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Editor’s Letter Producing the third edition of this magazine has been an absolute pleasure thanks to my team, all the contributors and PR. A big thank you to all.

With the hottest day of the decade having just gone on 1st July clearly Summer has started. Things change, Sir Steve Redgrave permitted gentlemen to remove their blazers in the Stewards Enclosure at Henley and across


Third Edition

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the pond the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is now legal in every US state. This got me to thinking about who gets to choose when something ends and something better begins. That beginning can instigate a new way of living, letting go of unhelpful habits, a new found hope or positivity and an opportunity for us to grow. However that does not mean old traditions and ways of thinking are outdated. It is about learning what to let go of and what to strive towards and as always getting the right balance between

the two. It is important to remember that no matter what life throws at us, there are always a few things worth holding on to and to be grateful for. I hope the articles and information contained within this magazine inspire you, our readers, about new options, possibilities and ways of thinking that are out there so that you can use them to be the master of when something starts or finishes in your own life.













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Romolo Tavani Š Dollar Photo Club

Elie Saab Le Parfum, Resort Collection

Paul Smith Sunshine

In an azure bottle, fig, white jasmine and frangipani combine with orange blossom. £47 for 50ml

Grapefruit and juicy peach join Bulgarian rose, jasmine and white peony with a sandalwood base. £31 for 100ml

Van Cleef & Arpels Aqua Oriens

Ferrari Bright Neroli

Inspired by the South Seas, this sensual scent has top notes of tahiti lime & juicy pear with orange blossom. £54 for 50ml

This unisex EDT has a sophisticated woody green scent of fig leaf, pink peppercorn and patchouli. £75 for 100ml

Floral Fragrances Cartier La Panthère Légère This feral yet floral scent is illuminated by the pure presence of gardenia enswathed in velvety chypre nuances. £72 for 50ml

Ted Baker Lyla This purse spray combines top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and peach with soft floral extracts of jasmine and rose. £15 for 10ml

SLOAN! Magazine presents our favourite Summer perfumes that will enchant you with their floral bouquet.

Ilha Do Mel Gardenia and jasmine blend with hyacinth, iris and vetiver in this delightful scent evoking Brazilian honey & island dreams. £175 for 75ml

Jean Paul Gautier Classique Summer This exotic creation has a bouquet of rose, jasmine, ylangylang, lily-of-the-valley and white iris. £41 for 100ml

Dear Rose Sympathy for the Sun This elegant scent has a bouquet of hesperides, jasmine petals and peonies inspired by the warmth of summer and the cool breeze of the Mediterranean sea. £105 for 100ml

Carven This luminous scent combines elegant citrus notes of Italian Lemon and Orange with Sweet Pea, Peony, Freesia, White Hyacinth and Wisteria with a creamy backdrop of amber, white musks and sandalwood. £52 for 50ml @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




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Celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to entrepreneur and model Caprice Bourret about motherhood and more When people ask who is going to be on the cover of SLOAN! magazine and I

S say Caprice, men everywhere still swoon and the girls immediately comment on

how beautiful you are. You have been on over 250 covers of highly successful magazines including Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan to name just a few it’s a highly impressive portfolio however you are now also recognised as a successful business woman, actress and of course proud mother. As a strong woman how do you balance being a successful CEO and your home life with your partner and children?

There is no formula and I get used to restless nights. We have to be wonder woman, C bring home the bacon, look after the kids and never forget your man. It is sort of empowering as we are the glue to the success of our family. Running your own business also has its challenges but to be successful you must have absolute passion for what you do. Passion is important because it’s likely you won’t see a return for three to five years. You have to stick with your business idea; have tenacity and be agile. Passion, tenacity and agility are excellent qualities to have if you want to run a

S successful business. What other advice can you share with our readers on how to be successful in business?

Don’t be greedy. Particularly in retail, consumers are smart and they want quality at

C a competitive price. Think longevity and you will earn more in the long term. Also,

understand cash flow - it is your bible. Failure is ok - if your first idea doesn’t work be smart enough to walk away and start again. Look after your team. Get the best and most qualified professionals. It will cost more but you’ll make more in the long run. When running your business you must spend time working with the latest models

S and TV celebrities like Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ferne McCann. Do you miss

your modelling days or do you see it as a stepping stone to becoming the powerful inspirational woman you are today? I do miss the modelling days. I used to earn a fortune looking at a camera and

C making a garment look good. Yes there are long hours and a lot of travelling but it

was a very glamorous lifestyle and I was fortunate to be successful at. However, the growth of By Caprice and my other future investments aren’t reliant on the way I look. They are longevity and my future. I often ask my clients if they could do any other job or be any other person for just

S one day, who would they be? I have had quite a few clients want to be you for a day, so I pose the question to you, who would you like to be?

Queen. Just a day then I’ll go back to being Cap. [Editor’s note: Thinking C The outside the box like this is exactly what makes Caprice so successful today.] I love that answer, in all my years of asking that question it is the first time

S someone has chosen the Queen, Is part of that choice homage to you embracing

British culture and choosing London as your home over the States or have you kept true to your American roots? I do feel I am more Brit than American. However I still have that ambitious and no C fear factor that I know I will succeed. That is definitely the American dream and attitude. I think that’s the only thing I kept and of course I have my accent, apart from that everything else is English.


Talking of London, you were a main cast member in Ladies of London. With any show there will be ups and downs within friendships. Do you believe in the philosophy of “forgive and forget”?

C It is not healthy to keep things inside and I am a big believer in Karma. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


We have to be wonder woman - bring home the bacon, look after the kids and never forget your man. It is empowering as women are the glue to the success of their family. The Universe often does have a way of sorting things out, which brings me to motherhood and your two

S beautiful sons, You shared a hugely touching story in your autobiography which perfectly demonstrates a

principle I have been teaching for years with my work in infertility and is an inspiring message to women everywhere. When doctors told you that it was unlikely you would conceive a child naturally, you took control, took the pressure off conceiving and decided to go with surrogacy, Shortly after finding out the success of the procedure you found out you were pregnant. What a whirlwind of excitement and other emotions for you. What were your most fearful and most joyous moments? The fear is that you have to go through the whole process and it doesn’t work. The most joyous time is the

C fact that I have 2 healthy biological boys who are almost two years old. Whilst being told my chances were

very slim that I could ever carry a baby, I have defied all of the odds. Motherhood means everything to me. It is my happiness. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my kids. I would just like to share a short extract of your upcoming autobiography here as I think it demonstrates part

S of the journey you went through.

Up until now it would have felt like a tragedy to me that I couldn’t carry my baby but maybe it didn’t have to be a tragedy at all. This was something I’d never considered but if it was the only way I could have a child then I definitely had to reconsider and thank goodness I had such a supportive partner who understood my yearning and was open to a very unconventional idea. We did, of course, have a lot of concerns, the most important of all being: what if the carrier decides she wants to keep the baby after going through the pregnancy and birth? We worried about how it works trying to bring your baby home once he or she is born, when someone else has given birth to them. We worried about the story getting out and what people would say, so much to worry about and, at the time, it felt there were no guarantees of success. This was such a huge journey to embark on. I felt on the brink of something wonderful, even if it was pretty terrifying.

inspiring. Even having gone through such a journey you always look so amazing and give off this glow S Very of youth, what are your beauty recommendations for youthful skin and vitality for our readers? It is important to eat well and I have always eaten a lot of veg, eaten primarily organic food, taken lots of

C vitamins, no smoking and no drugs. However I went through a phase of liking my vodka. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t take a lot of money but it does take a lot of discipline. It is not about fancy and expensive lotions and potions, it is about what you put into your body. Indeed I often say daily habits can make or break you. Emotional discipline is key, What are your daily habits

S that you credit to staying happy and healthy? And how has that changed for you over the years?

I often meditate. It makes me focus to the day ahead and gives me clarity. I spend my free time at home with C my kids. I remember back in my modelling days, catching private planes, presenting an MTV Award with Steven Tyler and glamorous photo-shoots all over the world, but the biggest joy in my life now is seeing my boys smile back at me and saying ‘Mama’. Wow how times have changed. Happiness is a formula that includes constant progression but it also requires us to give back to our

S community when we can, and you have a good balance from your work with the Women’s Trust to your new exciting business projects and of course motherhood. I am proud to be patron to Women’s Trust – a truly incredible support network for women affected by C domestic violence. The future is quite exciting. I have an exciting few months ahead. We are launching By Caprice Bedding, By Caprice E-commerce, my Mummy blog called Mummy SOS and of course my autobiography which is out now.


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Caprice Bourret ‘My Boys, My Body, My Business’ out now (Blink Publishing) RRP £16.99

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Mad for


Secret to longevity revealed in Japan Celebrity Life Coach & Wellness Consultant Sloan Sheridan-Williams looks to Japanese lifestyle and culture to discover the secret to the country’s longevity record. For centuries the traditional Japanese way of life has had a positive impact on the health and emotional wellbeing of the country’s population. Japan has the third highest average life expectancy in the world - an amazing 84 years compared to the UK’s 80 years which puts us in 29th place.

Matcha is the world’s most powerful form of green tea. Whole green tea leaves are finely ground down to create Matcha powder that is slow releasing in energy and 100% natural. Traditionally the bright green Matcha powder is whisked up in hot water to create a rich tea. Vivid Drinks is on a Matcha mission to naturally hydrate and energise the nation this summer with it’s new Unsweetened Matcha Green Tea drink containing zero sugar. With a summer of record breaking weather upon us, you can keep energised & hydrated with this healthy drink. Vivid is pioneering the Matcha movement with drinks set to revolutionise drinking habits in the UK. Matcha’s popularity comes from its sustained energy, calming benefits and ability to boost concentration without the high low crash of coffee. For more go to

Chelsea Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams says, “I often tell my clients that we are the sum of our daily habits. If you want to live a longer healthier happier life I suggest creating positive daily habits to help achieve your goals.”


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BELIEFS The Shinto religion is as old as Japan itself and is deeply rooted in traditions and rituals. Shinto is a very optimistic faith that believes mankind is inherently good and that evil is caused by evil spirits. This compassionate approach to life with it’s optimism and mindful rituals of Japan’s major religion could be one explanation for their longevity. FOOD The Japanese also believe that food is medicine and their approach to diet is very different to the West. For example, overeating is not a daily habit for most Japanese. The Japanese traditional diet is rich in healthy foods such as fish (high in omega 3 & taurine), tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, rice, green tea and seaweed. Seaweed is particularly important because it contains the compound fucoidan with antioxidants that protect against cell damage. Fucoidan also combats inflammation, stimulates the immune system and can be beneficial for those suffering degenerative disorders. In Japan, seaweeds have been used to treat high blood pressure, bacterial and viral infections, and inflammatory conditions. Seaweeds can also balance insulin levels and relieve

arthritic pain. In exciting new research, fucoidan has been shown to have anticarcinogenic effects so may help combat cancer. Green tea has been a popular healthy choice for centuries and now Matcha is being applauded as the new super drink to help you live longer. Tombo (see opposite) holds the crown for being London’s only Matcha café – this green tea leaf powder is renowned for its high antioxidant content and they use it to create a whole host of speciality food and drink. EXERCISE Daily exercise on a mass scale could be another reason for Japanese longevity. They are famous for their mass morning exercise drills called rajio taiso which is broadcast over the radio in the morning and is actively encouraged by companies across Japan. Rajio taiso increases mental and physical wellbeing, boosts motivation and increases productivity. COMMUNITY Japanese social cohesion has also been credited with improving longevity. According to research in the Japanese Journal of Population Studies, people in Japan are strongly group-orientated and feel closer to one another. Although caring for the elderly is a tradition that has been slowly eroding in Japan, young Japanese are still community minded and use social networks to strengthen the bonds with others. For example, young people coordinated assistance for 180,000 stranded commuters in Tokyo immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake thanks to their skills in social media.

Tombo Tombo, London’s one and only authentic family-run Japanese café is beloved by those in the know for its unique take on modern Japanese cuisine which is prepared with passion using only the finest, freshest ingredients to create super-healthy signature dishes that look as exquisite as they taste. The space, with its contemporary boutique style, has a warmly welcoming colour scheme, punctuated by a selection of stunning prints by the amazing Japanese illustrator Natsko Seki. Tombo’s stylish logo features the eponymous ‘dragonfly’ a symbol of renewal in Japanese culture. The exemplary menu offers fresh sushi wraps and rolls, noodle and rice bowls and Tombo’s signature bento boxes and katsu curries. There is also an innovative selection of Japanese style tapas which are ideal for sharing in the evening over a glass or two of sake. We were impressed by Tombo’s totally unique Afternoon Tea, a Japanese take on the traditional Afternoon Tea which features a fabulous selection of sushi and Japanese cakes and desserts, all accompanied by sparkling sake or Tombo’s legendary Matcha green tea. Whether you decide to eat in or take out, Tombo is a chic haven of healthy Japanese yumminess in the heart of South Kensington. DETAILS 29 Thurloe Place, SW7 2HQ |

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


SIX WAYS TO LOOK GOOD INSIDE AND OUT Taking inspiration from food technology breakthroughs in Japan, GOLD COLLAGEN® is an innovative liquid beauty supplement designed to nourish skin from the inside out, targeting the visible signs of ageing associated with collagen loss.


GOLD COLLAGEN® for visibly radiant skin in just 4 weeks.

The supplement combines a unique sugar-free blend of hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients so that one shot of GOLD COLLAGEN® is up to 20 times more effective than using a topical collagen cream or collagen pill. Skin is left hydrated and radiant with a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after just a few weeks taking the liquid supplement. Click here to find out the results of our 30 day trial of GOLD COLLAGEN® Quest Bars have to be one of the best protein bars we’ve ever tasted in the SLOAN! office. Made with high quality ingredients, bars are available in a wide range of delicious flavours though some may not be to everyone’s liking. Quest protein bars are ideal not just for bodybuilders and athletes but also for anyone looking for a quick hit of protein during the day to keep energy levels up making them ideal for Chronic Fatigue sufferers. Our favourite flavours are S’mores and the new Mint Chocolate Chunk.


‘Transform Me’ by XBody is a innovative EMS workout which targets all the important muscle groups and gives you an intensive 20-minute low impact workout which is equivalent to over 90 minutes traditional exercise in the gym. The electrode bodysuit tones muscles while reducing body fat and supporting lymphatic drainage. It is a unique experience that helps change body shape in the shortest possible time though it can leave you feeling a bit sore for a day or two so be prepared to feel the burn. ‘Transform Me’ is available at private members club LIBRARY in St Martin’s Lane.


1 12

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Kinetica Thermo Whey is a great tasting diet supporting supplement to help achieve overall weight management and improve lean muscle maintenance and definition. The scientifically engineered formula also increases thermogenesis. Uniquely, Kinetica manufacture all of their own proteins in a state-of-the– art dairy manufacturing facility to ensure high quality.



Heartcore is a leading fitness class provider across central London studios including Chelsea, Kensington and Fulham offering Pilates, TRX, High Intensity Interval Training and ballet barre workouts. They promise to sculpt your physique in ways traditional exercise simply can’t.


