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Editor’s Letter Love is in the air this month with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the emphasis on starting the New Year as one means to go on in a healthy and happy way. If you are one of my 150K+ followers on social media you will have already seen a sneak peek of my unforgettable trip to Bali, which I’m delighted to share with all of you in this latest edition of SLOAN!


Lifestyle 14th Edition


My trip to Bali also saw me take my work as an international speaker to the next level and I am excited to announce the launch of my latest webinar series and online course programme designed to help you find your perfect partner for lasting love in 2018 and beyond. This edition also sees some fantastic collaborations with leading experts in their field from talent like Nicholas McInerney and Roger Frampton not to mention insightful interviews with fitness queen Lucy Mecklenburgh, domestic goddess Anthea Turner, opera’s rising star Carly Paoli and Finland’s finest chef Helena Puolakka of Aster.

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

My team and I have carefully curated suggestions for romantic hotel breaks, intimate dining at London’s best restaurants as well as our favourite gift ideas for your loved one, be it your man, your lady and even your four legged friend! As always I’d like to thank my fantastic team who are such a pleasure to work with and thank you for your continued support as we look forward to the amazing year of prosperity and positive change. Keep Inspired!






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TREAT t a st i c Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat your loved one to something tasty. Here are our top tempting gift food you might just love for yourself!

Connosieurs will love this stunning colletion of chocolates





Coco Chocolatier’s collection of delicious & beautifully decorated soft centered chocolates will melt your heart. Our chocolatiers have created a bespoke selection of modern and satisfying flavours to please even the most experienced chocolate connoisseur. In your stunning box your will find four of each of the following chocolates: Isle of Sky Salted Caramel, Raspberry Truffle, Passion Fruit Truffle, Champagne Truffle and Orange & Cardamom Truffle. £19.95 from www.cocochocolatier.com





Green & Black’s new Pralines are elegantly packed in gifting boxes to make the perfect little present for chocolate connoisseurs. Underneath an outer layer of either rich dark chocolate or smooth milk chocolate, these luxurious pralines reveal a decadent truffle filling with crispy pieces of hazelnut surrounding a whole hazelnut. £5 from Tesco





The Romantic Valentines Cake Selection Box (£14.99 from blackberrycottagefayre.co.uk) will appeal to those who prefer a more health conscious and sophisticated treat as a surprise on Valentines Day. Blackberry Cottage uses less to no added sugar, and vegetables as the the largest ingredient in every cake. These mouth watering cakes are always going to do a better job of raising the temperature in the bedroom, than over indulging in the chocolates, and facing that terrible sugar rush slump!





Godiva’s five-star chef chocolatiers have created their most innovative Valentine’s Day collection yet – the ‘Collection Précieuse’. Every piece is shaped to resemble brilliant jewels, and is inspired by the chef chocolatier’s precious feelings for someone special. Each of the five jewel-shaped chocolate casings are filled with an exclusive recipe from the Godiva chefs, with innovative flavour combinations ranging from almond and coffee, to zesty lemon and ginger ganache.


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

14-piece Luxury Heart Chocolate Gem Assortment, £24







Pierre Marcolini shuffles the pack, hearts come up every time – chocolate Cœurs that are sure to send your taste buds into a frenzy. These delightful creations come in every colour in the legendary Pierre Marcolini round boxes with their own makebelieve love letter. Box of 36 Cœurs £35 from www.marcolini.com



Rococo Chocolateâ’s range of luxury, hand crafted chocolates are the ultimate gift this year, and their new hand painted heart figurines filled with ganaches epitomise the indulgence and seduction of Valentineâ’s Day. £29.95 from rococochocolates.com





Pierre Hermé Paris invites you to surprise your loved one with a delicate red heart that unfolds to reveal a selection of macarons – the perfect instance of love unfolding. We recommend the Macaron Ispahan (rose, raspberry and litchi). As one of theIR most iconic flavour combinations this macaron is perfectly suited for love. From £16.50 available in all 3 London boutiques.



Booja-Booja Artist’s Collection gift boxes are the most luxurious box in the range, each one handmade by artists in Kashmir and packed full of award-winning, melt in your mouth organic chocolate truffles. £19.99 from www.boojabooja.com







One of the world’s top ten bestselling boxed chocolates, treat her this year by presenting a larger box of Guylian Sea Shells. This indulgent 375g box contains 33 scrumptious Belgian praline chocolates. £6.75 nationwide.





CUORI DI GIANDUJA This 550g glass jar with a cute bow is filled with foil-wrapped milk chocolate hearts with a gianduja hazelnut filling known as Cuori di Gianduja. £12.95 in-store and from www.carluccios.com





This Cheese Board for Two is romantic gift for any cheesy couple, containing a heart shaped beech wood cheeseboard, Brie de Meaux PDO (250g), Finest English Stilton PDO* (250g) and a packet of Multiseed & Cracked Black Pepper Cracker Bakes (100g). £30 from www.paxtonandwhitfield.co.uk @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e

Choose Your Leader Wisely RICHARD BOSTON

Author of The Boss Factor Many people believe they’ve no choice over who gets to be their boss – or, at least, that their choices are very, very limited. Some feel trapped in their current roles, working for bosses they really don’t like, who stifle their creativity and offer them little or no autonomy while piling on the pressure day after day. You might be one of those people. My intention is to help you spot the choices you do have and to leverage those choices to create opportunities to improve things. Improving things might mean making a bad situation better or turning a good relationship with your boss into one that’s truly distinctive and creates additional value for you, for them and the people around you. To show you what I mean, think about the boss you’ve found most challenging and ask yourself four questions: QUESTION 1

What life and career choices led to you being in that particular role in that particular organisation at that exact time, which meant you had them as your boss? QUESTION 2

Before you took the decision to work with them, what ‘due diligence’ did you do? Did you go into that relationship with your eyes wide open or did you enter it blindly? Did you enter that ‘marriage’ knowing little about the person you were marrying? Or maybe you were ignorant but characteristically optimistic? QUESTION 3

In the initial weeks and months, were you disappointed with their flaws but convinced you could change them? Or begrudgingly resigned to their imperfections and a life of rolling your eyes and tutting? Or did you begin that relationship with a robust assessment of their strengths, style and manageable limitations that confirmed your gut instinct that this would be a truly successful and enjoyable relationship?


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com


What could you, perhaps, have done differently in the early days of that relationship that might have increased its chances of success? When it comes to due diligence, the chances are you’re like most people. When looking at the amount of research people do when preparing to join a new organisation, The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) found that 28% of people put in less than an hour’s research and 42% spend 1-4 hours; 6% really go to town and put in more than 12 hours. The focus of that research, though, seems to be on the organisation – its strategy, its reputation and so on – not about the person who’ll be their boss. It’s little surprise, then, that only 68% of new starters found clear connections between the information provided in advance and the actual work and 30% of new joiners are seeking to leave within their first 12 months. My point here is that you are not to blame for your boss’s shortcomings, any more than you can take credit for their strengths. However, the vast majority of the factors that determine whether our bosses succeed or fail lie in the relationships they have with the people around them – their own bosses and other senior stakeholders, their peers, the people they lead, even the people in their personal lives. Likewise, your success or failure depends heavily on the relationship you have with them. Both of you bring good things and bad things to that relationship. So both of you need to take responsibility for your choices and their consequences, even if one of you is 90% ‘to blame’ and the other only 10%. Find out more about how to choose your leader wisely and 9 other practical lessons that can transform your upwards relationships at work in The Boss Factor – 10 Lessons in Managing Up for Mutual Gain by Richard Boston (Jan-2018, PB, £14.99, Leaderspace)

COOK LIKE A BOSS World first Uuni 3 portable wood-fired oven is a musthave for outdoor cooks and pizza fans and makes the ideal companion for picnics, entertaining friends, heading on holiday and camping trips.

SERVE SALAD LIKE A BOSS This salad bowl (£80) and salad servers (£35) are made from Ankole Cattle Horn in Uganda. Each item can take over a day to make and is carefully shaped by hand to achieve the beautiful fluid lines.

£199 from uk.uuni.net, Lakeland, John Lewis and Amazon

Available from eastafricantrading.co.uk

The Kitchen Boss Factor BOWL LIKE A BOSS Set of Round Bowls £45 available from eastafricantrading.co.uk

CUT LIKE A BOSS This Eternal Marble Chef’s Knife has a sharp blade & marble effect handle that’s on trend for 2018.

£17 from viners.co.uk

Here’s our pick of the best kitchenware and tableware to bring both style and practicality to your home this season

FRY LIKE A BOSS This matt black 24cm Fry Pan with stainless steel accents, is made from precision forged aluminium for added durability and heats rapidly for efficient cooking, £24 from viners.co.uk

WAKE UP LIKE A BOSS For coffee lovers wanting to create café quality espresso & caffè lungo at home, look no further than Lavazza’s super stylish A Modo Mio Jolie Plus. This state-of-the-art machine is small, compact and quiet only emitting the sound level to birds chirping at sunrise. Available in Silver Grey or Gun Metal. £99 from John Lewis

GRILL LIKE A BOSS The versatile VonShef 4 Slice 2000W Sandwich Press & Grill takes the hassle out of grilling and toasting from cafestyle paninis to healthy grilled meats.

£32.99 from domu.co.uk @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Anthea Turner



SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Anthea Turner talks to SLOAN! about The At Home Box Company, being the “ultimate domestic goddess” and learning life lessons You’ve launched the UK’s only home S accessory and lifestyle subscription box – The At Home Box Co. What led you to start the business and how does it work? I’ve always been interested in A homemaking and how to make life nice and easy. The At Home Box Co. came about through my friendship with Sarah Jones, a holistic expert. To be honest I knew very little about the subscription box business but Sarah knew about it through her background in make up and beauty. We’re familiar with subscription boxes for beauty products or wine like The Sunday Times Wine Club in our parents’ day or food but boxes for lifestyle and home products is something new. Our monthly box contains 5 gorgeous things. Sarah and I visit all the homeware and interior design exhibitions where we get to meet interesting people creating unusual products a lot of whom are smaller businesses. We are also looking to create our own products in 2018 under own label. It’s exciting times with our core business coming from subscriptions but we’re also working increasing with corporate clients producing thank boxes and gift boxes for various events. It’s all about introducing people to brand they may or may not have heard of. It’s a nice mix and we show people on the new website how they can use things. With so many different home & S lifestyle products on the market, how do you and Sarah decide on which items to include in each monthly box? A lot of it comes down to whether it A will fit in the box! Our box is 10 by 13 inches box so its a nice size box and also it’s beautiful so you want to keep it. We have a story going on in the box so they all work with each other and is on a shared theme. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and we find a lot of people are buying it as a gift.


When did you discover your love of household management and how did that develop into a career?

I was asked to do a show called Anthea A Turner: Perfect Housewife which was a bit tongue in cheek but we had a great time doing it. We did three series and it is the one show I’ve done which is the most talked about. I’m not an interior designer and I wouldn’t put myself in that league but I am a really good homemaker and I don’t think a home should look like a show home. It should really be comfortable and reflect the person. A home should be really inviting and somewhere you’re happy to go into with that cosy factor. I’d love to do another version of the show. What bonds us all together is that we spend the majority of income on keeping a roof over our head. So why not love it and make it nice because we work so hard for it. It’s not about money. It’s about learning to homemake and having the eye and keeping basics simple without having to spend lots of money. Making nice choices in your home and enjoy accessorising. My friend Nicky Clarke gave me the best piece of advice when he said “What would Ralph do?” because Ralph Lauren is really good at putting things together. But it’s not about being a labels snob. The high street has never been so good. We have all these brands now from Zara Home and French Connection to DFS and places on the internet. So you don’t need to spend a mortgage decorating your home. Given gender roles and societal S conditioning, do you believe the role of “domestic goddess” is pre-determined to be female dominated? I’m afraid I’m not going to be PC

A about this. Girls and gays are great at

it. I’m of course generalising here but girls and gays have the eye. We all have our talents that we bring to the table. There are people who have an artistic eye and there are people who don’t. Women tend to have the eye for homemaking. I am at my happiest when I’m doing things in the house.


What’s your advice to women struggling to get their men to do a fair share of the housework?

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


I would look at all the other things that he could

A do that he is better at and make sure he does them.

These days there are so many working couples that it comes down to what I call “who buys the toilet roll” syndrome. Sometimes women are just better at doing things in the home. But it’s important that you don’t make work for me. It’s all you want in life to be fair in life to each other. Just be fair in a relationship. If cleaning is not your forte think about what other talents you bring to the table and pool your resources and be a team and be fair.


What are your top three tips for organising the home and keeping on top of domestic chores?

The first thing is declutter. If it’s not beautiful, useful A or seriously sentimental then chuck it. It’s easy to get into bad habits so constantly check through things because clutter wears you down. Don’t fill your garage or spare room with things. It’s not good energy and its not good for the house. Secondly, one you’ve decluttered, put systems in place that keep the house running smoothly. For example have three bins for laundry: whites, coloureds and darks. By the age of 7, a child should be able to shake the duvet and make their bed. If you’ve got children it’s important not to send them out into the world useless. You will do them a disservice. Even if you have a cleaner, do not expect her to clean your clutter because you’re wasting her time and wasting your money. Clear the decks an live efficiently so you can find things easier and leave the house quicker. There are so many storage solutions from companies like IKEA that you do not need to be wading through things to be able to find something. It’s so worth is because the busier you are the more organised you need to be. Thirdly, families need to teach their kids that you need to work as a team so give people jobs. If Mum and Dad are going out to work to buy their children the things they need and want then their children need to learn the value of what you do for them by helping you in the home - and there’s nothing wrong in that. You mention that decluttering should happen all year S round and not just during the big spring clean. Do you have any cleaning hacks or tips/tricks to make cleaning the home easier and more efficient? I’m a big advocate of damp dusting because what’s A the point of moving dust from one place to another. The best way to do this is use a water spray to put a little water on a duster. It doesn’t hurt wood or anything. It’s logical that if everything is tidy then it’s easier to clean. People put things under the bed but they forget it’s dirty under the bed so cleaning the areas that get forgotten is an important one. You’ve experienced both successes and challenges S in your life. What lessons have you learnt from your experiences and how have those moments helped shape the person you are today? I think empathy and humility are two really A important things I’ve learnt. Empathy with all sorts of people really because the more you go through, the more you shape yourself. Another lesson I’ve learnt is to always be looking forward. I’m an optimistic person


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

by nature and I never want to lose that. It’s easy to moan but you have to stop in the moment and move on. I think we also undervalue our health. Be grateful for your health and look after yourself. I don’t understand why anybody would abuse what they have been given, be it through alcohol or cigarettes. None of us are on pedestals of virtue but you should do everything in moderation and look after yourself. It’s terrible that there are more people dying in the world today through obesity than malnutrition.


You have had your share of ups and downs but what has been your biggest challenge and what did you learn from it?

I’ve done a lot of work on myself and had a lot of A therapy to get where I am today. You know that little negative person on your shoulder that pulls you down and frightens you? I felt for a long time that I was very co-dependent. After my divorce I felt like I was on my own. My biggest challenge was being on my own and actually knowing that it was OK. You’re OK. Learning to be like that. I’ve also learnt to listen and take advice from others who have been through it. I’ve met a lot of very interesting people from all walks of life. My business partner Sarah is a mum and holistic therapist and I’ve learnt a huge amount from her. My best friend is a mediator and one of the wisest people I know. You always look lovely. What do you do to stay fit

S and healthy and looking your best?

I have never abused my body weight as in the fact

A that I like eating but don’t overeat. I think hydration

is massively important. I’m not a person to let myself go and I think you have a duty of care to yourself. Partly that’s due to my job but partly I think it just makes you feel better. What charities or causes do you support and what is

S close to your heart?

I do various things for Action for Children. I was A lucky with a very nice mum and dad and a Middle England upbringing but not everyone has that and if we can do anything to help the next generation we should. It’s all about breaking the bad cycle and that’s what as a society we should be able to do. Unfortunately the authorities depend on charities to do it which is terrible really.


To find out how you can create your perfect home and lifestyle with the UK’s first home accessory & lifestyle subscription box, please visit www. theathomeboxcompany.com

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Design Trends 2018 Brian Woulfe, founder and MD of Designed By Woulfe, takes an insightful look into what trends we can expect from interior design over the coming year from the hottest colours to coolest textures Last year was an incredible year for design, from the September shows across London for LDF17 to new and exciting collaborations. We have seen a very pointed return to Mid-Century Modern and maximalist designs, but what is here to stay, and what can we expect to see in 2018? The answer is: colour. In all its forms and spectrums.

