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CELEBRITY LIFE COACH Sloan has worked with rockstars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars

Sloan Sheridan-Williams We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur, media personality and international speaker to find out what makes Sloan Sheridan-Williams stand out from all the rest! Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has worked with rockstars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever, BMW, eHarmony and to name a few. WHO IS SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading “diagnostitians in the complementary therapy world� She is often commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling problems that have yet to be solved by others. She achieves this by bringing together a wealth of experience from over a decade of practice. Sloan is unique in the fact that she has trained in so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and globally. UNIQUELY TALENTED & MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TRAINING Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 15 years, she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to political, medical to media, and corporate to academia. Educated at Oxford University where she originally read Medicine, Sloan then attended University College London before converting to Law. Sloan has collaborated with some of the finest institutions and brands in the country, if not the world and has had the pleasure to work with some very talented individuals taking them to even greater heights. Learn more at

MEDIA-FRIENDLY EXPERT As a respected relationship expert, Sloan has appeared in the UK and international media over 200 times. She is also a charismatic media personality, radio host and trained presenter. INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER Sloan is an engaging and inspirational world class international speaker and has shared the stage with some of the top business experts and entrepreneurs in the UK including John Lee, Vincent Wong, Andy Harrington and Shaa Wasmund MBE.

SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER Sloan has a combined social media following of over 380K on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She is also the founder and Editor-in-chief of SLOAN! @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




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Editor’s Letter Things are hotting up this summer and I’m not just talking about the weather! I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with some fantastic people and companies in my role as a celebrity life coach in addition to speaking on stage at sold-out business events in front of packed audiences creating massive


16th Edition


change in the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs through my work as an international speaker to interviewing my fabulous guests live on air at Colourful Radio. In addition to these public roles, I have also had time enjoy the best of the British Social Season including the polo which many of you know is a passion of me. It was wonderful interviewing George Meyrick - our cover star of this issue and I know you will find this and our other interviews insightful as well as entertaining. Following on from numerous requests from our readers we have also launched the SLOAN! Book Club in this



issue which sees my personal recommendations of the books I know will inspire and educate you to take your life to the next level. We’ve also listened to your feedback about new features and will be bringing you more product features in SLOAN! BABY as of the next edition so look out for that. As always I’d like to thank my fantastic team who are such a pleasure to work with and thank you for your continued support online, on social media and offline. I love reading all your lovely comments about SLOAN! Be inspired!





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@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams






Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Purdy about music, courage, fear, toxic relationships and her pride to be performing at Henley Festival How would you define your style of

S music? Which musicians or artists have inspired your sound?

I have always felt that defining is P confining because there are so many personal and external influences involved when writing, but I am aware of certain resounding influences and styles. Nina Simone, Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Henry Mancini, John Barry are always whispering to me in the backdrop. Where else do you seek inspiration

S from when writing the lyrics and melodies for your songs?

I’m a very emotive person and I am P always thinking and writing poetry about whatever my heart and mind are experiencing with the effects of the world around me, so real life emotions play a huge part. I grew up on old black and white movies, war films and westerns and always seemed to get hooked on the romantic sub plot. I’ve fond memories of watching old Hollywood romances with my Mother. When I write it’s like there’s a film playing out in my head. What was your biggest fear releasing

S your debut album ‘Diamond in the

Dust’? What advice would you give to others facing similar fears?

quite a thrill seeker when I was younger. Competing as a gymnast, bungee jumping and sky diving. Still the biggest challenge was overcoming serious stage fright and throwing myself in to a career that often fills me with self doubt. If you are serious about your art it can be all consuming but it’s so worth it for those precious triumphs. Performing at the Royal Albert Hall was one of them. I have been courageous in love and taken the mighty falls that come with that but I wouldn’t change a thing. How do you motivate yourself to take

S a risk in life? What drives that passion

and have you ever had to give up on something you really wanted or someone? It helps that my passion comes easy

P to me. I always had this inner hunger

and drive to explore emotions in lyrical form and so the music is my motivation. Also the people who come to see me perform are the biggest motivation to keep doing what I love. I love to feel like I have engaged with an audience and that we’ve been on a journey together. When I feel like I have connected people with my songs or stories and someone tells me so, they make it all worth while. I’ve given up on someone when it hurt too much. That’s the hardest thing of all. Turns out music is the one passion I have that never leaves me.

I think the biggest fear was within

P myself, wondering ‘have I done my

best?’, ‘have I said all I wanted to say?’ ‘have I represented my feelings properly?’ I agonise over lyrics and the hardest thing is letting go of it and being able to say ‘this is finished’ but I think a lot of artists would relate to the that feeling. There’s always something you’d go back and change. The other thing of course is that you’re inviting people to hear your inner most secrets and that thought used to be a scary. Not so much now. My sleeves are pretty well worn. Which areas of your life have you

S been most courageous and how has that impacted the rest of your life?


I think courage comes in many forms. I’ve always been a jump on the flame before it burns you kind of girl. I was


What advice would you give to your younger self to help you on life’s journey? I’d tell her not to worry so much about

P what everyone else thinks. To trust her instincts and be kinder to herself. I’d tell her to drink a bit less, to work a bit harder to support herself and not to let a relationship take over. If you could change one thing in the

S world what would it be and why?

I’d end war. Too Miss World? In that P case I’ll settle for a more mindful degree of love, kindness and acceptance but also let’s keep some humour in the world please. I feel like everyone’s a bit too serious and easily offended these days. Oh and ban plastic and wasteful packaging. I find lazy consumerism gross. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




What advice do you have for overcoming fear of failure and working towards their dreams? What is the worst that can

P happen? Give it a go and if it

doesn’t work, go again. We are all human, all messing up, and failure is only something you’ll put on your self so start with small personal goals and then reward yourself… with cake. Surround yourself with good supportive people. No empire was built by one person and dreams are better shared.


What would you tell people in toxic relationships to help them find the courage to walk away?

I’m no specialist on the subject P but I feel for and empathise with anyone who is stuck in that difficult pattern. Love or lust are powerful emotions and we don’t walk into relationships expecting to find ourselves in a soap opera but it’s best not to give yourself a hard time. Dig deep to reclaim your rational self before the Eastenders theme tune kicks in. Keep good friends to remind you who you are and write down what you really want out of life and from love. Life finds a way in the end of telling you when to stop. You also get better at seeing the people who don’t have your best interests at heart.


What do you do to stay healthy, energised and on top form when on tour or working hard? I run, do yoga, take long walks

P in the country. I was bought

up on good home cooking so


I avoid junk food and try to eat healthily. Being silly and laughing is also great medicine. What is your greatest strength

S and what do you struggle with the most?

I think my strength is my sense

P of humour and my Integrity. I

struggle with concentrating for long periods of time because I have a total butterfly brain and I have a terrible memory for Important facts and yet somehow remember rude jokes and all the words to songs. I often wish everything could be sung at me so I wouldn’t forget it. You were born in Henley. What S do you love most about your hometown and what does being from Henley actually mean to you? I think we only start to really P appreciate where we are from as we get older. There’s no denying that Henley is a pretty place. Every cab driver will tell you it’s a ‘lovely part of the world’. I like the river. I like the friendly community spirit and I see that more evidently now I’m running my Pop Up Jazz Club in HAODS studio every month. I’m overwhelmed by the local support for live music. The Regatta is obviously renowned for it’s quintessential Englishness and I like that those jolly traditions are celebrated. I’ll be proud to represent my hometown on 12th July when I perform at the magical Henley Festival.


What has your experience of rejection in the music industry been like and how have you


learned to deal with it? I haven’t really put myself in P a place where I can be openly rejected. I have an amazing producer ‘Andy Wright’ who helps keep my faith strong in what I do. We have a good music family and we operate independently. There have been a few knock backs in the past but nothing that hurts too long. I am very excited about the releasing my next album and I say bring on the jury!


Successful people don’t put things off until later. What motivates you to not put things

off? Oh is that what they do? That’s P where I’m going wrong haha. When you have a passion for something there is a natural urgency at play so I rely on that to tell me what needs doing but I don’t believe in rushing creativity. If you had unlimited time and

S resources, what things you

would like to improve in life?

I would like to see that my P parents were taken care of. I’d see my Mum could give up work. I’d find the cure for cancer and make my Dad better. I’d take them away. I’d travel more, try to do more good, help others, organise a world tour with all my favourite musicians. I’d spread love. I’d write the James Bond theme tune, build a beautiful home with a beautiful man and have 10 children. Is it too late? To find out more about Purdy, go to

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Seven Reasons You’re Still S A few wise individuals have started writing about the paradox of choice, particularly relevant for the dating industry, where apps and the internet have fooled us all into thinking there are plenty of fish in the sea. The paradox of choice is that there is so much choice that we cannot choose. We cannot choose, because there is a belief that something perfect could still be out there. As all humans are imperfect, the search for a ‘perfect’ partner is futile. Yet, the paradox of choice is not the only reason why you might be getting in your own way when it comes to finding love. Here are the seven reasons, your friends daren’t tell you, about why you are still single. 1. PERFECTIONISM You want perfectionism but not in yourself. Your standard is way too high and no one can reach it. Perhaps you don’t want anyone to reach the bar because then that would mean being in a relationship which makes us all vulnerable. Better to have nothing to lose, then to risk heartbreak though – right? Wrong! You won’t find your partner by playing safe, you’ve got to be all in. Commit to finding an imperfect partner and loving them anyway, safe in the knowledge that they will have to do the same, to love you despite your imperfections. 2. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU The Ego tells you it is all about you. Every text, email, call or date is put under the microscope of what it means about you. But sometimes someone’s busy-ness isn’t about you. They’re simply busy. Sometimes they meant what the text said, not the interpretation you added that - guess what – you made up, when you made up that it was all about you. Other people have their baggage, their insecurities, their lives, their hang-ups. Don’t over analyse everything to death and give them the benefit of the doubt. Your date wants to feel, as I am sure you do, that they are important. So, make it about them and see where that takes you. 3. OVER INFLATED SENSE OF SELF Slightly different to believing it’s all about you, but still connected to the Ego, is the inflated sense of self. This is where you are a 4/10 in



Hayley Bystram


say the health or looks department but demand your partner be a 7/10 in that area (or higher). If this is the case, your friends will never tell you. It can also come from a lack of awareness of who you are and what you have to offer, or back to point number one, your constant and unrealistic pursuit of perfectionism. No-one will be a 10/10 in all areas, which is fine – but there’s a hypocrisy in demanding someone is athletic and healthy whilst you lay on the sofa stuffing down curly fries. 4. SEEKING FAULTS When you have an over inflated sense of self, no-one is good enough. You search through their profile looking for the flaw that means you can discard this person. Again, it’s a great way to feel safe and to feel better about yourself, but it’s a sure-fire way of staying single. Be kinder and more open and most importantly, look for the positives. So, they’re shorter than the imagined partner in your header (or older, younger, whatever) but few marry the imagined partner from their heads. They don’t exist. When we are open, life can surprise us and who we end up with is who we truly need to grow, love and become our best selves. Who we need and who we want, are rarely the same person. Don’t miss out on your future partner because of some (often random) list of check boxes. 5. HYPOCRISY You want those you like to treat you with respect, consideration and kindness, but as soon as it is you that is not keen, you aren’t any of those things. You stand them up, simply ignore their texts and hope it will all go away. Before you have even gone on the first date, you are making demands that your date is keen, yet at the same time you seem oblivious to the fact that you’re the one struggling to remember their name. 6. NEEDINESS Nothing repels like neediness or pushiness. A small amount of patience goes a long way. Let things develop, let them bloom. There is a time to sow, a time to reap and a time to let the ground stay fallow. You might want to meet someone this week, and

cement the relationship yesterday, but that time table might not fit with your date’s needs or wishes. So, welcome to compromise. It’s great to be passionate, excited, but when you push it turns people off. If you are waiting for their call, don’t. Go out and get other things in your life so that this possible partner isn’t your sole focus. 7. GAME PLAYING In an introductions agency it is usually established who will call who first, so that everyone’s clear. But, then it is down to both parties and common sense. There aren’t rules about who should text or call who and by when. If you feel someone is game playing with you, this would turn you off, so why do it yourself? Once the games have started the odds of building a solid foundation for a relationship start diminishing. Games might work for the fickle, fun seekers, but if you are serious about becoming attached, leave the games to the playground. Your friends want you to be happy. That is why, even if you are in your own way they are unlikely to tell you (to your face). But, if you are single but regularly go on dates or look at (and reject) profiles then it might be time to consider which of the above sins you may be committing. The good news is that none of this is about who you are, it is about how you are behaving. And behaviour is changeable. So, recognise what changes and improvements can be made, and decide to move beyond, so you can find your happy ever after. ABOUT THE EXPERT

Hayley Bystram is a leading dating and relationship expert, with over ten years in the industry. She started out as a wedding planner helping high profile couples plan their big day. For the past nine years she has been a professional matchmaker founding Bowes Lyon Partnership, her own elite matchmaking agency, in 2009 which is thriving today. Hayley specialises in bringing together eligible and accomplished individuals, who are looking for a committed and meaningful relationship. With offices in Mayfair and Surrey, the agency has helped to create many long-term relationships, marriages and babies. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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How to look ten years younger

Dr Shirin Lakhani treats royalty, A-listers and celebrities using advanced aesthetic treatments with natural-looking results. The ageing process is of course inevitable but there are several steps you can take to slow it down and continue to look your best. Surprisingly too, it’s not all about Botox. There is a plethora of treatments available, many of which focus on definitive parts of the face and body, so you can focus on the areas that you want to enhance and importantly, those that are giving away your age. Dr Shirin Lakhani, one of the leading aesthetic doctors in the UK and owner of Elite Aesthetics in Kent shared her top tips on how to pause the clock and see if there was a way to truly rewind time.

and appearance while an intimate rejuvenation treatment can be the key to unlocking a patient’s confidence in their relationship and in turn, their confidence and self-esteem. There is a direct correlation between these results and a patient’s appearance. SKINCARE To have maximum benefit when it comes to anti-ageing, Dr Lakhani recommends that aesthetics treatments are incorporated into a lifestyle which has both health and wellbeing placed firmly in the foreground.