Cloudrunner by On is one of the best running shoes we have experienced. Ideal for high impact runs on and off road, the shoe also promotes a more efficient running gait to maximise performance. Cloudrunner is perfect for all runners especially those who run on concrete and great for endurance runners.




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Bronze Beautiful

TanOrganic Duo Bronzer

Antipodes Mineral Foundation

TanOrganic is the World’s first and only Eco-Certified self-tanning brand. Use this bronzer for contouring, eyeshadow or a healthy glow. £29.99

Contains a revolutionary ingredient to help reduce facial flushing, while earth minerals help balance oil production and provide natural looking coverage. £23.45

BeautyLab Peptide Tanning Range

Sleek Makeup Bronze Block This highly versatile bronzer combines four complementary shades for a swirl that gives you a natural radiant complexion. The pink hue can be used alone as a blush. £7.49

The only tanning range to enhance your sunless tan and act as a pre-tan accelerator to enhance your skin’s natural tanning ability. The range includes a unique DHA Free Lotion for those allergic to DHA. From £18 to £35.

IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer

Sheer Cover Bronzing Minerals Contains a unique combination of light-reflective natural minerals to add a hint of shimmering colour and a natural looking glow to the skin. £25.95

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Sun Hat Day Cream A super effective day cream and perfect moisturiser under make up. Skin is brightened with a youthful, healthy glow while fine lines are refined so they seem to disappear. £35

P20 Once A Day This very water resistant iconic product is active 15 minutes after application providing broad spectrum sun protection for up to 10 hours using a unique, alcohol-based formula that sets it apart from traditional cream-type sun products. £24.49

IMEDEEN is the Beauty Editors favourite skincare supplement. Use 4 weeks before sun exposure to prepare skin for the sun and prolong your tan. £40

Kerstin Florian Face Serum SPF 25 This serum is uniquely formulated to protect against sun damage on the sensitive facial areas prone to ageing. It contains Vitamin E, Camomile, Jojoba Seed Oil and Roman Chamomile Flower Oil. £43

Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle This oil-free, paraben-free liquid sunshine, features micropigments that burst on touch, spreading sheer colour evenly all over the skin, warming and enhancing the natural colour of the face. £28

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Style in The Park Fashion faux pas are all too common at society sporting events such as Chestertons Polo in the Park so here are some style tips to help your wardrobe. As a sport with a real heritage dating back almost 2,500 years, polo goes hand in hand with style. Polo games are social events where rural freedoms meet cosmopolitan refinery, and timeless elegance is more important than a passing trend. Chestertons Polo in the Park has gone to great lengths to make polo a more accessible sport to a wider audience and generation, but a big part of polo’s appeal is still the opportunity for some tasteful extravagance – something Chestertons Polo in the Park provides in spades. While the game itself has evolved, there’s certainly been no change to the overall experience, merging exhilarating equestrian action and a fantastic social event with the opportunity to network; the perfect combination of champagne and hooves in a fun and relaxed environment.

are not actually jumping up on a horse, as this is a bit of a faux pas in the polo community. The more classic dandy style, with a modern twist of eye-catching coloured trousers or blazer jacket, is the way to go. A daper dress sense is always appreciated. Consider combining chinos with a button-down shirt and blazer for a classic and comfortable combination. It should go without saying that you should leave the top hats and tails at home – this isn’t Ascot. For women, perfect polo style means something elegant and timeless, ripped jeans and crop tops are great on the high-street but, at polo, a form-fitting and classic pair of jeans with a silk top will express elegance and gracefulness. If you want to incorporate the seasonal trends in to your polo style, wide-leg high-waisted trousers with a crop top – showing only very little skin – is the way to go.

For men, pale pastels, whites and beiges provide the ideal foundation for a summer day, combined with the occasional bold splash of darker colour to stand out from the crowd. Of course, the polo shirt is an obvious choice, paired with shorts and loafers for the more casual look. But be aware: if you plan on attending some of the hospitality areas, then smart attire is generally required.

Summer dresses are a favourite for many; the brighter the better in most cases – it is the official beginning of summer after all – but chic pastels or perfect whites are often sported as well. A dark military-style blazer could add a regal touch, provided the look comes off more Kate Middleton than the Libertines. A word of warning: leave the super-high stilettos at home, and opt for wedge sandals or a pump with a thick heel instead so you can have fun treading the divots between the chukkas, and won’t be held back from exploring the many areas with food and beverage, as this is half the fun of Chestertons Polo in the Park and a great way to unwind from the working week.

However, while sporting a polo shirt with dark jeans is more than appropriate, do not attempt to look like a polo player – pairing white jeans and just a polo shirt – if you

Just remember that style should be a reflection of your personality rather than an attempt at fitting in with the surroundings – so be yourself!

Comfortable yet elegant style is the aim for spectators on a day where, uniquely in the sport, country tweed is thrown out in preference for city chic.


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Henley Festival

Lionel Richie per forming at Henley Festival

After Lionel’s fabulous reception at Glastonbury I was very much looking forward to seeing him at Henley Festial. His set featured songs from arguably one of the most loved repertoires in music. It spanned the entire career of one of the coolest grandfathers (yes I keep reminding myself he is a grandfather and that anything is possible – age is clearly just a number). Lionel performed numbers from the Commodores through to the present day,

SLOAN! Loves

I might not have been dancing on the ceiling but definitely dancing in the aisles. The concert lived up to it’s hype of being a celebration of Lionel’s incredible career selling over 100 million albums. I can see why he received 5 GRAMMY awards, a Golden Globe and even an Oscar! Truly extraordinary and inspiring to still be doing something that not only is Lionel talented at but that he clearly loves.

Inspired, extraordinary, a cut above the rest - these are the qualities I noticed about both BMW and Lionel Richie that made for a memorable experience.

I was so excited to be invited to a special preview of the hand made prototype of the BMW 7 series. I was speechless, luckily not for long so I can tell you a little about it before Oct 24th when you can see it for yourself. BMW 7 SERIES UNVEILING Those of you who follow me, know I absolutely love cars and in particular cars such as BMW, for the stylish look and high performance – oh and of course how their colours just seem to match my outfits! Thanks BMW! I arrived at Henley Festival ready to dance the night away to Lionel Richie and catch up with my friends at BMW and Iris Worldwide. After a few bubbles, I was whisked away to the very private and highly secure secret hideaway that housed the new 7 series. Having to leave my phone at the entrance kicked off separation anxiety, but all was forgotten when I saw what I think my other half described perfectly as an outstanding piece of kit. You can take the man out of the Royal Marines but give him a whiff of a gadget and he’s back in tech mode. You’d be mistaken if you think I jumped straight in to the driver’s seat because my attention was diverted to the back where combined with Samsung technology BMW had installed a massage function that drew me in. The massage was absolute heaven, I joked with BMW that given their unveiling of the 7 series so close to my launch of Hypnomassage that we might end up unwitting competitors. BMW have assured me that they are more likely to drive my VIP clients providing a prepamper massage to their appointments with me or my associates. Which leads me to the brief comparison between BMW 7 series and its more likely competitiors Mercedes S Class and the Audi A8. From what I have seen BMW are setting the bar high. I was very impressed by the safety features from the headlights to the cameras which deserve a mention, as does the gesture control on the iDrive. It uses a three-dimensional sensor that detects hand movements such as point, rotate, swipe etc. to control everything from music to

answering your telephone calls. The car is also 130kg lighter than its predecessor due to carbonfibre being used in its construction. It’s packed with luxury tech down to heated armrests, night vision, inductive mobile phone charging, Ambient Air fragrance system, Bowers and Wilkins surround-sound system and finishing touches such as the Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof, a head-up display featuring a 75% larger screen than before and a high tech key fob. My favourite part is that the car via the fob has the ability to park itself without the need for the driver to be behind the wheel. Watch this space for my update after my test drive - I absolutely cannot wait. If this wasn’t extraordinary enough, my evening continued to be outstanding with the energetic performance from Lionel Richie.

The Oyster Mei


Stylish, Elegant, Exclusive

Smart Key Fob with driverless parking Fellow Chelsea celeb Oliver Proudlock celebrated Henley Festival with BMW



The BMW Henley Festival There are too many inspired upgrades for me to mention them all here but do see my blog at for more information on the new 7 series and to read about all about my test drive when the car comes out later this year. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


The Mini Break Taking a mini break can be the beginning or the end of your relationship. Celebrity Relationship Expert Sloan SheridanWilliams shares her top tips to avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the pleasures of your time away together. Whether you’re taking things to the next level in a new relationship or trying to rekindle the passion with your long term partner, a mini break is not always plain sailing when expectations are too high or not managed by both parties.

Pamper your problems away before booking your next mini break with the revolutionary new HypnoMassage treatment from Sloan & Associates. Call 07715 474602 and quote MINIBREAK for 20% off your first treatment. Terms & conditions apply.

Zsolnai Gergely Š Dollar Photo Club


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Here are my top tips to navigate you through your next mini break away. 1. KEEP EMOTIONS IN CHECK Regarding emotions, my advice is that if it’s your first mini break you need to see it for what it is and not make the common mistake of seeing it for more than it is. This is not the time to get carried away in your head. Established couples who are seasoned travellers should treat each day as special rather than taking their relationship for granted. 2. LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD If it’s important for your self-esteem to look good at all times, you need to be prepared so check out the local weather and research the location so you dress appropriately. You may also choose to overhaul your underwear and look after your grooming. Our Bronze Beautiful feature on page 14 will give you some beauty inspiration. 3. GET READY TO RELAX Letting go of the stresses of daily life and leaving your worries back home will benefit your mini break immensely. Rather than burden your partner by making your issues theirs, it is far better to practice mindfulness, take a yoga class, or pamper yourself with a massage so you can take the fun version of yourself on holiday for all to enjoy. 4. MANAGE EXPECTATIONS If you have an itinerary in your head such as visiting tourist attractions or places you’ve

VIENNA With waltzes, balls and opera, a trip to Vienna will help express your classy and sophisticated demeanour and satisfy your need for artistic and intellectual stimulation. Enjoy sharing decadent sachertorte with your loved one, and display romantic overtures in elegant and aristocratic surroundings.

longed to see, communicate these expectations clearly ensuring they are reasonable to expect from your other half. After all you are in a team and the trip should be filled with things that make you both happy. This will help you bond with each other and put the spark back in your relationship. 5. MEET EACH OTHERS NEEDS I’m a strong believer in Givers Gain. You have to give to get in a relationship because although your needs are important so are the needs of your partner. Use the mini break to do something nice for them without expecting anything in return. This could be anything from having champagne ready in the room upon your arrival to asking the DJ to play their favourite song at a local nightclub. Just avoid the pressure of making a grand gesture. After all, it’s the little things that mean the most. 6. BE A LITTLE FLIRTY However long you have been together, it is important to do a little flirting with your other half every now and again, especially if you have children or have settled into a rut. A great start is to talk about your early dates and remind each other about why you fell in love in the first place. New couples should let things happen at a natural pace whilst enjoying every moment as these memories will form the foundations of a successful relationship moving forward.

7. GET CLOSER Remember the real aim of any holiday is to spend time together to relax, recharge and inevitably get closer. To re-connect with each other, you will both have to take personal responsibility and leave arguments at home. Sometimes it’s better to be happy than to be right so pick your battles and ask yourself if it is really important to bring up the issue while you are away. Get closer by doing things together that remind you of the firsts in your relationship like your first date. Alternatively if this is your first trip away, explore new places and be open to new experiences. 8. TO PAY OR NOT TO PAY Money can be a touchy subject so if this mini break is early on in your relationship check his expectations about paying as some men are chivalrous preferring to pay the bill while others like to go dutch. If this is a dealbreaker for you, just enjoy the holiday for what it is and make your decisions upon your return rather than spoiling your time away. If you feel awkward that he pays for you, have an upfront conversation before you go away together about your needs and why this money issue is important to avoid any unease creeping in during your trip. 9. NOT THE USUAL SUSPECTS Paris is the traditional choice for a romatic getway but below we reveal what three less clichéd destination choices would say about you?



This city is ideal for fun-loving, sociable people who enjoy letting their hair down. Your outgoing nature makes you fun to be around so you’re likely to be the life and soul of a party. You enjoy romance without too many expectations but show your loved one that you also have a romantic side underneath your party animal exterior.

For those who don’t want the fullon expectations of Paris but still crave the style and sophistication of a romantic European destination, Budapest still offers the charm of a Western city with the added bonus of breathtaking Eastern medieval castles so don’t be afraid to show your unconventional dreamy side to your loved one.

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Michelin Star

The Montagu Arms SLOAN! Magazine thinks this is the perfect hotel to enjoy service excellence and Michelin star dining amidst sumptuous country house surroundings The Montagu Arms is the New Forest’s only Michelin starred hotel. With its idyllic setting, top rated restaurant and reputation for excellent service it is no surprise that The Montagu Arms is a favourite destination for devoted foodies and locals alike. Perfect as a romantic getaway, couples can retreat to the comfort of one of the 22 bedrooms, each with its own unique character and personality. Many of the luxurious suites are exquisitely furnished.

The Michelin Star, 3 AA Rosette Terrace Restaurant is a must to try. The menu uses only the finest quality seasonal ingredients, which are, as far as possible, local, free-range and organic.

There is a unique charm to this award-winning hotel, located in the picturesque village of Beaulieu, set amidst beautiful gardens and quietly nestling in the depths of the New Forest National Park. With a history dating back to 1742, the traditional English character of The Montagu

The exemplary standard of awardwinning cuisine and fine wines is reflected by the accolade of it having been voted ‘Hampshire Restaurant of the Year’ by Which? Good Food Guide. Head sommelier David Kubler has a knowledge that surpasses most. He is passionate about wine and even spent his annual leave at a vineyard abroad which he chose to broaden his already refined palate. Selections from the tasting menu include:Salmon Rillette Spiced Diver Caught Scottish Scallops with Cauliflower Purée Crisp Croquette of Smoked Ham Hock and Trotter Passion Fruit Cheesecake Warm Salted Caramel Fondant Click here to read our online review.


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Arms is reflected through roaring open fires in the old brick fireplace, the large cosy sofas and beautiful oak panelling, all of which combine to create a truly homely atmosphere. The Michelin Star, 3 AA Rosette Terrace Restaurant provides a truly memorable dining experience paying homage to both tradition and innovation, offering a variety of delectable dishes in a distinctively sophisticated English setting. Michelin star Head Chef, Matthew Tomkinson, is renowned for championing locally sourced and diverse produce, enabling him to offer delicious seasonal menus accompanied by the finest of service thus giving the best dining experience in the region. The unique charm and character of this hotel makes it well worth a visit.

