating looks like, you don’t need a diet book to tell you that your body needs more vegetables and fewer processed foods. If you’ve ever wondered how you can possibly still be hungry when you’ve been eating all day, it’s probably because your body is crying out for nutrients! Want a quick fix? Go for a pint of green juice! When you are nourishing your body properly, and it’s getting everything it needs from a beautiful rainbow variety of fresh fruits and vegetables you’ll be amazed at how quickly you have have more energy, more restful nights, clearer skin and a happier, lighter body. 4. INTUITION AND MINDFUL EATING You might be thinking by now “If I don’t have any rules, I’d have NO IDEA what I should be eating, and will end up eating dessert for lunch every day, or I just won’t know when to stop and just keep on eating.” No darling, you won’t. This is where the mindful eating comes in. If you’ve spent years eating exact portion sizes, or grew up in a household where you had to clear your plate, even if you were stuffed, just so you could leave your table - it’s possible you’ve drowned out your body’s natural intuition

that tells you exactly when you should stop eating. Practice eating slowly, and savouring each bite. Ask your body if she’s still hungry before continuing. Give your food some quality time, and don’t eat in from of your desk or the tv. 5. CONFRONT EMOTIONAL HABITS If you find yourself suddenly running to the fridge after a stressful day, or an argument you’re likely emotional eating! The only way to deal with it? Confront the emotion that you’re trying to drown in that tub of ice cream. I am a big fan of journaling, and using free writing as a way to get all those frustrations out of your body and head so you can accept them and move on without turning to emotional eating. You can always tell the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger because they have a few distinctive differences. Emotional hunger arrives quickly, and usually for a specific type of food. Real hunger arrives gradually, and can be satisfied with good, healthy foods. 6. MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR THIGHS You can’t love your body, if you’re secretly bashing her in your head. Every time you insult yourself in the mirror, or practice negative self talk you’re holding yourself back, and keeping yourself stuck. Not to mention making yourself feel rubbish! Here’s a question for you: think about all the negative things you might say to your body in the course of a day. Would you call her fat, useless, ugly, gross, embarrassing? Now think of your best friend, your sister or your daughter. What would you say if you heard her calling herself those things? You’d be horrified, right?! So why are you treating yourself that way? The women in your life who love you, would never stand for it if they knew - so don’t tolerate it on behalf of your body. She deserves your love and compassion. She’s your home, and she’s the only body you’re going to get for this lifetime. 7. FORGIVE YOURSELF AND MOVE FORWARD Ready to embrace your new relationship with your food and your body? It can be a little difficult, especially at the start when perhaps your body still doesn’t like exactly the way you’d like it to - but that will come with time when you follow the process. In the meantime, forgive your body for not looking the way you would like it to. Forgive yourself for all the times you bad poor food choices, and didn’t treat your body the way she deserves. Forgive yourself for all the weight loss methods you’ve tried in the past that didn’t work, and forgive yourself for hating on your body - at any time. You can choose to have a fresh start at any moment, so why not this one? Mel’s first book The Goddess Revolution will be published by Hay House and is out in early June. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


We talk to celebrity Wellness Consultant and our founder Sloan SheridanWilliams about anti stress ground rules, and how to escape the stress cycle.


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If you do not establish some ground rules, the cycle of negativity will continue and it will take you longer to conquer the unproductive feeling and move on from the unhelpful feelings. If you do not identify what you are really feeling and acknowledge your true emotion your life will become severely challenged. Getting curious about why you are feeling what you are feeling is the first step to mastering your emotions helping you become powerful within yourself and thus helping you prevent the same problems from reoccurring. Ground rules help shift your focus from someone who moves away from their problems into a person that moves towards a solution. Tackling the source of a problem head on can often have amazing results, as can removing yourself from an unhelpful situation. However, doing what you have always done without ground rules will inevitably result in getting what you have always got leaving you stagnant in a pool of negativity and stress. WHAT MISTAKES DO WE MAKE WHEN WE’RE ALREADY STRESSED AND FEEL TRAPPED IN A CYCLE?

The biggest mistake we make when trapped in a cycle is not accurately understanding what the unhelpful emotion is telling us to do. For example if one feels overloaded this is a signal to prioritise and re-evaluate that

which we have placed on our plate. There is a difference between need to do and want to do. To break any old negative patterns rewrite your list with the need to do’s being prioritised and tackle the list one by one. Focus on that which you can control and learn to delegate that which you cannot control out to others with more experience and/or time. The other mistake we make is having an inappropriate emotion for the situation. Our perception of events is not always how it appears to others. In this case the quickest way to get back on the right path is to ask yourself how would this look to someone who was not as emotionally involved as you are. Taking a step back and watching events as if they are being played on a TV screen in front of you can help you gain the distance and perspective for a more objective viewpoint. IF YOU’RE FEELING OVER STRESSED, WHAT’S THE FIRST THING TO DO?

The first thing to do when overstressed is to go back to basics. People often feel overwhelmed when the task in front of them is bigger than their perception of what they can achieve. We often hear people say the first step is the hardest, so breaking down the task into much smaller chunks and starting the ball rolling is often the best way to stop the cycle of feeling stressed. Where the stressors are based on a more real fear rather than just a

Expert Advice For more expert advice and articles from Sloan Sheridan-Williams click here to visit her media coverage page

perceived fear, such as a fear of needles going back to the simplest things like breathing in and out slowly and calmly is a great first step. As long as you are moving forward to achieve your outcome your level of confidence and belief in your ability will increase. WHAT WOULD YOUR TOP THREE ANTI-STRESS GROUND RULES BE?

If I had to narrow it down to the top three anti-stress ground rules I would suggest to a client who was suffering from anxiety to 1. Increase your belief in yourself and your productivity by chunking tasks into the smallest denominator and reminding yourself that you have all the tools within you necessary to deal with each small chunk. 2. Get perspective. Reassess the urgency and severity of the purported stressful situation. If it really is as overwhelming as you initially thought, get a support system in place, be it friends or a loved one. 3. Set a plan and go back to basics. Do not allow your concerns to fester into something larger. The best way to do this is to stop procrastinating. Do not put off that which you can do today, as constant movement towards your goal will inevitably reduce stress levels. Everyone deserves to live at their full potential which is why I believe it is so important to nip stress in the bud with some very simple techniques and ground rules.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e

6 Simple Exercises for a Better Body PAUL JEWISS Founder of The Paul Jewiss Group Paul Jewiss is a multi award-winning personal trainer with 21 years international experience. He has worked with an eclectic array of clients including National & World Champions, Olympic & Paralympic Athletes, Formula 1 Racing Drivers, CEO Executives and VIPs. Paul offers personal training, lifestyle packages including the new for 2016 signature body transformation package ‘Ninety’. He also runs tailor-made fitness retreats on a 1:1/1:2 basis. and runs luxury retreats abroad. In his free time he likes to compete in Obstacle Course racing and trail running.

With spring knocking on our doors and summer close behind, some of our New Years resolutions may have fallen beside the wayside. Don’t worry, getting your fitness & summer body back on track isn’t that difficult and as little as 30 minutes a day can regain your focus and achieve great results. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to achieve changes, quality and focus on what you do when exercising is a key component. Paul Jewiss, Founder of The Paul Jewiss Group shows us how 6 simple body weight exercises that he uses with his clients on his Luxury Fitness Retreats, can give you a great workout. THE WORKOUT Simply repeat each exercise for 60 seconds, one after the other with no rest. Once you’ve completed the 6 exercises rest for 1 minute. This is one circuit. Repeat this circuit 5 times. Depending on your fitness level. You can reduce the duration of each exercise to 40 or 50 seconds and build this up as you get fitter. It’s important to ensure you have a good warm up with stretches prior to participating in this circuit. JUMP SQUAT Stand with feet shoulder width apart, chest up and squat down so knees are at a 90 degrees bend and you can see your tip toes. Pushing through your thighs, jump up off the ground, keeping chest up and using arms for momentum. Land back on your feet in original starting position. PRESS UP Assume start position hands slightly wider than shoulders and directly under shoulders. Body line from shoulders, hip to ankles


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in line. Bend arms and lower body to ground, then push back up to start position, breathing out on the effort. For an easier version, place your knees on the ground. Ensure you don’t allow your back to dip to the floor. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Assume the Press Up position to start. Bring one leg under the body, knee towards the elbow. Keep hips forwards towards the floor if possible. As you return the leg back to start position, bring the other leg forward. They should pass each other alternatively at a relatively high tempo.