One particular project for a London-based client demonstrates the gorgeous impact of unapologetically jet-black interiors. A sleek, effortlessly cool kitchen was designed with one thing in mind: simplicity. Clean lines and a dark angularity gives this space a sense of quiet confidence and composure.

There are many ways to introduce colours into your interior schemes. For the brave, why not use one colour, in different tones, throughout the room. For example, create a space that is unequivocally blue, and immerse yourself in the evocative colour from the walls and ceilings to the floors; the soft furnishings to the accessories. For those who are yet to be convinced by the power of colour, why not introduce it bit by bit, a statement sofa in a vibrant colour, a lamp shade or cushion, or even a single wall.

Accessorising with black pieces is also a great way to add understated glamour to your home. In the Thailand branch of my interior design practice, we featured a stunning black vase-come-sculpture that really draws the eye within a bright, colourful space.


BLACK We are always told to use white, neutrals and pales to give the illusion of space in our homes. What many don’t realise is that black gives a sense of expansiveness as well, especially when used to cover an entire floor or wall. Unlike the usual white interiors people largely adopt in their homes, black schemes bring an instant feeling of elegance, intrigue and decadence.

When deciding on black accessories to feature in your home, make sure you choose a strong silhouette. Mat or glossy finishes work well, but don’t do things by halves. Make sure you display any black accessories like vases, ornaments, lighting fixtures or artwork with pride. They will add a stylish edge to your space, so don’t be afraid to be bold!


RED Red – the colour of our most visceral emotions as humans. Love, danger, passion, heat. Rich scarlet fabrics and furniture are reminiscent of Victorian stately

Brian Woulfe

homes, illustrious tapestries or even sultry boudoirs. Red can add warmth and drama to any space. It also works brilliantly as a statement accent in a room with a more neutral or completely contrasting scheme, drawing the eyes into a particular corner or alcove.


TARTANS Although it’s more of a pattern than a colour, our red trend will certainly extend into a resurgence in popularity of tartan. Sometimes, you can find home in a pattern, warmth in a tone. To give your interiors a relaxed, intimate and homely feel, upholster, lay or cover in tartan, plaid and check. A thick, cosy carpet in warm reds and mustards will add an instant charm to your space. Pair with plain linen-upholstered sofas and winged armchairs, and add cushions to mirror the tones in the carpet. For those new to the world of check, a whole room in a checked print might feel overwhelming. A tartan carpet, sofa, rug or plaid cushion will provide the cheerful warmth of a carpet with less commitment to the bold trend. Using check, tartan or plaid furniture as accent pieces will keep your home feeling light and airy. However, for the full cosy effect, a carpet or set of curtains will do the trick.


MILLENNIAL PINK This colour has captured the hearts of the Instagram generation and interior designers alike. Millennial Pink provides a fantastic way of introducing a feeling of serenity and fun to any space. The brilliant thing about pink is that it can be cold or warm. The more muted pinks hark back to the 1950s - think Grease. They work wonderfully with other similar colours like teal and greys, which have a vintage feel to them. Hot pinks add a bit of spice to an interior and are a more subtle way of adding drama to a room if red is not your thing.


COLOUR MATCHING Balancing colours in a space is important. The use of two contrasting or complementary colours can create bold and dramatic effects, whilst using a different tone of the same colour creates subtle nuances in a room’s appearance, adding depth and dimension to a room. However, colour-matching is set to be a huge trend for 2018, so try to match the tone of the paint or tile you decide to use. For more depth and a less quirky aesthetic, use a tonal mix of pinks, from corals to ballet-slipper pink. This will create a more rounded look, while colour matching will give a really cool two dimensional look, not dissimilar to Pop Art themed schemes.


TEXTURE Finally, alongside the colour and vibrancy we can expect from design in 2018, designers will be focusing on intense textures and using new materials. Velvets are standing the test of time, and we are seeing an influx of faux-fur and sustainably sourced feathers. The tactile dimension to design adds a new level to our interiors, incorporating not just sight but touch as well. Giving your home textural elements provides an inviting atmosphere, and shows a real intelligence in design. Combine this with 2018’s most-wanted colours for the ultimate modern home. Colour trends for 2018 paint an incredibly bright future for contemporary makers and designers. From ruby reds to the millennials’ favourite androgynous pink, the scope for interiors and design is endless and exciting. For more interior design inspiration and to find out more about Designed by Woulfe, please visit www. designedbywoulfe.com or follow @dbw_interiors

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Lucy Mecklenburgh



SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Lucy Mecklenburgh talks to Sloan SheridanWilliams about fitness, motivation, plant based nutrition & stepping out of her comfort zone Tell me more about your new plant

start again or who have hit a bit of a wall.

decided to launch it.

1. DON’T QUIT Exercising and staying healthy isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle. So, don’t quit and make sure to set a realistic goal for yourself, break down your fitness goal into smaller goals and most of all remember to enjoy yourself!

S based nutrition plan and why you

I have a healthy diet an d follow the L 80/20 rule. I’m all about balance but I genuinely really enjoy healthy nutritious meals with the odd indulgence. After seeing the growing trend of veganism, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The same as many, I thought where would I get my protein? Will I need a million expensive random ingredients I won’t find in my local supermarket? Is it actually better for my health? After doing a little research on plant based living & seeing a lot of health benefits, I started introducing #MeatFreeMondays into my weekly diet. I really enjoyed being a little more creative in the kitchen and not always relying on meat or fish as the main focus of my meal. This led me to go on a raw food vegan retreat to educate myself on a plant based diet, get recipe ideas & tips from experts. I really enjoyed it and felt amazing afterwards! My skin was glowing, my energy levels were at an ultimate high and I gained lots of knowledge on why & how you maintain a plant based diet. I have now increased my meat free Mondays to 2 days a week and have increased my daily raw food intake which means that the majority of the time I follow vegan principles on these 2 days. Even though I don’t see myself turning vegan anytime soon, I believe for our health and the environment we need to reduce our meat, fish and dairy intake. We should not be afraid of plant based meals but educate ourselves on their benefits. I am proud to say Results with Lucy is progressively becoming more vegetarian and vegan friendly.


What are your top tips for someone new to exercise who is daunted about starting to get fit?


I have five top tips is always tell people who find it daunting to start their journey, can’t get motivated to

2. EAT RIGHT The best thing is to focus on eating healthily throughout the day to reduce the chances of a snack attack mid-afternoon! Focus on good sources of protein, including chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, eggs, quinoa, nuts, seeds and Greek yogurt; they make you feel fuller for longer. But also remember to allow yourself indulgences, keep it balanced. 3. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER Increase your water intake gradually over a 4-week timescale and aim for around 1.5 – 2 litres a day. Throughout the day your body can often confuse thirst with hunger, so staying hydrated will stop unnecessary snacking. Sip water throughout the day rather than gulp lots down in one go and if you don’t like plain water try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to give it flavour. 4. HAVE FUN If you want to get in shape by using a running programme but you hate running with a passion then, why do it? The fitness industry is so varied there are 100’s of ways you can get in shape. The key to success is enjoying it and looking forward to your workout not dreading it. 5. STICK TO A PLAN So as not to overwhelm yourself, follow a plan with a bit of a structure to start. Start a workout diary where you can plan your meals, identify your goals and plan your social activities around your workouts. Aim to work out 3-4 times a week using a mixture of activities that increase your heart rate and use resistance to help tone your muscles. But don’t stress if life gets in the way and you miss one or two! @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


What helps you stay focused and

S keeps you motivated on your goals?

I remind myself to be patient, L stay passionate and to not let the fear of failure stop me. I have made sure to find something I love doing but always remind myself that you can’t be an expert in everything, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. So, I make sure to get as much feedback as possible even if it’s just from friends, family or colleagues. I know achieving goals will take time, be hard work, involve difficult decisions and experience knock backs. However, I remind myself to stay positive, stay driven and make sure to reward myself for all the successes along the way, no matter how small.


On the days you don’t want to do a workout who holds your accountable?

I know that when I exercise I will L feel great afterwards but if you really don’t want to train, take the day off, relax & pencil in a workout for the following day. Stress isn’t good for anyone and we are all human. Once people have completed S the programs they want with Results with Lucy, would you recommend getting a personal trainer for those who want to continue their fitness journey? Results with Lucy is about L education so you learn how to do exercises using the correct form so you get the most from each move and don’t injure yourself. You also learn what exercises you love as there is a wide range of variety from HIIT, Pilates, yoga & barre. So, you could train yourself at the gym, start a class or carry on using our OnDemand subscription which gives you access to around 1,000 different workouts that you are in control of when & what you want to do. Success is often defined by what

S you do in the morning. What’s your morning routine?

I’m actually quite a morning L person! The first thing I always do is put the radio on, music always puts me in a positive mood! Then I make a hot water with lemon and drink while checking my emails, social media and schedule for the day. I then have an Egg based protein


breakfast and either log in to RWL to train or go and train with my PT Cecilia. How do you pick yourself up on

S the days that you feel a bit low?

We all have those days L sometimes. If I can, I try to have a chilled sofa day and watch some soppy movies. But if I haven’t got that luxury, it’s a state of mind you need to snap out of so I do things that make me feel good. Exercise honestly is my thing. I feel great as soon as I finish a workout. However, sometimes you need a little extra help with dealing with your ups and downs. This is what led Results with Lucy to launch With Self Love, a free 12-week confidence course that helps you overcome your fears and face your anxieties. One of the steps I do abide by on a daily basis is repeating positive affirmations to help boost my mood and self-esteem.


What’s your favourite cheat meal or indulgence on a day off from eating healthily?

Italian food! How can you say no L to a massive bowl of spaghetti bolognese with loads of cheese, garlic bread & a glass of red wine? You can’t! What is your key message about

S health & fitness and why is it

important to you to share this with others? My key message is to remember

L that health and fitness is not a

quick solution, it is a lifestyle. Steer clear of any fad diets, don’t deprive yourself of anything. You need to enjoy life and the journey you are taking to a healthier you. Stick to an 80/20 diet so you eat healthily the majority of the time but allow yourself those indulgences you want and deserve. The main thing I believe is important to share with everyone, is to know that health & fitness does not mean restriction, boring meals or military workouts. It is freedom to exercise at a time that suits you, delicious and nutritious food and fun and enjoyable workouts that suit your needs, wants and likes.


If you could do any other job in the world what would it be and why?

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

I know this sounds cheesy but L I absolutely love my job to the extent that it doesn’t feel like work and I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. But if I had to, I would maybe choose something abroad. I love traveling, food and sun so maybe owning a cool beach bar/restaurant. I’m a real foodie. If you could go back and meet S your 10-year-old self, what three pieces of advice would you give yourself?


Worry less. Believe in yourself more. Get out of your comfort zone

Would you do another TV show S like Bear Grylls: Celebrity Island where you challenged yourself and what would you like to do? The Island was the third TV L challenge show I have ever done and by far the hardest! I think to get the most out of life you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. The feeling you get when completing something that may have seemed impossible is the best feeling in the world. It opens you up to more opportunities and gives you confidence you never knew you had. So yes, I would definitely be looking to take on more challenges, anything that includes learning a skill or that is fitness related would really appeal to me. But I’m not sure anything could be as hard as The Island!! When was the last time you

S went out of your comfort zone

and what did you learn about yourself?

The whole island experience I

L guess. But one moment that has

stuck with me was gutting and preparing the crocodile for us to cook and eat. I love animals so this was extremely hard but this was really important for me to realise just how easy we have it. I think we don’t really know or appreciate what happens to enable us to buy our perfectly wrapped & washed chicken from Sainsbury’s! I will never take for granted a meal I eat again and since coming home, I am continually educating myself on health & the environment. This means making a conscious effort to make Results with Lucy increasingly vegetarian & vegan friendly.


What 5 items would you want with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

Well, when you have actually L been on a dessert island this list massively changes to what I would have said before! I would now say, in order to really survive; a lighter, a tent, bug zapper/ shield, solar powered fridge & Bear Grylls! What do you want to be

S remembered for?

I am not too worried about being L remembered for anything but if I could get millions of women worldwide more active and confident then that would not be a bad way to be remembered.


What charities or worthy causes do you support and why are they important to you?

I support Cystic Fibrosis, Breast L Cancer, Dementia UK & I’m currently researching mental health charities that I would like to get more involved with. Cystic fibrosis is close to mine & the Results with Lucy team’s hearts as one of our incredible trainers Sophie has it. All of us, including her climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. I also support Breast Cancer and Dementia charities due to witnessing someone very close to me suffer these awful diseases and really see what they can do.

And finally, mental health is something I have always wanted to get more involved with which is why I presently give £1 of each of my With Self Love homework books to Anxiety UK. However, the 12-week confidence course is completely free as its main focus is to give everyone access to the help they need to deal with and reduce anxiety and improve your self-esteem & confidence. The response so far has been incredible including a positive response on social media with a lot of people opening up & helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues such as anxiety. For more on With Self Love, go to wellness.resultswithlucy.com/withself-love/

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Valentine’s Gifts For Her 1 2

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16 15


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Expert Advice

The Flexible Body Let’s look at some everyday exercises that many of us do without really giving them a second thought – this is what I call unconscious exercise. Take squats, planks and press-ups. The short-term effects of pumping these out in endless repetition might look good, but in the long run, are those unconscious reps really doing you any good? Here’s what I think: Squats can give you great legs, but are they just creating tightness and restriction in your hips from repeated one-directional movement?

Roger Frampton

Planks can give you great abs, but what are they doing to the muscles in your stomach and lower back that you might be ignoring? Press-ups can give you a great chest and arms, but are they restricting movement in your shoulders?

A sedentary lifestyle has robbed us of our natural range of motion, leaving us with stiff bodies, bad posture and chronic back pain. In his new book, The Flexible Body: Move better anywhere, anytime in 10 minutes a day, model and TEDx sensation Roger Frampton introduces a revolutionary new approach to fitness where you can achieve every exercise in the book at home without the need for specialist equipment.

I’m not interested in short-term gain. I think unconscious exercise (in not focussing on how you move) is a form of self-harm. Yes, selfharm. If you’re doing something to yourself that gives you short-term reward but causes you long-term

Roger created ‘The Frampton Method’ realising the importance of conscious movement using a combination of bodyweight exercises mixing aspects of gymnastics and yoga. Roger stood on the TEDx stage for his talk ‘Why sitting down destroys you’ where he discussed how attitudes towards exercise in the fitness industry are flawed. The talk has now received over 1.8 million views on YouTube.

Exercise is not what you think it is. Conscious, slow, deliberate movement is the way to get your body back. 20

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damage, then you are self-harming. Let me explain this another way. If you spend the majority of your day in static positions, but have a body that’s designed for constant movement, then you’re living outside of your means. You are in debt to your body and owe it a life of movement. CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT The answer is to forget quick-fix, short-term strategies and instead learn movements that do good in the long term. This means focusing on and being fully conscious of the specific movements you are doing. This is the founding principle of the Frampton Method. Everything you do in this book, you need to do with pure consciousness. By doing this, you will achieve a strong, restrictionfree body without causing yourself long-term damage. There are no quick fixes, but in time you will: Get fit (give your body back its movement); Lose weight (burn fat); Get in shape (your shape). Sound familiar? I never train to

change the appearance of my body. I’m not trying to gain muscle or lose weight or aspire to be like anyone else. All I’m trying to do is get back the beautiful essence of movement I was born with. I use Handstand techniques I’ve learned from gymnastics, some stretches from yoga classes, some moves I’ve created myself. I’m neither a yogi nor a gymnast. I refuse to be confined within any discipline. I am a human and the Frampton Method is, quite simply, human movement. I’m going to teach you how to move your body. As by-products I promise you this: becoming fit will occur, changing shape will occur and weight loss will occur – but none of these is ever the goal. They all happen as a result of conscious movement.

MOVEMENT FIRST We’ve just learned what it means to be conscious in a movement, so now I want to explain about the “movement first” philosophy. Okay, so stand up right now wherever you are with your feet together and your legs straight. Now press your heels against each other. I want you to notice what happened as a result of this movement. Did you feel that your butt muscles engaged? If you’re pressing your heels together, it’s impossible to avoid the muscular contraction in the butt that follows. Muscles engage as a result of a movement. This removes the need to focus on muscle engagement and encourages you to be more conscious of specific movements, because

The Frampton Method teaches you patterns of movement that have long term benefits for your body

movement comes first. Here’s the sequence: Brain makes decision to move > Human moves > Hundreds of muscles in the body shift around to facilitate the movement. You see the whole body is interconnected. WHY SITTING DESTROYS YOU Sitting down for long periods of time freezes the spine into a constant flexed (rounded) position, putting repeated pressure on the same vertebrae. As you freeze the range of motion in your legs, hips and spine, your body is left feeling tight and restricted, while your newly developed curved spine forces you to look down and literally makes you feel low. The curved spine shape also shrinks the space in which your lungs allow you to breathe, which may explain why you’re suddenly out of breath when climbing a single flight of stairs. This reduction in oxygen entering your blood stream results in reduced concentration and alertness. Repeated sitting also blocks fatburning enzymes, stopping you from losing excess weight easily. No wonder those fitness programmes are failing!