The Manor at Sway This charming country house hotel is the ideal location for warm hospitality, elegant food and striking interiors. The Manor at Sway is a modern country house hotel set in a beautiful Edwardian mansion. Located in the New Forest National Park, it is the ideal location to explore the South of England’s unique landscape and to relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. The Manor has 15 stunning rooms, a wonderful restaurant that serves fresh, local, seasonal food and 4 acres of gardens where guests can unwind and relax. The hotel offers traditional hospitality in a warm and informal environment where one immediately feels at home. Under the inspired guidance of David Bentheim, one of the top designers in the UK, The Manor at Sway has been transformed into a truly modern country house hotel with striking interiors. The owners Tim Holloway and Edlyn Cunill have restored The Manor as much as possible to its country house roots with a cosy drawing room which is low lit and full of books to while away the hours. The individually designed bedrooms blend traditional period features with the usual modern day comforts and include Hypnos beds, vintage telephones, and well-proportioned bathrooms with

REN products. The furniture is a mixture of antique and modern, There are three categories of room, Cosy, Classic and Manor. The dining room is accentuated with bold wallpaper and cosy lighting. The space is airy during the day yet warm and intimate in the evening. The kitchen at The Manor concentrates on serving elegant classic cuisine with a modern twist using wherever possible local meat and produce. Chef Jamie Hurst has trained and worked at The Dorchester as well as local establishments and draws on different influences across the culinary spectrum, inventing dishes that can be either formal or rustic, but always delicious. Menus are changed in accordance with the season and there is a good choice of tasty hearty dishes and light bites along with the dinner menu. The Manor offers Afternoon Tea with homemade jams & scones and a creative assortment of treats and sandwiches, all of which can be enjoyed in the drawing room or on warmer days on the terrace overlooking the expansive garden. Click here to read our online review.

The New Forest is the perfect destination to get away from the stresses and strains of modern city life and enjoy re-connecting with your other half on a romantic country hotel break. There is so much variety in the area that you will never have the opportunity to get bored. For more information about the New Forest, please visit The New Forest is famous for its ponies @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




The Grand Hotel Eastbourne reflects the town’s illustrious past and epitomises the grandeur of the Victorian era. The hotel’s strong sense of history is apparent from the large gilded columns that line The Grand Hotel, the splendid chandeliers and high backed chairs around the roaring log fire, all setting the scene for guests. The 152 rooms overlook either Eastbourne’s sweeping promenade or the gentle rolling South Downs. Whether you enjoy exercising in the gym or being pampered by an expert therapist, the hotel caters for all with outdoor and indoor pools, 8 treatment rooms, steam room and sauna.

Enjoy sumptuous food

TOP CULINARY CREDENTIALS The inspired menus created by Keith Mitchell and his Head-Chef, Gerald Röser have won The Grand Hotel’s restaurants numerous awards and an envied reputation. In relaxed settings a wide variety of culinary delights have been designed with care and are complemented by fine wines from the extensive cellar. The culinary concept at The Mirabelle restaurant is the brainchild of Keith Mitchell who led the kitchen brigade for 12 years. Subsequently,

Stunning dining rooms

Gerald Röser left his own 3-rosette eatery to place his own mark on this fine dining restaurant. The Mirabelle boasts a modern European menu with dishes such as seared scallops with smoked salmon and avocado ice cream featured on the extensive menu. The restaurant, with its own separate entrance, has won numerous awards; The Independent recently voted it in the top ‘50 Best Restaurants in the UK’ and it has been featured in the Good Food Guide since its opening. AN ENVIABLE HERITAGE The Grand Hotel, affectionately known as ‘The White Palace’, stands imperiously at the West End of Eastbourne’s King Edward’s Parade. Dominating the shoreline with its grand stature, this magnificent 19th century hotel is one of the finest of its kind, having welcomed a galaxy of the great and the good including Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Arthur Conan Doyle and King Constantine of Greece. The Grand Hotel is famous for its long association with music with Debussy completed his symphony ‘La Mer’ in room 200 in 1905. Click here to read our online review.

Award-winning cuisine

The Grand Hotel Eastbourne is the only 5 star luxury hotel to be found on the British coastline.

CONTACT DETAILS King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4EQ 01323 412345

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We asked Celebrity Life Coach & Wellness Consultant Sloan Sheridan-Williams for some expert advice for those suffering with insomnia and sleepless nights. Here she explains how to put the S.L.U.M.B.E.R back in your life.


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We all know the tried and tested techniques to help beat insomnia and you can read more about them at www. but there are some other more unusual tips and tricks to falling asleep faster that most of us are not aware of. With 1 in 10 people suffering from insomnia and 1 in 3 having experienced insomnia at some point in their lives, we asked Celebrity Life Coach and Wellness Consultant, Sloan Sheridan-Williams, to share some of her sleep secrets with us. Here are her quirky suggestions to put the S.L.U.M.B.E.R back in your life.

Feeling your muscles relax as the gas leaves them, finish by projecting the ball out of your body shooting it out of your head and into space. For those less visual in outlook, a Louisiana State University study suggests that drinking a glass of cherry juice in the morning and evening will help you sleep up to 90 minutes longer. Montmorency tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin, the hormone known to regulate the sleep cycle. The ruby red coloured juice also increases the level of tryptophan by preventing it breaking down in the body also promoting sleep.

SLEEP CONCERTS TO SALT INTAKE BRAIN FREEZE TO BREATHING Listening to relaxing music is a common way to chill Research from the Pittsburgh School of Medicine showed out but some Japanese musicians took things one step that wearing a cooling plastic cap that covers your further and hosted a “Sleep Concert” where they played forehead slowed down the metabolism in the front part of music proven by clinical research to induce sleep. The the brain which has been shown to have increased activity audience sat in “good sleep” seats and were given pillows, in insomniacs. This allowed subjects to fall asleep faster blankets and even slippers to make them comfortable. and for longer and some in under 15 minutes of their If sleeping in the presence of other’s makes you heads hitting the pillow. Unfortunately these skull caps more anxious than relaxed another simple trick are not currently available so short of putting a is to drink half a glass of water then put a swimming cap in the freezer to recreate the pinch of salt on your tongue and allow it to Sleep Expert Sloan effects (which should probably only be carried dissolve. Research has suggested that the Sheridan-Williams out with extreme caution!) we can adapt the salt encourages electrical charges to occur research and decrease the temperature in our shares her quirky in your neural networks signalling to your rooms, cooling down our body temperature tips on how to beat and avoiding the instinctive nature of brain to allow you to fall asleep. snuggling under the duvet. Alternatively insomnia LIGHTING TO LAVENDER OIL slowing down our metabolism and heart rate Blue light has been shown to interfere with with yogic breathing can also have positive effects melatonin production and as such disrupts our on sleep induction. sleep. Whether you invest in a pair of blue light blocking EXERCISING TO EXTREMETIES glasses, switch to LED lights, swap your light bulbs for ones that emit less blue light or go for the budget option Adding exercising into your morning routine will of donning your sunglasses if you have to work on the increase levels of the hormones cortisol and dopamine computer close to bed time, restricting the amount of which stimulate brain activity. These higher levels during blue light before you sleep will significantly improve the the day regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle making amount of shut-eye you get. For added benefit, add a drop it easier to fall asleep at night. An increased level of of lavender oil on your pillow and it won’t be long before dopamine inhibits the production of melatonin which you are sleeping like a baby. keeps the body more alert during the day and better prepared for sleep in the evening. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO UNCONSCIOUS REPROGRAMMING The unconditional love of a pet has been shown to relax individuals and help promote sleep. There is much debate about letting your pooch snuggle up to you in bed but for those willing to try it, the long term benefits can outweigh any negative short term issues. You may wish to think twice if your loved one is a Great Dane, in which case unconscious reprogramming with the use of trained clinical hypnotherapist such as myself can help. MEDITATION TO MONTMORENCY CHERRIES Self-directed meditative visualisation has time and time again proved itself a key player in helping promote sleep. A lesser known martial art called Vadha has produced one such meditation that proves popular with my clients. Start by focusing all the energy in your body then release it, allow your body to be filled with a blue gas representing your stress, concerns and fears then allow the gas to drift from your legs, arms, head etc into the pit of your stomach so that it creates a ball of energy.

Alternatively, you could envelop your feet in a warm pair of socks. You are more likely to fall asleep quickly if your extremities are warmer than the bedroom. Swiss scientists at the Sleep Laboratory in Basel have shown that blood vessels dilate in the skin of the feet and hands just before falling asleep. Wearing socks in bed or using a hot water bottle mimics this thermoregulatory response and promotes the rapid onset of sleep. RELAXING TO RESTRICTING YOUR SLEEP Relaxation is commonly known to induce sleep but if you need a helping hand relaxing you can start by placing a warm towel over your eyes which will help them relax down deep and allow you to unwind before sleep. Conversely if you can’t beat them, join them. If sleeping is proving too difficult research has shown that depriving yourself of sleep can actually help. The aim here is by restricted your sleep hours, you are increasing your sleep efficiency and also increasing your desire to sleep thus creating a two pronged attack against insomnia. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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How To Beat Insomnia

SLEEPING DUCK TITAN MATTRESS Engineered with a combination of pocket springs, memory foam and natural latex, this mattress is the first of its kind to allows customers to customise the firmness and feel of the mattress to ensure they get a great night’s sleep. Sleeping Duck is one of the only companies to offer a 100-night trial. Prices start from from £499 for a single.

9 PRO D U C T S TO HELP YO U S LEEP If you enjoyed reading Sloan’s quirky tips on how to beat insomnia, here’s our recommended sleep solutions to help you relax and unwind without breaking the bank.

SLEEP RELAXING BALM BATH & BODY OIL Ayumi Tranquility Massage, Body & Bath Oil uses a blend of Sandalwood, Lavendar, Frankincense and Myrrh to allow the body to de-stress cocooned in a sweet intense fragrance. Olive, Apricot and Sweet Almond oils help moisturise the body while you drift away deeply relaxed. £8.99 for 265g

An essential sleep aid, 1001 Remedies Good Night Sleep Relaxing Balm is a 99.96% organic night remedy balm containing 10 pure essential oils including Melissa Officinalis, Ylang Ylang and Lavender, renowned for their calming and relaxing properties. £29 for 30ml

MAGNESIUM OIL SPRAY BetterYou Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray combines essential magnesium with Chamomile, Bergamot and Clary Sage to help you to achieve restful sleep. Used as part of a night time routine it replaces magnesium lost through poor diet and stress. £12.20 for 100ml

SLEEP PATCH-IT Sleep Patch-It are plaster style patches that stimulate key reflexology points to help you sleep. They also contain Mandarin Wood Vinegar to aid detoxification and organic essential oils such as Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang to relax and calm. £29.99 for 20 patches


RESTBITES Created by a Canadian research psychiatrist, RestBites are comprised entirely of natural wholesome organic ingredients including pumpkin seed meal which has the highest natural source of tryptophan, the precursor of melatonin, which helps produce a deep restful sleep. They taste delicious and are easy to take before bed. £14.99 for pouch of 10

REST & RELAX SPRAY Puressential Rest & Relax Air Spray contains twelve 100% natural, essential oils, proven for their benefits in helping to relax and rest, soothing everyday stress and helping you unwind and prepare for sleep. It works gradually and has no additive effect. You only need 1 or 2 sprays to fragrance a room. £16.99 for 75ml

Tisserand Sweet Dreams Roller Ball uses tranquil organic lavender oil, comforting bergamot oil and serene ylang-ylang oil to pacify even the most wired of minds. This sleep aid is ideal for restless nights when total switch-off is necessary. £5.49 for 10ml

AROMA DIFFUSER madebyzen Sophie aroma diffuser is unlike its rivals as it looks as wonderful as it makes you feel. The hand crafted ceramic cover works perfectly in bedrooms. The soft colour changing light can be switched off at night as it fills the room with the relaxing aroma of lavender to send you off to sleep. £57.99

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Hypnom 30

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Health and beauty journalists are buzzing about the launch of a revolutionary new treatment taking the complementary therapy world by storm. Hypnomassage promises to help everything from beating the blues to battling the bulge while you get pampered having a magical combination of hypnosis and massage. Sloan & Associates have launched Hypnomassage, a new revolutionary treatment created by celebrity hypnotherapist Sloan SheridanWilliams which can help you lose weight and boost your confidence while lying down! Already reviewed by HELLO! and a host of other top publications, the press are raving about this exciting therapy which combines not only hypnosis and massage but also meditation, visualisation and mindfulness all in just under an hour making it perfect for busy professionals and time-poor homemakers. WHAT IS HYPNOMASSAGE? Hypnomassage is an innovative way to make powerful, positive and long lasting changes within your life whilst you lie there and experience a blissful and soporific massage. This variant of hypnosis was devised and developed by Celebrity Hypnotherapist Sloan SheridanWilliams, Hypnomassage has been described as the most blissful and enjoyable treatment available in complementary therapy today to help you make changes within your life which will last long after each massage has ended.

plan specific to their needs. IS HYPNOMASSAGE SAFE? Just like with hypnosis, you remain in complete control during Hypnomassage as you experience a deep state of relaxation. Massage and Hypnotherapy are scientifically proven techniques which have been around for hundreds of years and are both totally safe. The Hypnomassage gives fast results - and is a far more natural way to create the change you want using your subconscious. IN THE FACE OF THE IMPOSSIBLE Hypnomassage was inspired during a consult where Sloan helped a client with chronic pain manage their comfort levels when doctors struggled to find a solution. Using an inspired combination of hypnosis techniques and massage, Sloan managed to control pain levels where medication had failed. Sloan is an exceptionally gifted professional who has worked for over a decade as a clinical hypnotherapist and celebrity life coach. Sloan is a well-respected expert who has made over 100 appearances in the media. Her VIP clients range from celebrities to CEOs in the UK, LA and Dubai.

ISSUES TREATED Addiction Anxiety Bad habits Bullying Depression Eating disorders Exam nerves Grief & loss IBS Infertility Insomnia LGBT issues Negative emotions Pain management Panic attacks Phobias PTSD Public speaking Relationship issues Self-esteem Sports performance Stress Weight management Work life balance

massage Every Hypnomassage client has an initial consultation with Sloan who then creates a bespoke treatment

For more information please visit or call Sloan & Associates on 07715 474602.

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Manor C A R EY ’S M A N O R

Elegant English tradition combines with contemporary oriental sophistication at Careys Manor and SenSpa

Careys Manor blends just the right fusion of relaxed informality and stylish refinement that will make you feel wonderfully pampered. Nestled between the New Forest National Park and the Solent, Careys Manor Hotel provides the perfect base to escape and discover. The friendly and efficient staff offer attentive service ensuring you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a tranquil and relaxing break.


A TASTE OF THE ORIENT Guests can enjoy something truly unique with SenSpa, the awardwinning luxury Thai spa. The state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facilities, combined with world-class treatments performed by the UK’s top Thai and Western therapists offer you an experience that is out of this world.

DINING OPTIONS TO SUIT ALL TASTES With three restaurants, there is plenty to choose from – whether you prefer fine dining in the hotel’s award-winning Cambium restaurant, a relaxed atmosphere in the Le Blaireau’s French Bistro or a taste of the exotic with authentic Thai cuisine in the Zen Garden.