SUNNY OUTDOOR WORKOUTS Paul uses this circuit on his luxury fitness retreats as a great pre breakfast ‘wake me up’ or after a cardiovascular session such as a beach run, normally on palm lined sandy beaches such as Mexico, Costa Rica & Egypt. However, Paul says you can duplicate this routine at home or outside in your local park. If you want to increase the intensity of the lunges, you can hold some small dumbells.

SINGLE LEG LUNGE Start standing feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with one leg, and lower your back leg towards the floor. When bending the knee of your front leg keeping it at right angles to your foot. Keep chest and head up and back. Push off the lead leg back to the original start position. Alternate legs. SINGLE LEG PLANK Assume Press Up position to start. Lift up one leg approx 6-8 inches off the floor and keep the elevated leg straight. Dont allow your lower back to arch or your hips to dip. Hold for 30 seconds and immediately swap legs. To make this more intense bend your arms slightly and don’t forget to breathe! POWER KNEES Start standing. Run on the spot with knees coming up to your waist or higher if flexible. Keep chest up and use your arms to add rythmn and speed. Don’t forget to stretch those muscles out pre and post this routine and drink plenty of hydrating fluids especially in the sunshine. If you would like to see more photos of each exercise and to find out more about the Paul Jewiss Group click here. Alternatively if you wish to book in a personal training session or attend one of the PJG luxury fitness retreats, please visit www.pauljewissgroup.com.

l i vi ng l i f e t o th e m a x

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Odin Randonee CIS Jacket

Helly Hansen invented the Three-Layer Principle for staying warm, dry, and comfortable in cold and wet outdoor environments decades ago. The Odin Randonee CIS Jacket (£260) is a 3 in 1 component jacket featuring a 2 layer stretch waterproof shell & zip in/zip out Primaloft® Black insulated liner jacket which provides one of the best warmth to weight ratio in the industry. The versatile design allows you to enjoy and adjust to all weather conditions and is pack and harness friendly.

MEAME Presenting the latest in performance fashion, the MEAME Alpha reflective tweed blazer (£295) looks as stylish on the journey as it does at the destination. Made from exclusive MEAME designed reflective British herringbone tweed, a tailored cut works with stylish shoulder pleating to give you added movement. Discreet under arm ventilation and luxury wool assist temperature regulation, whilst a quality Teflon® finish repels water. For night time safety the reflective thread within the weave is illuminated by headlights.

Tom Cridland Tom Cridland is an international sustainable luxury fashion brand with customers on all five continents. The 30 Year Sweatshirt (£65) is a premium organic cotton crewneck built to last a lifetime backed up with a 30 Year Guarantee of free mending.

Jockey Jockey underwear offers freedom of movement plus outstanding fit and ultimate comfort. Suitable for daily activities and sports, Jockey leaves you looking good and feeling good.

Odin Vertical Pant Helly Hansen Odin Vertical Pant is a full stretch, two-layer backcountry shell pant. The light and comfortable shell pant for backcountry adventurers. The Odin Vertical Pant features full stretch Helly Tech® 2-ply construction with a moisturewicking mesh liner. 3/4 side zips, and bottom reinforcements round out this guide inspired pant.

Ferrari Essence Collection Ferrari Essence Oud is a sensual scent expressing the strength and character of the Ferrari FF car. The fragrance is enriched by leather and the Middle-Eastern Labdanum cistus plant. Its heart note of Oud resin is so rare it is said to be more valuable than gold. Its blend of strength and serenity is finished with opulent rose, exotic saffron and elemi. Lighter spiced tones of olibanum and cumin bring out the typically masculine power of Essence Oud.


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Case Logic

The Dickies Curtis Parka (£104.99) combines Dickies classic workwear aesthetic with parka styling.

The Case Logic Berkeley II Backpack (£49.99) is a spacious, multi-purpose bag which spans the width of an active day from the morning commute through to impromptu evening plans. Packed with features such as articulating shoulder straps, suitcase style opening and asymmetrical organisation panels.

The navy blue nylon outer features a water & wind repellent coating and combined with the luxurious diamond quilt polyester lining and full polyester filling, you’ll be dry, warm and cosy whatever the British weather throws at you. The jacket features classic parka styling details such as a full front zip with storm flap, fur trimmed hood and gusseted front pouch pockets. Extra touches to help you face the cold include; rib knit inner cuffs and hand warmer pockets.

Maude & Fox Maui Jim Maui Jim Mavericks sunglasses (£235) bring classic style with a contemporary twist, featuring fashionable Blue Hawaii lenses which eliminates glare and boosts colour. No other sunglasses offer the same level of visual acuity, protection and colour enhancement with Maui Jim patented PolarizedPlus® lenses. The aviator frame complements smaller to medium faces and a double bridge design has adjustable, non-slip silicone nose pads.

‘The Brace’ shooting jacket (£480) from Maude & Fox is made from water resistant Teflon coated British tweed with stylish twists in the detailing to set it apart. It is aimed at those who want individuality without being overt.

Panorama 2.0 Backpack The Helly Hansen Panorama 2.0 Backpack allows you to easily store your extra gadgets and gear in multiple compartments for your day-long adventures or just everyday life. The mid-size backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, multiple compartments, dedicated sleeves for both your computer and tablet, and can easily handle some extra layers or lunch.


Su p e r S t a r S h oe s



1. Rockport Ledge Hill Too Wing Tip £100 2. HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 2 £89.99 3. Anatom Q3 Braeriach £145

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Interview With progress comes confidence, helping you break free and feel better about yourself


Katie Pipe

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SLOAN! hears what inspirational role model Katie Piper has to say about beauty, confidence & contribution Katie, you are recognised for your confidence

S in the face of very challenging circumstances. When do you feel at your most confident?

I feel at my most confident when I am around

K good friends and people who are genuine and

down to earth. I like spending time getting ready; it helps me to feel good about myself. I don’t think appearance is the tool to my confidence, but feeling good about the way you look can help. Feeling good about the way you look is

S important, however feeling happy and full of

energy is also vital. You have been living with the consequences of the attack since 2008, and are such an inspirational role model for positivity in the face of injustice. How do you now feel about your scars? When you have an injury you look to the K medical and beauty market to help. However, quite often you can try loads of different products and procedures that don’t actually work. This can be a massive anti-climax and I think can cause more harm psychologically. When you find something that works, something that has an active ingredient, and you see visible differences, it helps you progress. And with progress comes confidence, helping you to break free from your shell and feel better about yourself. I feel far more comfortable in the skin that I am in now. You have turned a negative situation in your S life into a positive story (had a baby, getting married, own TV show) what advice would you give to others to help them do the same? It is important to remember that I didn’t feel

K confident right away, it took a long time. I

would say to others don’t concentrate on the times you fell down, concentrate on the times that you felt on top. It doesn’t just come overnight, you have to really persevere and hang in there. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support and rely on other people. Sometimes if you let people in the days you can’t do it for yourself, you can do it for them instead, because you don’t want to let them down. For me, I found using a psychologist really helpful, it helped unburden some of the pressure.


We often say daily habits make the person. You can tell a person who has a good daily routine. What is your usual skincare regime? I never sleep in my make up, I always wash it

scars from operations I’ve had since (including the scar from my C section). Then I use a good night cream and I always tie my hair back before I go to bed to keep it from getting tangled. In the morning I have a quick shower and apply my scar stick in the same places. The stick is really great as it dries so quickly and isn’t sticky unlike other products on the market. This really helps when I’m rushing around with my baby or need to put make up on, especially if I am filming and I need to put television make up on! Also, as it’s a small stick I can take it out with me in the day and re-apply whenever I need to. What are your favourite beauty products

S in addition to the ones you have already mentioned?

Moisturiser is a massive product for me. I

K always use a good night cream as I suffer from

dehydrated skin. I use eye drops every day as my eyes were damaged so can get quite dry. I have also invested in a really good old fashioned Mason Pearson hair brush, which I carry everywhere in my bag. Your hair always looks glossy and shiny, what

S are your favourite hair products?

I don’t like to wash my hair too often as it

K dries it out, so I use the Batiste dry shampoo

on the roots in between washes. I also try not to style my hair with tongs or straighteners every day. Instead, I leave it to every other day to protect it from breakage. You have raved about the Remescar scar stick

S and how it makes a difference for you. How did you find out about it?

Four years ago I was researching creams K and gels that would work on my burns and scars and tried Remescar alongside similar products. It was the product that made a physical difference to my scars and it fitted in with my busy life. Then, when I became pregnant, I remembered that Remescar offer a stretchmark cream. As I was already a fan of their products I knew that the stretchmark cream would work which meant I didn’t have to try out lots of different creams. It sounds like a product that treats your skin

S rather than just covering it with make up.

