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Editor’s Letter Producing the eleventh edition of this magazine we have taken on board your comments about what you love so that we can step up and satisfy your needs and desires without compromise on quality or content. We have increased the number of experts and their top tips so that we can provide you the option to take your life to the next level. We have also increased the number of gift ideas and included more products that we love as recommended by our reviewers to inspire and spark your


imagination as to what luxuries you want in your life. As always it’s been an absolute pleasure thanks to my fantastic team, and I’m humbled by the amount of talent we have had apply to be considered in these pages. We are as always looking to step up ourselves and have two exciting new projects in the pipeline for this year that we cannot wait to bring to you. A big thank you to those of you who got in touch about the new look pages, I am truly delighted by all the comments we receive. Our readership continues to increase as we enter into our third year, do keep the feedback coming and we will continue to deliver a magazine that you help shape and mould. I would also love to take this time to thank Colourful

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Radio, whom have inspired me as have my guests I have had on the show from writers to directors, film producers, actors, actresses and musicians. So much talent has sat in the studio with me and hopefully the interviews have focused us on the fact we can achieve that which we want if we are persistent with a little sprinkle of hope! The first day of Spring has just been and I challenge you, our readers to take the time to write a list of that which you want over the coming months and to go out and get it, because you deserve the best.


































@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Karen Bennett & John Collins



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SLOAN! talks to GB Rowing couple John Collins & Karen Bennett about the Olympics, sports performance, Chelsea’s Strip Wax Bar & why she wouldn’t have won Silver without John Karen, you ended your first S full season in the GB Rowing Team senior ranks on a high winning a historic silver medal with the women’s eight at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. What was your women’s eight like? We did a thing called Insight

K leading up to the Olympics

something really special here and can do something special with this at Rio. You also mentioned in an S interview with British Rowing that you felt that all the women in the GB Women’s programme contributed to building you up to this level, not just this year but all the past seasons. What did you mean by that?

from which we got a page and a half of feedback reading about your personality and what it was like. It helped make things clear in your head and made you think “that’s exactly what I’m like”. From that we got different colours – Yellows are quite sociable. Greens can never say no and always try to make people happy. Blues prefer figures and facts. Reds were hot headed and dominant. Within the women’s eight we had a mixture of all those different personalities and we all complemented each other. Each person brings something to the boat and we all got on really well which can be quite unusual for a boat and definitely having nine women in there including the cox can be quite hard sometimes but there was such a mix of personalities. We all had respect for each other, we were very open and honest and there weren’t any times when we would bottle anything up – because obviously when you do that’s when the problems begin.

We had one girl in the boat K for whom this was her fifth Olympics and for another two that was their third Olympics. They were unsuccessful medalling at those Olympics. All the girls that have come into the eight have tried to make the boat go as fast as it could but things didn’t go according to plan. We found something that clicked and worked which was special. But we had all those women going through the process with us trying to make it work including those training alongside us right up until the Olympics to sub in if anybody had an accident. So for them to put their life on hold and train alongside us and know that actually you might never get the chance to compete on that Olympic stage is quite difficult. For us to be able to go out there and achieve what all those women wanted to was quite special. That’s why I said it’s not just us who has done this, there’s lots of people behind the project who contributed towards it.

It sounds like that dynamic

That’s a really gracious attitude S to have. And John, I believe Rio was also your Olympic debut in the Men’s Double with your partner Jonny Walton. What’s working with him like?

S definitely paid off following

your success at Brandberg and Rio. Do you think the connection and personalities played a role in that and were there any other elements you attribute to your performance as a team? I think that definitely played K a big role in it. Our differing personalities worked really well and complemented each other and that’s how we achieved what we did. Brandenburg was the start of it because before that we knew we worked well but we didn’t know what the rest of Europe could put out. Afterwards we thought we have got

Jonny and I have been quite an J effective combination partnered up for the last three years in a row. We have always been the fastest combination although we have never been ranked individually as the fastest in the country. I think our success is because we are on a very similar wavelength with how we like to do things and we have quite a good level of communication dealing effectively with issues. I

guess you could say we are like a married couple – we just know how to make things work and tackle things together.


Did that connection come naturally or was it something you both had to work hard on?

A bit of both. You can’t have J two people that are completely different and suddenly make them work together so there does have to be an underlying similarity in how you think. Jonny is a real perfectionist and nothing is ever good enough and I know if I can tell him how well things are going he relaxes. Those are the things I realised in the boat after spending a bit of time with him so our connection is something that has also developed over time. Physical training is important S but there is also a psychological aspect to performance. As an Olympic athlete, how would you describe your winner’s mentality? The one thing that helped me J achieve the results I have is not getting too hyped up for it by rationalising everything. Sitting on the start line of an Olympic final it would be so easy to just get completely carried away. Before you know it you get so nervous, become a bundle of mess and you can’t even row a race. So I break it down and just think about the processes I’ve learnt. I end up ticking these boxes as I go through a race and at the end of it if you’ve ticked enough of those process-driven boxes you have the result you want. You have to balance being calm and collected with racing for your life and performing like a super human. Balancing those two things sets apart the good from the great and is relevant in not just sport but all walks of life. That’s so true John. Karen, S would you say that your attitude played as equally important a role in your Olympic success as physical training? @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


I completely agree with what K John says. When I joined the team I was the newbie so I had an underdog attitude and set little goals to achieve along the way. The Olympics is massive and almost becomes unachievable if you think that’s the only thing you’re striving towards. I needed to break it down and just have little targets along the way to get me there otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to do it. So that’s one of the things I had to do – stay focused and get to the next target and tick that off before thinking about the next thing and what I had to do to get there. That was me individually. Then me within the eight was like what John was saying about not overplaying it too much. I think for what I had to do to get into the Olympic women’s eight racing against friends was cut-throat so for me I had already individually raced my Olympic race to get to the Olympics. I knew that I’d done something quite special under the most amount of pressure possible so going to the Olympics I knew I had been there before feeling that pressure so I didn’t change anything. I just did exactly what I’d been doing day in day out. We actually spoke about that as an eight and said why would you change something and do something different on the day when you’ve been doing everything right for the past 3 months leading up to the Olympics. Just keep doing the same thing and we’ll be fine and that’s what we did. You about mentioned competing S in trials against people you are close to within the team. Did you find that process helped make you emotionally strong when it came to the Olympics? That’s a good question. I think K it’s almost easier when you get to the Europeans or the World Cup not just the Olympics because as you say you’ve not got any emotional attachment to the people who are on the other side. You’ve done the hardest thing to get into the boat. In a way it is a little bit easier to go there and do everything you’ve been practising. In a weird way it does help having all these races with people that are so close to you during training.

S 6

John, what do you think contributes to you feeling mental prepared for a race?

It was the realisation that it was J about removing the emotion from the performance to become less emotionally attached to the outcome because when you have something to lose or need to win that’s when you make mistakes. For example, I’m in a 2000 metre race and by halfway I’m absolutely dying in so much pain and someone I’m racing starts to row through me so they are now a few feet up on me. When you’re emotionally attached to your results that situation really hurts. It hurts your feelings and creates stress. Stress has a physiological response which makes you more tired without you doing anything. So in that situation when you’re already really hurting you might hurt a bit more because someone is rowing through you. I find if I can be emotionally removed from that I can stay calm and realise that the other person rowing through me is working too hard and they’re going to pay for that later in the race and then I will beat them. Being emotionally strong is about being able to separate your emotions from what you’re doing and rationalise the situation. For you Karen, is that S rationalising something you do and what other techniques do you use to remove the emotion from your performance? I quite like to gain confidence K from looking back over my training diary. With the consistency of training and the looking back over my performance that’s how I build my confidence which helps take away some of the emotion out of it. Also, when I get to the start line, I like to take some deep breaths as I get quite nervous and deep breathing helps me feel that I’m ready and that’s good enough for me. Talking about confidence Karen, S you are the ambassador for Strip Wax Bar. What is it about the salon that contributes to you looking and feeling your best? Strip Wax Bar is the best beauty K salon I’ve been to! I left feeling really good about myself and I think that’s really important to feel feminine in the environment we are in. Rowing is not a glamorous sport. It can be wet and miserable, your hair is all over the place, you don’t have make up on. What I’m wearing is important.

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

The sports bra from Strip Wax Bar makes me feel comfortable and stylish. Little things like that really make my training day because feeling good helps you perform better. That’s what Strip Wax Bar does for me. What’s special about the

S athleisurewear at Strip Wax Bar? The sports bra and the leggings K are a big thing for me because that’s mainly what we train in. Doing weights in the gym, the sports bra have cool backs which are very fashionable and I get asked where I got my sports bra from and everyone loves the look. The leggings have really cool patterns and funky colours and again I get asked where I got them from. For me it’s the look and the comfort of the athleisurewear from Strip Wax and that’s really important for me in training.


We’ve heard that Karen was good at many sports growing up. John, have you always been sporty?

Before rowing I was pretty J useless at sport. I guess you’d say I was a fat kid. I didn’t have much success in sports but with rowing every time I put effort in I got rewards back in my performance which was something I wasn’t used to. It’s something I still love about rowing today. There’s a very linear trend in terms of how much work you put in and what you get out of it. I went from feeling very self-conscious about my body to losing the fat and feeling really good about myself. Without rowing I would probably be the size of a house right now! What’s it like being in a

S relationship with a fellow rower? I really like that we can talk about J the ins and outs of our day and understand each other. We are able to look out for each other and give each other advice that we can both trust. Going from being the newbie K to getting in the Olympic team probably wouldn’t have happened without John. He was always there telling me things would be fine which really helped me overcome things and gave me the confidence in myself. That was a massive thing for me and something really positive to come out of our relationship.


Karen Bennett is ambassador for Strip Wax Bar in Chelsea. She loves the athleisurewear and the waxing treatments for that extra boost of confidence to feel feminine and look lovely whether she’s training in the gym, racing on the water or having some We Time with her partner and fellow Olympic Rower John Collins. For more information on London’s No. 1 waxing & lingerie boutique, please visit

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



FULTON UMBRELLAS A favourite of the Royal Family, Fulton Umbrellas has a long tradition of keeping the British dry when out & about. We The Bloomsbury Painted Roses umbrella is understated yet elegant. £26,


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RICH PROTEIN The Diet Stack includes Diet Protein, CLA capsules, Fat Burner capsules and a 500ml Shaker Bottle for the ultimate fat-loss and metabolism-boosting bundle. £44.99 from

PROOFCAM With a sleek and compact design, the RAC 205 is a forward facing dash cam designed to offer reassurance and security whilst on the road. Suitable for any vehicle with Full HD 1080p video recording and still photo capability. £114.97 from

LITELOK Litelok is the world’s lightest, flexible Gold security bike lock. It can withstand well over 5 minutes of sustained attack from common theft tools. £85 from

OAKLEY Built for speed and engineered to be the ultimate multi-sport sunglass for training, running and beyond, EVZero™ Path is Oakley’s lightest performance frame and features a toric shield of Plutonite® in a rimless design for an unobstructed view. £110.50 from MOOV Moov Now is the world’s most advanced wearable helping users to achieve their fitness goals efficiently by monitoring performance and giving personalised advice on how to improve. £49 from Apple stores and

URBANISTA The Boston wireless sports earphones with Bluetooth feature high quality sound and ergonomic fit with a unique silicon wing on the earpiece providing a secure fit. £59.99 from Carphone Warehouse and online.

IFFLEY ROAD X VIVOBAREFOOT This limited edition T-shirt is made from super soft, highly wicking drirelease® piqué fabric in a distinctive chevron design. £68 from and

ANITA ACTIVE The new Air Control Sports Bra has a patented Delta Pad Foam Cup which is triangular and covered with a power mesh for optimum ventilation and air flow. £56 from

TERRAILLON The new Web Coach Prime Fitness Kit features bathroom scale linked via Wellness coach App to track your weight and body composition plus an Activity Tracker to monitor steps, calories, and sleep. £99.99 from EDIFIER MP280 Using professional grade audio Digital Signal Processing chips, you can expect perfect 360-degree sound with stylish cylindrical design. Can be used as an emergency charging station for your phone. £79.99 from @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Expert Advice

Helen Freely

Helen Freely is a Partner in law firm Druces LLP’s Private Client team. She advises high net worth individuals on a broad range of private client issues including Wills, probate (including UK and foreign domiciliary estates), trusts, court of protection work, lasting powers of attorney, tax planning and charity law. She particularly specialises in Contentious Probate work. Her practice currently is made up predominantly of the following sort of work: contentious trusts and probate, including acting as interim independent administrator; capacity issues, incorporating trusts for people with physical and learning disabilities and court of protection work; and smaller and start up charities. Helen is recommended by legal directory, Legal 500, who describe her as “a no-nonsense litigator”.

Things To Consid So, you’re financially secure and have some surplus funds to enjoy and are thinking of delving into the world of alternative investments, or more specifically lifestyle investments. While this investment style may seem glamorous there are inherent risks that should be considered. Although I do not profess to give investment advice, I have collated some top tips through my work as a private client lawyer. Lifestyle investments are a form of alternative investment which are complex investments with limited regulation and a relative lack of liquidity, and refer to the following asset classes: • Art, clocks, musical instruments • Wine • Bloodstock – racehorses, stallions • Classic cars, motorbikes, boats • Persian rugs, maps, stamps Now, what should you consider before parting with your hard earned funds? Is this an investment, frivolous fun or somewhere in between?

Helen says, “Whatever assets you choose to invest in, make sure it gives you pleasure.” 10

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

If you decide that this is all just a bit of fun, ear mark the amount that you are prepared to lose and enjoy yourself. Though if this is more than fun, you might wish to consider balancing your appetite for risk with your desired level of

involvement and the returns. CONSIDER THE WORST CASE SCENARIO

To contextualise: if you buy a piece of art that loses all its value, you will be left with that piece of art. Therefore, perhaps you should only buy something that you are prepared to admire in your home. A similar principle applies to jewellery, clothing, books, etc. Cars and vehicles also have the potential to be damaged, particularly if driven at high speeds – is this of concern to you? Likewise, bloodstock may die or become injured and could leave you with nothing. Is this a risk you are prepared to take? DUE DILIGENCE AND PROTECTION

Minimising risk is important to protecting your lifestyle investments. Insurance is thus always a consideration, and insurers will provide their own recommendations for minimising the risk of a claim, but some other things to consider are: The art and bloodstock markets are unregulated, and whilst this may give higher chance of good returns, it adds the risk of being conned. Is the asset easily reproduced? Some iconic photography, original

der With Lifestyle Investments film reels or moving images might be, though a stallion less so. Does the passing of time theoretically increase or decrease its value? Maps or stamps can increase in value as national borders change, post-war or due to political turbulence. On the other hand, bloodstock may reduce in value as the animals get less fit or age, and assets connected to iconic personalities could become less valuable as the personality becomes ‘forgotten’ with time. Does the asset class retain stability in times of recession, like wine and gold? For example, there has been a resurgence of people investing in wine and gold post-Brexit. Who are the reputable experts in the field? This is particularly important when storing gold with a storage company, or dealing with auction houses. What legal protection will you need specific to that asset, if any? For example, vehicles must legally be insured unless you have notified the DVLA that it is being kept off the road. KNOW THE TAX IMPLICATIONS

Asset collection is likely to give rise to tax consequences and it is crucial that all implications are understood and acted upon.