You see, everything is made easier for us when we’re older. We have priority seats on public transport, walking sticks, bungalows and stair lifts waiting for us to retire. Some of the biggest geriatric illnesses include: coronary heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, metabolic dysfunction, type 2 diabetes. And here is a separate list of the top diseases caused (in part) by a sedentary lifestyle: coronary heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, metabolic dysfunction, type 2 diabetes. Did you notice anything similar about the last two lists? They are exactly the same. MOVE BETTER In fact, at 75 years old, two-thirds of us will be suffering from a chronic illness and may be reliant on pharmaceutical treatment to keep us alive. However, this is “preventable” and my new book teaches you how to move like you were born to move. The Flexible Body: Move Better Anywhere, Anytime in 10 Minutes by Roger Frampton, £14.99, published by Pavilion Books. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


expert advice

As a long-time vegan, Seb Sokol saw the current growth in the plantbased eating movement and the lack of interesting brands in that space as an opportunity to create a brand that could be as exciting as it was influential in convincing people to eat more plants. Having spent almost a decade working in the advertising and creative industries, Seb understood how hard it can be to change people’s behaviour and thus the importance in creating a brand that provides compelling reasons for people to do so. Wanting to stay away from lecturing and focusing on ‘No’s’ and instead inspire people to make a positive change, being BRAVE became the focus of the message - a rallying call to stand up to the fear that prevents us from taking chances and making a change for the better.

Seb Sokol is the co-founder of BRAVE, a plant-based snacks company, which he launched together with his wife Amber in July 2017 22

How eating plants became exciting Seb Sokol is the co-founder of BRAVE, a plantbased snacks company, which he launched with his wife Amber this July. Here, Seb discusses the growing popularity of plant based lifestyles. Maybe you’ve noticed (but just in case you haven’t) eating plants is huge in London at the minute. Call it vegetarianism, veganism, or plant-based, London is experiencing a surge in the number of people, brands, restaurants and celebrities who call themselves one of those three things. Vegan Nights, a onenight vegan street food festival hosted at the Old Truman Brewery at the end of September, was so popular they had to turn away visitors halfway through. And it’s not just niche either increasingly, more and more brands are looking to cater to this growing number of hungry vegans. Pret a Manger recently opened their third Veggie Pret after having huge success with the previous two, Wagamama just launched an allvegan menu and even Carluccio’s is getting on board with an exclusively vegetarian/vegan pop-up at the flagship restaurant in Covent Garden. So why all the buzz, you might be wondering. After all, veganism is hardly a new concept. What has happened in recent times, aided very much by social media, is that the core ethos of veganism - compassion - has reached a new generation, who have embraced it and have injected creativity, fun and flavour back into it. Gone is the vegan food of old, bland and entrenched in stereotypes; gone are the days of the tie-dyed, dreadlocked vegan. Today’s vegan community is a young, eclectic mix of people from all walks of life, united by compassion and certainly much more interested in telling you about how good the seitan fried

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‘chicken’ at House of Seitan is than shaming anybody for not being a vegan. This has very much been boosted by a growing number of vegan influencers making vegan food look incredibly tasty. Take Gas Oakley of the Avantgarde Vegan. His Instagram is full of bright, colourful and innovative takes on traditional classics including jerk

chicken burger, masala dosas and his take on a Snickers bar, the salted caramel peanut & pecan bar. Celebrity endorsements don’t hurt either, with the vegan message being spread by the diverse likes of musicians such as Thom Yorke, Ariana Grande and Boy Better Know founder JME, and actors including Jessica Chastain, Alec Baldwin and Natalie Portman. Even Beyonce has extolled the virtues of a plant-based diet. Perhaps more importantly, it’s not just artists speaking about the benefits of eating only plants - a growing number of athletes are swearing by it too. Too often in the past was veganism seen as a cause of weakness in athletes due to the lack of protein. It’s hard to argue that now when somebody like heavyweight boxer David Haye is telling you otherwise. From Lewis

Hamilton recently announcing his turn to veganism, to stalwarts like MMA fighter Mac Danzig and record breaking ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek, these athletes are all saying it improves their energy levels and recovery time. But at the end of the day, what’s really driving this boost in popularity is just how damn good vegan food has become; besides the aforementioned House of Seitan (a vegan ‘chicken shop’), London has seen a bevy of new vegan restaurants rise over the last year. Take Club Mexicana, which makes delicious and inventive Mexican food, or the highly lauded Cook Daily (which does seriously indulgent takes on asian cuisine) today’s vegan food is certainly not boring. Rather than see using only plants as a limitation, these places have been getting creative with

their cooking and bring out the best flavours out of all kinds of plants and vegan staples. Our own journey has been affected by all these factors. As long-time vegans, food has been a passion of ours for more than a decade. When vegan options were less plentiful, we were always on a hunt for delicious snacks to keep us going during busy days. We started making our own snacks, eventually coming up with our roasted peas - a delicious snack that’s full of protein and fibre, and contains less fat and fewer calories than popcorn. We called ourselves BRAVE because we wanted to encourage more people to take the sometimes scary step towards a plant-based diet, and it has become our mission to get as many people excited about eating more vegetables as we possibly can!

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Look Good Feel Good

03 Health & Beauty

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PEAK PERFORMANCE Peak EPA is clinically proven to increase Omega-3 levels in human muscle tissue and red blood cells. £33.99 available from wileysfinest.co.uk



SKIN REJUVENATION Recovery Serum enhances skin’s natural process of regeneration by collagen production, healthy circulation and cellular renewal. More info at aqskinsolutions.co.uk



TRIPLE ACTION IMMUNE SUPPORT This supplement supplys the unique actions of the three most powerful immunesupporting botanicals. For more information please visit naturesplus.com



MAXIMUM COLOUR & SHINE Kenra Color Charge Treatment boosts moisture levels within the hair to firmly seal and smooth the cuticle - for maximum colour retention and brilliant shine.



ENERGISE & REVIVE Boost B12 Oral Spray is quickly absorbed combining vitamin B12, chromium & green tea extract to beat fatigue & aid mental performance. More info at betteryou.com


DOSE OF BEAUTY IN A SACHET Powerful anti-ageing liquid high-grade marine collagen fights against the visible signs of ageing and supports skin, nails, hair & joints. £29.99, www.absolutecollagen.com


SOOTHE THE BODY AND THE MIND Soaking Solution combines Pure Epsom Salt with luxurious essential oils to soothe aching tired muscles, refresh skin’s appearance and detoxify. £7.99 from Boots



UPLIFTING HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Comvita Apple Cider & Manuka Honey Drinking Vinegar improves digestion, stimulates stomach acid production & balances blood sugar. £2.99 from Holland & Barrett



VITAMIN D SOLUTIONS FOR ALL New range offers clinically proven vitamin D3 products in formats to suit every age & need from sprays and chewable tablets to infant drops. Buy online at www.vegavitamins.co.uk @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Dr Weber has his eye on the pulse of what’s next in the world of aesthetics

Bios Square Epil Laser at Bodyvie in Richmond SLOAN! experiences Harley Street excellence in the heart of leafy Richmond As Medical Director and Lead Doctor at Bodyvie Medi-Clinic in Richmond, Dr Andrew Weber’s client list includes beauty editors, actors, TV presenters and high profile business people who delight in their secret go-to clinic in the beautiful London Borough of Richmond which offers all of the ‘Harley Street’ excellence while maintaining a welcome air of privacy.

“ At the heart of what we do is you. Every patient has a different set of goals, and every patient’s skin is unique. So we’ll work closely with you, giving you as much information and support as possible, to ensure that you are comfortable with the procedure and thrilled with the outcome” - Dr Andrew Weber of Bodyvie 26

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

About Dr Weber Dr Andrew Weber graduated from the Royal Free Hospital in 1981 and has over 30 years of medical experience, entering the world of aesthetics 20 years ago. He was a founding member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (now the British Association of Aesthetic Medicine.) He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (FRSM) and one of the UK’s first accredited physicians offering advanced laser treatments, dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injectables. Having been at the forefront of medical aesthetics for 20 years, Dr Weber started offering Photoderm in Chiswick, west

London in 1997 and moved to James Street, W1 in 1999 before opening Bodyvie. Dr Weber continues to undergo professional development in international and UK based training to ensure he follows all technological advances and maintains his position as one of the UK’s leading cosmetic doctors specialising in facial aesthetics and body sculpting. As a well respected figure in the industry, Dr Weber’s expertise makes him a highly sought after authority and he is regularly invited to lecture on the aesthetics circuit, both nationally and internationally and to comment in aesthetic journals. As an added testament to his knowledge and understanding, Dr Weber is often called upon to assist with medico-legal cases, providing expert reports of relevant treatments. Having his eye on the pulse of what’s next in the world of aesthetics is important to Dr Weber and that’s why

he is delighted that bodyvie is the first uk clinic to offer the bios square epil laser from Advanced esthetics solutions. What makes it so special? Firstly, Bios Square Epil allows the treatment of all skin’s phototypes, from I to VI and at any time of the year. The one-of-a-kind BEM (Blended Emission Mode) technology allows clinicians to selectively use one laser source or combine laser beams, depending on the individual needs of patients. Secondly, Square Epil offers high comfort during treatment sessions, and minimised downtime with safe and long-lasting results. Combining both wavelengths enables the practitioner to treat all skin types at speeds that are 3 times faster than its rivals. And finally, as well as hair removal, the Square Epil can be successfully used for vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, non-ablative photorejuvenation, anti-ageing, warts and onychomycosis.

Expert Advice

PTSD Following Failed IVF Cycles

Dr Andy Zamar is Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist at The London Psychiatry Centre

Dr Andy Zamar

Could it be that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is being underdiagnosed in the general population? Could what we think is depression actually be PTSD or its close relation, adjustment disorder (AD)? What if we are more at risk of these conditions when undergoing IVF treatment than we thought? If so, we might be underestimating the reach of this psychiatric illness, and worse, treating patients’ symptoms incorrectly, leading to further issues. DEFINITION OF PTSD

Consultant Psychiatrist and Founder of The London Psychiatry Centre, Dr Andy Zamar is acknowledged as an expert, by the Affective Disorders Unit at the Maudsley Hospital, in the treatment of resistant mood disorders, including depression and bipolar (spectrum) disorder. He also has special expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD, anxiety disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and adjustment disorders due to exposure to adverse life consequences and distress pursuant to crises such as workplace bullying, extramarital affairs, failed IVF and others. He is fully accredited in EMDR and has 13 years experience of treating severe trauma following exposure to adverse civilian events such as accidents, medical / surgical complications, crimes, natural disasters and terrorist attacks as well military events.

Dr Andy Zamar also treats sexual dysfunction and offers marital and relationship therapy.


PTSD has a long association in most people’s minds with the psychological effects of warfare. Traditional medical definitions of PTSD describe it as a condition that develops “following a stressful event or situation of an exceptionally threatening or catastrophic nature” but not situations that can be described as “everyday” trauma (e.g. divorce). It is estimated that 25-30% of people who experience trauma will go on to develop PTSD; it can strike at any age and can develop any time after a psychologically harrowing event. PTSD is often associated with the threat to the physical integrity of the individual. If you have been in a life-threatening situation or a situation where you have been physically threatened (such as sexual assault), your chances of developing PTSD are greater. Anyone with a family history, or genetically predisposed to mental health issues will too face a greater risk of developing PTSD should this be triggered by an event. PTSD AND FAILED IVF

So how does failed IVF fit into a picture of ‘life threatening’ events? Without a single defining trauma

SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

event or a trauma that is viewed as ‘less’ significant, there is a risk that patients are being left without proper diagnoses. PTSD, as a syndrome, without a life-threatening event is called adjustment disorder; it is exactly the same syndrome, requiring the same treatment. Because IVF failure is not deemed traumatic enough, clinicians aren’t looking for it in their patients. But this doesn’t mean it does not exist. The likelihood is that there are couples (more so in women) who are experiencing undiagnosed adjustment disorder, which over time can worsen with each disappointment, and some will register for PTSD on the Impact of Event Scale – Revised (IES-R). PTSD is a physiological, psychological and genetic condition and getting a diagnosis has some very specific criteria. But without an overriding ‘trauma’ this is often overlooked. In 2005, a study, “Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after non-traumatic events”, produced some dramatic results that challenged traditional definitions of PTSD. In the study of 3000 people where 832 were analysed, it was found that those struggling with normal ‘life’ events (relationship issues, work problems, death of a loved one, or serious illness) had more PTSD symptoms than those who had suffered a life-threatening scenario: war, natural disaster/ disaster. In fact, those bullied at work scored higher than those who had experienced the trauma of war. So, AD and PTSD can quite easily be triggered in individuals who are experiencing stressful life events, especially continual disappointment that, although not life-threatening,

threatens the course of our lives and expectations. Many women and men, when dealing with IVF failure are going through grief and a sense of loss. They have, after all, planned a life around a child that has not been born. Failed IVF in that sense is similar to experiencing miscarriage. Our entire future and our physical capabilities are ‘threatened’ by something that we cannot control. RESEARCH STUDIES

Although research is limited, there have been studies that suggest men and women going through fertility treatment, and couples who experience recurrent loss, are at greater risk of PTSD. One particular study by Allyson Bradow (2012), found that almost 50% of the 115 participants experiencing fertility issues met the official criteria of a PTSD diagnosis. This number is extremely high, especially when we consider that the ECA study in US found a prevalence of PTSD in only 4% in soldiers who fought in Vietnam, with a 20% risk in those who experienced injury. KINDLING EFFECT OF FAILED IVF CYCLES

Any form of fertility treatment is daunting. Maybe you haven’t thought about starting a family, perhaps it wasn’t a priority and you then discovered that you are unable to get pregnant. Maybe you already have one child in the family and are dealing with secondary fertility struggles. Whatever the situation, undergoing treatment to have a baby (some would say the most natural thing in the world) is fraught with angst. Potentially, failed IVF cycles have a kindling effect. The cumulative effect of failure can increase and exacerbate the likelihood of triggering mental health episodes, including PTSD. The more someone experiences the symptoms of being unable to have a baby, the harder it becomes to control the state of mind regarding the issue. The more rounds of IVF you have to face, the harder it becomes to cope with the mental stresses.


So how would you know if you are experiencing the symptoms of PTSD? There are four main symptom groups: AROUSAL

Irritability, difficulty sleeping, self-destructive behaviour and hypervigilance (feeling jumpy). AVOIDANCE

An effort to avoid situations that remind and avoiding feelings/ thoughts and memories. Are you avoiding friends with babies, not wanting to keep doctor appointments, switching off TV adverts or programmes with babies? INTRUSIVENESS

Recurrent distressing thoughts, flashbacks, intense stress when reminded about the event or your current situation. Physical symptoms such as nausea and palpitations. COGNITIVE SYMPTOMS

Knowing that life has ‘changed’. Self-blame, feelings of guilt. Feeling ‘numb’, isolated and withdrawn. Many of these symptoms can be also attributed to depression. Diagnosing depression instead of PTSD, however, is troubling. Mostly because effective treatments for depression will not work for PTSD and, in some instances, make the condition worse. Both medication and talking therapies are likely to compound the psychological symptoms of PTSD rather than alleviate. This does not mean that depression and PTSD can’t coexist. Sometimes both can present and it is important to treat the depression first. Treatment for depression when pregnant can prove difficult if someone doesn’t want to use medical treatment for fear of harming the baby. At the London Psychiatry Centre, we have extremely high success rates with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), the ground-breaking, non-invasive, drug-free, highly effective treatment for depression which targets the area of the brain associated with mood with no side effects. It’s an ideal treatment to use during pregnancy as it has no ill

effect on the baby. It’s fast and we see recovery rates from depression of around 75%. ASSESSING PTSD SYMPTOMS

Assessing your symptoms for PTSD is relatively easy. The Impact of Events Scale – Revised (IES-R) can be found online. If you feel that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it would be advisable to make your health provider aware. Similarly, if you feel that a previous history of traumatic events, in childhood especially, could make you vulnerable to the risk of developing AD or PTSD, you should bring this up with your clinician in the first instance. Although there are no measures you can take to prevent PTSD being triggered, it is always better to be aware, and make the professionals charged with your care aware of the potential risk. TREATMENT OPTIONS

Initially, symptoms should not be treated for the first month. This period of ‘watchful waiting’ is to assess the improvement or decline in symptoms. From that point, there are two types of treatment recommended for PTSD: eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), recognised as an effective trauma therapy, and trauma focussed cognitive behavioural therapy (TFCBT). Luckily, we are living in a time when social expectations are being challenged. Today, more than ever, it’s ok to not be ok. Mental health issues are discussed more freely and diagnoses are being analysed in more depth than ever before. Struggling to get pregnant when you have taken the monumental life changing decision to have a baby and then finding that your life is not turning out how you have planned can be one of the most difficult events to mentally process. Making sure that you are on top of how you are feeling and can recognise the signs and seek help are key to overcoming mental health issues when dealing with the difficulties of IVF treatment.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Tips for staying connected to a relative or friend with dementia

Stay Connected

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses working with families facing dementia. Here, Helen Phillips offers advice on how families living with dementia can keep connected to a person who has been diagnosed with dementia.