Many of SenSpa’s therapists are from Thailand and bring with them the experience and knowledge to help create an authentic Thai spa. The fusion of Eastern and Western philosophies is reflected throughout SenSpa’s world-class treatments, sumptuous surroundings and service of the highest quality.

Relaxed refinement is the name of the game at Cambium where you can unwind in chic yet comfy surroundings & experience delicious cuisine inspired by the enchanted New Forest. The hotel also offers a mouth-watering traditional afternoon tea which is an indulgence not to be missed!

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Le Blaireau’s Bistro and Bar offers a relaxed French dining experience. You can drop in for a café latte in the morning, a lazy lunch before an afternoon stroll or dine in its informal atmosphere. The French chef offers a range of classic dishes to tantalise your taste buds. For something more exotic, Thai chefs expertly prepare aromatic food in the hotel’s authentic Zen Garden Thai restaurant.


For more information about what to see and do in the New Forest, click here to visit the New Forest Tourism Association website and click here to read our online review of this lovely hotel. CONTACT DETAILS Careys Manor, Lyndhurst Road, Hampshire SO42 7RH Reservations: 01590 624467

Enjoy sumptuous food

Executive Chef Paul Peter is committed to sourcing only the finest quality products which tend to be organic, free range and locally produced. Cambium’s interiors were inspired by the New Forest itself. Hand painted English trees adorn the walls and bespoke oak leaf golden screens create an intimate dining experience.

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Al Fresco Entertaining A D D S O M E ST Y LE TO YO U R S U M M ER PA RTI ES

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Here is our summer selection of great products to make the most of the sunshine. So fire up the barbecue and pop a cork or two!

VINNEBAGO The Vinnebago is a stylish vacuum sealed flask which is able to keep cold drinks chilled for up to 25 hours. Holds a whole bottle of wine with no freezing or ice required. Perfect for places where glass bottles can’t go. Also keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. £29.99

FENTIMANS & BLOOM GIN L’OBJET CHARGER This Perlee Bleu Charger from the summer collection at L’Objet has a bright and summery blue pattern that elegantly compliments any al fresco dining table and is perfect when entertaining friends and family this summer season. £115

No BBQ, garden party or picnic would be complete without a BLOOM Gin “ready to serve” cocktail. Available in two variants, Gin & Tonic and Gin & Rose Lemonade. We love the classic Fentimans bottles. £3 per bottle.

JOSEPH JOSEPH FLAVOURISER SALAD ZINGER Salad Zinger is the easy way to make delicious, healthy, tasty salad dressings and dips. It has a unique, patented design with a built in grinder to crush seasonings ready to infuse into oil, vinegar or dressings to give delicious results every time. £24.99

Definitely one for BBQ season, the Flavouriser™ features two different surfaces for either tenderising or flattening meat, a pestle end for grinding spices for rubs and a citrus reamer for making marinades. £15


WHITTARDS COLD BREW T BOTTLE This uniquely designed bottle releases the true taste of the tea in a slower, more selective infusion. The end result is deliciously smooth and sweet with significantly less caffeine and tannins. A sleek and stylish way to enjoy tea this summer. £20

Claimed to be the first ever frozen cider, Kopparberg has created frozen versions of their two most popular flavours to follow the trend of frozen beverages. Our favourite is Strawberry & Lime which is super refreshing. £2.50

L’OBJET PLATTER STEAKCHAMP SteakChamp is the ultimate steak thermometer which takes the guesswork out of cooking. The gadget’s easyto-spot LED will flash green for medium-rare, amber for medium and red for well done. So you can be sure of the perfect steak for every guest, every time. £34.99

This Fortuny Rectangular Platter in blue and gold from luxury lifestyle brand L’Objet will add the necessary touch of refinement to your outdoor (or indoor) gatherings. Available in-store at Harrods or online. £215

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F ood THE PIG Set in the heart of the beautiful New Forest, THE PIG is a new style of country hotel - it may be the baby sister of the nearby Lime Wood Hotel & Spa, but THE PIG takes a completely fresh & imaginative approach to the country hotel. FROM GARDEN TO PLATE The antithesis of the traditional country house hotel, this is really a restaurant with rooms; the focus is very much on the fabulous, uncomplicated and simple home grown garden food, true to the micro seasons and influenced by the forest, with the emphasis squarely on fresh, clean flavours. Whatever is not grown here in its walled garden is locally sourced within a 25 miles radius immediacy from garden to plate is THE PIG’s trademark. To achieve this there is the ‘team of three’ – chef, gardener and forager. The kitchen is over seen by Head Chef James Golding (Le Caprice, J Sheekey, Soho House New York) and the frequently changing menus are inspired by the philosophy that cooking should be based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are produced sustainably and locally.


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James’ two trusty lieutenants are forager Garry and kitchen gardener Mike. Mike was previously Head Gardener at Babington House and worked at the River Café. His brief at THE PIG is to actively search out and cultivate more unusual ingredients with which James can work his magic. Garry is a veteran forager of the New Forest and works extensively with both Lime Wood and THE PIG, ensuring the year-round food from the forest is captured and sampled! Served in an authentically reproduced Victorian greenhouse dining room, complete with bare wood table tops and mismatched bone handled cutlery, a meal at THE PIG is a truly one-of-akind experience. UNPRETENTIOUS COMFORT The unpretentious home grown style of THE PIG’s food is replicated throughout the hotel. The interiors of THE PIG avoid looking over-designed by the use of shabby chic homely furnishings, muted colours, comfy chairs, big sofas and roaring fires. THE PIG’s 26 bedrooms are a continuation of a theme - evolved rather than designed. Here you will find eclectic furnishings, great beds, oversized showers, ‘larders’ stocked with snacks and drinks, espresso

machines and, with every room having a forest or garden outlook, naturally beautifully views. Massage treatments can be enjoyed in the ‘potting shed’ by the lake, staffed by therapists from the Herb House at Lime Wood. WELL WORTH A VISIT Hand-picked by Robin Hutson, Chairman of Lime Wood Group, the team at THE PIG is headed by General Manager Lora Strizic, former general manager at the award-winning Hotel du Vin Brighton. We thought the staff were so attentive and friendly. THE PIG brings the garden inside as much as possible and the inside into the garden too. Thus the grounds include many areas where guests can kick back and relax over a glass – or two – and even savour some al fresco dining courtesy of the wood fired oven in the courtyard. THE PIG is warm, laid back and comes highly recommended. CONTACT DETAILS Beaulieu Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7QL Reservations: 0845 077 9494 |

La Hacienda Stone Oven If you don’t make it to THE PIG to try the delicious food from their wood fired oven why not recreate the experience in your own backyard using the BakerStone Oven Box from La Hacienda. The versatile portable BBQ accessory allows you to cook perfect pizzas in 2-4 minutes. Not only does it produce artisan style pizza, but it can also be used to bake breads, roast meats and cook fish. The BakerStone Oven Box’s patent-pending design uses the heat from the BBQ and intensifies it within the cordierite stone cooking chamber to cook food at the same temperature as that of a traditional wood burning pizza oven. With the BakerStone Oven Box it is now easy to create delicious stonebaked food in your garden. Available in two sizes - £99.99 for 12” pizzas and £129.99 for 14” pizzas.

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Ben Hanlin Magician, trickster & star of ITV2’s Tricked!



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Chelsea Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to magician Ben Hanlin, star of ITV2’s Tricked S

You are known for playing tricks on celebrities, who has been your favourite celebrity to trick? There have been quite a few, it’s

B hard to name just one. The boyband

“Blue” were great as I made them think that I’d killed Simon from the band. It was a bit mean but their reactions were hilarious! That seems to be the one that a lot of the public remember. I also loved the trick I did to Joey Essex as I made him think I’d built a time machine. I’ve always been a fan of Back to the Future and I’ve wanted to do my version of a vanishing car trick for years.


Dare I ask what trick would you teach me, please don’t make Puppy Gizmo disappear! Funnily enough I’ve just become a

B first time “doggy dad” and have just

taught my puppy (@mabeltheboston on Instagram) how to do a card trick. So I’d probably teach you how to make Gizmo do a card trick. It goes down very well at parties! That’s awesome, I will have to hold

S you to that one day. I was happy

when I was able to get him to give me paw five. I feel inspired now to set my sights higher. Who do you look to for inspiration? Anyone that isn’t a magician! I often

B see fantastic comedians and their

approach to subjects and wonder how a magician would tackle that subject. From that it can spark an idea for a trick. I have just moved to London so currently I’m getting inspiration from all the amazing sights and smells this city has to offer. For example, every time I’m on the tube, I think about all the tricks I could possibly do with a tube map. Successful people often overcome

S adversity, do you have a defining moment?

I haven’t got one defining moment

B per se but I am very aware that at

school I was extremely average at

everything. It infuriated the hell out of me! It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I was never outstanding at anything. I wasn’t the smartest kid, the best at football, I couldn’t play an instrument particularly well... then I found magic and finally I had something that I was good at! It gave me a sense of purpose that I had never had before and therefore made it hard for me to quit at times that were quite hard. Purpose and significance are

S definitely key to a fulfilling life,

how do you internally deal with your competition and set yourself apart? I’d be lying if I said I don’t pay any

B attention to the other magicians

on TV but I do. At one end of the spectrum you have the Dynamos and Troys, performing fairly serious street magic and at the other end of the spectrum Derren Brown is doing his psychological thing which is incredible. Fortunately for me, comedy and playfulness is at the heart of everything I do, which no one is attempting at the moment which is great as I don’t find I have any direct competition. That said, I know for a fact that when these marketing companies come up with a “magic themed” campaign for whatever company they are working for, they look at all of us and decide which magician fits their brand. Obviously it can be slightly frustrating to hear that they have gone with someone else, but at times like that I try to tell myself that I just wasn’t right for that campaign and there will be other campaigns in the future that I will be perfect for….hopefully. It is refreshing to hear you be S so open about the emotion of frustration. It happens to us all, but people rarely talk about it because it so often gets confused with other emotions such as jealousy rather than being acknowledged as a powerful tool for change. In general I’m not a jealous or

B insecure person so when I see other

magicians doing well it doesn’t really affect me in a negative way. If I

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


do feel a bit of negativity or jealousy creeping in the back of my head I quickly remove it by reminding myself that this whole thing is about longevity not overnight success. I also often find myself internally reciting a quote from Andy Nyman’s book “The Golden Rules of Acting” which goes something like “Somebody else’s success has absolutely no effect on yours”. Apart from healthy competition,

S what drives you to be the best

at what you do and how do you ensure your work stays fresh and innovative? A few things. Fear is definitely

B a big motivator. I am very much

aware that as a “new kid on the block” I live and die by the next show I make. If it is rubbish then it could be all over. That fear of failing at this pushes me to keep working hard.


What would you like in your life that you don’t have yet and what stops you from getting it? I don’t feel that I have

B established myself enough as a

live performer yet. Due to TV commitments, it’s something I’ve had to park for a bit but now I’m ready to get back on the stage and do my own tour. Currently, the thing that is stopping me achieving this is time. Creating, and performing magic takes a long time that I currently don’t have but fingers crossed some time will be put aside later this year to write a tour for 2016. Time is such a precious S commodity, I’m often quoted as saying “perception is everything”. How does this statement relate to you and in particular magic? Hmm interesting... I suppose

B perception is a huge thing in

magic. I am fairly honest that I don’t have any magic powers (sorry guys). But I have a certain set of skills that allows me to perform things that LOOK like real magic. If the perception of “real magic” is lost and the audience can see how the


trick is done, then I haven’t done my job correctly. I am replaying in my mind that S you said “a certain set of skills” in the Liam Neeson voice he uses in Taken. Oh what a fabulous parody that could make with the right writers. Re-aligning my focus, obviously focus and distraction are key elements to magic, but how does this work in the execution of your tricks? Misdirection is a big tool in my B arsenal. I obviously can’t go into too much detail as a magician never reveals his secrets. But that said, it is based on the principal that if I can get the audience to really care and focus on the object in my left hand, they will completely miss everything else that is going on around them. The most interesting thing is that the more they try to figure it out, the more they focus on that object which makes the misdirection even easier. There is an old saying that goes “if you can master the art of misdirection, you can produce a bowling ball right in front of your audience and they won’t see it coming”. I often feel we misdirect S our attention in daily life. As someone who utilises misdirection and is an avid reader, how could we use your insight to give our readers ideas about how to shift their perception from the negative to the positive? Or do you have any advice on what is more important to focus on? Don’t do any work in the first

B hour of your day! - We are all

When I’m on TV I do feel the

B pressure of looking good as

most people would be if they knew they were being watched by one million people. Also it has taken me a while to realise but people do look different on TV to real life. For that reason I’ve lost almost a stone since the last series of Tricked to look a bit less bulky on TV. This has meant changing my training from weights to more cardio based workouts and cutting down on a load of the food that I love, like burgers, sandwiches, pasta, beer and basically anything with sugar in! When it comes to styling, I do love my clothes. I would love to have been born in the 60’s to enjoy the original MOD looks. This is a style that I have had loads of fun with the last couple years and seems to suit my shape and size well. If my house burnt down, I’d pretty much be able to replace my entire wardrobe with one trip to Carnaby St. a quick trip to Pretty Green, Ben Sherman, Kooples, Fred Perry and I’d be sorted. I also really like Luke Roper clothing They have some pretty cool stuff. Hoping your house doesn’t burn

S down, perhaps more visualising

if you were stranded on a desert island, what three non-essential items could you not live without? Deck of Cards (obviously). B Chewing Gum - it just makes life a lot better. My phone - just so I could listen to Spotify. I hear that you will be going on

S tour soon. How do you prepare? I am off to Australia and New

B Zealand for 6 weeks in Aug-

constantly connected to our phones, email, Facebook etc. - This makes it hard to get any perspective on things. For the first hour of your day, do not look at anything to do with work. Once you have had time apart from something, it seems less important and therefore less stressful. It often means that you can deal with those jobs with a more positive state of mind.

Sept to perform in Band of Magicians. There are a few brand new tricks that involve some pretty advanced sleight of hand. So about a month before, I will practice these tricks in front of a mirror, every day for a few hours until I can do the moves without having to think about them. When I’m on stage then I can relax and focus on the script.

Being in the media, do you feel pressured to always look good in terms of style and grooming?

Check out Ben’s new YouTube series Magic Meals and Celebrity Magic School. Follow him @benhanlin


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Hypnosis gets your subconscious to work on whatever holds you back so you can start living life to the full. SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS

16 Issues Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome SMOKING When nicotine patches and gum fail to curb your craving, hypnosis is a powerful way to short circuit your nicotine addiction and help your quit smoking for good. The best thing is that it normally only takes one session! WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Weight loss can be tough in the face of sugar cravings and junk food tempting us to ditch our diet. Hypnosis helps you make better healthier choices so that reaching your ideal weight is no longer just a dream. PHOBIAS Whether it’s spiders, needles or a fear of flying, conquering your irrational fears is as easy as A, B, C with the help of powerful hypnosis techniques guaranteed to help you face your fears head-on and regain confidence back in your life. ANXIETY & STRESS For those suffering stress and anxiety, hypnosis can help you calm your mind and feel confident and collected to deal with whatever life throws at you. INFERTILITY Sometimes infertility is not due to a physiological problem but in fact a psychological one which impact the chances of having a baby. Hypnosis can effectively treat these issues so getting pregnant becomes a reality. LOW SELF-ESTEEM For those struggling with low selfesteem, low self-worth and low selfconfidence, hypnosis has the answers to transform your life so that you are filled with an unshakeable belief in yourself.