Fortunately, one of the positives of lifestyle investments is that they are blessed with a few quirky rules. For example, vehicles can sometimes be classed as ‘wasting assets’ because of their potential for damage and as a consequence could be exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Clocks can be regarded as ‘scientific pieces’ rather than furniture or art, meaning they can sometimes receive favourable tax treatment in terms of import duty and VAT. CONSIDER THE OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE FOR YOUR ASSETS

How you own the assets can significantly affect the tax consequences, so you should decide whether you wish to own these assets in your own name, through a business in which you trade, or some other structure. The sorts of structures which can be appropriate are private companies, family partnerships, trusts, and charities – to name a few. Each structure has its own benefits, so it is worth taking advice as to which best suits your endeavours. TRAVELING OVERSEAS?

Lifestyle investments are nearly always transportable, so you should think about what your intentions for these investments are. Do you intend to sail your boat around the

world? Are you purchasing an asset collection and bringing it to the UK – or vice-versa? You should carefully consider the effect the movement of the assets will have on the taxation of the person or structure which owns those assets. For example, if you are domiciled in the UK or if you are non-UK domiciled, but own assets physically situated in the UK in your name, your asset collection in your estate will be chargeable to Inheritance Tax in the UK. PASSING ASSETS TO FUTURE GENERATIONS

Lifestyle investments are often an emotive, rather than a financial investment. Many people who have art collections or sporting memorabilia hate to think that those assets might be treated without care when they are gone. So take time to think about your succession planning, estate planning and the continuity of your assets – for example, make a Will that is correctly drawn up and is as watertight as possible, so that your bequests are less likely to be challenged. Finally, and most importantly, enjoy whichever asset class you choose to invest in, and make sure it gives you pleasure. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ashley Roberts

Singer, Choreographer, Dancer, Celebrity TV Star and Fashion Designer



SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602


London Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Ashley Roberts about singing, scary jungles, ski jumps and shoes S

At what age did you discover your passion for dancing and singing?

I grew up listening to music, A it was always on in our house. I must have been 3 years old when I started singing in front of the mirror and giving dancing performances in our living room! As the drummer in the S Mamas and Papas, how did your father’s experiences in the limelight alter your perception of fame and the life of a performer? I would say I was lucky

A because my dad’s experiences

charts! We went through a very difficult time towards the end, as the group had meant so much to us but we all knew it was time to move on; taking that step into the unknown was scary. What tips and advice would

S you give to other performers

about how to connect to your audience when you’re up on stage? Don’t try to be someone

A you’re not. The fans love you

for what you stand for, your music, your voice, your lyrics. When you left the Pussycat

S Dolls, what were your

taught me what to expect from working in the music industry; from being business savvy to handling being in the public eye.

driving forces to stay motivated to achieve your goal? Where did your strength and courage come from to stay focused?

When the Pussycat Dolls first S got together, did you have to work on the relationships and connection between each other or did it all come naturally?

The band was a huge A stepping stone for my career in the music industry. I learned a lot, not only about the profession but also about myself; I saw what my strengths were, I discovered my passions and I gave myself time to pursue these. My family has always been supportive of my choices and believes in me as an artist; I can’t stress how important this is when you’re branching out on your own. I also have a great circle of friends that I know I can count on for support, inspiration and a confidence boost!

Some people hit it off from A the very start, I am still very good friends with Kimberly Wyatt and Melody Thornton. Although you can’t please everyone all the time, you can do your best to compromise when it comes to taking collective decisions. We are all different, we have our personal viewpoint and it’s not fair to impose your opinions on anyone. Luckily, music has a language on its own and when your love for music prevails, then you should be able to find a common ground where the whole group can come together. What were your happiest and

S most challenging moments

with the Pussycat Dolls? Is there anything you would do differently? One of the happiest moments

A was when we released PCD

and saw its singles climb the

As a dancer and S choreographer, how do these elements allow you to express other sides to your personality or passions? Dance allows me to express A how I feel with movement, and choreography gives me the power to choose how I want to come across to my audience. I like to think of myself as a free spirit, open-minded and in tune with what’s happening in the world around us.

You were runner up on I’m S a Celebrity... What made you decide to do the show and how would you describe the overall experience of being in the jungle? Ignorance was bliss! Haha! I

A didn’t fully know what I was

going to be up against… I thought it would be fun to do, and it actually was! I met great people on the show who I am still in touch with. The experience gives you the opportunity to test your limits and face situations you never thought you would, such as eating fish eyes or jumping into a tank with fish guts. Before you know it, you find the strength to keep going and end up not feeling squeamish at all. I also realised how much I loved TV. What did you learn about S yourself on the show and why do you think the British public got behind you all the way to second place? I learnt that I can achieve A anything I put my mind to! Being on the show also meant that people saw me for who I am, outside of the Pussycat Dolls. I don’t think the British public knew very much about me and the show changed that; I was just myself, meeting new people and having fun and I guess viewers liked that. What influenced your move

S into TV presenting and what

do you enjoy about being a TV presenter that’s different to being a singer?

I am always up for a new A adventure and stepping into TV presenting seemed a natural next step. Being a TV presenter has similarities to being a singer but it’s challenging in different ways. I will always be grateful that you Brits scooped me up!

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


It’s interesting you say that as

S gratitude is a key component

to personal growth. How have your different roles as a singer, dancer and TV presenter helped you grow and develop as a person? The different paths I have A taken in my career have helped me be who I am now; I have made conscious choices that have enriched my life with experiences, wisdom, friendships and business acumen. There’s so much more I want to achieve but so far I have learned that we can all make a difference if we try hard enough. Your voice and your actions matter, so make them count. I try to tell myself this every day because I want every step in my career to be meaningful. You’ve been a judge on S Dancing on Ice and a guest judge on Let It Shine. How do your personal experiences of being a performer influence your critique on the judging panel and how do you balance being honest & authentic with being positive & motivational? That’s a great question! My A career as a performer really helps when I am judging; I have been there, I have experienced the thrill and the stress that performers deal with and I can identify with their moment in the spotlight. I’d like to think this makes my judgement more holistic, in that I take into account what they might be feeling. When I feedback to them, I have this in mind and I point it out because I want them to know I have seen past their performance. Having been in their shoes, I can be truthful about how well they did and provide genuine advice that will hopefully keep them motivated. Speaking of competition, you S also appeared on The Jump. What made you decide to sign up for the show? Knowing injury was only one wrong move away, how did you stay focused? I have to be honest, it was A one of the most frightening experiences I’ve had! I signed up after talking to Kimberly Wyatt who had appeared in a previous


series of the show. I really thought I could do it, being athletic enough, even though I did not know how to ski; but I found myself scared of each day’s challenges. The skeleton was by far the worst, I thought I wasn’t going to walk away from it in one piece. What kept me going was talking to Kimberly on a daily basis, who would encourage me to keep going. Such an experience stays with you forever and I am grateful I made solid friendships on the show – Stacey and I are still very close. I am also so glad that I learned how to ski and I have the show to thank for that. What would be your advice S to other celebrities facing a similar exhilarating but risky experience on such TV shows? The only thing I would say A to anyone who is considering taking part in a similar experience is to push yourself only so far – make sure you listen to what your body is telling you. Why do you think the British

S public are so fascinated

by reality TV shows and celebrity competitions like I’m a Celebrity and The Jump? And for the celebrity, how does appearing on these shows change your life both on a personal and professional level? I think reality TV shows bring A the celebrities to people’s homes, which is a way of connecting with them. The public also gets to see celebrities do ‘unglamorous’ stuff that takes them out of their comfort zone. Challenges on these shows are definitely a reality check for celebrity participants; they learn a lot about their physical limitations, they experience rejection and criticism if they don’t perform well and they feel they have to live up to their celebrity image. You’ve just launched your own S shoe range ALLYN. What made you decide to get into fashion footwear and where did you seek inspiration from? I simply love shoes, they are A my favourite piece of accessory and so when the idea was born into my head about creating my

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

own line, I poured my heart in it. I was there for the whole thing, every step of the creative and design process; because I wanted to own the collection, I wanted ALLYN to be an inspiration for all women who want to feel empowered. My inspiration came from my love for fashion and shoes in particular, combined with my family’s musical background. I wanted to create a footwear brand so that all women can kick ass in their shoes.


What was the most challenging and most rewarding moments producing the new collection? I started off thinking it would

A be straightforward to turn

an idea into a real shoe but I quickly realised that it takes time and patience to achieve your desired result. I had a great team around me every step of the way that I could bounce ideas off and benefit from their expertise. I am so proud of ALLYN and what we accomplished. I will never forget seeing my collection boxed up ready to be sold! Who are your favourite

S designers and do you have a

go-to style when dressing for a special occasion? I choose my outfit based A on the occasion, provided I always feel comfortable though! I will happily wear a silk dress with the CINDY ankle boot from ALLYN and will not hesitate to wear socks with open toe shoes and boyfriend jeans! I love Alexander Wang, Self Portrait, Balmain; when I hit the high street, I make sure to visit River Island, Zara and Topshop. What is your beauty regime

S and what’s the secret to a beautiful you?

I always remove my make up A before bedtime. I exfoliate twice a week and I use essential oils in my bath. I think the secret to a beautiful you is to sleep well and enough. What you eat is also paramount to your skin; drink plenty, eat foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants and minimise your consumption of processed foods. ALLYN is available exclusively from


Ashley Roberts @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


ACHIE V ING YOUR BE S T Rosi Prescott is CEO of Central YMCA – the world’s first YMCA, founded in 1844 and a leading health and wellbeing charity. Rosi has revolutionise the organisation from ‘an old boys club’ into a charity fit to meet the challenges of the modern-day. We asked Rosi for her three top tips to make 2017 your best year yet.

Rosi Prescott

3 ways to get the most out of 2017 16

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

As far as years go, 2016 wasn’t the easiest. Division and intolerance became rife; tainting EU Referendum campaigns on both sides, as political and economic uncertainty reigned supreme and dominated the news agenda. And, against a messy backdrop of instability and division came more bad news – the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed depression and anxiety rising, and satisfaction with our health, both physical and mental, on a steady decline. 2016 was also a year when we lost pop culture icons who helped shape the world around us through their talents – David Bowie, Prince, Harper Lee, and Carrie Fisher, to name a few. It seemed as if someone in the public eye, someone who had given us our favourite music, literature or films, was passing away on a weekly basis. But if 2016 taught us anything – it’s that we must be resilient. A new year is a new start; now is the time for us to come together and ensure that we make the best of the coming year – if even just for ourselves. Let’s make 2017 the year of our better self. THE HOLY TRINITY OF WELLBEING Research shows us there are three areas which hold the key to happiness: ensuring we are physically active, staying mentally stimulated, and maintaining positive relationships with those around us. If we can be masterful in balancing these, we’re well on our way to achieving our highest sense of self. So, what are some practical tips to help you reach fulfilment in these three key areas?

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN AS WELL AS YOUR BODY When it comes to feeling great, training isn’t just about toning up and getting the physique you’ve always wanted by hammering the gym– there is another type of training we need to be mindful of. Yes, you guessed it – our brains! Research tells us that we feel our most fulfilled when our minds are being stimulated, making this an important requisite in achieving a better, and ultimately happier, you. But how does one go about training their brain exactly? A great way to stimulate your brain is to embrace new experiences. If we take travelling to somewhere new for example, whether that’s a two-week holiday or just a weekend away, a domestic or foreign trip, we are thrust into the unknown and forced to try something different. This is good for the mind and the soul.

But, for most of us, it isn’t possible to globetrot on the regular – commitments prevent us getting around the world in 80 days. The alternative is learning a new skill – something as simple as taking a cooking or language class works wonders for our wellbeing. And, with a vast offer of night-time Life is all classes, or mobile phone apps (if self-teaching about achieving is more your forte), there’s something for everyone.

a healthy balance

CLOSE THAT LAPTOP - AND GET OUTSIDE! It’s no secret that being more physically active leads to a higher sense of wellbeing – the more we exercise, the better we’re likely to feel. But it can be daunting, and expensive, to join a gym so how else can we get active? First thing’s first: Close. That. Laptop. And start to leave work on time. Switch off your emails. Get outside. Stretch your legs and clear your mind. If you travel home on the tube, get off a stop earlier and walk the remainder of the commute. If it’s cold and wet outside and you don’t fancy braving the elements, stick on your favourite album and dance like no one’s watching in the comfort of your own living room. If dancing’s not your thing, there’s a huge range of free exercise tutorials you can find online to help you get active – whether it’s quick bursts of high-intensity cardio or a mellow hour of yoga. Creating a better work/life balance, and ensuring you use your free time wisely by getting active, will boost your sense of self. By the same token, it isn’t about fad diets or benching your bodyweight at the gym, it isn’t about becoming a certain dress size or an Olympian overnight – it’s just about getting moving. As we slowly move on from winter to spring, and the evenings start to get longer, now is the perfect time to start getting out and about – even incorporating a 20-minute post-dinner walk into your evening routine can make a world of difference. Give it a go, you might be surprised by how it makes you feel.

APPROACH RELATIONSHIPS WITH PMA A positive mental attitude (PMA) towards how we interact with and treat our family, friends, loved ones, and even colleagues is important for our wellbeing. W ­ hen we have positive relationships with those around us, our sense of self is at its highest. However, this isn’t always easy and a constraint which inhibits our ability to be with our loved ones is time. Being short on time can often lead to pangs of guilt if we feel like we are neglecting those around us. It’s important to make time for those close to you to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy, positive relationship with them. But the onus is on ourselves to be proactive in ensuring we are making time – no one else can do it for us! We can also work to boost our wellbeing through our interactions with others by meeting and spending time with like-minded people with whom we share interests. Taking up a new hobby is one way to do this, as is volunteering in your local community or with a charity of your choice. You’ll be able to meet people who hold similar interests or values as you – this can help spark new friendships and in turn help one to foster a better sense of self. IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE This year, we need to focus on wellbeing and make strides towards a healthy balance between being physically active, staying mentally-stimulated and maintaining positive relationships with those around us. If we can do this, we’re well on our way to achieving a state ancient Greek philosophers called ‘Eudaimonia’ – human flourishing. Focus on making time for yourself – take a break from getting caught up in the stresses of everyday life and place more value in ‘me time’. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Kylie Minogue Gets Framed



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This February, pop sensation and style icon Kylie Minogue unveiled her first ever eyewear collection, exclusive to Specsavers. The elegant yet edgy collection features 25 glasses and five prescription sunglasses. Each frame features a striking angled temple and her iconic ‘K’ tag for a chic but understated hint of Kylie glamour. In this special Q&A, Kylie offers her top tips and thinking behind the new eyewear range. What was it like designing your new eyewear

S collection?

the glasses has been a fabulous K Designing experience. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the idea of modern classics, popular shapes and styles that suit most people, but with my own personal twist on them. Why was it important to include petite styles in

S the collection?

know what it’s like searching for glasses and K Inot being able to find any that fit. We’ve really made sure there’s something in there for everyone!