I’ve worked as an Admiral Nurse for seven years and know how difficult it can be for families when somebody has been diagnosed with dementia. People don’t always know where to turn for information about what might happen next, or advice about managing symptoms and making the home safe and comfortable for the person with the diagnosis. It can be quite a confusing, lonely time. Admiral Nurses work alongside families during these periods, to give them emotional support and the specialist advice that they need to face dementia with more confidence. Here are some of top tips for staying connected to someone you know or care about who has dementia.



The most important thing to do is to consider your own needs as well as the person you are caring for. If you are looking after yourself, have a regular break and accept any support that is offered, you will be more relaxed, which will help the person you are looking after to also feel relaxed.



If the person with dementia is repeating themselves or is having trouble following a conversation, it can be frustrating for you, but it is frustrating for them too. Try to put yourself in their shoes: what might help them follow the conversation better? Use simple language and try not to worry about repeating yourself either.



Consider using pictures to illustrate what you’re saying. If you’re talking about the grandchildren,

show them photographs of them at the same time. Try to be patient if you are waiting for a response. Reducing external distractions such as noise and lights from the TV can be a great help too. Sit facing the person and maintain eye contact.



It can be a confusing time for the person with dementia and they may find themselves talking about needing to go to work when they are no longer working. By allowing them to do household activities like drying dishes or dusting, even if it’s not done the way you would like, it can help them feel a sense of purpose and belonging.



Many people don’t realise that dementia can exist alongside other conditions too. It’s not uncommon for people with dementia to also experience depression. It can be difficult to diagnose, but if the person is depressed, a diagnosis can help them get the right support they need. Anti-depressants might be suitable and might help the person start to re-engage a little. Otherwise, some self-care methods might help with the person’s mood, such as going for a walk, or listening to some favourite music.


to see you.” If you have a positive energy and smile, you can bring hope and reassurance to the person with dementia.



The Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline is available seven days a week for anyone who has concerns or questions about dementia. Our Nurses will really take the time to understand what is happening and offer the emotional and practical support that can make all the difference. The Helpline is open from 9am-9pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on weekends. Call or email on 0800 888 6678 or helpline@dementiauk.org



The Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster (KCW) Admiral Nursing Services accepts referrals from the KCW Memory Service, Older Adults Mental Health Team for Kensington and Chelsea and the Older Adults Mental Health Team for Westminster. For more information, please visit www.dementiauk.org and follow @DementiaUK on social media. Helen Phillips is the Admiral Nurse for Chelsea, Kensington and Westminster.


If the person is starting to become unsettled or anxious, use distraction techniques: offer them a cup of tea, go into a different room. If it is possible and it helps, leave the house for five minutes, then come back in and say something like: “Oh I’m so pleased

Helen Phillips

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OXFORD BRUSH COMPANY The Oxford Brush Company is the brand everybody wants in their home. Their range of artisan-made Redecker brushes are all hand-crafted using the finest natural materials, meaning that every brush has purpose, style and is of the highest quality. The Oxford Brush Company range of brushes spans all areas of the home and garden.The family-owned brand located in the heart of the Cotswolds was founded in 2011 and is proud to be one of the country’s only shops wholly dedicated to brushes. This Wooden Dog Brush with Bristles has been designed for your doted-on four legged friend in mind! Dual-sided, bristle and wooden pins - it’s made for the ultimate groom.


£17.95 from The Oxford Brush Company

This new, super premium pet food has taken centre stage in pet nutrition. Lovingly developed since, can you guess, 1987, this product is the result of years of dedicated research, experimentation and craftsmanship. Made through a continuous baking method, bursting with delicious flavours and packed with all the right nutrients, the Nineteen 87 range will be sure to set your pup’s tail wagging. If you want to pamper your pooch with this new top-of-the-range product and for a very reasonable price, look no further than www.nineteen87.co.uk today. Gizmo loves Welsh Chicken with turmeric and sweet potato food. The new taster packs contains a 750g pack of this flavoured food along with delicious baked duck bites with raspberry and rosemary and Nineteen 87’s goat bars with banana and sweet potato. They’re now half price until end of summer. Available from petshop.co.uk andnineteen87.co.uk


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SLOAN! selects our top seven

premium dog products guaranteed to please the most pampered pups around

PETSAFE The answer to your dog’s love of constant games of fetch, this Automatic Ball Launcher is suitable for all breeds and keeps dogs entertained while encouraging mental and physical activity. The innovative launcher has nine distance settings up to nine metres and six ball angle settings up to 45 degrees, plus it has a built-in delay after ball placement, helping instil valuable waiting skills. As it is battery or mains operated the launcher can be used inside or outside, rain or shine. £129.99 from www. petsafe.com/UK or other pet retailers including Pets at Home and Amazon.co.uk


SLURPS Just like humans, dogs get bored with water and many don’t drink the recommended 50ml per kg bodyweight per day with dehydration causing illness and expensive vet bills. Slurps are super tasty, low in calories, organic and packed with omega 3 rich fish oils, helping dogs stay healthy and hydrated. In tests, 9 out of 10 dogs lapped up Slurps whilst ignoring their bowls of water! Slurps can be given to dogs between meals or even poured over their meals and come in organic beef and chicken flavours with added omega 3 rich fish oils. £2.50 per 350ml pack available from www.slurps4pets.co.uk


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WOOF-TASTIC TREATS FOR FURRY FRIENDS BARBOUR Channelling the signature Barbour look, this rugged wax dog coat features a Berber fleece lining and cord collar, which will keep any dog warm and cosy on winter walks. The covered chest area provides extra weather protection, while the Velcro strap makes for easy fastening. The coat features the embossed leather Barbour logo, a 100% waxed cotton outer with a lining made up from 70% polyester and 30% acrylic Barbour fleece and is available in sizes from XS at £46.95 from www.millbryhill.co.uk

PETS WEEKEND Travelling with your pets can be troublesome if your host does not appreciate muddy paws on their furniture and no room in the packed car to fit a dog bed. Pets Weekend is a truly portable lightweight dog bed available in four sizes which roll up with a handle attached for ease. The inside is made from one piece of Profleece, which animals love to sleep on and the outer covering is like a duvet cover with the sleeping layer in soft towelling (100% cotton) and the backing stronger canvas. Each cover can be monogrammed with the animals name. Extra covers can be bought so washing is easy. From £42 from www.petsweekend-london.com

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Ex p e r tAd vi c e

Understanding Inheritance Tax IAN HOBDAY CEO of WAY Investments specialising in innovative Inheritance Tax planning solutions

Inheritance Tax isn’t an easy topic of conversation to bring up over Sunday lunch with your family, but with the tax free limit at just £325,000, it is a tax that will affect many of us. Passing on your wealth to your family is more important than ever now as young people struggle with student debt and rising property prices and sensible tax planning can help you pass on money to the right people as well as reducing an Inheritance Tax bill.

having a good understanding of Inheritance Tax at all.

The problem is that if people don’t know enough about the controversial tax then they could end up leaving less than they expected. So, what is Inheritance Tax? It’s a tax on your estate (property, money and possessions) once you’ve died. There’s no Inheritance Tax to pay if the value of your estate is below the £325,000 threshold or if you leave everything to your spouse or civil partner (although this may simply pass on the problem to them).

Here are some tips to help you pass on the most to your family:

We know from our research that there are lots of people out there who don’t realise how much their assets are worth or how much they are all together. In fact, a recent survey where we asked 1,000 people across the country about Inheritance Tax, found that one in four people didn’t know if their family would have to pay Inheritance Tax liability on their estate while 40% of people admitted to not


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What this survey showed us was the lack of knowledge around the complex and costly issue of Inheritance Tax. To make sure that your loved ones benefit from your estate, it’s important that you understand Inheritance Tax properly as with some simple measures the family you leave behind could save hundreds of thousands.

WILLS According to a YouGov survey, nearly two thirds of the British adult population do not have a will. If you don’t have a will when you die, your money, property and possessions will be shared out according to the laws of intestacy instead of your wishes. This means they could pass on to someone you hadn’t wanted it to – or that someone you want to pass things on to ends up with nothing. GIFTS Making a gift during your lifetime rather than waiting until after your gone not only means saving your family from paying as much (or any) Inheritance Tax but perhaps more importantly lets

you see your gift being enjoyed and being put to good use.


There is one slightly morbid catch with gifts however when you make a gift in your lifetime the gift will only be free of Inheritance Tax if your death happens seven or more years after the gift was made. You can generally gift £3,000 per tax year and this wouldn’t be liable to Inheritance Tax, also, certain gifts are exempt entirely (up to defined limits) including wedding and birthday presents.

Inheritance Tax is the tax paid on assets (after Inheritance Tax allowances are deducted) when someone dies.

TRUSTS As well as gifts, you can also see your money being put to good use by putting it into an onshore trust. You can set up trusts to pay for specific events, such as school fees, university fees, property deposits or care home fees. There are various types of trust but be careful, the tax liabilities of getting it wrong could cost you your hard earned savings, so take the time to speak to a specialist.

Your assets include:

A lot of people think that when you have money in a trust that you can’t access it, this isn’t always the case. WAY offer special trusts that let you take out money from them if you need to, which protects your money whilst giving you the freedom to be flexible. Our survey found that 70% of people would want access to the money in their trusts, for example so we know how important it is for our clients to have that option. CELEB EXAMPLES INHERITANCE TAX WOES Bruce Forsythe’s net worth at the time of his passing was estimated to be around £17million which he chose to leave to his younger spouse, 59 year old Wilnelia. In doing so he has passed the responsibility of mitigating inheritance tax to her, entrusting her to potentially gift his wealth to his children tax free. Meanwhile, BBC’s Sir Terry Wogan reportedly had £20m in assets when he passed and The Duke of Westminster was worth £9.35bn. Neither paid a penny in Inheritance Tax.

Your estate will owe tax at 40% on anything above the £325,000 Inheritance Tax threshold when you die (36% if you leave at least 10% to charity) - Cash in the bank - Investments - Any property or business you own - Vehicles - Pay-outs from life insurance policies (if not in a trust) - ISAs When you die, any assets left to your spouse or registered civil partner, provided they’re living in the UK, are exempt from Inheritance Tax but you might have transferred to them an Inheritance Tax problem that they then have to deal with. Money given away before you die is still usually counted as part of your estate; hence it’s subject to Inheritance Tax if you die within seven years of giving the gift.

Not all celebs are tax savvy however. The iconic Cilla Black left £15million in her estate and it would appear that she made no attempts to mitigate Inheritance Tax as her three sons each received around £3million meaning around £6million (40%) went into the government’s tax coffers! Having not updated his will, Peter Sellers (better known as Inspector Clouseau from the iconic Pink Panther films), inadvertently left his entire fortune to a baby born to his ex-wife with her next husband, four years after his death. Even though not directly related to the actor, the lucky child has access to his millions plus extensive memorabilia and priceless art collections whilst his own children received a paltry £800 each upon his death! The unsettling reality of a Will such as Mr Seller’s is likely to cause family rifts and whilst he wasn’t around to witness the stress and pain of his decision – it affected his family causing legal battles and a lifetime of bad feeling towards his memory. Not something we would want any of our clients to experience! @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him Stylish & romantic gifts perfect for the man you love


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1. London City Cufflinks £289 www.londoncitycufflinks.com 2. Epson-TW650 home cinema projector £599.99 www. epson.co.uk 3. ECCO VITRUS I £170 www.eccoshoesuk.com 4. Buckle and Seam Cali £170 www.buckleandseam. com 5. Protest Clavin Jacket £159.99 www.protest.eu 6. On Running Cloud X £125 www.on-running.com 7. olloclip Active Lens Set £119 www.olloclip.com 8. Alcatel A3 £109.99 www.carphonewarehouse.com 9. mophie juice pack® £89.95 uk.mophie.com 10. MeacoHeat Motion 2.0kW heater £99.99 www.meaco.com 11. Dunhill Icon £55 www. pritchards.co.uk 12. Fiskars PowerGear™ X Lopper £54.99 www.fiskars.co.uk 13. Monroe Cologne No. 4 £45 www. monroeoflondon.co.uk 14. Absolute Cult Superman Hoodie £39.99 www.absolutecult.com


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15. The Savile Row Company Fragrance for Men £39 www.savilerowfragrance.co.uk 16. Stoer Vitamin Power Mask £35 www.harveynichols.com 17. The Bluebeards Revenge Deluxe Kit £34.99 www.bluebeards-revenge.co.uk 18. Joe Browns Funky Floral Shirt £32 www.joebrowns.co.uk 19. Joseph Turner Boxer Shorts £32 www.josephturner.co.uk 20. Slaters Guthrie & Valentine Double Cuff Shirt £27 www.slaters.co.uk 21. men-ü Selection Box of Grooming Essentials £24.95 www.men-u.co.uk 22. Jack Black Jet Set Traveler £22 www.mankind.co.uk 23. WaveWall Universal £19.99 www. wavewallcases.com 24. Bulldog Skincare for Men £15 www. bulldogskincare.com 26. SockShop Happy Socks Heart Combed Cotton Socks £7.99 www.sockshop.co.uk @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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From Passion to Priceless Legacy JIGGY RAWAL

The Curatist

If I asked you to close your eyes, go back to your childhood and early twenties, to think about the items you dreamed of owning, what would you say? What was it about the item that drew you to it? What memories did it bring back for you? Well that’s what my business, The Curatist is all about. Recreating those amazing memories whilst preserving wealth. I focus on building a story and enhancing the legacy of an individual through the purchase of collectibles that they are passionate about. CREATING A LEGACY The first thing I ask a customer is where their passion truly lies. Whether it’s art or any other type of collectible, it’s essential that you love it. Art and alternative investments are more about where your passions lie, and they need to carry personal meaning. After you have a firm idea of what your passion is, the next step is to research the marketplace to learn what’s happening within it. The industry is cyclical, so you need to know who the current top brands and artists are. These items have the potential to last a lifetime and then some. You can’t put a price on the memories and stories that are attached to them as they are handed down, which you could never have with stocks and shares. Having an investment that is material is as important as its cash value. It’s significant to me that it’s tangible; it can stimulate the senses and display the story of a life well lived. You don’t get the same experience with other investments which tend to be slowly sold off for extra cash. How can that compare to the thrill of driving and owning that iconic classic car? Or wearing a rare, vintage watch, or a piece of history itself in an article of jewellery? PROVENANCE IS KEY The key thing to remember when finding a worthwhile investment is the item’s provenance, because credibility matters and that comes not only from the brand name, but also from the authenticity of the item. Rarity is of the utmost importance and you should always keep an eye out for limited editions, but make sure they’re limited editions that are actually produced in low numbers. The condition of the item is vital as well as its originality, and there are details important to specific items that can be found out through research. You should also pay attention to market trends, as styles and eras can come back into fashion which sometimes leads to a big price increase. 38 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

When deciding what you might want to collect just remember, collections can consist of almost anything! I’ve known individuals to collect buttons, pin badges, movie posters and even bottle tops. There really isn’t much of a limit, it’s purely down to the individual’s passion. I’ve seen buttons rise from just a few pennies to hundreds of pounds in value! Traditional curators typically focus on one aspect of a person’s collection and often assemble it as if it were to be used for a museum exhibition. The Curatist instead places its emphasis on the individual and aims to build their legacy using the collectibles, rather than letting the collection become more important than the individual. A truly great exhibition is when visitors are struck by awe with nearly every piece they see. When a range of collections are brought together it can be powerfully stimulating, with well-curated pieces really grabbing your attention and resonating with you. If you’re ready to leave inside an hour then it’s not been a successful collection in my books! EXPLORE THE EXHIBITIONS My top exhibitions this year would have to include the Masterpiece fair, and the London Masters at the London Frieze is well worth a mention also. The Masterpiece fair especially is great for newcomers and veterans alike. It’s been running for 8 years at the Royal Chelsea Hospital and brings together all elements from the art world, so walking through the fair feels like stepping into a time machine and going around the world all at the same time! It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore a wide variety of art genres and see what really grabs you. For those with a little more experience, the Art Basel fairs take place three times a year and are hosted by Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami. They are an opportunity to explore art from around the globe but in a more traditional fashion,

Create Your Legacy Through Collectibles

so more canvas and sculptures. Art Basel brings together works from today’s biggest artists and so is the perfect place to see current market trends with your own eyes. BUYING YOUR FIRST WORK OF ART If you’re looking to buy your first painting, then you should first ask yourself if the piece stirs emotion in you. If the answer is yes, you should then consider if the painting jumps out at you or if you’re simply just looking at it. It’s important also to understand what it represents, as well as to reflect upon how much it provokes thought in you and stimulates your other senses—this could be through colour, texture or material. Next you should think about the uniqueness of the piece and the quality that made it stand out to you in the first place. Is there a style or process that the artist has used to make it different? It’s useful to learn the artist’s history and background, especially if their style has varied and adapted over time. If you can understand the artist’s vision then this helps you see the impact that they are having on their audience, and those that stand out are more likely to leave a lasting impression. Finally, you must assess if the piece is constructed well or if it’s made of materials that might age or go out of fashion—if this is the case then it may not be a worthy pickup. After all of that you should go away and think on it. If the piece stays on your mind then you know it’s for you.

