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insights & findings the client: one of america’s largest discount variety retailers the challenge: develop an understanding of the recession’s impact on consumer shopping attitudes the way there: watch a prerecorded focus group of 6 women held by the client & agency

the insights How has the economy affected the way she shops? She’s no longer on autopilot. Long gone are the days of browsing aisles and mindlessly picking products off the shelves. Now she’s meticulous every step of the way, from deal searching, to planning her shopping schedule, to menu planning, to finally buying. If it’s not part of the plan, it’s not happening. It’s not just shopping, it’s a measure of her self-worth. Meticulous shopping is the most tangible way she provides for her family, and she’s proud of being able to bring home a month’s worth of Lucky Charms on 8 dollars. If she falls short, she believes she’s failed herself and the people she loves. She’s in control of the cart, and she’ll steer it all over town. She won’t settle for being told about the best price by a company or even a trusted friend--she demands seeing it herself. She doesn’t care what or where the store is. If it’s the best price, she’ll go.

Her shopping process

She clips coupons & hunts for sales

She plans her menu based on what’s on sale

She makes her shopping list and days to buy

She shops the stores on the right days

How has the economy affected the way she feels about the client? They have Everyday but she wants Today. The client is dependable, but she searches for the temporary price cuts that dip below the everyday good deal. One time deals make her feel like a winner. Going to big retailers threaten her control. They may be the easy answer, but she doesn’t want easy. She takes pride in controlling her budget by clipping coupons, double couponing, and searching for the best clearance prices. At the retailer, everything is already inexpensive, so she doesn’t feel the same sense of accomplishment after shopping there. If she hasn’t clipped coupons, she hasn’t “earned” her low prices. She doesn’t think the client shares her optimism. She has been charged with the most important task in the world: saving money for her family. Unfriendly and unhelpful workers make her feel like what she does doesn’t matter. They rain on her commitment to making life better for the people she loves.

Insights And Findings  
Insights And Findings  

One of America's largest retailers wanted to understand the way the recession affected their consumers shopping habits.