The main thing is that it actually works. It

K isn’t just a wellbeing cosmetic product to

treat the surface – that would be a waste of K all off and use a special eye cleanser to remove time for me. I struggled to find something that heavy eye make up. I make sure my skin is cleansed before I apply my Remescar scar stick, not just on the scars from my burns, but also on newer

was clear, fragrance free and non-greasy so I could wear under make up. It’s a medical device and it fits into my lifestyle. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


“I’ve been on such a long journey and I’ve discovered that a negative mind will never ever give you a positive life” From Katie’s award speech at the VI Global Gift Gala London

What made you become an

S ambassador of Remescar?

The brand was already in my K life and I have been using their products for years. People constantly write to me and tweet me asking me about it, so I was already living the ambassadorship. So it is great to be able to share this with people on a wider platform. People often come to us with S confidence issues from scars left from operations, accidents and attacks, we are well versed in giving advice about moving towards a more positive future and loving the body you have but it always helps to have products that improve the outside image while your psychology is catching up. Have you noticed a difference in your scars appearance? Yes I have, I’ve noticed a big K difference on both the burns as well as scars from surgeries I’ve had since. I was using it on my C section scar and by the time my baby was two months old I noticed a huge difference. Did you use the Remescar

S stretchmark cream when you were pregnant or just after?

I did. Not just on the bump, K but boobs, thighs, hips, bum. It worked really well. What I liked best was the fact that I didn’t get stretchmarks! It’s natural to get stretchmarks when you go from a small size to having a massive bump, so I was prepared for them and was perfectly fine with it as it is part of the process, but I didn’t get any at all! It really exceeded my expectations.


In this fast paced world, the S most valuable commodity many of Sloan’s clients talk about is time. We all know it takes time to make up, but to leave the house without it can be tough for some people whereas others thrive on being natural. Do you ever leave the house without make-up on? All the time! I often get my

K daughter ready and put her into

a nice outfit and then her nappy leaks or she throws up on my outfit. So at the moment, I would say I leave the house without any makeup almost every day! Apart from good genetics what S is your secret to your radiance. We would love you to share you top beauty tips with our readers. Always wash your make-up K off! Your skin can become really tired and dehydrated if you don’t clean and moisturise properly at night. Always floss your teeth. I think teeth are really important as when you smile you are communicating with people and your smile is one of those things that people look at straight away. I don’t think you have to spend lots of money on expensive products. Experiment and try different products, and once you find your key products keep using those and invest where you need to. How would you describe your S fashion style? Any favourite clothes you like to wear at home? I really like the high street. I K don’t buy anything designer at all, probably because I like to change trends according to the

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

different seasons. I shop a lot at Miss Selfridge and River Island; they are my two favourite shops. Sometimes I get more expensive pieces from Coast and a lot of my summer stuff has come from Oasis. I am a big fan of Oasis! You wear the high street well.

S Who inspires your fashion sense?

I really like the way that Millie K Mackintosh dresses. I think she always looks sexy but stylish and elegant as well and young. At last year’s 6th annual Global S Gift Gala London, you were honoured with the Global Gift Humanitarian Award, presented to you by Eva Longoria, for your philanthropic work to your charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, which you set up in 2009 to help people with burns and scars reconnect with their lives and communities. Please tell us more about the amazing work of the Foundation. The Foundation helps people

K with burns and scars both

immediately after their injury and on an ongoing basis. We provide advice on scar management and give access to free specialist treatments such as hair restoration, camouflage and make-up and medical tattooing. We have also funded specialist burns rehabilitation in France. We also provide ways for people to give and receive support and share experiences. For more information about the Katie Piper Foundation, go to katiepiperfoundation.org.uk Katie Piper is the ambassador of Remescar - www.remescar.com

STAR PRODUCT Remescar was the product that made a physical difference to my scars and it fitted in with my busy life. Then, when I became pregnant, I remembered that Remescar offer a stretchmark cream. It really exceeded my expectations.


Spring Clean Your Life

For more information, prices and stockists, click the title of each product. 36

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PITFIELD LONDON DECANTER This vintage cut glass decanter is the perfect way to bring the best out in your favourite drink. Many different designs in stock

PACAPOD The new PacaPod Oban weighs less than 1kg making it the ultimate lightweight companion for airplane travel and an useful shoulder-saver.

MORPHY RICHARDS This Brita Filter Kettle is a stylish addition to any kitchen and allows you to enjoy cleaner, clearer, great tasting BRITA filtered water. BISSELL The innovative CleanView® LiftOff® carpet cleaner is BISSELL’s first ever combination compact carpet cleaner and upright carpet cleaner in one machine. Ergonomically designed to be easy to use.

SKINCHEMISTS Offering a new meaning to skincare, the beautiful new Rose Quartz radiance enhancing eye serum from skinChemists will lift your mood as well as your skin.

MICROPLANE This Garlic Cutter will transform peeled garlic cloves into uniformly cut, delicate strands within seconds – all with minimal hand contact, effort, or mess.

GROOV-E The Solar Bank is cost efficient and energy friendly. With the ability to charge to smart phones in 1.5 hours and the ability to charge 2 devices at once through a USB connection.

INSTANT EFFECTS Instant Eye from myshowcase.com is clinically proven to diminish puffiness and dark circle like you have had a good nights’ sleep in just 15 minutes.

RAGGED ROSE The Betty Frilly Apron is a pretty and practical 50’s vintage style apron with a useful pocket at the front to keep your belongings.

SHE WHO DARES ‘Dalliance’ is deliciously feminine fragrance, igniting the senses with a flirtatious mix of fruity and floral layers. Sweet jasmine, tuberose and magnolia blend with pear on a sensual musky base.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e


By Laura Lee, Floral Designer, Kenneth Turner London

The transition from winter to spring totally spoils us when we’re entertaining at home. With wonderful flowers at our fingertips and the sun still setting relatively early we can use plenty of blooms and candlelight to create a lovely ambience. Here are my top tips on the best blooms & candles to wow guests. WHERE TO START? If you’re going to use a table cover, choose something versatile and neutral that won’t clash with your styling theme. A natural cotton, twill dust sheet is perfect. Available at hardware stores, it won’t set you back a small fortune but will provide a great base on which to build your table display and will be big enough to drape onto the floor to create instant elegance. FLOWERS Next choose the containers to house your flowers. A mix of bud vases with single and double flower stems make for a more relaxed table display and are easy to move if food is being served at the table and you need to make space. Shallow glass bowls with floating flower heads and floating candles give more room if table space is tight. Silver plate milk and water jugs, pressed glass sugar bowls and crystal rose bowls give a more sophisticated look. All easy to create, with no floral expertise needed. Some of my favourite flowers to work within these three styles are blue bells, paper white narcissi, hyacinths, French tulips, hellebore, prunus and camellia blooms which are beautiful for floating. Try not to mix too many different types of flower – it’s much more effective to keep it simple. If you’re feeling more adventurous, mix seasonal flowers, fruits, mosses and spring flowering plants for your table display, with a sea of low candlelight to relax and wow guests. Some of my personal favourites include artichoke leaves, magnolia, cowslips, primroses, witch hazel, avocados, rhubarb, kumquats and botanical tulips. CANDLES There are many ways to add candlelight to dinning tables and they add a beautiful elegance and ambience. Simple, glass tea light holders in mixed colours with flickering tea lights inside give easy, warm and laidback lighting. Mercury glass containers with votive candles add sparkle and wonderful glass candelabra make a bold statement, whether contemporary or more traditional in style. For the perfect finishing touch, always opt for extra-long taper candles for the ultimate style statement. Place mats can really set off your dining table too. Mirrored designs give a beautiful reflection of candlelight, slate mats are more contemporary and perfect for chalking guests’ names or if you’re looking to have some retro fun, try using old vinyl records. AROUND THE HOME Once your table is sorted, extend your design and creative touches to other areas of your home to complete the look and welcome guests. Opening the door to a wonderful waft of fragrance is the perfect welcome, so place lit, scented candles near the front door, in hallways and bathrooms, along with a small vase of flowers that reflect the theme you’ve chosen for your table. This carries the theme throughout your whole living space and adds a nice touch for guests to discover.


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Exuberant floral blooms are back in force with vibrant shades of pink, burnt orange and yellow. Apron, ÂŁ16

Designers Guild combine heritage, quality and inspiration with its classic print Amrapali Peony now available in a unique collaboration with Ulster Weavers.

The Arts & Crafts collection of kitchen textiles by Ulster Weavers is the perfect gift for an art loving cook or those who appreciate fine design in the heart of the home.