Art is a very individual thing, but I think that the success of the modern-day artist often hinges on how good their representation is. It can be difficult for many artists to be selected by prominent galleries, as they’re expected to show a rich history of work before they can be given an exhibition of any significance. This means that an aspiring artist might have to support themselves for as long as a decade, whilst trying to produce quality work and promote it all at the same time. There’s a lot of hidden talent out there that hasn’t been tapped into, so I love being drawn in by work from an emerging artist and I’ve bought many of these pieces for myself. I would compare putting faith in an emerging artist to online crowdfunding, as you don’t have any idea how successful the idea may be, but you make a decision based on the proposition in front of you and how well it aligns with your passions and stylistic tastes. HOW WILL YOU BE REMEMBERED? To create a legacy, you must understand what your passions are. Know the story you want to tell and what you would like people to remember you for. You should think about how to mark the special moments in your life, but always remember that the item should resonate with you rather than the other way around. The collectible is simply the vehicle, through which you seek to tell your story to the world. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams 39

Carly Paoli



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SLOAN! chats to rising star Carly Paoli about her debut album, great duets and famous fans Congratulations on your debut album

S Singing My Dreams which reached

number 2 in the classical album charts. How did you react when you heard the news? It was absolutely unbelievable.

C Everyone says not to expect too much

when you’re a new artist, but we had 9 weeks at no.2 in the Official Classical Charts which was amazing. On top of that, David Mellor gave the album a rave review in the Mail on Sunday. As if that wasn’t enough he then made a video which was posted on the Classic FM website which was more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve read some of his other reviews and I’m very proud to have received such lovely words from him as he is such a highly respected critic in the classical world. It’s a huge honour.


Any tips for singers on how to keep their voices in good condition after multiple performances?

Rest! The key thing is to rest and sleep C when you get the chance. If you don’t get an opportunity to sleep then keep your voice rested. Even though I am often singing music that is very familiar to me and is well placed in my voice, I still try to not overuse it the night before and the day of a performance. My family are used to me being a mime artist on those days. Warming up is very important and I usually drink warm water with manuka honey. Tell us about your latest single

S ‘Memory of You’

‘Memory of You’ because it’s the first C song I tried writing lyrics for. I wrote the lyrics 3 years ago after the death of my grandmother. It was a difficult time for me and for my whole family. However, her loss gave me a new way to express myself which I found through writing lyrics. I wrote the words on a flight home, coming back from Puglia (South of Italy) after visiting my Italian family. The music for ‘Memory of You’ is James Horner’s theme for the film Legends Of The Fall. James is my all-time favourite film composer. He worked on Titanic, Avatar, and so many more incredible film scores and I think he was a musical genius who composed fabulous music. Such beautiful soundtracks. The first time I performed ‘Memory of

You’ was for HRH the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle. In a horrible coincidence, the very next day James Horner died in a plane crash. We had been robbed of hearing more of his beautiful music and talent. My love for the song grew and the meaning and story behind the music meant more than ever. I became emotionally invested in the song. In order to include the song on the album we had to contact the Horner estate and his family. So, began a two-year struggle, as we tried to get across my love and admiration for the song to his family. He had never thought of the music having lyrics so I had to get the family’s approval. At the end of those two years my lawyer told me to forget it. But I was determined so, I wrote a letter to James’ family. Two days later I received a reply approving my lyrics and sanctioning the inclusion of the song on my album. It felt like a small miracle. We saw a concert on Sky TV earlier S this year where you were performing with Andrea Bocelli. How did this come about? He became a friend when we first C performed together 2 years ago at the Ancient Roman Baths of Caracalla. The concert was put on by UNESCO at this historic site where the Three Tenors Pavarotti, Domingo and of course Carreras - performed together for the first time. The atmosphere was incredible. Andrea then invited me to perform with him at his Celebrity Fight Night in Florence, and then to join him on stage at the O2 Arena on his UK tour. He is a legend with an incredible voice. He has such a strong instrument and it’s always a joy to sing with Andrea. You also have a duet with José Carreras S and you’ve performed with him several times in Italy. What did that mean to you - performing with one of the greats of classical music? When I was studying at the Royal C Northern College of Music his voice was one of the ones I listened to again and again. I know he is a tenor but I just loved his artistry and commitment. When I was at the Conservatoire I would be given a new song and I would of course work on it with my teacher but I would always watch other performances of the same material on YouTube. I was sent José’s song ‘En @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


It is a privilege as a young artist just starting on my journey to be able to talk to and learn from these incredibly talented people

Aranjuez Con Tu Amor, ‘and thought it was glorious. To then have the opportunity to perform with such a master of singing and one who is known all over the world was an incredible honour. Something I could never have dreamed of when I was a student. Speaking of José Carreras, you seem to have a lot of S celebrities in your fan base including Dame Helen Mirren and David Foster to name a few. How does it feel to have that level of celebrity endorsement? They are celebrities certainly but you know, beyond C that, we are the same. We all have our passions whether it’s acting, writing music or through singing, which we want to share with a wider audience, I’m in the sort of world where all the time I have the opportunity to meet people who are just as passionate as I am. That love, that enthusiasm for your art form means that you have a lot in common with these incredible people, which is a humbling experience as they are masters of their craft and incredibly talented. It’s a privilege as a young artist just starting on her journey to be able to talk to and learn from them. You are the ambassador for the luxury women’s S watch company Bédat & Co. How did that come about and what are your responsibilities as an ambassador? A few years ago, a representative of the company saw C me perform. She explained the unique story behind Bédat and how Madam Simone Bédat challenged the traditional male dominated watch industry. She designed a luxury brand timepiece that was by a woman and designed for women. Because the company celebrates

the creativity of women, they started a programme devoted to ‘Women of Character.’ They felt that I was such a woman and I grabbed the opportunity to become a brand ambassador. I love the style and designs, which to me are very art deco and I feel they are stunning pieces of art which are beautifully crafted. Bédat celebrates other women in the arts which reflects Madame Bédat’s philosophy. My first appearance as ambassador was also my debut as an international artist as I performed at David Foster’s Foundation Miracle Gala, in which I shared the stage with Jennifer Hudson and Steven Tyler. The concert at Cadogan Hall is your first UK headline

S concert. How does that feel?

I am so excited to be doing my own concert at C Cadogan Hall. This will take place on the 15th February 2018 and I will be joined by the acclaimed conductor and composer, Steven Mercurio. I had the privilege of working with him initially in Rome when I performed in a concert ‘La Dolce Vita,’ devoted to Italian film music. There will be special guests – Frederico Paciotti, Andrea Griminelli and Tring Park 16 choir - a big orchestra and I will be singing songs from my album and other music that I love. This is an event I am so proud of and one I am looking forward to immensely. The chance to do my own concert with my own music and to share it with a British audience is just the most thrilling thing. It’s also the day after Valentine’s Day so how romantic is that? Carly Paoli will be performing a concert at Chelsea’s Cadogan Hall on Thursday 15th February 2018. To find out more about Carly, go to www.carlypaoli.com

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Scents Of Spring Here are our seven selected scents to captivate your senses this spring



Erskine Rose is the latest contemporary, colourful and unique homeware brand, designed and created by London artist, Grace Erskine. Drawing on her artistic training, Grace uses eye-catching colours, bold designs and her natural creative skills to produce each piece made with functionality in mind. The Gardenia candle features a strong floral scent in a hand-poured soy wax blend with 50 hour burn time. With its distinctive neon lid, the contrasting jar has been embossed and painted by hand. £30 available from www.erskinerose.com



Like a burst of springtime for the senses, one whiff of the bold floral scent of this Hyacyinth and Gardenia Diffuser by Cabbages & Roses is enough to transport you to a garden abundant in flowers and foliage. Opulent and indulgent thanks to the heady scent of hyacinths and white gardenias, yet tempered by the gentle hum of citrus and soft woods, it’s the perfect pick-meup on grey days. £34 available exclusively from John Lewis.


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Monroe Cologne No: 4 has citrus top notes of lime and mandarin with a heart of bergamot, lily of the valley and jasmine which combine with base notes of patchouli and amber to produce an aromatic herbal cocktail of masculine aromas to create the Monroe signature scent known for its vibrant cologne freshness and warmth.

With top notes of Rose Essential and Aquaflora, GHOST Dream has a multifacted floral heart of Violet, Heliotrope, Moroccan Orange Flower and Egyptioan Jasmine built upon base notes of Ambroxan, Musk and Patchouli. This floral oriental scent is captivating and enigmatic, the ideal fragrance for the independent young woman who embraces her femininity.

£45 for 100ml available from www.monroeoflondon.co.uk




All Grace Cole products are made in England without compromise, formulated and crafted with great care and expertise in sumptuous scents. The recently launched home fragrance range is designed to radiate elegant and warm aromas around the home with a diffuser which slowly releases fragrance for up to 12 weeks joined by a candle with a burn time up to 35 hours.

£48 for 100ml available from all major fragrance retailers.

We love the zesty Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit Delightful Duo Gift Set at £40 available from www.gracecole.co.uk



The Oska Aroma Diffuser from madebyzen takes inspiration from Nordic and Scandinavian design. The colour changing light helps you to relax, whilst the APP technology allows you to connect to the diffuser via Bluetooth, enabling effortless control of the system settings. The contemporary design of the Oska Aroma Diffuser adds a timeless, elegant touch to any home.



Daylesford Organic botanical room fragrance diffusers are a fresh and effortless way to continuously fragrance your rooms. The oils are inspired by English country gardens and creates the perfect spring fragrance lasting approx 3 months, Refills are available for the 5 fragrances of Freesia, Bergamot, Fig Leaf, Geranium Leaf, Lavender and Vine Tomato. £30 available from www.daylesford.com

£72.99 available from www.madebyzen.com

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The Impossibility of Givi By Nicolas Mcinerny They say – Success has many fathers, but failure is an Orphan – but when you’ve been a writer for nearly thirty years surfing the waves of opportunity, taste and well, fashion, it’s tempting to say what kind of success? Are some kinds worth having more than others? And are some failures more glorious? Real moments when you feel you take a step forward as a Writer, and hear your own authentic voice? MY CAREER AS A DRAMATIST Now I believe I am one of the lucky ones, with over 75 credits in all media – Radio, TV, Film and Stage. I have been part of an Award winning team at THE BILL, been nominated for the Prix Italia for a series of experimental radio dramas called SIGNS OF LIFE, toured plays throughout the UK, and even sat young and starry eyed at breakfast meetings at Claridge’s when I thought for one brief incandescent moment I was being called to Hollywood to write Thrillers! It is certainly true that no day as a writer is quite the same – one moment ridiculously euphoric as a door seems to squeak open, the next thrown into stygian gloom as it slams shut again. But it is also true that even the rollercoaster of hope and rejection acquires its own grim rhythm that, like waves crashing relentlessly on rock, slowly wears down one’s confidence. And that’s the thing. There was a time back in the early 2000’s when I was dancing from one project to another – Radio, TV, Film, Teaching (I had by now added teaching Creative Writing to my portfolio – see below) – and yet, curiously – the more successful I became the less confident I felt. Partly this was due to the nature of writing for the great beasts of TV – a process of micromanagement that can disempower with every new commission (but hey, the money’s good). But there was also a personal dimension to this. As a fellow writer once observed, ‘Nicholas, there’s not much of you in your BILL scripts’ – a comment of such piercing truthfulness that it brought me up short. Having a career as a dramatist is a contortionist act as you move from one programme to another, from one medium to another – even when you feel comfortable in the new language of say, TV, you must learn the different dialects of a HOLBY, as opposed to CASUALTY or THE BILL. Each programme comes with a subtly different culture. And it is part of


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ing Up

your responsibility to acquire that skill, alongside the other hugely important craft skills of structure, of characterisation, and of dialogue. Some writers have a brilliant ability to absorb these differences instinctively. I’m not one of them – so I worked hard – sometimes too hard – to be good at my craft. But naturally this meant I would hide behind it, repress my own authentic voice behind a professional pride. I suppose – in a sense – I lost the reason why I wanted to write in the first place. EXPECTATION VS ACCEPTANCE Then two things happened. First THE BILL was cancelled in 2010, although I hadn’t written for it for a couple of years – it was a symbolic moment in a general collapse of advertising revenue and thus opportunities for writers. Many of us went from comfortable lives to huge insecurity. As a freelancer you get no preparation for this – just the lurch of the carpet wrenched from under your feet. The second thing was my final admission to myself – after nearly twenty years of marriage and two wonderful children – that I was gay. My world fell apart personally and professionally. Every career is a battle between expectation and acceptance, isn’t it – the recognition of the limits of one’s own talent! But what I came to realise was that the intense pain around the breakup of my marriage was a chance to come out of the shadows and really be myself, and to write about a subject that not only had I experienced in all its grief and glory, but might connect with other people not just on an intellectual but also an emotional level too. How fantastic was that! REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE At the same time, I was battling my own self doubt as a writer, newly divorced, struggling to get work. I spent more and more of my time teaching – but even there I was aware of a huge design fault. All the courses in the world can teach you the theory, can help you construct an immaculate three act structure full of interesting characters spouting pithy dialogue. But if the whole story is based on the life experience of the average student, it was going to

fall short. What I wanted to tell my students – sat out in ranks in front of me – was to go out and have some real – difficult – fascinating – challenging – life experience. Travel, weird sex, falling in love, something they had lived through and triumphed over and would give them a richness of material to draw on. I knew I was crossing my own personal Rubicon – and that core sense I had something powerful to tell the world about myself through my writing – keep me stubbornly going on. I also realised that to build my own future I had to diversity, to create that portfolio of different but related roles of the Dramatist looking to connect with an audience. COMING OUT & THE FUTURE So, what happened? I wrote a series called HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE, about a married man who comes out and the consequences for his wife and family, for BBC R4, starring Greg Wise and Julia Ford. I wrote articles about this subject for THE TIMES, and appeared on WOMAN’S HOUR. It was so successful – by far the most successful of all my 35 radio plays – it was recommissioned three times – and first got to meet the wonderful Sloan. As I write this, we will have filmed the Pilot episode for a potential web series based on HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE after raising over £11k via a Fundraiser – www. phundee.com. Directed by Duncan Thompson and produced by Rebecca Graham it is now called YOUR DAD’S GAY. Also – at the end of February my play BELLE FONTAINE is being directed by Claire Evans at the Vault Festival. Written nearly twenty years ago, I always knew it was worth reviving and am so excited! Finally, hard on the heels of BELLE FONTAINE, I am one of the organisers of the 4th UK International Radio Drama Festival which takes place in Herne Bay from the 19th -23rd March. As I look forward positively, I want to encourage every writer out there tied up in knots and questioning everything – This is my Truth. What is your’s?