The great thing about aesthetic treatments is that they enhance your natural beauty; they make you look younger and less tired, without taking away what makes you, you. There are now more treatments than ever available for patients, whether it’s a radiofrequency skin-tightening treatment such as the BTL Exilis or a non-surgical blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and lift the eyes without the downtime that comes with surgery.

When my patients visit me concerned about ageing, one of the first things that I discuss in-depth with them is their skin quality. There are a number of things you should be doing to make sure that your skin is well looked after and that ageing is kept at bay.

INJECTABLES When it comes down to injectables, the focus now is to refresh rather than over inflate, using strategic placement of product to create a natural, wellrested look. There can be no ‘one size fits all’ approach and a holistic, personalised anti-ageing strategy is required to truly have a benefit.

SUN PROTECTION There is also no such thing as a safe tan either. When cells are exposed to UV light, more melanin is produced. This is the pigment that colours your skin, which is why you tan. The production of melanin is a sign that damage has already been done and your skin has been injured by UV exposure.

Most women take care of their faces but so many more elements can have an impact. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can have a huge impact on a patient’s overall wellbeing

If you like to spend a lot of time in the sun, make sure that you apply sunscreen every two hours and again after returning from the pool. 90 percent of skin damage is caused by UV exposure and the

When makeup is removed, the skin becomes a clean canvas ready to absorb product. After a long day, your skin desperately wants to rid itself of pore-clogging debris and pollution.

best way to avoid this is to apply a good sunscreen. HYDRATION Although moisturisers may appear to provide instant softening and plumping, what most of them are actually doing is sitting on the surface of the skin acting as a barrier. Instead of providing deep hydration our creams are suffocating the skin and causing it to switch off its natural moisture production. Natural hydration ultimately has to come from within the body and cannot in fact be reversed by applying moisturiser on the skin’s surface. What most people really need is a good exfoliator, retinol, a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables and nuts and plenty of water. This, alongside a personalised treatment plan can have a distinct impact when it comes to helping a patient to look younger for longer. ABOUT THE EXPERT Dr Shirin Lakhani (MBBS, MRCA, MRCGP, DRCOG, ACCMA) is a cosmetic doctor specialising in advanced aesthetic treatments. Dr Shirin has an extensive background in medicine having trained in the NHS and various hospital sub-specialities, including anaesthetics where she became highly skilled in advanced injection techniques. In 2013 Dr Shirin founded Elite Aesthetics in Kent and was the first female practitioner to be trained in the O-shot and P-shot. She is also one of the leading practitioners in the UK for Plexr – the first device capable of performing a non-surgical eye-lift, and the leading doctor in Kent for the Vampire breast lift. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


expert Top Tips for Healthy advice Living in the Capital Living in London provides a wealth of opportunities to experience the vibrant culture, nightlife and history that underpin the fabric of our society. Unfortunately, this can also come with downsides.

Dr Kenny Livingstone Dr Kenny Livingstone is an experienced GP and Founder and Chief Medical Officer of ZoomDoc, an on-demand GP service that enables GPs to work on their own terms, whilst delivering the highest quality medical attention at a touch of the button. Practicing medicine for the past nine years and working both within the NHS and private sector across London, Dr Kenny has an extensive knowledge of the GP market. His experience and passion for delivering bespoke primary care as well as a strong interest in health-tech and improving GP accessibility led him to found ZoomDoc. At ZoomDoc, he leads the team of highly-skilled GPs and oversees ongoing business developments to ensure the delivery of outstanding private medical care service.

Take charge of your health rather than waiting until it deteriorates & becomes a problem 14

Finding a healthy balance in the city can be difficult. Whether you enjoy late nights over some wine with friends, or can’t find the time away from work and family commitments to wind down, the stresses and trials of living in London can take their toll. It’s unsurprising that so many of us are looking out for ways to change our lifestyle in order to feel a little bit healthier. From a doctor’s perspective, even the smallest of changes can have a drastic impact on your health and wellbeing. It is so common to see patients who are feeling run down due to the intensity and the pressures of their urban life, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Below are some of the fundamental tips for city dwellers looking to improve their health. 1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP The temptation to stay up a little longer and watch that Netflix documentary, or to scroll through social media before bed time can all lead to sleep deprivation. Whatever the reason, set a strict routine and make sure you have no distractions and get that much needed rest. Neglecting sleep can leave you at risk of developing serious problems down the line – from dementia to Type 2 diabetes. 2. AVOID FAST FOOD When indulging in the best parts of city life, it is highly recommended that you enjoy the fast pace, and not the fast food! It can be very easy to indulge in all of the greasy food available, but the often high saturated fat content


and added sugar can impact your weight, skin and put you at higher risk of serious illness, such as cancer. 3. STAY HYDRATED Drinking plenty of water increases energy, boosts your immune system and improves your complexion. It’s often tempting to opt for a milky coffee or fruit juice, but these are often high in sugar and will ultimately leave you feeling tired.

4. GET OUT AND ABOUT Exercise should be a part of your weekly routine. However, the assumption a lot of people make is that this should revolve around

intensive sessions at the gym. Whilst this is, of course, great for your wellbeing, it is often unsustainable for many people in the long term. If you schedule a dance class, or get off the train a few stops early and walk, you’ll feel the benefits. 5. TAKE TIME TO SWITCH OFF Living in the city can mean that you don’t take as much time as you need to relax and find some time to wind down. Whether it’s reading a book or having a long bath, winding down is crucial as high levels of stress can have a fundamentally adverse effect on our health. 6. LIMIT ALCOHOL INTAKE Everyone loves a beer or glass of wine after work, but these add up and units do exist for a reason. Try to limit your alcohol consumption to no more than 14 units a week, and make sure to avoid drinking

on consecutive days. 7. GET OUT OF TOWN If you have children, it is likely that they don’t get enough exposure to fresh air and Vitamin D, being far more accustomed to the sounds and smells of traffic congestion than anything else. Even if you don’t have children, it is so important to plan a weekend away now and then and get out of the city. Wherever you choose to go, your body will be grateful for a break from the noise and pollution. 8. NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST It can be tempting to skip breakfast – whether you’re on the school run or plan to grab a granola pot for your desk at work, we are all guilty of skipping breakfast now and then. However, it is known as the most important meal for a reason and skipping breakfast will make you feel tired and eat more later in the day.

9. MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES If you have been feeling tired, down or anxious, make sure you seek support. Stay open about what you are feeling with your friends and family, and talk to a GP about what steps you can take if this continues. Our minds and bodies are connected, and it is important to take equal care of both. 10. GET REGULAR CHECK UPS It can be difficult to take the time to see a doctor, especially as GP waiting times in London can make a check-up seem like it’s more effort than it’s worth. If this is preventing you from seeing a doctor, doctor on demand services, are able to provide quick access to GPs – either at your home or workplace, 24/7 - which will ensure that you are taking charge of your health, rather than waiting until it deteriorates further.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Strong Not Skinny England’s Strongest Woman, Farah Fonseca, explains why being strong not skinny is not a fitness fad with tips on staying in peak condition Farah Fonseca We live in a world where we’re surrounded by social media images showing unrealistic and unachievable images of waif-like figures. This unfortunately gives us a distorted perspective of what is healthy. Whilst it is important to look after ourselves by getting regular exercise, the real goal should be to be strong not skinny. This doesn’t mean you have to be competing in strong woman competitions or have the ‘perfect’ set of abs. But, it does mean striving for a lean figure which gives you the ability to take on anything that life throws at you. This could be anything from lugging heavy shopping bags home to carrying around a toddler. Before starting out, it is essential to have the right mindset so you know what you want to get out of your training and what your nutritional goals are. Being strong not skinny is not necessarily about losing a few pounds but about reducing body fat percentage. This will make you leaner, boost your confidence and, with consistent training, will make you stronger. There’s a number of ways to be strong not skinny whilst still retaining a feminine shape.

have made, either for themselves or with their clients. BREATHE DEEPLY No matter where you are in your training, it is important to breathe properly. This ensures that your body, particularly the muscle, is getting the oxygen it needs to perform at an optimum level. When breathing out during exercise, try to draw your ribs down and your belly in to engage your deep core muscles. Also, try engaging your pelvic floor muscles at the same time. This will provide a solid contraction of all of the muscles you want to work with, particularly when lifting heavy weights. KEEP UP THE CARDIO Being strong not skinny is not all about lifting weights, although it will make up the majority of your workout. It is important to keep up your cardio training too, such as by using the treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike. This will increase your fitness levels so you’re in a better physical condition to take other the other types of training too. If exercising on a machine isn’t for you, there’s plenty of other options out there such as boot camps or HIIT programmes. The benefits of cardio training go so much further than helping to be strong not skinny too. It will contribute towards stronger heart and lungs, increased bone density, reduced stress, better sleep and a reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

START SLOWLY If this is the first time you have done sustained weight training, build up slowly to reduce the risk of injury. Those athletes on Instagram YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT are likely to have been training When you are strong not skinny, for years and real results don’t you may find that your appetite happen overnight. It may be worth ranks up a notch. This is perfectly considering a personal trainer, normal and acceptable and, when particularly in the early days. Look this happens, you should listen to for someone who has both the your body. Lots of us are scared qualifications and experience to to eat enough calories or may not help you safely and successfully. See who else they have worked with know the right calories to eat. Food and calorie intake helps to and what professional progress they 16 SLOAN! |

both make you stronger and aids recovery. Do not deprive your body of what it is asking for but do ensure you’re eating the right things and in moderation. Plenty of fruit and vegetables is a no-brainer but also fill your plate with carbohydrates like wholemeal pasta and bread, protein from meat and healthy fats like avocado and eggs. It is especially important to eat well before a workout to give your body the fuel it will need to do what you want to do. Eat a healthy combination of carbs, protein and good fats around two hours before a workout. You should be able to achieve your workout goals with a good level of energy without feeling heavy or bloated. Afterwards, have a meal of carbs and protein to aid your body’s natural recovery. Also, stay well-hydrated with plenty of water before, during and after and maybe also a protein shake afterwards. REST UP If you are aiming to be strong not skinny, rest days to give your body a break are just as important as the days you exercise. This is because you need to give your body the time it needs to recover, particularly those muscles which you have put through their paces. This reduces the risk of suffering an injury, particularly when weight training. This type of exercise is basically tearing muscle fibres so you need rest days to repair and grow the muscle to really feel the benefit of the training. A good exercise pattern is to focus on different muscle groups on different days throughout the week as well as have some days where you do no exercise at all. This won’t set your training back - it generally takes two weeks of no exercise to have a real impact on your fitness regime. To learn more, go to

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TREKZ AIR This is the ultimate bone conduction sport headphones inspired by the demands of elite and aspiring athletes. Its full titanium wraparound provides infinite flexibility, a secure fit and the ultimate level of comfort. An OpenFitTM design promises uncompromised situational awareness and extended comfort, meaning users can tune in to music or a call without tuning out the world around them, whereas the PremiumPitch+TM technology ensures improved audio from the bone conduction. Six hours of music and calls finally provides enough boost to get users through a long workout. ÂŁ149.99 from




sport of kings

TENEBRIS EQUUM The design for Dark Horse was inspired by the unknown. An elegant timepiece with a mystical essence encapsulated by the Sport of Kings logo. £239 from



ALLTRAIL Designed for hiking, backpacking, camping or a weekend away, the Thule AllTrail provides unmatched versatility to survive the elements. £140 from



DETROIT With 12-hours playback and standby time of 300 hours, the Detroit 10m Bluetooth headphones are great for those on the go. £59 from



FORMESSE SUMMER BLANKET After an active day, stay cool during hot summer nights with this lightweight cotton jersey blanket with Tencel that’s breathable & comfortable. £175 from



BODYCLOCK GLOW 150 This sleep/wake light mimics a real sunset and sunrise with nine sleep/wake sounds to help you sleep better and wake brighter. £90 from John Lewis and



THE RACTON These premium merino wool socks leave nothing to chance. The argyle design is full of heritage and adds a touch of class to your golf or city outfit. £16.50, @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Precious Assets

Marco Abele, founder of TEND Technologies AG and one of the leading financial industry experts in Switzerland shares the TEND Community’s top ten precious assets worthy of investment While collectable cars and art pieces naturally feature in a list of precious assets to invest in, there is now a move towards more unusual and exotic alternatives to traditional, financial investments which offer the opportunity to not only diversify portfolios but, most importantly, provide access to a truly unique experience. This is as much about creating a highly personal and meaningful collection of wealth as it is about increasing a portfolio’s value by another few per cent; potentially a win-win situation.

million. This is a trend we expect to see continue in 2018, and for whisky lovers, the taste of value appreciation is an added bonus.


WINE COLLECTIONS Once the reserve of the wealthiest, in recent years collecting wine has become more feasible for a wider audience. While only one per cent of the world’s total wine supply is suitable for long-term investment, there is a strong chance of appreciation in value over the medium to long-term in the coming year.

Here is the TEND Community’s top 10 precious assets that are considered worth investing in as much for the return on investment as they are about life-enriching experiences:



ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY 2017 was strong for photographic art, with lots sold at auction increasing to 54 per cent across Europe. An ideal entry point for young collectors, photography’s accessibility and directness, as well as its increase in prominence across the global art stage, makes it a very strong investment choice for 2018.


WHISKY COLLECTIONS Maybe one of the lesser known precious assets, the value of collectable bottles of single-malt Scotch whisky sold at auction rose more than 90 per cent in the first half of 2017 to £11.6

VINEYARDS Interest in investing in vineyards has been around for a number of years now. However, as more people look to make investments that provide enriching experiences as well as return on investments in 2018, a carefully selected, working winery not only has the potential to offer a real return but can be an absolute joy to be involved in. The reach of social media combined with state of the art technology means the dream of joining forces with fellow enthusiasts, achieved through co-ownership, is now a real lifeenriching opportunity.


MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS While perhaps not an obvious choice, a recent report found the annual rate of return for a Stradivarius violin between 1980 and 2011 was 15.4

Marco Abele

per cent. As high-end classical instruments remain pretty much immune to the sudden surges and drops of global markets, they can offer a really attractive investment for those who enjoy playing or listening to a classical repertoire and are looking for ways of diversifying their portfolios. Imagine the joy and satisfaction as an owner or co-owner of a renowned Steinway, watching a performance with your piano being played by a famous concert pianist. That’s a hugely powerful experience.


COLLECTABLE CARS Collectible cars have long been a compelling alternative asset to invest in, with the history and heritage of each car bringing far more to investors than merely return on investment. Not forgetting the obvious chance to get behind the wheel and even share the experience with friends and family. Over the last two years, the market showed growth of eight per cent and 457 per cent over a tenyear period. This trend shows signs of continuing, which keeps collectible cars firmly on our list of 2018 favourites.


COINS Historically, coins have shown impressive returns, averaging 15 per cent annually over a 10-year period according to some experts. With many investors now wanting to experience the heritage of their investments, coins provide the opportunity to delve into a period of time’s history while potentially offering an attractive investment opportunity for 2018. As collectibles you can touch and feel, it’s also unlikely that you’re going to detract from the value of something that has possibly spent

hundreds of years buried in a field, exposed to the elements!


RACEHORSES Investing in a racehorse through a racing syndicate can be huge fun and maybe make you a bit of money. Owning a racehorse outright is very expensive and has ongoing costs so coownership through syndicates can be a great way of indulging in your passion. Benefits include being able to get the chance to meet and mix with fellow enthusiasts, visit the stables, go to race meets your horse is racing in and to get in the winner’s enclosure if your horse wins.


BOATS In 2016, super yacht sales grew by around five per cent and this trend continued last year. While buying a luxury boat outright has long been for only the wealthiest, the ability to invest as a ‘co-owner’ of a luxury boat provides the dual opportunity to take to the water while keeping your investments safely on dry land. LUXURY HOLIDAY HOMES While property has long been a traditional form of investment, investing in a second holiday home has been considered a luxury most can’t afford. However, according to research by London School of Economics, the gross income of all holiday rental owners in the UK is as much as £950 million per annum. With such high returns and the promise of new experiences each holiday, luxury holiday homes should be on your investment list.


Learn more about TEND at @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Secrets of a SEO Ninja SEO expert Laurent Bourrelly explains how the right SEO can help you grow your business like a boss When an SEO wants to improve a website, he/she looks at the following three traditional pillars of SEO: technical, content, and popularity. DON’T SWEAT TECH STUFF The technical pillar deals with all aspects of how the website can comply with accessibility requirements for search engines.

Technical SEO is an area of expertise in itself. The task is complex and evolving constantly. A traditional SEO audit is a place where the technical pillar is most visible. A website can host a multitude of elements, which may need to be optimised. In the end, very few websites can have everything in order to comply with the technical audit. This is why I tell my clients


not to worry so much about the tech side of the website. It’s not unusual to have less than 20% of SEO recommendations carried out while technical limitations and marketing goals can be a definitive roadblock for SEO to be correctly implanted. CONTENT IS KING The content pillar takes care of how good is the content and how well optimised for SEO.

From a quality standpoint, a search engine is not very difficult to please. The level of quality from a human perspective is much more complex, but Google has put out some guidelines on what constitutes quality content. An SEO carries out the mission to optimise the content for search engines. A bunch of tags and bits

SLOAN! | Call us on 0771 547 4602

of advice on keywords are the basics. However, the border is hard to define between the end of the job of SEO on content and where the content marketer and copywriter kick in. The Panda Google penalty put some order in content. The level has risen, but it’s still not great. Most of the content is just a notch above what was around before. For the most part, content meant for SEO purposes only can’t pretend to attract much natural traction. POPULARITY Popularity and authority are all about links. Here, the situation is a bit awkward. Google says SEO should not acquire links artificially. Put out great content out there and links will come.

The truth is not so simple. Links

are the most powerful weapon in the SEO arsenal. SEO got very good at getting links in the most unnatural manners, while staying under Google’s radar. When an SEO analyzes a website, he/she looks at these 3 fundamental aspects, in order to formulate recommendations to improve the situation. It works more or less, depending on the situation and the skills of the SEO. Today, we need to take a different approach - here is what the modern SEO approach to the 3 fundamental pillars looks like. WHAT DOES GOOGLE WANT? Of course, it values a well-built website, great content, and lots of good links. That’s the old school way to look at it. I’m not saying we should not do it anymore, but it’s just the basics. Today, we need to dig deeper and look at it differently.

Google is looking at three very specific factors, in order to evaluate if a web page has value: expertise, authority and trust. By looking at the analysis from

the following perspective, the dimension changes completely. EXPERTISE Do you know what you are talking about, and can you express it well to your audience? Basic SEO optimisation should not be the end goal. Title tags and meta description should be perfect, the length of content matters, the presence of keywords, etc. Automatic SEO audit tool can do that today.

Where the value of an SEO Consultant comes in is about more than those basics. We need to push clients to be real authorities within their industries. They need to express out loud how good they are at whatever it is they are doing. Moreover, they need to tell their expertise in the best way possible for people to understand and connect with the content. It’s not easy at all, but it’s the most important challenge today regarding content. AUTHORITY Is your content good enough for

influencers within your industry to mention you? If not, go back to create more compelling content. It’s even harder to be sure that the content is still SEO compliant while being amazing for humans. Recommendations will extend to content promotion and analytics of results. Buying links and spamming the web can only go so far. When real authority is detected, funny things happen. The website starts to make jumps to the top three of the search engine results page. It’s still possible to achieve great results by buying links, but the authority website will win in the end, always! Beyond the basics, to make sure a website can be indexed, it’s time to go deeper into the complex challenge of trust. Going for https is only the tip of the iceberg. An SEO should ensure all is in order for user experience to be perfect. Laurent Bourrelly is one of Europe’s most sought-after SEO experts and and international keynote speaker.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


expert advice

The Five Key Steps To Discover Your X-Factor and Happiness Zone Rúna Magnus is a personal branding expert & founder of The Change Makers and #NoMoreBoxes movement. Here she explains the five key steps to stand out from the crowd.

Rúna Magnus

Rúna Magnus, a creative and fast forward thinking lifetime entrepreneur from Iceland is the founder and CEO of The Change Makers: a group of world class trainers, teachers, transformational thought-leaders, dedicated to helping today’s leaders and politicians to catapult the change they want to see in their organisation, community or country. Author of ‘Branding your X-Factor’, Rúna Magnus played a leading role in Iceland’s National Assembly of 2009 where the nation’s leaders collectively worked together to reinvigorate the country following their economic crash. The group tapped into the values and future vision of the island nation and transformed Iceland’s economy by branding their unique X-Factor. Rúna started the movement #NoMoreBoxes to contribute to breaking stereotypes and taboos on gender, race, religion and other boxes imposed on people by society.

Keep working on your personal brand after all it’s going to be with you for a lifetime 24

As human beings, each of us are already known for something within our circle of friends, family or co-workers. In other words, there is already something that pops up in other people’s mindset when they think about you. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon said so memorably: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room”. The question shouldn’t be about having a personal brand. It should be about knowing who you really are, what you love to do and what your true purpose is. If you feel you’ve been more focused on trying to be something people expect you to be then you’ve probably been placed in a box imposed by others (or society) that isn’t serving your true self. Building your personal brand is a lifetime process. The real key to building a brand that stands out and shines from the inside-out is to know yourself to the core, to understand your ‘X-Factor’ as I like to call it. It really all comes down to genuinely being yourself. But the real challenge with ‘being yourself’, is that most of us don’t know what constitutes our X-Factor or Happiness Zone in life. A huge amount of people are finding themselves in a box that isn’t giving them the space to express who they truly are. The good news is you can move from that ‘limiting box’ into a more ‘empowering box’. A box that is serving you, your


passions, values and missions in life. Here are the 5 steps to think about when discovering your X-Factor: Step 1: Think about your future. Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years’ time, in 3 years’ time, even in 1 year time? Allow yourself to dream big. Step 2: Look at your personal story. What event has shaped you into the person you are? What skills do you have, knowledge, experience? It is always a good thing to write this down, as you will start to discover a certain pattern. Step 3: What are your personal values? What are the things that matter the most to you? Are you honouring your personal values? Do you even know them? Step 4: What makes your heart sing with joy and makes you feel like you are in your natural flow? What would you like to do more of? What would you like to do less of? This is where a great number of people fall out of the wagon, they don’t believe they can make a living from the things that spark their heart. Step 5: Look at the results from the four steps above and have fun writing up your personal brand statement that indicates who you are, where you are going and why it is important for you to share your gift to the world. Remember, it is crucial to keep working on your personal brand – after all, it is going to be with you for a lifetime.



Ten tech-tastic treats on our must-have list this season


HÖVDING Packed with advanced technology and hundreds of sensors, the Hövding is worn around the neck like a collar and is able to read a cyclist’s body movements at 200 times per second. In an event of an accident, the airbag is triggered by changes in a cyclist’s body movement patterns and fully inflates in 0.1 seconds, providing full protection and the best shock absorption, before impact. Furthermore, Hövding protects nearly all of the head, while leaving the field of vision open. The company is aware of over 2,200 accidents where Hövding has potentially saved a cyclist’s life. £219 from, Amazon and selected retailers.


SOMFY ONE The Somfy One is an all-in-one security solution that deters intruders whilst seamlessly fitting in with the sleek aesthetics of a modern home. Offering a reassuring and unobtrusive footprint of 10x9cm, this DIY system also boasts a best in class full-HD camera that is wide-angle, a builtin loud siren triggers automatically when intruders are detected to scare them off, and unique privacy shutter that automatically covers the camera’s lens and microphone when users come home. The twoway microphone and immediate downloads are very useful as is the pet friendly feature. £199 from & Amazon.


SUREFLAP The Microchip Cat Flap Connect is the most advanced cat flap ever and allows you to stay connected to your pets from anywhere. Used with the Sure Petcare app and hub,you can lock /unlock the door and monitor their cat’s behaviour to understand what is normal for your pet. Ideal for households with more than one cat, the Microchip Cat Flap Connect is a drop in replacement for standard cat flaps and enables individual entry permissions to be set for each pet. So if one cat needs to stay in, others have the freedom of the outdoors. £149.99 from


ASSOME! This ultrasonic massager is a specially designed solution for women with cellulite with clear results based on extensive research. Uses 3 cutting edge professional technologies - ultrasound to burn fat deposits, radiofrequency to firm & lift and LED cold light to improve uneven skin tone and reduce visible pores making the skin appear brighter instantly. £159 from


HYPERX For the complete uninterrupted gaming experience, treat yourself to the HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headphones and let your game be transformed thanks to its incredible 30-hour battery life. Get ready to enjoy comfort to a whole new level thanks to the padded ear cups that close around your ears to cancel out all that unwanted outside noise & the ears rotate 90º to offer that extra bit of comfort during those prolonged sessions. Simply sit back, relax and game! £139.99 from @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



STM KINGS Perfect for anyone who carries their tech with them, the Kings laptop backpack features SlingTech protection which suspends your laptop off the floor of the bag and away from the impact zone at all times for maximum protection. The CableRouting System means you can neatly charge your device even when the battery is in a separate pocket just thread the cable through the bag from battery to device using the specific ports between sections, clips and pocket to keep yours bag cable tangle free. The 22L storage means there is plenty of room for personal gear and the included Stash is the ideal storage for smaller items to make sure they do not get lost in the bag. Available in 4 colours. £119.95 from


BRAUN ICHECK 7 The iCheck 7 from Braun offers smart and fast blood pressure tracking with professional accuracy allowing you to see a single reading at a glance, and understand the bigger picture of your heart’s health over time, all


with just a few clicks. It is easy to put on your wrist and the smart “ball in the hole” system helps guide you to the correct position for taking an accurate reading. Once it has read your blood pressure, it colour-codes your results, from green to red so you can instantly understand your heart’s health with a single glance at your wrist. The iCheck 7 syncs your reading effortlessly with Braun’s free Healthy heart app on your phone or tablet. The app displays all your blood pressure readings clearly and simply using charts and graphs. Alongside your blood pressure readings, which are automatically synced to the app, you can also log your sleep, diet, stress and exercise each day to build up a larger picture of your wellbeing. The app can help you understand the impact of your lifestyle on your blood pressure. Easy tracking of your blood pressure readings using the app means you can provide your doctor with a realistic overview of your blood pressure changes over time. £99.99 from Boots

GP BATTERIES The slim design M-Series PowerBank has a sleek aluminium design that’s easy to carry around in your pocket or handbag, while the anti-slip rubber coated edges provide excellent grip. The 15,000 mAh PowerBank offers fast charging on the go for power hungry devices with up to six extra charges for smartphone, dual USB + Type-C charging ports to charge up to three devices at the same and smart charging to charge devices at optimal speed. £35 from




GEORGE FOREMAN George Foreman is here to make a statement in your kitchen and an impact on your cooking with this 7 portion Entetaining Grill. In a strong, striking red it has never looked better. With deep, indented grill lines on the strong stainless steel lid, George Foreman’s bold look shows he means business. There for you on every occasion from Friday night kebabs, healthy halloumi salads and Saturday morning breakfast treats George Foreman is on it. £99.99 at Amazon.


RUSSELL HOBBS The One Temperature Iron requires no temperature dial thanks to the smart One Temperature technology, which ensures effortless ironing over any fabric. The black and red designed One Temperature Iron can be used on any fabric from silk to denim, thanks to the radical development in technology. At an optimum temperature of 140-degrees, the iron features a gap between the sole plates to allow the steam and heat to transfer evenly and boasts 50g of continuous steam and a 210g steam shot to tackle even the toughest of wrinkles. £59.99 available nationwide.