S Are you long-sighted or short-sighted?

Do you have any future plans for your glasses

S range with Specsavers?

love to bring back the glasses chain. I have K I’d a very cool friend in Paris, a real artist and she wears her glasses round her neck on a chain.

S Who are your style icons? Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn and the K Audrey classics but I think you can pick a style icon from every decade, for example Lauren Hutton – she walked out on a catwalk recently and looked amazing! What’s your top tip for applying make-up when

S wearing glasses?

you’re wearing lenses that make your eyes K If look smaller, then do a bigger smoky eye!

S What are your favourite glasses from the range? would be like choosing your favourite K That child! I do like Kylie 15 though. They are a very classic shape and slightly more masculine and edgy. There’s a much more sexy vibe here too with the little bit of sparkle on the side. These frames are great for taking you from day to evening.

I’m long-sighted so if I don’t wear them for

does your fiancé Josh think about your S What new glasses range?

S glasses?

How old were you when you started wearing

says ‘I think I prefer you in glasses!’ I K Josh think he likes me without them as well though!

didn’t need to wear glasses when K II certainly was 21 but I’m at an age now where we all

He was very excited when I first said I was doing a glasses range with Specsavers and has said he’s really proud of it.

K reading, I’ll definitely feel the strain!

do need them to see anything! They’re part of my everyday life now.


How did you feel when you first found out that you needed glasses?

I started wearing glasses more regularly K When I was genuinely surprised, then relieved. I thought everyone would make a big deal out of it but actually I was delighted by how many people said that they loved me in glasses – and that was men and women.

S Would you wear glasses on your wedding day? Definitely! Especially to check it’s the right

K person I’m marrying!

Kylie Minogue Eyewear range is available at Specsavers branches throughout London and nationwide.

How do you express yourself with your

S glasses?

to continually change my look, so having K Ia love real mixture of styles is definitely something that works for me. Often you want to be able to combine that functional day-to-day look with a little more glamour for the evening. What I like to call a hint of subtle bling! Do you think there is a stigma attached to

S wearing glasses?

is definitely no stigma attached to K There wearing glasses any more. My glasses are now an everyday accessory for me. There’s so much choice now to enhance your look.

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Female & Male Hair Loss SLOAN! asked leading Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver Director of The Cotswold Trichology Centre and Theradome GB for her expert advice for achieving better hair and its relevance to men & women as causes of hair loss may not be the same between the sexes “Hair Loss is distressing for both men and women. For women, beautiful hair is a symbol of femininity and many women feel their sexual appeal is taken away from them when their hair thins. An estimated 1 in 4 women will suffer hair loss at some point in their lives and over 50% of men will see significant hair changes by the time they reach middle age which can affect confidence and cause unwanted stress” says Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver. The causes of hair loss are not always the same for women as men, therefore the steps to better hair may also vary. The following are SallyAnn’s key suggestions for achieving better hair and their relevance to men or women. NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES, THYROID IMBALANCE & BLOOD TESTS Unexplained hair loss can be an initial symptom of health changes. Therefore the first step should be to test for some of the most common reasons; Ferritin, vitamin B12, vitamin D and Thyroid imbalance can be blood tested and the results compared with optimum levels. Heavy periods, vegetarianism or regular blood donation can lead to low serum Ferritin, the protein that stores iron in the body. Low iron is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in young women with hair thinning. However, low Zinc is more common in men. Vitamin B12 and D are relatively common deficiencies in diffuse hair loss sufferers. Reasonable dietary B12 can only be obtained from animal sources which is why the deficiency is common in Vegetarians. Once considered rare, pernicious anaemia


(the autoimmune form of B12 deficiency) is treated with injections. Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise as 85% is made via our skin during sun exposure. Over recent times we have become educated on sun exposure; to cover up, seek shade and use high SPF to prevent burning, hence the increase in deficiency rates. Thyroid conditions, particularly hypothyroidism can cause thinning hair and is common in postmenopausal women. The condition also causes hair to become dry, lead to brittle nails, weight gain and tiredness. Hypothyroidism is monitored and treated by your GP; it is a fine balance to get the level right before hair will improve. Relevance to Women: Very relevant for all women. Relevance to Men: These imbalances less commonly cause hair loss in men but are still worth ruling out, particularly if you are vegetarian, suffer nerve related symptoms, are tired or see little daylight. ASSESS YOUR DIET & LIFESTYLE Hair is considered a barometer of health so no surprises poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle contribute to its decline. Keratin, the sulphur containing protein that hair is made of relies on dietary protein for its composition. Thus a low protein will result in finer weaker hair and in more extreme cases colour changes or lightening. Optimum dietary protein is dependent on size, age, gender and activity level. The easiest way to calculate your needs is via an online calculator but be mindful,

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most calculate combined total dietary protein rather than complete protein – which is more essential and useful to hair growth. Relevance to Women: Women tend to have lower protein diets and skip meals due to busy lives. Dieting should not affect hair growth if weight loss comes by healthy eating. However, severe calorie restriction over a long period of time often causes a proportion of hair follicles to shut down in an attempt to conserve energy. Hair needs energy to grow, just like any other part of the human body. Relevance to Men: Although diet is less relevant in male hair loss it can still be a factor in the acceleration of male pattern baldness. Men tend to be relatively good with protein due to the caveman instinct but poorer with “five a day”, particularly men who cook for themselves. GET EXPERT ADVICE If you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning or your scalp is more visible, don’t ignore it – seek advice. A Trichologist can help determine the cause and set you on the right track to regaining your hair or at least help make suggestions to slow down the decline. Often there are multiple factors involved, a Trichologist should be able to look at the whole picture and suggest a plan of action. Relevance to Women: Women’s hair loss tends to be more complicated than men’s, which makes self diagnosis difficult. Relevance to Men: Men’s hair loss tends to be easier to diagnose but an expert can advise


Sally-Ann Tarver uses her many years of experience and learning to understand the complexity of hair and scalp disease to advise her patients on Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, male baldness, female hair loss, sudden hair loss, itchy flaky scalp conditions, hair damage and condition issues. In conjunction with expert advice on hair loss and scalp problems, she also offers a wig supply and fitting service. For more information, please visit and

Sally-Ann Tarver

which treatments will be most beneficial dependent on your current hair state. WHAT IF HAIR LOSS IS NOT A DIET OR LIFESTYLE PROBLEM? If you think your hair loss is more of a hereditary problem, then supplements, diet and lifestyle changes will be of little help. There are a number of treatments on the market for hereditary hair loss or Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). Prescription medication for AGA in men is widely used but carry a small risk of side effects. Topical treatments such as certain lotions and foams work by increasing nitric oxide in the scalp to cause Vasodilation (increased blood flow), thereby stimulating hair growth. Laser phototherapy (LPT) has recently found favour in the fight against hereditary hair loss and also

increases nitric oxide. LPT’s light energy stimulates hair growth, as well as improving hair shaft quality with little risk of side effects. Until recently laser phototherapy was expensive and time consuming with laser clinics being the only option for treatment. A number of home-use lasers are available on the market with Theradome’s 80 laser helmet coming closest to a clinic strength treatment. ( Relevance to Women: Prescription medications are not available for long- term use in Female AGA. Topical treatments and lasers can be used together or separately. However many women find laser therapy more user friendly as no product is applied to the hair. It appears to be relatively effective in post-menopausal women particularly

in the absence of any other underlying factors. Relevance to Men: It is important to be reasonable about expectations from hair loss treatments. The effective treatment of AGA in men is really determined by age and speed of thinning. A man in his 30’s or older who notices the early signs of hair thinning should see a benefit in using either topical treatment, lasers or a combination of the two. If younger and hair is rapidly disappearing, it would be wise to begin prescription medication and a combination of topical treatment, laser therapy or all three for the best chance of stopping the loss and regrowing hair. It is essential to treat early as once hair growth potential is exhausted the only option is surgery!

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Ex p e r tAd vi c e

Diabetes On The Rise FRANKIE BROGAN Nutritionist at Pharma Nord Frankie Brogan (ANutr. M.Sc.) holds a Master’s in Human Nutrition with Ulster University which is celebrated for its work in nutritional research. He is an associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (AfN), which holds the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) and promotes professional, ethical and evidence-based practice amongst its members. He joined Pharma Nord this year and has over 10 years’ experience in the industry.

DIABETES IS ON THE INCREASE Sugar is headline news, nearly ever day there is another story outlining the danger of sugar on the country’s health. It doesn’t help that sugar could be seen as an addictive substance, resulting in the release of mood enhancing substances (serotonin and beta endorphin neurotransmitters) in the brain. Whether it’s in the form of sweet treats, processed foods or drinks the result of excessive intake is the same; one third of the UK population are now classified as pre-diabetic. In fact, research from Diabetes UK showed that in 2016 the number of people living with diabetes reached over 4 million, an increase of more than 65% over the past decade. It is also thought that there are over half a million people with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes. WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SAYS The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recently stated that sugar is the number one nutritional issue, this follows on from research by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN). Both recommend that the amount of sugar consumed needs to reduce to help address the growing obesity and diabetes crises and to reduce the risk of tooth decay. The high intake of dietary sugar, as well as increasing the risk of Type 2 diabetes also increases the risk of stroke, heart disease and even some cancers, and is also (in part) responsible for the rising levels of obesity. DIETARY CONSIDERATIONS Many risk factors for the occurrence of type 2 diabetes are out of our hands, such as age, ethnicity and family history. Luckily, what we eat is in our control and these dietary changes can help us limit our risk. In terms of sugar consumption, the World Health Organisation has recommended that daily sugar


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intakes should be no more than 5% of total calorie intake (approximately 25g/day for an adult). Starchy carbohydrates (wholegrain breads, whole wheat pasta, brown rice etc) are generally more slowly absorbed than their counterparts, making you feel fuller for longer and steadying blood sugar levels. Adequate fruit and vegetable intake is vital, but the emphasis should be on vegetables. Vegetables offer a high density of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and typically low intrinsic sugar. Fibre rich foods, healthy fats (such as oily fish) and lean protein are all healthy additions to a diet. More information can be found at TYPE 2 DIABETES AND OBESITY If you’re overweight or obese, you may be at higher risk of type two diabetes, as the pancreas struggles to produce enough insulin for the body’s needs. Fat tissue stored around the abdomen especially contributes to diabetes risk as it is considered highly hormonally active. This tissue has been shown to produce pro-inflammatory compounds known as cytokines, which can cause pancreatic issues including diabetes. Working towards reducing this excess weight through exercise and healthy eating choices can significantly lower you diabetes risk. If you’re unsure if you’re classified as overweight or not, seek a health professional such as your GP for an accurate measurement. Most health professionals will take a BMI measurement, but this is falling out of favour as it doesn’t take into account lean muscle mass (so athletic and muscular individuals may be incorrectly read as overweight or obese)! The hip to waist ratio measurement is a much more accurate measurement for obesity, is inexpensive, non invasive and is becoming a more popular method of assessment with health practitioners.

Be Su g a r Sm a r t To calculate your waist-to-hip ratio you need to measure your hips, measure your waist and divide the waist number by the hip number. According to the NHS, a ratio of 1.0 or more in men or 0.85 or more in women indicates you are carrying too much weight around the abdomen. WHAT YOU CAN DO TO REDUCE YOUR RISK There are natural steps that can be taken to control blood glucose levels and to ensure that we can make the most of available sugars in our foods. Research published in Panminerva Medica in June 2014 showed that an extract of maqui berries known as Delphinol® can lower blood glucose, by reducing the speed at which glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract. The active ingredient delphinidin was shown to inhibit the sodium glucose co-transporter (SGLT), which facilitates the uptake of glucose from food into the intestinal tissue and the blood, thus avoiding the sharp spikes in blood sugar which can result following eating. CHROMIUM DEFICIENCY? The role of the trace mineral Chromium (found in small quantities of green leafy vegetables, poultry and nuts) in blood glucose management is well established. High blood sugar can also be a sign of chromium deficiency, and it can even resemble diabetes. Adequate chromium intakes are necessary for optimum function of insulin and therefore, blood sugar regulation.

Chromium status in individuals is difficult to determine, as there’s no biochemical marker that can reliably determine a person’s chromium status. When choosing to supplement with chromium, chloride or picolinate forms are common and typically have very low bioavailability (0.5-2%), meaning poor absorption from tablet to bloodstream. ChromoPrecise®, a type of chromium yeast with up to ten times the bioavailability of chloride or picolinate forms, has been approved by The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) after extensive investigation. It has also been confirmed that ChromoPrecise® helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels. BE SUGAR SMART The unique solution for blood sugar management from Pharma Nord Bio-Gluco Control utilises both Delphinol® and ChromoPrecise® in a double action formula to make more efficient use of the sugar available in foods. It is recommended for those wishing to maintain a healthy weight; people suffering from fatigue and/or loss of concentration; those wishing to avoid energy highs and lows; and individuals dieting who need assistance to reduce cravings for sugary foods/carbohydrates and/or to prolong time between hunger pangs. For more information please visit

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Expert Style Your Kitchen Advice

Interior designer Lauren Gilberthorpe shares seven simple suggestions to help you bring style to the culinary heart of your home - your kitchen! Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors provides full service interior design throughout the Cotswolds and nationwide. Lauren oversees all of the projects creating stylish, timeless interiors with warmth, dedication and passion. Get ready for seven steps to inspire you to create the stylish kitchen of your dreams. STEP 1 - PURGE!

Lauren Gilberthorpe

Kitchen worktops are one of the most difficult spaces to style. So often now the kitchen is the hub of the home and with this comes endless amounts of charging cables, bills, paperwork and homework files. Not to mention kitchen appliances, utensils and cookbooks. The kitchen, more than any other room, needs to be practical first and foremost. The kitchen counter needs to serve a valuable purpose and so counter space needs to be kept clear and practical for the preparation of food. This means that styling it with items that are fragile or likely to get stained is not really a very sensible option.

Lauren Gilberthorpe creates stylish timeless kitchen interiors with warmth, dedication and passion.


The first stage to styling your space is to purge! Think of it as a spring clean and move everything that you have onto one space, such as your kitchen table or island. This way, you can completely start from scratch as re-assess each item for its own merit. You may notice you have some appliances that have been gathering dust on the counter that could be dismantled and tidied away out of sight. As well as noticing which practical items aren’t needed, you will be able to start to re-style the space with a clean slate STEP 2 - CREATE GROUPINGS

Create groupings of objects to avoid your surfaces looking too cluttered. Using trays to ground the objects will make it look more thought out. You can group together various items, from vases and glass jars to cookery books. A small rule of thumb is to never include items smaller than a mug unless they are part of a larger collection as items this small can end up looking cluttered. On shelves, remember that books don’t need to be stacked vertically all of the time. In fact, they can look great horizontally with perhaps a ‘topper’ such as a bowl or plant on the top. If you have a strong colour scheme in your kitchen and one of your cookery books doesn’t suit the scheme, try removing the sleeve to see what the cover is underneath.