TEETH GRINDING Teeth grinding or bruxism is more common than you might otherwise have imagined. If you grind your teeth at night or when you feel anxious or stressed, help is at hand thanks to the tried and tested techniques used in hypnosis. INSOMNIA If you suffer from sleepless nights consider hypnotherapy as the solution to your problems as it has already helped thousands of people get a good night’s sleep. EXAM NERVES Exam nerves can severely challenge your ability to perform to your full potential. This is where hypnosis can help to give you the necessary tools to pass with flying colours. PAIN MANAGEMENT Sometimes both acute and chronic pain does not get managed correctly by the NHS leading to unnecessary suffering. Try hypnosis which has been proven to reduce pain dramatically. NAIL BITING This is one of the most responsive compulsive habits to hypnotherapy. Nail biting can be a life long nervous habit but can be resolved in just a couple of hypnotherpay sessions. IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME IBS symptoms can uncomfortable and embarrassing making daily life more difficult than it should be. Hypnosis has been used for years to effectively treat IBS and could help you if you have unpleasant symptoms.

RELATIONSHIP ISSUES From dating to divorce, no matter what issues you are facing in your relationships at home or at work, hypnotherapy has been shown to help you make positive changes each and every day in order to improve your life. PROCRASTINATION If you find yourself continually putting things off or never getting round to doing those jobs you know you really should get to, you may have issues with procrastination. Hypnosis can help guide you to taking action to organise your day and prioritise effectively. PUBLIC SPEAKING Whether you have difficulty doing presentations, making a speech or performing on stage, hypnosis can help you conquer your issues when it comes to speaking in public. POST TRAUMATIC STRESS Experiencing a traumatic event can leave some of us deeply troubled and stuck inside our heads unable to let go and move forward. Hypnosis has had very positive results helping PTSD sufferers overcome their issues and start living life to the full. HERE TO HELP

Sloan & Associates offer a range of solutions from hypnotherapy to hypnomassage to help you overcome the issues holding you back in life. For more information go to @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Six Needs on Safari SLOAN! Magazine asked the experts in safari travel to explain how a safari can help us learn more about ourselves as well as the Big Five. We take the six human needs on safari.

We spoke to Aardvark Safaris and Gane & Marshall to find out how a safari can help satisfy the six Human Needs as described by celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams ( COMFORT Aardvark Safaris say, “We offer anything from luxury lodges and remote bush camps to private mobile camping safaris. Wherever you stay, you will be hosted by friendly, experienced guides and staff who will cater to your every whim. Even in the remotest part of the bush you’ll sleep on fine cotton sheets in comfortable beds. Bush cuisine is quite astounding, the delights that can be produced from a camp-fire never cease to surprise and delight”. Gane & Marshall state, “Safari guests will settle into camp life easily and be charmed by the ambience of their accommodation, undoubtedly nestled in an incredible setting. Safari guests will feel safe and comforted while in expert hands of the safari leaders, yet challenged by the very nature of stepping out of the comfort zone of modern life into an entirely new, and often wild, territory.” VARIETY Aardvark Safaris say, “Africa is staggeringly enormous and the variety of safari activities on offer is just as great. You can walk, ride, canoe, game drive, fly, track gorillas and climb mountains. Safari is a real ‘outthere’ experience – there’s nothing like tracking rhino or elephant on foot to get the heart pumping. The sheer variety of scenery and astounding wealth of wildlife keeps people returning year on year. The Aardvark Safaris’ team has over 20 years’ experience arranging trips and can put together wonderful holidays for the first-timer to the safari veteran.” Gane & Marshall explain, “There are a myriad of safari experiences to choose from, in countries as diverse as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and beyond. The huge skies and savannahs of Africa are both humbling yet energising, and interaction with wild animals and birds in their natural habitat both thrills and calms the soul.” LOVE & CONNECTION Aardvark Safaris tell us, “Where better to spend a honeymoon or celebrate a special anniversary than the diverse and spectacular countries of Africa. You’ll find some of the most romantic hideaways anywhere in the world. Intimate lodges, private houses and islands make wonderful locations and you’re guaranteed to


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return home relaxed and invigorated” SIGNIFICANCE Gane & Marshall offer safari holidays that provide a significant life experience, one that stirs the senses stirred and inspires new-found values and sense of self. The safari experience is a precious investment in “me time”, a life-changer of a getaway that will help add significance and meaning to someone’s life. PERSONAL GROWTH Aardvark Safaris suggest that you should “take your family on safari and watch your children absorb the sights and sounds of this fabulous continent.” They continue by saying, “You can interact with Masai and Samburu tribes people, experience nature at its most raw, and enjoy the thrill of sleeping under canvas. Safari is more than a holiday, it’s an educational experience too.” Gane & Marshall say, “The whole safari experience will teach travellers about the amazing diversity of life and nature, as well as increase their understanding of themselves and how they react to the incredible life experiences that will come their way.” CONTRIBUTION When it comes to the higher spiritual need of Contribution both safari experts agree that going on safari can provide opportunities to give back and feel fulfilled. Aardvark Safaris say, “Africa changes people and opens their eyes to another world; many return asking how they can help the wildlife they’ve seen and people they’ve met. If you do want to help we’ve plenty of ideas, from sponsoring endangered species and donating livestock, to ‘voluntoursim’ and delivering supplies to local schools.” For Gane & Marshall, contribution comes in the form of many of their camps funding schools and small projects. As a safari guest, you can interact with the local communities, who love to share stories about their lives and families. Gane & Marshall founder Jeremy Gane says, “Our clients return from their safari itineraries with a greater sense of well-being and energy, with a renewed respect and zest for life and with a strong feeling of being more at one with nature. It’s almost unheard of for a safari guest to return from Africa without feeling they’ve had a significant life experience.” For more information, check out and

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THE SHIP The Ship is an independent boutique hotel, bar and restaurant located with an unrivalled position in the very heart of Chichester. It is a stunning Grade 2 listed building blending a wealth of original Georgian features with modern day opulence.

AFTERNOON TEA The Ship Afternoon Tea continues a thoroughly English tradition with simple, classic flavours and the usual beverage options making it perfect for any occasion. Guests can also indulge in a limited edition luxury afternoon tea. For example, the BLOOM afternoon tea found inspiration from the Chelsea Flower Show, combining traditional flavours with floral classics including delights such as lavender scones, pansy shortbreads, elderflower jelly and violet & rose chocolate creams.

Recently awarded 4 stars and one rosette by the AA, recommended by Conde Nast Johansen’s and the Michelin Guide, the 36 en suite bedrooms have been newly refurbished to a very high standard and, in a quirky touch, reflect the themes of a selection of Chichester Festival Theatre productions including The Importance of Being Earnest. Blending Georgian

COCKTAILS & CABARET HISTORY elegance & modern Cocktails and Cabaret is hosted once a month and presents hand-picked live music The Ship Hotel is the former home of Admiral day opulence in the and an exquisitely themed menu that is Sir George Murray who fought alongside heart of Chichester curated exclusively to coincide with the live Admiral Lord Nelson and was nominated for performer showcasing that evening. Every the Kings Cross for bravery in 1815. The Grade month is unique and numbers are limited thus 2 listed building dates from the 18th century and giving you the opportunity to attend an exclusive retains much of its Georgian interior. evening of performance, cuisine and atmosphere. Previous The building remained a private house for many years acts have included Big Mama Funk, Andrew Morris, before finally becoming a hotel prior to the outbreak of the Gemma-Louise Doyle and The 3 Belles. Second World War. Continuing the military connection, CELEBRITY GUESTS it is said that General Eisenhower, Field Marshall Montgomery and Air Marshall Cunningham all dined at Thanks to Chichester’s theatrical heritage and prominent The Ship Hotel while planning the D-Day landings. position, the hotel has been graced with the presence of some big name guests over the years including David MURRAYS RESTAURANT Cameron, Dame Judi Dench and many more. Photographs The hotel restaurant Murrays opened it’s doors in of famous guests appear on a wall in the hotel to celebrate November 2013. With a luxuriously stylish design The Ship’s celebrity connections. throughout, Murrays restaurant offers a place to dine CONTACT DETAILS unlike anything else in Chichester. Whether meeting friends for a coffee, sampling the house cocktails or The Ship Hotel, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1NH enjoying a sumptuous meal from the exemplary menus, a Reservations: 01243 778000 visit to Murrays will be one to remember. FROM ADMIRALS TO ACTORS

The Adam staircase is the only original feature of the building which was commissioned by Admiral Sir George Murray and at the time was said to be the grandest house in Chichester. Murray was a prominent figure and even entertained royalty at his home.


After his death the house stayed in the Murray family but was sold to a doctor in 1888. It remained a private residence until 1938 when it was bought by a hotel chain who doubled its size. Although it’s opening was badly timed with the outbreak of WWII, Eisenhower stayed there during the planning of D-Day.

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In today’s hotel, each room is styled on a theme from Chichester’s musical and theatrical productions such as Kiss Me Kate and The Importance of Being Earnest. The hotel also has a special cottage - Number One Chichester which provides that extra bit of space and luxury for the perfect holiday.

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How to avoid tech overload In today’s fast paced world, technology plays an increasingly noticeable part in practically every aspect of our daily lives. Social media channels allow us to share much more of our lives than ever before and apps are an integral part of our existence. However the pervasive nature of digital technology in our lives has increased the pressures we face. From the constant ping of emails and texts demanding to be answered to the celebrity selfies on social media which affect self-esteem, we are bombarded with images and messages that influence our expectations. Not to mention the rise of “tech envy” with 30% of office workers saying they were very envious of devices that their colleagues had at work. UNREASONABLE DEMANDS The benefits of digital technology are obvious. Our lives are more efficient because of it and important issues can be shared to a global community. Yet for some being online can cause a huge cost to fulfilment and emotional wellbeing because of the unreasonable demands created from the expectation that you should always be available to the damaging expectation that if you don’t get enough likes or follows then you are somehow less than. Young people are often identified as being the group most affected by such expectations be it issues with self-esteem or body image.

Parents also feel the pressures of technology with the expectation that as a good parent one must provide one’s child with the latest devices and computer games on top of a fashionable smartphone. TECHNOLOGY OVERLOAD The paradox of online technology is that whilst it connects people on social networks, it also can have a negative impact on the quality of those friendships. A recent study suggested that the majority of respondents thought that social media had an adverse effect on friendships with many feeling that their relationships with others were more superficial because of social media. It has become a substitute to meeting people in the real world and requires very little commitment or personal responsibility. It is also common for people to feel addicted to checking social media throughout the day and one in three who deleted their account signed themselves up again less than a week later. NEED FOR CONNECTION I am often quoted in the media discussing the six human needs and how best to satisfy them in a positive and productive manner. Connection is a fundamental human need which needs to be satisfied in a healthy way to create a truly meaningful and fulfilled life. The health benefits of social interaction from the release in oxytocin during a hug to the

Expert Advice For more expert advice and articles from Sloan Sheridan-Williams click here to visit her media coverage page

reduced incidences of depression are greatest amongst friends who meet in person opposed to those who purely interact online. Research shows that the quality of your relationships is correlated to the amount of time you spend together and those who spend more time engaging in face-toface contact with friends feel that their bond is stronger. TECHNOLOGY ANTIDOTE Spending time online with friends should be a last resort not your first port of call. If you want to shift your focus away from technology but don’t know where to start, here are my top ten tech out tips to re-connect with those that matter. 1. Share a home-cooked meal or go to your favourite restaurant 2. Get a boost of Vitamin D on a summer picnic or catch an open air concert. 3. Share emotional experiences like watching a movie or sport. 4. Theme park rides will help you bond with the rush of endorphins 5. Go on a bike ride in the park 6. Visit a comedy club and laugh out loud 7. Dance like no-one is watching 8. Pedalo on a nearby lake 9. Fly a kite 10. Go to roller disco and let your hair down

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5 Top Tips For Vitality


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Psychology, physiology and physical fitness affect our moods, wellbeing and the way others perceive us. In modern day life the majority of us live in the fast lane constantly striving for bigger and better but depleting our energy levels. We all know how to put the energy back into our lives but we make excuses (normally time based) and put off the small changes necessary in favour of doing what we have always done. However without change, you are always going to perpetuate the same result. If you want to wake up feeling revitalised, taking things back to basics, adapt your routine to include these five vitality tips. 1. DO MORE EXERCISE

If your lifestyle is somewhat sedentary, try walking up to 30 minutes a day preferably in the morning as it fires up your brain and stimulates your body. If you’re already a gym goer, add variety to your routine and remember to smile as you work out as this too changes your physiology and in turn will increase your energy levels. 2. START EATING HEALTHY

Plan to eat at least 5 to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Avoid processed foods, cut down on sugar and white refined foods. Reduce alcohol and to give you that extra edge over any fatigue or exhaustion trying to overtake your system, you can also add a high quality probiotic capsule to supplement your diet to kick exhaustion to the curb.


It is very easy to forget how much we have, focusing mainly on the pressures and negatives of our daily lives rather than on the positives that we more often than not take for granted. Whether you wish to fill your gratitude journal with anecdotes from your family life, time spent by yourself, the start of summer, a song you heard on the radio or the fact you have food in the fridge, just take a moment at the end of the day to write five things that you are either grateful for or that made you smile today. 5. HAVE A BEDTIME ROUTINE

In England alone researchers say that both TV and social networks allow us to hide behind technology rather than circulating and connecting with the world on a face-to-face basis. Avoid both TV and computers for at least an hour before you go to bed. Instead read a calming book, listen to relaxing music or even try meditating or a hypnotic MP3. Click here for a chance to win a Lumie Bodyclock Iris worth £160. This state-of-the-art device can help you prepare for bed using light reduction simulating sunset and relaxing lavender essential oil from its aroma diffuser to help you drift off to the Land of Nod. As an added bonus in the morning the Bodyclock Iris will wake you with a simulated sunrise and the energising aroma of a citrus essential oil.


Get motivated to change one important thing in your life – be this to find your perfect partner, get promoted at work or buy the house you’ve always dreamed of. Write down where you are on the left hand side of a piece of paper then write where you want to be on the right hand side, then create a colourful inspiring vision board to activate your brain into searching out that which you want. There are even apps for this now.