Co m p e ti ti o n Pr i z e s

SLOAN! Magazine has teamed up with Ulster Weavers to offer two lucky winners a fabulous set of kitchen textiles including apron, oven gloves, tea towel and tea cosy in either the Arts & Crafts or Amrapali Peony designs. Click here to enter the competition for your chance to win this prize. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Panasonic Smart Home & The Six Emotional Needs

How does Panasonic’s new home monitoring & control system meet the Six Needs as described by Sloan Sheridan-Williams?


CERTAINTY The Smart Home System from Panasonic is a complete home networking system aimed at giving consumers the ability to remotely check on their home and property, as well as simplify their daily lives. From children to pets, cars to motorbikes, you can keep an eye on all the important things in your life through your smart device. With the Smart Home System you know have peace of mind and the certainty that your property and loved ones are protected and safe. You also have the security of knowing that all Smart Home devices communicate with each other using the Ultra Low Energy (ULE) wireless standard that’s invisible to regular consumer electronics products so you can be assured it is safe and secure.

VARIETY The Panasonic Smart Home system offers variety in the wide range of optional accessories which enable you to extend the system to suit your needs. From outdoor cameras, sirens and motion sensors to indoor cameras, window sensors and smart plugs, there are plenty of devices to choose from to ensure every aspect of securing and controlling the home is catered for.


Panasonic also assure customers that you can extend the system to suit your needs and as new accessories are developed, it will be easy for you to build these into your existing system. There are plenty of options using Panasonic Smart Home system with the app from arming devices to controlling lights using the Smart Plug and recording footage or taking snapshots with the camera.

LOVE & CONNECTION New parents can use the indoor camera in the nursery as a baby monitor through which you can soothe your child with the sound of your voice or one of the inbuilt lullabies.


For older children, you can use the motion sensor and cameras to send you an alert when your front door opens to make sure your kids got home safe from school. If you have to leave your dog at home, you can set the sound monitor to activate the camera when they bark so you can see what’s happening to alert them. For those with elderly relatives the smart devices can be used as a GrannyCam for peace of mind. SIGNIFICANCE The Panasonic Smart Home system also includes motion sensors which can be used to automate lighting through the ‘rule-builder’ in the app. Rules can be created under ‘home’ and ‘away’ profiles to suit your needs, for example you can set it so lights come on whilst you are on holiday to discourage burglaries.


It is important to protect your home, possesions and family as this gives us a sense of significance feeling like a valuable and worthwhile person. The Panasonic Smart Home system allows you to protect your signicance cost effectively without losing time or earning potential dealing with loss. Avoiding theft and damage also ensure you do not expereince a dent in your significance by the violation of a crime from strangers or even once trusted members of your household staff like the nanny or housekeeper.

GROWTH The Smart Home System allows you to see what is actually going rather than what you think is happening so you can relax about using your time more productively for personal growth be it learning a new skill, taking up a hobby or improving your social life. The added freedom gives you the chance to live your life without worrying about your home, pets or elderly dependents because you can check in from your phone or tablet with ease.


CONTRIBUTION Panasonic’s founder, Konosuke Matsushita, was quoted to say, “A company is a public institution. Hence, it exists for the society, is supported by the society, and has to walk hand in hand with the society.”


As a company, Panasonic has a management philosophy of “contribution to society” which extends beyond products like their Smart Home System which improves customers’ quality of life. Contributing to society also consists of partnerships with not-for-profit organizations on outreach inititatives in the community, charity donations, and employee volunteer programs donating time and resources to the local community. On a more personal level, Panasonic Smart Home System allows its users to fulfill the need for contribution by its ability to help them monitor and protect dependents be they elderly relatives or children and babies who cannot otherwise look after themselves. We tested the Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring and Control Kit (£229.99). Click here to read the online review. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



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Sloan & Associates Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary therapy that uses a deeply relaxed state of consciousness known as a hypnotic trance to bring about subconscious change to a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours by utilising the power of positive suggestion. Hypnotherapy is just one of the servives offered by Sloan & Associates in their London clinics. For more information and to book an appointment, please visit www. swlondonclinic.co.uk. Below are just some of the issues hypnotherapy can help you with. Addiction Anxiety Bad habits Bullying Depression Eating disorders Exam nerves Grief & loss

IBS Infertility Insomnia LGBT issues Negative emotions Pain management Panic attacks Phobias

PTSD Public speaking Relationship issues Self-esteem Sports performance Stress Weight management Work life balance

Let your problems just drift away @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Tastes of Spring SLOAN! Magazine shares some of our favourite Spring recipes for you to take home to your kitchen and enjoy with friends & family

ry & r e b w Stra t Salad d o o f u r Supe Pine N eleine Shaw ad By M

s ber rie w a r t s of 100g avocado e g r e 1 la ale ild ric k g 100 f cooked w o 150g pine nuts f l o 50g of olive oi r vinegar e p d i s 2 tb f apple c o 2 tsp f mustard o 1 t sp salt r ew for a f e p e pp e n a p sid al l n a sm leave to the i s t u ne n en then the pi d Toast s until gol ps. e t u to stri n i min l. s e rd leav t o co o musta r. e kale d h n t a e r e c a y sli p e pp vineg Thinl e oil, of salt and ing for 5 v i l o ress inch k the Whis er with a p with this d own. togeth ge the kale kale wilts d the s and the r e t r a Massa s until the o qu with e ies int d mix this nch of r minut r e b i w e stra ce, a p n ks an Cut th o into chu the wild ri ser ve. d d avoca lad. Stir in ne nuts an i a kale s d toasted p salt an

Spice Up Your Life! Spices come packed with exotic flavours, centuries of tradition, the ability to magically transform any dish, but also with almost mystical medicinal and healing powers. In her new book, Spice Yourself Slim, Kalpna Woolf shows you how to harness the power of spices for wellbeing & weight loss. All recipes are under 500 calories including this Tumeric & Black Pepper Smoothie. Click here to read Kalpna’s spice article on sloanmagazine.com Spice Yourself Slim by Kalpna Woolf (£16.99) is published by Pavilion Books (www.pavilionbooks.com)

Tequila Sunrise Lamb Salad

Spring Recipes

Fruit Meringue Gateau

Click the titles to go to the recipe on sloanmagazine.com

Berry and Mascarpone Tarts

Lamb Cutlets with Butterbean Mash

Restaurants Chamberlain’s Chamberlain’s restaurant opened in 2001 in the City of London’s Leadenhall Market. The building benefits from year-round outside space on the terrace as it is under cover in historic Leadenhall Poultry Market (which dates back to the 14th century and is situated in what was the centre of Roman London). The building itself is a listed Victorian one, the exterior carefully restored in line with the rest of the market. Previously a private members’ dining room, the interiors are stylish and contemporary with many original features. The restaurant menu reflects the very best fish that is available from around British coastal waters. There are always staple dishes on the menu, including Dover sole and native Scottish lobsters, but a frequently changing menu of more up-to-date dishes complements them. Executive chef Andrew Jones is classically trained: Claridge’s, The Westbury and a stint at the famous three Michelin-starred Michel Bras in France. He is also one of fewer than 30 chefs worldwide eligible to use the title ‘Roux Scholar’. He is a Chef Alliance member of Slow Food UK. Andrew describes his style of cooking as ‘Yin and Yang’, with


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

classic and contemporary meeting in the middle. He is always happy to serve the classic dishes that champion British produce, and present them not only with flair, but a nod to modern tastes and fashion. He is not afraid to embrace new cooking techniques but in order to do so, feels that they need to be better than classical. Everything is produced in-house – even the smoking of the eels and making of the puff pastry is done in Chamberlain’s kitchens. A range of breads is freshly baked each day from three different doughs, including focaccia, sour dough, brioche and soda bread. The smoked salmon is Scottish, and prepared by an exclusive method of curing, only used for Chamberlain and Thelwell. Vinegars, beer (for fish and chips) and wine, are homemade and the cheeseboard is British. The seasonal menu changes four times a year. Meat dishes are prepared from animals raised in a natural, healthy environment as a strict ethos of ethical sourcing is paramount to the business. Click here for the restaurant review. DETAILS 23-25 Leadenhall Market EC3V 1LR www.chamberlainsoflondon.com

Columbia Anchored in the heart of the Docklands and boasting breathtaking views, Columbia is London’s new destination riverside restaurant, bar and BBQ terrace. Located at the recently refurbished DoubleTree by Hilton London Docklands Riverside complex, the restaurant sits within the Grade I-listed Columbia Wharf building. Head Chef Rajpal Singh offers a modern British menu punctuated with international influences. Columbia is an allday dining destination serving starters such as black pudding Scotch egg, Szechuan-peppered squid and Devonshire crab on sourdough. Must-try mains include spiced cod loin, lamb rump and tasty ribs. Sharing platters include a British charcuterie board whilst a selection of salads and burgers is also on offer alongside a bar menu of smaller plates. Click here to read the restaurant review. DETAILS 265 Rotherhithe Street SE16 5HW | www.columbiarestaurant.co.uk

Low, Slow & Juke This adventurous new bar & restaurant serves crafted cocktails with a signature smoked element and full-flavoured, slow-cooked barbecued meats. Meat is hand rubbed and rested for 24 hours before being smoked low and slow for 16 hours. Specialities include St. Louis Slab Ribs, Beef Brisket, Beef Ribs and high quality brisket burgers. The mood here is one of heady blues & jazz, immersing you in Deep South Americana, somewhere between 1930s New Orleans and Bladerunner’s Los Angeles circa 2019. Click here to read the restaurant review. DETAILS 1 Abbey Orchard Street SW1P 2LU | www.lowslowandjuke.com

Bella Cosa Mac & Wild Mac & Wild is a rustic restaurant which takes diners on a journey to the Scottish highlands, where they can enjoy the finest wild venison, game and seafood in a rustic setting.