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Immerse yourself in island living, a vibrant culinary scene & Balinese wellness at this 5-star resort

We escaped the freezing temperatures of London to spend a wonderful two week holiday in the beautiful island of Bali for some lovely winter sun and to experience the best hospitality the island has to offer 48

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Inspired by the traditional five elements of Balinese design, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali is the first Mövenpick resort in Indonesia which opened at the beginning of 2017. The resort features 297 comfortably appointed and tastefully furnished rooms and suites, each featuring private balconies, complimentary WiFi and a subtle Balinese sense of art, colour and style courtesy of the fabrics and materials utilised in the design. The newly built hotel is a short three-minute stroll to Jimbaran Bay in southern Bali, renowned for its four kilometre stretch of pristine beach and located approximately 20 minutes from the island’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. Bali’s newest lifestyle and dining destination, the Samasta Village shopping complex, is located next

to the resort and with its shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment performances, complete the Balinese experience for visitors. An extensive range of dining options will cater to all tastes, including the signature Anarasa restaurant with interactive live cooking stations and internationally influenced a la carte menus and Above Eleven Bali, where breathtaking rooftop views are paired with a Peruvian-Japanese inspired menu. Mövenpick Café offers a world of delights including the group’s famed coffee, Swiss-style artisanal ice cream and chocolate. For casual bites, JeJaLa Pool Deck provides a vast selection of refreshments to the pool deck, 213 sun loungers, and eight private cabanas. Click here to read the full review. Jl. Wanagiri No. 1, 80362 Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia www.movenpick.com/Indonesia/Bali

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Family Fun At Bali Zoo Breakfast in the zoo might be a common thing, but breakfast with Orangutan? That would be one kind of an experience! As the first one in Indonesia, Bali Zoo has launched a ‘Breakfast with Orangutans’ program.






Guests at Bali Zoo are not only able to eat breakfast like a king, but also with some of the kings in the jungle: orangutans. The package comes with a hotel pick-up around 7 a.m., and the van that picks up the guests will then head straight to the zoo. Once arrived, guests can still breath the fresh air of Gianyar, feel the breeze, embrace the light morning fog, and hear the chirpy birds and other animals that are just awake and ready to snooze off your sleepy mode on.

The Zookeeper will guide guests to Gayo Restaurant at Kampung Sumatra, see the playful orangutans play in the playground. Other fauna’s will also be joining the hearty breakfast. A scrumptious breakfast is served during Breakfast with Orangutan. Start with assorted tropical fruits or fruit juice, followed by freshly baked bread, and optional choices of main course that ranged from Fried Rice, Buttermilk pancake, Classic Cereals and more. Finish with Balinese coffee or English Breakfast tea.

Although Orangutan is the main charm of the experience, guest allowed to feeding the elephants then get to hold and take a pictures with birds before touring the zoo. What’s better to start the morning other than seeing the adorable animals that will make your day? Bali Zoo has a host of other animals in addition to the Orangutans and Sumatran Elephants including African Lion, Bengal Tiger, crocodiles, wild boar, Silvery Gibbon, Bali Mynah, Babirusa, Sun Bear and many more birds and animals.

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C Ba ON J li T Su l. R Zo ACT 8 k ay o DE ww 058 awa a S TA i 2 t n i w. , B , G ga IL ba al ia pa S li- i, ny du zo In a , o. do r co ne m sia



The experience starts at the new embarkation area for elephant trek is shaped of Batak Toba, traditional Sumatran buffalo at Kampung Sumatra. The 15 minutes elephant safari takes guest to jungle trek and crossing The Olympic Size pool. You will have a chance to hand feed and take pictures with them after rides as well as learn about the Sumatran Elephant from our experienced Mahout.

Bali Zoo’s latest animal and performance attraction – Dinner With The Great Elephants - is the first activity of its kind allowing you to observe these gentle giants bathe and feed before sitting down to a sumptuous buffet dinner at Gayo Restaurant situated next to the Sumatran elephant enclosure followed by two inspiring cultural dance performances - a traditional Saman dance and an exhilarating Fire dance. This is an experience not to be missed!

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The Stones Hotel - Legian Bali Offering an inspired mix of 5-star amenities, resort accommodation and a prime beachfront location, The Stones is one of the ultimate Bali hotels. Whether visiting Bali for business or leisure, a 5-star travel experience awaits you at The Stones Hotel – Legian Bali, Autograph Collection. The 5-star resort caters for everyone’s needs with the best of Bali and beyond just moments away with Legian and Kuta beach on the doorstep and the trendy boutiques and hip bars of Seminyak just a short drive away. Boasting 25,000 square feet of flexible venue space, The Stones features the largest pillarless ballroom in the Kuta/Legian area offering unique corporate and celebratory experiences making the hotel an enlightened choice for special events in Bali. With 308 stylish guest rooms including 22 suites, you can settle into your room or suite ready to enjoy such perks as marble bathrooms with rainforest showers, complimentary


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Wi-Fi internet access and picturesque views of The Stones pristine hotel grounds. Make the most of the 3,000 sqm of outdoor swimming pool areas by spending a day relaxing poolside while enjoying 5-star service from Stones Cabana Pool Bar. After all the excitement by the pool, enjoy a moment of pure uninterrupted pampering with a relaxing Balinese spa treatment at the Celestine Spa before dinner at one of The Stones three innovative on-site restaurants, including seafood treats at Big Fish Bar & Grill. Click here to read the full review on sloanmagazine.com The Stones – Legian Bali, A Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel +62 361 3005888 www.stoneshotelbali.com

Padma Resort Legian This five-star resort is the perfect introduction to carefree island living with lush tropical gardens overlooking Bali’s legendary Legian sunset beach. Accommodation at the Resort is provided in a collection of 432 comfortable rooms and suites, each with its own private balcony or terrace for added relaxation. Launched in December 2017, the New Deluxe Chalet, New Garden Club Chalet, Studio Suite and New Deluxe Suite offer freshly renovated guestrooms which maintain the charms expected by returning guests of the Resort with an added bonus of contemporary Balinese design and inviting décor. Guests staying in the more expensive chalets have privileged access to the Garden Club Lounge to enjoy complimentary afternoon tea and evening cocktails. William Santoso, Padma Resort Legian’s Hotel Manager, told us,

“Our guests love the improvements to the new guestrooms as well as resort facilities as the majority of them have been coming back since the early years of Padma Resort Legian.” Padma Resort Legian has relaunched its Spa offering a range of signature treatments inspired by traditional Asian rituals as well as global modern trends. Dining options include S.K.A.I Beach Club which takes the relaxing art of sun-downing to new heights with super chilled -2°C beer, great cocktails and Chef Theo’s signature dishes and Italian pizzas. Jl. Padma No.1, Legian, Bali +62 361 752 111 padmaresortlegian.com

SLOAN! travelled to Bali in style with personalised ClaireaBella and MrCB suitcases with glitter glam for Sloan and a patriotic Union Jack for Mr Sloan, each with their full length customised characters. The fun continued by the pool with customised beach towels reflecting body type, fashion style and even choice of headwear - these ultimate holiday essentials are a must-buy! @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



Praised as one of the best beach clubs in Bali, Sundara is an all-day lifestyle destination that brings the best of relaxed beach-club vibes, stylish dining and live music to the beautiful shores of Jimbaran Bay, Bali’s most exclusive stretch of sand. Executive Chef Pasquo King offering ‘customized dining’ with Modern Asian cuisine including delicacies like Lombok oysters.

The Sanskrit word for “beautiful,” Sundara describes the lush flora and sparkling surf at this beachfront hotspot of the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Sundara uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible, from fresh Jimbaran seafood and local pork and chicken to the freshest produce sourced from local growers. Desserts, breads, sauces and condiments are all made in-house. Click here for the full review on sloanmagazine.com Sundara at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay +62 361 708333 | www.sundarabali.com


to tantalise your taste buds with more restaurant reviews

i l a B n i t u O g n i n Di

Kura Kura

Kura Kura Restaurant at The Oberoi Bali offers an appetising selection of dishes in an open air thatched pavilion. The Oberoi’s ever friendly Balinese staff in their traditional dress ensure excellent smooth-as-silk service. Named after the turtles that nest on the nearby sands, the beautiful pavilion restaurant setting overlooks tranquil lotus ponds.

Beautifully lit at night with an ambience exuding romance, diners are treated to delectable Indonesian, Continental and Asian cuisine accompanied impeccable Oberoi service while being serenaded traditional ‘Angklung’ music. The design of every aspect of Kura Kura has been created to delight and inspire the diner in anticipation of the tantilising flavours and textures of the dishes on the menu. Click here to read the full review on sloanmagazine.com


Kura Kura Restaurant at The Oberoi Bali +62 361 730361 | www.oberoihotels.com SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

n o d n o L n i t u O Dining Nipa Thai Situated in the recently renovated Royal Lancaster London, Nipa Thai offers outstanding traditional Thai cuisine from an all-female Thai kitchen brigade led by Head Chef Sanguan Parr. Nipa Thai is winner of 2 AA Rosettes and the Thai Select Award from the Thai Government. Click here to read the online review. Lancaster Terrace W2 2TY www.niparestaurant.co.uk

Hankies Marble Arch

Flora Indica

Renowned chef and Hankies founder Anirudh Arora brings his groundbreaking new concept for Indian street food to luxurious surroundings of Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch. Click here to read the online review.

With a menu of small plates, adapted traditional curries, creative cocktails and a botanical gin selection, Flora Indica offers modern Indian dining in the heart of South Kensington. Click here to read the online review. 242 Old Brompton Road SW5 0DE www.flora-indica.com

Mango Tree

61 Berkeley Street, London W1H 7PP www.montcalm.co.uk

This award winning Thai Restaurant in the heart of Belgravia has been feng-shui designed to enhance the dining experience with traditional Thai service and hospitality. Click here to read the review. 46 Grosvenor Place SW1X 7EQ www.mangotree.org.uk

Comptoir Libanais

Cafe Pacifico

Comptoir Libanais Wigmore Street merges the flavours of the Middle East with a contemporary cafe setting. The Mezze Platter has all the Lebanese favourites on one plate. Click here to read the online review.

The first Mexican restaurant to open in the UK and home to tequila, mezcal and the authentic flavours of Mexico. Click here to read the online review.

65 Wigmore Street W1U 1JT www.comptoirlibanais.com

5 Langley Street, London WC2H 9JA www.cafe-pacifico.com

Ibérica Ibérica Canary Wharf is an authentic Spanish tapas restaurant right in the heart of London’s vibrant financial business district. Click here to read the review. 12 Cabot Square E14 4QQ www.ibericarestaurants.com

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Park Lane London Hilton on Park Lane An icon of British hospitality since 1963, London Hilton on Park Lane was the very first Hilton to open in the UK and has been the purveyors of 5-star luxury hospitality and service excellence ever since. Overlooking Hyde Park, the fantastic Mayfair location is close to many of London’s top attractions including West End theatres, historic landmarks and famous shopping districts. Once you step inside the hotel, you will find elegant rooms with magnificent views, world-class dining, and modern facilities for business and relaxation — in fact everything you could possibly need for a romantic staycation in the capital - indeed any kind of stay will be remarkable. We stayed in the stunning one-bedroom Park Lane Suite overlooking Hyde Park and with their magnificent threebedroom Royal and Presidential suites, there really is something to suit every luxurious taste. Upon arrival we were greeted with this stunning work of sugar art by the hotel’s talented Pastry Chefs which added the perfect touch of romance to our starry-eyed staycation. Also available for all hotel guests staying in one of the suites is access to the Executive Lounge where you can enjoy the benefit of secure internet access, private Check-


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In/Out, shower facilities, complimentary Continental breakfast, afternoon tea and evening canapés. London Hilton on Park Lane is the tallest building on Park Lane and offers a wide range of meeting and event space for any occasion from small business meetings to glamorous award dinners and stylish weddings. We’re not planning the wedding just yet, so my fiancée and I enjoyed the view of London’s city skyline as we prepared for dinner at the hotel’s Michelin-starred Galvin at Windows restaurant on the 28th Floor. We enjoyed cocktails at the bar before dining on modern French haute cuisine whose renown has made Galvin at Windows one of the most talked about dining destinations in the capital. With its breathtaking 360° views of London, this Michelin-starred restaurant is the perfect setting for a memorable romantic dinner during a wonderfully romantic staycation at London Hilton on Park Lane. Click here to read our full review on sloanmagazine.com CONTACT DETAILS 22 Park Lane, London W1K 1BE +44 (0) 20 7493 8000 london-parklane.Hilton.com

Five Star Luxury Hospitality & Customer Service Excellence

With over 30 awards to its name Galvin at Windows is one of the great success stories of London’s dining scene in recent years @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Helena Puolakka



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Helena Puolakka, Executive Chef at Aster, talks about her Finnish heritage & culinary passions How would you define Nordic-style

S cuisine? What are its characteristics

and signature ingredients and style of cooking? Nordic cuisine is based on eating

H seasonal and local produce. We tend

to live off the land when we can and preserve the rest for later. We love root vegetables, grains, wild berries and some fabulously rich omega 3 fish; salmon, white fish, vendace, herrings and Nordic caviars. What Finnish dish or food product

S reminds you of your homeland?

Nordic caviars, blinis and arctic char

H remind me of being home and the

Do you see yourself as a role model to

S young chefs? How do you inspire and

nurture the emerging talent at Aster and the restaurant industry as a whole? My motto has always been to lead

H by example, manage individuals

individually to get best out of everyone.


A.Wong, River CafĂŠ and Fiume is H great new addition to D&D family. The location at Battersea Power Station is fabulous.

cooking over there.


What inspired you to become a chef and who has been your greatest mentor?

My love for food and the social aspect H of eating together as a family with my grandparents and parents inspired me and they have been my greatest mentor.


How do the classic French culinary techniques influence your dishes at Aster?

A lot of the techniques used at Aster H originates from my traditional French training, We do a lot of butchery in the restaurant, for example deboning a whole free range chicken to make it into a Ballantine.


Where do you get inspiration from when creating new dishes? How has Finland shaped your style of cooking?

I get my inspiration from seasons, H traveling to places, art and my childhood memories. In Nordic countries there is a deep influence from the seasons, we forage and live off the land a lot which means a healthy way of life. As Culinary Director for the Royal S Opera House, how did you develop the fine dining experience to meet and exceed the expectations of diners? As the ROH is steeped in tradition we H decided to reflect this in the culinary offering by revisiting classics with a focus on seasonality. This takes a lot of planning as ROH work years in advance.

Where are your favourite places to eat in London? Which restaurants have surprised and delighted you recently?


If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items from your kitchen would you want with you? My knife, bottle opener, Maldon salt,

H smoker and white Burgundy.

What does success mean for you

S personally? Is it about Michelin stars or something else?

Providing an experience that guests H and employees enjoy from start to finish. Also, a kitchen that mentors young people, and of course accolades are desired but I can live without them if the previous two are achieved You speak Finnish, French and

S English. What are your top tips for those learning a new language?

You have to use them often, I was H bilingual with Finnish and Swedish when I moved to London 20 years ago and before I opened Aster I started to loose my Swedish. Now working with a lot of Scandi people this has come back, it is amazing how quickly you can pick things back up. Reading is a good method for learning, so grab a free daily newspaper.


What is the greatest life lesson you have learned and how has it changed you?


When your body and soul are not in a good place you know things needs to change. What dishes remind you of important

S moments in your life?

