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PRODUCE PASSION PROJECT Passionate about produce and protecting Mother Earth, The Chef’s Garden in the US state of Ohio is a frontrunner in farming for the future. From growing the greatest greens for gastronomy to hosting world-class research and education events at its Culinary Vegetable Institute, the family farm and its institute’s zero-waste kitchen are a playground for the world’s most innovative chefs.


ended to by the Jones family, including farmer Lee Jones, whose collective history in the farming industry spans multiple decades, The Chef’s Garden focuses on growing the best produce in the most sustainable way for chefs who want to connect with ingredients. Since The Culinary Vegetable Institute opened in 2002, its goal has been to create a space that allows chefs to return to the source that originally led them into the culinary industry: their impressive ability and innate desire to create. In a conversation with the team at The Chef’s Garden, they explained: “Chefs typically choose this career because they appreciate the magic of food but get caught up in paperwork and just about anything other than creating new dishes. The Culinary Vegetable Institute allows them to return to that magic.” “This centre is a world-class educational, research and event facility where forward-thinking chefs from around the world share knowledge, research new techniques, host culinary events, learn about sustainable farming and more.


The chef-farmer relationship is at the heart of this centre, a place where listening to and learning from one another can – and does – lead to remarkable outcomes.” Naturally, this listening and learning happens in the institute’s kitchen – a 1,500 square-foot, two-storey stateof-the-art cooking wonderland continuously outfitted with the latest and greatest in culinary technology. The kitchen is where chefs are free to endlessly experiment with the freshly picked prime produce from the surrounding 400 acres of sustainably farmed fertile land. The Chef’s Garden’s farming practices and principles are equally as advanced as the technology in the kitchen. “At The Chef’s Garden, we are fully committed to sustainable farming, continually replenishing our loamy, ancient-lakebottom soil with nutrients to produce the most nutritionally dense fresh vegetables, herbs, microgreens and edible flowers possible.” “Through natural soil-replenishing techniques and giving soil all the time it needs to become replenished, »

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FOUR Vol. 3 2019  

FOUR Vol. 3 2019