Perched on the quayside of vibrant Canary Wharf, Bella Cosa is rapidly building a reputation for providing diners with an exceptional culinary experience combining fine-dining Italian cuisine with exquisite Japanese presentation. With his sterling reputation, the awardwinning Executive Chef Kentaro Torii has drawn from his vast experience working in top Italian Michelin star restaurants to create a the perfect marriage of Italian seasonal dishes with Japanese flair. Click here for the restaurant review. DETAILS South Quay, Drewry House, Marsh Wall, London E14 9FJ | www.bellacosarestaurant.com

The dynamic team, having fun cooking and promoting modern British game and seafood, whilst remaining true to their roots. Founded by Andy Waugh, who hails from just north of Inverness, all of their meat is sourced and then butchered with care by his family’s game-butchering business, which has been in existence for over 30 years. The seasonal a la carte menu includes dishes such as venison tartare, cured smoked scallops, venison steak, haggis pops and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. Mac & Wild also have an excellent whisky collection for the brave hearted to enjoy. The design of the seventy-cover restaurant stays true to the rural ethos and the interior has an authentic feel where guests can experience a taste of the wild without stepping foot outside of the city. Mac & Wild is also home to London’s Best Burger 2015 – the Veni-Moo - a tasty combination of venison and beef patties topped with Bearnaise sauce and cheese served in a brioche bun. For a slice of Scotland, click here to read the restaurant review. DETAILS 65 Great Titchfield Street W1W 7PS | www.macandwild.co.uk @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Indigo Indigo restaurant at the award-winning luxury hotel One Aldwych in Covent Garden is now gluten and dairy-free, but you’d never guess. Executive Chef Dominic Teague quietly cut both gluten and dairy completely from his lunch and dinner menus and diners haven’t been able to tell the difference. A first for the British hotel dining scene, and in response to demand, Chef Dominic developed the new menu over many months. As he explains: “This is not about jumping on the latest food fad – the priority has always been to create beautifully prepared, simply delicious dishes without compromising on quality ingredients or taste. That they happen to be gluten and dairy-free are a bonus.”

From quinoa, Jerusalem artichoke, pomegranate and smoked almonds salad, in-house baked samphire bread and beer-battered day-boat fish and hand-cut chips to a decadent Amedei chocolate mousse, these are dishes that stand up on their own. Gluten and dairy alternatives used in the dishes include almond milk, coconut oil, buckwheat flour, olive oil and rice milk, which maintain creamy, buttery flavours and light textures. While the menu has an undeniable healthy appeal, it also features substantial dishes to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Click here to read the restaurant review. DETAILS One Aldwych WC2B 4BZ | www.onealdwych.com/indigo

Dendustem. Nam quunda dolupic te q iliqui nusae que sam aut re lab inctemque etur mi, siminti onsequa ectur? Pudae milit aliquibus raturit. 48

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Native Native is a restaurant which specializes in game, wild food and rare breeds. Focusing on the robust and distinctive flavours found when raiding Britain’s wild larder, Native showcases some of the most underappreciated and overlooked, but absolutely delicious food in the UK today. Passionate about nose to tail and stem to root eating, the restaurant changes the perception of game meat by using innovative techniques, bold flavours and taking inspiration from street food. Native makes game, rare-­breed meats and wild food more accessible in both approach and price. Click here to read the restaurant review. DETAILS 3 Neal’s Yard, Covent WC2H 9DP | www.eatnative.co.uk

The Trading House The Trading House is a concept like no other, offering a soon to be world-famous selection of botanical cocktails, craft beers and ales, and great wine with food inspired by the deli, rotisserie and BBQ. There is live music every night and regular cocktail masterclasses. The gastropub menu is straightforward and will satisfy tradtional tastes with classics such as homemade scotch egg, fish & chips, bangers & mash and sticky toffee pudding. Click here to read the restaurant review.. DETAILS 89-91 Gresham Street, EC2V 7NQ | thetradinghouse.uk.com

M GRILL The theatrical oval-shaped, triple-tiered M GRILL dining room specialises in the finest steaks from around the world, including the highest grade of Kobe and Wagyu beef available anywhere in London. At its centre is a stunning aging room where diners can choose their cuts of steak. M GRILL serves the very best meat dishes in London, including Smoked Wagyu Tartar served in a smoking cloche, Venison Salami that is hand made on site to an Italian Nonna’s recipe and braised lamb shoulder served with parsnip two-ways, burnt onions, confit garlic and silver beets. The food stays true to the M philosophy of hero’ing the ingredients it uses by serving them with innovative ‘twists’ on a strictly seasonal menu. Click here for the restaurant review.

Del’Aziz Del’Aziz is a prismatic Eastern-Mediterranean restaurant with branches in Fulham, Clapham, Swiss Cottage and Bermondsey. The delicious menu with Michelin-inspired touches, created by Executive Chef Mahrez Loucal, has something for everyone. For an authentic sharing experience there are a variety of Platters and Mezze dishes on offer such as the Braised Octopus. Savour the mouthwatering flavours of Spiced Rack of Lamb with Pomegranate Sauce, the Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons or tasty steaks and burgers. Handcrafted desserts include traditional cakes, meringues, baklavas and profiteroles. Click here to read the restaurant review. DETAILS 24-32 Vanston Place, SW6 1AX | www.delaziz.co.uk

DETAILS Zig Zag Building, 70 Victoria Street, SW1E 6SQ mrestaurants.co.uk/victoria

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill menu at Kaspar’s that focuses on locally sourced seafood; beautifully prepared and elegantly presented.

Located in the heart of The Savoy, with views of the River Thames, Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill offers a luxurious dining experience in beautiful art deco surroundings. As one of London’s finest seafood restaurants, its spectacular seafood bar takes centre stage displaying an exquisite selection of various Scottish smoked salmon, traditional gravlax, whole smoked eel, hot smoked sable fish, beetroot cured halibut, citrus cured wild seabass and peppered monkfish. A recent addition to the menu is a selection of sushi and sashimi.

Diners at Kaspar’s can choose from an array of fresh, smoked and cured fish platters, scallops, rock oysters, lobster and succulent meats from the grill . The dessert menu features clever twists on classic desserts such as apple crème brûlée or Peach Melba sensation alongside an extraordinary cheese selection. Click here to read the restaurant review on sloanmagazine.com. DETAILS The Savoy, Strand, WC2R OEU www.kaspars.co.uk

With over a decade’s experience garnered in the Middle East and Russia, Executive Chef Holger Jackisch leads The Savoy’s culinary team across the hotel’s restaurants and he has created a


Click here to read SLOAN! magazine’s latest restaurant reviews

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Eating out with friends or loved ones satisfies the human need for comfort, variety and love & connection. It is important to take time out to enjoy what London has to offer.

The Balcon

Fenchurch The Balcon’s Restaurant Chef, Matt Greenwood has designed an inspired menu for Spring 2016 which demonstrates his dedication for using flavoursome ingredients and his extensive experience of cooking for different cultures.

Greenwood has been constantly at the pinnacle of pioneering London eateries such as Blixen, Smokehouse, Caravan, Kopapa and Providores. Guests enjoy a wide range of dishes that reflect Matt’s love of fusion cooking but also his ability to preserve elements of The Balcon’s more traditional adoration of the French cuisine. Dishes include refreshing “Yuzu Cured Salmon with Edamame Puree, Wakame Salad and Tobbikko” or the “Foie Gras with Membrillo, Spiced Walnuts, Pain d’epices Crumbs” starters.

Fenchurch Restaurant is a food experience not to be missed. Secreted away at the top of Sky Garden, it features only westfacing views, putting the focus entirely on the food.