Energise Lumie Bodyclock Iris

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expert advice

Here Comes the Summer Sun

Sara Allison, leading Harley Street tricologist and founder of Arkeya Minerals talks to SLOAN! Magazine about preparing for the effects of the summer sun

Summer is an interesting and also frustrating time and as the heat, haze and sunshine is here for the all too short British summer months, it’s important to get ready for the effects the change in weather has on our skin and hair. Harley Street Trichologist Sara G Allison steers us in the right direction – preparation!

Leading Trichologist and nutrition

expert Sara Allison found herself continuously recommending four or five different supplements to her clients, in order for them to achieve the correct vitamins and minerals they needed to keep their hair, skin and nails healthy and glowing. Along with Biologist Dr Rachel Grant, they decided to further research active ingredients to find out which were scientifically proven to be effective – the Arkeya brand was formed. The Arkeya Minerals multi-vitamin will benefit anyone that simply wants to improve the condition of their hair, skin and nails, whilst providing many ingredients that support overall vitality and wellbeing. Packed with vitamins and minerals, Arkeya supplements are all natural, with no additives. All products are made in Britain.

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a celebrity life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and wellness consultant. With over a decade of experience, she helps clients achieve their goals with long lasting results. Check out


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SUN - THE LIFE GIVER Everyone wants to look and feel their best for the summer but there’s a bit of preparation to do with hair and skin. As a Harley Street Trichologist, I see people on a regular basis – some who’ve consistently overdone the sun, others who are sun-averse and have low vitamin D levels. For those who over-do it, the consequences for your skin can be devastating, longterm and in some cases irreparable. My advice is to protect your complexion but expose other areas of flesh to the sun for 20 minutes before covering up with sun cream. You can get a good amount of vitamin D in 20 minutes and won’t burn in that time. After that initial exposure use a good quality high-factor sunscreen. Always start your tanning regime with a high factor 30+ for fair skin, 20+ if you have a darker tone. The sun is a lot stronger in the UK than you realise in the summer. After a day (or even a few hours) in the sun, have a “recovery process” – re-hydrate the skin with a good quality ‘after-sun’ product. The skin is the largest living tissue we have and the sun can induce medical ‘shock’ if you have too much of it – so cover-up with

clothing and sun-screen and keep hydrated. HAIR - A WOMAN’S PRIDE Often forgotten, the impact of the sun on hair is also significant. The sun can bleach and damage hair, especially if it has been previously lightened with peroxide. Therefore I recommend spraying a sun protector on your hair. For the longer-term, there are a few things I recommend you to do before

enjoying the summer sun. Ensure you eat a healthy diet and include real unprocessed food, eat good quality protein at each mealtime and never skip meals. It is also helpful to limit sugar and alcohol. Also, I suggest taking a supplement in your diet like Arkeya Minerals which is a comprehensive supplement for hair, It aids regeneration, strength and condition not only for your hair but your skin and nails too. So there are a few things you need to include and some to avoid in your chosen hair product. When choosing your hair product, check the labels to ensure you avoid isopropyl alcohol as it dries and breaks hair. Also, Mineral Oil and Petrolatum coat hair like plastic not allowing it to ‘breathe’. Finally, diethanolamine

as it disrupts hormones responsible for hair repair and maintenance.

only need to take 4 capsules daily now, with your breakfast or lunch.

To summarise then (or should that be Summer-ise?) For your skin – cover-up in the sun, slap on the sunscreen, hydrate and recover properly afterwards. For your hair, take care with your diet, take a good quality supplement like Arkeya Minerals and maintain a good and regular haircare regime.

Among all the ingredients we also managed to include the addition of CoQ10, MSM, K2 and also increased the zinc, iron and copper. To aid gut health and the absorption of nutrients we’ve also included probiotics in the formula too.

Take care…I don’t want to see you in my Harley Street consulting rooms….oh, actually I do…happy to help there too! NEW & IMPROVED SUPPLEMENT The new second generation Arkeya Minerals has seen the formula finessed and it is now easier to take the required dose. In our busy lives, remembering to take supplements across the day can be tricky, so you

TV Presenter Anthea Turner (pictured below) told us, “Due to the trials of life recently I started to notice my hair was breaking and becoming thinner. Following a consultation with Trichologist Sara Allison I started taking Archeia Minerals. Coupled with a good cut my hair has now been restored to its former glory. The mineral supplement, has definitely made a difference to my hair and skin.” Click here for a chance to win a month’s supply of Arkeya Minerals

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Philip C Baldwin


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Celebrity life coach Sloan talks to Philip C Baldwin, a leading gay rights and HIV awareness activist who is passionate about helping others and addressing the stigma of HIV. Sloan also takes you in depth through his heartwarming and inspiring personal journey in creating a positive outlook when facing some challenging events. When I first chatted to Philip C Baldwin about his philosophy on life, I remember coming away knowing I had met a kindred spirit. The message I am keen to get across in today’s interview, is that in the face of challenging moments with the right mindset one can always find the positive and create a better life for themselves and others. Philip is a classic example of fighting through and understanding his emotions making him the inspiring and motivational individual he is today. I’d like to start by saying “Philip, thank you for opening up to our readers about your rollercoaster of a journey and thank you for being you.” Let’s begin: those dealing with challenging S For news of their own be it a HIV diagnosis, or finding out they can’t have children, or being diagnosed with cancer or something that threatens their perceived idea of how life should be can you let us in to the emotions that you were going through when you received the news about being HIV positive? was a very traumatic time for P This me. My diagnosis was a complete shock and I received the news that I was HIV positive over my lunch break. This was January 2010. I was 24 years old. I was already working as a lawyer in financial services and I was full of dreams for the future. I went to the STD clinic at St Bartholomew’s Hospital as I wanted Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). PEP is a combination of anti-retroviral drugs which can be administered after exposure to HIV to prevent the seroconversion process, whereby the HIV takes hold in the body. PEP has to be administered within 72 hours of possible exposure and I had rushed back from a business appointment in Birmingham that day so that I could get to the STD clinic. I got up extra early that day in order to get to the clinic. Following an initial blood sample I was

told that PEP would not be necessary as I was already HIV positive. I felt numb and nauseous upon receiving the news. I felt simultaneously disorientated and frightened. I didn’t know that much about HIV and it seemed like my worst nightmare had come true. A kind nurse broke the news to me in a consultation room. She left the room shortly afterwards so that I could have some time to myself. About ten minutes later she returned and I was still sitting in the same spot. We had another brief chat, the nurse telling me that I would now need an appointment at the specialist HIV clinic. This would be within the next week and I would receive a letter in the post with the details. I can’t remember that much else. My apartment is close to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and I stumbled there rather than returning to the office. I recall a sense of wanting to be somewhere safe and it was as if I was unaware of the traffic or other pedestrians. Upon reaching my apartment I paced up and down, anxious, with intermittent breaks sitting on my sofa, clutching my head in my hands. I checked my Blackberry to see if I was needed in the office. After about 40 minutes I pulled myself together and went on autopilot. I had to return to the office. I headed in, reported on my morning in Birmingham, sent some emails and then managed to leave comparatively early. The human response to shock is

S an interesting precursor to whether life’s circumstances will build one up or tear you down. It is the moment when your decisions really count. Do you reach out to friends and family, and have you chosen a community that will help you along the path or banish you to the wilderness. So what did you do next? to the gym that evening, as P II headed wanted everything to be as normal as possible. I still hadn’t told anyone about my HIV diagnosis. I was clinging onto the sense of normality. I recall sitting on @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


the leg press, taking pleasure in my routine. It was about 9 pm when I got home and I felt I had to tell someone. I told my close friend Joe over the telephone. We chatted for nearly an hour and he was incredible. He told me everything was going to be ok and that he would be there to support me through this difficult period. As I went to sleep I felt reassured. The next day I went into work. I got increasingly anxious. It was hard listening to the platitudes of my colleagues regarding their commute to work or the grey weather. I felt like I was in a vacuum. It was as if I was the desolate figure in Edward Munch’s The Scream. I went into an adjacent office, shut the door and broke down in solitude. I didn’t want my work colleagues to witness my suffering. I called a friend, breaking the news to her about my diagnosis. She was really supportive and quite matter-of-fact in a pragmatic way which really helped. Somehow I mustered the strength to carry on. The next week was one of anxiety and uncertainty as I waited for my initial appointment at the specialist HIV clinic. I was frightened, but I wanted to confront this issue and learn more. My friend Anthony was very kind and came to the HIV clinic with me for my first appointment. It was amazing that he was able to do this. About half way through the appointment they broke the news to me that I was coinfected with Hep C. This was a fresh uncertainty and was more than I could handle. It was as if I was reliving the shock of my initial HIV diagnosis a week earlier. A number of vials of blood had been taken and I felt dizzy and hungry. I can’t remember that much more. Anthony took me to a cafe next to Whitechapel tube station to buy me some food. That afternoon I returned to the office. I didn’t tell my work colleagues as I was petrified of the impact this would have on my career. I was petrified of potential stigma. A supportive group of friends are

S a key component to dealing with

any challenging news. Ultimately when you are alone it is just you, your thoughts and fears and one’s inner critic who can be harsher than anything a friend or family member


even on their very worst day. For you was it like ripping a plaster off and letting people in or did you plan to tell people in stages to control how the information came out to give yourself time to form your own opinions before having to deal with other people’s. I came out in stages, telling P different groups at different times. I found it hardest to tell the people I love the most that I’m gay. I came out to my mother the following year. She asked me over dinner in a restaurant and I told her I was gay. She said that she had her suspicions and that she did not want this secret to come between us. It took me longer to come out to my father. He is an amazing parent and I did not want to disappoint him. When I told him he was wonderfully supportive though. I did not tell him until several years later and in one sentence he said: “I don’t care that you’re gay, HIV positive and Hep C positive-I love you anyway.” He is one of my heroes. How was it for you at work? HIV S visibility within the workplace is a major issue and forms a core part of your HIV awareness agenda, but when you were at the beginning of your complex journey regarding disclosing your HIV status in the workplace, what was going on for you? Within the gay community

P I encountered little stigma

surrounding my HIV status, but I was very frightened to tell my employer. The Equality Act 2010 makes significant provision to protect HIV positive people. However, there was no one else who was openly HIV positive in the workplace at an investment bank, international law firm or major accountancy practice. I felt I had to conceal my HIV status at work, which was very difficult. I had two wonderful gay supervisors, but I felt I couldn’t confide in them or more generally. I didn’t want to burden them with my secret. I was worried a secret shared would be a problem doubled. I didn’t want to place them in an awkward position where they had to conceal my HIV status. Secrets by their very nature are burdensome and behaving furtively

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surrounding my HIV reinforced the negative connotations of my illness. At one point I was so disheartened that I would go to hide in the bathroom cubicles to cry. I would lie on the floor in a foetal position, my shoes pressed against the door. I could feel the cold limestone flooring beneath me and there was a faint smell of bleach on the floor. I felt unclean and ashamed. Thank you for sharing so

S openly. I think many of us have

experienced varying levels of feeling overwhelmed or disheartened. Your passion for sharing those emotions to raise awareness and reduce the stigma is using emotions for exactly what they were intended for, as action signals for change in yourself. The true courage to listen to those signals not only lies in picking yourself up off the floor but sharing your journey so others can have hope and faith if they find themselves at the beginning of their emotional rollercoaster whatever that may be. The best thing about being at a metaphorical rock bottom of a whirlwind of a journey is that at any moment the wind can change and life begins to look better. Indeed. In 2011 I was seconded

P to the New York office, which

was an incredible time for me. There were a number of international destinations we might be seconded to, some, like Singapore, with mandatory blood tests for HIV. Singapore makes the blood test mandatory for anyone staying longer than 30 days in the country, foreign nationals with HIV expelled. The USA had changed its immigration policy in 2010, no longer requiring travellers to declare their HIV status, which was a huge step for equality, discrimination no longer enshrined in immigration policy. I hadn’t told the Human Resources department about my HIV and I was excited to go to the USA. Upon my return at the end of 2011 I continued to conceal my HIV status at work. I had to make excuses to attend doctors’ appointments and felt as if I had this dreadful secret which I had to hide from my colleagues. This perpetuated a sense of shame. However, at the end of 2012 I became ill as my CD4 count plunged. It was

at this point that I told the partnership and HR regarding my HIV status. Early the following year I came out as HIV positive to all my colleagues. This was an empowering experience and the process of acceptance was like a second coming out, paralleling that a decade earlier at Oxford regarding my sexual orientation. My work was supportive and it was with their support that I was able to move my life forwards and incorporate my HIV and Hep C into my identity. know you a supporter of life S Icoaching, How has that and your diagnosis changed you as a person? What has it helped you help others? Life coaching helped me readjust P my goals and focus once again on my career. Life coaching can be of tremendous benefit, As a high achiever who had experienced a malaise in their life I found life coaching really beneficial. My HIV really encouraged me to look outwards. My HIV and my Hep C were, at first, incredibly

frightening, but I began the process of incorporating these into my identity by looking to see how I could help others. At the end of 2010 I hosted for the Terrence Higgins Trust’s prestigious Supper Club, at Axis in the One Aldwych Hotel. This was a great experience for me, allowing me to raise several thousand pounds for the THT. I’m now a patron of the THT and I support the wonderful work they do to help those living with HIV. I’m also a Stonewall Ambassador and a Major Supporter of the Albert Kennedy Trust. Helping others adds a massive impetus to my life. Although my HIV and my Hep C are vulnerabilities, I think it is our flaws which make us beautiful and by encouraging me to think of others and fight for those living with HIV and the rights of the LGBT community I feel my HIV and Hep C have made me a better person. As I move towards my thirtieth birthday and confirmation in May I feel stronger, more motivated, happier

and empowered than I have ever done before. There are two driving forces in my life: my activism and my faith. My gay rights and HIV awareness activism has grown out of my experiences with HIV and Hep C. I have faced these challenges and have incorporated these experiences into my identity. My journey with faith has further revolutionised my life, adding a new momentum which has left me with an unstoppable optimism.

Currently Philip Baldwin is in the process of finalising his book called Positive Damage. Positive Damage started as an autobiography, but has evolved into a semi-autobiographical study of the stigma faced by LGBT and HIV positive people in our society. In the meantime follow Philip Christopher Baldwin on Twitter and Instagram: @philipcbaldwin @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


kozirsky Š Dollar Photo Club

Health & Vitality 58

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Designed for women, this dual pack provides a comprehensive multivitamin, plus Omega-3, 6 & 9 oils. £14.95 for 56 tablets


Scientifically formulated to help support joint health with 2000mg marine collagen and glucosamine. £24.99 for 10 x 50ml



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Here’s our pick of the best food supplements to give you increased energy and vitality this summer


OptiBac sell a wide range of probiotics for specific needs. For those looking for a high strength product due to major digestive issues, this is ideal. £22.49 for 30 capsules


The unique formula contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin and B-complex vitamins to help maintain visual performance, promote energy and combat fatigue. £33.99 for 60 capsules



These easy to swallow minis provide a concentrated dose of EPA and DHA essential fatty acids in every dose 30% more Omega-3s than 1000mg strength fish oil but are 55% smaller. £9.99 for 60 soft gels

This spring water is fortified with 100% RDA of B1, B3, B5, B6, B7 & B12 to help turn food into energy, tackle tiredness and get your metabolism going. £1.45 per bottle

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Country 60

LIME WOOD SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602


Luke Holder & Angela Hartnett

Lime Wood, a boutique country house hotel near Lyndhurst, is set in the heart of the New Forest National Park just an hour and a half drive from London. ULTIMATE COUNTRY GETAWAY Lime Wood is a luxury country house hotel with a difference. Combined with great food, immaculate service and facilities, Lime Wood is the only 5 star luxury country house hotel in the New Forest National Park. The hotel is the ultimate countryside getaway; perfect for weekend breaks and city escapes. The team have used the building’s classical structure as the basis of their design but have lovingly renovated it, keeping the spirit of its past, taking inspiration from its extraordinarily beautiful surroundings and adding the odd contemporary twist to bring it to life.