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When it comes to styling, bringing the outside in is always a good idea. Nothing brings life to a space quicker than a bit of green in the form of a houseplant. Whether it’s succulents, a fig leaf tree or some fresh potted herbs,, you can’t really go wrong with incorporating some greenery to inject some colour and life. As well as plants, add in wooden elements such as chopping boards against the backsplash to add height and warmth.


If in doubt, I say go bigger! Scale can make a huge difference – I’d much rather have one big, impressive item than a group of small cluttered pieces. If you have a large kitchen island it can be tricky to style this without feeling like the decorative items are getting in the way. Consider using large glass vases as they add scale without being overpowering. Long wooden bowls filled with fruit look great along a long island.. Try to remember when choosing the items that they should look good when they are empty as well, I like using natural teak bowls for their interesting shapes and textures. STEP 5 - BE PERSONAL

Create vignettes that reflect your personality. There’s nothing wrong

with using a look you love as inspiration, but be sure your add personal touches that give clues about who you are, not just your favourite shop. Lean artwork against the backsplash (away from the hob and sink) or on shelves behind stacked crockery. Have a large noticeboard made with a fabric of your choice and fill it with family photographs and notes or install a large blackboard for family doodles and shopping lists. STEP 6 - THINK PRACTICALLY

The kitchen does, first and foremost, have to be practical but keep an eye out for ways that you can make these practical elements more stylish. Store oils and utensils near to the stove but keep the utensils uniform by perhaps only sticking to one or two finishes (for example, wood and stainless steel). Find a nice container to keep beside the sink to store dishcloths

and sponges in. Glass jars are a lovely way to have essential ingredients right at your fingertips – use them to store things such as pasta, rice and flour. STEP 7 - EDIT

Finally, edit. You won’t get it right first time, it may take a few different re-shuffles before you are happy with the finished result. Stand back, assess and edit. Live with it for a while, or go and have a cup of tea and come back to it if you feel you’re going cross eyed! Know that less is more. Be careful not to over accessorize every corner – the blank space around a home is as important as the spaces where you have grouped items together. There is a famous Coco Chanel quote about taking off the last piece of jewellery you put on and I think this applies when styling in the home too!

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Dress Your Table For Spring Longer days and warmer weather set the stage for any spring gathering whether it’s inviting friends over for a casual brunch or going all out with a formal dinner party decorated in a soft pastel palette. From fresh flowers to found objects, there are many easy DIY projects you can take inspiration from to decorate your seasonal get together! Here are a few springtime suggestions to get you started. FLOWER POWER Dress up your place settings with a few fresh flowers. The bright flowers of spring can enliven your table and double up as a seasonal centrepiece at the same time. Keep it simple by using kilner jars to hold just a few stems each, creating the perfect addition to your spring table. Lilacs, peonies, water lilies and viburnum make for a sweet and stunning display. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAIL It can be fun to think outside the box when coming up with new ideas to impress your guests around the dinner table and one way to achieve this is with the smaller details. Try experimenting with herbs adding a sprig of lavender or rosemary to each individual napkin or using them as a non-traditional centre piece. This will also bring a light scent to the room and will stand out over cut flowers.

We are all very used to seeing the ubiquitous spring pastels in flower arrangements, chocolate boxes and ribbons, so why not add a modern edge to these shades? Pastels, creams and white bring the softness that is associated with spring but you can always be bolder and reflect the popping daffodils with brighter yellows, pinks and vibrant greens. CENTRE STAGE Your friends or family are going to notice your centrepiece so make it interesting! Picking up striking ceramics in your spring colour scheme draws attention to your homeware and can be coordinated with whatever floral arrangement you choose to go with. To fit the seasonal theme why not fill these with chocolate eggs to keep the kids happy! SOFT TOUCH Spring and softness go hand in hand so it is important to bring some gentle texture to your table, avoid dark slate or angled wood and instead opt for the rounder softer touch. To do this try using place mats or cloth napkins, round wicker place mats and burlap napkins can add a whimsical feel to the table. Whether it’s a celebration with friends or a baby or bridal shower, spring parties are the perfect time to focus on beautiful table centrepieces and decorations.

BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS Mandy Soames is Sales & Marketing There are several ways you can Director at Antler Homes. add colour to your table for spring. 26 SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

MICROPLANE MASTER SERIES Microplane, the first company to apply photo-etching technology to graters, has launched the Master Series – a stylish collection of stainless steel graters that have been beautifully crafted, with an elegant walnut handle, to deliver optimum control and performance. Inspired by Microplane’s heritage and expertise of woodworking tools, the Master Series has been meticulously engineered to deliver durability, flawless performance and contemporary design.

The chic Master Series collection is available in FIVE blade styles for specific grating results. The ultra-sharp blades or teeth - made in the USA behave like sharp knives to cut with precision and to unearth the wonderful natural aroma of ingredients. The Master Series benefits from a sturdy, heavy-duty stainless steel frame and an elegant walnut handle sourced from Kentucky, USA to deliver optimum grating results. The Microplane Master Series is available from selected cookshops nationwide & Divertimenti



4 5 6 7


1. Dragons of Walton Street, Dragons Townhouse, £2,650

SLOAN! selects our ten favourite

luxury home furnishings from the new spring collections


2. And So To Bed, Chemille Upholstered Chair £2,250 3. Christopher Wray, Asteroid Copper Table Lamp £1,275 4. LG SIGNATURE, OLED TV, 77” from £19,999 5. Chamberlain & Co, Heritage Garden Collection, from £7,195 to £22,895 6. Natural History Museum Shop, Hand-Decorated Butterfly Chest of Drawers, £800.00 7. Joanna Wood, Louis XVI Style Dog Bed £409 8. I&JL Brown, Round Aged Silver Leaf Mirror £395 9. Thomas Kent Clocks, Royal Yacht Club 20inch wall clock, £95 10. Hyde & Sleep, Memory Foam Pillow, £89



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expert advice

Choosing The Perfect Artwork For Your Home Beneath St Paul’s by Andrew Hood

So whether you’re buying purely for pleasure or hoping to make a wise investment, the most important thing is to find something that will bring you joy for years to come. The most important art buying advice we can share is to buy what you love and what excites you! To help you buy with confidence, here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to finding the perfect piece: TRUST YOUR TASTE

With an array of artists, mediums and styles to choose from, the art world can seem a little daunting at first. Knowing where to go and how to select the right piece for you is particularly tricky if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Get out

ir Fa rt A se le he ab t rd on sk ffo red e A e A atu th le th fe see rtic on sts se t a ! ls ti a er N ai ar le p A et he s p Ex LO ne r d d t ge he S nli Fo an pa T on O

We all have that desire to make our house a home and purchasing a piece of original art is the perfect way to make that leap. Curating a personal collection of art really is what lifts your house into a truly unique home that reflects your style and personality. Collecting original, contemporary art from practicing artists also creates a fantastic talking point with friends and family. The art we surround ourselves with is an expression of who we are, and can provide an escape from our everyday stresses.

and see art in person, head to your local gallery and scour their collection to see what moves you. Art fairs are also a fabulous opportunity to see a huge variety of art all in one afternoon, as well as offering a wealth of information from the gallerists and artists themselves. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to find the styles of work that inspire you, and you’ll soon hone in on your personal taste and preference. Just be sure to keep a note of all the things that catch your eye along the way! Pick up a few art books if you want to learn more about different techniques and mediums, and there is an endless source of inspiration to be found on social media through both Pinterest and Instagram. KEEP YOUR BUDGET IN MIND

By walking around an art fair you’ll soon get an understanding of the art market and how much certain pieces cost. As a starting point, an original piece by a well-known artist will always cost more than an editioned piece from an emerging talent – though that’s not to say it wouldn’t rise in value in the coming years. It’s always good practice to set yourself a budget, however, don’t worry if you fall in love with something a little over budget! A lot of galleries offer instalments or are members of Own Art, a fantastic scheme that allows you to pay off your purchase over several months, interest free.


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Set in Stone by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

Magnolias by Delphine Lebourgeois

them with new artwork. A selection of works hung in a salon style will look quite different to one large piece that can commands the whole room’s attention. If you have a particular space in mind, take some measurements before you begin your search and bring some photos along with you to the gallery or fair. This will help you to visualize how the piece will look in your home. BEGIN YOUR COLLECTION WITH A CLICK

Visiting the websites of different galleries or art fairs can give you access to artists you never would have found by wandering into the galleries in your home town. To get a better idea of how the piece might look in the flesh be sure to note the materials and dimensions and feel free to get in touch with the gallerist to answer any questions you might have before committing.



Original artwork has the potential to add something new or unexpected to a room, so don’t feel like you have to choose a piece that matches any of your décor - an unexpected pop of colour can add personality and refresh an interior and is a great way to totally change the look and feel of a space. Whilst art always looks brilliant against classic cream or grey, if you’re a little braver of heart, you could always take a tip from the top galleries and use a strong palette of dark blues, greens and mauves to really offset your pieces and create an elegant feel – black and white prints look particularly stunning against deeply coloured walls.


Find out where the artist studied and how widely they have exhibited since graduating, but don’t be put off if an artist is self-taught - find out what they have been doing over the years, when they started out and where they have exhibited. An artist who is committed will continue to put all their energies into their career, no matter where they studied. If they have been picked up by other collectors, museums or been shortlisted for prizes this can also boost their recognition and the desirability of their work.

Amelia by Maria Rivans


It can help to have some practical considerations in mind. Think about the spaces in your home, what you use them for, and how you could enhance

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Yellow Fall by Judith Symons


A garden room designed from scratch gives you the freedom to include everything you desire in the perfect home office.

Design the Perfect Office in Your Garden By James Willmott, director & co-founder of Harrison James Contemporary Garden Rooms With more and more people opting to work from home it’s important to separate home and work life. It’s therefore important to create a dedicated office space away from the distractions of the house where you can really focus. Why not install a bespoke garden office which will remove the stress and cost of commuting and enable you to work efficiently and add value to your property in the long run. Here are some key considerations... CONSIDER THE UTILITIES The utilities you will need to create a functioning and comfortable space, such as electricity, internet and plumbing, will ultimately determine the internal layout of the office. The placement of utilities like plug sockets will affect where you’re able to place furniture and computers. Under floor heating means you don’t have to take up wall space with radiators which allows you to position furniture, such as desks, against the walls of


the garden room. I would always recommend LED lighting as this not only prevents your garden room from getting too hot but will also give you enormous savings on your energy bills. LIMIT THE WINDOWS Many people ask for multiple windows in order to create a light and airy space, however, without careful planning, this can result in a room that gets too hot in the warmer months. To construct a garden office that is usable all year round, include some opening windows for airflow purposes and ensure computer and TV screens are positioned away from the glare of the sun. BLEND EXTERIOR INTO GARDEN Spend time thinking about how your garden office will fit in with its surroundings. Although it is a workspace, you don’t want a building to look like a commercial office, especially as it is likely to be visible from the house. Use plants to soften any straight lines and landscape the

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area around the building so that it blends in with the rest of the garden. CREATE A VERSATILE SPACE Quality garden rooms are built to last; therefore we always recommend that you consider how you can use it in the long term and how it’s purpose may change over time as this can be reflected in the design. While your immediate need might be for a dedicated work environment, in a few years’ time it may be that you use the space as a guest bedroom, a home gym or as a place to entertain. As garden rooms can add an average of £30,000 to property prices, it is also worth remembering that by creating a versatile space, the garden room will appeal to future buyers when the time comes to sell. This can be done by adding features such as decking at the front of the building and bi-folding doors, which aren’t necessarily needed for a garden office, but help transition the space from garden to room and give the impression of a huge open area.

Designing a garden room from scratch gives you the freedom to include all of the features and finishes you desire. Being able to tailor the design of the office to your personal and professional needs enables you to create a productive and comfortable working area from the comfort of your garden. Harrison James Garden Rooms designs and builds bespoke premium garden rooms, creating innovative spaces to enhance lifestyles and improve the use and value of properties. For more information please visit

James Willmott

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Techtastic Treats

SLOAN! brings you our favourite technology and gadgets to help take your life to the next level


BAKKER ELKHUIZEN S-BOARD 840 Lightweight, thin and compact, the S-Board 840 Design USB Compact Keyboard uses scissor mechanism keys for a pleasurable typing feeling and the small size puts the mouse within easy reach putting less strain on the shoulder and forearm. It costs £63.54 from


SOL REPUBLIC Allowing you to switch between 2 Bluetooth devices so you can stay connected to your phone, the Shadow Wireless offers an easyto-access microphone & 3-button remote to control your calls, music and volume with a 10 metre wireless range. £99.99 from HMV retailers nationwide


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ADATA SD700 EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE The ADATA SD700 durable external hard drive represents the first time 3D NAND SSD has achieved IP68 dust and water proof specifications in addition to militarygrade shock proofing, all thanks to a tough protective enclosure and meticulous testing. It is also very light, weighing just 100g for easy mobility. £159 / 512GB and £99 / 256GB from Amazon.