Matt also suggests a seven course tasting menu, which includes one of his favourite suppliers “Elwy Valley Lamb” in a dish featuring slow cooked shoulder and à la minute rump.

With striking leather banquettes, sit-at seafood bar and private dining for 16, Fenchurch is the perfect space for stylish business lunches or gourmet dinner dates and is fast becoming one of the hottest tables in town with London’s most discerning diners. The contemporary British menu includes a wide choice of seafood, meat & vegetarian dishes all beautifully presented. Also available is a decadent tasting menu.

Click here to read the restaurant review.

Click here to read the restaurant review.

DETAILS 8 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5NG www.thebalconlondon.com

DETAILS 20 Fenchurch Street EC3M 3BY skygarden.london/fenchurch-restaurant

Chez Mal Malmaison London’s chic Chez Mal restaurant serves classic British dishes that are fresh, local and quintessentially Malmaison. The restaurant is a fresh mix of traditional steakhouse and classic French brasserie, with bold flavours and a fun, upbeat atmosphere. The interiors combine urban style with a touch of Moulin Rouge and a dash of Las Vegas, featuring soft lighting, exposed brick walls, dark wooden tables and floors, and plush leather seating. Chez Mal specialises in French classics and expertly grilled Black Angus beef. A selection of accompaniments include pomme frites, truffle mash and pak choi with ginger & chili. Starters include prime steak carpaccio with watercress, mustard and parmigiano reggiano, ahi tuna tartare with avocado, pickled ginger, soy, lime & wasabi, and pan roasted scallops with sweetcorn purée and chorizo. Private dining and intimate booths are available as well as exclusive hire of the restaurant for receptions and parties. Click here to read the restaurant review. DETAILS 18-21 Charterhouse Square, EC1M 6AH | www.malmaison.com

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


WINENo SLOAN! Magazine recommends our favourite wines for Spring from bubbles to dessert and the best of the rest


Herbert Beaufort Grand Cru Champagne has body & strength from the predominance of the Pinot Noir grapes. The colour is pale gold and the bubbles are small, elegant and aplenty which makes this the perfect finishing touch for special celebrations. Marks & Spencer, £33 G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge Rosé Brut NV is the first rosé champagne created by iconic champagne brand GH Mumm. Luscious bubbly with hints of red berries, vanilla and caramel. Waitrose, £29.99.

Red Wine Colomé ‘Estate’ Malbec 2011 is a big, bold Argentinian red from one of the highest vineyards in the world. Grapes are picked from 2,300m above sea level producing a rich and intense Malbec with plenty of complexity. Drink it to celebrate Malbec World Day on 17th April. M WINE STORE, £21


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Marques de Casa Concha Merlot is a prize-winning wine. Notes of blackcurrant, spices and plums give way to hints of vanilla and mocha. Versatile when food pairing. Waitrose, £11.99 The King’s Wrath 2014 is the ideal wine for Spring as it is fresh and light, and versatile to pair with most foods. Red berry fruit flavours with hints of tobacco. Ocado, £18.99

Rosé Wine The Ned Pinot Rosé 2015 is a blend of Pinot Gris Noir and Pinot Gris with a bouquet of red berries and cream, enriched top notes of persimmon, cherry and rose. Creamy and rounded with a hint of fine melon. Majestic, £10.65 Domaine de Rimauresque Cru Classé Rosé 2014 is a classic Provence Rosé. Salmon pink in colour, dry, crisp and delicate with fresh red berries. palmerswinestore.com, £15.25

ot es PRESERVE FINE WINES FOR UP TO 10 DAYS First of its kind in the UK, Wine Art (left, £299) from Eurocave preserves open bottles for up to 10 days using an air extraction system. It even cools warm wine to serving temperature. Savour your fine wine collection by just the glass being kind to your liver & pocket!

White Wine L’Empreinte de Saint Mont 2012 is a fruity artisanal wine. It has notes of citrus with acacia. Full-bodied with a lingering finish that is complex and fresh. Corney and Barrow, £12.95 Domaine Mittnacht Pinot Gris 2013 is off dry, with ripe citrus, pear and stone fruit with rich, aromatic palate and a long, balanced finish. Pairs with oriental cuisine. palmerswinestore.com, £15.50


Dessert Wine Taylors 1966 Vintage Port is an outstanding Port vintage of exceptional quality and elegance. The port has been slowly maturing for the past 50 years and has now reached its optimum peak for drinking.

The 1966 is in Taylor’s classic smooth style. The wine drips with crimson, violet, prunes, figs and candied cherry.

De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Sémillon 2011 has been regarded as Australia’s benchmark dessert wine for more than 30 years and has become one of the world’s most highly awarded and sought after wines. Aromas of quince, nectarine, orange zest and nutty vanilla notes are completed by the unusual feast of rich white stone fruits, citrus and a touch of marmalade. Waitrose, £19.99

If anyone is celebrating a 50th birthday or anniversary this year, there is really no better gift. www.palmerswinestore.com, £120 @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


SPIRITNo The Cointreau Creative Crew curated by Laetitia Casta, encourages women to turn their dreams into reality. For the first creative interview, Laetitia met actress & philanthropist Eva Longoria. Alfred Cointreau, Brand Heritage Manager, then created a Cointreau Fizz recipe inspired by Eva’s answers about her fundamental creative character such as her favourite colour (red) and her dreams of food (wild strawberries).

Cointreau Fizz inspired by Eva Longoria 5 cl Cointreau 2 cl freshly squeezed lime juice 6 fresh strawberries 6 wild strawberries 10 cl sparkling water 1 lime 1 bergamot blossom In a shaker, add Cointreau, fresh lime juice, muddle the strawberries and wild strawberries. Fill with ice and shake until the metal tin is frosted. Strain into the glass over ice. Top off with sparkling water. Stir briefly. Garnish with a small wild strawberries skewer, a lime peel and a bergamot blossom.


Chase Vodka

Beinn Dubh

Discover the uniqueness and amazing taste of Lanique, a premium liqueur spirit made with Attar of rose which is more expensive per kilo than gold. This ingredient gives Lanique a unique nose and taste that combines with its strength to create a truly one of a kind drink. The bottle and label reflect the rich history and quality of the drink. Lanique is £37.50 from Harvey Nichols

Quintessentially British and delectably sweet, Chase Rhubarb Vodka is delicately pink in colour with the scent of stewed rhubarb. Slow cook Herefordshire rhubarb is distilled with naturally sweet and creamy Chase Vodka in a bespoke copper batch pot still. This spirit is further distilled to infuse the flavours. Chase Rhubarb Vodka costs £38 and is available from williamschase.co.uk

Beinn Dubh (meaning Black Mountain) is a ruby-black single malt whisky produced by Speyside Distillery. Beinn Dubh’s taste is deep and dark: rich fruits, currants and chocolate dominate at first, but these gradually give way to both bitterness and sweetness. Beinn Dubh is 43% ABV and costs £50 for a 70cl bottle. www.beinndubh.com


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

ot es Cointreau Cointreau: a masterpiece crafted through the unique distillation of all-natural sweet and bitter orange peels, resulting in a crystal clear liqueur that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. For more than 30 years, the finest orange peels are carefully selected by our Master Distiller, Bernadette Langlais, to create the definitive orange liqueur. Cointreau (£12) is available from Waitrose & all good retailers.

THE KING OF SOHO The King of Soho is a super premium distilled gin crafted in the heart of London using traditional methods to a unique flavour profile. With its special combination of 12 botanicals to create a premium spirit that is both smooth and complex. It has a delicate combination of sweetness, citrus and earthiness and hint of grapefruit bitterness on the back of the palate. Available from Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. £34.95 a bottle.