With a single power unit and many different attachments, it’s easy to see why the EGO Power Plus multi-tool is a very handy tool to have around. The simple and secure tool-free coupling makes switching attachments quick, easy and safe. And with the innovative 56V Arc Lithium battery supplying all the power you need, you can breeze through a variety of jobs without the fuss or fumes and with less noise than traditional petrol-powered tools. Plus the extension pole gives you the reach to tackle any height. Attachments include Hedge trimmer, Pole saw, Line trimmer, Brush cutter, Edger and Extension pole. £729 from

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e

Seven Ways To Make Work-Life Integration Work For You Lynsay Anne is a Career & Success Coach who works with women who feel done with the 9-5 and want to create businesses they love on their terms

The concept of work/life integration is now becoming more popular but is it the same thing as work/life balance? Some might say yes but others argue that work/life integration is a disguise to get more out of their employees for the same pay.

following questions. When and where do you want to work? Will you work from home or in a shared work space? What work do you want to do? When will you see friends and family? When do you want to exercise? How do you want to feel about your work?

Whatever your thoughts on this might be, the facts are that by 2020 almost 50% of the workforce will be millennials. This means there’s more pressure on employers now to encourage a more relaxed approach to work if they’re to retain top talent. It’s not just millennials that want to work in a different way and work/life integration can be sustainable and rewarding with the right planning.


Here are seven tips from Career and Success Coach Lynsay Anne, the founder of the Escape the 9-5 Podcast and Club, which may help make work/life integration work for you if you are an employee. 1. WHAT DOES YOUR IDEAL WEEK LOOK LIKE?

Just because you’re an employee doesn’t mean you can’t have more control over the way you work. Start by identifying what your ideal week looks like. Take out your planner and answer the



Once you’ve figured out what your ideal week looks like, compare it to your current reality. How far away is it to your ideal? Where can you easily make changes without the need to involve your boss straight away? For example, can you plan more time with your friends or partner? If you know you want to work less days could you plan some paid holidays over the coming weeks so you can see how it feels to work less days? Let’s face it - you know it will feel good, right? 3. REQUEST FLEXIBLE WORKING

Why don’t you speak to your HR department or line manager to ask for the work arrangement you actually want to work? In the UK, all employees have a right to request flexible working if they’ve been with their employer for at least 26 weeks. You don’t need to have children to work flexibly which is a common misconception. All you need to do is request the

working pattern that’s best for you in writing to your employer. Do you want to want to work from home? Great! Or perhaps you’d prefer part time work? Fab! Other options might include annualised hours, flexi-time, condensed working weeks and 9 day fortnights. My point is, it won’t happen unless you ask! 4. CARDS ON THE TABLE CHAT

Formal flexible working might not be for you. Maybe sometimes you prefer to work late nights or early mornings if that’s when you’re the most productive. In that case it might just be that you have an open and honest conversation with your boss and explain this to them. You’ll need to reassure them that your work won’t be affected but you’d like to have the option to work late or early instead of the standard 9-5 (or 8-6 which is more usual these days!) The worst that can happen is they’ll say no but at least you’ll know what’s possible. 5. MY BOSS IS A DINOSAUR!

This isn’t an age thing. I’ve worked for young bosses in the past only a couple years older than me who were so against any type of working arrangement that didn’t fit into the category of ‘sit at your desk all day and work until you go home!’. It’s baffling to me that more companies aren’t embracing new ways of working to retain the best talent they have but unfortunately, although things are getting better, not all businesses feel the same. If you find yourself in this situation ask yourself, why do I work here if I’m not happy? Research companies that encourage flexible working and get on the radar of their hiring managers. You don’t have to stay in a business that doesn’t exist in the 21st century! 6. GO YOUR OWN WAY!

As I mentioned earlier, I ended up quitting corporate in 2015. It was for lots of reasons but one of the biggest was that I couldn’t fit my work around my life in a way that suited me and my family. I started my own company and

now work when I want to. My life and work integrate well on the whole. I might put some washing on or pick up my daughter from school in between taking client calls and going to meetings and it feels sustainable to me. The ONS recently reported that 3.2 million more Brits are expected to become their own boss in 2018. Notably more of this number are women. Could you quench your thirst for working flexibly by working for yourself? Being an entrepreneur can work really well if you want to be in full control of where your life and work meet. This brings me to my final tip...

expert advice


I get it right most of the time but when you’re trying to integrate your work and life it’s easy to get it wrong sometimes. That’s why it’s so important to put your boundaries in place if you work for yourself and even if you’re an employee. Decide early on when you’re prepared to work and when you’re not. Decide if you’ll do face to face work or online? What are your non-negotiables in your life? What has to come first? Designing a life, consciously, that works for you and those around you is the key to work/ life integration working for you. It’s completely possible to make work/life integration work for you. Be bold! Ask for what you want at work and if you can’t get it, go out there and create it for yourself! ABOUT THE EXPERT

Lynsay Anne is a Career and Success Coach who works with women who feel done with the 9-5 and want to create businesses they love on their terms. Lynsay lives in Cheshire in the UK with her husband and two daughters. She is the founder of the Escape the 9-5 Podcast and the Escape the 9-5 Club, an online membership for women to help them start and build sustainable and profitable businesses whilst having fun and connecting with other women. Learn more at

Nimisha Brahmbhatt

Nimisha Brahmbhatt is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, who advises and consults for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and acts as a trusted business growth advisor to small/ medium businesses globally. Here are her top tips to learn from the experiences of big businesses when growing a start up company: Lesson 1: Have a Big Vision Lesson 2: Strive for Diversity and Creative inputs Lesson 3: Plan like a Big Business Lesson 4: Be Customer-centric Lesson 5: Take Holidays Nimisha Brahmbhatt has consulted for world-class companies and been instrumental in the set-up and expansion of numerous small businesses. Click here to read her full article on

Five lessons to learn from big business when growing your startup @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



Lu x u r y Li vi ng

DESIGNER DÉCOR From Nordic chic and Italian elegance to luxe lighting and designer dog beds, here is a curation of the finest furniture, home décor, accessories and tableware for the sweetest of sweet homes.




1. Victorian Pet Bed, from £995, 2. Lily Bar Stool, from £510, 3. Tubby Tub in ‘Burnished’ Gold, £1721, 4. The Limited Edition Victoria Collection Albert Blanket Bag, £800,




Lu x e Li f e st y l e


7 9

8 12 10


5. Abberley chandelier, from £2345, 6. Prancing Horse II by Jacob Chandler, £1450, 7. PH Artichoke in brass by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen, £6470, 8. Racehorse Console Table, £1950, 9. Skye Chaise Lounge, £450.79, 10. Zieher Reef Candleholder, £207.84, 11. Mepra Marinated Fish Holder Plateau Royal, £385.40, 12. Versace Le Scale Del Palazzo Verde Service Plate, £185.25 13. Pilke 60 Tripod in birch, £995,

13 @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


High Society

Highlights of the Social Season The British social season has been described by Tatler as “the upper-class Disneyland - a green and pleasant theme park to which all are welcome.” Here are our favourite events from this summer’s high society events.

22-26 May RHS Chelsea Flower Show 1-2 June Investec Derby 8-10 June Chestertons Polo in the Park 17 June Cartier Queen’s Cup Final

The end of May saw the whole of Chelsea in bloom as shops and restaurants were a feast of colour. Our favourite was The Ivy Chelsea Garden who teamed up with the lovely Jenny Packham for their floral shopfront. POLO IN THE PARK


Now in its ninth year, Chestertons Polo in the Park kicks off the summer social season with thrilling entertainment both on and off the pitch at Fulham’s Hurlingham Park deemed by many as the spiritual home of polo. We loved the pop-up M restaurant showcasing chef Mike Reid’s signature international cuisine and don’t miss our

It was back to Henley the following week to see Rita Ora perform at Henley Festival, the UK’s most glamorous black-tie boutique festival, and winner of Headline Performance of the Year at the 2016 Festival awards. The next day the lovely Purdy performed her beautiful Pop Noir songs and we caught up with her in a fab interview for this issue.

19-23 June Royal Ascot 26 June - 22 July King Power Gold Cup 2-15 July Wimbledon 4-8 July Henley Royal Regatta 11-15 July Henley Festival 31 July - 4 August Qatar Goodwood Festival

The British Summer Social Season is packed with fabulous sporting and social soirees 32


Chinawhite hosted this summer’s most exclusive party at Henley Royal Regatta - one of the quintessential summer sporting events of the Season. With uninterrupted panoramic views from the Chinawhite marquee’s riverside garden, VIP hospitality and world-class DJs powering the amazing evening party, this was the only way to enjoy Henley Royal Regatta.


Rita Ora at Henley Festival

interview with George Meyrick in this edition of SLOAN!


George Meyrick says Polo in the Park “has created a great opportunity for a larger audience to connect with the sport�

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


George Meyrick My greatest achievement is that I have managed to build a career from something I love.





Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to George Meyrick about his achievements, challenges and what it takes to become one of England’s best polo players What first attracted you to polo and

of becoming a polo player. I had to learn

S what do you love most about the sport? Spanish extremely fast! My father played polo when I was

G young, and as soon as I was old

enough to get involved in the Pony Club, I jumped at the chance. For me, polo is all about the horses. They are such amazing animals and athletes.


Polo is often seen as an elitist sport for the rich and powerful. What can be done improve this perception?

This is not something that can be G changed to a great extent – the truth is that playing polo and keeping horses is expensive. But there is no reason that the sport can’t be enjoyed by everyone – either playing at a lower grassroots level, or as a spectator.


How does Chestertons Polo in the Park allow the game to become more accessible to a wider audience?

Bringing polo in to London has G created a great opportunity for a larger audience to connect with the sport. Whilst there is polo being played on an almost daily basis in the countryside, playing in the city makes it much more accessible in a practical sense.


What part does sports psychology play in your game to give you an edge over the competition? To be honest, I don’t do much of this.

G I probably should though! I know a

few guys how have had huge success with sports psychologists. Other players swear that their pink socks, or a certain routine, help them win games – but I’m not convinced! What characteristics, traits and skills

S does it take to be a top polo player?

Good horsemanship and a positive G attitude are probably most important. After that, determination, commitment, and good people skills. the most courageous thing S What’s you’ve done in your life so far? Leaving school at sixteen to travel

G to Argentina and pursue my dreams

Malcolm Borwick called his horses

S “the ultimate equine athlete” when I interviewed him. Do you agree?

I agree with Malcolm completely –

G although it is hard to compare the

different equestrian sports. I am a huge fan of the English Thoroughbred, and the retraining of racehorses programme. Some of my best horses started their sporting career on the racetrack. Which position do you prefer to play if

S you have a choice and why?

I like to play at 3. You are much

G more in the middle of the field in this

position, and get to manage the team from a more neutral position.

What has been your biggest challenge

S during your career playing polo?

The biggest challenges have definitely

G been the injuries.

Polo is called the Game of Kings S attracting players who are gentlemen on and off the field. How important are good manners and clothes to you? Manners have always been very

G important to me – and are an integral

part of the job. As far as clothes go, I like anything bespoke. What the most useful piece of advice

S you’ve ever been given?

Choose a job you love, and you’ll never

G have to work a day in your life.

What is your top tip for bluffers and

S newcomers at their first polo match? When you hear the umpire blow the

G whistle, shake your head and say to

the person next to you “I disagree with that one”.


As one of England’s top 8 highest handicapped polo players, how do you use that position to give back?

I’m an ambassador for The Brooke – a G charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of working horses and donkeys in countries around the world. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


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Summer: a season synonymous with rosé, sunshine and socialising, and as the UK basked in the balmy temperatures, excitement was building for the start of the British social season. However, there was one event not to be missed this summer - the Goffs London Sale 2018. Now in its fifth year, the unique thoroughbred auction, set in the heart of London, returned on Monday 18th June to the stunning grounds of Perks Field at Kensington Palace. The highlight of the social calendar amongst equestrians, high net worth individuals and British socialites, the prestigious London Sale, in association with QIPCO, is the unofficial ‘curtain raiser’ to Ascot, the most celebrated week in international racing. A sale like no other, Goffs brings together over 1200 guests from around the world to offer a unique opportunity to purchase high-class horses in training and bloodstock. First-class owners, trainers, breeders and agents showcased an array of elite thoroughbreds for the most admired thoroughbred auction in the world - from investors to racing aficionados, guests were ready to buy into a selection of the highest calibre thoroughbred racehorses. lo y ffo a at To nw ay ia Co K rg y ra eo nr a G He t: S p: e: ef To bov m L A otto B

The sale is a celebration of all things British and equestrian, and has become synonymous with the start of the reputable Royal Ascot, offering buyers the unique, unparalleled chance to buy a racehorse that

is due to run at the leading racecourse the very same week. Speaking before the event, Henry Beeby, Group Chief Executive of Goffs, commented: “The sale introduces the most magnificent week of racing and we are delighted it will be held in the beautiful grounds of Kensington Palace for a fifth year running. We are putting together an exclusive boutique catalogue of around 30 top quality thoroughbreds with the focus on those engaged in races at Royal Ascot as well as a very select number of elite breeding stock.


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luxurious event from start to finish courtesy of Goffs’ official partners. Attendees enjoyed spreads of decadent food and fine wines from Selfridges and Château Léoube, respectively. Other luxury partners this year included Rosemary Water, JetSmarter, Select Mobile and Bowland Brewery who displayed their latest launches in the stunning grounds of Perks Field which guests could explore on the day. The perfect social start to Royal Ascot, The Goffs London Sale attracts a sea of beautifully dressed guests from across the globe, including the likes of Lady Bamford and Sheikh Fahad who are regular attendees at this sensational event. The Goffs London Sale 2018 is not to be missed.


Founded in 1866, Goffs is a leading European Thoroughbred Auction House conducting 18 sales at six locations each year. The inaugural Goffs London Sale was held in 2014. This ground-breaking sale now takes place each year in the gardens of Kensington Palace, home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is held on the evening before Royal Ascot and offers horses in training for sale, many with entries to run at the Royal meeting. Buyers can purchase a horse on Monday and see it race in their name and colours that week at Royal Ascot. A top price of £1.3 million was the highlight of the inaugural sale, as well as the first Frankel foal ever to be offered at public auction who sold for £1.15m. In 2017 Goffs sold circa 5,000 horses for over €175 million. For more, go to

We would like to thank our title sponsor QIPCO for their continued support and all our partners Selfridges, Château Léoube, JetSmarter, Rosemary Water, Select Mobile and Bowland Brewery who will bring a number of diverse, enjoyable elements to everyone’s time at the sale.” Beeby added, “We are looking forward to welcoming our guests to the grounds in June for what will be a truly memorable, exciting afternoon.”