Delicious food from Hartnett Holder & Co

FUN DINING NOT FINE DINING Hartnett Holder & Co is the relaxed, stylish and comfortable upscale hotel restaurant - full of character, yet unpretentious. Angela Hartnett and Lime Wood’s Luke Holder, with their team, create locally sourced English dishes with a respectful nod to the seasons and to Italian culinary ideologies. This collaboration is reflected in their fresh, confident approach ensuring that this is “fun dining, not fine dining”. Hartnett and Holder’s food is outand-out British yet comes with the much loved Italian approach to eating - where sharing and provenance is everything. The style is chefs’ homecooked food not chefs’ food cooked for restaurants. Both Angela and Luke are famed for their informal, grounded style of cooking and their respect for local produce.

LUXURIOUS & RELAXED STYLE Lime Wood’s exterior is an architectural triumph in itself. A stunning Regency country house originally established as a hunting lodge in the 13th Century, the hotel has taken great care not to over-run its original charm. It’s a charm that has evolved over years and one that’s given the country house a unique character that guests enjoy.

The menu has Italian influenced forest dishes with English classics which remain constant whilst other dishes on the menu change daily driven by forest and seasonality.

The New Forest luxury hotel interiors are luxurious and relaxed - an elusive and enticing balance. Making the most of local materials ensures the interiors complement the surroundings. The furniture is an eclectic mix of antique and bespoke pieces with hand-picked artwork and objets d’art. As a nod to it’s past as an old English country house, there’s the odd eccentric touch to always be amused by.

Luke Holder’s philosophy on food is based on his Italian experiences. He focuses on cooking locally and seasonally, at the highest level.

The Smoke House

Chef Angela Hartnett is one of the most high-profile female chefs in the restaurant world. Angela has worked under the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing and in 2004 she gained her first Michelin star.

Lime Wood is the perfect place to kick back, relax and soak up the atmosphere to your heart’s content. CONTACT DETAILS Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, SO43 7FZ Reservations: 023 8028 7177

Herb House Lap Pool @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


WINENo SLOAN! Magazine shares recommendations for the perfect wines to pair with your summer parties

Sparkling Wine

When you live in Australia and it is 40 degrees in the shade you learn to chill your reds, when the occasion calls for it.

Gusbourne Sparkling Rose is one of the highest quality English Sparkling Wines on the market. With a delicate rosy hue, this is packed with gently spiced biscuits, shortcake, strawberries, cream, red apples and charm. McGuigan Frizzante is a light style of sparkling wine with soft lemon and apple fruit characters. Chief Winemaker, Neil McGuigan says: “We wanted to create a high quality wine with an easy drinking style at the right price point, and the result of those efforts, McGuigan Frizzante, is a credit to our winemakers.”

Neil McGuigan, chief winemaker

White Wine

Chateau de l’Aulee Cuvee Jeanne d’Arc is named after the vineyard where the Chenin Blanc grapes are grown where Ms Arc is said to have visited en route to her fate. It is made by the former winemaker of Champagne Houses including Bollinger. Jeanne d’Arc tastes like freshly pressed apple juice with an exhilarating sherbet streak.


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McGuigan Classic The Semillon Blanc is a revolutionary new wine style that is fresh, crisp and refreshing – ideal for light summer dishes such as seafood, Asian style dishes or a refreshing treat on its own. Matua Land & Legends Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is bursting with crisp fruit. Pure and bright on the nose, the palate brims with zesty citrus flowing seamlessly to a lingering finish.

Sole Chardonnay Feteasca Regala is a classic oak barrelled white wine. Intense, elegant and seductive nose, with vanilla, roasted seeds, white smoke, all integrated on a ripe fruit and honeycomb structure. Matua Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is an award-winning classic with aromatic herbal notes and a complete array of aromas the style is famous for. The palate has citrus and pineapple flavours.


Winemaker Neil McGuigan says, “There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to wine. Instead, it’s a question of personal taste; what wine do you feel like? How does a wine work with the food you’re eating? Summer is a season for lighter dishes such as salads, seafood

Rose Wine McGuigan Black Label Rose has light strawberry and cream characters. The wine is soft with a balanced berry fruit sweetness and a lovely refreshing finish. Perfect with seafood and lighter fruity desserts such as raspberry pavlova. Les Vignobles Foncalieu Vallée des Pins Rose 2014 has a fresh and clean palate, emphasizing ripe strawberries, making it the perfect match for Mediterranean style cuisine like bruschetta.

and picnics. Traditional pairings here are light and fruity reds, gentle rosés, or refreshing whites like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. If you tend to prefer red wine, think about chilling a Pinot Noir which pairs wonderfully. Living in Australia when 40 degrees in the shade soon teaches you to chill your reds.”

Red Wine Matua Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013 claims to be their best Pinot to date. The predominant flavour is cherry, which reflects the wine’s lovely vivid colour. It has blackberry notes and some lovely sweet smoky oak. Mouthfeel is initially soft and luscious, held up nicely by the supple tannins for a savoury lingering finish.

ROSÉ WINEMAKING Rosé has grown in popularity, is a great match for a large variety of foods and is enjoyable to drink for most palates throughout the year. Rosé wines are made with the skin contact method reducing the time the grape skins and juice are in contact with each other so the wine develops a pink colour opposed to red.

If you love red wine (and who doesn’t?!), don’t forget to check out our Autumn wines feature in the next edition of SLOAN! Magazine coming soon. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants The Meat Co Situated in Westfield, Shepherds Bush, The Meat Co is the flagship brand of the FoodFund International group and a global trendsetter, lifting the design and décor of its stores out of the realms of the traditional steakhouse.

Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS Westfield London, W12 7GA |

Leveraging off its African heritage, the restaurant’s innovative design and striking decor reflects an eclectic combination of colour, texture & oversized bespoke elements to create a sense of theatre for diners.

WIN £250 OFF YOUR BILL SLOAN! Magazine and The Meat Co are offering the chance for one lucky winner to win £250 off a meal at the Westfield restaurant. This generous prize can not only be applied to food but also your drinks bill too. Click here to enter before 31st August and good luck!

The Meat Co was founded in South Africa by Costa Tomazos, one of South Africa’s most successful restaurateurs, who had the vision to create a truly global culinary venture. The best quality meat, sourced from around the globe, is perfectly aged, basted in a secret traditional recipe, flame grilled to perfection and served in an elegant but vibrant ambience by people with a passion for service. The Meat Co also prides itself on having an approved Halal menus.

Chinese Cricket Club Established since 2009, Chinese Cricket Club is an AA Rosette restaurant and holds a certificate of excellence awarded by Trip Advisor. The restaurant is named in honour of the original Chinese National Cricket team, who played their first international match in 2009. The restaurant continues its connection to the sport through their sponsorship of the Kia Oval Surrey County Cricket Club. Located on the corner of New Bridge Street in Blackfriars, Chinese Cricket Club invites you experience their modern menu of Sichuan specialities created by Executive head chef Ken Wang. Chef Wang’s individual style of cooking fuses modern techniques with traditional, authentic flavours. The flavours of every dish have been created with great respect for the origins and originators of Sichuan food. One of the best things about Chinese Cricket Club is the all day dim sum. For the online review, click here. DETAILS

19 New Bridge Street, EC4V 6DB |


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TOZI TOZI is a vibrant Italian restaurant and bar in London’s Victoria specialising in Venetian cicchetti (small plates) and classic Italian cocktails. Having opened in 2013, TOZI is the result of a collaboration between Chef Daniele Pampagnin and Head Chef Maurilio Molteni, who worked many years together at Soho House group and dreamt of starting their own restaurant project. All the dishes at TOZI are inspired by the casual dining ethos of the Veneto region, putting emphasis on quality, seasonal ingredients, sourced where possible from the best Italian producers. The food is designed to be shared amongst friends, family and colleagues in an informal, welcoming environment. VENETIAN DINING AT ITS BEST

The Venetian chiccetti menu at TOZI has a wide range of options to choose from. Prepared in the wood oven, try the classic bruschetta and pizzetta with a selection of cheeses and Italian ham. Grilled and baked dishes are prepared using fine Mediterranean vegetables and the most exciting selection of the meats and seafood. The cicchetti menu also includes other delicious small plates such as delicate salads, fritti, pasta, soups and other sides. Click here to read the full online review on SLOAN! Magazine. DETAILS

8 Gillingham Street, SW1V 1HJ |

108 Brasserie The recently opened 108 Brasserie, just off Marylebone High Street at the top of Marylebone Lane, houses two distinctive areas; the bar, a chic and sophisticated drinking and dining area and the brasserie’s dining space, where its modern British dishes take centre stage. The Brasserie’s all-day menu, made-up of simple British dishes made from the finest locally sourced ingredients, centres around the best in seasonal produce. Starters include octopus carpaccio with a tomato and chilli dressing, Argyllshire smoked salmon on the restaurant’s signature Guinness brown bread alongside dishes such as crispy pigs cheeks with an apple and raisin chutney.

Kouzu Situated in London’s exclusive Belgravia area, just a short walk from Buckingham Palace and opposite the world renowned Goring Hotel, Kouzu opened in November 2014. Arguably the best Japanese chef in the UK, the renowned Kyoichi Kai, of Zuma and Arts Club fame, heads up the experienced, allJapanese kitchen team or ‘cast’. The starring role at Kouzu is played, however, by the exquisite food. With a broad menu offering, including not only sashimi and sushi, but charcoal grill dishes, tempura, specials & salads, Kouzu uses the freshest ingredients and top of the range suppliers from the UK and Japan. The restaurant also boasts a traditional omakase sushi bar for an authentic and exclusive dining experience, where each pair of diners enjoy the undivided attention and expert recommendations of their own dedicated sushi chef. Kouzo is a beautiful restaurant which offers great food in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. Click here for the full online review. DETAILS 21 Grosvenor Gardens, SW1W 0JW |

Shepherd’s of Westminster This truly iconic Westminster institution is a favourite haunt of politicians, lobbyists and journalists and nestles close to the Westminster Village. RESPECTED BRITISH TRADITION

The menu unashamedly boasts all your British favourites but done like you have never tasted before. For starters you can plump for a fresh and zingy English Beetroot Salad or you can savour the mouth wateringly succulent and altogether hypnotic Roast Scottish Scallops. For mains you have the light and utterly delicious Suckling Pork Belly or you can go all out and order the melt-in-mouth Chateaubriand and let’s not leave out of course the signature dish – Shepherd’s Pie. Shepherd’s has superb food, great service, an elegant ambiance and a discreet environment. Click here to read the online review. DETAILS

Marsham Street, SW1P 4LA |

The Josper Grill section offers fresh, locally sourced grilled meat and fish dishes such as Suffolk free range pork chop with a cider glaze. Other highlights include confit breast of lamb with celeriac remoulade and green sauce and desserts feature classic favourites with a twist such as Autumn spiced fruit crumble served with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate fondant with peanut butter ice cream. Click here to read the full online review on SLOAN! Magazine. DETAILS

108 Marylebone Lane, W1U 2QE |

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Les Gourmet Des Ternes restaurateur, Jean Francois Marie, His son, entrepreneur, Maximilien Marie, brings his family’s unique gourmet touch to London with the opening of this Knightsbridge restaurant.

Allow Les Gourmets des Ternes Knightsbridge to transport you back 1962, a stylish French bistro with a tranquil Parisian vibe. On the ground floor you will find the restaurant which boasts the exact same menu and décor as the renowned Les Gourmets des Ternes in Paris. Specialising in all types of seasonal meat and fish, the produce is fresh and imported from France, with secret family recipes found in most dishes.

London is thriving with French restaurants, be it independent or chain; however Maximillen noticed a gap in the market for a restaurant with good quality, fresh, French produce. Les Gourmet des Ternes boasts authentic Parisian food, culture, and is perfect for an aperitif in the first floor chic cocktail bar, Rendez-Vous.

in full.

Click here for the online review. DETAILS 9 Knightsbridge Green, SW1X 7QL

Remy Collieu, Head Chef at Les Gourmets des Ternes, enjoys demonstrating his aptitude for traditional, fine French cuisine. Remy’s signature dishes include Fillet of Veal a la Normande and Piece De Boeuf. Les Gourmets des Ternes is one of Paris’s most sought-after restaurants and is a celebrity favourite. Originally opened in 1962, the restaurant is now owned by acclaimed Paris


Click here to see SLOAN! magazine’s latest restaurant reviews

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Eating out with friends or loved ones satisfies the human need for comfort, variety and love & connection. It is important to take time out to enjoy what the city has to offer.

Royal China Fulham The Royal China restaurants offer traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes and the group is renowned for its Dim Sum, which is served daily from Noon until 5pm and includes Steamed Seafood Dumplings with Spicy Sauce; and Pan-fried Fillet of Duck Breast Rolls. Each restaurant has a dedicated Dim Sum Chef, as well as a Head Chef. FAMILY FRIENDLY FULHAM RESTAURANT Situated on Fulham Road, it is the smallest restaurant in the group. This intimate restaurant is family friendly, with a charming outdoor patio, perfect for al fresco dining. This Royal China is the only restaurant in the group to offer a home delivery service. Click here for the online review. DETAILS 805 Fulham Road, SW6 5HE | DIM SUM DELIGHTS The Royal China Group consists of six of London’s most authentic and prestigious Chinese restaurants based in prime areas of London namely Baker Street, Bayswater, Fulham, Harrow-on-the-Hill and Canary Wharf. The restaurants all have elegant décor, contrasting rich golden hues with striking red and black features. Lacquered murals depicting an ornate Chinese illustration create a focal point within each restaurants.