SPEY LORD BYRON With its elegant bottle design and smooth delicate taste, SPEY Lord Byron single malt Scotch whisky is a limited edition whisky which has been released by Speyside Distillery to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron’s marriage to Lady Annabelle Millbanke when Lord Byron was said to have gifted King George III with a cask of his favourite SPEY whisky. SPEY Lord Byron has a warm and nutty flavour with a soft sweet toffee aftertaste and a fresh, fruity lingering note which soothes the palate like the finest warm honey. Only 1,200 bottles of the rare expression have been produced. £95 from thewhiskyexchange.com and other fine retailers. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


History C A S TLE HOTEL W INDSOR Elegant Georgian hotel with a rich past and an enviable address

SLOAN! Magazine visited Castle Hotel Windsor - part of the MGallery collection - and discovered a place full of charm, character and history. 56

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Castle Hotel Windsor has been dedicated to hospitality for more than 500 years sitting majestically on Windsor’s quintessentially English High Street. At the heart of Windsor, a town renowned worldwide for its link to British royalty, the property has itself become a landmark, thanks to its idiosyncratic architecture and bold and progressive owners. The history, character and personalities of the hotel have provided the creative impetus behind its renovation under the aegis of MGallery by Sofitel. Staying within Castle Hotel’s historic rooms leaves you with a strong sense of the past, whilst at the same time appreciating the most charming contemporary service and comfort. Castle Hotel has 108 bedrooms, five of which are exquisite suites. A

soft colour palette of neutral shades is used throughout to provide a tranquil environment, with modern amenities. Each suite, named after a Royal Warrant Holder, contains a feature artwork inspired by these figures from the past. The suites make the most of the architectural features, with original panelling and fireplaces. With bespoke furnishings and expansive lounge areas, each is totally individual. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill Windsor has just opened at Castle Hotel. Marco’s ethos is all about offering classic dishes, simply cooked using the best seasonal ingredients and served in a glamorous setting. Click here to read the review. CONTACT DETAILS 18 High Street, Windsor SL4 1LJ castlehotelwindsor.com

Schpoons & Forx

Hilton Bournemouth Incorporating cutting edge design & refined aesthetics with a quirky edge, this stylish getaway will help create a world of options & possibilities. Hilton Bournemouth is one of the newest properties of Hilton Hotels & Resorts to open in the UK. Classic design and quirky innovation are central to the hotel’s aesthetic, with bespoke interiors and furnishings designed exclusively for Hilton Bournemouth by Ray Kelvin throughout. Hilton Bournemouth was developed by privately owned property company THAT Group, which owns the hotel and neighbouring Hampton by Hilton Bournemouth. Housed in a soaring glass structure, the 172-room property offers panoramic views to the coast and across the popular seaside town.

Schpoons & Forx restaurant, created and overseen by renowned chef and broadcaster Matt Tebbutt, offers guests the very best of modern British cuisine with a contemporary twist. Featuring a lively open kitchen with décor designed to entertain, amuse and inspire conversation, fresh, seasonal sharing plates sit alongside dishes from the tandoor and stone oven.

Local craftsmanship and design influences are visible around the hotel, including specially curated items celebrating the best of British design. Artworks include a collection

It is the warm-beating heart of the hotel with a strong focal point and an intimate, inviting atmosphere. The use of bold flavours and spices create unique, delicious and comforting dishes that showcase the versatility if the kitchen. The restaurant’s interior is decked out in rich wood finishes, jewel-toned tile and comfortable luxe seating with feature lighting to encourage a lively, buzzing atmosphere. Schpoons & Forx is sure to become a key part of Bournemouth’s upscale dining scene. Meanwhile, Bournemouth’s highest bar, LEVEL8IGHT The Sky Bar, promises to wow guests. Visitors can sip bespoke cocktails whilst enjoying spectacular views across the Bournemouth coast line.


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

of local Poole Pottery, one of the largest on public display, and Colin Moore’s mural of Poole Harbour, which hangs in reception. Featuring eight unique meeting spaces and one of the largest ballrooms in Bournemouth, the hotel has collaborated with THAT Group to create a series of themed rooms capturing the pace, creativity and diversity of business with each space offering guests a breath of fresh air. The hotel is home to one of the UK’s first eforea spas helping to invigorate, relax and revitalise guests. Click here to read our review experience at Hilton Bournemouth. Terrace Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5EL 01202 804 775 news.hilton.com/bournemouth

Bournemouth has set a precedent for holiday makers and the arrival of Hilton Bournemouth continues this tradition transforming the south coast skyline. Bournemouth is home to the UK’s fastestgrowing digital economy and the hotel embodies this innovative spirit.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


SpaBreak Macdonald Frimley Hall Frimley Hall was originally designed and built by Mr G W Fowler. He later sold it to Mr J F Wright whose fortune and fame came from the manufacture of domestic boilers and soap, namely Wright’s Coal Tar Soap, which is still in use today. His wife, formally Miss Avery, came from the family who manufactured Avery Scales, which were soon to belong to housewives across the country. GRADE 2 LISTED WALLPAPER Our beautiful hotel, including its William Morris design wallpaper, is a Grade 2 listed building and one of the few remaining buildings of its size and age in the area. Macdonald Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa is well known locally for its excellent cuisine, with the Linden Restaurant holding two AA Rosettes. It is also regarded as the premier wedding venue in Surrey and is often host to large corporate companies for conferences and annual award dinners. Guests can enjoy the luxurious Vital Spa which is fully equipped with a 17 metre swimming pool, rock sauna, steam room, state of the art Technogym and five beauty therapy rooms using the finest Elemis products.


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED Every room at Macdonald Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa has been individually designed to instil a sense of calm and wellbeing. You will be amazed at the beauty, elegance and comfort of our rooms, which bestow the feeling of being an extra-special houseguest. Classic Rooms provide amenities such as broadband access and many rooms provide the ‘wow factor’ with extras ranging from domed bathrooms to four-posters. Period features have been retained we even have listed wallpaper! TWO AA ROSETTE RESTAURANT Decorated in fresh and contemporary natural colours while retaining a traditional, welcoming feel, the airconditioned, award-winning Linden Restaurant is a fine setting for any occasion. Bright by day and intimately candlelit by evening, specialities include pepper crusted venison loin, pan-fried wild seabass and vanilla crème brûlée. This elegant hotel restaurant is perfect for get-togethers, romantic occasions, or Sunday lunch. CONTACT DETAILS Lime Avenue, Camberley, GU15 2BG www.macdonaldhotels.co.uk

Set among peaceful private gardens and Surrey woodland, this hotel provides the ideal accommodation for an idyllic romantic hideaway.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Aesthetic Etiquette


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Aesthetic treatments are increasingly popular with men so we sent one of our male reviewers to experience the Nordlys by Ellipse treatment at The London Cosmetic Clinic in Knightsbridge to see if he could observe the easy-to-follow aesthetic etiquette rules below. Nordlys is a versatile and effective IPL device ideal for skin rejuvenation treatments for many unsightly skin conditions as well as hair removal. Click here to read our full review of Nordlys by Ellipse, suffice to say our reviewer was very impressed with the results. Follow these eight aesthetic etiquette rules on your next visit to your clinic or medi-spa. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY Avoid taking out your phone to check messages. Take this time to focus on yourself. Pay attention to what your aesthetician is doing and ask questions. COMMUNICATE YOUR EXPECTATIONS Whether at a spa or clinic, this is a place you go to feel better about yourself so it is one of the times you should feel relaxed enough to communicate what you wish to get out of the treatment and allow the aesthetician to talk you through expected results, fears and after care. LEAVE YOUR INNER CRITIC BEHIND Some cosmetic procedures require the client be open about conditions they would otherwise keep to themselves. Remember this is not the first time your therapist has discussed these issues and the flaws you mention today will be on their way to being gone very shortly. DON’T BE ON TIME - BE EARLY Many procedures require preparation in the form of anaesthetic creams or filling paperwork before the actual treatment begins. This is why you should not show up on time but show up early. Definitely do not show up late. We suggest arriving at least 15 minutes early to check in at reception.

NO FOOD NO DOGS Lunchtime lipo is not a cue to grab your lunch to go. These are highly specialised procedures that require hygienic conditions and respect. Sandwiches should be left in the office. That goes for little Fido too, leave him at home. We are still reserved Brits. USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE Aestheticians go to great lengths to make sure their clients are not daunted by these medical sounding procedures and as such relaxation is key. Use a hushed tone when in communal areas so that the clinic can enjoy a tranquil environment even though your treatment is more clinical in nature. GO ALONE For first time clients, some procedures may seem a little frightening but do pluck up the courage to brave it alone. It allows you time to bond with your therapist and this relationship is key for those having more than one treatment. READ THE LITERATURE Do take time to read any information you are given especially about aftercare. The literature can help avoid any problems with simple preventative measures like avoiding the sun or hot baths. Go to thelondoncosmeticclinic.co.uk for treatment details.



SLOAN! Magazine proudly supports Bowel Cancer Awareness Month raising awareness of the disease, screening and symptoms with expert health advice on how half of all bowel cancers could be prevented. 64

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CATCH IT EARLY Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer yet it’s a disease which is often overlooked and diagnosed too late. Every year over 41,000 people (one every 15 minutes) are diagnosed with bowel cancer and 16,200 people die of the disease. The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme can detect bowel cancer at an early stage in people with no symptoms when it is easier to treat. Since its launch 10 years ago, it has been proven to save lives.