VORWERK KOBOLD VR200 ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER Ideal for the über modern home office, the VR200 uses 60-degree laser navigation to scan the room 1,800 times per second, create a precise map and memorise it. A handy schedule function means you can set the VR200 to clean while you are away from home, and the 90 minute battery life means it can clean up to 120sqm on a single charge. £749 from


NEXTBASE 412GW DASH CAM Nextbase has released its highest image quality dashboard camera. The 412GW is capable of capturing footage in unprecedented QUAD 1440p HD, four times that of standard 720p HD, delivering stunning image quality at 30 frames per second. This makes it perfect for capturing footage of outstanding quality that can provide crucial evidence in the event of an accident. 29 of the UK’s major insurers now accepting incar camera footage as part of an insurance claim. The Nextbase 412GW is available at £129 from selected UK Halfords stores or online at and


CORKCICLE TUMBLER This unique Tumbler has been hand crafted from triple insulated stainless steel to keep your beverage hot for up to 3 hours. So there’s no need for your tea or coffee to disappoint you and go cold while you’re busy working at your desk. The clear lid allows you to see how much of your drink is left and the non-slip bottom prevents spillage. It is also shatterproof, so you can take it on your daily commute to work with peace-of-mind it won’t break if dropped. £22 from


DUBLEUP POWER BANK The Dubleup power bank offers a truly portable solution to your charging issues. Being the same size as your average credit card, it can easily be popped into your purse or wallet so is readily available to charge your phone whether at work, on the move or whilst travelling. The ultra-light and ultra-thin design means you will hardly know you are carrying it so it won’t weighing you down. Stylish as well as portable, it is available in a choice of gold, silver and black with versions for both iPhones and Android devices. The LED power indicator displays your battery level and charge status. It has also met worldwide safety approvals and is Apple Certified giving you peace of mind. Find out more online at



GTECH AIRRAM MK2 & MULTI MK2 The new powerfully efficient AirRam MK2 (£199) delivers 40-minutes high performance cleaning from each 4-hour charge. In international cleaning tests, it outperforms the UK’s best-selling, cordless vacuums across all surfaces. The redesigned dirt collection system allows for cleaner emptying, while the patented AirLOC system and width LED searchlights take the new AirRam MK2 to the next level. The enhanced Gtech Multi cordless handheld (£149) is perfect for cleaning all the hard to reach places in the home and now boosts 30% more power with an independently powered head with a rotating brush bar which is pick up pet hair. Both available for £299 from

PENCLIC KB3 KEYBOARD & D3 MOUSE The simple sleek design of Penclic’s ergonomic KB3 mini keyboard combines contemporary design, superior ergonomics and function without sacrificing comfort for size. The optimal 5 mm profile and ergonomic design decreases strain on the wrists, which also serves to counteract and reduce RSI. It works for Win, iOS and Android and connects via Bluetooth or corded connection. £79.99 from The Penclic D3 corded mouse is suitable for both left and right handers. The D3 features left and right mouse buttons as well as a central scroll wheel which doubles as a middle click button. Suitable for both Mac and PC. £49.99 from



The Solace LX is a perfect combination of sleek, modern styling fused with high impact protection. The genuine back leather plate is paired with hand polished, aircraft grade aluminium top and bottom crowns for all round protection. This case doesn’t just look elegant, it features a liner system to suspend and cushion your iPhone to help keep it secure from damage. The Solace LX has passed the US Military drop spec test, and with a tough luxe coating, it is scratch and corrosion resistant to keep your phone looking sophisticated at all times. The Solace LX from Element Case costs £69.95 and is available from



BAKKER ELKHUIZEN ERGO Q-260 The Ergo Q-260 is a portable, aluminium, award winning design notebook stand, featuring a pivotable patented inline document holder, with a slim and lightweight profile and stable rubber anti-slip feet. Available for £122.39 from


S+ BY RESMED The S+ is the world’s first and only non-contact, fully comprehensive sleep tracking system, which features patent-protected SleepSensor technology. It makes it possible to track, analyse and improve sleep without a wristband or electrodes. The S+ improves sleep from the very first night and results show that below-average sleepers slept an extra 45 minutes each night after just one week’s use of the S+ making it ideal for sleep deprived business executives. The S+ costs £129.95 from Amazon and John Lewis.

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Rebecca Jackso


Entrepreneur, racing driver and TV presenter Rebecca Jackson talks to SLOAN! Magazine about what to look out for when buying a car worth over £75,000 Our cars, especially in the UK, not only provide us with a convenient solution to get from A to B but they’re also, in a lot of cases, an extension of ourselves; a nod to the world that things are going well and that we’re winning at this thing called life. As emotive as buying a house, the purchase of a new car is not something to be taken lightly, especially if you’re one of those people fortunate enough to afford a luxury car.

are often fitted with larger wheel rims that have lower profile and therefore stiffer tyres. These may look great but can make the ride harsh and uncomfortable, crashing over every pothole. Request an extended test drive on the roads where you will be driving most. Some manufacturers have sports suspension options; see if you can try cars with and without this option to determine what is right for your style of driving.

making sure you can fit a couple of bags in the boot is worth checking ahead of any luxury car purchase. If you have small children, how easy it is to reach into the back to fasten their seat belts and can they see out of the windows? Will the baby buggy fit in the boot? Consider features such as automatic boot openers that will open the hatch when you have your hands full. Little things can make a big difference.

If you’re currently in the market for a new motor and you’re blessed with a healthy-sized budget, I’ve pulled together some tips on what to look out for when surveying the automotive landscape.

If you are spending a significant amount of money on and a fair amount of time in any new car, you need to make sure the seats and driving position feel comfortable and hold you correctly in all the right places. Are the pedals aligned or do they cause you discomfort. Again take a drive and see if you get to your destination feeling refreshed or bent out of shape?

Think also about if the car you buy will fit the parking space at work or at home. Some of today’s large SUVs are a handful in car parks and back streets so make sure it fits your lifestyle.

RIDE QUALITY The key to any good car is its ride quality and you wouldn’t be wrong to expect a higher degree of finesse when you’re behind the wheel of a luxury car. It’s the sign of a good car to experience a smooth ride quality, seamless gear changes and effortless steering. Luxury cars are often so comfortable and so enjoyable to drive that once you’ve experienced them you’ll find it difficult to revert to a more humble automobile. Luxury cars


THINK PRACTICAL It’s something I come across time and time again. People fall in love with the look of their cars before they’ve considered the practicalities of the thing. For example, it’s surprising how many luxury hybrids have particularly minuscule boot capacities. Not that this should be a deal breaker but

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FULLY LOADED When purchasing a luxury car, you need to look carefully at the standard equipment list. It’s an oft-experienced frustration that certain features you expect to come as standard are bundled together in expensive option packages. Features such as metallic paint, reversing cameras and leather upholstery are frequently offered as extra-cost options which can significantly increase the total cost of your purchase but they can also increase sales value. That beige car

Luxury Car Buyer’s Guide

with fabric seats might seem very good value next to the black car with leather interior but when it comes to selling the car, you might find you’ll get much more and it will be significantly easier to sell too! There are certain optional extras, especially in the active safety area, that are worth the added investment. Cross-traffic alerts, collisionmitigation systems and blind-spot monitoring can sometimes add to the bottom line but they are definitely worth the extra cost because they can offer you a safer journey and in some cases, might help reduce insurance premiums. Be sure to insist that the salesperson talks you through any features or technologies you’re unsure of and ask for a demonstration before making your final decision. BE ENTERTAINED Most luxury cars offer their occupants an outstanding audio experience. Often luxury cars will be paired with premium audio brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Mark Levinson and Bowers and Wilkins. Demand from customers has constantly risen within the premium audio market and it’s no less important when referring to in-

car audio quality. We spend so much time in our cars that the infotainment system is critical. Make sure you can connect your phone easily so you can use it safely. Most new cars come with navigation as standard. The digital maps in cars can go out of date, so see if you can get free map updates or confirm that the map has been recently updated. NEW OR USED When buying a new car, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to buying both new or used. With a new car, you get to choose the colour, trim level, optional extras and even in some cases the suspension setup. You’ll also be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty should you experience any faults with the car. It’s also a guarantee that the technologies in the car will be the most current and up-to-date. However, I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating the character that exudes from older cars, especially those in the luxury segment. The rich smell of the worn leather and that cachet of cruising around in an iconic masterpiece. That said, older cars can be more expensive to repair than their younger

counterparts and warranties are less likely to be available. You’ll also need to check the car’s history. Make sure it is ‘HPI’ clear by doing one of the online checks to confirm there are no nasties in the car’s background and no outstanding finance owed on it. Ask to see all the documentation such as the V5 registration document and MOT certificate and check it tallies with online searches. The DVLA offers free checks that will show a car’s MOT history. Then again, perhaps the biggest drawback to buying a new luxury car is the rapid depreciation you’ll have to swallow as soon as you drive off the forecourt. Whether you decide to buy new or used really is up to you. My advice would be to do your research, look at reliability scores, reviews in the trusted magazines such as What Car? and don’t let the salespeople rush you into a decision. Buying the right luxury car for you will mean many miles of effortless motoring ahead. For more advice on buying a prestige used car, visit Rebecca’s website at @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Leanne Cope


Leanne Cope stars as Lise Dassin in the West End production of An American In Paris which previews at the Dominion Theatre from 4 March 2017 with opening night on 21 March.

Dancer, Singer & Actress Leanne Cope has captured the hearts of audiences in Paris, New York & London



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SLOAN! chats to Leanne Cope about her amazing journey from Royal Ballet to Broadway heard a story that you S We auditioned in a shower for Christopher Wheeldon, the director and choreographer of An American in Paris. Is that true? very unconventional at L Itthewas start. Christopher Wheeldon was working with the Royal Ballet at the time creating Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and he sent me a message via social media saying he heard I used to sing and would really like to hear me sing ‘The Man I Love’. I didn’t know what it was for, I imagined he need someone to sing in a new ballet. I went home and YouTubed every version I could of the song from Barbra Streisand to Nina Simone trying to learn the song but I didn’t sound like any of them! He was on a flying visit in London and said we had to do the audition now as he was about to fly to New York so I still had my stage make-up and swan headdress on from a performance of Swan Lake and he said the best acoustics would be in a shower. So he puts me in the shower (without water on obviously!) and filmed me singing The Man I Love on his phone. I guess that was my first audition! around 200 women S Apparently went up for the part of Lise. What happened after that shower audition? two months later I got an L About email from a casting director in America with the heading ‘An American in Paris’ saying that Chris would be back in London and would like to see me again. They sent me a script with lines to learn (I had never seen a script before in my life). So I learnt the lines and watched ‘Allo ‘Allo to try and conjure up a French accent from somewhere. I read for him 2 or 3 times and then finally got an email inviting me to New York. It was like being in my own movie, walking through the streets of New York, turning up at this casting agency, auditioning for a Broadway show. It was a crazy weekend and I met Robbie [Robert Fairchild] and we both got the parts.

was the transition like S What going from ballet which you had trained in for many years to the new world of musical theatre? a crazy time to be honest. L ItAswas a ballet dancer you can’t make a noise on stage but to then be able to talk and sing as Lise was actually very liberating. In the months before rehearsals in Paris I was taking acting and singing lessons in every spare moment. You can take as many lessons as you like but nothing prepares you to sing on a Broadway stage other than singing on a Broadway stage! So it took many months of preparation and even after the show had opened I continued to learn. It was scary to think that all those years I had trained as a ballerina these people had trained in musical theatre and I had to catch up in a very short space of time. It was scary but there were many of us who were having our first. Christopher Wheeldon had never directed a musical before. Some people were tap dancing or ballet dancing on stage which was not their strength so it was a learning curve for all of us. to you prepare before a S How show? Do you have any special rituals or things you like to do? try not to have rituals in case L Iyou freak out on stage because you didn’t do your ritual. I think it’s more about mentally and physically preparing. It’s strange because how you feel on a Monday will differ to how you feel on a Saturday once you’ve done seven shows already so my physical warm up is very different from the beginning of the week to the end. I do like to be in the theatre two hours before curtain up to feel the space. I like to have a cup of tea in my dressing room and take my time warming up. I don’t like to be rushed. Is there anything you do to

S protect your voice?

lucky as I only have two L I’m songs - our show is a big dance! I drink Throat Coat Tea which has lemon and echinacea and is very good for the voice. I’ve brought many

many boxes with me from New York in case I can’t get it here. I also use steaming as well which is very good for the voice. It helped a lot in New York especially with the cold winter and very dry air which is not good for the voice. is sometimes seen as S Ballet very high brow and elitist whereas musicals are now more and more part of popular culture. How do you think this production of An American in Paris makes ballet more approachable? a good question because L That’s I remember being told they were very nervous before Broadway to not talk about ballet too much in interviews because they were worried it would alienate the audience so we say it’s a dance heavy show not a ballet heavy show. As soon as people hear the word ballet they think they won’t understand it or enjoy it. What we learnt performing on Broadway was the type of audience that came to watch Robbie Fairchild in the lead role who is from New York City Ballet saw him at the ballet but maybe never had bought a ticket to musical theatre before because it wasn’t something they enjoyed. But because Robbie was involved they came to the musical, loved it and then decided to go to other musicals. And conversely people who didn’t realise the show was dance heavy left thinking maybe they will see a ballet now. The show is approachable and is a good introduction to people unfamiliar with ballet. We are a good vehicle between the two art forms. In terms of high brow, would you say football is high brow because of the price of a Chelsea ticket? If we can make ballet more televised and on social media maybe people will consider it not to be so high brow. Performing on the Royal Variety Show let people know what we’re about and gave them a glimpse of what we do and hopefully they will come and see the show. For more information about the West End show please visit @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Fr a g r a n c e


Fo r Hi m, He r a n d Ho m e




2 3 1. Landon Tyler Tuscan Garden Candle £10 2. Accessorize Lovelily EDT £19 3. madebyzen Amber Bergamia reed diffuser £24.99 4. The Spitalfields Candle Co Vetyver & Lavender Candle £27 National Theatre Bookshop 5. Mary Kay Enchanted Wish EDT £29 6. Highgrove Signature Collection Candle £35 7. Culti Milano Esperide Scented Candle £53.95 8. Kiss The Moon GLOW Candle £38 9. Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Candle £39 10. Leighton Denny LIGHT & DARK Delightful EDP £43.50 11. Gruhme No. 14 £45 12. GHOST Whisper Rain £46.50 13. Norwegian Wood candle by Tatine £49 14. Vince Camuto Amore EDT £55 15. Vince Camuto Oud EDT £70 16. Malin + Goetz Petitgrain EDT £110 17. Mufti Shikari Candle £140


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7 8 10


9 12



Warm and seductive, Bouquet Ideale is composed of a powdery cashmere accord with mysterious touches of vanilla and papyrus. £240, Harvey Nichols

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Unusual Holidays

Acclaimed crime writer Thomas H. Cook shares his ten decidedly different holiday spots for trips that take you off the beaten track to discover destinations that are as unusual as they are unforgettable



Kalaupapa is a United States National Park but is also an historic leper colony. Isolated on a peninsula on the beautiful island of Molokai, one of the least “touristy” of the Hawaiian Islands, the colony is reached by a vertiginous mule trail down the highest sea cliffs on earth, accompanied by a ukulele serenade from your island guide to ease any nerves. The island itself featured as a location in Jurassic Park and the views are remarkable.



The ghost village of Oradour-sur-Glane has been kept exactly as it was since the day its entire population was wiped out by German soldiers on June 10, 1944. For that reason, one can walk its deserted streets with a sense of what this town was like before that fateful day. The contrast one feels between the bustling village that once was and the silence and emptiness that pervades it now is truly haunting.



Okinawa is a little visited but lovely island in Northern Japan with a great many attractions, including a beautiful nature park, and for history buffs, the Underground Japanese Military Headquarters. Fully functional during World War II, the Headquarters now serve as a memorial open to the public. Much of Okinawa revolves around the epic battle that was fought here, from the very fine museum to the 48 beautiful memorials.