Fu Manchu Fu Manchu is a late night Dim Sum and Cocktail bar which takes its inspiration from the Chinese master criminal created by Sax Rohmer in his early 20th century novels. The bar combines Victorian opium den with a modern graphic edge and the décor is visually stunning and dramatic.with raw brickwork set off with light installations by designer Louise Smurthwaite. The inventive eye-catching cocktails are made from Chinese tea infusions, Asian spices and exotic flavours. The food menu focuses on a range of delicate and fragrant dim sum steamed to perfection and ideal for sharing. Click here for the online review. DETAILS

15-­‐16 Lendal Terrace, SW4 7UX

Enoteca Turi This Italian restaurant’s menu is inspired by regional Italian cuisine which adapts traditional methods of cooking to the contemporary restaurant scene. One look will tell you that Head Chef Michele Blasi has not compromised the dishes, and the unusual ingredients on the menu are not often seen outside their traditional region in Italy. Authentic regional dishes on the menu include deep-fried courgette flowers stuffed with buffalo mozzarella, tagliatelle with duck ragout and calves liver veneziana. Desserts include the Chef’s signature warm baby cannoli No. 7 filled with vanilla cream custard Click here for our full review online. DETAILS 28 Putney High Street, SW15 1SQ

JW Steakhouse Having firmly established itself as a leading American steakhouse in London since it opened in 2010, JW Steakhouse features the finest cuts of American USDA beef and select, handcut selections of Aberdeen Angus and is quite simply an expert in steak. Julian Ward joined JW Steakhouse as Head Chef in 2013, bringing with him 21 years of experience in both London and the USA. Ward hand selects, ages and carves the restaurant’s signature cuts and is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about his craft. JW Steakhouse’s signature steak is the dramatic 32 ounce, on-the-bone rib eye aptly named ‘The Tomahawk.’ This unique cut can only be found at JW Steakhouse. The restaurant is as famous for its menu as its steaks of the month, where a specially selected cut and/or breed allows both diners to try something out of the norm. Ward’s menu also offers a wide array of authentically prepared dishes perfectly matched with a sumptuous wine list. A mouth-watering dessert selection completes the menu, with JW Steakhouse’s signature cheesecake the stand out dish. The cheesecake has garnered global recognition as one of the best this side of the Atlantic, with Johnny Depp having dined at JW Steakhouse on more than one occasion citing its reviews as the reason for his visit. Click here for the online review. DETAILS 86 Park Lane, W1K 7TN | @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Bombay Brasserie Since opening in 1982, Bombay Brasserie has been an iconic restaurant destination, famed for its authentic, eclectic Bombay and Indian cuisine Like the cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city itself, Bombay’s cuisine has blended the diverse cooking styles of Goa, Bengal and Gujerat with Imperial Mughal, Raj and even Portuguese influences which have evolved in exotic harmony, bringing together these different culinary styles. Regional recipes have been shared, new dishes created and a unique cuisine emerged.

Today, Bombay Brasserie transports these flavours, textures and aromas to London to surprise and delight locals and visitors from all around the globe who are looking for a authentic dining experience in sumptuous surroundings for lunch, dinner or private dining celebrations. Bombay Brasserie was created around the idea of bringing the cuisine of Bombay to London and their menus today reflect this ongoing exploration, featuring the freshest seafood, chicken, lamb and game, plus plenty to please

vegetarian palates. The menus feature a wide variety of cooking techniques, from slow-cooked curries to grills and kebabs as well as tandooris from the clay oven. Long time executive chef Prahlad Hegde has been part of Bombay Brasserie since 1991 and grinds all his own spices and uses only the freshest ingredients in his dishes. Click here for the online review. DETAILS

Courtfield Road, SW7 4QH


Darwin The famous enlarged glass dome of 20 Fenchurch Street is dedicated to three storeys of exquisitely landscaped public gardens and London’s most exclusive social spaces, including observation decks and an open air terrace. The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street is a unique public space that spans three storeys and offers 360 degree uninterrupted views across the City of London. Overlooking the Thames on Level 36 is Darwin, an all-day brasserie inspired by the very best of British. Seasonal, home-grown ingredients take centre stage in the kitchen while rum is the liquor of choice on the exhaustive cocktail list at the bar. Laid-back but luxe, the space is inspired by nature and understated décor allows the food – and incredible view – to do the talking. From brisk breakfast meets through to working lunches and relaxed dinners, enjoy a reservation at London’s highest brasserie. Click here to read our online review on the SLOAN! website. DETAILS 20 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 3BY |


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

The Jam Tree Chelsea The Jam Tree Chelsea, one of the most popular casual dining spots on the King’s Road, has recently introduced a delicious new menu. The menu, which has taken inspiration from far-flung countries, offers a range of fresh and flavoursome dishes, available in varying sizes to create a perfect and relaxed dining experience. The diverse food menu uses simple and fresh ingredients to create globally inspired plates bursting with flavour. Designed with the relaxed dining experience of the Jam Tree in mind, the menu comprises an assortment of small and big plates that are available throughout the day, as well as hearty sharing dishes, perfect for enjoying with friends and tucking in, family style. This alternative style of the menu allows for guests to order to their preference, whether they opt for some tasty small plates whilst they enjoy a nice cold beverage at the bar, or a full blown feast with a variety of dishes to be shared between larger groups. With flexible menus, private rooms and beautiful outdoor dining and drinking areas, The Jam Tree is ideal for all types of occasions from relaxed brunch to after work drinks. Click here to read our online review. DETAILS 541 King’s Road, SW6 2EB |

Ibérica Marylebone

Brady’s Brady’s has been serving posh fish and chips and superbly fresh grilled fish at less than posh prices for over 25 years. Started by Luke & Amelia Brady over a kitchen table and following in the footsteps of Luke’s grandfather who started a chain of pubs in London in 1920, the restaurant menu features homemade salmon fish cakes, fresh oysters and the best Cornish scallops and Brady’s famous puddings including the ever-popular apple crumble. There is an outside terrace and a great bar with Kentish draught beers from Shepherd Neame, the family run brewery in Kent including Spitfire, Masterbrew and Asahi lager. Gin and Vodka from the Sipsmith Distillery, the first proper copper distillery in London in 200 years. In this age of the chain restaurants, Brady’s has been a rare constant in Wandsworth life and is fiercely proud of its independence, quirky style and personal service.

The flagship Ibérica restaurant enjoys a central London location on Great Portland Street, Marylebone. The bustling Tapas restaurant and Delicatessen is flooded with natural daylight from floor to ceiling windows with a ground floor and mezzanine dining area. The main restaurant area offers dining space at restaurant tables or the tapas bar and larger parties of up to 18 people can be seated in the ‘Delicatessen’ area surrounded by some of the finest wines and luxury foods from Spain. Ibérica’s mezzanine floor holds both private and semi-private areas for those wishing a more exclusive dining experience. Guests consistently experience the passion and expertise of Ibérica’s Executive Head Chef Nacho Manzano, who has an impressive 3 Michelin stars to his name, through the everevolving and authentic menus. Ibérica has been awarded 2 AA Rosettes by the AA guide. Ibérica brings only the very best in Spanish gastronomy, wine and culture to the UK and showcases the true flavours of Spain in contemporary Iberian surroundings offering gastronomic tapas in a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. Click here for the online review.

Click here to read our online review.


DETAILS 39 Jews Row, SW18 1TB |

195 Great Portland St, W1W 5PS @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Interview We were all so intent on doing justice to such a personal and real story. GWILYM ON A SONG FOR JENNY


Gwilym Lee

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Sloan Sheridan-Williams chats with Gwilym Lee, star of Midsomer Murders and A Song For Jenny With such personal, touching and dramatic

S storylines in A Song For Jenny, how do you get balance back in your life off set?

I find running to be a very therapeutic release.

G When I get into my stride and find a good

rhythm it proves to be quite meditative. It allows me to relax and unwind but also to reflect on whatever I’m working on at the time. To an extent, I think it’s good to stay in the bubble and focused on a job until it’s over. Particularly something as sensitive as A Song For Jenny where we were all so intent on doing justice to such a personal and real story. The tragic events around 7th July 2005 indeed S require sensitivity but also actors who can as you say do justice to the role. Who have been your role models or mentors in life that have prepared you to have empathy even in situations you may not have experienced directly to such an extent as the roles you play. It’s a clichéd answer maybe but I’d have to say

G my parents. They’re celebrating their Ruby

Wedding Anniversary this year and they’ve always been a great example to me and my brothers and sister. They’ve brought us up with good values, to understand the importance of family, commitment and hard work and to treat people decently. What are your best and worst character traits

S and how do these impact you and those around you? I think I’m quite caring. I’m from a family

G of doctors and nurses and, whilst I didn’t

necessarily get their brains, I think this is something I that may have rubbed off on me. I’m also very eager. I’m up for most things. And on the flip side, there’s a very occasional red mist that can descend. Although that happens very infrequently as it’s not something I like about myself. What daily habits do you have that help you

S stay focused, motivated, healthy and away from red mist moments?

I always try and start the day with something

G physical - a run, a swim, some yoga maybe.

I’m a big believer of healthy in body, healthy in mind. I’ll always read the news as well and try and keep abreast of current affairs. I think it’s important to be politically conscious and to try and understand your position in the world. heard you were passionate about food, S Ialthough you have a strong belief in a healthy body do you have any favourite restaurants?

I’m very lucky to have some great local

G restaurants where I live in North London.

There’s a big Turkish community there and having tried and tested a good number of Turkish restaurants in the area, I’d say without hesitation that Gökyüzü on Green Lanes is the best. There’s also an amazing Japanese and Korean restaurant on Stroud Green Road called Dotori’s. But we really are spoiled for choice in London. It’s one of the best things about living here. I love Bocca di Lupo, The Quality Chop House and The Bull and Last up in Hampstead Heath. But then there are the Indian restaurants, and the sushi places and the Vietnamese restaurants. Needless to say, if it wasn’t clear enough already, I love food. It is lovely to see different facets to your S personality, in one breath you can be so passionate about food, in another your work. You exhibit a lot of variety in your career, having worked on stage, television, film, and radio, which medium gives you the most satisfaction and why? Both have pros and cons. I love working G in TV and film as its a real collaboration. Being on set is one of the greatest examples of team work you’ll ever see. I love the attention to detail that this medium gives you. And I love the excitement you get when everything; lights, camera and action, come together for that perfect take. But I love theatre for its purity. It allows you to tell a story in its simplest form and to play a narrative arc from beginning to end. And it’s a very alive process. Everybody feeds of each other in the theatre. The actors need the audience and the audience the actors. One can’t exist without the other and so there’s a very immediate and spontaneous energy about it. It’s a buzz. What charities do you support and what do

S these causes mean to you?

I’ve run a couple of London Marathons G and a few half marathons as well. I support Leukaemia and Lymphoma Cancer Research as well as other medical research charities in the memory of friends who have suffered from different illnesses. I also support Shelter as I feel that housing and homelessness is a critical issue in this country and needs our attention. Finally, if you could do any profession other

S than acting what would you do?

I would like to be an architect. I have a number G of friends who are architects and it really appeals to me. In fact I wrote my dissertation at drama school about the links between architecture and acting. @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Ben Cohen & Kristina Rhianoff

Ben Cohen

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

StandUp Foundation

Kristina Rhianoff & Robin Windsor

Brian Friedman Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc James Lock and Danielle Armstrong Charlie King

Ben Cohen’s StandUp Foundation Gala Dinner Stars from the world of TV, sport and celebrity came together to support the second annual StandUp Foundation Gala Dinner at The Hurlingham Club, London. The event was hosted by actress and TV presenter Denise Van Outen alongside charity founder and sporting legend Ben Cohen. Guests included Gemma Oaten, Brian Friedman, Kristina Rhianoff, Robin Windsor, James Lock and Danielle Armstrong, Charlie King, Lizzie Cundy and Talia Storm. The evening raised an astounding £45,000 which will fund anti-bullying charities across the UK. 72

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we raised over £45,OOO to help anti-bullying charities across the UK

Marcus & Robin WIndsor

Gemma Oaten Ben Cohen


Kristina Rhianoff

Gala Night

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Lizzie Cundy


Denise Van Out

Talia Storm

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is the world’s first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term damaging effects of bullying, and funding those doing real-world work to stop it. It stands up against bullying regardless of to whom it happens. Ben Cohen said, “I’ve seen firsthand how the money has helped people up and down the country, so I’m delighted to be able to build upon the phenomenal work the Foundation and its charities do.” Click here to read Sloan’s interview with Ben Cohen. (Photos courtesy of The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation) @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Tamara Beckwith and Giorgio Veroni

Blaise Patrick and guests

Cowdray Park Polo Club

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Daniella Helayel & guest

Georgina Chapman

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc Joseph Mawle Laura Carmichael

St Regis International Polo Cup St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, hosted the eighth annual St. Regis International Cup on Saturday, May 16th 2015 at Cowdray Park Polo Club, West Sussex. With St. Regis Connoisseur Nacho Figueras playing in The Americas against England, the opening match in the UK International Series saw England triumph over The Americas with six goals to three.


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polo continues to be an integral part of the St. Regis heritage and legacy

Keren Craig

Laura Jackson

Jamie Cullum & Nick Moran

England beats The Americas

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

English Polo Te

Nacho Figueras

am and Joanne Froggatt e or tm hi W a Laur

VIP guests included Jamie Cullum, Keren Craig, Georgina Chapman, Joanne Froggatt, Laura Carmichael, Laura Jackson, Daniella Helayel, Tiphaine de Lussy, Camilla Al Fayed, Tamara Beckwith, Blaise Patrick, Sai Bennett, Joseph Mawle, Laura Whitmore and Nick Moran. Jamie Cullum is currently at the helm of the newly launched “Jazz Legends at St. Regis� series. (Photos courtesy of Hue & Cry)

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Hugo Taylor & Nathalie Joel

gyll The Duke of Ar

Sloan Sheridan-Willia ms wearing floral crown by Lisa W ills

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Black Bears Polo Club

Lady Alice Manners

The triumphant Mexico team

Stephanie Powers

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci The Marquess Blandford

Ed Olver, Ron Wahid, David Lepann and guests


British Polo Day British Polo Day Great Britain - presented by Land Rover - this year returned with an added Mexican twist, in celebration of the Dual Year of Mexico and the UK 2015. VIP guests included The Marquess of Blandford, The Duke of Argyll, Lady Violet and Alice Manners, Ron Wahid, actress Stephanie Powers and Sloan Sheridan-Williams. Guests enjoyed a day of exhilarating polo, philanthropy and pitch-side revelry. (Photos courtesy of British Polo Day) 76

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British Polo Day great britain raised over £1OO,OOO for charity

Rosie For tescue

Roxie Nafousi

Sport of Kings

Ronan Keating and Storm Uechtriz

Eddie Jordan and Chloe Green

Kimberley Wyatt

Hugo Porta and Victoria Pendleton

Lupis alitatur nim arumqui dusc Ig acid i qu at ec a cc la ul esciam, sustius,

Lady Violet Manners

Laureus King Power Polo A host of celebrity figures from the world of sport, music and TV have enjoyed the 11th Laureus King Power Polo Cup, while raising funds for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. VIP guests included Sloan Sheridan-Williams, Ronan Keating, Victoria Pendleton, Kimberly Wyatt, Rosie Fortescue, Edwin Moses, Hugo Porta and Daley Thompson. Over €100,000 was raised for the Fundación Laureus Argentina supporting projects focused on using sport to influence social change among young people. (Photos courtesy of Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Laureus) @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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