Pot au feu, roast chicken and warm

H smoked fish.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants La Dame de Pic Having already achieved its first Michelin Star within its first few months of opening, La Dame de Pic London at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square is the first and only UK restaurant from acclaimed French Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, showcasing her passion for unexpected flavour combinations with a focus on seasonal and local ingredients. The only current French female chef to hold three Michelin stars, Anne-Sophie’s signature style is not one that comes from a single dish, but from her imaginative approach combining complex scents and flavours - a testament to the fact that this renowned chef is not classically trained. Anne-Sophie Pic has always been guided by her discerning sense of taste and smell and her distinctive

culinary style is largely based on intuition and emotion. As Executive Chef at La Dame de Pic London, AnneSophie builds on her unique culinary identity, drawing inspiration from some of her favourite ingredients and using only the best quality seasonal British produce. The restaurant has been designed by Bruno Moinard and Claire Betaille of Paris-based architects 4BI & Associates to offer an elegant and cosy environment with natural wood flooring, carved woodwork, curved leather banquettes and columns covered with beveled mirrors. Click here for the review on sloanmagazine.com DETAILS 10 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4AJ ladamedepiclondon.co.uk

Pied à Terre Pied à Terre is one of London’s longest standing Michelin fine dining restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan menus and a wonderful private dining room. Pied à Terre was established in 1991, operating under the guidance of David Moore. The restaurant has gained some of the highest awards and accolades possible, starting with its first Michelin star in 1993 and becoming a two Michelin star restaurant in 1996, retaining one star currently. Reportedly one of the the best value Michelin star lunches in London, the exceptional gourmet food is meticulously prepared with heart and passion using ingredients sourced directly from small, independent suppliers who live and breathe quality. Click here for the review on sloanmagazine.com. DETAILS 34 Charlotte St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2NH www.pied-a-terre.co.uk


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Palm Court at The Langham Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2015, The Langham, London refines The Art of the Stay, offering luxurious guestrooms and suites, classically styled and evoking a warm residential feel with flawless service. The hotel’s celebrated cocktail bar, Artesian, is the perfect place to enjoy pre-dinner drinks and Palm Court serves original recipes and classic French dishes inspired by the Grand cafes of iconic Europe with a menu conceived in partnership with Michel Roux Jr. and Albert Roux OBE which will tempt you with a variety of dishes ideal for indulgent evenings. Click here for the review on sloanmagazine.com DETAILS 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London W1B 1JA www.langhamhotels.com

The London Showboat Wine, dine and dance on this great dinner cruise on the Thames with spectacular riverscape views and show songs & top hits sung by a live performer. Sparkling wine on arrival is followed by a delicious 4-course dinner and half bottle of wine per guest. After the meal, it’s time to get on the dancefloor and show off your moves until the boat returns to Westminster Pier at 22.45. Click here for the review on sloanmagazine.com DETAILS Westminster Pier, London SW1A 2JH www.citycruises.com

Plum + Spilt Milk Plum + Spilt Milk restaurant is one of London’s finest destination restaurants, celebrated for the quality of its seasonal Modern British dishes. It is situated on the first floor of the exquisite Great Northern Hotel in the heart of Kings Cross. Under the direction of celebrated Michelinstar chef, Mark Sargeant, the restaurant has won several coveted international awards. The restaurant occupies an absolutely stunning room, which combines a celebration of the Grade II listed Italianate Victorian architecture with a hint of modernity. All menus are updated with the changing of the seasons, showcasing the very best of British produce.

Galvin at The Athenaeum Having taken on the entire Food and Beverage offering at The Athenaeum and wanting to remain the very best at what they do, Michelin-starred restaurateurs Chris & Jeff Galvin give guests a truly ‘eat your heart out’ experience in the most refined way. The threecourse bottomless weekend lunch offers three courses with unlimited puddings as well as unlimited bubbles for a perfectly reasonable £45 between 12pm and 2.30pm every Saturday and Sunday. Highly recommended is the Yellowfin Tuna Burger and the Lamb Curry based on a Victorian recipe. Click here for the review on sloanmagazine.com DETAILS 116 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7BJ www.athenaeumhotel.com

Angler Perched at the top of South Place Hotel, Angler is a dazzling Michelin-starred restaurant showcasing sustainable seafood from British waters. Executive Chef Gary Foulkes leads the culinary offering throughout the hotel, as well as taking the helm of this popular seafood restaurant which is a favourite of gastronomes, romantics and power lunchers. Over the years, Angler has firmly established itself as a destination dining experience. Not only known for sensational seafood and Gary’s Instagram-worthy dishes, the constantly progressive menu features only the best seasonal and carefully sourced local produce that will delight carnivores and seafood lovers alike with vegetarians also well catered for. Click here for the review on sloanmagazine.com DETAILS South Place Hotel, 3 South Place, London EC2M 2AF www.anglerrestaurant.com

Click here for the review on sloanmagazine.com DETAILS Great Northern Hotel, Pancras Rd, London N1C 4TB www.plumandspiltmilk.com @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Macellaio RC Founded by Roberto Costa, Macellaio RC proudly bears his initials and proudly celebrates Italian culinary excellence. From the warm hospitality of its staff and the impressive bespoke selection of hand-picked Italian wines chosen by Roberto himself to the star of the show – the steak! Macellaio is Italian for butcher and Macellaio RC is all about the meat with a butchery counter taking pride of place by the entrance to the dining room. The steak comes from the Fassona breed of cattle reared in some very

special mountain valleys of the Piedmont region of Italy. In each of the four restaurants dotted around London that make up the Macellaio RC family, the steak is butchered in front of diners by passionate and skilled butchers creating just one element of the culinary theatre that makes each restaurant its very own unique dining destination Click here to read the online review. DETAILS 124 Northcote Road SW11 6QU www.macellaiorc.com

Tap Tavern Tap Tavern is an aspirational yet casual new pub and bar concept specialising in independent microbrewed beers, small batch gins and quality British food with a twist draw in Richmond’s coolest of bar flies. The tap wall features 17 specially selected craft beers rotated weekly served in Tulip glasses. Click here to read the online review. DETAILS Princes Street, Richmond TW9 1ED www.taptavern.co.uk


Click here for the latest restaurant reviews from SLOAN!

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London is known as the Food Capital of the World and these are just some of our favourite restaurants as reviewed by the SLOAN! team which we recommend to our readers

Dead Dolls House The Dead Dolls House in Islington offers a delicious​​Sunday​Roast ​ Menu​created by Gregory Barry, the owner and Executive Chef, whose unfussy ​classic flavour combinations and highest quality ingredients sing from page to plate.​ Hearty, satisfying and guaranteed to please, there’s something for everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians. Click here to read the online review. DETAILS 181​ ​Upper​ ​Street,​ ​London,​ ​N1​ ​1RQ | thedeaddollshouse.co.uk

Percy & Founders

Located in the same building as the Greenwich Picture House, Rivington Greenwich is an authentic local neighbourhood family restaurant set over two storeys including the loft-style dining room which is the perfect stage on which Head Chef Marius Dima delivers a menu with an emphasis on simple, British dishes cooked with ingredients from small, bespoke suppliers.

Percy & Founders is a stylish bar & restaurant in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia serving modern British and European dishes all day every day. The ideal social drinking & dining destination for discerning Londoners, it offers everything from a quick morning coffee and pit-stop working lunch to after-work cocktails, drawn-out dinners and boozy weekend brunches. The drinks list offers affordable, quality pairing wines, signature cocktails, mocktails, bottled craft and draft beers.

Click here to read the online review on sloanmagazine.com

Click here to read the online review.

DETAILS 178 Greenwich High Rd SE10 8NN | www.rivingtongreenwich.co.uk

DETAILS 1 Pearson Square, London, W1W 7EY www.percyandfounders.co.uk

Rivington Greenwich

The Ivy Tower Bridge

The Listing Located in the heart of the Square Mile in the new Cannon Green development, The Listing by Drake & Morgan brings an everyday escape with a touch of on-trend industrial chic to the city. This elegant, designer-conscious contemporary bar and restaurant is the City’s latest hotspot and ideal for business breakfasts, light

Situated right on the banks of the River Thames at One Tower Bridge, The Ivy Tower Bridge offers sophisticated and friendly all-day dining to Londoners and tourists alike.

enjoy the usual Ivy modern British classics from Executive Chef Sean Burbidge and his team such as the excellent Eggs Benedict for the perfect breakfast or weekend brunch.

Making the most of its riverside location and views of the iconic Tower Bridge and Tower of London, The Ivy Tower Bridge makes an ideal spot in which to relax and

Click here to read the online review. DETAILS One Tower Bridge SE1 2AA www.theivytowerbridge.com

lunches, after work drinks or a relaxed evening meal. The Listing’s signature cocktail collection has something to suit all tastes and the all-day menu features small plates, sharing boards, salads and more substantial mains. Click here to read the online review. DETAILS 27 Bush Lane, London EC4R 0AA www.drakeandmorgan.co.uk @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


London Royal Lancaster London Royal Lancaster London has just unveiled its brand new £80 million redesign. The entire frontage of the hotel has been remodelled and the exterior architecture now features a dramatic 8-metre high glazed façade revealing an impressive double-height reception space. The showpiece of the lobby is a palatial sweeping staircase made of 300 square meters of white Carrara marble which wraps around to the first floor. The transformative renovations included all 411 guestrooms and suites, which boast all-encompassing views over Hyde Park and London’s skyline, a new lobby design, a new reception for the Nine Kings banqueting space and the brand new creation; Hyde Lobby Bar. HYDE LOBBY BAR Set within acres of white marble is the elegant Hyde Lobby Bar, a new innovation echoing the name of London’s most famous royal park. Designed with the most discerning guests in mind, Champagne, cocktails, coffee and light cuisine are served throughout the day. BE MY GUEST All of the guest rooms have Handy


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phones, hidden international plug sockets, bath robes, slippers, The White Company toiletries, waterfall showers and under floor heating in the bathrooms. THE BEES KNEES There are also ten beehives located on the roof of the hotel, with the bees pollinating trees in Hyde Park. The honey harvested from the hives is used in some of the Hyde cocktails, on the breakfast menu and in desserts and afternoon tea. NIPA THAI Royal Lancaster London is home to the award-winning Nipa Thai restaurant which has won the Thai Select award from the Thai government due to the chef’s commitment to traditional recipes and ingredients, and is one of the most authentic Thai restaurants in the capital. The kitchen is led by Head Chef Sanguan Parr, who leads an allfemale, all-Thai kitchen brigade. Click here fot the full review. CONTACT DETAILS Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY +44 207 551 6000 www.royallancaster.com

Hilton London Bankside With a strong focus on design, each part of Hilton London Bankside has been carefully created to reflect the fascinating history and ambiance of the surrounding area, combining the authentic Bankside urban grittiness and polished contemporary design. Hilton London Bankside boasts 292 designer inspired guest rooms. Guests staying in Executive Rooms or Suites enjoy access to the Executive Lounge with a complimentary breakfast served each morning and refreshments throughout the day. The hotel also has a small fitness studio with a 17 metre heated swimming pool and a gym. the hotel’s restaurant OXBO Bankside serves as a local neighbourhood eatery offers interesting dishes with fresh authentic ingredients including regionally sourced artisan meats, fish, herbs and vegetables. Delivering a contrast of exotic flavours and British produce and giving old English favourites a creative twist with Executive Chef Paul Bates leading the kitchen team. Click here to read the online review. CONTACT DETAILS 2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0UG +44 (0)20 3667 5600 londonbankside.Hilton.com

Representing the next generation of design-led Hilton Hotels, the hotel is located in the heart of SE1 @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


WINECe Here are our wine recommendations for a sparkling spring from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day and beyond!

Taittinger Nocturne Rose ‘City Lights’ N.V. is a voluptuous wine that will add a touch of sweetness to your Valentine’s day. This rosé is soft and mellow and is perfect to drink well into the night. £54.50 from Harrods, Campbell Moore, Ann et Vin, Edencroft Fine Wines and www.champagnedirect.co.uk

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé has a nose is full of sweet raspberry, redcurrant and black cherry fruit with an appealing freshness. The palate has the veritable sensation of plunging into a basket of freshly picked red berries. Long and elegant with suprising richness balancing the fresh acidity. Reduced from £65 to £49.95 from Jeroboam Champagne Bruno Paillard Premiere Cuvee M.V. is renowned for Champagnes which are pure, mineral and elegant.Selecting best grapes from the best crus only the première cuvée is used and is aged three to four times longer than the legal requirement. £44.99 from Selfridges Bottega Rose Gold is an award-winning luxury Italian sparkling wine now available in the UK, perfected by three generations of the renowned Bottega family, hitting all the right notes. £36.99 from Selfridges. Nyetimber Classic Cuvée is considered one of England’s best wines made using the méthode champenoise. The result is creamy and rich with notes of brioche and a refreshing citrus twist. £25.99 from Waitrose McGuigan 2016 The Shortlist Riesling is an award-winning wine which meets the rising demand for Australian Riesling in the UK. Attractive on the nose with a wonderful mix of white peach and citrus notes. Fresh, crisp and well-balanced with beautiful flinty minerality adding depth and poise to this characterful wine. £14.99 from Sainsbury’s Mirabeau La Folie Rosé is ballet-pink in appearance with a nose of strawberry and raspberry aromas followed by hints of gooseberry and blackcurrant. The elegant mousse fills the mouth with flavours of red berry, grapefruit and a tiny hint of spice for a lovely long finish. £12.99 from Waitrose Adnam’s Selection Fizz Rosé Brut is a crisp and fresh house pink fizz from the Loire Valley with aromas and flavours of crushed strawberries giving it character and a touch of style. £9.99 from selected stockists.


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ll a r

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Brocket Hall

Lexus NX

As one of Britain’s premier stately homes and England’s finest golf and residential country estates, Brocket Hall is the jewel in Hertfordshire’s crown England’s finest golf and residential country estate, Brocket Hall Estate has for centuries the jewel in Hertfordshire’s crown. The illustrious country retreat which is renowned for entertaining royalty and heads of state over its two hundred and fifty year history is now enjoying a renaissance under new management who have added three highly acclaimed chefs to its ranks including Matt Edmonds.

Since its launch in 2014, the NX crossover has quickly established itself as a key player in the Lexus range accounting more than 30 per cent of Lexus European sales since its launch. It has been successfully attracting customers – many of them new to the brand – with its combination of luxury, cool, contemporary design, intelligent packaging and enjoyable driving dynamics. Its sales success is further supported by a choice of full hybrid and petrol-electric engines, plus front and all-wheel drive options.

Edmonds, used to catering amongst the skyscrapers in London’s financial district as Head Chef of Searcy’s at The Gherkin, has recently landed the top job at Auberge du Lac Hertfordshire’s award-winning fine dining destination restaurant on the estate which is housed in an enchanting 18th century hunting lodge.

The signature spindle grille has a powerful new look that aligns it more closely with Lexus’s SUV models, the RX and LX. The design features a series of horizontal bars that extend all the way down to the lower lip. Wider spacing between the bars below the central pinch-point of the spindle emphasises the car’s width and adds a sense strength to the NX’s frontal appearance. This effect is accentuated by the introduction of larger, deeply recessed lateral air intake ducts, angled to emphasise the car’s broad stance. The new NX gains the benefits of Lexus Safety System +. This equips the car with a range of active safety and driver assistance features, include a Pre-Collision System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Adaptive Highbeam System, Lane Departure Alert and Road Sign Assist. Intelligent Parking Sensors are also available. Click here to read the online review.


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Edmonds joined in February of 2017 and has already attained the accolade of two AA Rosettes in recognition of the superb food produced in his kitchen. Due to his passion for local fresh produce and foraging on the estate himself, his menus are bursting with the freshest of ingredients. With beautiful views of the Hall, Broadwater Lake and the Melbourne golf course, Melbourne Lodge is the perfect place to retire to after a sumptuous dinner in Auberge du Lac. In traditional country house style, our en-suite room was furnished with original pieces from the Estate was named after one of the great racehorses of the day. Click here to read our review of the Auberge Experience at Brocket Hall. Brocket Hall, Welwyn AL8 7XG www.brocket-hall.co.uk

Three distinct restaurants and three talented chefs all with their own individual culinary style can be found in one idyllic location. Brocket Hall brings together Matt Edmonds at Auberge du Lac, Head Chef Jon Oates at Brocket Hall itself and most recently Nyles Mullin joined last November as Head Chef of Watershyppes Restaurant @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ti p

TASTY Win a Glen Moray Whisky Hamper

SLOAN! has teamed up with our friends at Glen Moray to offer you the chance to win this very special Glen Moray Hamper containing The Glen Moray Elgin Classic range of single malt whiskies. The hamper includes a bottle each of Glen Moray Classic Single Malt Whisky, Glen Moray Classic Peated Single Malt Whisky, Glen Moray Classic Sherry Cask Finish Malt Whisky and Glen Moray Classic Port Cask Finish Malt Whisky. This is the perfect gift for a loved one who loves whisky or as an indulgence for any connoisseur of fine single malt whiskies. Click here to enter the competition. The Glen Moray Elgin Classic range of whiskies are available from Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and other specialist whisky retailers.




British Cassis

Conker Cold Brew is a complex, dark and fruity liqueur brewed cold so Conker Spirit don’t extract any of the acidic, bitter elements of the bean, thereby creating a heady and hearty concoction that is wonderfully dark and delicious. The super smooth brew has just four simple ingredients and no added flavourings, additives or thickeners. £30 from Harvey Nichols and conkerspirit.co.uk

Chambord, France’s Liqueur Royale, is made from an infusion of fresh black raspberries, Madagascan vanilla, Moroccan citrus, honey and XO cognac. Its French heritage and unique flavour make it the perfect partner for Champagne or sparkling wine – simply add a dash into a flute glass and top with bubbles. £6 for 20cl from Waitrose and £21.45 for 70cl from 31DOVER.com

British Cassis is a premium blackcurrant liqueur made in Herefordshire by Jo Hilditch, a fourth-generation blackcurrant farmer, it’s a versatile drink that is perfect to add to sparkling wines as a Bristish Kir Royale for an unexpected twist this Valentine’s Day. £19.99 available from Waitrose & Majestic nationwide.