A Ri Lef Sab L bov gh t: T ri ad e: t: o na y Le ff Pe e W & rc c y es hum tw s oo d

Guests not only witnessed exhilarating bidding wars between buyers, but also enjoyed a truly

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MARTIN KATZ Icy Black Diamond Pendant £47,000

WILL ODELL Cascade Earrings £8,750

64FACETS Tennis Bracelet $25,000


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Luxury Jewellery Here’s some of our favourite pieces of stunning jewellery we’ve seen from the top luxury jewellers in London, New York and Paris WILL ODELL Swift Ring £4,250

SAYER LONDON Cufflinks £1,338 ASTRA My Sweetheart Pendant £109.99 SUZANNE KALAN 18K Gold Rainbow Firework Bliss Cocktail Ring $6,000

LOVENESS LEE Dzovag Earrings £430

64FACETS Pave stacking rings $4,500 each

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Treatments 40


Fat Busting Treatments at Bodyvie Under the direction of Dr Andrew Weber, Bodyvie medi-clinic in Richmond pride themselves on offering the latest technology in body sculpting so we were pleased to try a combination of treatments to help get rid of stubborn fat. LIPOFIRM PRO Lipofirm Pro with TriLipo™ Technology is a new treatment used for non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening. It uses a combination of two effective technologies: TriLipo™ Radiofrequency (RF) and TriLipo™ Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) which work together using a single applicator to deliver non-invasive fat removal and lymphatic drainage with the added bonus of tightening the skin. With three applicator sizes to best suit your needs, Lipofirm Pro can treat all areas of the body from waist, thighs, arms, stomach and buttocks, as well as the face. Bodyvie suggest undergoing at least 8 treatment sessions 1 week apart from each other for optimum results. However, results vary for each individual.. ENDERMOLOGIE Endermologie is 100% natural and 100% safe. No heat, cold, needles,

radio-waves, acids, injectables or lasers. The new patented Endermologie combines the proprietary technologies that have been backed by 30 years of experience and scientific research to give transformative results at unparalleled speed. The science approved technologies can help reactivate fat elimination and improve skin quality at the same time, simultaneous slimming and anti-aging in one treatment. The only non-invasive technique that naturally reactivates cell metabolism. After treatment you can expect rreduction in stubborn and localized fat for contouring, relaxation of the orange peel aspect for smoothing skin and natural re-structuring of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid for firmer skin as well as increase blood flow & lymphatic flow to the area. VIBRATION PLATE Used in the past for personal training sessions, a vibration plate at the clinic helps boost the results of fat busting treatment. Vibration plates are used by athletes and personal trainers to peak the way muscles engage

during exercise. Essentially it magnifies and intensifies the effect of any exercises performed with it through vibrations. The vibration plate increases strength and flexibility, boosts metabolism for weightloss, allows you to exercise with less chance of strain due to patented multidirectional vibration and allows you to experience a complete workout in just 15 minutes making it a useful add-on to treatment. Dr Andrew Weber, Medical Director at Bodyvie told us: “We are delighted to be offering the Lipofirm Pro Treatment at Bodyvie, it is the most advanced solution for non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening. Using clinically proven TriLipo™ technology this treatment offers unrivalled, safe and effective results. It is great for tightening loose skin and getting rid of those stubborn fatty areas. Lipofirm Pro with TriLipo™ DMA technology will treat body conditions such as inch loss, body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction along with aiding in stretch mark improvements for long term effects.” For more information, please visit:

Treatments just for men at Clinicbe MenZone With more and more men looking to benefit from modern advancements, they deserve their own solutions. With a strong ethos rooted in individually tailored treatments designed to help clients feel and look their best, Dr Barbara Kubicka, founder of the pioneering integrated skin and healthcare hub Clinicbe, has launched ‘Clinicbe MenZone’, a series of treatments specifically targeted for men. From jaw fillers (using a filler designed for male skin), “Mentox” and acne scarring treatments, to jowl lifters, anti-sweating solutions and eye lifts, Clinicbe®

addresses modern male concerns. The MenZone also works with microdermabrasion (often the best facial for male skin) and hair loss treatments – including their exclusive treatment which combines mesotherapy, vitamin injections and PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) to slow hair loss and encourage regrowth. Aware of the differences in male and female skin tissue, as well as their subjective expectation from aesthetic medicine, Dr Kubicka and her team of experts use products that cater to the different biological needs of each skin type. Sculpting fillers used are designed

just for men, and include a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid (28mg/ml) and a high viscosity suited to thicker skin, made from the purest source of hyaluronic Each treatment programme has been specially designed to feel more accessible to men and leave them looking ‘well’ and not ‘done.’ With the help of Dr Kubicka and the professionals at Clinicbe®, men can look forward to looking their absolute best. Click here to read our review of their PRP treatment for hair loss and to learn more about MenZone go to @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Su m m e r Sc e n ts


Fo r Hi m, He r a n d Ho m e




Whether you’re looking for cologne, EDT, EDP or home fragrance, we have come up smelling of roses! Check out our top picks of the best scents and perfumes for summer. 1. Bamford Edition 1 Cologne £90 2. Connock London Kukui Oil EDP for women £75 www. 3. madebyzen Nitrum Pearl Aroma Diffuser £59.99 4. Olverum Bath Oil £53 Harvey Nichols 5. Goya Black Rose £49.99 6. Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Reed Diffuser £39 7. L.K.Bennett Signature EDP £35 8. SEKSY Elegance £35 9. Aroma Works Serenity Reed Diffuser £35 10. The Rose Tree De-Stress Bath & Shower Oil £32











At Atkinsons you are guided through an emotional journey and is far more like a therapy session bringing out the scent triggers that are going to have you aligned with the scent you ultimately choose. You are encouraged to find a fragrance for life, far more like your own olfactory logo that brands you but also reminds your brain of your identity bringing out the best in you. This is the perfect choice for people who want something just a little more special that brings out their charisma that little bit more. It is also an amazing tool to anchor useful emotions to such as confidence, high self-esteem, a knowledge of one’s innate power and charisma. Sloan loves Jasmine in Tangerine, £120 from Atkinsons. Click here to read the full review.

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4 Favourite

Fashion Fixs

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From beautiful lingerie and watches to silk wraps and the perfect travel accessories for your next long haul trip, here are our fashion fixes bound to please! 44




Magnetix create jewellery for men and women that uses the powerful and positive effects of magnets. Their elegant designs offer improved health and inner harmony, thanks to the strong magnets which lie within the jewellery. Research studies have shown magnets can not only act as an alternative method for treating a number of conditions from arthritis to menstrual pain, migraines, sports injuries and also improve overall wellbeing. We love the 2200 Clockwork watch with Lunette Zircon at £140 from

Empreinte L’atelier lingerie are world renowned at producing comfortable yet sophisticated and luxurious lingerie for the bigger busted lady. With over 60 years heritage and expertise The Jane collection, part of the Empreinte Autumn/Winter range, is made from pure satin combined with the lustre of embroidery sewn in sparkling thread and comes in two decadent colourways. Jane bra £85 and Shorty knickers £55 from


SILKE London Hair Wrap, AKA ‘your hair’s new best friend’, is made from 100% pure silk. The Hair Wrap cocoons hair to eliminate the nightly friction and moisture absorption of bed linen that causes breakages, frizz and split ends. Conditioning your locks to promote growth, boost thickness, extend time between washes and blow-dries. All while you sleep. The SILKE Hair Ties are made from super strength elastic, encased in 100% pure silk so you can say goodbye to snapping, snagging and kinks! Hair wrap £45 and Hair ties £21 from


Masters of Mayfair Luxury Travel Anti-DVT Compression Socks are designed for both male and female lower legs. The perfect travel accessory for preventing DVT on long trips. The socks aid and regulate blood circulation which can be reduced when flying. Often used as a safety measure to stop blood clotting through a lack of movement on long flights. They can also be used on long car journeys & train journeys to reduce fatigued when arriving at your destination. The Sleep Mask Luxe is designed using the finest natural fabrics, the products attention to detail will enhance your sleep with natural lavender scents emanating from the soft silk fabric. Ideal for frequent travellers, wearing for long-haul flights, light sleepers and people who suffer from insomnia, headaches or fatigue. Socks are £30 and Mask is £50 both from

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TR AV EL IN S T Y LE Priya Malhotra, Head of Heathrow VIP, oversees the world-class service available exclusively to Business and First-Class passengers travelling to/from Heathrow. This premium and effortless airport experience provides private and personalised service including fine dining from Michelin star Chef Jason Atherton.

Priya Malhotra shares top tips and recommendations for travelling in luxurious style

A Taste Of Luxury For All 46

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Travelling is exciting – no matter what the destination is or the reason for the journey. When everything works seamlessly and you have everything you need, with the perfect mix of style and comfort, the promise of the final destination feels even more thrilling. I believe the journey is just as important as the holiday itself. It makes a huge difference to how you feel when you arrive; ready, refreshed and prepared, for an important meeting, holiday or life event such as a wedding or birthday. Effortless travel sets you up for the rest of the trip, so it’s vital to make sure the journey is as smooth and seamless as possible. A large part of my role is dedicated to ensuring all the above is part of the service for every client who travels through Heathrow VIP - I once tasted 10 different cheesecakes to decide which one was perfect enough to serve to our clients. Our service is an extra level of effortlessness that means every journey is one taken in style and comfort (with some luxury cheesecake thrown in). Everyone deserves a taste of luxury, so I’ve compiled my top tips for how you can make the most of your journey and arrive at your final stop feeling refreshed, relaxed and prepared, wherever you are in the world INVESTING IN THE RIGHT WHEELS From the moment you leave home, you can enhance the experience with a little bit of luxury. A chauffeur-driven car helps you to ease into the journey and instantly relax. The chauffeur can help with your luggage and let you know the perfect time to leave home for a relaxing and smooth journey to the airport, so you can start to relax and get yourself into the travelling headspace. The chauffeurs are also on hand to help with anything you need - I remember I once had to organise for a car to go back and pick up a passenger’s reading glasses, and they still made the flight!

Why not treat yourself to some perfect ‘cabin wheels’? Opt for Louis Vuitton’s Horizon range of luxurious luggage or a similar brand that has a beautiful balance of both lightweight and stylish designs. Go for a threepiece set which means you have interchangeable luggage which is perfect for trips of varying lengths.

Personally, I can’t travel without a good skin care regime to make sure I feel confident and ready for anything when I touch down. CliniqueFIT skincare and makeup is great for hydration on the move and the travel-size essentials make it the perfect range to accompany your journey.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PEACE AND QUIET Remember, luxury living doesn’t just come in the form of things. Make sure you take some time for yourself to meditate and quieten your mind, leaving the stresses of home behind and looking forwards. This is extremely important when travelling, especially when flight times may not always complement your routine, so re-aligning to your destination really helps make travel smoother

Making sure every detail matches the client’s need is a key area of luxury travel. This is where our world-class Heathrow VIP service really stands out – we make every effort to provide an exclusive and personalised service, starting with a luxury chauffeur driven 7 Series BMW, and everything you need in your private, exclusive lounge, from fine dining to personal shopping. When it’s time to board, another of our luxury cars will collect you after private security screening and will take you directly to the aircraft steps.

Quality headphones such as Bose Quiet Comfort wireless headphones allow you to zone out, unwind and relax wherever you are. I think a good pair of headphones are perfect for travelling on long-haul flights, as they allow me to play my music, receive messages if I need to, and most importantly, sleep peacefully. FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU If you travel often, it’s important to make sure you find a pattern that works best for you and try to keep to a routine as much as possible.

For business travellers, make sure you have enough time and space to relax and unwind before your flight, try to leave enough time between meetings to simply travel without having to dash from one location to another. Make sure you can eat well in a comfortable, quiet environment so you’re ready to embark on an onward journey or continue to deal with work. Choosing healthy food that is packed with water and vitamins is vital to staying nourished, something like a Kale Caesar salad is delicious, filling and good for you too.


Now you know we have your luxuriously stylish journey covered, here are a few of my personal favourite luxury holiday destinations: FLORENCE Italy’s cultural hub makes for a particularly stylish retreat when seen through the eyes of a famous Florentine fashion dynasty, Ferragamo. St. Petersburg is another great city choice to experience a new culture, I’d recommend staying at The Corinthia for a truly luxurious experience. JAPAN Further afield, Japan is hugely popular with travellers taking in Mount Fuji, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo in one trip, a perfect example of when a tailored itinerary really maximises your holiday enjoyment from start to finish. IBIZA In terms of unexpected favourites, for me, Ibiza remains a preferred short-haul holiday destination, with the Nobu Hotel offering luxury with a real sense of fun. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ex p e r tAd vi c e

How To Do A Luxury Getaway For Less

Emma McWhinney of Secret Escapes, shares top tips on luxury travel for less. The free-to-join members website runs ‘best-in-market’ flash sales of four and five-star hotels and holidays worldwide. BE FLEXIBLE WHEN BOOKING Being spontaneous and going against the norm can often save you money and time when planning your next escape. Whilst your heart may be set on a luxury break to a bucket list or Instagram-worthy destination such as Iceland or the Maldives, don’t allow yourself to get too weighed down searching for breaks in a particular location. For example, the Philippines, with its limestone karsts, clear waters, incredible marine life and sensational beaches offers a much more affordable option than the Maldives or Bali. TIME IT RIGHT If you’re after some rest and relaxation go outside of peak travel. Not only will it mean less crowds at your resort, providing you with the perfect private time you need - but it will also end up costing you a lot less too. Where you can, make sure to book in shoulder season (the dates at the beginning and end of ‘off season’. While most people associate these dates with horrendous weather, these seasons usually consist of a short, sharp bursts of rain, opening up the rest of the day to glorious sunshine so don’t shy away from a destination’s low season, particularly in spots like


the Caribbean Many destinations also have key celebrations or events throughout the year which will automatically hike up the cost of your holiday. Look out for major sports events, festivals and religious holidays unless you’re specifically going for this event, try to book around key dates to avoid soaring prices across flights, accommodation and transit. COMPLIMENTARY PERKS Complimentary perks can make all the difference between a good and a great holiday. At Secret Escapes, most of our hotel-only and holiday packages include added extras with everything from safari drives, champagne on arrival and a three-course dinner, to spa treatments, sightseeing excursions, airport transfer and more. DO YOUR RESEARCH Before you book, check for weak currencies to help you get the best value for money while you’re away or opt for a generally cheaper destination; apéritifs at your hotel in Italy could cost the same as a massage on a tropical beach in Cambodia. DINE LIKE A LOCAL Don’t be tempted by the


convenient restaurants located in the main squares of the city or situated by popular beaches near your resort. They tend to be overpriced and can offer pretty standard dining options as they rely on location over customer reviews. Asking the hotel staff for recommendations and picking well reviewed spots in more unusual areas will ensure you get more for your money and dine like a local. EXPLORE BY FOOT Holidays don’t always have to be sedentary affairs. The best way to truly immerse yourself in your chosen destination is to explore it on foot. Spending money on taxis or cruise tours can prove an unnecessary expense when there are extraordinary surroundings to explore. TAKE CASH Withdrawing money abroad can cost you lots in additional charges. Most banks will charge for each cash withdrawal you make and could end up leaving you out of pocket. Pre-order all your currency before you depart to ensure you get the best possible rate or opt for a digital banking pre-paid card, that acts as a contactless VISA allowing you to spend fee-free with real exchange rates in over 130 currencies.

Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Lu x u r y Ho l i d a y s

Iberostar Grand Portals Nous in Majorca, Spain

The K Club in Ireland @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


SLOAN! Book Club Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams recommends her favourite self development books on diverse topics from mind mapping to ninja skills and everything in between.

Mind Map Mastery - Tony Buzan A Mind Map is a revolutionary thinking tool which, when mastered, will transform your life. If you are looking to improve your memory, boost wellbeing, plan your business strategy, become more organized, resolve conflict, study for an exam or plan out your future, this is the book for you. For the past five decades, Tony Buzan has been at the leading edge of learning and educational research with his revolutionary Mind Map technique. With Mind Map Mastery, he has distilled these years of global research into the clearest most powerful instructional work available on the Mind Map technique. £14.99

Guardian Angel Oracle - Chrissie Astell In The Guardian Angel Oracle, renowned angel expert Chrissie Astell helps us tap into the energy of the angels in a focused way, to help us look more deeply into our lives and ourselves, and develop our intuition to help us navigate life. She provides advice on handling the cards, different ways to use the deck, affirmations and meditations, as well as layouts with sample readings. The Guardian Angel Oracle gives all the tools to forge invaluable connections with angels, and with ourselves, in a deep, authentic, and grounded way. £15.99 for kit and deck.

Every Day Matters 2019 Diary Designed as a resource for enriching daily life, this vibrant bestselling illustrated holistic planner will guide you on a journey of awareness and fulfilment as you go about your everyday activities. It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed with multiple thoughts each day as our to-do lists grow, so positivity blogger Dani DiPirro insightfully presents within this diary one life-enhancing theme a month to focus on. This year’s themes range from mindfulness, wonder and creativity to vision, bravery and resilience. The combination of uplifting illustrations and friendly content will draw the attention of both those familiar with and those who are completely new to the brand. £12.99



Ninja Skills - Antony Cummins Ninja Skills provides a unique illustrated guide to the real ninja teachings of the Japanese historical scrolls, in a highly accessible, fresh, modern ‘how-to’ guide. Drawing on the scrolls created by ninjas, this book offers their real teachings in 150 easy-to-follow, illustrated lessons which explore the communication skills, ethos, and practical techniques of the ninjas. Vivid photographs and diagrams of the fighting techniques, and a cool, contemporary design give this book a cutting-edge look that sets it apart from all other ninja titles and makes it ideal for modern men. £15.99

Illuminating Silence - Master Sheng-yen Having originated in China in the 6th century, Chan Buddhism is now growing rapidly in popularity. It has an open, accepting attitude and focuses on a choice of meditative practices to best suit each individual. This jewel of a book offers a rare glimpse inside both the ancient teachings ​and​the contemporary practice of Chan Master Sheng Yen. The majority of the text is comprised of edited transcripts of the teachings at two major retreats he led in Wales. His lessons focus on the development of practice, to discover how to train the mind in awareness, in calmness, and to replace ignorance with insight. £12.99

Spiritual Science - Steve Taylor In a compelling effort to unite the divided worlds of science and sprituality, best-selling author and psychologist Steve Taylor offers a new vision of the world - one that is compatible with both modern science and ancient spiritual teachings and is supported by the insights of philosophers, physicists, mystics, as well as spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures. Taylor argues that human consciousness, neuroplasticity, neardeath experiences, the healing powers of the human mind, psychic phenomena such as telepathy and premonitions, and spiritual awakenings cannot be explained from a conventional scientific perspective. £12.99

The Anatomy of Loneliness - Teal Swan In The Anatomy of Loneliness. enigmatic spiritual leader Teal Swan identifies the three pillars of loneliness: Separation, Shame, and Fear, and she shares her revolutionary healing technique that guides the reader through a series of exercises, helping them to face their fears and, ultimately, to experience connection once again. Teal demonstrates that in order to be loved to our core, we have to risk exposing it, be prepared to show our vulnerability and that owning our shame is the key to ending it. £12.99

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Reader Competitions & Prize Giveaways From watches and jewellery to bean bags and bodyclocks, don’t miss your chance to enter these amazing prize giveaways. Win £150 voucher for Jewellery Box jewellerybox is an online jewellery retailer based in South London who are on a mission to show the world you can buy real jewellery at costume jewellery prices. They pride themselves on their extensive range, with over 10,000 unique pieces of sterling silver & 9ct gold jewellery to choose from. They make buying jewellery affordable, easy, fast and enjoyable. jewellerybox launched in June 2014. They send out up to 10,000 orders a week to customers in over 100 countries worldwide. Click here to enter competition to win a £150 voucher.



Win Lumie Bodyclock worth £90 Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 is a new sleep/wake light that mimics a real sunset and sunrise to help you sleep better and wake brighter. It has a sleek and stylish design that will complement any bedroom as well as delivering proven health benefits to the user. The superb light quality with authentic colours simulates a real sunset and sunrise. You can adjust the sunset/sunrise duration to 20, 30 or 45 minutes. It is a Class I Medical Device which means they have been rigorously tested to European health and safety standards. Light exposure is the most influential external factor on our sleep/ wake cycle. Light reduces melatonin levels (a hormone that helps us go to sleep) so used in the right way, it can strongly reinforce a feeling of alertness, improve mood and give us the energy we need. That means you can wake up feeling refreshed every morning! And what’s more, light can wake you up much more gently than noise can making what was once an uncomfortable experience much more of a pleasure! Waking up with light every day helps to keep your sleep/wake cycle on track and has been shown to lift your mood, energy and productivity levels. It has also been proven to alleviate the symptoms of winter blues and SAD. At bedtime, a fading sunset helps you naturally unwind by promoting the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. The nine sleep/wake sounds include tropical birds, blackbird, goats, steam train, thunderstorm, waves, crickets and white noise. Click here to enter competition to win one of two Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150.

Win Lilienthal Berlin L1 Worth £179 The L1 has award-winning design, with Berlin lifestyle and ‘Made in Germany’ quality, combined into a single watch. Perfect for a business look as well as for t-shirts and shorts. Stylish craftsmanship, yet strong enough for life in the big city. Unmistakably modern and not a short-lived fashion item. In short: the metropolitan attitude of life for your wrist. It’s the little details that make the L1 so unique: from the lightness of the hands and the recessed crown in the case in the form of the famous Weltzeituhr to the numerals in Berlin typography. Click here for your chance to win this beautiful watch.

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James Martin In the UK we embrace food cultures from around the world, be it Indian, Thai or Italian




Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to chef James Martin about his love of dogs, game & the British countryside James Martin has always been passionate about British countryside. The 45-year-old Yorkshireman and star of ITV’s Saturday Morning with James Martin series was brought up on a farm and is currently training his own working dog. He also serves game when in season at his two restaurants. Sloan caught up with James for a chat before The Game Fair at Ragley Hall this July where he was hosting this year’s restaurant. Comparing your two adventures in France

S and America screened on ITV earlier this

year, what was the biggest difference you noticed when it comes to food?

The main difference is that there is more of a J history of food in France, without doubt. But I found that passion for food is just as strong in the US. The US is similar to the UK in a way. We embrace food cultures from around the world, be it Indian, Thai or Italian. What the US has done over the past 20 to 30 years is similar to the UK in terms of the level of quality, and France no longer looks at the UK as a poor neighbour for food. You’ve already filmed James Martin’s S French Adventure and James Martin’s American Adventure. If the world was your oyster, where would you go for your next series? Japan is really a place I would love to visit J and I hear so much about the food there. The main problem is time to go there, but it’s definitely one place in the world all food lovers should go to see. Their respect and workmanship with food is A1. Closer to home, you were the creative S influence behind the James Martin Game Fayre Restaurant at this year’s The Game Fair. How did that come about? I’ve been several times and I’ve always J enjoyed the atmosphere. As soon as The Game Fair got in touch I knew it was a great fit, especially given my background growing up on a farm in the countryside. So it didn’t take long to agree. It should be great fun.


You have a working dog of your own in training. What inspired you to do that and how is it going? I love my dogs. Ralph is a five-year-old Shih

J Tzu and Cooper is a two-year-old blue roan

cocker spaniel. When I was growing up, a gamekeeper in my village used to have a gundog

and I have never forgotten it. I was impressed by its temperament and training. It’s great to have Cooper in training now and seeing him learn and develop. He sees trainer Jason Mayhew every week or so. I have huge respect for trainers like this. The amount of time they put into it is beyond belief. I’ll definitely be checking out the working dogs at The Game Fair this year. So a perfect day out in the British

S countryside for you would be with your dogs?

Exactly. When I have a rare day off, they

J give me the perfect excuse to get off my backside and go for a walk.

But you’re a motorhead. If you had to choose

S between a drive in the countryside or a walk with your dogs, what would it be?

It would be both! The dogs like to chill in

J the car too. They don’t like the house too

much. Like me, they prefer it outside. So I’d take them for a nice drive, park up and then go for a walk in the countryside. How much did growing up on a farm

S influence your life and career?

Massively. You respect and learn the value J of food, animals and producers when you are there seeing how hard and tough it is to grow and produce the food we eat. So what are the best countryside ingredients

S to cook with?

Cooking game is one of the highlights for a

J chef. Grouse, partridge and pheasant are a joy to cook and great to eat.

Do you have any favourite game restaurants?

S It’s OK to say one of your own!

When in season, my restaurant inside The J Talbot Hotel in Malton, North Yorkshire serves delicious game dishes. And James Martin Manchester, which specialises in modern British cuisine, is just as good.

S What do you like best about The Game Fair? I love Gunmakers’ Row, but the best thing J for me is watching the working dogs, be it gun or sheep dogs. It reminds me of my childhood, being brought up on a farm. The Game Fair is the annual gathering for people passionate about countryside pursuits, and the Great British Countryside. Learn more at @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Staycations The Royal Horseguards The Royal Horseguards Hotel is a classic 5 star luxury 282 bedroom hotel, situated on the banks of The Thames river overlooking the iconic London Eye. The Grade I listed building’s stunning architecture is modelled on a classic French chateau. Whether you’re staying in one of the elegantly presented rooms or a fabulous suite offering views across the Southbank’s stunning skyline, you’re sure to have a wonderful stay filled with warm hospitality. Formerly the home and office to the first ‘Chief’ of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Sir Mansfield Cumming, the Royal Horseguards has a fascinating history with connections to Whitehall and both World Wars. The Equus Bar is a great place to sip cocktails or head out onto the secret terrace overlooking the beautiful Whitehall Gardens and down to The Thames. The Secret Herb Garden at The Terrace is the ideal place to indulge the senses with an array of summer spritzes, and herb-inspired cocktails, as well as delicious tapas and an outdoor pizza oven serving sizzling delights throughout the day and night.



The Royal Horseguards have once again teamed up with premium mixer experts Fever-Tree to develop an extra special G&T menu which guests can garnish with herbs from the garden including fragrant lavender, lovely rosemary and refreshing mint, to create their own combinations of botanical delights. To complement this wonderful botanical experience, The Royal Horseguards are also offering a series of gin and tonic masterclasses presented by Fever-Tree which runs throughout the summer on the last Thursday of every month, until the end of September. The masterclasses costs £25 per person and includes three delicious G&T’s and a selection of tapas. It is hosted by a gin and tonic expert with the focus on classic, versatile and specialist gins including Plymouth, Beefeater and Monkey 47, mixed with Fever-Tree’s range of premium tonics. Click here to read the full review. FURTHER INFORMATION 2 Whitehall Ct, London, SW1A 2EJ +44 (0) 207 523 5062

The Royal Horseguards is a modern and majestic hotel located near London’s most iconic landmarks with views of the Thames

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Come To Cardiff From extreme sailing to Michelin Star dining we explore what Cardiff has to offer the discerning traveller Act 6 in the global competition

Extreme Sailing Series 2018 The only UK stop for this global competition Get ready for three days of aquatic action this August Bank Holiday as the world’s most thrilling marine racing events returns to the waters of Cardiff Bay. Taking place on short, fast courses close to the shore, you’re never going to be too far from the action as the five person teams wring the best from their hydro-foiling GC32 catamaran in a test of pure skill. Wales is celebrating their Year of the Sea in 2018, so the Extreme Sailing Series was an ideal opportunity to explore a place that’s a huge part of the country’s maritime past and present. We loved seeing the historic, red-brick Pierhead Building, once a thriving hub of international trade, and enjoyed the 21st century waterfront at Mermaid Quay with its buzzing complex of bars and restaurants built on the city’s former docklands.