Having these symptoms does not mean you have cancer but if you have one or more of these, or if things just don’t feel right, do go to see your GP. CELEBRITY SUPPORT A number of celebrities are supporting Bowel Cancer UK’s call for people to take part in screening, including ITV News presenter Charlene White, Lynda Bellingham’s husband, Michael Pattemore, former England cricketer Chris Read and actor Ben Richards.

TAKE THE TEST The simple NHS test can be carried out at home in private and comes with step by step instructions. The test looks for hidden blood in your poo, which could be an early sign of bowel cancer. Only a third of those who receive a test complete it. Thousands of people are missing out on the chance to detect bowel cancer early when it is easier to treat. Deborah Alsina, Chief Executive of Bowel Cancer UK, told us, “Nearly everyone diagnosed at the earliest stage will survive bowel cancer. However, this drops significantly as the disease develops. Taking part in bowel cancer screening is the best way to get diagnosed early. If you are over 60 (or 50 in Scotland), take the test when you receive it in the post. If you are younger, tell the people over 60 (over 50 in Scotland) in your life to take the test.” SYMPTOMS OF BOWEL CANCER • Bleeding from your bottom and/or blood in your poo • A change in bowel habit lasting three weeks or more • Extreme tiredness for no reason • Unexplained weight loss • A pain or lump in your tummy

Scientists believe that 47% of all bowel cancers could be prevented by making simple changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Here are our top 7 things to help the fight against bowel cancer.

RISK FACTORS We don’t know what causes most bowel cancers, but we do know that some factors increase your risk of getting the disease. Take the opportunity for a fresh start this spring and give your health and wellbeing a boost with a few small changes to your diet and lifestyle. Risk factors are guidelines. It does not mean you will develop cancer and unfortunately it also does not mean you are safe. They include being over 50, a strong family history of bowel cancer, a history of non-cancerous growths (polyps) in your bowel, longstanding inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, type 2 diabetes and an unhealthy lifestyle. GET INVOLVED During April, Bowel Cancer UK is inviting the British public to join the “Be a Star, Bake a Cake” fundraising campaign to support vital research and life-saving work to stop bowel cancer. Everyone can get involved.

Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, the Chairman of the Audrey Hepburn Children Fund, is also encouraging more people to participate in screening after his mother died of bowel cancer in 1993 at the age of 63, he said: “Her life has often been described as a fairy tale, yet what my mother really longed for was a home filled with the din of kids and dogs. If screening for bowel cancer was available in the 90’s as it is today she may have not missed the opportunity at her greatest role, as the grandmother of six. My mother, Audrey Hepburn, was 63 when she passed away, her first grandchildren just a year beyond.”


The campaign has already attracted high profile celebrity chef support, including the Hairy Bikers, Rick Stein, Brian Turner, Tom Aikens, Gino D’Acampo and Gennaro Contaldo, widely known as the Italian legend who taught Jamie Oliver all he knows about Italian cooking, who said, “Go on, Be a Star, Bake a Cake and support Bowel Cancer UK this April during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month!”. England rugby star James Haskell is also supporting the campaign, by providing several nutritious, healthy recipes. Visit Bowel Cancer UK’s website to register for a free fundraising pack and find out more about the campaign at www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk.

1. Eat more fibre & pulses 2. Reduce red meat 3. Avoid sugary foods 4 Cut down on alcohol 5. Stop smoking. 6. Up your exercise level 7. Take The Test



Catwalk model

Catwalk model Dame Barbara Windsor

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Julian & Emma Fellowes

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Fashion at The Savoy

Floral centrepiece at The Savoy

Natalie Pinkham & Trish Halpin

Trust in Fashion in aid of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity On Friday 11 March, the sixth annual Trust in Fashion event took place at The Savoy, London. The prestigious fashion show with a conscience raised over £63,000 for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. Among the 250 guests were a bevy of celebrities including Dame Barbara Windsor, Rainbow Trust Ambassador Hugo Taylor, Natalie Pinkham, Melanie Sykes, Julian and Emma Fellowes and Pandora Christie who all attended to lend their support and raise awareness of the charity’s work with families with a life threatened or terminally ill child. This year’s event, celebrating Rainbow Trust’s 30th Anniversary, showcased the latest collections from prestigious designer, Amanda Wakeley, London designer Anna Mason and bespoke diamond jeweller, Boodles. Guests enjoyed The Savoy’s famous afternoon tea, exclusive fashion shows, a live Q&A with Amanda Wakeley and had an opportunity to shop in a boutique pop-up-shop. 66 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

fashion show with a conscience raises £63,000 for seriously ill children

Natalie Pinkham and designer Anna Mason

Catwalk models Melanie Sykes

Rainbow Trust Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Kristabel Plummer & Hannah Louise

Hugo Taylor, Rainbow Trust Ambassador

Amanda Wakeley

Renowned designer Amanda Wakeley said, “[Trust in Fashion] was incredible. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase new trends and enjoy shopping and champagne, all for a great cause. Celebrating Rainbow Trust’s 30th Birthday made it even more special. There was a great positivity about the event and I feel honoured to be part of something that will make such a difference to the children and families that Rainbow Trust supports.” Rainbow Trust is a national charity and in 2016 is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. The charity offers emotional and practical support for the whole family; from their child’s diagnosis, during treatment and, if needed, through bereavement and beyond. It relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and thanks to its generous supporters currently helps over 1,900 families in England. (Photos courtesy of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity) @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


OnLOOKER Lizzie & Josh Cundy Shamim Sarif

Ella Henderson

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

Tania Bryer Miguel Brown

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc


Charity Gala in aid of The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund On Wednesday 23 March, Enlightenment Productions presented the UK Charity Gala of Despite The Falling Snow, directed by Shamim Sarif, starring Rebecca Ferguson, Charles Dance and Sam Reid. The evening was sponsored by the Sarif-Kattan Foundation in aid of The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. The gala raised over £100,000 for The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, a charity personally established by President Nelson Mandela in 1995 which works to protect, nuture and enrich the lives of vulnerable children and young people in South Africa. The evening was hosted by Lizzy Cundy, alongside Shamim Sarif (Writer/ Director), Hanan Kattan (Producer) and Lisa Tchenguiz (Executive Producer),


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

film gala raises Over £100,000 for the nelson mandela children’s fund

Sinitta, Shamim & Hannan

Lizzie Cundy

Lisa Tchenguiz

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

UK Charity Gala Guests at the Gala

Shamim Sarif, Ella Henderson & Hannan Kattan

Friends support Shamim’s work

Other attendees included Monica Lewinsky, Michelle Heaton, Chloe Simms, Margaret Mountford, Patrick Ness, Touker Suleyman, Jackie St Clair, Richard Caring, Lady Tina Green, Yu-Fai Suen, Michael Russo, Caroline Stanbury, Robert & Vincent Tchenguiz. Heather Kerzner and His Excellency Eduardo Santos. Following a screening, guests were treated to performances by Ella Henderson, Sinitta and her mother Miquel Brown. Despite The Falling Snow is in UK cinemas from April 15. (Photo credit: Oliver Rudkin)

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


With Thanks This magazine could not be brought to you without the inspired creativity from our team, contributors and creatives. If you admire the work of any of the photographers and artists featured in this edition, see below. Images Katie Piper Photo supplied by Sparkle PR (, pages 32, 35) ©Subbotina Anna/Adobe Stock (pages 2, 17), ©Elnariz/Adobe Stock (page 5) ©Romolo Tavani/Adobe Stock (page 6) Photo Courtesy of Stirling Media /Christian Jessen at Collar & Coats Gala Ball/(page 11) ©SydaProductions/Adobe Stock (page 12) ©Kyonnta/Adobe Stock (page 14) ©Millaf/Adobe Stock (page 22) ©Vectorfusionart/Adobe Stock (page 27) © Maridav/Adobe Stock (pages 28, 43) ©ZoomTeam/Adobe Stock and ©EpicStockMedia/ Adobe Stock (page 29) ©Konstantin Yuganov/Adobe Stock(page 36) ©Subbotina Anna/Dollar Photo Club (page 53) ©SweetJulie/ Adobe Stock (page 62) ©VladimirFloyd/Adobe Stock (page 64) ©Rockvillephoto/Adobe Stock (current page) Cover Shot Make-up Artist - Toby Salvietto Hair Stylist - Mikey Kardashian Stylist - Lucas Armitage Photographer - Chris Terry Original Design by Caren Johnstone www.wondesigns.co.uk



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In this issue: Exclusive celebrity interview with Julie Montagu, we also talk to Dr Christian Jessen about MS and hear what our cover star K...

SLOAN! 6th Edition  

In this issue: Exclusive celebrity interview with Julie Montagu, we also talk to Dr Christian Jessen about MS and hear what our cover star K...