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andPOUR andPOUR from The Concierge Drinks Co. is a new online drinks provider offering drinks lovers a handpicked selection of over 20 luxury cocktail making kits that can be the centre of any celebration. From Mojitos to Espresso Martinis, the kits contain everything needed to produce quality cocktails at home and includes carefully selected spirits, mixers and fresh garnishes to make the perfect tipple (www.andPOUR.com)

The SLOAN! Fab Four - Whisky 1. Ailsa Bay £55.55 from thewhiskyexchange.com 2. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel £44.99 from sainsburys.co.uk 3. TINCUP American Whiskey £32 from marksandspencer.com 4. 808 Whisky £32 from 808drinks.com


Warner Edwards

Gin Lane 1751

Kongsgaard Raw Gin is a Danish small-batch gin with apples at its core. Other botanicals are also inspired by the woods, creating a spirit with complex notes of earth, flower and fruit. This gin is made from a base of wheat spirit and distilled in an open-flame Cognac still. Ideal in a G&T with Double Dutch tonic. £42.95 from The Whisky Exchange.

Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin is made using a crop of rhubarb originally grown in the kitchen garden of Buckingham Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria. The rhubarb juice is extracted using a traditional fruit press and blended with the Harrington Dry Gin to produce an alluring pink gin that is voluptuous on the palate. £38 from Waitrose.

A quintessentially Victorian style of gin made with a eight natural botanicals, each bottle of Gin Lane 1751 is individually numbered with the gin handcrafted in small traditional pot stills in Clapham. The Victoria’s Pink Gin is the only authentically-made Pink Gin on the market. £20-£25 from Aldi, Selfridges and Masters of Malt. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


BL ACK IS THE NE W PUR PLE New Covent Garden Market, whose traders supply fruit and vegetables to London’s top 20 restaurants, has unveiled their seven anticipated Fruit and Vegetable Trends based on an in-depth survey of its 100 plus specialist resident traders.


The hottest trends of 2018 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | Call us on 0771 547 4602

Last year saw the rise of purple vegetables from cauliflower to Brussels sprouts but in 2018 we’ll see everything from black radishes, black corn and darling of health bloggers and Instragrammers, kale, taking a darker turn. New Covent Garden Market has predicted that this year black will be the new purple for the coolest fresh produce. The Market has unveiled seven hotly tipped trends as part of its annual Fruit and Vegetable Trends Report 2018 which provides a sneak peak at the veggies that eateries such as Le Gavroche, The Dorchester, The Four Seasons and The Wolseley might choose to grace their dinner plates this year. 1. BLACK IS BACK Black produce, including a South American sweetcorn variety; aged garlic with umami flavour; radishes and Shetland Black Potatoes all received a name check as traders reflected on how dark hued produce has seen growth in demand from some of the capital’s most revered restaurateurs. South American black sweetcorn is an heirloom variety which is low yield but prized for its sweet and tender kernels. Black garlic is aged for many weeks using low temperatures and high humidity to create a wonderful umami flavour. Chefs know that customers eat with all their senses and having something unusual and intense on the plate excites even before smell and taste kick in. There is something dangerous about black that creates drama and edginess. 2. HERITAGE PRODUCE New Covent Garden Market’s traders also predicted a renewed penchant for heritage produce. Market wholesalers reported seeing a distinct increase in the popularity of full-flavoured and quirky looking old-fashioned varieties such as sprouting and baby cauliflower; candy-striped beetroot; purple and yellow heritage carrots; short season Fenland celery and Red William pears – all traditionally used in times gone by. Similarly, innovative varieties that harp back to heritage produce, such as Chantenay carrots and piccolo parsnips, are also tipped for popularity. 3. EXOTIC CITRUS Traders also cited which new products that they had seen emerge in the last 12 months, with the top answer being unusual citrus. Giant citrus such as the Cedro lemons whose pith, zest and flesh can be fully utilised in cooking, made the list, including a variety known as limone di Ponza from the unspoilt island of Ponza; Asian citrus like Miyagawa clementines that have green skin, but orange fruit and the pungently aromatic yuzu; Tangelo, which has a taste across between a tangerine and a grapefruit; and Bergamot – a fragrant fruit commonly used in cocktails. Bergamot is the citrus fruit that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavour. More commonly found by consumers as an essential oil or used in perfumes and is a yellow/green fruit which looks similar to a lime. The flesh is very sour and does very well in curds and marmalades. Meanwhile Cedro is utilized for its peel, pith and flesh, with the skin being renowned for creating the best candied peel. 4. BREAK-THROUGH KALE VARIETIES Meanwhile, the produce which saw the biggest uplift in

sales in 2017 was kale of all varieties. Kale is famous for its myriad health benefits and has gained huge popularity in recent years. What’s more, it’s hardy and able to withstand extremes of weather. Cold weather, in fact, brings on the colour in the crop. These are the six varieties of kale that are now becoming popular, which in itself demonstrates the vast demand for this crop. These varieties include green curly kale, Purple Queen, variegated (white and purple), White Queen and Japanese White, salad or baby kale and lastly kalettes or flower sprouts (Brussel cross). Chris Molyneux, a Lancashire Kale grower whose family have grown the crop for three decades says: “People don’t have a clue what to do with it. One common mistake is to buy ready-chopped kale. As soon as you chop up anything, the flavours and nutrients start to degrade”. Another mistake, he says, is to discard the stalks – the sweetest part. Molyneux continues: “All the sugar is in the stalk – cut it up fine and eat the whole thing”. Chris also recommends finely chopping raw kale before dressing with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, balsamic and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. 5. BRITISH BERRIES, SPECIALIST SPUDS & NAMED TOMATO VARIETIES Following on from kale, berries, potatoes and tomatoes were the produce which saw the steepest peak in popularity. Berries gaining popularity included golden raspberries, snow white strawberries, green strawberries and pink blueberries which a particular focus on British grown berries. Meanwhile, sweet potatoes and other specialist potato variants received strong demand, and Datterini/San Marzano tomatoes were selected by chefs who also chose to name check their provenance on menu. Driven by consumer trends, the elevated sales of these products are expected to carry into 2018, aided by an increased consumer leaning towards veganism, superfoods and British provenance. 6. EXTRAVAGANT SALAD LEAVES The rise of more interesting salad ingredients, such as baby kale, tatsoi, winter purslane and land cress, has meant that Iceberg lettuce has suffered a sales decline and is unlikely to make a comeback in 2018. Meanwhile though, salads will continue to grace restaurant plates into the winter months with a greater variety of Britishgrown spicy leaves taking centre stage. Winter leaves are more hardy, which results in a strong, robust flavour with a pleasing bitterness. This means we are likely to see winter salad mixes on menus including baby kale, tatsoi, salad burnet, winter purslane, Lambs lettuce and land cress. 7. WONKY VEG Finally, wholesalers also reported an increase in the demand for ‘wonky’ or otherwise imperfect fruit and vegetables as consumers continue to toe the line from a sustainability and ‘war on food waste’ point of view. New Covent Garden Market is the largest fruit, vegetable and flower wholesale market in the UK. It typically has over 650 varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables available on the market at any one time and is unrivalled when it comes to sourcing of the best seasonal produce from the UK and around the world. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


The Changing Face of Event Catering at Sodexo The wind of change has been blowing through some of the UK’s fine dining restaurants and now its hit the social season too. We spoke to Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events to find out more. While the highest standards of food will always be maintained at the UK’s fine dining restaurants, the country’s top chefs are eschewing the more formal style of dining and instead creating a more casual experience for their customers. It’s not just at Michelin properties that what seemed like an unshakable code of etiquette is no longer being observed – it’s filtering down to some of the most exciting and prestigious events on the social calendar. Think Henley, Royal Ascot, the Chelsea Flower Show, the Open Golf championships – landmark occasions which go hand in hand with the finest of food. And what all of these events have in common is Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events, the international catering operation which has the unenviable task of creating a memorable visitor experience. The hospitality industry is mirroring what is going on in the top restaurants – taking into account the shifting requirements of companies and individuals who attend these important events and adjusting their offering accordingly. “It’s all about being agile,” said Tom Beauchamp, who has stepped into the newly created role as Development Chef for Sodexo Sports and Leisure across the UK and Ireland. Tom’s credentials are impeccable and before he began his work with Sodexo five years ago, he spent time at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie and at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir. The creation of a role as Development Chef is Sodexo’s recognition that it is important to keep abreast of trends in both food and service. Tom said, “There is definitely a move towards more relaxed dining. While there are occasions where people will still want to sit down and be served a three course dinner with white tablecloths and attentive waiters, the key to events now is flexibility and agility. It’s no longer just about food, it’s about customer experience.” One of the biggest changes at major events is the introduction of grazing-style menus, where guests can simply pick and choose to eat over a period of time. “Sustainability is also a high priority for us when looking at events,” said Tom. “We recognise that people are more and more interested in where their food comes from and this is something that we take very seriously.”


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Shifts such as smaller budgets for corporate clients means that the hospitality industry has had adapt, providing the same level of service, which is where once again the “agile” approach comes into play. Innovation in food is not just restricted to the grand events either – for Sodexo it’s also about applying the same principles to the many sporting stadia and venues where they also provide catering services. Tom added: “It’s about having an innovative offer because we also need to appeal to a younger, affluent audience.” His words are echoed by James Stanley, Managing Director of Sodexo Sports and Leisure for the UK and Ireland. “For us at major events it’s not just about food, it’s about giving the guests a great experience. There’s no point in us creating fantastic dishes if you can’t eat them standing up or if you haven’t taken into account the setting and the occasion.” James went on to say, “As market leaders we look at the trends, not just in food but what’s happening in retail and on the high street, and that gives us valuable insight into how we can maximise our expertise for the visitor experience.” James believes that the street food culture is one that is finding its way into event catering, but that doesn’t mean there is any compromise on quality. He said, “If we are going to produce a burger, we’ll make sure it’s the very best burger, even if it’s served in an informal and relaxed way. Luckily we have a wealth of expertise and great resources, which allows us to provide the best experience for our clients.”

Chelsea Flower Show – 22-26 May Royal Ascot – 19-23 June RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – 2-8 July Henley Royal Regatta - 4-8 July The Open Championship – 19-22 July at Carnoustie Golf Links at Angus, Scotland Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials – 30 August – 2 September @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Robert Pires & Jessica Lemarie

Eva Longoria Bastรณn & Victoria Beckham

Dame Joan Collins

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

In aid of women & children

Carol Harrison

Heather Small

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci Eva Longoria Bastรณn

Mr Rutherford


The 8th Annual Global Gift Gala London On 18th November 2017 the 8th Global Gift Gala with honorary chair Eva Longoria Bastรณn, took place at the Corinthia Hotel, London, with stars from the world of music, fashion and television joining together to raise funds and make a difference to the lives of children and women around the world. Compered by TV legend Konnie Huq there were performances from soprano Seia Lee, BGT winner, Tokio Myers, Heather Small, Steve Edwards and many more. The Global Gift Gala is a unique international initiative from the Global Gift Foundation, a charity founded by Maria Bravo that is dedicated to philanthropic events worldwide; to help raise funds and make a difference towards children and women across the globe.


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

stars join Eva Longoria Bastón to raise funds for global gift foundation

Ore Oduba

Olivier & Jennifer Giroud Eva, Nick and Maria

Konnie Huq

Corinthia Hotel London

Dame Joan Collins & Maria Bravo

Victoria Beckham

Ronan Keating with wife Storm

Maria Bravo said, “London is one of the most philanthropic cities I have visited and the generosity of our guests makes a difference every year to so many people in need”. This year organisations set to benefit from the gala include The Global Gift Foundation, The Eva Longoria Foundation, which focuses on women’s education and entrepreneurship; and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity which helps fund the hospital’s most urgent needs and supports seriously ill children treated at the hospital. Dame Joan Collins was presented with the Global Gift Philanthropic Award by Eva Longoria Bastòn in recognition of her philanthropic and professional accomplishments. International soul and RnB singing superstar Maxwell also received an award for his philanthropic work over many years. (Photos courtesy of East of Eden) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Luca Macellari Palmieri

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Gerardo Mazzini of Team Maserati

Juan Cruz Grugoli of Team Cartier

Maserati x La Martina special edition shirt

St Moritz

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc Team Maserati vs Team Cartier Rommy Gianni of Team Cartier

Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz The Maserati Polo Tour 2018 began with a thrilling start at the “Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz” that took place in the spectacular setting of the frozen lake of St. Moritz from 26th – 28th January 2018 and saw Team Cartier claim victory over Team Maserati by 4.5 to 4, in a breathtaking final. Over the three days of the tournament, the four polo teams played entertaining and high-class polo matches to the delight of over 15,000 spectators – setting a new tournament record. The spectacularly sunny weather conditions transformed the polo field on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, with the captivating snow-capped mountains providing a picturesque backdrop. Among the guests of the renowned “Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz” were a number of VIP personalities such as England polo star Malcolm Borwick and Slalom World Champion Giorgio Rocca. The Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz is the only high-goal polo tournament played on snow.


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

. g n i z a m a s a w z t i r o M t s “ : k c i w r o b m ” l d w o r Malco c l u f i t u a e b d n a A great show

Team Maserati vs Team Cartier

Malcolm Borwick Team Cartier

Polo in the Snow Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Maserati Levante

Malcolm Borwick with Maserati Ghibli La Martina - official supplier of polo

The ‘Maserati Polo Team’ with Zhanna Bandurko/Raya Sidorenko (Handicap +0), Gerardo Mazzini (Handicap +6), Hissam al Hyder (Handicap +6) and Robert Strom (Handicap +4) played in St. Moritz for the first time and received thrilling support and cheers from the audience throughout their performance. The “Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz” marked the exciting kick-off of the Maserati Polo Tour 2018 and emphasized the long-lasting involvement of Maserati in this sport. Accompanied by the successful partnership with the world’s leading supplier of polo equipment, La Martina, the Maserati Polo Tour 2018 will bring many more highlights to this year’s international polo scene. (Photos: © Getty Images for Maserati) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Arriving by River

The Moet & Chandon vending machine

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Mel C

2017 Highlights

Jess Glynne

Boys in Black Tie

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci All Saints

Chaka Khan


Henley Festival 2017 - 2018 Henley Festival, the UK’s most glamorous boutique festival, and winner of Headline Performance of the Year in 2016 returns to Henley-on-Thames from 11 to 15 July 2018. As the UK’s only black-tie boutique festival, Henley Festival is glamour personified, offering Michelin starred food, award winning comedians, Turner Prize nominated artists and the biggest names in popular, world, jazz and classical music. Last year, we enjoyed watching performances by All Saints, Mel C and Vonda Shepard with Jess Glynne, Pet Shop Boys, Chaka Khan and Goldie also performing on The Floating Stage.


SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | editorial@sloanmagazine.com

black tie boutique festival celebrates 36 years supporting uk charities


Dom Holland

Angela Hartnett MBE

Music Comedy Food

Nile Rodgers

Curtis Stigers

Grace Jones

Rita Ora

This year’s headline acts include Rita Ora, Grace Jones, Nile Rodgers and Curtis Stigers with the English National Opera closing the festival in style. Henley Festival’s Jazz Club in the Spiegel Tent offers live jazz music and dining before and after the main headline act. The Bedouin Tent will present global world music acts and the best in British folk music. This year’s stellar comedy line-up is bigger and better than ever. Foodies will love the huge number of restaurants and pop ups on offer from street food to fine dining. Henley Festival is also one of the very few festivals to showcase art work from some of Britain’s most talented artists. Established 36 years ago as a classical music charity event, Henley Festival continues to be run on a not for profit basis supporting charitable projects at both a national and local level with the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust supporting young people with depression and The Teenage Wilderness Trust supporting students to get back into learning by offering re-engagement courses on practical life skills. (Photos courtesy of Midas PR) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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SLOAN! 14th Edition  

The 14th Edition of SLOAN! features celebrity interviews with inspirational Lucy Mecklenburgh, domestic goddess Anthea Turner, classical sin...

SLOAN! 14th Edition  

The 14th Edition of SLOAN! features celebrity interviews with inspirational Lucy Mecklenburgh, domestic goddess Anthea Turner, classical sin...