Restaurant James Sommerin Michelin Star Dining in Cardiff Restaurant James Sommerin not only boasts four AA rosettes but also a Michelin Star and has been crowned the Hospitality Awards’ Restaurant of the Year for Wales. Chef James Sommerin opened his eponymous restaurant in 2014 with the focus on its comfortable service and cooking style which is not defined by a specific technique using only the finest seasonal ingredients, locally sourced where possible, whether it’s fish from a local Cardiff fishmonger, the finest meat from Cwmbran or vegetables from Barry Island. Click here to read the full online review.



Hilton Cardiff City centre hotel for discerning guests Hilton Cardiff is an upscale hotel in Cardiff city centre offering luxury spa and fitness facilities, spacious bedrooms and a contemporary restaurant and lounge bar. The hotel is continually investing in the property with approximately £2 million reinvested over the last three years. This has included the launch of the new Grey restaurant offering local and British classics as well as renovations of bedrooms, executive lounges and meeting rooms to ensure a luxurious experience for guests. Click here to read the full online review.

Grey Restaurant at Hilton Cardiff

From boozy brunches to dinner dates Launched in September 2016, Grey, though part of the Hilton site, is a restaurant brand unique to Cardiff. Other Hilton hotels offer in-house restaurants, but Grey has worked hard to establish itself as a standalone top restaurant for local diners in Cardiff as well as the hotel’s guests. Head Chef Mark Freeman creates all the seasonal menus for Grey using the best in Welsh produce from local food suppliers including Douglas Willis Butcher for Welsh Lamb & Beef, Vin Sullivan’s locally made ice creams, Welsh Coast Fish and Trealy Farm locally cured meats. Click here for the review.

Spa at Hilton Cardiff Relaxation & rejuvenation for body & mind As part of our stay, we enjoyed access to the LivingWell Health Club and newly refurbished gym and swimming pool. Whatever the weather, the 20-metre pool is always inviting and members of the Health Club can get fit in good company with complimentary Aquarobics classes. Also the fully air conditioned gym is equipped with a variety of weights, cardiovascular and resistance equipment. The spa pool is the perfect place in which to de-stress and unwind. @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Ti p p l TASTY Billecart-Salmon Bicentenary Cuvée

Billecart-Salmon, one of the world’s most admired Champagne brands, is this year celebrating its 200th anniversary and this exclusive Champagne has been created specially to mark this very special birthday. Founded in 1818 in a little French village in the Champagne region called Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, this House was born of a marriage between Elisabeth Salmon and Nicolas François Billecart and today, Billecart-Salmon is one of the few remaining independent Champagne houses. With a beautiful golden colour in the glass, and gentle fragrances of limes, hazelnuts and pear William, this special cuvée will develop further depths of complexity. £1500 from Hedonism

Bolney’s Rosso Vermouth

Bolney Wine Estate have just launched their first Sussex Rosso Vermouth. Bolney were the first English Vineyard to create red wine commercially so it’s no surprise they put that experience to creating a quality Rosso. The fortified wine has distinctive flavour profiles, which come from botanicals growing in Bolney’s vineyard hedgerows. Usually the sloes and elderberries go to waste each year, so Bolney are thrilled to be able to incorporate them as well as some of Bolney’s surplus grape juice for the Vermouth. £19 from



BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro

This new premium rum that is barrel-aged, undisturbed and sun-kissed under the Caribbean sun, for a minimum of four years and has flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey. With premium rum sales on the rise in recent years, it is becoming clear that consumers are ready for more robust sipping experiences as well as more sophisticated, classic and craft cocktails – enhanced by the quality of the rum they are made with. £20 from Sainbury’s and ASDA


Wood’s Navy Rum Themed on the traditional sailors “grog” concoction invented for sailors in 1740 to mix their daily “tot” of rum, Greenheart Grog is a simple and refreshing cocktail made with Wood’s Navy Rum blended with pink grapefruit juice, lime, honey and ginger beer, while the drink’s “greenheart” pays tribute to the 250-year old Versailles still made from greenheart wood and used in the making of Wood’s Navy Rum. This summer, hop on board the Wood’s Navy Rum Boat and discover the city by water. Until 27 August, Wood’s and Ladies & Gentlemen bar will sail their barge through the canals of London, mooring at Hackney’s Number 90 and Granary Square in King’s Cross along the way. £25.99 from Waitrose

Funkin Pina Colada Cocktail Funkin have created a new and delicious Pina Colada cocktail mixer that is expertly blended in its own ready-to-use cocktail shaker. Made with the pineapple and coconut, this funky cocktail mixer creates barquality cocktails that are sweet and tropical. Simply add ice and 200ml rum to make four great tasting bar strength cocktails perfect for summer. Available in Tesco, Amazon and at for £4.

CÎROC Summer Colada Inspired by the most loved summer cocktail of all time, Piña Colada, the limited edition flavour of CÎROC Summer Colada was the #1 selling Vodka on Amazon last year. CÎROC Summer Colada is crafted using natural pineapple and coconut flavours, delivering a taste of coconut cream and a juicy tropical fruity note that carries through into a long, smooth finish. The elegant white bottle embellished with gleaming golden details, embodies the summer. The wonderfully distinctive CÎROC Summer Colada is like a cocktail in a bottle, easy to enjoy on the rocks, or in a delicious serve like the CÎROC Summer Fino made with 40ml CÎROC Summer Colada, 150ml Soda and 15ml Fino Sherry. £39.99 from @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams



This bitter liqueur has flavours of bright fruit and rich aromas of herbs and spices for the perfect afterdinner liqueur used in cocktails. £33.25 from


Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is £30 from Harvey Nichols, Borough Wines and




Sedlescombe English dessert wine has an elegant character with full-on smooth sweetness balanced superbly by its exquisite fruity acidity. Perfect paired with a English cheeseboard or simply enjoyed on its own after an evening meal. £12.95 from

With bold, spicy notes and a high rye content, Wild Turkey 101 bourbon is the ideal backbone to an Old Fashioned. £31.95 from


Af t e r Di n n e r The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve

Suntory Toki Whisky Suntory Toki Whisky has been designed specifically to be used in cocktails with the astronomic rise in popularity of the Whisky Highball (that is currently sweeping the Far East) and is thought to be THE on-trend cocktail in the UK and Europe this summer. £32 from www.

The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve is the first single malt whisky to be selectively finished in high-quality cognac casks resulting in a raisinrich and intense flavour perfectly blended with the creamy fruity smoothness of The Glenlivet house style. £45 from Tesco

Tesco Finest Sauternes

Apothic Dark Rich with dark fruit flavours of blueberry and blackberry, Apothic Dark is crafted using a unique blend of dark grape varieties, that together reveal distinct textures and unlocks a new wine experience. The smoothness of the wine and the opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate are perfect with desserts. £10 from Waitrose.

Made from hand picked grapes from a prestigious château in Sauternes and aged to enable the complex development of richness and flavour, this sweet and luscious dessert wine is the perfect way to end a meal. Enjoy flavours of honey, dried apricots and baked fruits, with a refreshing citrus finish. £12 from Tesco

Demijohn Two Cellos The Grapefruitcello is surprising in every way - fascinating vodka drinkers, charming citrus lovers and exciting mixologists! The Limoncello transports the drinker’s tastebuds to the lemon groves of Southern Italy, while being firmly made in Gloucestershire. Best drunk chilled straight from the freezer. £34 from

Weingut Am Kaiserbaum

Weingut Am Kaiserbaum Lerchenspiel Rieslaner Auslese 2015 has notes of succulent muscat grapes, white pineapple and lime zest. Delicious on its own or with cheeses and light fruit desserts. £79 for a case from www.

@sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Shay Cooper My advice to my younger self: be patient, don’t pigeonhole & don’t doubt yourself





Sloan Sheridan-Williams talks to Michelin-starred chef Shay Cooper about his modern interpretation of traditional British cuisine & his culinary journey How would you describe your

S signature style of cooking?

A modern interpretation of traditional

S British cooking.

Which ingredients and flavours excite

S your palate the most at this time of year?


Grouse, Kent cherries, cobnuts, quince, mackerel, summer berries, fresh almonds What did it mean to you personally to

S when you received your Michelin star for The Dining Room at The Goring? Winning a star at The Goring was a

S huge achievement for me personally,

as joining the hotel meant I had to change the style of cooking I had been comfortable with and develop into something more suitable for the clientele here, so to win a Michelin star for doing so felt like a massive stamp of approval When creating a restaurant worthy of a S Michelin star, what are some of the key strengths and weaknesses to watch out for in your kitchen team? The absolute priority is to find S individuals who are passionate, highly motivated and career focused with a desire to succeed in this industry. It’s impossible to fill the kitchen with superstars but they have to be the majority in order to create a positive, focused, energetic culture. Weaknesses are always centred around poor attitude, not poor ability. Who has been your most interesting

S teacher or mentor, what did you learn and why are they so inspirational?

Working with John Campbell was a S big inspiration, he showed me that with patience, vision, commitment and humility the chef can really make a difference.


What have been the major obstacles have you had to overcome to get where you are today? The biggest challenge I ever had to

S overcome was losing a Michelin star in my previous property. It was an

extremely humbling experience but in hindsight very beneficial, to go through that kind of failure, pick myself up and achieve one again in a bigger, busier more established property gave me a huge feeling of redemption.


What advice would you give to an inexperienced cook that had to cater a dinner party for 8 people?

Choose your menu carefully, cook S dishes that will hold up well, for example meat or fish cooked on the bone will hold its temperature and rest out nicely whereas a lean cut or fillet go cold and dry out if not served immediately. Also give yourself all the time you can possibly afford to put into the preparation that way it is enjoyable not stressful. If you had no fear, unlimited time and

S unlimited money, what would you do for yourself and others?

It would be a dream to establish a

S destination restaurant complete with

small holding that would be a work of love from top to bottom. A non-commercial enterprise that would represent integrity and human endeavour. A place to inspire young chefs and give them the opportunity to really learn their craft. What’s the most outstanding dish

S you’ve ever had? Why was it so memorable?

Heston’s “botrytis cinerea” is an

S extremely clever dish based on the

flavour profile of Chateau D’ Quem, its comprised of over 20 elements that come together in absolute harmony as you eat through it the strangest dish or ingredient S What’s you’ve ever seen or tasted? fertilised duck egg in the S Balut, Philippines, pretty grim to be honest.


If you couldn’t be a chef, what other profession or lifestyle would you like to have? In an ideal world perhaps an architect,

S or something in the field of design.

To learn more about The Dining Room at The Goring, go to @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants San Carlo London The San Carlo Group is one of the UK’s most dynamic hospitality brands with 21 restaurants across the UK, the Middle East and Thailand. They have now launched an eponymous fine dining restaurant in one of London’s most stylish neighbourhoods with one of Italy’s most celebrated Michelin-starred chefs at the helm.

establishments on the planet.

Chef Alberico Penati heads up the kitchen at San Carlo London on Regent Street in St James’s as the next stage in an illustrious career which has seen him delight diners at some of the most renowned

Click here to read the online review.

Using only the finest Italian produce, be it veal from Tuscany, beef from Piemonte or tomatoes from Sicily, Alberico’s new summer menus include seasonal choices alongside classic regional dishes. One of the best and most traditional Italian artisanal pasta, Cav. Giuseppe Cocco, features heavily on the menu. DETAILS 2 Regent Street, London SW1Y 4LR

Tasting Sicily Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen sees celebrity chef, Enzo Oliveri, bring his traditional Cucina Siciliana to the heart of London, and not only in terms of the authentic regional cuisine. Stunning artisanal decorations from Sicily recount the cultural heritage of the island and the menu features dishes described in the Inspector Montalbano novels. Click here for the full review on DETAILS 38 Panton St, London SW1Y 4EA


Click here for the latest restaurant reviews from SLOAN!


London is known as the Food Capital of the World and these are just some of our favourite restaurants as reviewed by the SLOAN! team

40 Dean Street Soho’s original Italian, 40 Dean Street, is an authentic family-run Italian Restaurant & Bar in the heart of Soho offering classic Italian dishes at affordable prices focusing on the Italian tradition of using fresh, seasonal ingredients in their dishes where diners can expect a selection of classic Italian pizza and pasta dishes as well as regional specialities. Click here for the full online review on DETAILS 40 Dean Street London W1D 4PX |

Mews Pizza Co. Part of Mews of Mayfair, Mews Pizza Co. boasts floor to ceiling windows directly overlooking the bustling courtyard below. The lofty pizzeria specialises in hand rolled sourdough pizzas with seasonal favourites such as the Fico. The new summer menu has something to satisfy any pizza lover be they meateater, vegetarian or vegan. Click here for the full review. DETAILS 10 Lancashire Court, New Bond Street, London W1S 1EY

alto by San Carlo Located atop the iconic Oxford Street luxury department store, Selfridges’ rooftop has a long-held reputation for attracting some of the most exciting rooftop concepts in London. Now this sky-high hideaway has reopened in partnership with the hugely successful independent Italian restaurant brand, San Carlo bringing an Italian elegance to the West End with a menu of superb, seasonal Italian signature dishes like Seabass cooked in black volcanic salt from Mount Etna. Click here for the full review on DETAILS Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB |

Coq d’Argent Coq d’Argent is a D&D London restaurant which features outdoor terraces and gardens providing a verdant oasis to city workers and other guests for the last 20 years in the heart of the Square Mile. A true institution in the City of London, the spectacular rooftop restaurant first opened its doors in August 1998 and combines beautiful French cuisine from

Quaglino’s The Q Sunday Lunch is well known on the London dining scene as one of the best ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon listening to relaxing jazz whilst dining on delectable delights with friends and loved ones. Quaglino’s Soul Sunday lunch sees guests enjoying live soul music from a talented performer whilst

Head Chef Damien Rigollet with panoramic views of the city. The dishes are prepared using the best, seasonal ingredients alongside an extensive wine list building a loyal army of regulars. In August 2018, the restaurant celebrated its 20th anniversary. Click here for more. DETAILS No.1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ

indulging in the newest addition to the menu, the Seafood Sharing Board which changes every week with the freshest fish & seafood and bottomless Rose or White Wine. The platter consists of a whole fish and an option of 2 seafood sides served with sauce and vegetables. DETAILS 16 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AJ @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants Ella Canta Having transported her unique blend of visionary artistry and authentic modern Mexican cuisine to London, culinary superstar Martha Ortiz is now quite at home on Park Lane at Ella Canta which adjoins the InterContinental London Park Lane. Ella Canta (Spanish for ‘she sings’) draws inspiration from Martha’s world-renowned Dulce Patria in Mexico City, blending ancient cooking traditions with contemporary style.