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This is a lovely part of Sicily, a great drive along the coast, and The Ear of Dionysus, located in an ancient slave quarry, is a must. A visitor can circle the entire island in a day, so a visit to Siracusa can include stops at Mount Etna and the city of Catania, with its beautiful square. From there, one can circle over to Palermo for a visit to the Capuchin Catacomb, surely one of the most chillingly fascinating places on earth. With its columns of desiccated dead, most of them standing up, and many with nooses dangling from their necks as a sign of sin, this catacomb “lives” in a way far different from any other I have ever seen. A prison may not be the most obvious of family trips but Alcatraz, the most famous of America’s prisons, is open to the public and makes for a very interesting day trip from San Francisco. The “tour” is conducted by recordings made from actual former inmates, a unique way of experiencing a prison, and you can actually enter the cell of Al Capone. A small island very near Hiroshima, and one of the most beautiful places on earth. The funicular takes you to the Misen Heights, over the Seto Sea, a view that is absolutely magical. A trip to Miyajima can include a visit to the iconic Peace Dome at Hiroshima, the only building to remain standing on that catastrophic

day. Although many residents later wanted it torn down because of the painful memories it evoked, it has remained untouched, a reminder of the city’s destruction, and has since become the most recognisable symbol of the international peace movement. No manmade structure could possibly suggest such an awesome change in planetary affairs, and a visit here is a truly moving experience.



This is one of the oldest salt mines on earth, a United Nations Heritage Site, that is one of the most interesting spots you are ever likely to visit. It is located a short distance from Krakow, Poland an easy day trip from that city. From the 13th century onward the miners of Wieliczka had laboured to create a curious underground world. There are carvings of the Nativity and carvings of the Last Supper and countless carvings having to do with the iconography of both Old and New Testaments. Later works fall to fantasy as the miners of Wieliczka carved spectacularly whimsical figures: fairies and gnomes and all manner of fantastical creatures. The mine is a triumph of carving in salt (which is black before it is refined), and includes an enormous hall, lighted by chandeliers made entirely of salt.



This is a nature reserve in northern Ghana that features a small hotel that overlooks a vast savannah. From here you can see all sorts of wildlife, including close-up experiences with elephants, baboons, and wart hogs. We even ran across a puff adder. The people are incredibly friendly and generous throughout Ghana. The drive from Accra is gruelling to say the least, but Tamale is worth it, and the drive itself, though long and over very bad roads, is an unforgettable experience.



Heading east on the A4 out of Paris, you will only see signs advertising Disneyland, but if you continue down the road, you will reach Verdun, site of the longest and most costly battle in human history. It is a sombre place, where you can tour the battlefield, walk the trenches, and visit the Ossuary which holds the bones of those who died here. Although an unusual choice for a family holiday, at Verdun, fathers, mothers, and children can walk the fields, enter the trenches and share the sorrows of young men who never lived to have families of their own. What better place to celebrate and revere the great luxury of family, and emphasise the continuing, rather than transient joys of family life. PHO QUOC, VIETNAM

is a beautiful island in the Bay of 10 This Thailand. It has a very large nature reserve, and is famous for its pearl market. There are plenty of island activities including fishing and surfing, and the island also features night markets – always great places to have dinner and buy local goods. Here is also home to the so-called Pineapple Prison operated by the South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. The oddity here is the use of life-size papier mache figures of both prisoners and guards to illustrate the day to day experience of the place, and which manages to demonstrate exactly what a prison memorial-crosshistorical re-enactment should not be. I guarantee that family members will discuss this place for years to come. Thomas H. Cook is a popular crime writer having penned over 30 titles and winner of the Barry Award, the Edgar Allan Poe Award, the Herodotus Prize, and twice winner of the Martin Beck Award of the Swedish Academy of Detection, (the only author ever to have done so.) His first non-fiction book is out now, Tragic Shores: A Memoir of Travel to the Darkest Places on Earth published by Quercus, £20.00 @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Beach Bonanza

HUGO BOSS Hugo Boss Lobster swim shorts from the premium Hugo Boss Black collection. £46.99,


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VIDA VIDA Leather 3 Zip Wash Bag can be personalized. £60,



Piccadilly Samsung Galaxy S6 phone case with impact protection from smart material D3O® £29.99,

ECCO Dynamic Moc 2.0 is versatile enough to wear with bermuda shorts to tailored trousers. £130,

MAUI JIM Nahiku oversized frames are lightweight and comfy with PureAir lenses. £175,

B&O PLAY Beoplay H4 wireless overear headphones with 19 hours battery life. £249,

BOCA JARDINE OF LONDON This versatile, soft and squishy leather pouch is perfect for those essential little things on holiday. £85,



This is the world’s first eReader with e blue light reducing frontlit display for no impact on sleep when night-time reading. £189.99, WHSmith and Argos

PALL MALL BARBERS This luxury and invigorating shampoo for men is infused with tea tree and eucalyptus oils with detoxing and antiseptic qualities. £12,

The world’s first subscription service for organic toothpaste offering an energising day and calming night formulations. £13.99,

NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask is the UK’s first multiusage, head-to-toe, enzyme treatment mask suitable for all ages and skin types. £39.95,

SLYDES The ultimate footwear choice for summer these champagne gold sandals appeal to the fashion forward. £25,

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Can Sleep Predict Personality?


Sleep P

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Studies have found that the way you sleep reflects your personality – and can help you to understand which other sleepers you are compatible with. Joy Richards, Sleep Expert at Happy Beds, explains how a person’s sleeping position often gives away more than they wish. HOW DO SLEEP POSITIONS GIVE SO MUCH AWAY?

Scientists have spent a long time studying people’s sleep and many have made a connection between sleeping positions and personality traits.

have big personalities. However underneath all of that bravado is a sensitive soul who can’t handle criticism and have a tendency to take things too personally. The Starfish - The starfish adopts effectively the same position as the freefaller, except they sleep on their back rather than their front. A caring bunch, starfishers are always here to help no matter the time, day or night. They don’t really like to be the centre of attention, but they also won’t protest too much..

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, analysed a number of patients over a two-year period in order to match position with personality. In doing this, he found a link between similarly matched subjects sleeping in the same positions each night.


While the link between sleeping positions and personality traits has been made, it’s still not entirely certain why this happens. Many have theorised that it’s a neurological peculiarity, but in the spirit of honesty… nobody really knows.

The same goes for if you find yourself on a more comfortable mattress than you’re accustomed to. Buyers of memory foam mattresses, for example, have reported a switch in preferred sleeping positions after their level of cosiness increases.


This is also true in those who have made the switch from a single mattress to a king size mattress. The increase in space and sturdiness has relieved both their prior need to conserve capacity and any joint aches that had a tendency to cause issue when attempting to rest on their old mattress.

The Foetus - Do you sleep curled up on your side, with arms and legs tucked in? If so, you’re a foetus. Chances are you have a tough demeanour, but in reality you’re just a big softy! When meeting new people, you may be just a tad reserved, but once you let people into your inner circle, it’s all sunshine and rainbows. The Log - Logs sleep straight on their side. A clear example of “don’t judge a book by its cover” - a logger may look rigid and a bit of a bore, but the position is actually most commonly linked to social butterflies. Friendly, social and trusting (if not a little naïve on occasion). The Yearner - Yearners also sleep on their side, but push their arms out 90 degrees, making an ‘r’ shape. Such a complicated mind, these odd eggs are a walking (or in this case sleeping) contradiction. Open minded yet cynical, slow to make a decision, but rigid in their belief once it’s made.

As it turns out, the mattress you’re using can have quite an effect on your natural sleeping position. This is due to the body’s natural need to adapt. For example, if you’re in pain you’ll instinctively move to a more comfortable position whether you’re awake or not.

Studies have reported that foetus and solider positions are the two most likely to be influenced by a change in mattress, with many turning to a position that utilises their newly found extra space. SLEEPING SAYS MORE ABOUT YOU THAN YOU THINK

If you were ever in doubt about the link between sleeping positions and personality, then I hope I’ve answered your questions here. While it’s not to say that our personality is defined by our sleeping positions, I’m sure our sleeping positions are reasonably defined by our personality!

The Soldier - Lying on their back, with arms by their side, are ‘soldiers’. Just like it says on the tin, soldier sleepers adhere to a strict moral code and are traditionally shy and reserved. The Freefaller - Resting almost face down on their mattress, with their hands close to their head and their legs lying straight, stomach sleepers are sociable and


Joy Richards

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



T H E GO LD EN AG E O F O R A N G E W I N E Isabelle Legeron, France’s only female Master of Wine, tells SLOAN! all about orange wine and why its becoming more popular in the UK Have you ever wondered why, in Renaissance paintings, the white wines in people’s glasses don’t look as translucent as the whites of today, and why they look more orange than anything else? This isn’t a trick of the light or the patina of age, but perhaps because the Michelangelos of this world actually drank orange wine. Today, most white wines are made by pressing grapes, separating off the juice and discarding the skins, stems and pips to produce a wine that is pale in colour. If, instead, the juice is left to macerate and ferment on its skins, pips and possibly stems (just like red wine), you end up with a wine that looks orange – or any of a variety of hues ranging from yellow to luminous orange, or even amber and shades of rust. WHERE DO ORANGE WINES COME FROM? While a seemingly new trend, orange wine is ancient – as the country of Georgia, with its claim to 8000 vintages, can attest. Believed to be the birthplace of wine, this tiny country in the foothills of the Caucasus, wedged between Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia, has been making wine in the same way for thousands of years using large clay pots buried deep underground. Wine is a huge part of daily life there and most people know someone who grows grapes and makes wine at home. While there are of course regional differences in winemaking techniques used across the country, what they don’t do is use a completely different vinification system for whites compared to reds. Instead their whites are made using the whole berry rather than just the run-off juice, since the grape skins, pips and stems impart all sorts of antioxidants, oils, tannins (and of course pigment), that help protect the young, fermenting juice from oxidation. Squeezed juice is much more fiddly to work with given its susceptibility to oxygen, so it is perhaps unsurprising that when wine was first created, all wines – regardless of colour – would have been made in broadly the same way.

Some of my personal favourites marry nutty notes with a touch of orange blossom, and are deliciously moreish. Although sometimes confronting, the best examples are soulful and complex, featuring unexpectedly novel combinations of flavours and textures. The most curious aspect is their tannic intensity. During skin contact, tannins are extracted, giving these hybrids the texture (tannins, antioxidants et al) of a red. Taste them blind, or in a dark glass, it is hard to know which side they bat for. HOW SHOULD I DRINK ORANGE WINE? Try them alongside food and they come into their own, becoming highly addictive. Tannins soften, even disappear, and the versatility of their extraordinary flavour profile becomes apparent. They are real foodie wines which may explain their renaissance on the food scene in London in recent years. They work well with a wide range of dishes but are particularly suited to robust flavours like mature, hard cheeses, spicy stews or even better, walnutbased dishes. They also seem to show their best out of large glasses as they need plenty of air in order to open up and show their full personalities. The key is to treat them more like reds than whites, and not to drink them too cold. ABOUT ISABELLE LEGERON MW Isabelle Legeron MW is France’s only female Master of Wine and standard bearer for the natural wine world. Drinks Business (an industry magazine) describes her as “one of the 50 most powerful women in wine”. Her first book Natural Wine: an introduction to organic & biodynamic wines made naturally was published to critical acclaim, was shortlisted for several awards and thanks to its popularity a second edition will be rolling off the press this coming autumn. Isabelle founded RAW WINE, the natural wine fair, 5 years ago and it now features annual events in London, New York and Berlin.

Georgia aside, orange wines are still pretty rare. Excellent examples exist in places as diverse as Sicily, Spain and Switzerland, but the main hotbed of production is undoubtedly Slovenia and the neighbouring Italian Collio, where the most profound examples of this style of wine can be found. WHAT DOES ORANGE WINE TASTE LIKE? Orange wines are likely to be some of the most unusual wines you’ll ever taste. Forget fresh, zesty flavours of the sort you’d find in a zippy Sauvignon Blanc, these golden whites feel a lot weightier and broader in your palate.


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Isabelle Legeron

The SLOAN! Six The growing popularity of orange wines means they are becoming more readily available on the UK wine market. Here are seven suggestions from our Editor of some of the best examples.


1. Methymnaeos Orange - £19 - Southern Wine Roads 2. Le Vigneron Grec - £19.50 - Southern Wine Roads 3. Litmus Orange 2015 - £20 - Litmus Wines 4. Metamorphika Sumoll Blanc Brisat 2015 - £24.70 Elliot’s Cafe 5. Le Soula Maceration - £25 - Berry Bros & Rudd


6. Radikon IGP Venezia Giulia Slatnik 2014 - £32 Dynamic Vines




5 6

From Orange To Organic Fonseca Terra Prima is a wonderfully rich, concentrated organic Port with great flavour and texture. It has an opulent black fruit nose with layers of intense berry, plum and cherry fruit flavours on the palate supported by firm, but well integrated tannins. This is a deliciously textured Port, which is velvety, smooth, succulent and plump. Serve with dark chocolate or fully flavoured cheese. Available at £17.99 Waitrose

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Restaurants Margot

Critically acclaimed Italian restaurant, Margot, has launched a weekend brunch menu designed by Executive Chef, Maurizio Morelli, in collaboration with Restaurateurs, Paulo de Tarso and Nicolas Jaouen. The brunch menu enriches Covent Garden’s dining scene further with a selection of carefully curated brunch classics with an authentic Italian twist.

Also included in the menu is a selection of cocktails and fresh juices designed by Margot’s bar team to complement and enhance each dish. Try a Mr. Greene with its cleansing blend of cucumber juice, apple, agave syrup and lime, or for something a little stronger, brunch time classics of a Bloody Mary and Mimosa feature amongst six cocktails to choose from.

For our latest restaurant reviews please visit

With its faultless service and relaxing ambience in beautiful surroundings, brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. Full review on DETAILS 45 Great Queen Street WC2B 5AA

Brunch options include an array of savoury egg-based dishes as well as some delicious sweet options. Stand-out choices include Margot’s twist on London’s favourite brunch dish, with poached eggs served with avocado bruschetta and crispy pancetta, and the wonderfully light yet indulgent crespelle al limone (Italian lemon pancakes) with wild berries and marscapone. Throughout the menu, the finest Italian produce elevates each dish to new heights. 48 SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Eating out with friends or loved ones satisfies the human need for comfort, variety and love & connection. It is important to take time out to enjoy what London has to offer.

The Real Greek

VQ Chelsea

The Real Greek offers an authentic Eastern Mediterranean dining experience, with a vibrant atmosphere and fresh range of hot and cold meze, souvlaki and grills. The location on St. Martin’s Lane, near Leicester Square, is ideal for lunch, business meetings, dinner or a pre-theatre meal, or just a meal break when enjoying the many attractions in the area.

Marco’s New York Italian London Bloomsbury boasts an excellent location in the heart of London and is just a short stroll from Euston, Russell Square and Holborn. The restaurant has a Manhattan style bar area with floor to ceiling windows and outside seating area. It’s perfect for a quick bite to eat, coffee or cocktail at the bar. The restaurant serves simple, authentic, recognisable Italian and American dishes.

Following a mini refurbishment at the end of January, VQ Chelsea has now reopened its doors to a revamped interior boasting warm wood paneling and comfortable leather banquettes and booths in addition to an updated menu. Joe Mercer Nairne (Head Chef and Co-owner at Medlar) has come on board to act as a Consultant Chef at VQ resulting in an updated menu using fresh, seasonal ingredients. One of West London’s most iconic venues, VQ Chelsea has been feeding and watering customers around the clock for 20 years. If you’re not one of the thousands who already call themselves regulars, you might like to know that VQ stands for vingt-quatre (French for 24) underlining the fact this place is open 24 hours a day.