Martha Ortiz oversees Ella Canta as Chef Patron, working alongside Executive Chef of the InterContinental London Park Lane, Ashley Wells, and Head Chef of Ella Canta, Elias Silva Resinas. Martha’s philosophy and the modern Mexican spirit are brought to life at Ella Canta by renowned interior architects David Collins Studio and Creative Director Simon Rawlings with the hand-carved, floor-toceiling walnut installation runs the

full length of the restaurant to the bar, inspired by the work of Mexican furniture designer Eugenio Escudero. The menu at Ella Canta features several of the dishes that have made Martha one of Latin America’s most celebrated chefs, whilst incorporating fine produce from across the British Isles. Click here to read the full review. DETAILS One Hamilton Place W1J 7QY

Yauatcha City Yauatcha City provides a unique dining experience, offering all-day grazing on their renowned dim sum menu. Sharing a passion for flavour, the finest ingredients and innovation, the fresh citrus botanicals in Tanqueray No. TEN make it the perfect gin accompaniment to infuse with Yauatcha’s signature teas, creating a unique outdoor drinking and dining experience at the the Tanqueray No. TEN Tea Garden. Hakkasan Group Head of Bar, Eder Neto and World Class bartender Ali Reynolds, have created a bespoke cocktail menu of Tanqueray No. TEN Gin and Teas exclusive to Yauatcha City. Click here to read the full review on DETAILS Broadgate Circle, London EC2M 2QS



Leicester Square Kitchen With a menu by Chef Matthew Downes which offers a contemporary amalgam of South and Central American dishes, LSK presents diners small plates abuzz with authentic Peruvian and Mexican flavours. Designed for sharing, each dish celebrates the vibrant flavours and ingredients from both nations. Click here for the full review on DETAILS 31-36 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LH

Cantina Laredo London’s first dedicated Guacamole and Tequila Bar has opened within the acclaimed modern Mexican restaurant, Cantina Laredo. An independent restaurant, Cantina Laredo is owned and operated daily by the Ginsberg family who are dedicated to creating a truly authentic modern Mexican experience. Tarryn Ginsberg has teamed up with one of Mexico City’s culinary experts, Roberto De la Parra to create an informal sharing menu that takes diners on an unforgettable journey through Mexico’s diverse regional cuisines. Click here to read the full review on DETAILS 10 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9FB

Dip in Brilliant Culinary star Dipna Anand, renowned for her Punjabistyle cooking, has opened a café style restaurant, Dip in Brilliant, in London’s trendy Chelsea which follows the Anand family’s iconic restaurant in Southall, Brilliant, which opened back in 1975 and has earned an A-list following with patrons including HRH The Prince of Wales, Tina Turner and Kevin Costner. Dip in Brilliant is a relaxed and welcoming Punjabi café where diners eat from a thali. This in Dipna’s opinion creates relaxing food culture and also encourages the use of hands to eat making the meal even more delicious. The menu gives a nod to the Brilliant brand, featuring signature dishes such as tandoori mixed grill and biryanis. Click here for the full review. DETAILS 448-450 Fulham Road, London SW6 1DL

Min Jiang Reflecting the significance of food in Chinese culture, Min Jiang has embraced the wide variety of cooking styles and techniques that have been passed down through generations. Showcasing the chef’s talents and dedication to the Chinese culture, the restaurant located on the 10th floor of Royal Garden Hotel has continuously crafted dishes that emphasise the finedining experience. Min Jiang boasts devoted chefs from World Cuisine Chef award winner Head Chef Han to the Master Dim Sum Chef and Master Duck Chef who have all been

permanent fixtures of the team creating exceptional culinary masterpieces in its 10-year legacy. With some of the best Chinese cuisine in the capital, Min Jiang’s ‘best of’ menu features 10 of the restaurant’s legendary dishes this August including its world-renowned Beijing Duck prepared according to an ancient Chinese recipe. Click here for the full review. DETAILS 2-24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Restaurants The Restaurant at Sanderson Located next to Sanderson’s iconic Long Bar, The Restaurant opens onto the heritage Courtyard Garden and offers modern and unique interiors to complement the natural and botanical surroundings. Executive Chef Barry Tonks’ new menus focus on contemporary British techniques and flavours, using ever-changing, seasonal produce alongside eye-catching presentation. Tonks brings with him nearly 20 years of experience from some of London’s most famous establishments, including Searcys at The Gherkin, The Dorchester Hotel and L’Odeon Restaurant. Under the guidance of the legendary Anthony Demetre at L’Odeon, he worked as Chef de Partie and Sous Chef at the iconic 200-cover modern European restaurant. In The Smoke House

his most recent role as Executive Chef at Searcys, he demonstrated his skills and interests through a series of high profile pop-ups and collaborations, most famously alongside Monica Galleti in January 2016. Tonks’ passion for British produce is made clear in his new position at The Restaurant at Sanderson, with his contemporary style explored through ingredients and presentation. Tonks’ creative flair and wealth of experience promises to take The Restaurant at Sanderson to brilliant new heights. Click here for the full review on DETAILS 50 Berners St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3NG

Chokhi Dhani For the last three decades, the name Chokhi Dhani has been synonymous with the championing of local Indian culture and hospitality at its venues in the brand’s birthplace of Rajasthan. Since it opened earlier this year in the world’s most cosmopolitan food capital, Chokhi Dhani London has been gaining a reputation for bringing totally new and innovative Indian cuisine to London’s fine dining scene – spearheaded by a selection of incredible Rajasthani dishes coupled with its lively atmosphere and exceptional service. Overseeing this menu is the brilliant Vishnu Natarajan who has spent nearly two decades travelling the world, introducing global audiences to the culinary wonders of the subcontinent. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS 2 Riverlight Quay, Nine Elms Lane SW11 8AW



Royal China The Royal China restaurants offer traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes, while the Royal China Club provides an exclusive experience by combining European ingredients within the authentic Chinese cuisine. The group is renowned for its Dim Sum, which is served daily from Noon until 5pm. The restaurant has elegant décor contrasting rich golden hues with striking red and black features. Lacquered murals depicting an ornate Chinese illustration of flying birds and crashing waves create a focal point representing the saying 乘風破浪 which translates as “sailing through the wind and waves”. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS 30 Westferry Circus, London E14 8RR

Tom’s Kitchen Tom’s Kitchen Canary Wharf in the heart of London’s financial district offers a relaxed and comfortable environment managed by charming General Manager Godefroy Herissay with an ever-changing seasonal menu delivered by innovative Head Chef Jon Snodgrass and his talented team. Founded by highly-acclaimed chef, Tom Aikens, the Tom’s Kitchen restaurants are renowned for serving contemporary British dishes and comfort food classics. Click here for the full review. DETAILS 11 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 4HD

Thomas’s Café Thomas’s Café at Burberry offers calm refined elegance and a spa like escape from the hustle and bustle of Regent Street just off the main thoroughfare on Vigo Street. Delivering a characteristic British, all-day dining experience, diners are invited to enjoy favourites such as the Sutton Hoo chicken salad, Bembridge lobster benedict, truffle crisps and the quintessentially British afternoon tea. The British aesthetic of the Burberry brand is embodied in everything from the stylish decor designed by The New Craftsmen to the signature dishes on the menu. Click here to read the full online review.

Le Chinois Anthony Kong is Executive Head Chef at Le Chinois located in Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge. Since taking charge of the restaurant in 2013, Anthony Kong’s work has awarded Le Chinois Two Rosettes, an accolade which underscores his commitment to precision cooking and attention to high quality ingredients. Under Kong’s culinary direction, the restaurant has grown significantly in popularity, defining Le Chinois as one of distinction. Guests can enjoy Anthony Kong’s menu which showcases his signature fusion style. The new menu features a delectable selection of dishes including: a mango salad topped with pomegranate with sweet soy chilli dressing; sautéed asparagus with garlic and cooked in Shaohsing wine, and venison with ginger and spring onion, to name a few. Click here for the full review. DETAILS 17 Sloane St, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 9NU

Tramp Opening its doors at 40 Jermyn Street on 18th December 1969, Tramp has been trailblazing the nightclub scene ever since, outlasting many of London’s popular haunts of the past. General Manager David Fleming is at the helm of the establishment, having taken over the reins from his renowned predecessors Brian Crawford and Guido Guida. With his knowledge and expertise, David is the epitome of Tramp and continues to strive to bring its members a high level of discreet service coupled with a family feeling of ‘home from home’. The Tramp burger is just one of the signature dishes on the dinner menu. Click here to read the full online review. DETAILS 40 Jermyn Street, St James’s, London SW1Y 6DN

DETAILS 5 Vigo St, Mayfair, London W1S 3HA @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Martha Ward & Tessa Pilkington

Lily Worcester, Sabrina Percy & Natalie Salmon

Balthazar Fabricius & Jake Warren

Perry Pearson, William Woodhams & Emma Thomas

Patrick Grant

Fitzdares Racing Futures Dinner Wednesday, 1st August saw the world’s up and coming racing royalty and London’s social elite gather at an exclusive dinner hosted by Fitzdares, in celebration of the 35 under 35 Racing Futures List. Taking place at the beautiful Cowdray House, Fitzdares revealed the Racing Futures List, which includes William Buick, Elextra Niarchos and The Duke of Sussex. Guests enjoyed canapes including Cowdray rare beef steak tartare, Cowdray organic vegetable Thai dipping rolls, English Burrata and crudités with Goodwood Molecomb Blue fondue and Champagne on the terrace before dining on Cromer Crab salad and Sussex Chicken Tagine.



Fitzdares announces next generation of of those in global racing

Charlie Johnston Harry Charlton

Minty Farquhar & Patrick Grant

Martha Ward & Sabrina Percy

Sabrina Percy & Phineas Page

Jake Greenall & Annabel Simpson

Lady Laura & William Cash Jake Greenall

Patrick Grant and Jake Greenall were seen trying their luck on the bucking bronco on the croquet lawn at the beginning of the evening and at the end of the evening, all of the glamorous guests piled on a coach back to London. VIP attendees included Sabrina Percy, Phineas Page, Perry Pearson, William & Lady Laura Cash, Patrick Grant, Jake Warren, Charlie Johnston, Harry Charlton, Violet Hesketh, Martha Ward, Lily Worcestor, Sabrina Percy, Annabel Simpson, Tessa Pilkington and Georgina Charlton. (Photos courtesy of Fitzdares) @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




James Beim Corinne Ricard & Gonzalito Pieres

Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Juan Martin Nero

British Open Polo Championship

Mariya Dykalo

Lord and Lady Cowdray

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci Monty Pearson & Monty Clevely

Peregrine Pearson

Roz Packer

King Power Gold Cup

On Sunday 22nd July, 15,000 spectators gathered to watch the Final of the King Power Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship at Cowdray Park in arguably one of the most thrilling Finals of recent times. Following two spectacular Semi Final matches four days earlier, the Hanbury family’s El Remanso team faced up to Jean-François Decaux’s La Bamba de Areco and few would have been confident enough to predict the outcome. El Remanso comprised the closeknit line-up of four Englishmen, Charlie Hanbury, Ollie Cudmore, James Beim and James Harper, playing to the same line-up as 2017 when they reached the Final but lost to King



the best polo in Europe with 8 of the world’s 10 goal players taking part

Juan Mar & Charlie Hanbury

Polito in action

Jean Francois Decaux

Cowdray Park Polo Club

Charlie Hanbury receives Gold Cup

Carolyn Scott

Johanna Hanbury

Jo Jackson

Power. Jean-François Decaux’s La Bamba de Areco side comprised the enormous talent of 3 goal player Byron Watson, with Polito Pieres substituting for an injured David Stirling and 10 goaler Juan Martin Nero at Back. The popular home-based El Remanso team had come through the tournament without dropping a match but it was not to be plain sailing for the Englishmen as the game changed fortunes between the first and second halves. Roderick Vere-Nicoll, Chairman of Cowdray Park Polo Club said: “This was a tremendous day for the club - a great crowd, great sponsors, great weather, a wonderful vibe and superb polo from both sides.” (Photo credit: Clive Bennett @sloanloves | Sloan Sheridan-Williams




Lupis alitatur arumqui dusc

Beach Polo

Lupis alitatur nim um ar qui dusc Ig id ac i qu at ullacca ec s, iu st su , am esci

British Beach Polo Championships 2018

On Friday 13th & Saturday 14th of July 2018 Sandbanks welcomed thousands of spectators to the British Beach Polo Championships - the largest beach polo event in the world. This potent blend of fast action, gladiatorial horse polo, beach rugby, glamour and decadent partying on the Dorset coast is now in its 11th year. The event saw four competitive polo teams play thrilling polo whilst demonstrating spectacular horsemanship on the sand as they competed for the title of British Beach Polo Champion 2018.



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Beach Rugby

This year there was more fearless action in the arena with the launch of ‘SandScrum’, an exciting clash of exhibition five-a-side beach rugby. Added to this was a runway of top models gathering for ‘The Ibiza Fashion Festival’, a head- turning fashion show and beach style guide to kick off the evening parties. Event Director Johnny Wheeler said ‘We are blessed to be able to stage our event on the magnificent Sandbanks beach. Year after year we attract the finest polo players, wonderful sponsors and partners and a full house of supporters. This heatwave we’re looking forward to hosting a spectacular weekend’. (Photos courtesy of Sand Polo Events)

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SLOAN! August 2018  

In this issue: celebrity interviews with polo player George Meyrick, celebrity chef James Martin, singer songwriter Purdy and Michelin Starr...

SLOAN! August 2018  

In this issue: celebrity interviews with polo player George Meyrick, celebrity chef James Martin, singer songwriter Purdy and Michelin Starr...