Full review on

Full review on

DETAILS 130-134 Southampton Row WC1B 5AF |

DETAILS 325 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QL

Full review on DETAILS 54 St. Martin’s Lane WC2N 4EA |

Marco’s New York Italian

Quaglino’s Quaglino’s is one of London’s most iconic restaurants situated within historic and stylish Mayfair. Synonymous with style and glamour, Quaglino’s serves contemporary European food and innovative classic cocktails, served with a twist in a 1920s-style setting. Head Chef, James Hulme describes his cooking as fresh, seasonal and clean with a competitive streak. His modern European menu is served seven days a week, accompanied by an extensive wine list. Guests can also enjoy live music performances Tuesday through to Saturday. Quaglino’s was opened in 1929 by Giovanni Quaglino and while the venue has seen many changes over the decades, it has remained a hot-spot favoured by glamorous society and has maintained its status as one of London’s renowned celebratory destinations. The Set Menu is the perfect choice for pre-theatre diners. Full review of the Evening Standard Dinner Menu on DETAILS 16 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AJ |

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SPIRITS a nd Ti p p Thomas Dakin Gin

Thomas Dakin Gin is a classic style London Dry Gin which takes its name from the forefather of English gin, Thomas Dakin, who created the world’s first quality gin in 1761 in the North West of England.

It is distilled in small batches in a baby copper pot still using a secret recipe of eleven botanicals, as well as juniper, orange peel and English coriander with the unique addition of horseradish to give the gin its long, lingering finish. To make Tom & Mary (Red Snapper style) Combine and stir over ice 50 ml Thomas Dakin Gin, 120ml tomato juice, 15ml lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of Worcester sauce, 1/2 tsp of Tabasco, 1/2 tsp horseradish sauce. Serve in a chilled hi-ball glass Top with a splash of orange juice Garnish with sprig of coriander, stick of celery and grounded black pepper. Available from Waitrose, Harvey Nichols and other good retailers, £29

Feeney’s Irish Cream Bong Spirit Vodka

anCnoc Blas

Feeney’s Irish Cream is the world’s most luxurious Irish Cream Liqueur containing 100% Irish whiskey masterfully distilled in the heart of Ireland and matured for at least three years. The Whiskey is blended with rich dairy cream at the distillery in Abbeyleix, taking only 24 hours from dairy to distillery, giving a fresh, creamy taste. Available from Tesco at £15.00 (1 litre) and Amazon and at £12.50 (70cl) and £15.00 (1 litre)

Blas, Gaelic for ‘taste’, has been created in partnership with Scottish fashion designer Patrick Grant. The unique bottle and tube design embodies everything anCnoc represents. This Limited Edition expression has matured in Spanish and American oak, and has been bottled in its most natural form, neither chillfiltered nor coloured. £48.95,


Bong Spirit’s award-winning Super Premium Vodka fuses together a wave of progressive fashion and designer attitude with an age old Dutch product of exceptional quality. The artisanal formula has been handed down through five generations of master distillers and is distilled six times and filtered four times. Available from at £24.99

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Tomatin Five Virtues This month, Scotch whisky distiller Tomatin unveiled its hotly anticipated, limited-edition single malt series, Five Virtues which draws its inspiration from the nature’s elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They are uniquely packaged in cartons adorned with contemporary Scottish art, created by Eva Ullrich. Our favourite is the Wood malt which has been aged in French, American and Hungarian oak casks. The Wood and Fire expressions can be enjoyed now, from £49.99, while Earth, Metal and Water will be released later this year. To find out more, visit

FREYA Birch Spirit The world’s first spirit made from distilled birch sap, FREYA is completely organic in composition and named in honour of the Norse goddess of love. The foraged birch sap comes from the wild untamed depths of Northern European Forests, where this special elixir is harvested once a year during early spring, Freya is made from only the most sustainable methods. Available from at £34

Marylebone Gin Marylebone, the debut super premium gin from The Pleasure Gardens Distilling Company, uses the floral botanicals associated with London’s 18th century Pleasure Gardens. Marylebone is targeted at staunch gin aficionados. The overproof spirit, at 50.2%, creates an unrivalled balance, complexity and depth for the blend of 13 botanicals, which include chamomile, grapefruit and lime flower. Marylebone London Dry Gin is ideal in a variety of serves, including martinis and The Marylebone G&T. Available from Selfridges at £55.00

The London Essence Co The London Essence Co is a range of all-light/low sugar mixers designed to capture the truest flavours of the finest botanicals allowing your chosen spirit to shine through. Available in 4 varieties including Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water at £1.50 each from Harvey Nichols, Fortnum and Mason and other specialist retailers.

Marmalade of Manchester Gin Duerr’s, the UK’s oldest family run marmalade producers, has celebrated its Mancunian roots by teaming up with Manchester distillery Zymurgorium to create the Marmalade of Manchester Gin which combines Duerr’s Manchester Marmalade with lime, lemon, coriander, grains of paradise, Madagascan bourbon vanilla and eight balancing botanicals. The end result is an elegant 40% proof drink bursting with citrus flavour with a finishing note of soothing orange blossom. Available nationwide and from at £33.50

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Restaurants The Kitty Hawk The Kitty Hawk is the first venture from the Wright & Bell group and has introduced a brand new ‘Department Store of Dining’ concept to the capital since opening in November 2016. Set over two floors, The Kitty Hawk caters to all the needs of London’s food lovers, day and night, all under one roof and celebrates provenance with locally-sourced produce, award-winning meats, artisanal spirits, locally roasted fair trade coffee and more. Designed by the critically-acclaimed Russell Sage, the striking interior takes inspiration from the City of London’s vibrant heritage and New York city glamour. The result is a wonderful mix of exposed timber and concrete, blackened steel, copper, marble and beautifully hand-stitched leather seating for a versatile yet stunning setting that captures the imagination of its guests.

Each department offers a completely different experience to suit any occasion. Departments include a bar and kitchen for all day drinking and dining from 7am to midnight, a luxurious restaurant serving mouth-watering steaks, a cocktail bar, private dining room and a speciality coffee bar & patisserie. The food and drink across The Kitty Hawk is a testament to Wright & Bell’s commitment to provenance with locally-sourced produce, awardwinning meats, artisanal spirits, locally roasted fair trade coffee and more. The elegant grill Restaurant delivers a more refined dining experience with a wine menu curated by Rothschild and Milton Sandford and sumptuous cocktails made from artisanal spirits. Full review on DETAILS 11, 13 & 14 South Place EC2M 7EB |

Cinnamon Bazaar Located on Covent Garden’s Maiden Lane, Cinnamon Bazaar, the latest restaurant from Vivek Singh, has now opened its doors. Inspired by the hustle and bustle of ancient and modern bazaars from around the world, the restaurant blends Old World flavours with The Cinnamon Collection’s renowned modern Indian culinary style to create a unique cultural dining experience. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with options stretching from kedgeree and spicy masala omelettes in the morning to signature Chaat small plates and larger dishes like Roganjosh Shepherds Pie offering lunchtime and evening diners with the fresh flavours of Singh’s fusion concept menu. Read the full review on DETAILS 28 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7JS


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Tang Tang is a hidden gem of a noodle bar tucked neatly between the YMCA and VQ Bloomsbury on Great Russell Street. The Southeast Asian inspired soul food menu features Tangs - noodle soups given a modern healthy twist by talented head chef Chen Ng who expertly blends ingredients, techniques, flavours and textures to create steaming bowls of yumminess which surprise, delight and comfort the soul to redefine London’s noodle bar scene. Inspired by the South East Asia’s street markets, the noodle bar’s urban-cool concrete floors and exposed hanging bulbs sit alongside newspaper-lined walls adorned with photos from across Asia. Read the full review on DETAILS 111 Great Russell Street WC1B 3NQ |

Amici Miei From crusty sourdough pizzas to Sardinian inspired classics, neighbourhood Italian restaurant Amici Miei, Shoreditch, introduces admirable dishes to its menu, taking inspiration from the finest regions across Italy. Cristian Nocco, owner of Amici Miei, has created a menu that combines popular ingredients from the different regions so customers can relish in the diverse flavours of Italy’s various cooking styles. The Angioletti Alla Nutella comes highly recommended. Read the full review on DETAILS 28-30 Kingsland Road E2 8DA |

The Eagle Newly refurbished pub The Eagle, situated on iconic Ladbroke Grove, will serve beer straight from the tank, as well as a host of delicious British and Bavarianinfluenced dishes. West London is looking forward to welcoming this gem of a pub back to the neighbourhood and back to life. Tank beer is unpasteurised, unfiltered and completely untouched by light, added gas or any other process allowing it to retain its flavour. The mouth-watering menu created by Head Chef Stan Perry (ex Soho House) will feature dishes created using flavours that compliment the beer, and the specials board has suggested beer pairings for each dish.

Comptoir Libanais The Lebanese canteen, Comptoir Libanais, has opened its latest London restaurant on Gloucester Road offering the authentic everyday flavours of the Middle East to the local community in a relaxed souk style setting. The décor is a mixture of authentic Moroccan tiles shipped over especially for Comptoir, bold patterned tables and brightly coloured seating with huge vintage style film posters of famous Lebanese actors and fezzes hung on the walls. The cuisine is simple and honest created using authentic Middle Eastern ingredients found in most Lebanese larders and the menu offers all the typical dishes sold in Bazaars across the Middle East. Popular classics including Tagines, Falafel and Baklava are on offer alongside less familiar dishes. Full review on DETAILS 77A Gloucester Road, London SW7 4SS

Samarkand Uzbekistan restaurant Samarkand is tucked away off Charlotte Street round the corner from Roka and opposite the Rathborne Hotel The interior design incorporates features that are suggestive of its Uzbekistan roots such as geometric tiles and motifs with exotic looking pillars. The menu showcases the flavours of Central Asian cuisine – a cuisine that not many of us are familiar with which is a shame as Uzbek flavours are mild and welcoming. The Express Lunch Menu is the perfect introduction to contemporary Uzbek dining fitting neatly into a typical lunch hour. Stand-out dishes include Supreme Chicken Tabaka and Chilli & Thyme Poached Pear Read the full review on DETAILS 33 Charlotte Street, W1T 3RR |

Read the full review on DETAILS 250 Ladbroke Grove W10 5LP | @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e

Superfood Trends for 2017 WITH RICK HAY

Anti Ageing Nutritionist and Author

Superfoods continue to be the buzz word in the global health and fitness arena. They are foods that are nutrient dense and high in antioxidants. They particularly assist with immune function and energy production. So what’s hot in the superfood world right now and what superfoods are the ones to watch for the rest of 2017? BOABAB & LUCUMA Vitamin C rich Boabab and Lucuma are popping up everywhere – they both are rich in vitamin C which helps with immunity and skin health – even helping with collagen cross linking! These two exotic superfoods are quite pleasant tasting which gives them the edge of some of these on the market that can be quite unpalatable. INULIN Another to watch is inulin – in particular chicory inulin, which is a fibre often from chickpeas that helps to fight visceral fat. This superfood therefore has benefits for weight loss and cardio vascular health. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT Grape seed extract is one of my favourites as it is an antioxidant powerhouse that boosts immunity – I recommend it to help fight off coughs, colds and the flu. It is also a good choice for heart health.. BEETROOT & TART CHERRY Beetroot and Tart Cherry when taken together is great to enhance sports performance. This combination helps with energy production and increases nitric oxide levels – this helps with that much needed burst of energy. MATCHA Matcha Green Tea continues to grow in popularity as it has fat burning properties that exceed that of regular green tea – it is like a turbo charged version of green tea and can be readily found around town in cafes as a latte. Speaking of which, anti inflammatory Turmeric is also worth trying as a latte. This super spice is great to take daily as an overall health tonic. FULVIC ACID Keep your eye out for Fulvic Acid based Liquid Minerals as these provide an array of healthy trace minerals – you might like to try Himalayan rock salt and organic sea salt as well in order to keep electrolytes up.


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PLANT BASED PROTEINS These are some of my favourite superfoods – think rice, hemp, quinoa or amaranth – they are great to help with hair, skin and nail health and if you add them to your morning smoothie they will help with weight loss and with feelings of fullness. KRILL & ALGAL OIL Look out for Krill and Algal Oil which will continue to be on the rise to help increase omega 3 intake – algal oil is a vegan source – both will help with cognitive function, brain health and cardio vascular performance. BLOOD ORANGE Blood orange is another to keep your eye out for – it helps with optimum digestive function and weight management. Healthy digestion leads to healthier skin and balanced gut flora may even result in better mood. VITAMIN FORMULAS WITH BOTANICALS Another trend to watch is that of vitamin formulas that come together with botanicals are herbs that help to balance many of the body’s systems – you may see things like vitamin C together with Elderberry or Bilberry and Green Tea with Selenium and other minerals. I like these combinations as the botanicals, vitamins and minerals work synergistically and provide many more phytonutrients and enzymes than are found in a regular diet. CINNAMON Cinnamon should continue to be big as it regulates blood sugar levels which helps to reduce cravings and also helps with portion control – it can be added to porridge, teas and coffee daily. SUPER GREENS & SUPER REDS The last group to consider are the Super Green and Super Red Blends – these often contain spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass and chlorella or mixed berries, beetroot and cherries. These brightly coloured powders contribute towards your five a day and can help to increase your fibre intake as well. They are rich in antioxidants that help to fight free radical damage in the body – helping with recovery and performance. Rick Hay is an Anti Ageing Nutritionist and Author of The Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Plan ( Rick is also the Nutritional Ambassador for Swisse Vitamins ( and Nutrimarket (

Watermelon Courgetti & Quinoa Salad

Beetroot Feta & Potato Salad

Superfood Recipes For ingredients and full details go to our Recipe Section on

Matcha & Cashew Cookies

I Sea Puttanesca

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Luxury THE C A RY A R MS

Classically English yet luxurious hotel set on the beautiful haven of Babbacombe Beach in South Devon

Our Editor and her four legged friend Puppy Gizmo visited The Cary Arms staying in their luxurious dog-friendly Beach Suite. Here’s what she discovered about this boutique five star inn on the beach. 56

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

One of the finest boutique hotels in Devon and brimming with coastal charm, The Cary Arms combines all the values of a classic English Inn with the style and comfort of the best luxury hotels in Devon. We enjoyed superb seaside gastro dining courtesy of Head Chef Ben Kingdon, had fun with Puppy Gizmo on Babbacombe beach before unwinding in our sublime Beach Suite after a wonderful day exploring the best of what the South Devon coast had to offer. Sitting in the sunny, sheltered haven of Babbacombe Bay on the South Devon coast, the picturesque views and enviable location are breathtakingly beautiful, especially enjoyed from the terrace of our Beach Suite. The spacious 900 sq ft Beach Suite had plenty of room for the three of us with uninterrupted views from the sun deck plus lounge, wet bar, feature fire, mezzanine bedroom and waterfall shower bathroom.

Puppy Gizmo had his own comfy dog bed and food bowl to use during his stay. The romantic Beach Suite captures the quintessential British seaside essence with elegant Riviera luxury. The Cary Arms has just opened a new state of the art Spa which even boasts a Duo Massage room. The accommodating service and 5-star quality made it clear why award-winning The Cary Arms owned by hotelier Lana de Savary is said to be one of the best places to dine, relax and stay in Torquay. Overnight stays in the beach suites cost from £475 per night, beach huts are £375 per night, and luxury doubles in the main hotel from £245 per night. For bookings and further details go to or call reservations on 01803 327 110. Full review on

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


The Grosvenor Hotel

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

With one of the best locations in the heart of the English Riviera, this newly renovated hotel continues to impress with the addition of some Michelin magic in the form of John Burton-Race The Grosvenor Hotel, part of the Richardson Hotel Group, offers striking period architecture, breathtaking views and award winning dining perched just off the seafront in Torquay. Following its major refurbishment and re-launch in early 2017, The Grosvenor’s somewhat infamous reputation has been secured with the hotel’s restaurant, bar, and number of the bedrooms completely transformed. The new restaurant – John Burton-Race at the Grosvenor - sees the two Michelin-starred chef bring his European menu to this child and dog-friendly Torquay hotel.

With a sporty exterior and a stylish interior, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is the perfect fit for the premium hatchback buyer. An example of Alfa Romeo’s passion for performance and style, the Giulietta features the iconic frontend honeycomb grille, carbon effect headlights, oversized tail pipes and distinctive alloy wheels.

Burton-Race has been involved in every aspect of the new restaurant, from the actual kitchen design to creating menus with a real seasonal focus thanks to the local produce.

The premium feel continues throughout the interior, blending Italian design upholstery with high quality materials. A comprehensive standard equipment list includes a leather steering wheel with audio remote controls, Alfa Romeo’s D.N.A driving mode selector and a five-inch Uconnect infotainment system with smart-phone enabled LIVE services. Under the bonnet, the Giulietta is available with a 120hp 1.6 litre JTDm-2 turbo diesel engine with the Alfa TCT twin dry-clutch transmission, producing a top speed of 121mph and accelerating from zero to 62mph in 10.2 seconds. Available in five trim levels (Giulietta, Giulietta Super, Giulietta Tecnica, Giulietta Speciale and Giulietta Veloce), the Giulietta starts from £19,660 OTR. For more information, visit


SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Interior Designer Elizabeth Elliott whose high profile clients includes Harrods has redesigned the restaurant emphasizing period features but bring them right up-to-date through her use of a warm, luxurious palette of creams, reds and gold, which reflect the hotel’s opulent past. The Grosvenor Hotel also accommodates dog lovers in one of its 47 spacious bedrooms so we were pleased Puppy Gizmo could experience our spacious Superior room and the hotel’s grounds with us. This is the perfect location to enjoy a break in South Devon with 22 miles of beaches, hidden coves and the stunning coastline that make up The English Riviera. The hotel is committed to providing excellent service and the best possible experience to all guests including the four legged variety! Read the review on

Driving the sensational Alfa Romeo Giulietta along the English Riviera and 22 miles of the stunning Devon coastline allowed us to fully enjoy this sporty yet stylish premium hatchback not to mention the comfort experienced during our enjoyable drive from SLOAN! HQ to the delights of Devon

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Boutique SO UTH SA N DS H OTEL There can be no doubt that a visit to the boutique South Sands Hotel in Salcombe will leave lasting memories of the bespoke hotel’s outstanding personal service to all guests. Recently included in the Sunday Times ‘Ultimate 100 British Hotel Guide 2016’, South Sands is situated right on the beach. An idyllic setting, with stunning views, it offers a true taste of this fashionable seaside town at its very best. The spectacular curved wall of pristine French windows presents a breath-taking centrepiece to the extraordinary restaurant, bar and terrace area. The unparalleled views overlook the brilliant blue, green colours of the Salcombe Estuary. The end result is a sensational dining experience. Last year, the South Sands welcomed Allister Bishop as their new executive chef. Encouraged by the knowing lure of fresh beach side produce and divine country living, Allister brings with him decades of experience having been based in London, working at some of the most reputable establishments the city has to offer from Harrods to Le Meridien and Hilton. His culinary style stands apart for its creativity blended with a level of simplicity. He believes it is essential to pull together dishes that look stunning on the plate but can also be easily appreciated by the diner. Wherever possible, Allister uses local ingredients and integrates foraged food into the menu. 60 SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

A destination to search out for the food and drink alone, however as somewhere to stay South Sands ticks all boxes. The hotel understands that dogs are part of the family, so like to make them feel welcome. Gizmo and I stayed in a dog-friendly large sea view bedroom and dogs are welcome in all room categories except the grandest J-class and the Beach Suites. During our stay Gizmo was welcomed on the terrace and in the bar lounge area. Rooms range for the small but intricately designed ‘Optimist’ to the largest ‘J-class’, which is adorned with opulent features such as the decadent 8ft bed and two roll-top baths and has stunning estuary views and coastal scenery. A private balcony looks directly across the bay and provides a wonderful setting for breakfast or a glass of bubbly. Whether it’s a first-rate dining experience, a romantic escape, a dog-friendly stay or even a wedding with a difference, South Sands Hotel is the destination to discover in 2017. Doubles cost from £170 For a full list of forthcoming events – including wine suppers, beer fests, murder mysteries and ‘Forest and Beach’ days go to Read our full review on

Executive Chef Allister Bishop’s culinary style blends creativity with simplicity

South Sands Hotel is located in one of the best seaside spots in the UK within a romantic secluded cove. Puppy Gizmo loved it as did we. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


W arwick One Warwick Park One Warwick Park, an elegant 39room hotel, is now open in Tunbridge Wells’ historic Pantiles district. The sophisticated property offers stylish and contemporary interior design as well as a carefully curated experience in each of its rooms, suites and entertainment spaces. The hotel inhabits a creatively re-imagined brew house and schoolhouse, taking the previously unconnected structures and creating a harmonious and unified building, filled with light. A feature gallery space links the two buildings and promises to surprise with a stylish, shifting canvas of showcases from local, national and international artists. ACCOMMODATION Bedrooms and suites at One Warwick Park focus on comfort, with no detail of the guest experience overlooked from lighting, to linen, to intuitive power-point positioning. Each room is individually styled and a variety of room-types appeal to the range of clientele from business travellers, to honeymooners and families. The Duplex Suite overlooking the quaint Kent cobbles, pairs period features with a fresh, elegant design perfect for bridal parties or families, whilst the


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three Deluxe Balcony rooms offer a private landscaped terrace with views over Tunbridge Wells’ tapestry of assorted architecture. All bedrooms feature a King or Super King bed with locally, hand-finished furnishings, large flat screen TVs, luxurious Temple Spa toiletries, complimentary refreshments and Wi-fi. DINING EXPERIENCE There are four locations to dine and enjoy a drink throughout the day; the resident’s Lounge, the 75 cover restaurant L’AMORE, The Terrace and the quieter Snug. The sophisticated L’AMORE Restaurant reinterprets Mediterranean cicchetti dining with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients cooked in an authentic Italian way. Executive Head Chef Andre Woodward creates dishes that look and taste amazing but without pretension or unnecessary gimmicks. All beef is aged for a minimum of 35 days and fish dishes are sourced directly from the Cornwall coast. CONTACT DETAILS Tunbridge Wells TN2 5TA Reservations: +44 (0)1892 520587 @onewarwickpark

Cabin Friendly Luggage Whether you’re flying short haul for a weekend away or long haul to an exciting foreign destination, carry on luggage is a necessity we just can’t do without. Here are two of our favourite cabin friendly bags... The RiutBag R25 backwards backpack (£129,, with its 25 litre capacity, aims to make travelling that much easier by fulfilling the maximum size allowance for carry-on aircraft luggage (e.g. Ryanair), and so avoiding that last minute hand baggage panic for frequent flyers or travel novices alike. Riut is a sturdy, highly durable anti-theft bag. All zips and openings to the rucksacks are against your back as opposed to on the outside, with a state-ofthe-art storage layout allowing you to safely pack laptops, phones and other valuables and access them on the go from a reinforced waterproof bag that is extremely hard-wearing. The Burlington wheeled business bag (£349, is your ideal carry on for a weekend away. With a highly practical N/S design, there’s enough room for all your belongings with the padded 15” laptop section, internal organisational pockets, and a full sized zipped section. Made from premium grade nylon, with full grain leather touchpoints, the nylon is spray-coated to offer dirt/water resistance and it features a bespoke telescopic trolley handle & ’easy-roll’ wheels for efficient carry usage.

Premier Inn Birmingham NEC / Airport Premier Inn was named the UK’s top-rated travel brand 2016 and the top-rated hotel chain for 2016 according to Which? With over 740 budget hotels and more than 60,000 rooms across the UK and Ireland, Premier Inn guests are never far from a great night’s sleep at fantastic value rates. Premier Inn hotels are in more locations than any other UK hotel brand for the ease and convenience of leisure and business travellers alike. Premier Inn bedrooms feature en-suite bathroom, luxurious Hypnos® bed, choice of pillows, TV with Freeview and free Wi-Fi. A bar and restaurant is situated on-site offering a delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast. As the biggest hotel operator at UK airports, Premier Inn has teamed up with the UK’s top parking providers to offer one of the best value packages in the market. With Sleep Park Fly you don’t just get prime position for the airport and great value parking but also the reassurance of Premier Inn’s Good Night Guarantee. For the full review, check out the Hotels section on www. CONTACT DETAILS Bickenhill Parkway, Birmingham, West Midlands B40 1QA

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Vogue Williams

Joff Powell, Gemma Oaten & Philip C Baldwin

Imogen Thomas

LGBT History Month

Jamie O’Hara

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc Lauren Pope Philip C Baldwin

Philip Baldwin LGBT History Month Dinner On Tuesday 21 February, Philip C Baldwin hosted a dinner for LGBT History Month, in association with Gay Times. Philip told us “I was really excited to host the dinner. There was a great turn out, including celebrities, politicians and activists. LGBT History Month is an annual month-long celebration of LGBT history, culture and identity, occurring in February. This year’s LGBT History Month theme is citizenship and law, with a particular focus on the landmark fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of gay men in England and Wales. It’s incredible how much has changed in fifty years! Ollie Locke, Imogen Thomas, Vogue Williams, Abi Clarke, Jane Felstead, Jane Witherspoon, Jamie O’Hara and Lauren Pope were all supporting me on the night. Politicians, such as Crispin Blunt MP and activists, such as Tim Sigsworth, the chief executive of the Albert Kennedy


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philip c baldwin celebrates lgbt history, culture & identity

Shazia Awan with Philip

Lizzie Cundy Philip with Dr Ranj Singh

Celebs turn out in support

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Gemma Oaten

Ollie Locke Jane Felstead

Trust, which helps young LGBT homeless people, also attended. I gave a speech about the history of LGBT rights in the UK and discussed my work as a Stonewall role model, challenging homophobia in schools. I also highlighted areas where there is still work to be done around LGBT rights, including in our faith communities. I thanked Lauren Pope, in particular, for having attended all of my HIV and LGBT events. I ended my speech by encouraging the audience to “take inspiration from the achievements of the past and ensure that we continue to forge ahead, to build a country free from discrimination.� (Photos courtesy of Lunn Farrow Media) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Rufus Norris Billie Piper

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Adrian Lester

National Theatre

Anne-Marie Duff

Hal Fowler & Kim Wilde

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci Olivia Coleman Lily James Sir Lenny Henry

Up Next Gala at the National Theatre On 7 March 2017, the National Theatre hosted its biennial fundraising gala, Up Next, raising over a million pounds to support access to the arts for children and young people across the country. Performances commissioned especially for the event included a new piece by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, alongside performances by Sir Lenny Henry, Anne-Marie Duff and hundreds of talented young people from across London. The Up Next Gala was held to raise vital funds for the NT’s Learning Department,


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Gala raises over ÂŁ1 million to fund greater access to the arts for UK youngsters

Denise Gough

Hattie Morahan & Blake Ritson Simon Callow

Jonathan Bailey Lucian Msamati Jessica Raine

Elliot Cowan

Stars of Stage & Screen

Jim Carter Nathan Lane

Tamsin Greig

ensuring that young people from across the country have the chance to access the arts, develop new skills and experience live theatre performances. NT Learning works with schools, young people, families, community groups and adult learners from all corners of the UK and in 2015-16 engaged with more than 181,000 participants. The nationwide youth theatre festival Connections has helped to launch the careers of many of the UK’s brightest and best actors, from Andrew Garfield to John Boyega. The event was generously support of the Pigott family and the Wall Street Journal, and in-kind support from Berry Bros. & Rudd, Floris Van Den Hoed, Nyetimber, Umbrella World and Voss Water. (Photo credit: Camron Slater & Kate Cowdrey) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Rachel Thompson with Hugo Taylor

Victoria Christian with fashionable guests

Victoria Christian & Rainbow Trust CEO Zillah Bingley

Emilia Wickstead & Trish Halpin

Nell McAndrew & Hugo Taylor

Trust in Fashion 2017 On Monday 13 March, the annual ‘Trust in Fashion’ event took place at The Savoy, London. The prestigious fashion show with a conscience raised £80,000 for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. Among the 280 guests were a bevy of celebrities including Candice Brown, the winner of the 2016 series of The Great British Bake Off, Rainbow Trust Ambassador Hugo Taylor, Nell McAndrew and Liz Earle who all attended to lend their support and raise awareness of the charity’s work with families with a life threatened or terminally ill child. This event showcased the Spring / Summer 2017 collection from Emilia Wickstead, the renowned fashion designer known for dressing the Duchess of Cambridge with her “classic with a twist” designs as well as London designer Anna Mason and the bespoke diamond jewellery Boodles. Guests enjoyed the Savoy’s elegant lunch, with exclusive


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£80,000 raised by The rainbow trust children’s charity

Candice Brown Anna Mason Fashion Show

Hugo Taylor with Victoria Christian & Anna Jackson

Liz Earle MBE Anna Mason

Emilia Wickstead

Hugo Taylor Nell McAndrew

fashion shows and had an opportunity to shop in a pop-up boutique. Rainbow Trust offers emotional and practical support for the whole family; from their child’s diagnosis, during treatment and, if needed, through bereavement and beyond. It relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and thanks to its generous supporters currently helps over 2,000 families in England. For more information, please visit and follow @rainbowtrustcc on Twitter. To support Rainbow Trust’s vital work visit (Photo credit: Goff Photos) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



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SLOAN! April 2017  

The Indulgence Edition: Featuring interviews with cover star Ashley Roberts, pop princess Kylie Minogue, Broadway sensation Leanne Cope, Oly...